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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - November 4, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Pally sight. Wednesday Quot november4,1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporated h. M. Aubrey Secretary and mgr office 421 e. Houston St. A Waling by Tom Mason. Will Amish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. A a Quot Telephone no. 406 dress goods. Variety anti prices to snit. We cannot say too much in Praise of our Choice fabrics and the facilities we possess to please the ladies with fashionable toilets. An Avalanche of new dress stuffs Are seen this week and no less conspicuous Are the Fine offerings surrounding them in the line of special prices next six Days. Fine 38 Inch Wool Cheviot in Plains plaids and stripes Are on at 50 cents a Yard. Very exquisite things in bilk Damasse brocades for evening Wear Creme Maize Coral Crocodile Are some of the shades. The dress making Annex is in charge of an artist from new York who has already demonstrated Hei ability to please the fashionable world of san Antonio. 312 3t Josker Brothers. Military notes. My love puts powder on her face i feel quite sure of this for yesterday i dared to place upon her Cheek a kiss. Aud shortly afterwards i chanced before a Glass to walk. And As i viewed myself i saw my lips were White As Chalk. Next time i catch you love beware Imi hold you close and then Pii kiss your Ruby lips to turn mine red again. For Sale. Drug store formerly conducted by the late John l. Keller. I us ii i re of Otto Staffel temporary administrator. 11-30 a a a a a a a a the adjusted dilemma. You in a rather a frail sort of Chap and when Nellie attempted know to sit Down last night in my Lap i had really had to say a Job a then Nellie got angry with me and said that she did t weigh much that id better Wear pads on my Knees and walk round the streets with a Crutch. But at last we made up with a kiss and unless her dear Mother deters she wont sit in my Lap after this but she a going to hold me Iii hers a the Chappie. Herman Vogler married. The Light has received the wedding announcement of or. Herman j. Vogler the Well known Alamo Plaza merchant and miss Olive Vyche Cook oct. 22, at the residence of col. E. G. Cook Hazelhurst miss. The Young couple took a bridal trip to Chicago where they Are at Home until nov. 15, at no. 520 Lasalle Avenue. After nov. 2oth they will be at Home in san Antonio. We May get it. Further efforts made to get the Iron factory. Tho adjourned meeting of the citizens committee to investigate the proposition to have an Iron and wire manufactory located in san Antonio was resumed yesterday afternoon mayor Callaghan or. Graves h. Kampmann Henry Elmendorf Chaa. Hugo f. F. Collins and w. C. Robards met or. Constantine the projector Aud were offered the proposition that citizens Purchase the Riverside Park Aud fair grounds property for $100,000 and take in addition 500 lots at $200 each the Iron foundry to Reserve the River front for their water Power. A scheme to ask the taxpayers to appropriate enough City funds to buy Riverside Park As acid Park was also spoken of but the mayor withdrew when this was spoken of. As his position As chief executive placed him in a delicate position. Or. Constantine said he was ready to put up a wire factory valued at $40,-000,and employing 100handsagalvan-Jzlng Plant Worth $10,000 keeping 25 men at work a barring and twisting Plant $40,000 for 50 men Nail i ii $00,000 for 150 men. And the machine repair cooperage Aud founder. The Mills could be put in and be running in of Days. After considerable discussion the the meeting again adjourned until thursday afternoon. J. S. Thornton Vav. B. Wright Thornton Wright amp co., Bankers san Antonio Texas. Cor. Houston and Navarro its. Accounts of Banks Bankers and individuals solicited general banking business transacted. Thos. B. Wren wholesale and retail dealer in # hardware agricultural implements tinware stoves a holloware cutlery hods and Woodenware paints and Oil belting and machinery supplies Iron steel and Wagon material Iron pipe and Pittings blacksmiths and tuners tools Fence wire of All kinds ammunition builders hardware Etc. 4-13 East Houston Alamo Plaza san Antonio Texas. Samost a quinine sip Orojio cures Dandruff a a do the hair ers far Sale by druggists. J As. Jordan the deserter from d company 7th infantry who was placed to the poet guard House at fort Bam Houston monday was sent to the Post Hospital yesterday to undergo treatment there. R. J. Taylor f. Company 23rd infantry and j. Dempsey h. Company 23rd infantry were turned Over to the civil authorities yesterday charged with having stolen a watch from a civilian on Hie 5fch Day of last september. The Case is very Strong against them. Private h. Dakin a troop 3rd cavalry. Was sent to the Posic Hospital at fort Bam Houston yesterday to be treated for fever. No one returned to duty from the Hospital yesterday. The 23rd infantry band will give a concert at the military Post tonight. There was no dress Parade at the Post yesterday manual of arms was Given instead. Henceforth dress Parade will take place on the evenings of wednesday thursday and Friday. Manual of arms will take place on monday and tuesday evenings to accustom the men to the new Drill tactics. Dress Parade will take place this evening at the military Post. There were no confinements in the Post guard House at fort Bam Houston yesterday nor was there any one leased therefrom. Mrs. Hall of Austin is visiting in the City. She is the wife of colonel Hall of the first artillery. The following Are the sales of the Post canteen at fort Bam Houston for monday bar room Cash $19.65 checks $15.40 total sales of bar room $35.05. Lunch room Cash $12 55 checks $7.60 total sales of lunch room $20.15. Billiard room Cash 30 of tits checks. 5 cents total sales of billiard room 35 cents total sales of canteen $55.55 business is picking up since some of the men got their extra duty pay and headquarter men Etc got paid of. The Soldier boys were paid off this morning at fort Bam Houston. They Are All Happy now. Within the course of the next two months there will be about fourteen men discharged from k. Troop 3rd cavalry on the expiration of their time. Rome people. Re Buttler a Book. Gen. Butlers Book is now about three quarters written that is to say be has gotten no More than three quarters Way Down to the present time. His publishers while not exactly alarmed at the Outlook foresee that the Book is bound to expand to nearly 1,200 pages. The Doughty old general does Little else at present than write. His is the easy Way of authorship. He lies Back in a big easy chair in his Library at Lowell chewing an unlighted Cigar and rumbles and sputters out his sentences to his private Secretary. When the general has finished his Forenoon a dictation he goes out to ride and the patient private Secretary reads his notes to another shorthand writer who in turn writes them out with a typewriter. When Butler has gone through this vigorously with a Pencil a fresh copy is transcribed and sent to the publishers. This is Gen. Butlers first at tempt at authorship and he takes As much Delight in Reading his revised proofs As a Spring poet Iii gloating Over his first published effusion. The work will be plentifully spiced with his opinions of Public men and their motives. He also tikes up in the very Glrst chapter the celebrated a a spoons Story and As Hie publishers Tell me a the does no to leave even a spoonful of the Man who first printed the proverbs. Livery stable Man steals a queer Steed. Jim Hennessy a Hostler in Woodward amp Evans stables on Houston Street was run in by officer of Connor esterday for being drunk. He had a ladies safety bicycle walking it around and offering it in saloons for Sale at $10 the Man was locked up and the officer went Back and walked the bicycle Over to the police station where Quot it was later claimed by a brother of the owner of the wheel miss Eloise Polk who had left it on the sidewalk while she went into the Bauta Rosa Hospital. While inside it is supposed Hennessey came along and walked it of a. If the lady had had a bicycle Ock and Chain he could not have taken it away. A charge of theft of Over $20 has been made against Hennessy before us Rice Herron. If other people would Only do a1 ways As we want them to what a Happy world this would be for us. When a Man praises you he generally expects to get in return a Little More Praise than he bestows. When a Man is head Over ears in debt. It generally does no to worry him one Naif so Mucu As it does his creditors. The Man who always ands fault when things go wrong generally does no to have much time to do anything to help things go right. What a sacrifice the drum major makes to magnificence when he wears ids big Bearskin hat Over the Dusty procession route on a hot july Day if some of the people who Pray really believed that their prayers would be answered they Pray with More Energy than they do now if a Man could Only see tile consequences of ail the evil things he does How hard he would try a not to do the evil things but to Avert the consequences. People complain because the jokers do not evolve More new jests but they always laugh most heartily at the oldest jokes at the theatre. If it wore not for Hope the heart would break. Choose a wife rather by your ear than your Eye. I know of no one that wants to die this year. Friendship is the most sacred of a1 moral Bonds. Industry is fortunes right hand. A Man in passion rides a horse that will run away with him. It often costs More to revenge wrong than to it Bear it. A Man May say too much on the Best subject. He who is master of himself Wil soon be the Lead r of others. A father is a treasure a brother Comfort but a Friend is both. If you have to enemies it is a sign that Fortune has forgotten you. Drunkenness turns a Man out of himself and leaves a beast la his place. Robbed of heu wheel. Pasturage. Splendid pasturage horse Stock $1 per per month. Address James p. Newcomb of Posto Ilice Box 347. A for Coal vases Coal hods and fire grates go to Max by Hultzen a 9 West Commerce Street successor to h. 13 in attention. I would like to Call the attention of the Good people of san Antonio to the fact that the place to buy what they need Iii the hardware line is it the new hardware store no. 413 e. Houston str., and the ladies especially Are invited to inspect the Nice new and Bright articles for the Kitchen and household that we have on hand. Thomas it. When 10-20 in proprietor. The cheapest teas. Hollands a Happy thought 50c per pc Hollands i know 00c per in. Pertinent paragraphs. Go to the across the san Pedro. Open every ni6ht. The place for gentlemen to pass a pleasant evening. Admission 10c, 15,25c by Ouk special contributor the vocation of the Campaign liar came to an end last night. Cold facts took the witness stand on the closing of the polls last night. Public opinion. Public opinion is merely the combined result of the majority of individual opinions. Thus although it is Ever fluctuating it is upon the whole growing and improving with the growth Aud improvement of each of its factors. We have quite As much no do with the making or reforming of it As we have with the manner of receiving its influence. Indeed whether we know it or not we Are every Day and hour helping to make it what it s. By everything we do and by every opinion we utter we Are either elevating or lowering its standards. Thus we Are responsive rot Only f r our attitude toward Public opinion nut for the very character of Public opinion itself. Anthold House. The oldest inhabited dwelling House in the United states is said to be that of Kiliatu Van Iten Selear opposite Albany. It is described As being of Brick with a Gambrel roof. The Trout Wall contains two pout holes out of which the Early inhabitants shot at the indians. According to a plate in the rear set up by the Albany commemorative society the building was erected in 1642. The dutch reformed settlers held religions services in the old Hall. There is a Well behind House which legend names As place where a Yankee. Diddle composed during the French and Dian War. A a Maverick is an unfortunate name for a Bank. There were two bearing that name in the United states and both of them have collapsed and busted. A Tell it not in oath nor publish it in the streets of Ascalon a that two sanitary inspectors were out looking around yesterday. The disagreeable smells Are strongest at night Aud would then reveal their causes. The editor of the Cotulla times by his free use of Taffy has earned the Freedom of the City of ban Antonio Aud hereafter when he visits our City he can do just As he pleases in All respects. But it he deals out Taffy so liberally there is danger of his bankrupting himself in the a near the the was in the country is literally overrun with false prophets. The world moves on in Defiance of them and their predictions. No one has taken the Field yet for Alderman at Large and it looks As if the office will have to seek the Man with a Microscope and a search warrant. Or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot m. Do a assistant. Regular graduates the Lead inst specialist of the sooth and West private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who do Kotb of in pud Enoe or Folly suffer from Nervo u s debility exhausting Drainon he fountains of Hie affecting t h e in and body and manhood should loom ult the celebrated or. That h away at once. Re member Nerv a s diseases with or without dreams or debility and lose of nerve Power to ated scientifically by new methods with great Success it Maks no difference what Yon have taken or who Bas failed to cure Yon. Lost manhood Aud All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles Groat discovery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature. Painless treat men stricture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Safe and sure. Syphilis the most rapid Safe and effect be remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural Disch arces promptly cured in a few Days. Quick sure and sate. This includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. My methods 1. Free consultation at the once or by mail. 2.thorough examination and careful diagnosis. S. I hat each of special Alty is made i. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment Iii a of cases. A Home treatment can be Given in a majority done to be bashful be patriotic gentlemen but dash to the front Aud tap your Strong Box. Send for symptom Blank no. I for men. Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. 8 for skin All correspondence answered promptly. Business strictly confidential. Medicine sent free from observation Liefer to Banks in san an Tonto Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. D., Toh so w. Com toe rec St., upstairs 6-1-1-m san Antonio Texas. Notice of partnership. J. B. Olsen the furniture dealer has sold an interest in his t us Ness Aud the firm name will hereafter be Olsen amp Walke. Thanking the Public for their Liberal patronage in the past and hoping for a continuance of the tame to the new firm we Are very respectfully 11-3 3t Olsen amp Walke. Money is a the one thing needful in election these Days and especially in ban Antonio with certain votes. Building permits. H. C. A. Torrey dwelling fifth Street 5th Ward $1,200. Annie Jenkins shed West Commerce Street 3rd Ward. Mrs. M. F. Lewis store Arkansas Street 1st Ward $800. Frank Rieden barn West Commerce Street. 3rd Ward. $150. J. Speegle shed West Commerce Street 2nd Ward. Another Way out. Attorney t. J. Mcminn has taken up John Quesadas Case and will Lodge an allegation before the court that he is of unsound mind Aud probably the Young Man already sentenced to the Penitentiary for robbing an ice factory watchman will be tried for lunacy. The changing of the trial of Lyons and Atlee from Frio to Travis to duty will necessitate half a dozen continuances on account of the absence of i witnesses and bring the trial on in the year 1900, with Good Luck and no accidents. The great Boom that was to take away our breath and Knock our under pinging from under us Bas not come to hand nor been heard from on the Way. A have your Coffee ground by electricity at Texas Tea and Coffee co., 233 e. Houston by. Tel. 578. To 13 in. Heavy losses sustained by not buying Tea at Hollands chaff is not a Good thing to bait with since the sea coast Boom of last year turned out to be a regular trap for suckers. People fight shy of Patent booms manufactured to order. A Chicot Export Tsao mask booms of this sort have seriously Hurt ban Antonio and still several additions Are unsold. Used in millions of Homes to years the Standard investments in City property a pan out the Best profits and Are Best for raising Money on at a Pinch. V insane. Guadalupe Rodriguez the mexican living out on Kerry a Hill who when his Mother died about a year ago refused for three Days to allow any one to remove the Corpse for burial was adjudged insane yesterday afternoon and was placed in confinement. Of late he has become dangerous. S. A. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best any part of the City. Delivered to

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