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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 2, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Jail in sight. Ii no. 4 East Commerce Street Anton to list publishing go. T a Johnson Secretary and treasurer. And 8ek1ba2. Man Arr. At the Post office at 8a� Anto no ybas. As 8econ Glass mail matter. Test 1 118 ll<3ht 18 the Only daily Republic fit paper published in Texas. Subscription rates. Batty per month.9 50 oilily per year.5. Of a slivered by mail oar rib free. We Eucly. 5 months.9 60 i weekly. I year. 1.00 Hauser hers not reset virus their paper will make complaint to the Effle. Subsoil Are warned not to pay their subscription upon presentation a properly Rebill from this office. Advertising rates. Imm a i to i w a 400 a 800 �?�2100 �?�8500 a Moo los. Advertisements $ 1,00 per Mon first in ath Fiori 75 cents per Inch each subsequent in trustees sales f i per Inch first in a Aart 25 cents Euloh insertion afterwards. 3l�ating matter editorial Page 35 cents per ism insertion. Local columns to cents first Uloff term to cents first week 5 cents after first a pee oath Tai rates 50 and too lines running Arti meal same advertisements payable in the first it Mundt a both. Transient advertising payable in a amp Toile. Only Metal Oats printed. 8��ciai rates Given larger space sad Long Tasse advertise menu. Duo ant Given for in announcements for state and county officer a Foiw dollars in fit ail font roots Bills must be approved by a a re tar and m Ana Ager. To correspondents. Aft communications for this paper should b by the name the author not Sachse artly for publication but As evidence a Rod Faith the part Tbs writer. Write Oal a Side the paper la a Plain hand. An a my sinus will not he noticed a san life it will not be Reanon sible for the Tate a a St its correspondents. To our Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the daily and weekly Light must come to us through our it ipad Ial agents messes. Palmer a Rey 232 to 5 Temple court new York. Priday october 2,1891. Jones will pay no freight democratic consignments this year a a hog and hominy1�?T is the future Battle cry the Texas Farmer. Hogg has told Texas Why he intervened and Chilton is authority the matter a deferred session state legislature. The state University is moving Forward and one these Days it will be in condition to answer the ends its creation. Savannah Georgia wants her Harbor Entrance deepened to accommodate deep draught vessels in order to open direct Trade with Europe. Stephen a. Dorsey comes Forward As the Prophet the new dispensation political and pronounces that Blaine and Gorman will be the candidates. Canada complains bitterly that despite the personal visit her finance minister to the West indies Aud the subsidizing three lines steamers it was impossible to promote Commerce with those islands As the United states under the provisions the Mckinley act could so reciprocate with them As to completely shut Canada out. Savannah will Kuock at the doors Congress this fall for a Lump appropriation sufficient to give her Commerce 26 feet water from her wharves to the sea. Texas can do her Commerce 22 to 24 feet and she will have 22 feet at Tho Mouth the Brazos within a year. At the port Velasco. Notwithstanding the Grain surplus this year very Little wheat Aud Corn will be carried Over until next Harvest so great is the foreign demand. This argues the necessity for a full crop in 1892 and gives Promise abundant Market. dogs Are the scavengers the City. Tilt refuse thrown out at night is disposed by morning. Damascus cannot hold a Candle to Coustan Tenpie in the number laziness ugliness its canine the hitherto unsuccessful attempts to manufacture artificial Ivory give place to pronounced Success. The new process produces the Ivory in plastic form in which condition it is moulded into any desired shape after which by exposure it becomes As hard As the natural article. Secretary Foster says there Are in the United states vaults $91,000,000 in excess the $100,000,000 Gold Reserve after paying $17,500,000 4 1-2 per cents. This is the Treasury that the democracy persist in declaring bankrupt. The american shipping and Industrial league is moving in the matter a tonnage Bill to be presented to Congress As foreign ships Are being fraudulently put under american registry and draw$250,000,00d from this country in freights and passage. It is proposed to memorialize Congress with a petition 5,000,000 names asking for a $5,000,000 tonnage Bill. Latest information from the new sea port hotel ready for guests wharves under Way Railroad Progress building notes. Velasco tex., sept. 29,1891. Daily Light i arrived Here thursday evening the 24th inst. I am much pleased with All i have seen Aud heard Here. It has rained every Day for the past week which fact has somewhat delayed the Progress Railroad construction and the construction buildings. The storm last thursday Friday and saturday which caused High water at Galveston and for two Days submerged the Street car track in front the Beach hotel did not cause any inconvenience whatever even at Quintana at the Mouth the Brazos. The very handsome new four Story hotel built at this place by the Syndicate is just receiving the finishing touches and the manager . Hodges fort Worth says be will feed us at breakfast thursday morning the 1st october. The Railroad to connect with the tap Road at Chenango will probably be completed by nov. 1st. I have just finished a careful and personal count the buildings in this City completed and in process construction. The total number is ninety 90 which 63 Are one Story and 27 Are two Story buildings. This number does not include a handsome two Story office building the Syndicate nor their magnificent hotel. Or necessity All these buildings Are Zinimo and in addition to them there Are sixty Odd tents All kinds and shapes and sizes scattered around the City to accommodate the immediate needs our rapidly increasing population which already exceeds fifteen Hundred persons including mechanics and labourers. There Are three lumber Yards already doing a Large business with two More just opening up their places for business. There Are already two established Brick Yards with three More contracted for and hurrying to get to work. The character Clay for the manufacture Brick is first class Quality. The first half million Brick Nave just finished burning and Are ready for the Wall today. They will be delivered the bulding Sites the City at $10 per 1.000. Several property owners have waited to build until they could secure Brick. They need not wait any longer now. One half the ties for the Railroad has been brought Here the other half is now a Chenango. The construction the first set wharves is being rapidly pushed to completion. A great variety enterprises has already been established and new ones Are projected almost Ever hour each Dav. J. D Vav. Or. Flower says the nomination for the governorship new York was not sought by him. No it was bought and the Price paid was a much greater one than the empty Honor is Worth As . Flower will fully realize Ere he is two months older. This will be about the last year in which the South will not grow wheat and Corn enough Home consumption. The Armer sees the Wisdom and. Profit diversified crops. The governor Florida and his Secretary state Are in a Row. The Secretary will not affix the Seal to the commission Richardson As u. 8. Heator claiming that Call was duly elected. If Flowers is knocked out in new York it greatly diminishes Hills chances for presidential nomination Hill knows this hence bus great per Sonal interest in the present Cam Palgon. A Wheeler Iowa is making no greater Effort for his own election than for that the entire ticket. He Aims to sweep the state and recover it from democratic pretences ownership. The permanent Headquarters the a court private land claims for new Mexico has been fixed at Santa be. This will practically locate the members the court at Bauta be and make them residents that City. The spirit the times must have changed remarkably in India when the Nautch girls strike against any reduction their emoluments As they recently did in Oue the famous temples the Madras presidency they chose their time judiciously the eve great festival and their emoluments were restored. Wheeler Iowa is making a splendid impression All Over the state Keokuk gave him a Royal reception Sud enthusiastic republicans Are claiming the state by 35,000. It will 3% go that this year but in the presidential election next season it May re counted for about that figure. The recent military manoeuvres in Hampshire Are characterized by the English critics As alike unsatisfactory and humility Atiar. Englishmen competent to criticise say that England has no army at All As that word is understood among civilized nations and that under the existing system she never will have any. This is More severe than the american criticism was arid coming from Home sources hurts. The Standard warehouse co have just received the largest and finest car Load vehicles Ever shipped to the City ladles Phaeton speeding Phaeton buggies carriages Etc. We have the ugliest surveys in the world also six Cai loads Hacks carts express wagons Etc agents for Racine Wagon co. Ole vehicles taken in Exchange for new ones 24 West Nueva Street. 9-19tf japanese a guarantee cure for piles whatever kind degree a eternal internal Blind bleed Al Quot positively to fail. $1 Box 6 boxes for $5 sent by mail ins itching this remedy has never been known prepaid receipt Price. A written onaran Lee positively Given each purchaser 6 boxes. When purchased at one time to refund the �?�5 paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by a. Or else wholesale and retail druggist sole agt., 8an Antonio Texas a hoi wealth representative Mills had the a a Gall to Tell the Ohio Farmers that the tax sugar ought to be restored. Well let the democratic House dare to pass a Bill for its restoration. $3,750 will buy los \ handsome cottage residence 7 rooms Arith Bath stable Carriage House Chicken House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Large lot with Fine Shade Trees and shrubbery. New neat and cd san about our blocks from military Plaza. Will int was y at $40.00 a month f f . Hambleton amp co to printers and publishers. I have a Campbell two revolution Cylinder press Brown folding machine Good lot Type for a six column daily which i can sell at a genuine bargain. Write me for particulars. B. F. Johnson 8-22-tf Cranston press Man. Or. E. C. West s nerve and brain treatment a guarantee specific for hysteria dizziness convulsions fits nervous neuralgia headache nervous prostration caused by the use alcohol tobacco wakefulness mental depression softening the brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery decay Ani death. Premature Ola age barrenness loss Power in either sex. Involuntary losses and caused by Over exertion the brain self abuse Over indulgence. Each Box contains one months treatment. $1.00 a Box six boxes for $5.00. Sent by mail prepaid receipt Price. We guarantee six boxes to cure any Case. With each order received by us for six boxes accompanied with $5.00, we will Send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the Money if the treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees issued Only by City drug store sole arts. Be. Commerce bt., san Anto what a cough. Will you need the warning. The 3tgnal perhaps the sure approach that More terrible disease consumption. Ask ourselves if you can afford for the Sake saving 50c., to run the risk and do nothing for it. We know from experience that Shiloh a cure will cure your cough. It never fails. This explains Why More than a million bottles were sold the past year. It relieves croup Aud whoop ing cough t once. Mothers do not be without it. Or lame Back Side Chest use Shiloh a porous plaster. Sold by Adol dreiss._3-38-pod a. Heusinger hardware stoves tin and Granite Ware. Wagon material nails paints Oil and Glass agricultural implements and wagons Iron steel and nails. West Side military Plaza. Lie. Manuel Anda Sicko the mexican bar Dudley h. Nor his the new York bar Anda-s1lice0 and Toris counsellors at Law. Mirador i la Alameda no. 7 j-2,�?~ City Mexico. As an anti wind Catcher compare this Tilting Tower and its a motor with an Ordinary Windmill and you will find that it presents a tithe the wind surface to the grasp the storm that storm that other does. For information descriptive circulars Aud prices address. Amp san Antonio Tex major Mckinley was accorded a magnificent reception at Oberlin o., last saturday. The College boys gave him a regular ovation Aud their class cries mingled Inspirit ing with the enthusiastic cheers which greeted the coming governors utterances. Quite a sensation is produced in England by the Massage the chinese government charging that the British residents in that country Are responsible for the riots. The desire for gain has led these residents to foment riots among the chinese Aud thus create a Demaud a for the rides Aud explosives which the merchant has to sell. The revolution in methods River navigation thereby a upending the use coolies has had its effect also in creating dissatisfaction. Tile foreign merchants charge that the missionaries Are entirely too aggressive in opposing the traditions the people. All these have their effect but the present trouble arises principally from the Effort to surmount the Dlf fic Hies navigation the upper Yang tse Kiang by steam. The rapids this River Between the Mouth Aud i Chang the most Interior All the treaty ports China has always Given employment to vast numbers coolies who draw the boats through the Gorges passing along the Cliff paths la single file. The recent use steam vessels has alarmed the chinese andean Effort to drive out the foreigners from i Chaug is the result. As this port is 1500 Miles Inland it is very readily seen that unless Tranquility is restored it will be impossible to maintain Trade at this Post. A immediate enquiry has been ordered by the British government into the charges made by China against English residents. Democratic orators cannot rather dare not deliver the same Silver speech in new York Aud Ohio. Democracy never represents the same principles everywhere its alleged principles Are so elastic that they can be stretched to Gull any idea that May take Possession a considerable body voters in any Section. Just about the time . Mills was delivering his first a calamity Wail in Ohio in which he enlarged upon the miserable condition the Farmers Aud the discontent the Labouring masses because Lack employment the shippers in new York were exerting every ingenuity to find labourers enough to Load the Grain raised by american Farmers steamships bound for Europe a work which is now going night and Day. And in that same speech . Mills told the citizens Ohio that it would be impossible for a to sell our surplus Grain product to Europe unless we took the manufactured products Europe in Exchange for it. Either he is losing his mind he takes the Ohio people for idiots. We Are now shipping Grain As fast As it can possibly be done to Europe and we Are receiving Gold for it. When a Man makes such deliberate misstatements How can anyone place any Confidence in anything he May say Home an Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the j Home seekers. A location a surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system electric Street railway any City its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home the continent. Hes spa. John go. A a a St Tuffe 19 copies year old change office hours. Drs. Jones pfc Bliem will hereafter be found in their office As follows . Jones 10 a. In. To i p. In. And 4 to 7 p. In. Or. Bliem 9 to to a. In. And 3 to 4 p. In. On sundays hours for both 12 30 to 2 . 9 20 the right the advertiser to know the measure his Purchase in circulation is As Clear As the publishers right to know Bis weight in print paper. The statutes in every state defines this right in other commode tips and the Law lays its hand upon the offender who delivers a measure less than he has major w. J. Richards. A. Post office department. Week Days. Stamp window opens 44 a a closes general delivery opens 44 44 closes registry window opens 44 44 closes Money order window opens 9, a. In. �?�4 44 44 closes 4, p. In general delivery and Carrier windows open sunday from 8 30 to 10 30, a. In. . Johnson postmaster. 8, a. In. Largest and Best illustrated family weekly Story paper in the United states. Only $2.00 per year All other Story papers $3.00 per year. Sample free copies the saturday Blade Kas the largest proved paid circulation any weekly newspaper in the u. S. It is sold by news boys in Over 10.000 cities and towns s cents a copy. Or $2.00 per year. It is the Only illustrated 5 cent newspaper printed. Any person getting us a boy to sell our papers in a town where we Are not now Selling. Will get the Blade free. Write for samples. Etc. And adobes. To. Quot a Quot j in $ tii Mcjay 331ade. Clil it

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