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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 20, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOf jail Juday november 20, 1891. I8do can t be found equal of or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery. If other medi Cines of its wore like it they d be guaranteed. This is. If it does t Benefit or cure in every Case for which it s recommended you get your Money Back. It in t a but it does cure All diseases arising from a torpid or deranged liver or from impure blood. For All so Romulous skin and Scalp diseases it s a positive Rem Edy. Even consumption or lung scr Fula is cured by it if taken in time and Given a fair trial. That s All that s asked for fair trial. Then if it does t help you there s no pay. Claim it to be an unequalled remedy to purify the blood and Al grate the we Clainie to lasting in its effects creating an appetite purifying the blood and preventing bilious typhoid and malarial fevers if taken in time. The time to take it is when you first feel the signs of weariness and weakness. By druggists. Mona s Choice. By mrs. . 3anks and Bankers. . Alexander president. A. Alexander cashier. Commerce Street. A rental banking busness transacted. A crafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other Torelan Money purchased. Visitors Register kept n on Reading where strangers in the City Are invited to Call. co., Bankers sight drafts on the principal Oliea in the uni Le-1 states and in All european countries. For eign Coin and currency bought and cold bail Road time table. I. G. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Loans via Koanui or m., k. And t. A. M for St. Louis via Iron Mountain p. A for Laredo a arrivals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. Sum from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to p. M from Laredo p. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston a. Id. And 9 p. M arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 7 a. M. And p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. A arrives from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday a. M leaves for Corpus Koc Pori Beeville daily except sunday p. M arrivals. From Kerrville daily except from Corpus Christi Rockport Beeville daily except Sun. P. M from Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday p. M Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston every wednesday and saturday. I and will see habits cured at Home tub. Viool Ticu arts Cut Obj Etc. office 10o. We Titia St dimm obd by can Royal Pius Safe an Only Cennane. Ays a Ellils. Ladics to Csc it fed Brand in ked and fluid Maui lie Titi Bine ribbon. O other. Kofu the danger to and mix at is. At Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by Drupe gifts or font by mail. 50e. T. Warren. P the daily Light 18 Only 50 cents a month delivered pc n it sure to the Send. That s Good time to sell. Hum Union Pacific three fourths Down that will do. Where is Kenneth he has t come nigh us this he said he was to Church with his Friend Young Macleod and was to sup with him he s always Awa when he is wanted. Write him a note nay a half Penny card will with you. You Are not really fit to go you Are Varra Good. I be much indebted to for then Nia Inder of the Day Uncle Sandy was amiable enough but As is j uncommon when the immediate sense of Ilion wears Ott the politeness it en-1 genders also disappears and next Day he was As querulous As Ever. The Day that Uncle Sandy went to con sult the Well known or. Carmichael Mona was rather late and went up to his sitting room before she took off her hat. She found him at his evening chop and some dry mme. Desbrisay was Busy Over a cup of Cocoa which she was making with the help of a Kettle and . Well Uncle what did the doctor not much. He evidently thinks i am in a bad Way. He went so far As to say that Medicine could do Varra Little Good. He just altered diet a bit. Lam not to touch Tea or Coffee Only a wee drap whisky in cold water and he has ordered to a foreign place i never heard Tell of before. That s the worst. If i to Dee let have one of Ain to close eyes. Out of loud pm i will not go. Unless you come with . My dear Uncle this is very serious. Where Are you to to a queer out of the Way water drink ing Toun Cam away in France. Madame there seems to know about it As she does about most yes cried Mai Laisie briskly As she blew out the lamp and carried the cup to the Invali-1. The Waters Are admirable for gout and rheumatism and liver and indigestion and All sorts of it is a Well known water in France. Monsieur ice due de and Madame la Marquise de Stire Senes both derived the great est Benefit from the and whereabouts is of on the German Side in the depart ment of the Vosges not very far from it s an awful Lang groaned Uncle Sandy and will Cost a mine o Sil not More than a journey to any other health resort dear or. Craig. We will the rail fares. You Are not going away All in a minute. We have time enough to look about and will you come with to asked Uncle Sandy looking wistfully at Mona. I Canna go without if i can go i will Uncle but 1 must hear a lit tie it s just to be alone in this wicked world and neither Cluck nor to Light for you. You ought to think on that Mona and get a Little Mair Toast like a Good appetite is Varra India he has just devoured a whispered mme. Desbrisay one round More is As much As he ought to Mona waited Down stairs till the Toast was ready considering what answer she should make to her Uncle s request though she Well knew that she would end by accompanying him. How could she refuse the poor old menu who seemed to look to her for help and Comfort yet How much pleasanter it would be to stay and work and be free with Mae. Desbrisay when she carried Back the Toast and Uncle Sandy Hart finished it he said he if he were left i am exceedingly glad i May go and see you concluded Kenneth. For this great Stony wilderness of a town has seemed a Good Deal More Home like since 1 knew meanwhile the usual round of London life ran its course. Parliament assembled. New players and old favourites enchanted the Public. Fresh scandals and novelties of toilets enlivened the pages of society papers. Another Batch of Little girls were promoted from the Nursery to the room and both mme. Desbrisay and Mona s hands were full. May set in with unusual warmth dry East winds and Uncle Sandy grew discontented with his food restless at night feverish by Day dissatisfied his liver and suspicious of his Luigi organs. I am no sae sure that sir Andrew col Man gives that attention he ought Sid ering a the guineas he has had from or. Maclean this was his minister advises to try that Man in Saville Row doctor Carmichael they say he is wonder Ful for liver and digestion and i am regu Lar out of Well i would or. Said mme. Desbrisay to whom Uncle Sandy confided his doubts and intention you have not been looking at All a bit like yourself of late. I have Felt rather uneasy about Yon. Perhaps a new doctor May observe something that has escaped the other. May be change of air might do you Haven t i had a total change coming Here and last year i Felt a new Man How is a pair frail body like to go wan Dering by Ain sell Why the cure wad be worse than the still dear sir it is Well Worth while to face some difficulties rather than not re cover your precious i know know he growled impatiently and i am just thinking what s Best to be done. I la get Mona to write and ask for an appointment when she comes i am sure or Craig poor pen is quite at your of thank be thank be i la just wait till Niece comes or. Craig was quite nervous about his visit to a new doctor and at length expressed a wish that mme. Desbrisay should accompany him to the doctor s House though he did not wish her to be present at the interview. Why did you not say so at she cried. I should have offered to go with Yon but seeing you Are a particular Man i did not like to intrude Why no of course you would not. I did think of taking Nephew but it is not easy for him to get away from de not think of it dear sir. I am if you were it wild be keep it dear said Mona smiling do not to that trouble you. Leave everything you like to Kenneth want Money much More than women and i am Young. I think. I can earn own bread with flame Desbrisay s help so do not let any thought of interfere with Kenneth. J have made up mind to be your escort to cont Rexaville and i Hope you will return so Well As to be quite Independent of us All 1 he that will never be for but you have disappointed Only i Don t give up yet. I have just set heart on a match Between you and Konneth. We d a be Happy at look to the lands Ami the pasties and you would mind the House and watch your pair Auld Uncle s last Days. Then a would be know you were in eth settled and comfortable and that the place would be in the hands o Ain yes it would be a very pleasant arrangement. I wish i could encourage you to Hope for its i Dinna like unreasonable contradiction i will not put up with Suid Uncle Sandy angrily. What for will you be so do you believe that human love is the growth of human will i sure i Canna he paused and thought for a moment a change passing offer Bis yes Bur t did. He said. I tried hard to keep frae in visit old master s daughter and i Coul doot. Eli i had a Sair heart in those dept i dared a speak for she was a Rich heiress and i but a pair lad. Yet. I Al ways thought she Ca a kindly look upon . However there came a grand gentleman from England and they married her to him. She did not live Long after. May be she d have had a longer and a Hap pier life if she had been wife and lived in her Ain yes she said softly it must have been a trying time. That useless struggle ought to teach you How hard it is to govern unruly wills and affect and to leave Kenneth and to follow our own answer one question. Have you a fancy for any other Man or Are Ami to any Uncle i can assure you unches a eel. Then i la just possess soul with patience but it s had Takin you Awa just when you and the lad Are Good com Pany to each other but i must i must and i Canna go without Here mme. Desbrisay made her appear Ance and sentiment was merged in finance. Uncle Sandy was positively aghast at the torrent of information poured Forth by the capable Franco Irish woman. The next Day Uncle Sandy had risked up again. He begged Mona to come to him us soon As she returned from her work which happened to terminate earlier on that Day than on any other. She guessed what that invitation meant and Only hoped that no allusion to Ken Neth would add to her difficulties. Yet she Felt extremely reluctant to give up the increasing Independence of her present be the nurse and companion to so Uncertain a person As her Uncle. However the old Man sorely needed her help and she would not refuse it. As soon she had changed her dress for the Day was wet and Stormy she went up stairs and found her Uncle seated near the fire the table drawn up beside his chair and on it a map a guide Book a and several scraps of ruled paper cover i with futures. Come Awa come he cried his brow Clearing i Wea Yiu to talk to you. My pair head is just dazed with try ing to understand a Hunt i going and what it will Cost As to where you Are going Uncle i May help you to Rind out but As to the Cost you must ask mme. Desbrisay she knows All about French and when will she be Xot till six or half a eel i have something quite private to say to your own self and i d Best tackle that he stopped abruptly and began to gather up the papers and books somewhat nervously. I am All attention it s a delicate matter to speak about i but i feel bound to do it for your Ain Good Benefit and so i la just this with some hesitation ending with a sudden Assumption of Resolution. Avoiding his Niece s eyes at the same time. Or mainly Uncle there s that lad he went on in his thin High pitched querulous voice Fine Young Man steady and weel Dis posed what for Canna you Mak up Yoni mind to wed him he Shawfu fond of you and be seem Good friends together. Why Canna you make it i returned Mona gravely and calmly though she Felt that the tag of War had come i thought i told Kenneth that though i liked and valued him i feared i could not give him wifely affection. He ought to have been and wha wad Tak a Lassie s first first or last dear Uncle answer would be the Dinna say cried Uncle Sandy earn i am just in a difficulty. Be i always promised to look after Kenneth before i knew i should Ever see poor brother s Girlie. A eel i d like to leave in bit o Money to both of you and you to any f let see pulling Over the cont Rexaville i can t make it out Here but i was at Domremy poor husband was it s not far from cont Rex. I dare say the fare will be close on forty eighty for the two of the through fare by Calais must take the shortest route Dieppe or Havre would be the death of something like seventy two say that s a Hundred and forty and a night in Paris sixty cabs and and Luggage and Douceur and refresh ments on the Way will run into fifty or fifty five More that s a Hundred and forty and eighty two Hundred and Twenty and sixty two Hundred and Hun dred and forty in round lord s Sake cried Uncle Sandy startled out of All propriety if you arv5 counting by hundreds i d better stay Here and Dee while i have Siller left to carry pair Bodie Hack to of Don t take fright dear sir re member the hundreds do not represent i la Tell you the total in in Gish Money we will just make it three Hundred and fifty to save time and trouble that is reckoning four pounds to the Hundred franc and you May get a trifle More if the Exchange is that is just four teen to Paris and Sec Ond on to he returned with a sigh that is possible though it is desperate costly and As much More to come Back. Twenty eight pounds How than a perhaps dear or. Craig you might feel equal to prolong your ramble and go on into Germany a Little change of scene diet might have a most beneficial perhaps if she will come Point ing to Mona. Of course will. She might As Well up now she cannot expect to get any More pupils this of returned Uncle Sandy in an aggrieved tone. Mona love there is a letter for you Down stairs. You had better go and see if it Neetles an Mona obeyed. I am sure you la forgive Rny dear or. Craig if from deep interest in All that concerns Mona i venture to take a Liberty. But i consider it duty to one i look upon As a child of own to inform you that the very Small sum i hold for continued mme. Desbrisay not heeding an. Interruption would soon be exhausted were she to draw on it for her personal expenses and i think you i am much obliged to you Madame for telling what i ought to interrupted to be continued

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