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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 7, 1891, San Antonio, TexasShe sails h Vovk Markk two types of bad 11kn the real thing is imitated by the plated article. It Hani to Tell them apart and in inc one l liable to Linn i the wrong striking examples. Tui a Tor it score. Curly hns found Wmike wharf out m the to a Notum in Ikon Utard Init for some Jim shh City Star. Bad men in the break into said a gentleman Date of Silver City the sure enough and the imitation bad Man. One is a killer and the other simply clusters. The two sort look alike talk alike themselves in big hats Belt on their hips swear and and each other s suit from first to last for reasons in is hard to Tell the real think from the counterfeit. The Only sure Way of Puishing the True Rill Silver bad Man from the plated fellow is to test them As fast is presented. Bill in the Early eighties was a rustler in the Valley of Han Simon i Arizona and singularly industrious horse and cattle staler of that slide less Region was an imitation Man. Fie was a u n at talker hear him Tell filled than an Epi inc. It is How Ever if he Ever Drew Blond and the other rustlers similarly re crded him As a Man of no Cour Nice. It turned out a Case of the and the i a Cocks with the russian though or one evening the impulsive denizens of Shakespeare. A. T., took Bill s word for it and Hung him de Bene Esse. The russian had company though. For they stretched another gentleman time and tree the same a slept Sandy King. There was no discount. How it on King one could to a Brace and bit and bored Clear through Liim and struck nothing but clean Strain game King and Kussian Bill were together of the occasion of their apprehension and taking Oft and were decided specimens of the two types of bad men. The. Name of Bill. Bill As a name has been the prop erty of a Good Many of the fighters of the West. Frequently some flix or pre fix with it to keep the blood be deed Bills from getting All mixed up. There have been a curly Bill a wild Bill a Bill a Buffalo Bill a poker Bill a Cheyenne Bill a French Bill an Antelope Bill a russian Bill a Broncho Bill a Canadian Bill a Monte Bill a Butcher knife Bill and Bill Bounty or Billy the kid that i have known of. Cheyenne Bill was and is one of the false killers referred to and always try ing to run a Blazer upon some tender foot and scare him to death. Raton n Ron on need not As a Community Rise Early of a sunday morning and As 1 once Back in iss j. Came out of the hotel in the still and Early hours of that holy Day a voice ov61 on the no or Street raised to a Point Between a threat and a command. My attention was at once attracted and getting out where i could see. 1 found Cheyenne in but threat Ning Pursuit of a reluctant Tenderfoot who had come in on the train the night be fore. What the Row was about 1 did t know. V Stop whar Vou be or i la pull on you commanded the Vaporis Bill in a fierce tone. Ins hand on ins six shooter and following along after the stranger some two rods behind. To give the Root his due while he kept walking away from Bill lie appeared More disgusted t Nan scared and while be said nothing and did not turn on his would be captor. Received his orders to halt with becom ing contempt and kept straight on. Hill and the to Nukui o 1. Except for my presence. Cheyenne and his Vul my Nad the town to selves Jaek Hixenbaugh the marshal and the rest of the citizens being Sensi Bly in bed. I had a chinaman run Cheyenne around once Over in Trinidad and was no More to be in from him than from the last on the Range and shouting Over to him i so in formed the person from the East and advised him to go after the Doughty Chey Enne and pull his head Oft. The tender foot had about made up his Niaud to do it anyhow and my vote settled it. He turned and started for Bill whereupon that person at once lost All his valor and fled briefly. The Tenderfoot caught up with him however and eased his surcharged soul by three or four forceful and very meritorious kick re this seemed to do both Bill and the shorthorn a world of Good and the former avoided the fifth by plunging up a stairway. The Tenderfoot wanted to charge after Bill and kill him completely out 1 urged a different View and pointed out the fact that Bill his gun with him and that if he found himself cornered he might shoot. Curly Bill was another of the riot Ous and de it. His Range in and 1882 was southwestern new Mexico and Eastern no one knew where curly Bill but if there s truth in where he was going v. I to All. Fie was we him to have killed Tun away. One Day in a Chat with a Friend be said to me ifs it Ever occurred to you that when old age deprives you of much of your present ability to earn a living you will be obliged to look to your friends for support or else become a charge at some one of the charitable institutions i confess i am neither a Money maker nor a Money Saver but it is dollars to Doug touts that the who thus twisted uie of my weakness simply echoed As he did so the plan which he. In the cold blood of mid dle age is counting on As ins resource when lie shall get too old to be Indis free press. Railroad jottings. The St. Louis. Hannibal and i an up Iii n w Kansas i a the Ilan to i mull d to and Arkansas and is m financial bondholders .000 Mort have goo rack. Equipment sold under Tii a i be As the Chicago any has Bem in Chi Ofman i Tail i its. The St ick i. Are u. Jugh. R. Force and i. S. M. I of. Tii result of trip of ii overllu.1 c Antral system by but. Cham i1 a. Al. Wall a 11. Mck. is the a. Rain Roii Soutsi from pa., Tolje Ler Niin i of the Civet into the n . The Tivner. V by in a Geotge i v train. Its t Wenty ii to . Tins first team Way in England since Miles of tramways live built with a up capital of the combined lines cars. 7ii Bones and in they Over octj.000.000 pass special bargain. Vii acres on Medina River Short distance from san Antonio improved All can be. Cultivated Tine soil never falling apply to 8-Cgt John t. Hamisi Ion a co. Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Nature s wonder for preserving youth and Iresh Ess urge bottles at druggists. 1 pecans wanted. 1 arties who deals Rita in pecans in car loads or less Quantity would do Well to offer them for Suh to a i Lin. Ii. Xan Dukson. The Standard warehouse co have just received the largest and Tim is car Load of vehicles Ever shipped to this City ladies Phaeton speeding Phaeton buggies carriages Etc. We have the i truest surveys in the world also six car loads of Hacks carts express wagons Etc a rents for re Ine Wagon co. Old vehicles taken a. Exchange for new ones. West Nueva Street. 0-19-tf a Safe investment. To one which is guaranteed to bring satisfy Corv . Or in Case of failure a return of Purchase Price. On this Safe plan you can inv from our advertised druggist a Honor of or. King s new Dis covery for i . It is trn Granteed to Brink Relief in Case when used for any affection of Throat. Lungs or Chest such As consumption in Lamma Tion of lungs bronchitis asthma whooping cough crop Etc., Etc. It is pleasant and agreeable to taste perfectly Safe and can always be depended upon. Trial bottles free at Adolph Dreiss and Dreiss Thompson ites. Kaiser is the Only one of the three emperors Llu pers Lor himself. I he l the oin Perot Avista a journal of cuttings set up for Llu i daily Duchesse the car s ilium item la a copy i f Lier and pie Rijs a pre in picture with her mild Auburn hair Aud a tits Dezic ate Lerick has turned her a a Fri Sion work. recently Bill a in Iodko a Hospital it Cima Borg in the humus the Side poor liar the la Rufail True Aru shed leu Tiftic principles to. Of anxiety of his ring Ana in i the must Orui Bini or not even his most ire s in at a breach of any in Novati is no. 1. Western Shade dried 22 and Over per in. S no. Western Shade dried. To. I country Butcher per in. La 6 Light under 16 Ita. Fallen free of mud. Damaged and dry Sal fed. R Green salted no. 1. No. 2. 3 skins. No. 1, Short hair. Goat per in. Improved prot per damaged and kids. Per in. Fancy 2.o Deer skins prime per in. Second 18 anti Hipe wild hog Marjre Ench. 4o mall 20 sheep Kins season not of Iiene yet. Fox a Wolf wild cat Skunk to the creditors of the Maverick Bank. San Akitomo ivx., j in i turns. In. Boxes to is in11 10 Tii Iii Flor. T h Icin in inventor has a Peculiar calling. In Trade is his is and can map out Bis Vork for i lie must study t be Aud try to anticipate Timeir wants to the outsider it seem is needed were made and mat i no Lon _ i of a in it is 1. Miv is tin a cents and invent i. Id for a d. Re i. In new Icin -40 i. Iloe in mirages. 40 in. Cries a Tokay k crates 3.00 apples Northern per barrel. Bananas per bunco. L Bushel boxes. 1 Lemons Messina fancy oranges. Louisiana or Florida s. . it i t ii in in to h of i minion and Timir. I by a i Zirul the less the the More pitiful Tiu am old hut still Iuvone trick the bind up an Arm or a. Leg and crippled. Some of them Are ext Iii r in making tip and y. Re Ratul Exair ignation he necessary to the deception. York Cor. Herald. Box. Lutes. V 1 ctr of n l is per in. cum a. Almonds Tarragona. Filberts. Post office department. Week Days. Stamp window opens 8, a. M. Closes 0, p. In. General delivery opens 8, a. In. U closes 6, p. M. Registry window opens 9, a. M. Closes 5, p. M. Money order window of is 9t a. M. Closes p. M. General delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from to a. M. S. M. Johnson postmaster. A Chance for builders. For Bale thirty Lour shares paid up Stock in the International build ing and loan association. 9-4-tf t. B. Johnson. The Cor. Ohio Rosa and South Flores Street a resort the finest of Domestic and imported i fines a cordial Welcome cigars. Crawford Brown proprietors. James t. Bradys Opp. Southern office Bjar is Headquarters stockmen and other gentlemen who know where to get something Good in the Way of liquid refreshments. Drop in to Brady s once and you will be sure to Call again. S-r.2-tr inns per 100. California Swet Clio Comite 12 ib., boxes per cabbage i Ruie heavy very of h Jinks rat a rare Etc that in .1 the Only one who applaud that i mat he he must be rat in t he Weij l Blunno. Maybe he s a n horseradish per potatoes. California 100 . California per in. New. Louse per in. Per string. Front bbl. Rheese. Wisconsin fall Cream. America. , Creamery fancy. Dairy pickles. 4 bbl. 10 gallon kegs. Chile per round. I cider n. V. State per bbl. Cider. N. V. State to Ketr Beans mexican per Pound. Heans Lima per in. Kean Navy per in. Ham lard Corn per Bushel. .07 .18 -20c 13e x 10 Loc -3 00 25e a a Hay per Hundred 4 of n u i4 70 7." i location Tuk Antonio fire alarm Boies no. Location. 12 Cor s Flor Sand . Cor s Flous and ars Eiml. 14 june s uni East. I. Lung Laredo and s Perns. Cor s Flam Sixl Arkansas. 17 Cor s b hours Aud s ii u crossing 15 Union Stock Yards. In Cor s Crux. V2l 1 i x k i Stock Yards Sau Luis. 23 Gor Medina and Commerce 1 g n i a Cor Commerce and Peers. Cur i cos and Matua Luoius Iti Central Liliee military Plaza. V27 Cor Houston and s Flores. 2s Cor Houston and san saba9 Cor Leona Morales Hospital. Or Morlaes and x Salado. La Al Anil Cor list. Cor Acequia and a june san Pedro ave Aud Caindec 2nd -7 Cor san Pedro ave and Elnira. 8 Warren and Jackson. A coi san Pedro ave Ami Laurel. June Laurel and Frederick Burac Road 11 n fest s store Cor san i Edro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs my car stables. To or Poplar and main ave. 41. Main ave and Macau. 47 Cor lexis Ron ave and Augusta. Cor Soledad Aud 124 Cor k. Houston and St. Mary s. 12t, Cor e. Houston and ave a no. 2 Enuine House. Jefferson. 127 Cor ave i Aud l.2 Cor ave f and ninth. Lone Star brewery Irand ave. Cor ave and Austin Sunset Cor Austin and Daval. 142 of Austin and Carson. 14 Cor military ave and Gray son. 14t Cor Austin and Gray son. 152 Cor military Avear Crosby. 1wor Olive Kim Littleson. Cor Olive and Nolan. Burne tand wat nut. 214 Cor ave k and sixth. 2l Cor ave David fifth. 2k Cor e Commerce and Alamo. 217 Cor Naco Downes and Nolan. 231 Cor Crockett and Bowie. Cor e Commerce and Walnut. 235 Cor water and North Mill Cor water and Goliad. Cor Goliad and Santa Clara 251 june water and Alamo. Mission Ilose 253 co Camargo labor. 261 Cor Presa and Pereida. 312 Cor alar no and Villita. 314 Cor quilts and Nueva. 315 Cor Market and Yturri no. 1 engine House Vul coi Gamen and Villita electric Light station 321 Cor Garden and Milf .24 Cor Mill and a Tams. 325 Cor bean record and Mill. 412 c or King William and Turner. If you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 188? drop in at the Silver Saloon Corner of Flores Aud West commence Street on the East Side of military i j3 tattle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported Domestic wines liquors Aud cigars. 910 Excelsior steam laundry no. -33 hotel. I opposite Mendrer a collars Ca Lucil i or Anil work first c David sanitary Engineer and plumber 11 8. Alamo St., Telephone 440. Modern t in Rubing a n. Kirk Wood employee g univ Chi Fri eced plut Bors Oon sequently those familar with Alt the requirements of modern Phi Mimp for this Climuth. This is r guarantee of Glrst class Ork. M. Berwick in a. _ hardware slows tin or. Rial. Paints on and Laeb agricultural implements wagons Iron steel n West Side military Plaza consumption. 1 Hare a positive remedy for the by me of of tha Vorst kind and i Samv in its Efficacy jail to pc valuable treatise t is disease to Ai Echo Willsea me their express and . Add Etc. Slocum. M. 1s1 Peni a St., n. V paints and oils Glass Wall paper. Agent for Geo. W. Pitkin co s Zinc paste. House training and painting a specially. No. 12 Alamo Street. A. Jbf fat House and sign Painter. Shop on East Commerce Street oppo site St. Joseph s Catholic Church. None but the very Best material used and Good honest work at reasonable prices. Satisfaction warranted every time

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