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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 10, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSaturday october 10, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. H. M. Aubrey Secretary and mgr office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish Reid Amie Anetra Cosof title to lands in heur county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 4o6 German Day the first ended. Inning of the second and Gen eral Kasume of the events. Yesterday afternoon after the Light went to press the procession inaugurating Tzerman Day was at an end. With All its crowds its Cap ant and its advertising floats. H is estimated that people witnessed the Parade along the streets from the sidewalks from residences from balconies and windows of the houses. The police were Many and efficient and the crowds were kept of the streets and out of danger and not an Accident save the breaking of one wheel of a Hack at Joske Brothers Corner before Tho Parade occurred. The procession did not contain All the trades unions and societies that could have been put in had it happened on other than a week Day and the sex Volunteer firemen. Winners. Masons bricklayers and other organizations were not there because sufficient members to make a display could not at tend. The sunday night procession by the Way will Only pass through Commerce Street around Alamo Plaza and Back Down Commerce will to much More Complete arid Beautiful and of artificial lights the grand floats and their costumed passengers will show to much better Novanta a yesterday the tandem team of the Pacific express company in a harness that once did Honor in carrying the of of Russia Over his icy Domain was the cause of great interest and when the Carrier boys Rode by in solid Phalanx every Hona glistening with careful grooming and every neatly the Many admirers and friends o f Wen pleased and often a i aimed. Reliance ice drawn by a four in hand beautifully decorated and the ribbons held of or. Win. Day was another feature. A Hack loaded with four Tui re looking follows fret out of the win Low bottles hanging from All sides and Myu pants of the Hack half drown a ended the pro is on and represented in particular and with the Back plentifully in decidedly out of and out of Why the chief marshal permitted in in the Parade is inexplicable. After the i Druyf tin in Sruti d a Lively appearance All thoroughfares in the main portion of the City being Ewd a recess until n o c Ock was taken and Vitus Sra i a Chanel i Tret a Little to Zuj every took Beer Ami a pro Cal Many took s. A o clock the infantry band in a concert in the Garden which of ii Iii h o clock. Crowd s hockey in but there were Many whom the Lifty cents admission kept away. Those who entered either walked around paid Herh prices for something to rat or to the band the restaurant had raised ii ii mini City prices lightly but this a the Only attempt at anything like gouging. There was Little to see until at night a crowd of perhaps shoo Ornoco people were present to see the Tableaux a prof. Beekman s students or the fireworks Given later on. The Tableaux were very pretty and the tin works Satis lied a great Many present. After the fireworks the crowd dispersed until to Day. The pop e in Gan forming in the finl a about o clock today for the Day s festivities and this afternoon and tonight no doubt the crowds will be there is no dancing platform on the grounds and not very much to the general Public. A dance will be night at s Hall by the Teer Tir Eruen and also tomorrow night. The theatres were crowded last n Erht. The programme this afternoon will of a Urand tonight prof. Beck s orchestra will give concert interspersed win Tableaux. Tuk1k . Celebrate How the italian. Will monday. Next monday is the 399th anniversary of the finding of America by Christopher Columbus the navigator and will be celebrated in particularly maj nil cent s y Tho italian and Italo american element of our City at Pedro Pirk. The Day will begin with a Street Parade which will form on main and i Avenue. Or from mail hit will take the usual of pro ods up Coli Hin be Street., around Alamo i to and to san Pedro Park. In the afternoon there will be speaking and an i a Ball and fireworks at night. The fireworks will b one of the features of the Celebration. Building permits Wallace Williams repairing dwell of Victoria Street 7th Ward. Mrs. M. K. Meri Dittli dwelling Cor of a or 01 and Hack Berry Streeta Ward b. Jamau Ermanni dwelling Averu a 5th Ward 1900. R r. Martinez stable West com Naeroe Street 3rd Ward military notch. Lii infantry band played at Urai Garden night they Atoff crashed music for Tjie procession. Some of Tho enlisted Mon at fort Sam Houston want to know if the sporting Frauen i y at Saloon know who Holly of company. -3rd infantry k and How much Money he Kontout of them Lusi sunday night. Cantor Char in has an attack of rheumatism in his hip. Last nil rat at about o clock some Man discharged a pistol Back of k troop. 3rd cavalry s in less than two a crowd had fathered around the Post to see who was snot. He Only shot a Wail out of the run. Some new goods were received at the Post canteen yesterday. There were m in the Post guard at fort Sam Houston yester Day and one Man of a. T Roop 3rd cavalry released therefrom. The clerks at the quartermaster s de pot at fort Sam Houston were Given a half Holiday yesterday on account o Sci Man Day. The troops at fort Sam Houston in general inspection this morning. The following Are the canteen sales at fort Sam Houston thursday bar room Cash checks wets total amount of barroom sales 10. Lunch room Cash checks total amount of lunch room the total receipts of the lunch room beat bar room on pay Day Ami has kept pretty even with it Ever since. The Post canteen at fort Sam Houston commenced issuing canteen checks to the enlisted men this morning. The canteen sales will commence growing larger to night 8ud it will Boom for about a week. When the men will be about again. The 23rd infantry band i attry of 3rd Artillar with horses and some of the cavalrymen took part in the German Day procession yesterday. Some of the enlisted men who took part in the German Day Parade yesterday say that they were offered each for the work and that when they had finished they Only received each. There is considerable grumbling on account of it there was no dress Parade at fort Sam Houston yesterday. The men were Given a kind of Holiday on account of German Day. A Large number of the enlisted men from fort Sam Houston were out on pass yesterday most of them attended the celebrations. Private Geo. H. Trice who enlisted at fort Sam Houston thursday left for fort Walla Walla yesterday. Echoes from West exd. Daily Light i West oct. Over 20 feet of water at West end. Nearly 3 feet at Velasco. The. Light has always done Justice to private Enterprise it admit to its columns any statement consistent with facts about the Healthiest and Cost attractive suburb West end of san Antonio which owes its existence to an enterprising and reliable company it has also inc Justice to the safest Harbor Velasco on the Texas coat. With a communication disappointing As it was in its private scope. 1 received today also some official statements from the port at the Mouth of the and h in glad to sen that various communications regarding Valasco As they appear occasionally in the Light will not admit of successful contradictions. The worst thing against Niceas in the world is an envious mind o when correspondents to other papers rom rival would be ports cast doubts m Velasco. Declare it unhealthy campy etc., it merely shows what brungers they Are to the gentlemen rising the Brazos River Chanel Dock of pan. Who do not repay in Metal he ill coined attacks their Suc Enterprise. After spending their Money for years in in development of their undertaking Content themselves now. Where Hope uts Given Vay to certainty to Tell the Niblic before inventing instead of noticing attacks about in from selfish competitors they defend themselves and say there Iren swamp a near the Mouth of the Brazos River in fact there Are no it warn a n Texas. The Sabine River the Eastern Boundary of the state is the Western limit if coast again the Gulf is proverbial for its health. Trade winds blow from Tho Southeast almost continually and Cool the Day Sand hut wherein they differ from any and All other deep water Mon is alter reciting the prospects of Velasco in ing the people you must expect forever Only a vigorous development without any booming West end at the boat Landing has Over 20feel of Sweet Artesian water with an unfailing Supply and when the Arm of god Brazos de digs the Channel on the big Rise to the same Deuth we will Only rejoice that there was no mis calculation in the Money spent by the Brazos liver Channel and Dock com Pany at , even if the result is readied sooner than Arkansas Rockport or corps Christi should say or the a Olveston Man knocks at the doors of Congress for a second experimental six millions of dollars. Only fora Short while longer Velasco will get along with 17 feet. The Rieme Arrau surprising As it May oem to a moralist and class of society is quite scarce now the Clemems eau dramatized from the younger most reeking French novel Drew a crowded House at the grand last night. The Only excuse eligible for the great number of Church members and society Folk attending seemed to be it is naughty but it s ind this would hardly apply to the godly element who sing psalms on sunday in the Church pews or choir. The Cas t of the play was All right the players Well chosen and Strong As or. Hrady Compa Nies always carry but the lines they were very close to the novel with but Little change or toning Down and the Model around whose Pedestal the play seems made to revolve for the Blase ele menu was very in fact under the strenuous gleams of footlights and the pythian ordeal of mesh tights to help it out. The scenery of the grand opera House was Well arranged by the stage manager and in sumptuous Ness of the artist s studio and Palace scenes was in keeping with the demands of the play. Of the players miss Emma hell As though not certainly artless enough a to the accepted theory of the meal i if of the author in the first acts yet was quite polished in the villainy and Debau eerie of the finish. Her elocution Ary Powers Are Strong and wonderfully finished showing an artist and student. Miss Jieman As Tho polish countess Dobronovsky should be Given the fat of the Praise for her splendid work her abandon of action her Sang Froid and inimitable expression of form and feature. She won Many plaudits As Well As exclamations of Surprise from the audience. Or. Newell As Pierre the artist wits expressive and very Correct As to the meaning of his lines though ranting a Little in his fervency. His was necessarily a passionate role demanding diversity and delicacy throughout in contrast to the meaning of Chas. W. Sutton who explained the role of m. Constans the rough candid but kind Friend of Pierre. His cold blooded lines were written to display naught but the feelings of tha polished gentleman of the world and traveler and. But one Flash of h re was Given by him. When Pierre mentioned his sister As a possible victim of villainy such As he. Endured. This Flash was Brief hut Brilliant and showed his capability. The remainder of the cast gave a Good support. The play is repeated for iraqi Nee. Tonight and tomorrow night. Mon Day and tuesday Katie Putnam is at the grand. Cast at Rische s this play was cast adrift by very Good Stock company last night to a very Large audience. The players Are gaining experience at every step and each performance shows it. Their work last night was Well done and they were alike assisted by the quickly responsive audience and their Able coadjutor. The stage hands and scene everything worked smoothly. Miss Lafayette. Assuming the role of the heroine liable Heath in a very emotional Man nor. She was ably supported by or. Curran and the company. Tonight another performance will be Given and tomorrow and monday night each Howers minstrels will occupy the House. Negro Art the Art exhibition Given at the Hall of the a. M. K. Church last night was largely attended by the coloured peo ple of sail Antonio. It was an Art exhibition Given by the students of prof o. Who have completed their first course in the Art of painting Ami Dursi ing there were about Worth of Tine drawings consisting of and Crayon portraits Lowers Ami Ceu Erie. The work of the Young pupils Are line and i credit to the instructor and every one was sur i the Tine work accomplished so Short a time by the Young artist. Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the nature s wonder for preserving youth arid Iresh Ess 1 special bargain. Acres on Medina River Short distance from san Antonio improved All can be cultivated Tine soil never failing water apply to 8-66t John t. co. , mexican physician office Sau Pedro drug store. Tel. 2h9. Consul Tatios to poor people free. 1m great Demnati Loru bitters. The Riter on his tour among the Prin Cipal saloons of this City was Jiff Roseamy surprised to see. Tie demand for the old Hickory filters which. N tonic stands at the head As Ari has 10 i tried to be appreciated. These hitters it was awarded a diploma at the last Alabama slate fair and Bavins Many for c my editors. We learn that they Are entered at. The Dallas fair and feel confident it will carry off with the Lone scar award which it so highly deserves. All who deed an appetizer should try the old Hickory hitters. There Are Many bitters in the Market today and salesmen claim them to be Jast As which contain no medicinal proprieties at All. Be Wise and insist upon having the old Hickory bitters and when once will us no other. Messes. Rouse Wahlstab Are sole Here Fot the Hickory bitters and it would be advis Able to leave your orders at once. They have received a lot this morning and from the Way they have been to Kiriss orders. Those who Are in need hould lose no time in securing them. The Are manufactured by j. Grossman of new Orleans one of the oldest firms in the Crescent City. Represented bad. Man. Who is at present in the City in the interest of his firm. Assignment. The firm of Widau a Astor dry goods merchants at no. 325 East a Doustou Street filed an Assis Dumentat the county clerk s office this morning naming Leopold m. Michael As As signee. Their assets and liabilities Are As yet unknown. Aking powder a metropolitan the toy was not More than but lie was intelligent and ener and he hawked his with a real that would have Able to a to proof drummer. He was not unmindful of his dignity and when one Blond Street purchaser Mccomi minded his tender of fora newspaper with frivolous chaffing remark the brisk Little fellow embarrassed him with a Sharp glance from two snapping Black eyes remarking the while Here is your change sir. 1 have no time for keep the said the purchaser. Dropping the facetious and assuming a serious air will you Tell me How Long you have been Selling i have been in the newspaper Busi Ness three replied the diminutive merchant somewhat coldly. Three exclaimed the Man with unfeigned Surprise Why my iad a Ort do not look big enough to carry a bundle of said the mite with unruffled dignity "1 have been in this business for three years and for two years before 1 sold papers 1 was in the clothing is it commented the questioner with increased Surprise. See Here my Little Man How old Are nine years calmly responded the Little fellow. "1 had to get out and Hustle to help support the family when 1 was tour years old. 1 belong to a family who waste no the lad spoke the truth. He was born in Bast Broadway and went to work in a clothing store when but four years old As Cash boy and there Are Many More like him in this Large and progressive surprised the Young preacher. Robert Collyer the preacher said that when he was a Young Man preaching in Rock Ford. Ills., he was waited on by a delegation to ask him to at the county fair they would pay him fifty dollars he told them that he knew nothing of farming. "1 could t raise a Hill of Beans and a turnip would stump but the committee said they had had speakers for years who knew All about such things and they came to him especially because they thought he was not particularly Well informed upon agriculture. He accordingly went and had a Royal Good time. "1 should have called Ray speech if the word had been coined at that proceeded or. Collyer sheer rot. When i sat Down 1 Felt ashamed of it. The thought of meeting the committee again was dreadful to me. At last one of them approached me. He began by some commonplaces which sounded to me very forced upon the interesting nature of my address. Thought i 4isonly the Taffy with which he prefaces his announce ment that they can t pay me fifty dollars for such drivel As he went on we liked it very much. But we hardly think it right to keep our original contract with my heart Sank into my we will pay you seventy live Cor. York times. Used in millions of years the Standard oysters. The English system of Oyster cultivation is still what it has been fur hundreds of years m that country and there two parts to it of the Small Yosu is or Brood on the open grounds near Shore and the subsequent planting of them on the fattening Beds of Essex and the Estuary and the culture of larger Beds in deeper Waters beyond the Ordinary fore stages. On the Southern coasts of England the first system prevails and the thames oysters Winch Are the product of it Are by englishmen esteemed the Best in the world. They Are at any rate rare and costly. The Shell is delicate and the flesh plump. The thames Beds Are for fattening and for Breeding and receive great care. Fattening oysters do not really yield much spat and if and fails it is left to its natural Fate in these Beds. The nourishment the Oyster gets there is largely from and minute spores of concern be the latter giving that prevailing delicate Green tint which the English connoisseurs de Light in. Bushels of periwinkles arc scattered Over the Beds to keep Back a too excessive Lien ton in Drake s affected locomotion. Grace lends a fascination to an Ordinary figure which the most symmetrical proportions cannot exercise without it. But unfortunately a great Many ladies entertain mistaken ideas As to what constitutes the poetry of motion. Neither the demonstrative swing nor the High tragedy gait with which some of our Ilehr a and Junos Endeavor to show off their different styles of person approximate it at All. The tall and stately creature with trailing garments who moves or tries to move As if she trod on necks and liked that sort of pavement i not nearly so Juno like As she May think. Such styles of going Are affectations and affectations of every kind Are an abomination to people of Correct taste. A lady should neither Mable nor strut Lii Leas if in. That in at ii r should be an unstudied act not a Sonnance. All the world is not a stage in the common acceptance of the term for a it that ladies should tread in streets like tragedy Queens or genteel comedy misses or skipping Sou York Ledger. Samost cures Dandruff Anu my m bib f Sale by d clan Man Gas machine. For information inquire at 9-16 1m c. Is. Wagner s. Go to the Washington them across the san fe-3rd, open ni6ht, the place for Gen Leinen to pass a pleasant evening. Admission inc or. Hathaway , m. D., assistant. Re graduates the specialist of South and West private mood skin and nervous disease. Young men who by their Acif of Imp Jed 01 Folly suf Fer from Nerv o n s debility fountains of life tue Ting the body and manhood should it t the celebrated d a hat h a a y at once member Nerv with or without dreams Ord Ebil of nerve Power to scientific Al in by new with great by Crew it Naks no difference what you have taken or no has to cure you. Lost manhood Ami All weakness of the sexual organs Uva Ted with Success. Female at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A care Guaran teed. No cutting or ligature. Painless treatment stricture eur exl without cutting. The most wonderful Dibi livery. Safe and sure. Syphilis. The Moat Rapi-1, and effective remedy. A Complete cure guarantee. Skin Dise a s is of All kinds cured where others have failed unnatural discharges promptly cured in a few Days Quick sure and this Gleet Ard gonorrhoea. Ivy methods i. Free Consul Tali on it the office or by mail. 2.thorougn and diagnosis. 1 hat Ehatt m it the advantage of specia1 a d and specs Alty is of or her Dinette. Chm Tri easy terms of payment a Home treatment cat. Be give of in a majority of cases. Send for symptom no i for Meu Send for no. 2 for women. Send for by in join no. 3 for skin Dis eases. All Buai Ness strictly Medicine sent free from observation to Banka in san an Tonio Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. D., w. Commerce St., 5-1-1-m Antonio i. A. A wifi Issa. Xxx Pearl Beer. The Pur eat and Best. Delivered to any part of the City

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