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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 20, 1891, San Antonio, TexasKirday november 20, 1891. That would enclose a Herald. N Iiri Ai or. G. S. Clinton p Piru after Lis name Tori inn Regis our Llie reporter Linn what tins Cumry in general. I like it Well a. Utun Ive Nii Travi in the uni ii Lall Over have you been in Chicago a Yon intend to in this non try Long for Tho rest of my then you like i m Well Tea Tyne Tern to Kittle Lotf i think i wih. Bien in uniter slates i Ian it suits me Lirt . Coventry beat item it better Ali Iii hell Vivek Wheir 1 live and so that 1 can remember to write letters to people i Haven t seen Cov entry since i a Small Juul want to. But Thi name simply Trenton p. . Dnn t Yon Tii Ink Tiu a woman in u Telegraph office is Al most As much out of her element she if at a Teller s window in a Bank or As a Man is in a dry goods store. A Young lady of this town tried to Sand ,1 Gram to a Friend whom Sho expected to visit her the wrote. Come Thia week sure and stay its Long As you she carefully underscored the words Khe wanted emphasized and complacently handed in the message to the operator. Courier. Marriage in Assyria. Bather More Mottor or Len Ter Liore Thau i din of thu men live on six cents i Day in Assyria. Assyrian women Are bought and sold Are made to work with oxen at the plow nil have As Little Liberty As in the Days of Cadmus. Men who pay dollars n Day to live and Hidia who ride to shops in Victorias thought Over these things As they left the Lincoln Park Church Sun Day nil Jet. Amen Vlasi born on mount Lebanon told these things in broken English. Amen Kiili is n tall handsome Assy Rian with a skin us Rich As tiie Cinna Mon Silks made it the Fout of the Moun Tain on which he born. He looked into the curious eyes of of girls and told them unit Liitt they been born assyrians in Assyria they could not go upon the streets unless their faces were concealed they could neither receive nor make i Call among women without their husbands consent and that if at any even by Accident they Dpi of seen by any Man or in any Way recognized no one Woi ild marry them. To said that once two tall Man and a Short woman Ami a Short Man ill a tall woman Stoud before a Pii Ost to he . The priest placed the tall Man and tall and tie Short Man and woman together and none of the Lour pm a whether it was right or not neither of them knowing the other. But the parents hastily objected and placed the tall Man by the Short woman and the Short Man by the Tali woman As that was the Way ten contracts. Then or. Rasi showed How con tracts were made lit loft the pulpit and presently a Man wrapped up in Rich assyrian Rai trint went and sat upon the floor or. Rasi came Back and Bijl lasted him. I would very much he said for a Rirl who is yours to lie wife to my Fon "1 would lie returned the Man. With a very unmistakable Ameri can accent a lox Many have your How Imrich have one lift Cen. One Venry and one Don t to me about the Twenty five nor the Twenty they Are never it to marry. How much do charge for the Little five camels four horses three sheep and fifty Bah i can Liny 100 women for so but no Little i to link you can t have mine for n. Cent i i5ut even then Isaac did not get the Little because a few minutes later or. Rasi returned As another Man. Ami by doubling the Price secured the girl for his Jacob. Then amen Rasi looked at the Young men whose Patent leathers Cost Tik id Eeve ii dollars and told them that Puoplo in Assyria paid fifty cents for a suit of clothes. The common people he said paid three cents for Twenty five pounds of cabbage and four cents for five pounds of us tips. Fifty loaves of bread were turned out at a baking men some times ate and five loaves at a meal. He waited and Ihnn. Turn ing to a Black buy i Rhind Liim. Slid Are and Iio Drew a after running horses jumping Ute letes. Hying Cannon balls Liasos o lightning and the shifting spectral line of revolving double Khu a have been successfully photographed the airy k Bubble has furnished stumbling bloc that the scientific photographer has pm great Dill Cuilty in surmounting. Lord Rayle Igli. In a lecture before Tho Koyn institution of London Baid that for Botne tune it had been Hin ambition to photograph ,1 snap Bubble in the not o breaking he anticipated great difficulty because he knew Tho time occupied in Tho disappearance of a breaking Bubble must be but a Small traction of a. Second. Whoever has watch died n Brilliant Bubble burst knows it vanishes. Lord Rayle Igli thought it might take one twentieth of a second but by Sci touted experiments lie found that the time occupied in the disappear Ance of the iridescent film was not More than one Tirek Hundredth of a second. To catch and picture n vanishing film Between the instant of its breaking that of its Complete extinction proved a must Dio inuit undertaking but it was accomplished. Some Phi sous May think that it would be equally diff Lent to photograph a lightning hash hut it must he recollected lightning makes a intensely vivid impression while Tho soft reflect Ion of a soap Inu Ihle is even in the Nicht Glare of an electric spark. From priming the image of the flying Edge of a lir Oken Bubble in the three Hundredth of a second to disclosing the existence til great m heavens by the cum late Eifret of several hours of Eun Timms exposure the modern photographic phut is per Lonnie Manv wonders in behalf of science and prov ing itself one of the most powerful Means no Man s disposal to unlock the secrets of Yuri Ali s companion. Are the transform my of Flowers once grown Jim picked into Market Bio per fumes find pomade is nut an aft Vir re this. Uliey were respectively a tinker it Carriner and i Shoemaker next if.-. Past d that Way he the in up. Min i Iii Ging lure i ills. Ali Iii sail. Ting Ong being made Respi in Ivel of tin. Wood and tit bits twi Nui i Shnery. A know at two Luigi in if be has a decided to Lingua and i us mind usually mid Spacini Iriny by Worth while fur ills list even 10 go of its icon these but French and lie ought to possess i i Purl of very menus of i Livi in in Kir Lity run neg to while on the subject of abstinence in food May i be pardoned for mentioning that Many years ago. When a Schoolboy i tried How cheaply could live. Did found that was Able to gel. In summer everything i Reiji Ruil in the shape of Good for three shillings six and a Lii ill Pence a week. Of course i had Little meat Ariit Kewit principally to fruit Utida which i Cui ild buy cheap As i was near a Large town. National review the Phi Iise. In the has been attributed to sir Philip Sydney. Swift. Fielding. Churchill and Shen Etone. It was first used More than 2nd years ago by Robert Burton in his Anatomy of melancholy location san Antonio Fife alarm Boies no. Location. 52 Cor s Flo Rosand Galbenu. 13 Cor s Flores and Arsenal. H j Uduc s Laredo and East. 16 Jwuc Laredo and s Pecos. 10 Cor k Flores and Adausas. 17 Cor s Florio Stancl Lachapelle. S p k k 18 Union Stock in Reg. 19 Cor s Salado and Vern Cruz. 21 1 g n k k Stock Yards san Luis. 23 Cor Medina and w Commerce 1 0 34 Cor w Commerce in Pecos. 25 Cor Pecos and Matamoras. 20 Central office military Plaza. 27 Cor Houston and s Flores. 38 Cor Houston and san Saba 29 Cor Leona Morales City Hospital. 31 Cor Morlaes and k Salado Cor Leal and Comal. S4 Cor Hidalgo and East. 85 Cor aces Kiln and Rodriguez 3c june sail Pedro ave and Camden 2nd Ward Hose 37 Cor san Pedro Avo and Elmira. 38 Cor Warren and Jackson. 41 Cor san Pedro ave and Laurel. 43 june Laurel and Frederick Slurff Road John fest s store 43 Cor sail Pedro Avo and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. Cor Poplar and main ave. 4f Cor main ave and Macon. 47 Cor Lexington Avo and Augusta. 22 Soledad and Salinas 24 Cor e. Houston and St. Mary s. 25 Cor e. Houston and ave a no. 2 in Gino House. 20 Cor Martin and Jefferson. 27 Cor ave d and eighth. 32 Cor ave baud ninth. .34 Lone Star brewery grand ave. 35 Cor grand ave and Austin 30 Cor Austin and Duval. I k Cor Austin and Carson. W Cor military ave and Grayson. 45 Cor Austin ave and Tira son. Pm military ave and Crosby 53 Cor Olive and Burlison. 54 Cor Olive and Nolan. 13 Cor bin net and Walnut. 14 Cor Avne and sixth. 15 Cor ave i and fifth. 10 cur k Commerce and Alamo. 17 cur Nacogdoches and Nolan. Ii Cor Crucker and Howie. "14 Cor e Commerce and Walnut. F Cor water and Mill .41 Cor wafer and Goliad. 3 Cor in Ltd nud Santa Clara l june water and Alamo Mission Hose Corca Marko labor. 51 Cor 1 and Percida. 2 Cor Alan Ami Villota. 4 Cor Quinta and . Is Cor Market and Yturri no. 1 engine House 0 cur Garden and Villita electric Light station i Cor Garden and Mill 24 Cor Mill and Adams. The biggest of Al booms coming at Corpus Christi Cor Jileau regal and Mill. 4k Ork Liik William and Turnor. Post office department week Days. Stamp window opens 8, a. M. Closes 6, p. M. General delivery opens 8, a. In. Closes a p. M. Registry window opens 9, a. M. Closes 5, p. M. Money order window of a 9, u. In. Closes p. M. General delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from to a. A. S. M. Johnson postmaster. Get in ahead of it deep water sea port water is now actually flowing through ropes pass from the Gulf of Mexico to. Corpus Chri Libay. A Channel has been dug completely across 7 penetrate my Hills 22 feet m height. The us Astul deep water that Corpus Christ Kay is on the Gulf and that we can obtain deeper water at ropes than s no at any other port m Texas the Waters of the Gulf Ami Bay firs met through ropes pass August 2sth, 1891, after 14 months work. This great work has b fun prosecuted wholly by in Volc capital and that is Why we need More to Fey have decided to make a great auction Sale. Money Aua we now to formally open ropes to commence of moderate Raught in a few months and work will be pushed Forward till a pc foot depth s obtained without the attend december and 19, 91. An honest Sale no Straw bid no buy bidders we shall Worth of handsome building lots overlooking Corpus Christ Riv 2. To Small houses for Art Siaus. Kle Gaut it Wien houses 7 to 14 rooms each. ,1-Couou Giu Well situated 2 acres land. transit Street railway 6 Miles Long. 6.-the new elegant Alta Vista hotel nearly ready for Furui Ture the handsomest Frame hotel m the whole South West. Xirui All the above arc on private Sale until the Date of auction. Will Mike Ittris of ivc prices and terms on any of them. A sha11 Ula s0 000 acres after Selling All the above we need mods for our extensive system of improvements otherwise we should wait and get the big prices ourselves. L Fig special Kates on railroads from the a Orch West and Texas Points for maps and particulars apply to the a cart ropes Civ by Corpus Chr fill Texas Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of Tho skin. Prevents Wither lne of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Nature ? wonder for presort fun youth and Iresh Vigo tie Cor Dolorosa and South Flores Street a gentlemen s Kesort the finest of Domestic and imported Lepors figs and Gips. A cordial Welc Orng torah. Crawford Brown proprietors. Only f7so.oo Wilt buy n Good Yard business with the one portable engine and boiler two head of horses Ono male Oil Corn Crusher three wagons and bodies two Wood frames double splitter saw table and sums elevator pulleys Sha Fiina and hell no apply to 1013 ii John t. . Special bargain 500 acres on Medina River Short distance from Antonio improved All Cun be Linn soil never Fri Long Wratni apply to suit t. . To . Whom it was Yon Noti Liet that i am the legally constituted Assignee of in aug Kaufman lately doing business at 411 and to Street san Antonio. Texas Olio on the Day of october a. D., Assifi to to Al his estate both real and personal for tin Benoit of such of his creditors As May consent to accept assignment receive Thor proportional share of the net pro excels of the assigned estate and discharge him from their respective claims. All creditors disposed to accept the Samo Are required to make known their consent to me in writing within four from the publication of this notice and no creditor Noi assenting shall receive or take any Benefit under twin assignment. My Josto flick address is 403 West Commerce Street. San Antonio Texas. M. Michki. Assignee. Ban Antonio tex., nov. Nth. A. A. H-7-3wks. Notice to creditors. Tun state or Texas i Cox to of Lilia la. To the creditors of Fred. Iver Blo you arc hereby notified that Rod. Korble of the county of Boxer and state of Texas on the nth Day of november a. Executed a a Natl of assignment Convoy he to the undersigned All of his property for the Benefit of such of his creditors As will consent to accept their proportional Sli ure of his estate and discharge him from their respective claims and that the under signed accepted said Trust and has duly qualified As required by Law. All creditors consenting to said assign ment must within four months of the publication of this notice make known to the Assignee their consent in writing and within six months from Tho Date of this notice me their claims proscribed by Law with the undersigned who resides on Houllis i Lores Sterol near Kest san Aiu Only Texas which is also his Post office a dress. Yit Zinss Lily hand at san 13th Day of november a. Cd 11-12-lm Simon fast sit. James t. Bradys off. Southern hotel office b.ar1 is Headquarters for stockmen and other , who know where to get something Good in the Way of liquid Nelre aliments. Drop in to Brady s once and Vou will in sure to Call again. K-j2-u Alamo sanitary a. Coninie ice St. Anil 15 ave. Corner Houston St., Opp. Post office. ,117. All orders promptly attended to on Short notice. Charges reasonable. E. W. Wallace proprietor if you want a drink of the Fine old drop in at the Silver Saloon Coruco of Flores and West Coqui Eicr Street on the East Side of military Plaza. H b Tittle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported and Domestic wines liquors and cigars 910 Excelsior laundry no.r33 Alamo Plaza opposite menger hotel. Telephone 5go. Collars and cuffs a specially for mid delivered of acc of Clargo work fimian Urceil Luru class. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer and pm Nebr. Ii 8 a. Telephone 440. Mail can san Tarj n specially. Jned plumbers and consequent la Illoso a Milov All the Iruquin Mcmo of modern for tins no Iunus. This is i sufficient Tsivin Rnrico or first class Orfe 5-25-3in we Hare found it that is the store where we can buy goods at half Price especially from the Large lot of forfeited pledges in Gold watches Silvir watches Dia monds jewel re of All kinds guns Pis Tols trunks Valise sewing machines overcoats Etc., Etc. J. M Emerson go no 24hsoyad St., san Antonio Texas Bewick in paints and oils Glass Wall paper. Agent for Geo. W. I Itkin s Zinc House training and painting a paste specially. To. 12 Alamo Street. A. House and sign Painter. Shop on East Commerce Street oppo site St. Joseph s Catholic Church. None but the very Best material and Good honest work at reasonable prices. Satisfaction warranted time. I cure fits when i Bay care i do not moan Morolt to Stop them for Thorn Retarn again i mean a Radical euro. I Mado Tho Imam of fits pile is y or Kali ing s Tok n Ess h to Long Eta by i my Romr mfr to Curetha Becaas others Haro foiled is no re Jason for Noi Dott receiving it euro. Bend Ato oco for k a free Bott Loof my . Giro past office. U. A. Root a c., 183 Perl n. Y

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