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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 1, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFee thursday october 1, 1801 Etc Fosion of a bomb is Ynot More sudden or unlocked Foi than the attack of some Maligna disease which would not occur wore the blood in order. To impure blood is due a great variety of Ilia that make life a Burden. All the year round you May rely upon or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery to purify the blood Ano invigorate the system. It s not like the Sarsaparilla that Are said to be Good for thu blood in March april and May. The discovery works equally Well at and in All cases of blood taints or Humours no matter what their name or nature. It s the cheapest blood purifier sold through druggists because you Only pay for the Good you get. Your Money is returned if it does t Benefit or cure you. Can you ask More is life Worth that depends on the or. Pierce s pellets Are thu Best liver pills. Rail Road time table. I. N. Railroad. Departures. Forst. Innis via Iron Mountain or m., Kandt. A. M fort. Louis via Iron Mountain in for Laredo a. M a riyals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and il., k. And to In from Laredo M Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Gal Cestou 0 to a. M. And u M arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston Anil Galveston 7 a. M. And i In through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso Aud Eagle pass In arrives from san Francisco Elpaso Anel Eagle pass a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except , M leaves for Galveston Houston and a Cuero daily leaves for Corpus Koe port set Luceville daily i Arrivals from Kiu Villa daily of Jupt a. M i rom Corpus Clinti Rockport and reveille daily M from Galveston Houston and Nero daily i Mallory Steamer sail from Galvest-.every wednesday Anci saturday. Eve Bucklen s Arnica Salve. Tho Best Salve in tie world for cuts Jimison sores ulcers Salt Rheum tet Ter chapped hands chilblains corns All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay rec Mirnd. It is to give. Perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box Tor Sale by All druggists. Dreiss. Thomp son co s wholesale. _ a f Piso s remedy for Catarrh is Tia Best easiest to use Mui cheapest. Sold by drunk Isle or sent by nil. . T. In it told. Warren. A. When i say Cura 5 do not merely to Stop them fora Tima and then Bavo them return radic.core. J Gator Aadot of disease of i jts it i. Sickness a i warrant Ren exly to euro Trio worst cases. Acc Nash others a no for not now receiving a euro. Send care for a Iremio n l no Kot loot infallible give express to Tofu co. Ii. Toot 31. C., 1ss i curl . N. Y 21 and a 113kc-. Habits four cart it Wii ii gout Nin. Por Tiru Rilje. Atlanta Gib. Vii in Lull St. Enchul by Lilaa Ond pennyroyal pills unit Only Een Alne. A urus girl or cock Tam Elrand la Llpyd Laid ii. Ran a p la fax in. Into Inco ribbon. I Lul Ittu. Jubo noon Jna Olner. flip stand drug ii la far Polk curl. It jul Kellcy for to _ Al Mil dts drag Liu. The daily Light Only 60 cents a month delivered a Small Cyclone at the fails. A Utulo visitors at Trio Clifton hous on sunday Tho spectators of an at Moa Pharic coins Fotiou it Trio Falls Ali Liko of which Lins not been seen within the memory of the oldest inhabitant Between 6 aug 7 o clock heavy Mac Clouds Iipp eared is Tho Herald of wha proved to to n Cyclone of to Small pro portions though fortunately it left comparatively Little destruction of propert Aud to loss of life in track. Observer from Tho Piazza of tha Clifton hous soon saw that Tho first Force of the wisc. Was being Felt at the Bottom of the Ravine and under the Candin fulls. It lifted up the in Meliso Bank of Spraj that drenches the passengers of the Mali of the Mist when they approach Toon Eai and carried it up above the Falls in huge swirl that resembled Tho Belchin smoke from some lofty Chimney. For few moments it was so Clear of sprit under the Falls that our could see when the mighty Waves of water strike the River heu eath for several minutes Lii phenomenon lasted and left Fin Impresa Sion of the Awe stricken spectators tha will never be forgotten. At this time also the River near and below Lewiston was being lashed into foam by the fur of the winds which seemed to exer to Weir Force at first from the River Aiu. Then up the Corner Cial. Throo irvings on Clio slug. It has been known for some Tinio Pas that or. Living s elder son Hei Irv i about to go upon the stage. A Siuila in solution has now been alien by i second son. Lawrence so Nami a in if Ono of or. Living s old Friend. John Law Vince Toole. Lawrence Irving a destined for the diplomatic service n his elder brother was for tha bar am with that View was sent to is. Peters Burg some time ago to learn languages but the Bent in his Case also for the Stag has proved so Strong that or. Irving remembering what a desirable profit or i it Lias been for himself Lias 1101 in opposing his wishes i has arranged that Lawrence Irving Sbal. Miniri k. R. Benson s touring com Pany Lii Antmann. Meanwhile As an Amateur he is to take part next week ii some fashionable theatricals now Bein _ organized at Wimbledon by mrs. Be schuster. Henry living. Jr., it be remembered joins or. Hare s cum pan at who Star. Month., of Pic Riv Civ. Nil at Salumn in hid fish commissioner k. Ii. Hodge of Plymouth says there Are now More Salmon in Tho Merrimack River than at anytime Bince the Lawrence dam Linit forty year.-, ago and he think even further bail than hat. In play lie caught Fri pity two Fine one at Plymouth. They Are however mercilessly slaughtered by the dozen at a Vii a tails at the Mil other up inns. Of Tho Between this stale Anil colonel Hodge said ii was Gen thought that provisions Cost Hampshire considerable Money while thu fact is that the matter has been so arranged that the Genera has i Bills and it Lias no Cost tins Slitto a rent. Moreover it was this agreement Wilh which i alone made possible tin establishment of tie first i Ai a Tolu by in this strife. N. Monitor. Lii y Aro Lima Sii Iii us. Harrison g. Crossing the premises of in Rob , a a Laud Turtle marked As follows. R of "1 s. A. A. A p., was Wiiiam a name. The Tui to was a doubt t will Grawi alien first acid at he f is probably t Erin Tco old. From appearance ii her air re ui7 ii liberated it in for a Norhei Century. Thu initials of. Were undoubtedly inscribed by Sam lie Clapp and William Kiir Tevault. Win Vert Young men and residents ii the Sci Ivity it 1s18 and Mew Dud Ford Standard. Trio Wii a is so kit. A Large shirt Jig in no pcs predicted by the new England Home Stead on the basis of special re ports from lieu commercial Orchard in of the a tilt d state Akisada. Heavy crop of fall apples is Nodi fitted. Maine has an even in joker Viau last year. the in tin Ibi a new icing Laid Stales Ami in Aye above i lie Levi till shortage of the average of he seven states is ii fifty two com Jai de Wilh thirty right his Ito a Crup. Ii Only in Mun Georgo Horter Home is near attended a reunion at pen mar thursday. A few years ego Horter lad one leg torn Olf by a Terpsi Finuf machine and has then used a wooden Iio undertook to Wali from pen mar to of . And a coming tired a the Railroad track to est arid fell asleep. While in i his Posi Ion a train passed by at the time he happened to have his uror Nln leg across he track. It was Cut oif by Llie train the Man sustained no personal injun . Sun. Wuntch is 00 fur the Sumn. Remause he missed a lust Ball game j v. A 1 of thu Imit Vituck a Boal of has brought unit for damages against Tho Ali Iaukea City railway company. In his complaint to charges that he boarded Ono of Tho com Pany s cars for the Ball Park but on reaching Chambers Street the Driver re fused to turn Down to athletic Park. Being lame he could not walk the Dis Tance in time to Seo Tho Chicago Tribune. More than 400 married women have applied to the Bureau of charities Aud correction in new York since the 1st of january for Relief for themselves and . Having been deserted by their drawl is cars up Hill. The track of tie Rainier Avenue elec tric railway has been completed Down Washington strict As far is third Aud ears Are now regularly running to eighth. The compensation weights for taking ears a the Steep incline be tween fifth and eighth streets Are in upon trial Tho contrivance bus worked successfully and cars will to running up and Down in a few Days. The arrangement is a very ingenious one. The regular track is Standard gauge inside of it and two or three feet mow the Street level is n second track of two feet gauge. Of this runs a truck loaded with Lead so to weigh Between five and six tons. This lower track is covered Over and nothing of it is seen from the Street. When the truck is at he Bottom of Tho Hill a Cable to which it is attached runs on pulleys to Tho top and there turns Over n big concealed wheel out to Tho Side of the track. A oar coming Down the Hill takes the end of tie Cable Aud Tho weight of the descending car together with the elec tric Power draws the heavy truck underneath up the Ollil per cent Grade to the top of the Hill. When who car re turns the truck is at the top of Tho Hill. As soon As Trio car is attached to the end of the Cable then at the Bottom the truck is released and is weight As it runs Down draws Tho car up. The Cable pulled out at the top thu Hill us tie car comes Aown runs in a narrow Slot just in pie. Of thu truck on the North Side Post intelligencer. Literary . The j the writings of Tho late von Molino is unexpected in Large. A Portiin of the papers is c-1 purely military Ini Errol it consists of Ruik is and strategical rations on the campaigns in which Moltke commanded these Are to he issued by messes. I ulcer Sou. Of Merlin and English editions will to published by . , of London. But he late also left a sort of autobiography comprising diaries which Over almost the whole of his military career and Are Replete with note s on All the events in which the wild if was in a Way mixed up. These diaries give a vivid of Mollie Sci narc it a. And were originally in Tein Kul for the perusal of his family Only. Hut it has been decided to publish them and they Are to appear first As serials in a German Jim irid Ifal and in an Ruglis i Loisl raid journal. Al la award they will i issued Linol times. A Lufi Lilii Nirla. A curious Story conies from Salt Lake y which attracting comment tie ills and acquaintances of diaries f. Shot and Neil a a. Eanies i Jept. Is to. And i us Nisi medical men Iier a 1 discussion. Barnes a having a que anal Wilh his wife. The of dict a to Stop. . And the Lille a passed through heart leaving a jag ged Lin i tin. Breast. A Inar Rii a sister of the dead officer was Tili Gra plied Aud came to the Funer in finn in Salt Lake. She Vas by the tragedy and Oil the of her brother to heart. In i Short time she Home. About Iiri of months As the report is heard Lere Liy Frie Iii of Tho dead officer his give birth to a Hoy h rec try i lined lint with a Ivd Birthmark Over he heart of the exact shape and appear Nice of the wound made in Wanless ii ast by Llie Bullet from Barnes pistol Denver news. A pith cd Kali in Wilile i was in Trio Eiel Rigi Street to ice station tile Oiler afternoon a Man in with his hands on his Siom Nch Mil a in his i Ace. Give sumo cholera he Aid to i he servant in despairing tones. The sergeant took a bottle from the Ocker Behill the Elest mid called the Doorman who administered a dose of he stuff to tie patient. In went out Injia Arenfly relieved i did t know Yon ran a i said to the sergeant who explained the summer Trio police in some of the station houses keep on linux Chol Era mixture Fin i Miod by Lite commissioners of charities and for the Relief suffering humanity too poor to patronize a do York Herald. Of sir Iii. The Dean and chapter of Salisbury have under consideration n proposal to the Iti of old Sarcuni by a body of Grid Itaf men crested in the archaeological research some leading citizens of Salisbury however protest that if the Dean Ami chapter want to poll the citizen slim d have Tho first offer. If Wero made at ii i Hariu. is to be seen hut two or three Shi poles masses of Wall interesting discover would he made. Old was tin roman station of Don Isalio. A Pri Ahur ii Sulf Uon Lal. Rev. Or. Rowan pastor of the firs presbyterian Church of East strouds Sverns to be a Man who cares Little for worldly gain. The reverend gentle Man has been offered a season t play Bast Ball but has declined tin Oiler. To is a great Lover o the game and plays with the ens Stroudsburg team. He a i graduate o list ayere col Lego and his present Cli Argi does not him Oue Liaf of the Salan he could command at record Milor will out. Don t believe the de u1u " tin til. Miss House was Locke up and they Are Covi red with Tan. Miss tip i rout i. House i.-, easy Enon a. Ami Tan can he got on tin roof they Haven t be a Nawab Ami 1 know it. How a it nil Iligir Tan Siml sunburn ant a Mosquito Biti news. Hit picture on her gun Rostone. Mrs. Ralph Shaffor died last Spring she had been married but a Short time acid was one of Tho City Belles. Or. Shaffer erected n Fine Monument to the memory of his dead wife who was in Merix d in her Mother s burial plot. Tin Young woman s Mother dislikes shall i exceedingly and refused to allow him to have his wife s name engraved on Tho Stone. Not wishing to have trouble with her Shaffer has not insisted upon doing so. Recently a distinct Shadow of the into mrs. Shaffer appeared on the Tombstone. It grew until the Shadow became lift size. The Mother was Wroth and hat the Monument makers rub Tho 5tou_ Down with pumice but they could Noi Eli Ace the Mifelow. At first sight the shape has As much resemblance to Man s form As u woman a but by a con i i nixed Taze one a cams to see i woman s i Vii Prufig. With Bangs and with the hair clone up it the Back of Tho head. Tiie and Chin show plainly As do shoulders and there is a Cert i Titak. The features Are Dis and Bear remarkable resemblance Load wife. The Shadow a eight Iii hive annl fourteen inches High n Middle of Tho Cor. Chicago Only 11, i crr Ilic Galo Flisnes containing to liar Iveli a boy were blown out to of Sloop owner of thai place put his Ino Craft at tie of any one who would go to i he Rescue and a native Bailor raised vol Ali i a of five and started. One of this number a boy was lashed by nip s Lulf Way thei mainmast to keep i Iii Pitnu which lie did for hours in the fare of the Gale. To was near Sunset when the lust men were found out at sen i Imp Iii desperately to their Trail is am were rescued and brought Ireat i rot it is duo tilt by to the boy on Vin , whose position in Tho cold one and wet a Dittli cult painful la niacin am for so Long a time. It was lie who lighted the canoes of who Chi two were Iii Iii. Tho other having drifted in Shore Early in the Day with exhausted owner who gave Tho san fran Cisco i oils Ilio Streul. Many Are the dangers of fhe Street. A into the Union league club one night last week bleed ing att him a. He had sear Cliel in vain six Eli Ferent doctors and final in went to the club hoping possibly to find one there. Fits Hurt was received on fifth Avenue near forty fifth Street. Just As a stave Iasi d to and Udipi heard a Sharp explosion and saw smoke come i rom under the wheels then the Young Man Felt a sting on the ear. Putting up his hand found that he was bidding. His Bloomil had soaked inti handkerchiefs before the flow was chocked. A Cartridge or Large ppr us Pinn had probably been dropped in the struck and a of the Metal had the Young Man when the wheel the York Cor Post. Joseph Davis has a famous Cherry tree on his farm North of Nevada it of tin Early Richmond Varty it is about Twenty years old. Measures thirty two fett through the and Foniri Etc inches through he base. In i pvt hired Uva nays Evtif Gallons of Chc Rrios. Which sold Lor last year it produced thirty five Gallons sold for this year it prod Ceil Foi in three Gallons which brought or. Davis says there is More Money in cherries than apples. He has Coo a uple Trees in hearing which arc Well filled. To sold his Carly apples at Twenty cents a Bushel in Tho to mail. Is Ranj on vein sic up. Union township in Tho person of judge comes to Tho front and re ports the following a 4-year-old Buck pounds a 3-year-old wether wearing too .vi.h-.lamb Wuis thing unit a Tench of Alacli and april Jinbu averaging 103 the judge bought the Othur w. E. Feaster. And since he has weighed him he has decided to turn Over to or. Feaster u Tine Poland China sow bought at Lia Stubau s Sale. If Smith Scott of Fabins. Or Noah Swisher of Kou Iid Lvove. Have any sheep now is the time to come to Hurald. So Iii plot cells each. Tulue is n great Scarcity of Money in All the lower Rio Grande part of Texas. There has been Little rain in eighteen months the ranch men Are All in debt and the Farmers have been unable to raise enough for their actual needs. The Scarcity of Money was emphasized recently at Roma on the Rio Grande where 376 fat and healthy sheep capable of growing pounds of Wool annually sold for thirty three cents Cor. Isow Orleans times Democrat. Prof. Karl myer. Who is conducting the government experiments for producing rain artificially has invented what he Calls a sky it is a torpedo shaped balloon to which is sus Pended u machine similar to the Frame work of a bicycle. Curious paddle wheels produce the propelling Power for the apparatus among the recent importations at san Francisco Are Large quantities of Sulphur of remarkably pure Grade from Japan. As soon As proper facilities for shipping it Are obtained Japan bids fair to rival Sicily in the Sulphur Trade. A propelled by electricity from. Amorae Battery placed beneath the seat is the latest luxury the invalid. One charging will last for of Tiv ivol. A Lowell Barber has just completed a Picun hindu from pieces of Wood. The Wood was obtained from 150 Large and is mostly Spanish Cedar o Nerau. The mini lit lie Ali Unter. The moment the Clinef Buffoon of tie piece appeared an lie stage clapped his hands 1 thought he would i loves for to wore and he clock a in and. I heard him whisper to Liis Timure he is. Ilu s ii Nii Ami 1 she that Ali Counci of a finely Ai busied fut Llie idiom Iii comedian is for which they wore created fuck the Tho Parks which Lias been chosen a rhe he of the s is yet Ina Hily Llain Ipi need hut is Lis a tint Al to lie one Day tin Comnos of to lands and a Coliori Olaf tic i Park us Injia inti at of ii ii . And i. . Or lil do Inin count Tina i thin. In tin i 0_ l Wiki ave ii i Anil of Hon ii Viii is. Vue Kly. Tinik u Iii Lilly runt is. In travelling hat Icli eld of All i net All it of Liu Jal feebly Well time i Ere you lit replied. I All Lii by Aii not Liy but i kit folks Artt l1 Deli Lyle i the of tie irjji.-" sail i Dun s Liri p do Day. I Gin Cral Lee was Deih Udin on Neit Fri Elt Vita an we Liel Din on to Vii uni. .-.i, ail so i Dun went Down i Mit on de head of a Tiiu i an . Liti is emt it in St wily Dey new Jorj Worril. Tin Jiosi inlay of tiie labor which i mite look s is Otten in a woman Whf. Bad or incr it r for Hei Cal on i dear the fact that sin Hail Wiiri let to Sli Egu wins Willii tie Don t a flu Ell paper am. A in Ifil ii Jii pity. If Kex

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