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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 5, 1891, San Antonio, Texas He Sartaj monday october 5,1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. I no Apo rated h. M. Aubrey Secretary and mgr military not office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish rename most Retsof title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 dissolute in notice. Notice is hereby Given that the firm of Collins amp Peck doing a furniture business at 202 Aud 2<m Commerce Street has been dissolved by Mutual consent. L. P. Peck amp co. Will continue the business it the same place collecting All outstanding accounts and paving All indebtedness. Ben. Collins. L. P. Peck. Thanking our friends and patrons for their liberality in tile Palt to we solicit a continuance of the same in the future. 10-5-3t l p Peck amp co. Help advertise Antonio by sending of some of the Light s Beautiful illustrated edition of lie Man Day. Single copies ready for mailing to be had at the Light Ottice Ailo neuts per too copies 96.50. 105 of echoes from West end. I a Dqra a daily Light West end oct. 4,1891. West end has had no time yet to turn out any Carver or Borgardts Champion shoot its i doubt even if a Small percentage of its denizens Ever heard of big foot Wallace a gun a be Tyr. Capt Nelsons pistol it took off the Heads or 5 chickens that were interfering with his horses food with a Jack Hays five shooter not to mention capt. Motel who would take a single Bird with a muzzle loading Rifle but if any san Antonio gun club has any Champion belts we can take them in by George. I see that a worthy contributor to the Light a More anon a divides honors with me As a correspondent he is better posted than i am and in a chronicle of births a More anon will have much the Start of me. I will keep you posted hereafter if any one seeks Entrance into the Elysian Fields and Iii that respect because of our healthy suburb and i will have a sinecure although a lady died yesterday w to came Here too sick. The bathing that has been indulged in by Hack loads of Anione people after the Midnight hours in our lakes has somewhat abated since the cooler and Rainy nights. I am sorry that i cannot indulge in politics with our san Antonio papers. According to the one and Only nut. Q. Henderson san Antonio Only has Republican papers and As they Are supposed to carry High protected Plethoria purses and mine is in utter disuse ill have to let you Salt the democracy and see your neighbor of a Hill until the Flowers of new York Are proudly worn about the time the a Campbells Are since the judiciary amendment has become part of the Constitution and because we9t end is not envious of san tone we Hope it May As it should receive one of the higher courts. Or. Kerble informed us today that to had no regular diploma that Tho health of West end is despairingly Good and that he has but one Price for All his Good mixtures for the Santone patients he practices on he gave us a dose of xxx in an allopathic measure but assured us that too much would make us an Eclectic on the Home path. The doctor Burns a Large lamp at ids own expense at night on Cincinnati Avenue Aud so fur Lias not been arrested for throwing Light on san Antonio Public ways. I Arn told our Artesian oracles have lost their Powers a Young couple that wanted a reflection of their blushing countenances could Only see one half of one head. Can you throw a Light on the subject Schied. Privates Mccrary and Harrison of a. Troop 3rd cavalry were sent to the Post Hospital at fort Sam Houston yesterday. The following Are the number of men from each company who Are on the sick list at fort Sam Houston one officer of the 23rd infantry 23rd infantry band has one a. Troop. 3rd cavalry has five d. Troop 3rd cavalry has two i. Troop. 3rd cavalry has two h. Company 23rd infantry has three k. Troop 3rd cavalry has one Battery f., 3rd artillery has two a company 23rd infantry has none e company 23rd infantry has one f company 23rd infantry has one a company 23rd infantry has thee f company 5th infantry has three. There is one prisoner in the Hospital and two casuals the total number in the Hospital is Twenty four and in quarters four. Total on sick list Twenty eight. The enlisted men at fort Sam Houston were paid off this morning in the following order. Non commissioned staff and Hospital corps were paid first company 23rd infantry next and a company 23rd infantry last. The troops at fort Sam Houston receive their pry in order of rank held by their commanding officer. Of he stands first on the list his company is paid first but if he stands last on tile list his company afe the last to be paid. Dress Parade will be Given on the upper Parade grounds at fort Sam Houston this evening. The 23rd infantry band will give their biweekly concert at the military Post tonight. The lunch Rosin at the Post canteen was closed earlier than usual last night. The billiard room at d troop 3rd cavalry a quarters were closed last night. Next saturday october loth will be draw Day at fort Sam Houston the men will draw their rations and clothes on that Day. The billiard room at the Post canteen will probably be opened this evening. The bar room at the Post canteen was closed yesterday on account of its being sunday. On receiving their pay most of the enlisted men at fort Sam Houston made a Bolt for the Post canteen to till a Long Felt want. The building of the new Quarter Mas Houston was 600 1,200 to 5,500 Ter s stables at fort Sam commenced this morning. Canteen checks will be issued at fort Sam Houston about the Middle of this month. There was no one confined in the Post guard House at fort Sam Houston yesterday. Thirteen prisoners Are now confined in the Post guard House at fort Sam Houston. There were Twenty five in the Middle of last month. Next to the Post Library at the Post canteen Company 5th infantry has the finest at the military Post the greater part of which has not been unpacked on account of their not knowing How soon they Are to be ordered away. Johnie Mueller made a Fine score with his Rifle yesterday at one Hundred Yards. Johnie is a Good shot ?. The following circular in regards to the dress to be worn by the officers and enlisted men was recently issued at fort Sam Houston. First Allf or lit or Post orders prescribing uniforms Are hereby revoked. Second until further orders uniforms on duty dismounted will be White la Al in Els Blue Blouse and Blue trousers As heretofore prescribed. In cold or wet weather forage Caps Blue Blouse and Blue trousers will by worn. When necessary overcoats will be worn. Campaign hats and Canvas clothes will be worn Only As prescribed by army regulations for fatigue stables target practice Etc. Straw hats and citizen helmets will not be worn with uniform when Iii uniform b ack ties and no others will be worn. Thirus except the evening dress suit a authorized by g. No. 17, a. G. O., 1890, citizen clothes will not be worn in Garrison or in club room save on leaving or entering the Post. When an officer or Soldier wears citizen dress it should not be accompanied by a single Button or other Mark of individual s military garb. It should be citizen dress pure Aud simple. When in uniform he should conform rigidly with the uniform As worn at the Post. Private la. Dorschell troop la third cavalry was discharged from the service Thi a morning. Ile will probably a take on again with the infantry. It is also rum a red that he intends joining forces with a certain Damsel of the City soon and will henceforth follow the dangerous paths of Matrimony. Capt. G. A. Drew 3rd cavalry has been allowed an Extension of one month to the leave of absence recently granted him. Real estate. Deals and lha prices they Brinie. T. C. Frost to Theresa Hech and husband City lot 32, on Florida and Walnut 3,500 Julio Boer Oendi to William Fincke 160 acres on the Salado la Miles Northeast of town. Mrs. E. A Howard to miss Bessie Hunt lots 23 and 24, Block 27, Homestead addition also lot. La Block 17, Homestead addition. N Mackey to w. C. Sullivan lot in Block 18, 43 feet on East Houston Between Navarro and Jefferson streets. 5, George la. Kalteyer to miss Lena Wenz lot la Block i original lot 67, Perez Street. N. Mackey to w. C. Sullivan lots7, 8.9 and to Block 6, City lot lot 6, Block 2, original City lot 158 lot 18, Block 17, Asbury place Bexar county also <96 8-10 acres 9k Miles from Floresville. Jesse l. Conway and wife to Jessie Ann Beck 620 acres out of the Jose Maria Matea Survey 59, 12 Miles Southeast of the City. Jesse l. Conway and wife to Jeff i. Berk 126 acres out of the Joso Maria Matea Survey 59,12 Miles Southeast of the City. James of Donnell to w. W. King lot 5, Block i Elmira Street lots 3 and 4, Block 28, South Side Avenue a lots 12 and j3. Block 36 lot 3 and part of lot 2, Block 8, West Side Avenue a. Win. Mueller Aud others to t. U. Frost 12 varas East Side North Flores Street near West Houston Reagan Houston to t. H. Zander son parts of lots 2. 4 Aud 6, Block 4,Corner Avenue e and seventh script a a a a a a a a Thomas Brady to t. Ii. Zander son 640 aces of Survey 485. Balcones Creek 640 acres of Survey 487, Balcones Creek also Eastern part of Survey 488, containing 280 acres. 6,500 t. To. Zanderson to Thomas Brady part of lots 3, 4 and 6, Block 4k Northwest Corner of Avenue e and seventh Street. E. And j. V. Nicholson to Amos la. Jones 40 acres out of Survey 79, eight Miles North of City. Amos ii and Ada Jones to Amos d. Jones 40 acres out of Survey 79, eight ruling North of City. Antonio Menchata de Ybarbo to John b. Neuendorff lot or parcel of land on North Side of Victoria Street Between water and Mata Gordia streets. F. M. Lagner and Lizzie Haigler to win. Clarke and Lillie Clarke East half of lot 3, Block 7, out of original City lot i ranges District 2. 1,801 13,500 5,500 510 municipal chatter. Course i do what Are they ? kick 6,500 400 525 750 City court sixteen cases were brought before the recorder this morning and 8127 in fines were assessed. Four cases were continued and two were dismissed. Geo. Williams abusive and insulting language fined 87. His Cas has been continued sine a Friday. Gabrina Castro drunk and disorderly a. Alexander cum drunk and disorderly 8>. John Gray disorderly 810. John Weber disorderly continued. John Jones drunk and disorderly 85. Nicholas Kulm disorderly 820. He was enjoying himself immensely yester Day but he had to pay the fiddler this morning. Samuel Sargent drunk and disorderly dismissed. Samuel Sargent carrying a Dirk knife 850 and thirty Days. Jesus Casino fighting continued. Jesus my nos fighting continued. George wll Lingston drunk Aud dior Del by 87. Henry Halle refusing to pay Hack fare 83. Joseph n. Keilty drunk on Street 83. John in Frederick disorderly 810. Nicanor Surita alias Jose Valdez suspicious character dismissed. He was arrested yesterday by policeman Brown who noticed his suspicious actions and decided to run him in. He was tried this morning and his Case was dismissed but lie was turned Over to the sheriff of Wilson county who took him Back to Floresville this afternoon to answer a charge of murder which he committed there about a year ago and a been at Large Ever since going under Tho name which he gave when arrested. His right name is Jose Valdez. He will probably get a few years at Huntsville. A mexican of this City identified him As Man who committed Tho murder. Overheard for the Light by sharpest. Bra new who does Tho Eagle Man mean by a Bullions nose and a Gin Blossom a so much lately Claude i done to know and Imi be hanged Hur Rahed and essentially to scanned of i care. I m entirely dumb to references of habits and Pulcher etude. Brine put a weight on that last word i want to crowd it into my next message. Its Long and fat and people will think that in be been absorbing English by the car Load. Claude Ive better words than that for you around my old clothes if you want Mem. Brine Mem out. Claude Reform sobriety Economy re patriotism Candor and a Good Many others which you should keep your eyes on. Brine yes but one must close his eyes once in while. Eland i did t think you Ever closed your eyes judging by the number of a Eye openers you take. Brine that a enough of that sir i Don t want any references to allusions at this time or place. Besides there goes Newcomb with a Pencil As Long As a Telegraph pole taking Down items against us. Ive been punctured already until i feel like a two acre porous plaster. Claude i see you draw Well partly ulary when attacking corks. By the Way would you have any serious objection to placing the decanter in More direct propinquity to my right Arm in a somewhat affected with Gutter i aridity. Brine your talk is too Hifa Lutin for me Cut it Down to the comprehension of Conner or Weber and maybe i can climb a ladder and reach your meaning. Claude in a not abbreviating just now but irrigating and the sooner you Cea a to intervene me and the Flagon the sooner i can release this spoon Home one else will need it presently. Brine speaking about Flagon this reminds me that you did no to put 110 lag the City Hall this fourth of july. Claude no but we had the Snake and Buzzard up All Day and that was enough. Brine you bet it was and too gringos anyhow. Imi respect our rag yet anyhow we built the City Hall and can put up any Flag Wei Keon it and on italian Day done to forget to put the mafia lag on the highest Point of it. Bruni will help you. I will also. Here show Claude done to you think the people would object just a Little to that brine let them and be did. Imi Call out the Aztec rifles and if necessary the dog Catcher s brigade if they say a word either in English or dutch. My people must be protected even if every tax payer in town is stripped to his shirt Collar. They must be fed Aud so must be the leeches that Are now tapping the body politic for blood enough for the Winter. They Are pumping like Sam Hill and i done to know where the blood is to come from. Claude Imi Tell you what to do Pawn the City Hall and that stove pipe of yours until the Flag on much for the make Mem As they Call it. Samo Stze a quinine cures Dandruff Clingman Gas machine. Lighting cooking heat lug. For information inquire at 9-16 in c. Ii. Wagner a. A a go to the i 811 people your last chalice. This week is the last Opportunity you will have of seeing the two finest artists Ever visiting san Antonio the great French due lists the Rodol plies. They Are billed fur one week longer it the Bella Union theatre. Senorita Lopez will also close her last week As she expects to retire from the stage until next Spring. Kennedy Aud Duffy the laughable sketch artists will also play one week More. Manager Leer promises his patrons a Fine show this week. Amusements. The excursion rates. Reduced rates Are announced via inter National route i. Amp g. N. La. Ii. For the following occasions to san Antonio and return account German Day Celebration on get. 7th to loth. Inclusive. Tickets Good to return until get. 13th. To Dallas and return account Texas state fair and Dallas exposition on get. 16th to 31st inclusive. Tickets Good to re turn until nov. 3d. For the above occasions Low excursion Mea will be made. To St. Louis account exposition and Gilmore s concerts one and one third fare tickets Good to return until get. 30. £�5l the St. Louis fair tickets will be sold get. 3d to 8th, inclusive Good to return until get. 13th, at one fare for the round trip. For full particulars address nearest ticket agent i amp g. N. Railway or d. J. Price a. G. P. A., Palestine Tex. 10-5-3t heating stoves. A full line of All styles and grades in prices that defy Competition at Thomas b. Wrens 413 e. Houston Street. 9 24 in hebrew new year cards. Fine stationary office and school supplies Blank books Oxford and family bibles Etc., tor Sale at Moss amp beams 240 West Commerce St. In Booby Gay or drow another Good House at the grand last night. Edwin Arden in a night and m Ming a begins his engagement there tonight. Street car men organized. A permanent organization of the employees of the san Antonio Street railway was held last saturday night and sunday morning at or Iseh shall under the name of United order of Street car employees. Seventy five members were secured. An address demanding 12 hours per Day was drawn up signed and presented to superintendent Greer. He says the company will not Grant the hours called for until the City ordinance is tested in the court and they Are compelled to do so. Heavy losses sustained by not buying Tea at Hollands hit with a club. Tomaso Ozema one of the City dog catchers was struck on the head with a club saturday night out on Kerry a Hill supposed to have been done by a negro boy for revenge on the Man for catching and impounding his dog. And maybe that la do us kick us out. Brine i might soak the City Hall but my plug hat never no sir a tis the Only Between me and the Man in the Moon. Imi Inai a the Council vote me More Money Tiu to a what they re a Job lot anyhow. Claudy of mus except Hoefling Beckman and Perschy you notice they Are holding Back like army wheel horses. Brine yes but the rest set there like enchanted asses and pull like biases every time i crack the whip in be got Mem broke. Claude and the City also yer Honor. Brine i know that but say How Many Good men Are there on that grand jury Claude twelve. Brine-1 mean Good Mon for us. Claude none at ally there was no smuggling in of friends this time. A twas a Square Deal and every tub must have its own Bottom or there la be terrible leaking after while and i would not be surprised to hear a certain character utter something like this a Cooper a Cooper my kingdom for a Cooper brine hush there goes a taxpayer and he seems to have something on his mind. Eland he May have something on his mind but lies la have nothing in his pocket after a year or two. A few More years of us and hell be paying rent on his Homestead. Don t care if i do brine that a nothing like the bulls on Wall Street he must Bear it. Claude but the one that bears top hard on the grind Stone will soon have no one to turn it for him. Balmaceda you know did a Little of that and you know the re suit. Brine yes but he had patriots to Deal with and not Damph ools As i have. Be sides i have a plug hat and that puts More Awe in a subject than a Crown any Day How does it look on me anyhow Claude like a big Bug nailed onto a Small head that s How. Brine then i believe fun give it to the Nigger it suits his complexion anyway. Claude do. Brine i will across the san be w. Open Ivery Nishi. The place for Gen Louen to pass a pleasant evening. Admission 10c, 15. 25c or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M a assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the South and West private blood skin and nerve As diseases. Young men who by their acts of in rpm Enoe or Folly suffer from Nerv it u a debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life a amp a affecting the in Naiad body and manhood should a on nit the celebrated or �?�4a t n a w a y at once remember Nerv fit the do so ftps a with or without dream or Nobil Ity and los of nor e Power treated scientifically by new methods with great Success it make no difference what you have taken or who has i Aliet to cure you. Lost manhood Aud All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female disease cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A cure guaranteed. No Kui a cutting or ligature. Painless treat men stricture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Safe and sure. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe Aud effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin d be ases of All kinds cured where others have failed unnatural discharges promptly cured Ina few Days. Quick 3ure and this includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. Amm my methods 1. Free consultation at toe office or by mail. 2.thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 8. I hat each Parte t treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and specially is Mae of his or her disease. A. Moderate eth Renand easy terms of payment a Home treatment can be Gwen in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Hank no i it or men Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for by u Tom Blank no. 3 for skin diseases. All correspondence answer d promptly. Business strict y Vonti leu Tiai Medicine sent free from observation. Refer to Banks in san an Tonio Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. D., 29-31 w. Commerce St., upstairs 5-1-1-m 0 Antonio Texas. V. Lorr a the tailor. Announces to his friends and customers that he has received a Shipmen of 500 patterns of pants goods and 300 j at erns suiting. I Ine pants will be sold Lur 88 to 812. Fine dress suits and Black Diagonal a specially. Satisfaction and fit guaranteed beyond question. 8-25 of onion sets. Also a full Stock of fresh Garden seeds just arrived. Edward Persch 9 23 in 254 Market Street. To rent. Hands Dine cottage 4 rooms Hall gallery stables Etc. Large place. East Commerce St. Inquire 220 East Houston St. 10-3-3t stove pipe and elbows for Sale very cheap during the Winter season lower Thau Ever also corrugated Iron and other roofing materials. Edward Persch 9 23 in 254 Market Street powder used in millions of Homes a years the Standard May be talked Over. The petition of citizens to have a shooting tournament on Luiz Street on the line of the West Bud Street cars and the petition of the Texas Field sportsman a association at san Pedro Park both during German Day seem to have been grantee rather a advisedly by the City Council to one and the same party. It May be brought up in the Council again. Marriage licenses. Chai. Pieper and Annie m. Shrieber. Lorenzo Rivas and Paulito Pacheco. Ferdinand Pfeiffer and mrs. Josephine Duft. Lee Hosmer and Minnie Felder. Frank Beck and Sophie Esser. M. Ii. Mccuistion and s. C. Bradford. Building permits. Fannie ii. Seeber and Kila a. Cluro addition to dwelling Avenue 0,5th Ward 8800. John w. Arnold dwelling Corner of Mason and Glive Street 6th Ward. Albert Steves Stablo Madison Street 8th Ward 81000. Distinguished visitor. Rev. John a. Gutteridge and wife Are in the City today Enro Ute to California via the s. P. Railway. Or. Guttridge is pastor of the Davis memorial m. E. Church at Newark new Jersey and is a Persona Friend of Hon. We. Walter Phelps he is a writer of considerable note at present engaged in advertising and pictorial write ups of the country for the railroads. S. A. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Host. Any part of the City. Delivered to

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