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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 1, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Batta Light. £s3c ther8day, october i 4891. Running a Rattlesnake farm. From the new York Sun. George Jaggers is Well known on both sides of the Delaware River. He cames from Dingmann a ferry in Pike county pa., where he has a Rattlesnake farm. He raises a few vegetables for himself and farm produce sufficient for the needs of the horse which drags him and his snakes around the country in the summer. But his livelihood comes mainly from his Snake show. There is not a Hamlet in Al new Jersey and Pennsylvania too Small for Jaggers to exhibit in. If there is nothing in sight but a tavern he can at least get a supper a few dimes and a nip or two of Applejack. In towns however he fares better Aud from the numerous Small summer resorts which line the West Side of the Delaware he often jogs off with a considerable weight of Silver in his pockets. So strongly Are most people impressed with the personality of a Rattler that when even a dead one is brought to town it is sure to attract a crowd. To when Jaggers ties his dejected horse to the tavern rail Aud proceeds to scatter some thirty or forty big and very Lively rattlers in the Road there is a sensation. Jaggers methods vary with circumstances but when he can he takes Possession of a bar room. Sometimes he charges a dime or five cents for admission. More often he passes the hat Atter the show is Over. The show itself is simple enough. He lifts his snakes from the Box with a stick and starts them wriggling All Over the floor. He guides them about with the stick picks them up with it hangs them Over his outstretched arms and places them in his Lap. It is his stick not he that the snakes obey. It seems to exert a strange influence Over them. He turns them at will by touching their Meads with it causes them to Coil and uncool to Rise in the air lie Flat strike or cower. The stick is always moving and the rattlers Are always sensible of it Aud apparently under its influence. All through the Maneu vers which Jaggers conducts with the solubility and manners of a Coney Island showman he showers challenges right and left. A Twenty five cents to a Nickel gentlemen that i can make Picauo the big in there with the fourteen rattles jump Over the stick what no takers then i think in be got the drinks on you gentlemen and Atter we have them if any one wants to bet me that old Blue Pizz a him Over there with the Yaller belly and eleven rattles can to dance a Jig on his Button let him make me a proposition. Or ill bet any Man inthe crowd $10 to $1, Aud repeat it As often As he likes that he can to name the Wood in this stick. A this stick gentlemen is endowed with a singular Power Over the rattle Snake by virtue of which the biggest and Nastiest can be subjugated. I will also Lay you a similar Wager and repeat it As often As you please that no one in this room Ever saw this kind of Wood before though i assure you on my word of Honor that i Cut it from the Parent tree no further of than Pike county. Pennsylvania. What no takers gentlemen you Lack Sand. Here. Blazes you re too fresh by half. Take a smell of this Here stick Aud keep when the show is Over Aud Jaggers has lured ail the Small change possible from the pockets of the wonder my countrymen he puts his snakes Back in the Box lifting each from the floor by its Tail Aud sits Down in the bar room to talk. He is a potentate and is looked on with wonder by All. How be produces his stick again and dilates upon its astonishing Virtues. He declares that it has an All powerful influence Over rattlesnakes As indeed it apparently has. Then he announces that there is Only one tree in the country of the sort Aud that he is the Only Man in the world that knows where that tree grows. It is a certain Ber of Miles and rods Aud feet in a certain direction from a certain Point near Ding aug a ferry. There Are no rattlesnakes to be found for Miles around it so much do they dried its p wer. He starts the Farmers and Mountain people to guessing what the Wood is. Most people say it is White Ash for All through this country it is believed that White Ash possesses a mysterious Power Over rattlesnakes and White ask bark is always bound on Rattlesnake bites in the belief that it has virtue to suck the Poison from the wound but Jaggers declares solemnly that it is not White Asb and As a matter of fact it does not look like it. Many of the country people believe Jaggers Story about the mysterious tree growing Iii isolation Frem its kind in that so Uear engr time a ferry. Others refill to by a Voit and the n t t iat Jaggers i As disco or d some drug which subdues Rattler and has steeped a stick of Ordinary Wood in it. A few doubters believe that the Snake Man removes the Poison sacs from the snakes before he exhibits them but the care he uses in Haud Ling them and the Reliance that he places on his stick Seldom touching them with his hands before first tapping their noses with the stick seem to corroborate his assertion thai they Are just As venomous As Neu he first captured them. The fact that he has been bitten by a Rattler does not detract from his reputation. It shows that he had at least one poisonous Snake in his collection Aud makes it presumable that ail Are poisonous. Besides he got Well and that in itself is something or a feat. Jaggers says his stick cured him. Not the least interesting part of Jaggers show is his horse. He is the embodiment of eternal apprehension he appears Happy Only when he is painfully dragging his rheumatic limbs Over the Mountain roads with Jaggers behind him alternately rapping him Over the hips and punching him in the Back with his Snake stick. Then the horse knows that the rattlesnakes Are safely stored away in a covered Box. As soon As a town or tavern looms up ahead however Jaggers horse shows an astonishing change in Demeanour. He limps and appears reluctant Togo farther. When at length Jaggers draws up in front of the tavern he ties his horse very firmly for he knows his horse. Then he lifts the Snake Box from the Wagon. The horse shows a wonderful interest in the Box. He watches Jaggers every movement with an expression of Wistful apprehension. If the Snake Man takes the Box into the Saloon the horse draws a Long breath and Falls to chewing the tie Post but if Jaggers opens it in the Road Aud begins to drop snakes fear is in the horses eyes. He brings his four feet near together and stands on tiptoe. He drops his head and fixes his eyes on the snakes. Jaggers fondness for rattlesnakes is certainly not showed by Jaggers horse. Large English land owners. London Public opinion. There is Only one landed proprietor in England possessed of More than 100,000 acres in one county there being three in Ireland and no less than fourteen in Scotland. In England the Duke of Northumberland is proprietor of 181,616 acres in Northumberland. In Ireland or. Richard Burridge is proprietor of 160,152 acres in Galway the Marquis con Wynham 129,836 acres in Donegal and the Marquis of Sligo of 122,903 in Mayo. In Scotland the Duke of Argyle is the prop Detor of 168,115 acres in Argyle the Earl of Brea Albanel 234166 acres in Perth and 204,192 acres in Argyle or. Evan Baillie of Dock four 141,148 acres in Inverness the Duke of buc Leauch 253 179 acres in Dumfries and 104,461 in Roxburgh or. Donald Cameron of Lochiel 109,-574 acres in in Inverness the Earl of i Dalhousie 136,602 acres in Forfar the Duke of Fife 139,829 acres in Aberdeen the Duke of Hamilton 402,210 acres in Bute sir George Mcpher Sou Grant 193,372 acres in Inverness sir James Matheson 407,070 acres in Ross the Duke of Richmond 159,952 acres in Bant sir Charles Ross 110,445 acres in Ross the Earl of beat idled 160,224 acres in Inverness and last but not least the Duke of Sutherland with no less than i,-176,454 acres in Sutherland so that his Grace is possessed of nearly the whole country the total area of which is 1,197,846 acres. Little girl Blite. She arrived in new York from France this week. A parisian girl whose complexion is As Blue As the sky was landed at the Barge office in new York this week and created no end of a sensation. Bhe came on the French line steamship la Gascolgne and was accompanied by her father Mother and two Brothers. Her name is Annie Trevas and her age is 19. She is a very attractive looking girl aside from her Blue appearance. Her hair is red and hangs Down her Back in Wavy ringlets her eyes Are deep sea Blue and her Peculiar complexion is in Strong contrast with a set of Pearly White Teeth and Rosy Gums. The Young woman was much disturbed by the stares of the clerk and comments on her appearance. Bhe carried in one of her bands which was gloved a handkerchief which she would put up to her face when stared of. The Barge office physician saw her and she was taken to the Hospital with her relatives. The re she was examined by the physicians who found that not alone is her face Blue but that her entire body is the same color. A reporter examined her hands Aud found that even under the Finger nails which were White the skin is of a bluish color. The girls father when questioned explained that when the girl was born her skin was As fair As a Lily and remained the same color until she was a week old. Then the Mother noticed that the color of her was becoming blueish. Gradually the Blue color spread and when sue had reached her fifth year she was As Blue As indigo. Location a or the san Antonio fire alarm boxes no. Location. 12 Cor s Flores and Gilbeau. 13 Cor 8 Flores and Arsenal. 14 june s Laredo and East. In june Laredo and s Pecos. 16 Cor s Flores and Arkansas. 17 Cors . Sukk crossing 18 Union Stock Yards. 19 Cor s Salado and Vera Cruz. 21 i amp g n r k Stock Yards san Luis. 23 Cor Medina Aud Vav Commerce i amp g Nur 24 Cor w Commerce and Pecos. 25 Cor Pecos and Matamoras. 26 Central office military Plaza. 27 Cor Houston and s Flores. 28 Cor Houston and san Saba 29 Cor Leona amp Morales City Hospital. Is Cor morlae9 and n Salado. 32 Cor Leal and Comal. 34 Cor Hidalgo and East. 35 Cor Acequia and Rodriguez 36 june san Pedro ave and Camden 2nd Ward Hose. 37 Cor san Pedro ave and Elmira. 38 Cor Warren Aud Jackson. 41 Cor san Pedro ave and Laurel. 42 june Laurel and Fredericksburg Road John fests store 43 Cor san Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 45 Cor Poplar Ana main ave. 46 Cor main ave and Macon. 47 Cor Lexington ave and Augusta. 128 Cor Soledad and Salinas what causes vertigo. I from the youths companion one of the principal causes of the Nambu Buhr a a. More serious forms of vertigo or Dizzi-1 �0r Houston and St. Karyn a. Ness is a diseased condition of the in-1125 Cor e. Houston and ave a no. 2 in most portion of the ear the labyrinth. I Gine House. Vertigo of greater or Jess severity i Cor Martin and Jefferson result from May result from whatever disturbs the blood pressure either within the labyrinth or in the Middle ear. Bim Ilar effects Are also produced by false impressions received through the eve or through the sense of touch and by disease of the spinal Cord. Since the great nerve which goes to the stomach is at its cerebral Center intimately associated with the auditory nerve disturbance of the stomach May cause the vertigo Aud on the other hand a disturbance of the auditory nerve May occasion nausea or vomiting. Vertigo is sometimes brought of by paralysis of a single muscle of the Eye or even by the temporary weakness of a overtaxed ocular muscle. The form of vertigo n a known a a me Nierer a disease a is that form which the famous Dean Swift suffered and under which he often appeared like a staggering drunkard. The patient on rising in the morning feels As of the room were whirling around or As if he were floating or sinking. Sometimes he Falls when attacked but he never loses consciousness. There Are noises sometimes quite loud in the ear Aud More or less deafness. There May be also fainting and vomiting. The attacks incline to be repeated with increasing frequency. In the intervals however the patient remains Well. 127 Cor ave 1> and eighth. 132 Cor ave b and ninth. 134 Lone Star brewery grand ave. 135 Cor grand ave and Austin Sunset Hose. 136 Cor Austin and Duval. 142 Cor Austin and Carson. 143 Cor military ave and Grayson. 145 Cor Austin ave and Grayson. 152 Cor military ave and Crosby. / 153 Cor Olive and Burleson. 154 Cor Olive and Nolan. 213 Cor Burnet and Walnut. 214 Cor ave e and sixth. 215 Cor ave i and fifth. 216 Cor e Commerce and Alamo. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. 231 Cor Crockett and Bowie. 234 Cor e Commerce and Walnut. 235 Cor water and a Mill 341 Cor water and Goliad. 2ft Cor Goliad and Santa Clara 251 j line w Ater and Alamo Mission Hose 253 Cor Camargo and labor. 361 Cor Presa and Pereida. 312 Cor Alamo and Villita. 314 Cor Quinta and Nueva. 315 Cor Market and Yturri no. I engine House 310 Cor Garden Aud Villita electric Light station 321 Cor Garden and Mill. 334 Cor Mill and Adams. 835 Cor Beauregard and Mill. 412 c orking William and Turner. Post office department. Loga ii Market report. Five lots in Grandview. Nat a bargain. Finest located propert the City. R. B. Johnson Light of Ltd vendors Lien notes. If you want to invest Money on interest i will sell you some secured by vendors lieu on improved or unimproved properties. 95-ti Reagan Houston 8, a. M it p. In 8, a. In. 6, p 9, a. In. 5,p hides. No. I. Western Shade dried 22 lbs a and Over per la. 8k@9e no. 2, Western Shade dried 7 country Butcher Perl. No. 2 Light under 16 lbs. Fallen free of mud. Damaged and bulls. Dry salted. Green salted no. I. No. 2. 6he. He. 5543 skins. No. I Short hair. Goat per la .18h improved Goat per la. 16 damaged and kids per la. 8 a Ancy Angora each$1@2.00 Deer skins prime Perl. 22 second a a. 18 wild hog Large each. 40 Small a a. 20 sheep skins each10@50c furs. Season not opened yet 3eaver$2@3.5q bear.1@4.00 raccoon.5#15c fox.50015c wolf5002oc wild cat. 50015 skunk50110 3 5 5 20 3 h 20 13 12 h to 30 Assignee. A a a a at bargain. A Fine Columbus Phaeton buggy new oily in use a Short time can be had at bargain. Call and see it at m. Pigotti St Corner of Houston . Laurelli Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Natures wonder for preserving youth and fresh Ess 11.00 urge bottles at druggists. I the Standard warehouse co have just received the largest and finest car Load of vehicles Ever shipped to this City lady my Phaeton speeding Phaeton buggies carriages Etc. We have the ugliest Burley in the world also six car loads of Hacks carts express wagons Etc. Agents for Racine Wagon co. Old vehicles taken to Exchange for new ones 24 West Nueva Street. 9-19-tf week Days. Stamp window opens 44 44 closes general delivery opens 44 44 closes registry window opens 44 44 closes Money order window opens 9, a. In. �?�4 44 44 closes 4, p general delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from 8 30 to k0 30, a. In. S. M. Johnson postmaster. In. Lithographed office stationary is All the go with business men now keep up with the times by having a out of your building special design or Vignette on your letter Heads cards Ete. Samples sketches orig Nal designs and estimates cheerfully furnished upon application. Write or Call on Maverick printing House 92-1 in ban Anton to. Heavy losses sustained by got but dog Tea at Hollands la. Opossum. I Louse cat. Badger. Beeswax per la. Tallow a a. Mohair Choice per off Grade a horse hair per la. Cow Tail a a Gas per dozen. California fruit. Pears 40 la. 2 25�?2 40 plums 20 a a a a. I 25-1 40 prunes 20 a a a a. I 25�?1 40 peaches 20 a a a a. I 40�?i 50 grapes 40 la. Crates. �?2 25 is paso to la. Baskets. A 75 apples Northern per barrel. 3 50�?3 75 bananas per Bunch. I 50�?2 25 tomatoes Bushel boxes i 40�?1 50 demons Messina fancy 360 �?6 of extra fancy Maiori 300. 8.00 raisins cal.l.l., 3 Box 2 50 dates go la boxes per 07�?. Yih Citron 25 la boxes per b.18�?.20 nuts peanuts extra Lance. 6%c�?17c almonds Tarragona. 18c�?20c filberts. 13c walnuts. 12c Brawl nuts. 10c coconuts per too. California Sweet chocolate 12 lh., boxes per la. Cabbage per crate heavy weight. 2 horseradish per la. Potatoes California per too lbs. Onions California per la. Garlic new Loose per la. A a a a per string. Trout h bbl. Cheese Wisconsin full Cream. Young America. 13 �?14c butter Creamery fancy .25c Dairy butter. 20c pickles h bbl. 4 50 a a to gallon kegs. 3 50 Chile per Pound. 20c�?22c cider n. Y. State per h bbl. 4 50 Beans mexican per Pound ----3h@ a Beans Lima per la. 6 Beans Navy per la. 4 if Bacon per la. 9k@10 Ham a ill ii lard a a its 8% Corn per Bushel. 65 @ 70 Oats a a 40 @ 42 a May per Hundred. 65 -13c 0 of 18c 5�?3 of to i 60 2c 10c 75c 3 25 -14c 13 the Worth of your Money. Go to Piggott a and get the Worth of your Money in wagons or carriages. Lorse shoeing and painting a specially. Cor. F Aston and Soledad streets. 8 3 3m across the san Pedro. Open every ni6ht. The place for Gen lenten to pass a pleasant evening. Admission 10c. 15.25c Bella Union theatre. Comer Laredo and Dolorosa Street to spend a pleasant evening. New attractions every wee the bar is open Day and night a Vij where the jest of refreshments Are served at moderate prices. Call and see us and we Promise you courteous treatment. Villaneuva Newton proprietors John t. Leer manage the Kan of Saloon a Smuin via a Cor. Dolorosa and South Flores Street. A gentlemen a resort now is the time to make Money in buy ing property. The following list is Only a Small portion of the Many Fine bargains now Beng offered by Jno. T. Hambleton amp co real estate agents office at no. 4 East Commerce Street three very Large lots on government Hill one half Block from car line. Three room cottage on Austin Street of 57 1-2x145 feet. Five acres on san Antonio River suitable for subdivision convenient to Street car line. Seven room House on Elmira Street stable water works Etc. Two houses of Blum Street renting for $40. Per month. House of six rooms with Bath. To 52x160011 Monterey Street House almost new. New House of six rooms on Chestnut Street. Lot 66x140 feet. Fine piece of improved property on North Flores Street. Lot 120x180 feet this is a bargain. A desirable piece of property on Avenue a can be bought cheap. A Fine Cornero Avenue c Uear Houston Street. Two lots on Buena Vista Street convenient to Street car. Fine Hock of 12 lots on Tobin Hill Large lot 8072x340 feet on ditch and Rock Quarry a Road. Elegant two Story House 10 rooms with All modern improvements first tenth t or Hood and centrally located five room House stable lot 150 feet few Steps from car line. 170 acres Fine land ii Miles irom san Antonio on Goliad Road 70 acres in cultivation Good House 4 rooms 200 Bear aug Leach Trees. 422 acres farming land in Hays Anc Comal counties 10 Miles from san Marcos 4 room House never failing Spring 40 Yards from House school and Post i office half mile from place. The finest of Domestic and imported liquors wines Ani cigars. A cordial. Welcome to Aii. Crawford amp Brown proprietors. James t. Bradys Opp. Southern hotel office bar is Headquarters for Stockman and other gentlemen who know Whereto get something Good Iii the Way of liquid refreshments. Drop in to Bradys once Aud you will of sure to Call again. 8-12-ti if you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 1882 drop in at the Silver King Saloon Corner of Flores and West Commerce Street 011 the East Side of military Plaza. H b Tuttle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported Aud Domestic wines liquors and cigars. 910 Excelsior steam laundry no. 33 Alamo Plaza opposite meager hotel. Telephone so. Collars Ani offs a specially clothes called for and delivered Bree of charge work guaranteed Glrst class. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer and plumber la h. Alamo St. Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. To. . Kirkwood employees Only experienced plumbers and consequently those Famular with All the requirements of modern plumbing for this climate. This ii a sufficient guarantee of frs Clasi Ork. 5-26-3 m done to Dik in theh ouse. A rough on clears out rats mice lilies Roaches and bed bugs

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