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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 28, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSaid Day november 28, 91. To room s in disorder Cut 8 on Tho table Anil Johnny in As loud As Iio b Rule. For nothing does right Licu a Anima a away. What a scene of discomfort and con fusion Home would to if a Namua did not Relura. Of your wife is slowly breaking Down from .1 combination of Domestic cares cud female disorders make it your first business to restore her health. Or. Picece s favorite prescription is without a peer As a remedy for Coble nor debilitated women acid is the ouly Medicine for the class of main Dies known As female diseases which is sold by druggists under u positive guarantee from Tho manufacturers that it will give satisfaction in every Case or the Money will be refunded. It is a positive cure for the most complicated cases. It s an invigorating restorative tonic acid a soothing and strengthening Nervine imparting True and Van or to the whole system. It s a legitimate medi Cine compounded by an experienced physician ring adopted to woman s delicate Norn cation. Onas Jhoice. By ills. Alexander chafed and Kenneth was More inflexible than formerly. It was u great Relief to Mona to have n partner in her readings and writings mid general care of Uncle moreover Mary had Learned to play chess with her father the school master Aud allowed herself to be beaten with much win none to keep up the illusion. Amid this temporary Tranquillity Aud Comfort Moua wrote often to bar dear kind Deb. She made however very slight mention of Lisle but slight As it was it such cod to set mine. Desbrisay off. O Otter As usual reached Roe on ban Day i can t Tell you How 1 look for Avara to it and it s like you. Dear to in on faithful in writing. Sift not a queer turn your meeting that Nice leg nut Captain Lisle away therein the Wilts i always thought Aud always will think that he Ivas a great admirer of yours and if he had not been sent off to India just when your poor grandmother Deil there s no knowing what might have happened i Hope dear you will not turn no your nose at him As you generally i Isle would look Well Aud suit you Welli now for some of own news. I Havo som0 new daughters of a mrs Rivers who has lately come from India and is giving these girls finishing be so s before taking with her. Lady Hayter recommended inc. A fwd avs of 1 had stayed Over time and mrs favors asked to come in to luncheon. I was one fearfully 1 went in. They were very pleasant and had a Nice Curry needed cheerily. "1 Hope you will forgive a. Change of plans., july Finis Toun finds Sho must drive in to to Wen Mies mor dlr Kotoun to meet major and mrs Mou Everard and Lerr von Oewn Keith finl Stout s sister you know so 1 to German Emboya offered myself and Don cart to convey of Tho still in the you to the Lodge. I Hope you will forgive Aud fun Katoun had gone door a Kaiung. Lady fun Latonn had alighted and stood the change. Of i have nothing to she said smiling. If Yon do not mind Taki Al. Gnu by on Tho at eps 60 Welcome cried Lisle a one Clear afternoon and we have plenty of Lime i will Uke you round by Dalmuir the views Are splendid nearly All the very snid Monn who had now recovered herself aim in a few minutes she was perched beside her charioteer her to last n kit e Light dress Basket hoisted up and confided Sandy s Lair was to the care of the sat behind i should hav they were off. I menu on i Hope there Are ._., of Paiuk Are than once and presenting her to mrs. Men tilth u dear said ave Rudd advancing to shake with her you have been assigned to s care tent Jour Soh Mission is to take Faro of returned Monn smiling. I did not know you had arrived last night. Had i known that i Lair was Between this Aud would have paid Toh a visit on route. Well Monn Ami have re covered Tho fit Allan episode the poor fellow has had u desperate affair since a no cd presently a general something was an Verv of r 8anks and Bankers. . Ali Bandhu prob Dom. A. Alexand bib cashier. Texas National Bai 263 Commerce Noraj banking Blaess Trania Tod. Crafts on rur Opo. Jrex can dollars Aud other fool sri Money purchased. resistor kept n on Reading room where Etra Onora in Tho City Aro invited Bankers sight drafts a the or Tropal olt lot in the term Aratea and in All european countries ror Alstn Coin Hurt on Renov i ought and sold. Kail Road time table. I. G. N. Railroad. Despai tukes. For St. La Milf via Iron Mountain or m., k. And t. 5 4ia Forst. Louis Vialou Mountain Lor Laredo Akki Vals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. 9-35 a Iro nist Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. Aud to from Laredo Ujj. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston a. In. Nud 9 p. M arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston Aud gel Cestou 7 a. M. And p. M through West. Leaves for san b Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. M arrives from san Francisco Al peso a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. daily except p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and woo daily except sunday a. M leaves for Corpus Christi Rock port Beeville daily except sunday p. M arrivals from Koi Tville daily except sunday 9.450 from Corpus Christi Rock port Beeville daily except Sun. P. M from Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday p. M Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston every wednesday and saturday. And will Skey habitat cured it Home with 3outpain. Book of Par Al lira ars sent free. Woor.lky.d. Ondr Ulm. Who Tohal St wciit.. Knoll in flu and Enny Royal pills vix. A the daily Light Only 80 Yenta a month delivered Bao a remedy for Catarrh is the to use Tod Catarrh sold for dig Theta or seat by mall. To Kab. T. A a great tall thin ban of Bones you might say with big Black eyebrows am augry of oking eyes but his liner was and his face Brown and he Hud an empty sleeve lie was mimed to Monr i Kayne a store As much As to say Skou ii Glass of Hock and Seltzer he. Rich we what dial Yon say this Laily s name Madame Debri Sny sail mrs. Divers. He Are you n French no sol cd i but i am next door to one no Riali " from what part of that unfortunate country May i More politely. " from " a 1 thought Aud he was silent for a bit then to than i thought his grim face could put Loco ivc recollection of Lour voice and face his nut Strung to i said heart beginning to Bent but i cannot recall your name i i a elite n gunner called 1 Mark won the cup at the Hunt races 53. Moro than thirty years ago 1 do i not and i helped to Ilo no Cousin Rose Nguc non hair with ribbons of Lus colors for the Nice bail 1 know Vou now. Aud i must shake hands Willi so we Shook hands and his i Rovn face softened mid glowed while he Lii ked of Rosc. Lie was desperately in love with her and they were engaged. To went off to India she stayed tit n Wol fing out boating took cold and went off into a decline. He married nud lost his wire and now 1m is about in incl Gierent health. T should not have mentioned All this if it bad not been for a bit mint will interest you. In the course of conversation it turned out that the Uench Al is some relation o poor or wiring s and he is awfully vexed with him. It seems he has got through a of i nonce and has gone away to America. A. Friend of the general s saw him breaking horses last Spring somewhere in California. I said i had met him and what a Good Fel Low i thought him. Then the general said lie was an ass and had let himself be knocked out of the running because to could not get the girl he wanted to in Arr him. Of course i did not let on that i knew anything about it and the subject drop Perl. Then old general asked for address and snid he would come and see some i told him lie w if l f l key now Darling i have proved Long enough and i must Stop. When shall i see you again can t you persuade your Uncle to come up to town for n Little More any Sion you make him too Happy and comfortable 1 was going to write. Don t re fuse sir St. John Lisle without thinking but i will not. Matrimony is a tremendous Experiment and i la not Ven Ture to recommend it. God bless you own dear. My Host respects to your Uncle Ever your Loving Friend a Mona read this with the deepest interest. She smiled at Tho account of her meeting at mrs. River but grew very grave Over the description of Waring s decadence. Am i to blame 1 wish f were not Al ways having sidelong reproaches Flung at . He would have been is and or worse if 1 had married him for i could not have been a Loving sympathetic wife and then his last state and mine too would to worse than the first. How i wish i could hear that he was Well and happily mar Tho thursday on which Mona was to have a Peep once More at the world she Felt she had quilted forever Rose fresh Aud Clear after yesterday of storm and rain lady Finis Toun had offered to drive Over after luncheon and fetch her so relieved from the necessity of taking out Uncle Sandy s ramshackle conveyance dressed and having put up a carefully arranged dinner dress and change of Rai mint waited quietly for her Ladyship s appearance. Uncle Sandy had driven away Early with Kenneth to a Sale of Highland cattle at Kirkton and Mary had gone to carry some Jelly to the Shepherd s Mother who was old and weak. Mona was Reading a review sent her by mme. Dobrisav when she heard the sound of a Carriage driving up she is earlier than i was her mental comment As she glanced at the clock. It is barely half Post voices were heard speaking in the halt and Mona Rose intending to go ont and meet her Friend when the door opened i and Lisle entered unannounced his hat in j his hand looking Bright Ami Browa. Mona 1 co lord la spew of Bertelt turn before you were presented n sort of epoch to ." much More so to met Sho returned to Well remember Tho heart sinking with which i looked Forward to making Courtesy under the Eye of Roy Nulty. Do you know i sometimes think ail that must have been a i fear the waking cannot have been very said Lisle Bendtin his eyes upon her. "1 have nothing to complain of. There is not so much difference Between one style of life and another As a Man Liko Vou would amnio like said Lisle. What am i like your Fellows i suppose. Lite to you and to your Peers without horses and clogs shooting mid Hunting clubs races Anil for the Moro bilious would to something intolerable. Now u regular occupation by which you earn your bread and slowly but surely improve your Posi Tion answers All Tho purposes of those costly amusements but i will not bore Vou by suppose i enjoy listening to the tones of your most Sweet voice will you not indulge by n Little of i have lost the thread of Dis course. I Only want to say that now time has accustomed to to Tho loss of Ixer dear Grannie 1 think i am very hut there is one piece of your life about which i no profoundly interested and would like to inquire into if Yon would permit yes i do not mind telling Young thing of there was a period after your grand Mother s death when you had it Tho a Vurm i Sanil Hail not yet disinterred your Uncle. How did you get through that a Clear Good soul took Huly who Hail been music mistress Anil she showed to earn living under her guidance. I attained to the proud Eminence of earning about seven pounds a month. It was very Nice 1 assure you to feel the Money was great ejaculated Lisle. And you preferred this to marrying it Man of you must know How delicious the sense of Independence is. Do you Thinka woman cannot feel h and does love count for nothing. Mona laughed. With pleasure. To will arrange Tho terms of Tho Cap Erato clued after come Moua the dressing Boll Wiur Iii la a few minutes. You shall have a cud of Tea in your the dinner was noisy us most of the men Horo Young and inclined to discuss their adventures eagerly. Mona was taken in by us hones hooking naval Captain who made himself and Lisle fell to Tho lot of a Frisky widow with whom to flirted in july. Tkv card Aud miss Morton quarrelled audibly. The Young heir was paraded Anil his health drank Ulm Niter dinner Fin Iston and her sister in Law went up to look it him in his cot. Then Mona was reminded that she used to sing Aud was sent to the piano where Sho Eil by some of the gentlemen As soon As they came in from dinner. Tho attic clip complimented her on her Reu Declug Volk slide and talked to her for n few moments in German. I d yes 1 suppose with the real upper class Icax i ill ii Iii pin no. Then Lisle who had not been near her since they had arrived came close behind her and Salil in a Low May i Fisk you for Tosti s Good be it is the last song i heard you was snid Mia. How Well slip remembered that Hist Lippy Cven Iii at the i am afraid i run hardly manage it without Ihu music but i Wilt she succeeded in singing it sweaty and of human it Eings it counts fora Good Deal j it is part. Of the sum however i have not yet worked out. Tell something of your Indian life. You see i reciprocate Tho interest you Lake in i 1st u "1 do not think you reciprocate at All returned Lisle with a Wistful look which she met steadily a slightly mocking smile in her own. Lisle s brow contracted but he nil a Good Deal of act and self control and he immediately started a Light amusing sketch of his life so far As society travelling mid Hunting went and time flew pleasantly. Shu listened with evident interest to All he said often questioning him and in Thev Drew near the nil of their the to Etc ii talc which Lisle nil schemed to secure and he nil not moved her pleasant Friendly ease by one instant of hesitation or confusion. His most unmistakable in situations his most killing glances Only produced half amused half kindly smiles Lisle was furious Mortill cil and More in love than lie Ever was since his Boyish Days. Should he have to Tell her in so Many words Liat lie adored her find sought her for his wife in order to extract any recognition from her if she Scro cold if Sho sin link from him or repelled him he could understand it and he would know How to act but this Frank charming kind Ness this readiness to be with him twas an invisible imps Sable Fence which did not seem capable of breaking Down j if i could but ascertain whether i have a rival or he thought i should know what to do. I suspect Sho is playing a i part. What is her object to be lady Lisle that would be object enough t most women but though 1 have Long ceased to believe in Angels Mona is some thing different or she never would have chosen poverty in preference to Waring. Well i la try what Cool Friendship will do with a dash of flirting in other direct there is Tho he said pointing to a Long Low building or collection of buildings which Lay in a hollow beneath them Tho wild Moorland round it and some huge Gray rocks behind. The twi ton is not comparable to and it must be cold and Bleak enough in correctly but she might have put Moree Winter. But i suppose no one stays Here in i fancy Uncle snid Mono and i cannot nay i Ilka the Prospect As the sound of a rapidly approach ing Carriage made her turn and she into a noted herself to is lady Finis Totin and her visitors so glad i have overtaken cried lady Finis tonn saluting with her whip. I wanted to be at Home to receive you let us pass sir St. Hale in to one Side and whipping up Plattn Ladr int Stout. Daybed at in in. Thunk paid shortly. "1 Don t think Yon sing is Well As you did. You used to give that in a much More melting style Ciul Over Ned. Sorry i have snid Mona go Oil hum Oreilly us Stie took up her gloves and left the piano. The German it Lurlia in Down uninvited and after rattling a Brilliant Itin Mccau glided Iulo in inspiring Waltz. After lapping her foot for n minute or two miss Morton baldly invited one of Tho you Iger men a Boyish Northumbrian Squire to dance with her Anil they were soon gyrating in the Hall the floor of which was polished Oak Tho open door Ting lie music to be distinctly heard. Lady Finis Toun followed with her brother in Law and Lisle who had been talking with his Host Cei Ioctl to speak after listening for a Fen minutes and crossing to the door Way where Mona was standing Ahall we follow Titis wild example i have scarcely danced since we waltzed to Gether at the chose. Will you Trust your self with returned Mona in a Low voice. So Lisle put his Arm round her holding her to Iii More closely than was absolutely necessary and they swung round in time to the music. Monn however soon declared that it was so Long since she. Had i danced that Sho Felt tired and Giddy Al j most immediately Aud disengaging her self from her partner sat Down beside mrs. Montieth a Plain pleasant Man Nerbert woman with a degree military decision in her tone. She had married a Light Dragoon of moderate moans and had never regretted it. Lisle stood by her for some time watch ing for an Opportunity to talk to her unheard by others but none offered. If you can spare sir. St. John Lisle cried miss Morton suddenly standing be fore Mona i have suffered enough at the hands and feet of an incompetent partner and i want a few really Good turns before that delightful Waltz dear miss Morton it is nearly four years Sinoto i bounded on the Light Fantas tic said Lisle coolly and i am not Ajuis Muiir Ami i am Noc miss Craig will Tell Yon equal to conduct you through the mazy dance. I am going to have a Cigar in the and he strolled away i really think capt-Nin-1 moan sir St. John be frightfully a idol was always erne of the most conceited and heart less of men i you remember that affair of lady Marchmont lie really threw her Over scandalously i i think lady Marchmont was Nita capable inking care of herself. Lisle it just an Ordinary Man erf Tho Wile Well i would not have any Yoi Riuz Ner son put much Trust in oho returned significantly. You ought Ohavo Brou Aat Over that handsome Cousin of yours Craig. He might taught us bom. Reel stops. I want very much to learn Highland "1 never saw snid Moruzi Komi Ethl a has Tho most Superb figure in the Highland cos Lumo you can imagine mrs. Montooth a Young Roderick Jehu. Are you nok love with dear miss Craig Liv ism the same House Day a Torday i Don t see How it is to be Monn Lau Heil and Savici Kenneth was very handsome. Then miss Morton declared her intention of going Over to Craig Darroch for the express purpose of improving her acquaintance with the Braw John. later and shortly before the party Broko no Tor the night Lisle strolled up to a Micro Monn was standing with lord Fiji Stout who moved away to ask his wife Bodib question about to Morrow. There is such a splendid Moon he said i think you would be Ile lighted with the effect of the Silvery Light streaming o or Moor Mountain. A Valk Down to the River would be i wish i could exclaimed Mona frankly. Do he cried. You would net be missed for half an no i As Uncle says gang to and have a Peep at the Beauty you describe from it is a Moon worthy of the warmest exclaimed Lisle in a too of re Gret. Is the Moon worthy of warm snid Mona glancing at him with an Arck smile because it is Ostrout Minera Tell us a Region of exhausted Lisle looked at her sharply and his brows contracted. What to snid if they were heavenly while they a lire does not Bolong to rather to the other place. To exclaimed in a Low tone she repeated. Good night sir St. John opis10ns. Although Mona yielded to lady Mia tour s Earnest request and remained Over the following Clay she was really anxious to return Home. The passing con tact with the social strata from which Sho had been divorced showed her How deep was the quit that yawned Between her present and her past. She could not return to Ladr Finis Toun set neither would they that belonged to it a Jess from the no Sho had thrown in her lot with Uncle Sandy Aud with Uncle Sandy she must abide. During Tho Clay and evening which succeeded that last recorded Lisle had no Chance of speaking to Mona except Bosforo witnesses mud to grew very ill tempered As time went on. At dinner miss Morton cleverly captured Lisle whose face under the infliction was t source of amusement to Mona whenever she looked at him. There was no attempt it German attache Sang Somo duets with Aipuu and miss Morton who had a shrill Clear to perform extraordinary gymnastics treated the company to some French comic Songa i performance which so disgusted Lisle that with an expressive Glinco it Mona he disappeared and was Seoul no More. The next morning was Gray and soft Anil Lisle with lord Finis Toun started Early to stalk Deer. Lisle was in a very bad temper. To was enraged it Tho Smil in Case with which Mona kept him at buy and mortified at being held in Check by the fair woman who so comparatively Short a time before had changed color when he spoke to hand trem bled when he took it in his own. More Over he was furious with him Solt for hav ing lost the reins of his self control and in leu so much deeper in Lovo than he had been. Lady Finis tonn expected More guests and was unable to accompany Mona on her return Homo. Miss Morton offered to drive her Back to Craigdarroch in the Pony Carriage and some time after luncheon t hey started. Various important nothings Hail delayed their setting out and it was nearly Tea time when miss Morton Drew up the imn los at or. Craig s door. The old gentleman Hod evidently been sleep Over a volume of which he frequently took up utter dinner. Here i am Uncle Back again on your said Mona Gol Ginto Tho Library. A eel i am glad to see your Uncle Sandy cheerfully though you did out stay your leave. He you Are look ing Bonny you la be finding it Dull and namely Here after Yon grand Boose and a the Fine i us very glad to come Home i assure that s right it s kindly miss Morton is in the drawing room i ask her to a to to sure. Is lady Finis Toun no with you she is a Bonny Birds Mona explained nud ended by ringing and Orit Crug Tea to be prepared forthwith. I glad to see you snid Uncle Sandy shuffling into Tho drawing room with the help of his stick and holding out his hand to miss Morton who Rose up tall thin and somewhat Rinsei ilium looking to Greet him. You la stay and Tak a Bito and a cup o hero to tumbled into a chair. There has been a touch of East in the wind yesterday and to Day and Back and limbs have been just aching fear a. You la feel it far Keener Ower to Are weel sheltered of it is a wretched climate every returned Morton with decision. In another month i suppose a civilized people Cevel Liedl repeated Uncle Sandy Sharp key. Why Scotland is the most country upon Earth of indeed i never heard that said miss Morton removing her hat and whittling the Feather. Then it is time you did will find a people so Well dedicated and to to continued

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