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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 16, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday pkg v pm her 16. Mks. Alexander. I la unix thiner it i think i a Mii not a doubt of a i Cun toll you it s horrid work and to cd of i infill to Thor is nothing on so As a i you will of i am certain Only tote Nail on the head of or. Pierce s pleasant Pel lets. They do the Richt thins in the v right Way. They cleanse and regu late the liver stomach and bowels and effectively but mildly and gently. They persuade rather than Force. One tiny sugar coated Pel Lei s a gentle laxative three to four act As a cathartic. They re the smallest but the Best. There s loss to take but there s More Good in it when it s taken. They re the original Little liver Pill and they be never been equated. Sick headache bilious headache constipation indigestion bilious attacks All derangement of the liver stomach and bowels Are prevented relieved and cured. They re the cheapest Pill you can buy because they re guaranteed to give satisfaction 01 your Money is returned. Banks and Bankers. . Alexander president. A. Oas Hiir. 2u3 Commerce Street. Banking Busboso transacted. Drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars Ami other fore irn Money purchased. Visitors Register kept n on Reading Rood there strangers in the City Are invited to Call. co., Bankers sight drafts on the principal Eitleb in the states and in All european countries. Foi Coin and currency bought arid sold. It n St is Ilahni her first lesson. Mul be Sun you Jive yourself airs. The Public is a in to tie stints it too ton Uris i am not naturally Meek. It 1 Liall Peru Finly fed Nii i in yourself dear it s the in Hon n look to think you eau Winsie with your Lin instead of your head. They Are so taken with a is on tie key rail Road time table. 1. G. N. Railroad. Departures for St. Foj mis via but iia or m., k. Alt. M for St. Louis via Iron Mountain h p. M for Laredo a. M All Tuvalu. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to p. M from Laredo . Southern Pacific Railroad. Ali Kouril express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston a. In. And u p. M arrives from tiie East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston and Gal 7 a. In. And p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. In arrives from san Francisco in paso and Eagle pass a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except 00 p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday 0 in a. M leaves for Corpus Christi Rock port Beeville daily except sunday p. M arrivals. From Merrville daily except a. In from Corpus Roe port Beeville daily except Sun. P. M from Galveston Houston and Waco daily except sunday g 40p. M Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston every wednesday and saturday. Run and Bisbey habits Wyrod at in. To oat of per Cir assent Voois Xvi Thali or Diamond can Royal pills of guns and Only -a.fe, a Ivray reliable. Ladies Ait r i Irist for Cir Heslor on i Brand in ked and Gold metallic with Bine ribbon. To no other. Of fur danger of fit but Ian Sand Ai in for testimonials f Tor in letter by rent re. 1 emf Ceuta. Savitt of apr. Chemical Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by druggists or sent by mail. 50c. . T. A. The daily Light is Only 50 cents it month delivered Deb i will practice diligently. I i touched the piano Vilice poor Nie Well it s time you began. Von have a pretty touch and a Hunt linger. As to singing come let us try that duet Sii nor Boe Ericho taught you last what a ires away that Winter seems to a does it nor said Mona. With a deep is tie Book i will begin preparations at once. I must tin credit to Gnu Dat Iii. 1 Long to make of Start in real reality is a serious tiling yet it has its Inspirit inns. Tie sense of doing real work earning Hanl Money has a dignity in its Laborio Suess which scarcely anything else bestows and Mona would have rejoiced in this new development of Energy had she not been so deeply wounded. Her sudden Complete renunciation by her valued friends at Harrowby Chase Cut her to the soul especially As she Felt she had in a measure deserved it. Her bitter disappointment in Lisle was More regret for the loss of an illusion than sorrow for a per Sonal bereavement. In her Short experience of society she had no friendships or intimacies save with sir Robert ave ranks family. K. Was this abandonment that de pressed and saddened her. It was a curious trying sensation the giving of her first lesson. If the Well dressed demure Little Damsel to whom it was administered Only a nov How awfully afraid her elegant looking teacher was of her. All Chance of discipline would have been Over. But silence backed by Gravity is a splendid cover for nervousness and Mona did not utter a word beyond what teaching required nor did she Ever feel the same panic again. She has Beautiful frocks was the sentence of the Little ten year old. Her Black cloth most be lits like a Glove and she Lias such Beautiful Jet ear nor did the Young lady doubt that a music teacher so attired must be deserving of All attention. So the new life was fully inaugurated after Christmas Christmas which poor Leslie Waring had honed would be so heavenly mine. Deb risky and Mona quietly and sadly celebrated together. The former accompanied her Young protege to Church and enjoyed a particularly Crisp French novel Over the fire for the rest of Day while Mona sat Long at the piano playing from memory and dreaming Over the past. She gave few thoughts of the future. Soth Exias and weeks flew past and Mona with the blessed facility of youth began to revive. A simple life plenty to do the society of a kindly and amusing companion Are wholesome tonics. Mme. Desbrisay was extremely amusing. Sue had been largely educated by observation. She was at once sceptical and credulous her mind was utterly acer Tain keen Mother wit and largeness of heart made her judgment on the whole i Clear. She was still Quick in temper though it had been much chastened and also extremely resentful of Small slights. Things had settled Down to a regular routine. The depth of the Winter was Over and parliament had met and Mona Hud nearly As much to do As she could accomplish without fatigue though she was quite willing to do More. Madame even talked of making a Little excursion to the Side at the dead season if things continued to Prosper. Mona was returning late one afternoon after one of her busiest Days. She was weary but More hopeful though she was thinking How this time last year she was looking Forward to the mingled Joy and terror of being presented. It was a Little hard to be so suddenly dragged Down and carried away from All the Gay ties and pleasures the society and distinction that she had a few Mouths ago and to which she Felt she should never return. Vet there was no bitterness in her regret she Felt that she was singularly fortunate and such a in having turn a Siren a. Home. Irr Rollf prions suddenly broken upon by a familiar voice it is Vona Mona Loso enl and she found her i Uther Barre in Erie Everard sir Robert s Only was studying Law having no military proclivities and thinking knowledge would be useful in the family which was by no under his father s munificent Rule. Air tie i never dreamed of As though the ban which Iliad fallen on her had been an encounter in tween two inhabitants of the same Tou i had been thereby rendered in Xor did i. I thought you had emigrated or been sent to a Penitentiary or some such thing. You see when anyone drops out of sight in London it is such a drop in the Ocean that he or the leaves no Trace behind. 1 am quite glad to you. Com Tell All about yourself. Key Gallons Over you. She Wasile i to , and the lord knows what but Mother strictly forbade her. You Are an awful Black sheep Yon lost of course said Mona smiling. She understood tier Cousin s dry blandness. Hut you must acknowledge i have Kepi out of and not troubled yes to is in t tnv.-. Now i have met you i us amazed to find still How have you a named it " Why trouble details 1 exist and want enough. N Leil in news. Ii no is your s was always o she is exceedingly flourishing and Busy for Evelyn is going to be Good to lord pleasant easy Point ar1 but will suit she has t much brains Slie has or notion of mrs. Newburgh s to suppress it. I Sappoe you Haven t hear or seen anything of no of course nor anyone ene either can t think what s become of him. Some one say he was a Coll for i dare say be is glad enough now that you have broke with him. Can t understand Why men be an awful i have no doubt he is oblige 1 to ." and you Are Deuce Day sorry you gave him the Chance believe if i denied Well no 1 would not though you Are arum sort of a girl Mona. I always liked you. Yon say what you think and you held your own with that grandmother of yours who was As big a tyrant As i have met. You lire a fool too in Many ready to c it your own Throat for an idea but there s something taking about you. I never thought St. John Lisle would lose his head As he did on your account. I had a letter from him some time Why he had not seen your marriage an it in a a bad sign of Romanish weakness. Do you live for heaven s Sake we must be approaching the far not come any further will die of to. I will not but you will if it s a few Miles further out let secure a cab be fore we leave the haunts of civilization be Hind i think ten minutes More will bring is to our destination but to copy your amiable Candor i would rather you did not a but will. I am determined to see your Well i cannot prevent Vou but i do not want rejoined Mona. In a few minutes they reached mine. Desbrisay s abode and on opening the door that individual was discovered resting in an Arm chair beside a table set for Tea. Her Bonnet Lay on the floor beside her and her thick and undeniably disordered Black hair was uncovered. This i said Mona quietly very pleased to see him i said Inari rising bravely to face the intruder and not designing to pick up her Bon net. Sister was one of most charming of returned Everard i should not have thought and you find your Sweet Cousin looking Well i have done Best to take care of elevating his eyebrows. Can you Tell to the exact degree. Mona second of a Cousin removed to the vanishing Point of relationship. I have not the faint est wish to claim you Mona. My dear that is not the retort if Yon knew or. Everard better dear Madame Desbrisay Yon would know that he despises Courtesy in himself and i Only hate said Bertie frankly. Me offer you a cup of said mine. Desbrisay. Rather scandalized. Thank you i shall be glad of it. After our Long Dusty walk. Really it s not so had now we have got looking round with visible examination. 41it is a better room than mine in the Temple. Now Tell How do you manage to rub Madame Desbrisay and i have entered into partnership she takes the big pupils arid i take the Little by i orge does the squalling and strumming pay for All waving his Tea spoon comprehensively round. It does but then j of Mast remember it is All in the four Pence three Farthings style of said Desbrisay. Gad what Money we exclaimed Everard p hitting Down his cup. What sums father gets through i suppose you never go to parties or things of that kind so living out Here is no con sequence. Why one might live for half nothing up there Are no rooms to let itt this House that is a pity. Mrs. Rms Tiosav. V Happy to Iid Debr say. You Are really quite a charac what the Deuce does she mean asked in of himself As he to a up his neatly rolled id opened the while after urn turn and go on to a Church where the City passed every ten Misiur Hal Tki a do. R. The Van Ible Spring the hot Dusty sum Mer Days succeeded each other and the partners Wor. Lily through All. They had gleams of diversion too. For mme. Desbrisay had friends and acquaint ances of her own profession who often gave her tickets for concerts and orders for the theatre. These were of which a had enjoyed but Little during her Reid . Wit a her grandmother whose 11 was never to pay for any thing of he they were a source of great Ament n was peculiarly Aliv and Harmony and ill herself. A Verv hot Luly had driven away All Miv. Save t no or three. Tiie Ilso thinned and v n f in Ealo work and read Ohiri time Noble t3 p twitched hic Moua he l been out one morning to do some Small housekeeping errands As mme. Desbrisay had a headache and on re enter ing the House with a Latch key was sur prised to hear a sound of snurling an i scuffling in their sitting room the door of which open. Joing in quickly she beheld mine. Ivy risky her Cap slightly awry endeavouring to drag a lace shawl from the fangs of Darmie who snarling and yelping held on like grim death stretching the shawl to its fullest length. And dancing backward while she struck at him Inette atnally with a Small heart i Brush. A she exclaimed. Keep away from him Mona. 1 believe he is go ing i believe lie is Only frightened and an Gry. Let it go and a Robbly he will thus diverting mme. Desbrisay s Atten Tion she relaxed her grasp. The dog gave a vigorous pull and trotted Triumph vently with the lace in his and Tail the Hall where he proceeded to tear it vehemently. Just look at that the Only decent thing i have to put on shoulders when i go out. Jet away with you you thrust of the him another throwing the Brush at him finally. This routed the foe. He jumped Back and Mona quickly snatched up the shawl. Me Beautiful Chantilly Al most wept mme. In Bristy. I got it at a Sale the last year you were with us in runs. Thirty live francs seventy and it s Worth two Hundred it was As Good As new. I Avill not live in the House with such a brute1. I am sure said the Landlady coming in i am that Don t know How to express it. I Don t know what s in the dog. He is always trying to run up Here As if he knew it worried i have no doubt he returned mme. Desbrisay examining her lace. Look Here there s a tear for Youl Here s another it s just think i can mend it said Mona sym at helically. Now mrs. Insisted mme. Desbrisay impressively to her Landlady. I give you Ymir Savage brute leaves the House or i will. Be sure you explain matters to or. Higden this night and let know the result. Either he semis away his dog or goes away with his miss Craig and i go this Day tragically. I will sniffed the Little Landlady. I foresee i Heap of trouble. Or. Is that obstinate and the Landlady retired pressing the Corner of her duster to her eyes while the yelps of the dog were heard from below where he was being tied up. The next Day was Stormy with heavy Thunder showers and mme. Desbrisay would not hear of Moua taking journey to town in search of materials to repair the damage done by the delinquent Dandie. Moreover a Council of War had to be held. Or. Higden was observed that morning to draw his umbrella from the stand with a degree of violence which upset All the other umbrellas and Sticks and banged the front door with a recklessness which was in itself a soon after mrs. Puddiford appeared with a rueful countenance. Well a i have spoken to or. Rigden. He is noway inclined to Bear re. He would t a Man if he did unless it were on his oven ejaculated mad ame. He spoke most the Landlady beginning to play with the Corner of her apron. He said he Wou stand no More do nonsense them was his words and was so Ivy he had just begun a month As he would have to pay for it he is a monthly that he would look out for rooms and As soon As i tinned several by female vices during tie cyclonic disaster in the Andaman islands Calcutta. Nov. The Sto Ries of death which Havy been received Here there is one which redound a highly to the heroism of women and 0110 which should be strongly put be fore the authorities so that the Par tie parts in the Noble deed May be re warded they deserve. Surely to who would risk their lives in a pea to save with the wind howling with such demoniacal fury that to stand it was Al 1110-4 beyond the Power of human strength deserves some cognition and this is what women women con the Andaman islands did. As been Iutuk Usu vol yesterday the knew prise used by the government to convey convicts to the Audam Iii Pisut uis. Which in the penal settlement of the East indies was lost during Cyclone. Deuce shows that when the storm burst the Steamer was caught untre and that she was blown with Terri lie Speed of to the Shore. She dashed upon the rocks lying opposite the female convict and while a wreck the Gigantic swept clean Over her. The wreck of the vessel was seen by h number of female convicts who seeking shelter from the fury of the Gale and they with a heroism Seldom equalled by women started for the Shore slowly and painfully they forced themselves against the storm grasp log the rocks and other things to prevent themselves from be ing literally blown away. At last they reached the Shore. Here Noth ing daunted by the thundering Inrush of the Waters which at times swept High above their Heads they formed a human life line each woman grasp ing the other s hand. Then the Brav est of the party i the head of the line rushed into the sea and grasped a struggling form teen twirling and twisting in the water and aided by her Corn i Arloue dragged ashore one of the men who had been swept from the wreck of the Enterprise. Again and again the women entered the water and each time they returned with a Man who had it not been for their heroic Aid would surely have been drowned. Of the eighty three men comprising the officers and Crew of the Enterprise Only six were saved and every one of these six was dragged irom the water by the Noble hearted women Noble hearted and self sacrificing even though they have been branded As criminals. Every English officer and every English member of the Crew of the Enterprise was lost. Art. Popular demands for in from the Art Amateur. Insistence on color in every depart ment of the graphic arts will be a marked characteristic of the to mud the Eye craves Coler and no matter How Long the return to it May be deferred it is hound to come. Mature shows color everywhere in All her works and accustom us to expect it. The Blue of the sky the Green of the Fields and the Many Ikue Flowers Are As necessary to the healthy sight As pure oxygen is to the lungs. What More reasonable then than to look for it in the graphic representation of nature. The cultivated May be Content with the More refined approximation of color As in prints by various processes in Black and White preferably accepted what artists term tone in place of it but the masses have never been really satisfied with this juggling with their senses. They want the real thing and they will have it. A Dix of Kip tidies. Barrels of poisonous snakes Bei Itji dug out of the ground. People in Vicinity of Holt ii kas., Are excited Over the finding of a great Den of snakes near that town. The reptiles abound in thousands and kinds and sizes mingle in writhing mass. They Are thick in the grass and underbrush and Black and Blue racers Are seen running through the tree tops All headed for this spot. The different varieties of snakes Are hard to determine As the most careful count and examination each time reveals a new kind. So far there have been found among the reptiles in this Dan the following species the Garter Snake Blue racer Blacksnake Rattlesnake copperheads vipers and Many others. The snakes vary in size from a foot to six or seven feet in length. Ratt lers have been captured with Twenty two rattles and a Button. Two men have bought the Den and Are preparing to dig them out and capture those considered most Valu Able and ship them to Chicago where they expect to sell them to the museums. The Rattlesnake is especially valuable As his Oil commands a Price an ounce. 80 far four or Hundred have been captured. A Large barrel Ful was brought into hoi ton in one afternoon and 100 varieties have already been barrelled preparatory to shipping to Chicago. Every conceivable vehicle was made to do service in conveying curiosity seekers to the Den. Even the Omni buses and baggage wagons were employed and the whole town was out to the Snake Den. Those who have dared to visit the scene awake at night from horrible dreams and Many nervous women refrain from going to see the sight upon the advice of their neighbors who Are unable to get a Good night sleep since gazing upon the men in their quest for the coveted Serpa ots

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