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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 11, 1886, San Antonio, Texas San Antonio Light punishing company. T. B. Johnson Secretary St treasurer and go Nockai. Manai1kk. Adv rkt1 Hino a try i Inch f i so f 500f 8 of tis Klod $54 to subscription per year. $5 of special rates Given on larger space and Long time advertisements. Legal advertisement $1 of per Inch to rat insertion 75 cent per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales la of per Inch to ret insertion 25 cents each insertion afterwards. Reading matter editorial Page. 25 cents per Ane each insertion. Local columns 20 Ceuta first insertion Loeut first week scents after first week. Special rates on fill and pm lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Aro warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office All communications for publication or pertaining to the editorial or local news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the All contracts or Bills must be approved by the Secretary and manager. To correspondents. All communications for this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write Only on one Side of the paper in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Light will not be responsible for the statements of its correspondents. Entered at Posto Tiok at san Antonio Texas As second class Mattek. Agents por the Light. 8. C. York n. W. Ayer amp son. Philadelphia Nelson . Louis Geo. P. Rowell amp York this paper h. W. Ayan a Soi la on file in Philadelphia at the newspaper Saver tiling Agency of mown. Son. Our authorised agents. This paper co s r May be found on note at Gen. Monday october la 1886. The Chicago anarchists hang december 3. The democratic Congress reassembles the next Day. Randy Churchill has gone to Berlin to measure brains with bismark. The mouse in conference with the Mountain. Poor mouse. _ _ the decree of Liberty for the cuban slaves has been made instant by Queen Christina. The old act of emancipation liberated them after a term of years. This decree annuls the remaining term of servitude and frees them now. Or every Man nominated on saturdays ticket bad been a Republican and every Man Jack of them is elected Bow much stronger will the Republican party become therefor what Republican principle is to be furthered by the election of that ticket the Canada Pacific railway is declared by the English inspectors As one of the most substantially constructed on this continent. The British government will be import Ned to make it the Foll Oil Highway for India mails and troops As affording great advantages Over the Suez route. _ it is not very creditable to the Republican party of Bexar county that it is compelled to sit on the Fence and take no band in the Light Between the democrats and the Democrato Jiuu Grumpos. The sole Consolation for straight republicans lies in the fact that it is not their funeral but of the shame and cowardice of lowering the Republican colors in the face of the enemy. It is too Low Down altogether. The Independent itch for of Floe has struck Texas All Over in spots. Austin Houston Galveston Dallas fort Worth Aud stores of smaller places have been bitten by the san Antonio spider. It May be a Texas disease like Dengue and being in the atmosphere the victims can not help it. It certainly shows the extent to which disorganization in political parties has gone and admonishes the Wise ones to eau a halt. The prediction was made by a staunch Democrat from Tennessee last saturday that the Republican Taylor would carry that state against his democratic brother. This gentleman gave a very graphic picture of the Campaign a Beth he said was being very largely fought upon the Merit and demerits of the Blair reduce Catl Olal Bill. Tennessee favored the passage of the Bill. Alf Taylor a presentation of the Oase is said to be most masterly and its effect will be to elect a Republican governor and possibly a Republican legislature. Tennessee grows More and More Republican in sentiment every year and of the state does not go Republican now there is a Good Prospect for its going so in 1888. The general Assembly of the knights of labor in session at Richmond Are keeping an open Eye upon the Industrial movements of the country while they Are in session. They have requested the go Tobago packing company and the Cohoes and Amsterdam n. Y. Factory Bosses to postpone a lock out until a conference can be bad with a special committee of the order which will be sent for conference. They have also protested against the National Post office authorities letting the contract at Baltimore for the Public building to parties employing convict labor and have requested the postal Powers to bar bids from those employing Oon Voct labor. This is a commendable move. The Republican party is pledged against the employment of Oon Voct labor in Public buildings and the nation itself in theoretically committed to employ Only free american labor in the Public constructions. Put the theory into not Al practice. The old old Story. The editor of the evening paper finds himself utterly unable to refute the charges made against him by the Republican leaders of Bexar county Viz that he has persistently disorganized anti broken up the Republican party in Bexar county this charge was thrust Home upon film with terrible effect in the last meeting of the Republican executive committee when he a earnestly import Ned for Hie Good of the party to permit Liore who were still Loyal to its principles and organization to pursue their work of opposition to tile democracy untrammelled by his Dis organizing efforts. Tile Light Lias Given dare Elton emphasis and Public expression to tilt sentiment of the Loyal republicans of the county. As a consequence it comes under the ban of the Man thus revealed tis the great party disorganized and he attempts to Saddle the onus of Bis crimes against the party upon the Light charging its editor with having been opposed to Republican organization in the state is All. This one act of the editor of the Light being the Only one in the slightest degree inconsistent with a True Republican policy and the Only impeachment of its editor attempted it is Safe to say that this is the Only impeachment possible. It is True that the editor of the Light formulating his opinions of the party in the state from his knowledge of the Patry As existing in Bexar county under his would be critics manipulation and seeing the divided condition of tile state democracy did deem it unwise for reasons then so t Forth to put a Tate ticket in the Field. This View being not in accordance with the sentiment of our first county convention has never been advanced a hair breadth or hinted at since that convention adjourned. That the original View of the Light was Correct so far As Bexar and Travis counties Are concerned Lins been abundantly demonstrated it would have been greatly to the credit of the Republican party in both of these counties bad no state ticket been put in the Field because then Loyal republicans in these counties would have been saved the Ignominy and disgrace of putting a ticket in the Field to which by the machinations of the editor of the evening paper they can give no organized party support. Placed by Bim in the anomalous position of having a state ticket and no party organization to support it compelled by him to put Forth a state Republican ticket to which no local support can be Given in conjunction with any Dooal ticket forced by him into the false position of voting h local ticket based upon the ruins of Republican organization in this county they Are made the laughing Stock of the state and the scorn anti contempt of republicans every Man has the effrontery to deliberately Cut the Throat of Republican Effort in Bexar county strangle Republican organization to further Republican party nominations in the state betray Bis solemn trusts As a Republican Leader and hand Over the republicans of file county bound hand and foot into the Power of the county democracy and he Lias the effrontery to do tills in open Day having made his conspiracy in secret and then poses As the Champion Republican of the county. In answer to tins he will say of course that be is fighting the ring democracy. It is a delusion and a share. There is not one Grain of True republicanism in the whole mess of miserable Pottage for which lie has sold the Birthright of the Republican party in Bexar county. With Republican leaders of his stamp in every county in Texas matters would he in every county As they Are Here. Thanks to his manipulations there is not a single movement looking towards Republican Effort and Success probable or possible. The precinct and county committees Are met at the threshold of every Effort by the unpalatable fact that they can work for the Success of no ticket in the held without working for democratic Success. Can you separate names upon a ticket when you go before the people Iii a plea for its election can you carry an argument for Republican principles successfully Home to the minds of men and urge them to vote a Republican ticket and denounce democratic polities when you Are league baud and purse with democrats in your own ticket will this Man who has stolen the livery of the Republican court to serve fusion in Tell us at what particular Point in his Republican speeches the democrats whose votes he is Oor Raling Are to have their ears stuffed with Cotton lest some red hot honest Republican utterance Stampede them from his Mongrel crowd ? the Republican party has no Home ticket no local organization. You might better attempt to construct a state without the family compact than a party without local organization. The editor of the evening paper knows this and knowing it he has deliberately conspired to out the Throat of Bexar county republicans to the intent that the system of fusion Al politics which he advocates might Triumph and the party rendered helpless continue at the mercy of himself and the mugwumps whom for reasons Hest known to himself he prefers to the welfare and Success of his party. The editor of the Light glories in having incurred the enmity of such Republican ism. The attempt to give a Republican Bias to the concern of saturday night in l Urner Hall by lugging in the names of straight republicans As members of Coin mittens was altogether too attenuated to deceive anyone. The use of the names of the business manager and the editor of the Light in connection with such a gathering was As Nasby say a too it would Only Nave occurred to the Man whose idea of party a is the papers Are mighty silent in Texas about what the Fellows say who discuss the Tariff question from the Protection standpoint. The beast that Balaam Rode once upon a time spoke. And the dumb patient beast Ridden by the heavy weight of free Trade will open its Mouth Louie Day. The work of improvement in the City goes on among our citizens and movements Are on foot for the erection of some really artistic structures on the Heights surrounding the City. When our plazas cease to do duty As Duck Ponds and the hog wallows in the chief thoroughfares Are abated and our teams Are no longer stalled in their Way from the depots to the business centres of the City and the main streets Are kept clean and tile work of putting Down water and Gas Mains is attended to before tile streets Are paved and a Good sanitary inspection is made effective and the health conditions of our milk meat fruit and food supplies in general Are carefully supervised and a thorough system of sewerage and surface drainage is established and our new government building erected and the pile Driver of the Council Board no longer needed and our smelting works finished and our Northwest connection with Denver completed. With a few More improvements that Are bound to come then san Antonio will be herself again. The political parties now in the Field both say to the poor petered out republicanism of Bexar county a Heads you lose tails i Victory for either is Republican defeat. The Farmers s Alliance in Texas Lins split so say the journals split on the Rock of politics. We do not accept this statement As gospel. The Alliance in Texas Lias been working under a Parker county Alliance charter arum it is a Well known fact that much dissatisfaction has been Felt because the state work had to be carried on under a local charter. This move is merely one that will generalize tile proceedings of the order and give a state character tolls state work. There May be some local jealousies that will be evoked by this movement but that it bodes any serious split in the order is by no Means probable. How David Crockett lived. A writer in the Nashville Union says a i swam the Obion River in 1823 to get to stay All night with him. He was then living on the Banks of that Beautiful Stream and eating the meat by the crack of his Rille. Hunting was the Only visible Means of support he had notwithstanding he had then been several times in the legislature. We had Bear meat for supper that night and the epicurean implements used were a Butcher knife and a Cane Fork. Crockett a manner of living was truly Western. Hunting was the theme he loved most to dwell upon. He told me that night he had killed 17 bears during the Winter and i Ain satisfied he had killed some for i slept on a Bear skin that night and of Davy had a bed in Bis House i never saw special to artists. One of the finest establishments that san Antonio of not Texas can boast of is the Art gallery of c. Ii. Mueller it 30t Commerce Street. Here can be had artists and draught menus materials of both Domestic and imported kinds. Engraving chromes and paintings Aroon hand in an endless variety. Picture frames mouldings and materials to Fresco and sign painting in Large varieties. China decorations and material for Wax mowers in a Large assortment. Or. Mueller receives direct from factories Large shipments of paints oils and other material in that line As Well As window Glass and Fine Domestic and imported decorative Wall Papor Are specialities in his establishment. 12-13-Ly heart disease. The appalling increase of i Iii Rya tenon Scourge what physician Vay must be done scarcely a Day passes that the daily press is not called upon to chronicle the Sadden death of some Man or woman. General Mclellen goes out for a drive comes Homo and Dies in his chair. Win. Ii. Vanderbilt is converging with or Garrett of the Bolti mom and Ohio ii. R. In his own House and suddenly Falls to the floor dead. A prominent citizen of Louisville hastens to catch a train at the depot and Dies before the train leaves the station. A Well known society lady of Baltimore while dancing at a reception suddenly becomes faint Aud before she can be conveyed from the room has ceased to breathe. These Are a few of the sudden deaths of which we hear but the vast number of which we do not hear is thousands. Are they All eau my by heart disease do the mysterious beatings of that delicate instrument that works Day and night without ceasing Stop of their own Accord Aud thus bring death at once ? physicians Are unanimous in agreeing that when the beating of Tho heart Econn faint Aud irregular or unusual a gentle but toning stimulant must be employed. If this stimulant is of Hie proper kind it brings the action of the heart to its proper state Aud thus tides it Over a dangerous crisis until it can regain its usual action. But this stimulant should not be of a Strong nature. Liquor is dangerous rather than helpful. It should be a stimulant which nourishes As Well As stimulates and this is precisely what the remarkable Volina cordial does. Com posed a it is of pure and simple vegetable ingredient it contain just those elements which while stimulating Tho heart and other organs of the body still furnish food for the blood strength for the nerves Aud mtg a for the whole body. These Are not remarks Given at random but Sori our and Earnest truths demanded by facts and confirmed by scientists. There Are hundreds of men and women in their grave to Day who might be alive and Lippy had they known the above truths and acted upon Thum in Tim and it is painful to think of Hie intense suffering extensive sick Ness and vast number of deaths All of which might have Beau avoided if people had Only realized and known. To All who read thee lines we most earnestly say examine your system note your symptoms keep this remedy which has been proven purest Best and most efficient constantly on hand and do not delay. Dyspepsia inn serous at Well u Din reusing complaint it to or i. It rend. By impairing nutrition. Bud in in my to of ui6 Iconium to pro pure Tho Way a a it ipod decline a the appetite and aids fhe a Imi Huion 57 in # to honors nah tor of Tho a first Unruch. In Simotti md., Hay i la Chi mud brow tin Iron bitter for by sperm and Ludw Tion i take grit pleasure in return a a Diu it highly. Law Condidor it a rpm Nudel Tome aint no Mirat or and very it rear flaming. Air a Stu Quot outline inns above Trade Murk and or mid Rod line some new ill leery. I if Ait the Daisy Dainty beauties that can be seen in the Way of bats bonnets and the various tit Hor styles of indie head dress the display at Wolf Sou s is the grandest and most gorgeous to behold. Among tii most novel shapes Are a modern style Ltd turbans of Plush ast Rad in and velvet with trimmings of tall Shadd cd tipped wings. Another Novelty is in the Market in Felt Bat while Bird i rimming have again taken the place of Flowers Aud in this connection Are heightened by the unique Pompon trimming Iii jct and leathers a style of Odd shaped trimmings Are just out and new while the greatest of All is he Mikado pin Audun equally Beautiful ornament a diminutive comb Lait ii designed for head dress in ribbons Tho latest is the Picot Quot in All the latest shades and widths. The ill leery department of or. Wolfsont a Bazaar is in the hands of ski lied artists in the business and ladles will find it advantageous to visit Wolfson and take a View at his Stock. Hmm i a amp Root everything needed in the lumber line Call on f. J. Beitel at International and great Northern depot. In Over Many a league spreads the Miasma or poisonous vapor that begets malarial and typhus fever. Wherever there is stagnant water Iii which vegetation or refuse of any kind decays there As surely a the Sun rises Are generated the seeds of fever and agin1, dumb ague and other endemic maladies of the malarial Type. For the effects of this Enven Omed air Hostetter stomach bitters furnishes an antidote and prevents both the contraction and recurrence of such maladies. Even along the line of excavation for the lessens Panama canal where malarial diseases Are not Only virulent but deadly Hostetter stomach bitters have demonstrated its incomparable protective qualities. Not Only for febrile complaints but also for disorders of the stomach liver and bowels for rheumatism and inactivity of the kidney and bladder it is very effective it counteracts the effects of fatigue Damp and exposure. Gypsy clairvoyant. Tells part present and future. Madame Baun 11 rings the separated together and causes speedy marriages and shows tile picture of your future husband or wife. Can lie consulted in regard to dead or living friends or enemies. Having All my Gypsy Powers by inheritance and tradition i never fail to give a is faction. Call at Obi Avenue 0, Between d and 7 streets office hours 8 a. In. To it p. In. Tit dissolution of partnership. The metropolitan Saloon opposite the Pacific express office which has heretofore let Een under the joint ownership of messes. Fred Bride and John Kriete has become the sole property of or John Kriete. Fred Bride Las withdrawn and sold out to or. Kriete owing to pressure of other business. In assuming Complete control and ownership or. Kriete requests a continuance of patronage of the Public and will do everything to deserve the same at Al times. Come to the metropolitan. 10-6-1 it san Antonio get. 6,1886. Another life saved. Mrs. Harriet Cummings of Cincinnati Ohio writes Quot Early Blat Winter my daughter was attacked with a severe cold which settled on her lungs we tried several medicines none of which seemed to do her any Good but bile continued Togut worse and finally raised Large amounts of blood from her lungs. We called in a family physician but he failed to do her any Good. At t Ilia time a Frieml who had been cured by lilt. We. Hall�?T8 Balsam Kou the lungs advised me to give it a trial. We then got a bottle and she began to improve and by the use of three bottles was entirely cured. For Sale a bargain to immediate buyer a four room House with out to rises Tine Vinyard Orchard Etc. Irrigable lot 92 feet front by 84 varas deep. For Sale on account of owner leaving the City. Part Cash balance on Long time. For particulars inquire on premises no. 41 South Street fourth Ward notice to contractors. Mayors office i san Antonio tex., sept 21,1886. J in accordance with a Resolution adopted by the City Council september 20, 1886, sealed proposals will lie received at the mayors office san Antonio Texas until 12 of clock noon saturday october 16, 1886, for the following work Viz 26, Hui Square Yards gravel Roadway on Telford foundation. 25,000 Square Yards Gravelled Road surface 6,500 Fin it of Wood curbing. 6, Kio Fin. It. Of pipe sewer. Separate bids Are invited for the proposed improvement of san Pedro Avenue from upper labor ditch to san Pedro Springs amounting to about too i Square Yards. Contractor Tolve Tho privileged taking Rock from t lie Cut North of car stables said Cut to be taken out to a Grade to be Given by Tho City Engineer. Plans can tie seen and copies of specifications obtained at the pity engineers office. To insure entering into Bond and tis a forfeit the sum of $100 must be deposited with the City clerk upon filing proposal. The successful bidder will to required to enter into a Good and sufficient Bond to Tho amount of to percent of contract Price. The City reserves the right to reject any or All bids or to increase or diminish the above estimated quantities to Tho extent of appropriations for the work. All proposals must be addressed to Bryan Callaghan 9-32-td mayor. Misc Ella Mellis. E. A. Kuhls. La. Thode. Kuhls amp Thode manufacturers of Best artificial Stone c sidewalks Garden Walkes and cellar floors building stones. A also cemetery work coping Carriage Steps. 1 a work guaranteed. Orders promptly attended to. P. I. Box no. 546. Elite restaurant j. Loust Aneau amp co., Smith building main Plaza bar room billiards Saloon restaurant. We Only keep the finest wines champagnes liquors and cigars both Domestic and imported. Now and Best improved billiard tables. The restaurant is in daily receipt of fresh fish oysters and game. A specially in orders from families parties Etc service in first class style Aud perfect. Hilton amp Young real estate insurance and loan brokers no. 41 Soledad St., next to Patterson so he udder a Bank third door fro Houston Street san Antonio Texas. Investment and loan agents. Have funds for farms gardens Stock ranches and colonies. Will give reliable Legal and business information to owners and purchasers in reference to titles taxes and value of lands in Tex us. Forty years residence in Texas $10 0 Al Eward Stop horse thief �?�8.00 will prevent your House from being stolen w. S. Hadley general agent for protective and dete Elve association. Office w. Houston Street. The healthful and nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with Tho bran and which Are required by the system. No other baking powder does this. It Cost less and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist. San Antonio Texas san Antonio tex., july 1, 1885. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsford a self raising bread preparation and submitted it to a chemical examination and find that the same is composed of pure and non poisonous chemicals. Tile idea of prof. Horsford was indeed a grand one in supplanting the indigestible tartaric e of soda which is always the end result of All baking powders composed of Cream of tartar and soda by the soluble phosphate of Lime and soda the very nutritive value of bread and the Bone producing Clements of nature. It is certainly the Best and most healthy bread raising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that a the health of Hor children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by Tho late celebrated chemist. Prof. Baron v. Liebig to this preparation in saying a i consider this invention As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. Kindly note it we beg to notify our friends and Tho Public that we Nave resumed business at Tho drugstore Corner Houston and Osoyo St reets and to solicit their patronage. A full line of pure drugs toilet articles and druggist sundries on hand. Prescriptions a specially. Dowling amp flood. James Murphy architect off a by no la Devine building. Correspondence solicited. 8an Antonio Texas Hunt amp Booth Hay and Shain. Free on Board at Tho following stations san Antonio Kyle Taylor Hook sky Waller Pierce Junction. Fine Johnson grass a special to. City orders promptly filled and satisfaction guaranteed. Telegraph or write for quotations. Telephone 228. Office�?24 West Nueva St. San Antonio. The Little Bee hive Boot and shoe manufacturing. A the latest and modern stylus of boots and shoes on hand and made to order on Short notice. Custom work a specially. Menus boots Soled and heeled for $1. Ernst Lange proprietor 218 East Houston St. San Antonio Seffel amp Hep Wick Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House painters Alamo St., Opp. Scholz Hall. All work first class. Charges reasonable give us a trial. Bargains a for Sale for rent. D Ort aft will buy a five room House with two galleries outhouses and Large lot Bouse bran new and nicely finished waterworks in House a number of you ii fruit and Shade Trees cent rally locate terms�?$1500 Cash balance in 12 month. And dross t. In Johnson Light of co. Tt-2-t f refrigerator 327 e. Houston St., has been thoroughly renovated and is prepared to furnish the by beef. Hoi ail veal also fish and oysters Deli Vekka free of charge into re Era taken by Telephone no. 300. Open from 3 a. In. Until 8 porn. To bosons grand opening of the 1886-fall and Winter-1887 dress goods. In All colors and patterns a Soudah cloth Camel hair Gorge Tricot melange All Wool sackings Cashmere de beges Pongee Etc. Silks Plain and in All the newest colors and styles. Dress flannels Gilberts Jersey stripes solid and brocaded velvets pushes embroidered Robes combination and crossbar suits. Scarps i Siques braids buttons and All ornamented work Ani material in Large quantities. Gentlemen a dress goods. Wedding snits Cork screw cloths diagonals frock and sack suits Pilot cloth French Cassimeris and Tricot pants vests and Coats in suits and separate flair extra Large sizes for big people a specially. Underwear. Never was there a larger assortment of gentlemen a underwear brought to this City than is shown now at l. Wolfsont a consisting of Silks Lisle thread lans Bury a bal Briggins Wool flannels and knitted goods. Linens jeans and Nan Sooks by the car Load if required. Dress shirts. Hero is t he place to get your Money Back. The Best Plain and it buoy shills in Lawn Linen and Plain Cotton goods assorted Wool shirts in All colors sizes and prices. Plaid waists for children and boys fancy and ornamental. In fact the Best Stock of shirts in this Market. Shoes for the million. From the Best manufacturers in the country. Such As Sailer resin amp co., of la Pilaf Delphia Goodrich Porter Sweet and Bond of Haverhill and Many factories of Boston new York Lynn and other manufacturing centres. Ladies can be furnished with the Best sewed shoes of French kid Pebble Goat and Serge Button lace or Congress in the newest styles. An every Day shoe is a specially in leather Buff Grain Buff sewed Standard screw and pegged. Our fourteen Button gaiters Are recommended from the cheapest to the highest. Old ladies shoes with Low heels a specially. Flannel lined and trimmed slippers in Large quantities. Society ladies and school girls will find what they want in their respective spheres. Furniture and carpets Are removed to the lower floor for the special Benefit of customers. Parlor sets of the latest patterns and styles As Well As All household goods of the various kinds now in the Market on hand. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia St., san Antonio Missouri Pacific Ray system International and great Northern r. R. Division. So lid trains with All modern improve Moats through Between Galveston and St. Louis san Antonio amp St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in Tho North and East. Of train leaving wan Antonio at 8 5k a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to St. Louis. Go train leaving san Antonio at 4 00 p. In. A Pullman Palace sleeping car via Denison through to Kansas City connecting at Denison with through steeper to St Louis passenger booked to Ami from All Point in Europe via the a american s s. Lino Between Philadelphia and Liverpool and Tho a a kid Start s. 8. Line be tween new York Chila Delphi a and Antwerp. For full information fall on j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons. Ticket agent. 285 Commerce Street Kate Man building. Ticket agent i. Amp g. N. Depot h. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough p a. Houston Tox. G. P. So t. A., Dallas. Texas sin Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further notice our trains will run As follows Dally except sunday in effect sept. 3, 1886. Lira Vuk ban Antonio. 8 00 a. M. A Kra vib at Akk Villa. Southbound trains a Barb Beeville. A ubi be at Mesquit. Northbound trains leave Mph quintal. A a a a . Arrive at in Antonio. Connect at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific Filp with stage lines for 8 Helena at Pettus for Mineral Christi. U. Lott president and general manager. And making dose Hack connection at Mesquite for Corpus b. F. Yoakum traffic manager Rice amp Dallas late with Kite born a go., new Orleans la hardware paints oils Glass Etc xer Man stoves tinware House furnishing goods. Of Iii i Bole agents Fok Cotton Plant stoves and Range Usa Wjk Tho eject no Tho Best on Earth new York enamel paint company a mixed pain Host in the Market. Large line of heating stove at Low Price. 85h8fi 19 Tig Phil a 33 amp 35 West co merge Street. Drop in and seb us when you Are in town. Martin amp Schryver of All sorts. K1hds cd and ing building material of All kind Cha Perl or ques. A Large Assof Menf of ornament a goods always in Stock we keep of stantly on hand Large quantities of the Over yet fur passed j. Hals he a Barb and Fence wire. We Are competitor Iii Drill and goods. Come and office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas
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