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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 7, 1891, San Antonio, TexasThink they fire divine. Female rivals of Schwein Furth and teed. Of to i the s to Ihrk. Other i 1.1 she the Mother of the creator of the world and All wild Galluci of Taro if Schweinfurth. Toed and other self styled messiahs Don t keep a look out their Well earned not Oriett will be snatched away from them. The coun try is now about to be thoroughly Dis Turbed by two women who have no lesser claims than that they arc the Mother of god. Meere in her belief May Steed Foj Artler "1 Tuan her health in t in pvt put. York reporter paid in a Day and satisfied himself snot insane. She receiver. Vui v mid conversed very Intel Ligier of rally affairs until religion was then she. Told the Story of Herand How she became possessed of the remarkable hallucination. Miss Gordon is an Francisco to the same p int because within a compare Short time All communications by sea will be suspended Anil the two cont in edits must ilex and on the rail roads for connection. Viss cordon is a woman of great intelligence Aud enu Alion and would become a priestess of theroso play or something of that sort did she not believe that lie m iss m is the scholarly woman in the world. An Iowa tragedy. Itury insane a result Hie Imp. Mccre Iowa is still excited Over the urn. Tragedy enacted near there a Rayfl Mary Otto whose father a Tut brother were killed by her Lover Henry i aim has gone Stasiv mad and has been borne to the Asylum. Meanwhile the murderer is still thought to be at Large. The cold blooded Ness of his crime May result in am Lynching if he is captured. He had been paying court to Otto for some time Ood when he sought the Young lady s hand in marriage. He was refused. He was importunate Aud con press his finally de i cared she would see no More of him. The Day of the murder Thihn drove into Tow n bought n revolver and a Box of . In the evening Here paired to the to Homestead and to see 1 he daughter of the House. Miss Otto through l servant begged to be excused. Thereupon Halm Force l his Way into the House. In the hallway he net John to. Who had been roused by the altercation. The old Mian ordered the importunate i r to quit the premises. Angry followed and Thihn shot or. Tto in the i forehead int listing a f ital Otto a brother of John entered the hallway just As the Shoi. Was tired. Ihian on him levelled his smoke it weapon and. With a curse snot him dead. 1 he murderer Tiu ii Daed out of the House mounted his 1 or e an i made Good his escape to the mountains. The Fisk Stokes affair recalled of she was not dead. A lox a new York 4iirl obtained for. For love. During the latter part of september Mary tans a pretty sixteen year old girl disappeared from her Home in new York City. It was to be a Case of foul play at , and her parents were deeply grieved. Theft ibid about Given up Hope of Ever see ing her alive again when the news Hudd Tilv came to their ears that she Revea d in Hei Pel. Qon the in in her o by the marriage Mansfield. Was a i 8 and left Donilio ruin and ton wherever she shot at the Firth Avenue Twenty ago in the writer visited Washington where he met Josephine m Ana held then mrs. Frank Lawlor. Family sat at the same table with Law Lor and his wife at the Kirkwood hotel. She lived a Happy life with Lawlor until 1 when she Bee Ime jealous of Lawlor s attentions to certain leading a tresses. He became jealous of her because she retorted on him by accept ing the attentions of Otler men. Not Only a chorus girl. Yet a Royal Prince did her homage the marriage of Josie Mansfield in Paris recalls some chapters in a life full of adventure and Romance. Josie Mansfield was an adventuress nothing More nothing less. She came of a sporty family and has associated with sporty people All her life. She is known All Over America but chiefly in new York. Hoston and Chicago. A writer in the i ago news who was personally acquainted with her furnishes some interesting1 Reading rela Tive her Check ered career. I her Fame too extended to foreign lands. As she dashed in the late six ties and Early seventies through Cen trial Park new York in a splendid equipage provided by James Fisk she was the cynosure of All eyes. Her Rich costumes were envied by women who ice dress. Her faultless taste was envied even More. A resplendent in diamonds Aud finery the gift of Krie s king1, her Fame was in every Mouth. I it this seeming of glory was fugitive and soon passed away. There was a Al Between Fisk Anil miss Mansfield. Edward s. Stokes risk s sex partner Ami companion was too attentive to Josie and Fisk who furnished the gorgeous apartments where the woman lived at his expense be came jealous. He remonstrated und was answered Only by a threat that his letters to the of Victor and Lydia 9ianton. It occurred at Hunt Ball in Shire she Kan away from her sad death i gladdened the people. The manner in which they hush great scandals in England was forcibly illustrated the other Day when it was announced that Lydia Manton had suicide. The of her tragic death swept All Over the English speaking world in a Day. Why be cause with her name the chorus girl at the had been linked the name of i Rince Albert Victor eldest son of the Prince of w ales and who May yet Grace the throne of the Brit ish a Rudite. Afterwards comes the Story tothe effect that it was not a Case of suicide but something More then All was still. The investigation into the cause of her death stopped suddenly. Mov Fisk. My Traud moved v write to love god through Phisex Prience Virie in and Tien 1 the spirit of god entered mortal body was not dead but eloping. It i seems that she had met a stenographer by the name of Shearer with whom she held secret meetings. Her parents could never to Wisent to a marriage so an elopement was planned. On sept. Miss lans left her Home ostensibly to return in a few hours. Within few hours she met or. Shearer an i they took the Bridge to Lersey City. In new Jersey a Clergyman who quickly tied the nuptial knot. After the Cere i Mony or. And mr.-. Shearer cooly Noti fied i r. Ana m is. Claus by mail of what they had done and started on their after making a Brief tour the returned to new York and to the Trouse of mrs Shearer s parents where a mediation that could not otherwise have been obtained took place. Miss Mansfield would be published. Lie got out in injunction to prevent this. The final scene was on the Stair Case of the fifth Avenue hotel when Fisk was shot by Stokes. It was Stokes passion for Josie that was believed to have inspired the act. After his death the woman sued col. Fisk s widow for which she claimed dead Man owed her. But she did not win her suit. She went to Hoston. The populace hooted her As she passed through the streets and she finally foxing a More congenial abode in 1 Aris. There she still lives in a Little House near the Avenue i derriere. Three years ago it was re ported that she was dead. The announcement of her marriage at St. Jeorge s Church London sent a thrill through those who remember her As she wus in her prime. It seemed indeed one said As hearing of one who had risen from the dead. Her husband Obi it l. Cade a lawyer having an office at no. 34 Nassau Street new York announced to a party of friends before he sailed for Europe that miss Mansfield was the Only person who could save him from drinking himself to death. His sifter married Jen. Strachan. Governor of the bermudas. His Mother is a Cousin of mrs. Levi Morton. Miss Mansfield is As much of a Delle to Day As Ever. The accompanying por trait represents her As Bhe was Twenty years ago. It is a reproduction of the famous picture taken at the time of Jim Fisk s death. It Sale was tremendous and the photographer realized on the Sale. She was first married in to Frank Law Lor. An actor of some note. She was then living in san Francisco with her parents whose name was Warren. Lawlor declared that he had married Josie to protect her from her parents who tried to blackmail a Man named i Erley through her. The fact that the girl s Maiden name was Ansfield of course precludes the possibility of her Parent s name Beirut Warren. The name of Josie s father was Joseph Mansfield. She was called after him. He was engaged in the fish Trade on Long wharf Hoston in which City this remarkable woman was Horn. Her Mother s came was Sarah Ian Nett and Sarah Dannett s Josie that there was anything criminal in her conduct. Lawlor left her a great Deal to herself. Naturally a woman who had no mental resources to fall Back on and being extremely Dauti Ful she quickly Attra Ted the local Gal lants of the capital to her Side. One of these was an athlete who was the i proprietor of a gymnasium. His name was Hrady. Lawlor meeting her on Pennsylvania Avenue in company with this Man. The results were a scene and a scandal. After this Crim nation and recrimination followed Between the Man who claimed on the one hand to distribute his favors to other women with a reckless hand and a determined purpose and a woman whose moral Prim Isles and possibly instincts were not potent to restrain her from a similar course of conduct. At about the time that Lawlor s wife left him and sought the Protection of James Fisk jr., he had a conversation with me on the subject of their Dis agreement la this conversation he bitterly spoke of the woman and made Rome of the most odious charges against her and. By the Way i notice the statement that Lawlor has been dead for some years. This is an error j he has Only been dead a comparatively Short time. He had for years been an imbecile his disease being disease which has carried off More than one prominent actor during the past few years. It was found Neces sary to plate him under restraint in the Asylum in which he died. On hearing of his death his wife a Short time since sent from Paris for an Otti Cial declaration thereof. 1 knew then that she contemplated marriage. A shot a burglar. A Ift year old ii rattle i Villi a night fiend. At South n or walk conn., the other night miss Clementine Chowell a pretty girl of .6. Had a thrilling experience with a burglar. She is the daughter of George c. Howell a wealthy new York broker. She. Is popular in South n or walk society the Chowell country House is sur rounded by extensive ground s is in a quiet portion of South Norwalk. Lack in a mlle. Cd weird p. Rim. Formerly of Goshen ind., returned Home the other Day from to remain his wife and two chypre a having eloped with a married Jan tic first wife of Field s father a toed in same Mann r. The wife re p held his oldest her hns and Dro neti himself. Since the re turn of his brother David to his Home he was Nea d to death and August fiend recently an Arm and leg in and Ever since then i have been in direct and constant spiritual communication with the almighty. I am the Mother of god. I am not a spiritualist and i can do nothing that the spiritualists do or pretend to do. I have no trances. I Dre Eie died the new . For to renovate the old red Wick Archdeacon House in the close. To builder but he Ever entered the sacred precincts of the dear he fully appreciated the i ii Porta of his position i i the i Lere on Ianis u to were not a the Cut Etic cup i d him a his oui Naluai ii. Married re re table Mau. 1 s pretty t ref and her Lailien s eclat Iii with the. 1 Alaee and the close a. Ave her the entree into a better kind of society than her social position entitled her to. She Hail a Sweet voice and that combined with her pretty face the unmarried minor canons to the Millers House at the upper end of Iwen Street. The result was that when Lydia was is her manners were far Superior to those of other girls of her class. One thing she longed for More than anything and that was an invitation to the annual Hunt fall at the Shire Hall. She managed to got it and the wife of one of the smaller clergy offered to chaperone her. Now she was in her seventh heaven Anil very pretty she looked As entered the Ball room dressed in pure White hut Lydia Felt there was As Yueai a Gulf Between her and the City people and the Small country Folk who danced at the lower end of the Ball room As there was Between them and the county swells to occupied the upper end. Where were the countess of Chesterfield lady Henry Somerset pretty mrs. Somers Cocks the Ark a rights the and the Crofts and the Brighton knights from neighbouring Shropshire. She was almost sorry that sue had come when a tall handsome Young fellow dressed in Hunting was brought up and introduced to her. He asked her to

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