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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 7, 1891, San Antonio, TexasIlij Giguet Jhoo no. Gum Ninryo Street 8an Antonio t. I. Johnson Stort take and and Axx Kral Wjk Mabou. So Tomeu at tub Post. Office at ban Anto kit Texas As second Clubb mail Hatter f9" the Light 19 tub ii Puhm Cah paper published in Texas. A asks. Dally per 6o Dally per year.6. Of by mail or Cash Iii Kex. Weekly e so weakly 1 your. Suba olbers not reel Vojt their paper jul Mako comp Palm to the off Loci. Subsoil m to Arad not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a proper or to c Al rated Bill from this Oil ice. Advert oink rates. B is Looe per Moh Flat la y5 cents por Inch path subsequent to Osri Lon. Trustees Selea to 00 Pur to Ipoh first in 25 cents Euloh insertion afterwards. Matter dolt till Psge m Cento pot a Noh insertion. Local Colum Tjw Sente first Nur Lonj 10 cents Flat Wook 6 Ponta Ciet spool in a of on go and 100 Unea running Crft Moath Lema payable an be first of Tenh Mouth. Transient Advt re slag payable id a. Only Metal Oma printed. Special rates on larger and Long Llois . Discount a Jinvit for Cash Lor state and goont7 of Soete Tan dollars in contracts or Bills Moat Secretary and m Ana Ajmer. To cokbbb11 on dents. -11 for Thea paper Arnould b two Manlel by the name of the author not for publication but a evidence of food Faith of Tao Imri of the writer. Write on one Side of the paver la a Plain hand. An Butr Nous Xirui not the to Loal. Its not is for the Tate vent of Ita of to our Eastern advertisers. All advertising for tha Dally and Wook Light must come to us through our agents messes. Poor for key 232 n 238 Temple court new 8a.tuhday, november 7, 1891. The Tennessee miners. The Public sympathy was largely with the Tennessee miners in setting at Liberty the convicts in the mining craps at Briceville and Coal Creek. Not Content with this they have liberated the mining convicts at Oliver Springs and now threaten those at Tracy City and Inman. It in not so certain that Public sentiment will sustain them in these latter Aota and in any event this open Defiance of the state authorities May get the free miners into trouble. The whole thing is the outgrowth of a cowardly the part of the state legislature at its late extra Bession. It wag distinctly promised the miners at Coal Crook and Hrics Ville when the trouble occurred last summer that if they would accept Tho situation per Mit the convicts to work id the mines temporarily and make no farther disturbance that the Case would be Tifton up by the state legislature Aiu equitably disposed of. This pledge Robbly open the ease. Uncle Hasi has clapped hands on to Weiss brewery of 8t. Louis for a fractions of the Revenue Law and has closed Down the establishment until the owners make satisfactory settlement with the Revenue depart ment. Fort Worth appears to be overrun with tramps and Tho streets until the run Sikut hour Are alive with them 8. Fish commissioners re the Gulf coast of pros to Ikka Are More Irish foreheads u Ireland than Aro Republican foreheads in Iowa and this is paying a volume for old Ireland. No sub Troa surrite can Como into the democratic holy of holies. He can worship in the outer courts but he cannot approach the altar. Tju election is Over and the republicans reiterate their preference for Mills As speaker of the democratic House to assemble next month. Ohio has a very grateful let up on that old Northe Campbells Aro Corn they have come to grief As predicted in the laom1 two months ago. Tite Gold current Coutin nos to flow quite steadily from Kropo to America. About of the due us has been Roth Rod Mil More is coming. Toi Eka capital is very jubilant Over the break Down of the Alliance n Kansas and it May Well to. No Itolle credit for the late Republican Victory is due to the efforts of the capital. Ignatius has very Little Sause to congratulate himself upon he Nimoy value placed upon his character by the courts of Lis own state. It is just one one Hundred Bou Sanuth of the valuation placed upon it by himself. Hilt and Cleveland must pull to Gether or they Wilt never pull Tho. Democracy through in 1802. The impose Bill to of doing so is what is worrying the democrats. Harrison and Slaise go together like a Well matched team in Dublo harness. Corpus caller ska for Texas the irl Pilege of whipping Massachusetts Jack into Tho Union whenever the old 3ay state secede. A right turn bout is fair play but the Lono Star vill be very Lou Saome before Massachusetts is guilty of secession Folly. Thi Colorado court that gave a Man in damages because some Ither Man alienated his wife s affect ious is Way off. Woman whose Iffe eurus can be alienated from h or husband in that Way is Worth or Over Len per cent of that amount. With the stats governments of Massachusetts Pennsylvania Ohio and Nebraska in the hands of he democrats in 1soo they found it Itterly impossible to save the Legisla Tures of those states in Phlp does not augur a democratic Victory in 1s92. Ignatius Dossell not satisfied with his damage and lawyer sea in his suit against the 8t. Paul Ioner press is bringing it of again. Ignatius is hard to suit. There is not a jury in Minnesota will give him a heavy Bill of damag98 in n libel suit. They know that he has no reputation to lose. The local and Persona causes that elected Boies and cannot exert an influence in the election of president. The causes Ware Power less to prevent a Republican Ture being chosen in these states and they will be Evon More Power less to prevent Republican electors being chosen in 1s92. It is diff out if not impossible for the democratic mind to realize that there is not the same rivalry and antagonism Between Elaine and Rison in Tho matter of presidential nomination that Thero is Between Cleveland and Hill. This inability o theirs do3s not vitiate Tho fact. It is not just neither is it Safe to Laj upon juries the responsibilities that belong to the legislature. What Tex As needs is a Well defined libel Law and not merely an intelligent jury to set aside the evils of no infamous Law. The Texas press have a right to the Protection of a Wise and care fully framed libel Law but such Protection is not afforded and the Righte demand is denied. Tiik u. Tautly on theopoulou that fish Pac Kerio Oil const would prove aug Cossu and could Supply n North is Montana. Ciurkot Asfa a with Riidu in Tho Sun Franois Call combating on article in the Overland monthly denies that the present age is Moro untruthful Tau the past uni rms that Tho Al fact of is to promote truth telling and declares that a tie is the weapon of the How Many Savages have been lurking around democratic eau Cums those weeks past new York presbytery dismisses the Case against or. Briggs by a vote of 93 to -j9. The negative vote was 26 mmasters Aud 23 laymen the affirmative Voto was 71 ministers and 2-i Lay showing that the clergy Are More Liberal ill their interpretations of theology than their Lay Brethren. Tha heresy Hunter will hardly Stop lore but will carry the Case to Tho by god. The election returns of tuesday Iivo not Given any evidence of a needed change in the Silver coinage Aad Tariff policy of . " ree Silver coinage has not Baon endorsed neither has a free Trado do Maud been developed. The policy of he Republican party is evidently Fain Hig ground and will be very slightly modified if at All in 1892. It s a policy upon which Tho party a very safely go before the of our iry. Tub demand of Massachusetts for Aric modification simply Means that lie East is afraid of the protected industries of the South. Manuf eur no on the ground where the raw material is grown is necessarily More Cono Mycal than manufacturing at a distance. By cheaper labor alone can h9 old manufacturing centers expect co compete with the new ones Stab shod where raw materials Are grown and High protective Tariff advances wages every time. The democratic journals that do not favor the candidacy of or. Cleve and Are Reading him lessons of was lot in the Light of recant events in Ohio. On this subject the fort Worth mail says the Ohio result ought to be a Les son to the Nat Loual democracy. Campbell had vigorously some nought unnecessarily he democratic leaders of Hamilton in minty. He fought them bitterly my was As bitterly fought in re Urro he got Tho Hessa tenets Mokin Luy. Patriotism All right but a Man who is in the boat of a factional fight in not he Nan to Hunt for votes in a close Eleo Ion. Tho moral flu Cho Case of or Loveland us if it were Cut out for the mail loses eight of Tho fact that Jev Eluid has returned to the bosom if tammany his errors asked absolution and partaken with hem of the fatted calf. Alamo Fence factory make the Best Fence in the world. Cull and see us 124 1-2 South logos Street. 11-ot a guarantee for tiles of whatever kind internal Blind or diced i ohiu5. Chronic recent or . This Hornby has positively never been known fall. 61 n Box 0 boxes for 85 scat by mall try Paul on receipt of Price. A written Kurran co Given o each purchaser of a Box Ca. When at one time to refund Tho paid if not cured. Ginarn Utec is Neil by a. Oveisg wholesale and retail Solli ar-rt., san Antonio Texas in. E. C. West s Nehk Ato brain treat ii St guarantee specific for hysteria dizziness Conan Slons Fita nervous headache nervous prostration Cansel Nso of alcohol or tobacco Waker Elneas mental depression Sjef owning of Tho Iraln in Nna of 11ns o misery Decsy and 486, barrenness Loas Fpo wot in either sex. Involuntary and caused by Over Oxe lion of the Taal self abase or Over int Nogence. Bach one month s treatment. 91 00 a Box or six boxes for sent by mall pre paid on receipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes to cams any with each on or reel Redby a for six spies accompanied with we will Send the purchaser on written guarantee Tore and the Money if tin treatment does not erect acre. Guarantees issued Only City drug store sole arts. 8r., ban Anto o 1 hours from 2 to 9 p. M. Soledad Block Cor. Houston and Soledad streets. West end sanitarium now open. Or. Peebles As a specialist treats such chronic complaints As Catarrh dyspepsia Klaeui Talisia heart disease liver com skin diseases epilepsy kidney difficulties nervous troubles deafness Etc., Straightens crooked eyes of strabismus treats fibroid and ovarian tutors Etc. Patients hint he considers incurable lie Fri Sikly kindly so informs them. Jackies Especial attention. Gentlemen suffering from difficulties Peculiar to conscientious persons Are the Cut Flowers for Sale Bon nets and designs made to or or. Plants for Sale and also be specimen plants for dec rating purposes such As alms ferns Pauda uus croons ficus arc Villa Rob Sta race Aua a Ocasia and an in ring. Lie innings violets Gerni runs Cobus Hati Jinjr has nets greenhouse and pot lants. Other Nursery Stock in november such s fruit slide ornamental nit Evergreen Trees at san r x 1 Lores i. F. B. proprietor plan Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to tha Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled or purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street Ahvay of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved treets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent ubic schools and churches of every denomination All com ining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Jelin t. The Sak Antonio Light. The Best evening paper published n the state of Texas. Delivered by carriers to any part of he City at 5oc per month. Commercial printing a specially As ail anti wind Catcher compare his Tilting Tower and its a motor Villi an Ordinary Windmill and you my that it presents a tithe of the wind surface to the grasp of the storm that torm Fiat other does. For information descriptive circulars and prices address. San Antonio Tex Anda Siliceo of the mexican bar ii. Mokris of the now York liar Anda Siliceo and Norris counsellors at Law. Lor no. City of Mexico. John t. Hambleton land agents no. 4 e. Commerce St. W g Wagner the Marshall Street Butcher furnishes the Best beef Mutton and pork. Delivery free. Try him Aud Yon will be satisfied. 6 2 of

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