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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 28, 1890, San Antonio, Texas She Alai i si0ht. Friday november 28, i860. The skin. Is an important Factor in keeping Good health if it does not act in the Way intended by nature its function Are performed by other organs a the kidneys and the lungs and the result is a breakdown of general health. Swifts specific is the remedy of nature to stimulate the skin to proper action. It never fails in this and always accomplishes the purpose. Send for our treatise on the blood and skin diseases. Swift specific co., Atlanta a cannot cause stricture. Painless in use i i it sea amp a Price $1.00 sols by All do ii Gist. Sent in Plain package Viv sober syringe in $1 50 sold by f. Kalteyer it pc son. M. Herweck a dealer in hints oils and Glass make t be sensation a Nivea or tee present pathetic history of a Little Tennessee lad. A a Jerry a will have the Honor of ranking his author with Charles Egbert Craddock Frances Courtesy Baylor Molly Elliott be amp Well and the other leading Southern writers. Miss Elliott conies of a distinguished Tennessee family being the daughter of one by of and the sister of another besides counting prominent journalists and professional men in her immediate connection. Tier people have been Brainy and of High social standing for several generations and those who have followed their careers will not be surprised at this last Elliott achievement. The lady is Small with rather an elegant figure of dignified presence Ami face and head indicative of marked she Bas by hair and eyes dresses simply and remains entirely indifferent to society a now York Sun. 7.inkc a adent for gee. Vav. Pitkin amp cos pastel Bouse painting and training a specially no. 12 Alamo Street. E. A. Seffel House and sign Painter shop East Commerce Siree opposite St Joseph s Catholic Church a none hut the very Best material used Good honest work Stu reasonable prices. An a Alamo brewing association. Best Pale Vienna. And bottled Beer. Orders promptly attended lager and delivered to any part of the City free of charge. I a dig ciame and wolves. It is not often that one nights adventure in Michigan in these modern Days deals with dear Bear and wolves but Here is such a one. Mrs. James m. Fowls of Strongsville was descending the upper Peninsular Pine River in a Small boat on a j sunday when a Large Buck Deer pursued by wolves plunged into the Stream. It made directly for Lier Craft and jumped half into the boat. The woman jumped out and standing up to her Waist in the water she struck Tho Deer Between the horns with her paddle. She succeeded in cutting one jugular with a Jackknife when a Wolf made an attempt it it for his prey snapping a piece out of one shoulder. Mrs. Fowls turned her attention to the Wolf dealt him a blow with the paddle and put. Him to flight. The others did not trouble her and she succeeded in finishing the Deer with her knife and putting the carcass into Ber boat. When she landed at Strongsville she turned her boat Over her game walked Home two Miles and told her husband. When he reached the boat he found a rear in the act of making a meal of one leg of the Deer. Bruin was frightened away and or. Fowls took borne a Deer which dressed 200 pounds. Tile Soo Democrat. Is in Possession of the necessary affidavits. More Good news. A new York chemist is out w Ith the Good news that beef at eight cents a Pound is just As nutritious As beef at Twenty cents. It is harder to Mast Cate and there is More danger of being choked to death but after it is once in the stomach it is All right and begins to put fat on the free dictation. An old negro who had business in a lawyers office was asked if lie could sign his name. A How is Dat Sah a a i ask a the lawyer answered a if you can write your name a a a Wall no Sah i never write my name. I Jess dictates it san Francisco Argonaut. I lords and boys. A to All Points North and East through Trainan carry Pullman sleepers Between Pointe in Texas end Chicago St. Louis and Kansas City. Clote connections in All of the above Mitlee with fast trains of Eastern and Northern Linee make the my. A t. The beet line to Yak Boston Montreal and St Paul. re Ivy we Ibey Gen. Sun it. Sedalia to j. Waldo Gen traffic m Sedalia to. H. P. Hugues Gaston Mesmer a i Gen i pats at Pate ticket at it. Worth Tex. Sedalia to. Down Iii Tho Meadow the Little Brown thrushes build them a nest in Tho Barberry Bushes. And v. Hen it is finished All easy and neat three speckled eggs make their pleasure Complete. A atm it Ter be twitter to they chirp to each other a building a a St is no end of hot Lier but of when our dear Little birdies we see. How Happy we ii Bey How Happy Well up at the it att acco where children Are growing the Young Mother patiently sits at her sewing. It s something to work for Small hobbled Hoys that will tear their trousers and make such noise a and one must admit Quot says the dear Little Mother a that bringing up boys is no end of a bother rut of when they kiss me and climb on my knee los sweetness for met its sweetness for me in a a unidentified. A balloon trip. In the issues of Tho big Nav papers of june 4, 5 and 6 of the year 1802 will let a found reports of professor Aud his bal Loon a the Princess a Aud accounts of a successful ascension and each Day thereafter for the next ten Days the papers re corded the fact that a up to this time Noth ing has yet been heard of the two men who Macle t he ascent on Tho Bel i turned up in Bombay in May of the year record cd i after a year and a half in other portions of India and very soon t hereafter it was announced in the papers that a professor Madam the celebrated French aeronaut would soon make an As reunion from the Public three or four Days later i ran across the Protea soy Aud i was gratified and surprised to find him to to none other than in old Friend whom i had travelled with in China j in was an English speaking Frenchman who had seen the whole world and taken in All sorts of adventures Ami had Pur chased the balloon of a genuine aeronaut who had reached Bombay with tile idea of giving ascension in All the larger towns in Hie country. Tho aeronaut had fallen sick been despoiled of Bis Cash and he sold Bis balloon to Madam and quit the country in disgust. Madam was now going into ballooning for the adventures it might bring Aud when he invited me to Nike the first trip with him i was not ave seconds in giving Iii in my Promise. The so of june was a fete Day and the City was filled with an immense crowd. The balloon was new very Strong and Madam had plans beyond a Mere ascension. We packed i he car with provisions enough to last a. Week took along rifles revolver and ammunition and made All preparations for a Long journey the prevailing winds in Bombay from May to july Art from the South or up t he arabian sea and so we privately counted on being wafted Inland perhaps to Hie turkish Boundary. The people in general had i he idea that we would descend within a few Miles of the town and More than a score of men came Forward and volunteered to make the trip with of. Without her Burden of baggage the balloon could easily have carried five of six men. As it was she shot up like a Bird when All was ready to let go Anil in a few seconds Hie City and Harbor were far below los. We at once started on our Inland journey Laking a Pace of about fifteen Miles an Bour and for three hour everything worked smoothly and Well. We Atmo to ascent at Sham 2. At ? of clock to met a counter current of ail from the North and in five minutes the balloon had begun to drive Back to the South. Ballast was thrown out and we leaped up to find the current still stronger above. To then settled Down As near the Earth As it was Safe to go but still we drove Back Over our course. Seeing that we had to go ballast was Flung out to give us a higher Altitude and we moved to the Northwest at the rate of ten Miles an hour.1 in an hour we could discern the sea and its coast line and As evening came we left the land and hovered Over the Gulf of Cam Bay. This was the last seen of the balloon on Shore. While Madam had never made an ascension before to say nothing of the management of a balloon he had no difficulty in handling it and neither of us was at All timid. It was a serious matter to find the balloon sailing out to sea but we ate oui supper at an Altitude of half a mile and hoped for a change of wind. At about in of clock our Progress then being not Over ten Miles an hour and a sort of fog shutting out sight of everything below us i went to sleep. Madam was to arouse me at is or i to go on watch but at Sunrise both of us opened our eyes and turned out at the same moment. He had fallen asleep soon after i did and the balloon had been left to take care of itself. The Compass showed her to be beading due West at a gentle Pace but in another half hour she might have been in the sea everything be ing saturated and heavy with Dew. We were Down where we could plainly make out several steamers and sailing Craft and the balloon was evidently an object of great curiosity to the people of Board some of them. Ballast was thrown out until we reached an Altitude of 2,000 feet above the sea and the Sun soon dried the Dew and rendered the balloon very buoyant. A stiff Breeze also got up from the East and by 7 of clock we were making Railroad Speed through the air bound for the coast of Arabia. During the entire Day which was a very pleasant one our Craft took sole care of herself never varying Over fifty feet in bet Altitude and driving so steadily that our had but to shut his eyes to imagine that she was standing still. From our Perch we looked Down on Many Craft during the Day and were consoled by the thought that in Case of Accident we were pretty sure to be picked up. When night came we added soc feet to our Altitude Asau offset to the Dew. And As the weather was Fine we both Lay Down to sleep. I awoke twice during the night but to find All quiet and when i turned out just at Sunrise it was to find the arabian coast almost under our feet. Had the wind held steadily during the night we should have reached the coast at or near Mir at but it had changed two or three Points and drifted us higher up. As soon As the Sun had dried the Dew we descended until not More than i xxx feet above the land Aud then we made out a very Bleak and sterile country under our feet. We were of the Nort Heastern Edge of the arabian desert and it was a Good hour lie fore we a w any signs of civilization. Meanwhile both of tis knowing what sort of people we had to Deal with we had loaded All the firearms and made a pile of such baggage As con by be thrown away in Rase we wanted a higher Altitude. If our air ship had lost any great amount of Gas up to this time we could not perceive it. Here and there was a wrinkle in the silk to prove that the safety valve had been petted to give us a drop but it did not seem As if an ounce had escaped by any other Means. We had no sooner left the water than the Breeze began to subside Aud our Pace was reduced to live or six Miles an hour. We knew that counter current would soon be met with Aud both were looking Over the Edge of the Basket it the moving Panorama below when we suddenly espied a native Village. It was rather the Camp of some wandering tribe All the shelters being of Canvas or skin. We saw camels asses goats and horses with Many people moving about and we had Only got sight of them when they saw us. Some fell Down and others ran away and we were laughing at their fright when we heard the sing of a Bullet and the report of a gun. A Over with the ballast a shouted Madam and the next instant we were so far above them that their horses appeared to be Mere specks on the Earth. A we have lost the Breeze and Are standing still a said my companion As i went Over to him. A i done to know what those Fellows take us for but they seem bound to bring us there were four or five of the arabs shooting at us at this time Aud now and then we could catch the noise of their bullets. I f we went higher there was a fear of meeting with a current of air that might set us off Over the sea again and As the arabs continued to Blaze away we then hanging right above the Camp Madam opened the safety valve with the remark Hager i Moths 13 n. Alamo and 12 Losoya its. Cheapest furniture House in Texas. Ban Antonio has been booming for some time and is destined to be the great Metroplis of the Bouth and West and we have been Rooming furniture All along the line. We have been doing an enc menus business for some time past and have every reason to believe that our business Wal continue to increase As we have added More space to the store now occupied so that we can properly display the Stock of goods now on hand and our Mammoth Stock in route. A full line of furniture entirely i new and Beautiful can now be seen at our store where you Are cordially invited to Call and inspect same after the Arival of our new fall goods we can safely boast that our assortment will be fully equal to that of any furniture House in the North and East. We Are advancing with the Stream of Progress and Success will be our if the generous Public will in Eurage us in our efforts to build up a profitable business. Give us a Call if you want to buy or not and we assure you a courteous treatment on our part. Al Etc a show them that two can play at this game. We done to want to kill but lets give them a Good As we dropped Down we began firing Over the Edge of the Basket Down among the flocks and in two minutes there was a rumpus which set us both laughing. The entire Village made a Rush and abandoned everything. Borne of the men leaped upon their horses and galloped away while others fled on foot Aud women and Chil Dren ran for a Grove near by and reached it to throw themselves prostrate e on the Earth. For an hour we Hung above the place As if anchored there and then a gentle current carried us to the northward into the province of Muscat. About mid afternoon while sailing along a thousand feet above the Earth at a slow rate we came to an open country which seemed to vie destitute of human life and Madam announced that we would descend and replenish our Stock of water and see what was to be seen. After the Anchor had trailed along the ground for a Hundred Yards it caught in the limbs of a prostrate tree and we soon hauled our Craft Down and secured her. We Wert within ten rods of a Small water course and while i yes filling our Keg Madam shot a couple of fat Birds and we built a fire and cooked and ate them on the spot. We then gave the balloon a care Ful inspection and were considerably cast Down at the result of our investigations. It was full of folds and wrinkles Aud after we had thrown out lire regular Bai i ast left not above ten pounds. Articles to be continued. In in 09 my in m in i a i f f i a a a select your House lot for a residence White prices Are Low remember there is no spot in san Antonio More Beautiful. Electric car line will soon be Iii full operation. Choice bargains on the car line i Call at our office and investigate. O easy new England land cd. William p. Watson Gen. Mer. J office no. 9 East Houston Street. Banks and ale Vander president. A. A. Alexandria cashier exas National Bank. 258 Commerce Street. Or a general banking business transacted drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other a ret Arn Money purchased. Shetlel Torso Register kept in our Reading Dom where it angers in the City Are invited in can. _ f. Groos amp co., Bankers ail dealers ii maw sight drafts on the principal cities in the United states and in All european countries. Foreign Coin and currency bought and sold. Patronize we. G. Wagner if you want the Best beef Mutton and pork n. Flores and Marsha lists. Meat delivered to any part of the City Harge Trefoil we. Satisfaction warranted City meat Market no. In Acequia Street open All Day pure lard a specially. We. St Tith prop r. Found at last i a filling As Nard and the Sam color As the tooth and cheaper that the usual filling. Teeth inserted Witt or without plates. Gold crowns a spa Fialty. Gas Given for the painless a a a traction of Teeth administered by Tbs latest improved method. All opera ton in dentistry performed in Tbs nest manner and Al reasonable rates at the office Oil or. A. Blondin dentist 2 Commerce Street next to the bring i Vena Way f r be i 5000�?T copies of an illustrated pocket guide to ban Antonio Given away free at Tho Light office. Call and get one. It miscellaneous. A acc Edward Dwyer Joseph e. Do v a attorney and coun i Kohl estate gnat t Mellor at Law. I live Stock broker it Dwyer Hros. Law and land office and live Stock Exchange. Dwyer banding. Han an tons november and december Are be proper Mouths to Plant onion set. L. Huth amp son �?o26 to Market Street the old stand hardware paint seed store Juif received too Bushel d. Landreth amp sous onion set. Or. E. C. Vav set 8 n kit Vuk Aku Braim the Kat Heckt a guaranteed specific for hysteria died Bess convulsions fits nervous Nen Roll Ute by. v ii unit Iii Riib in thous by headache nervous pore ration caused by Quot Nae of alcohol or tobacco wakefulness mend Tai depression. Softening of the Bruin result in insanity and leading to misery decay in death premature old age barrenness i Greg of Power in either sex in voluntary losses and caused by Over exertion of Tho brain self abuse or Over indulge Nee. Faeh Box contains one month s treatment a Box or six boxes for $5.e0, sent by mail prepaid on receipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes to cure any Case with t Ach older received b us for a six boxes accompanied with 5.00, or will Send the purchaser our written Guarani to refund the Money if the treatment does no effect a cure. Guarantees issued Only by Ragland amp co City drug Stori sets agents 8 East com in a reef St., san Antonius redbrick. Manu Kaut ked at Tbs san Antonio Brick Yard. 1111. Alvord prop. Far j on Prospect Hill ban Antonio 4-Io-tf

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