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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 31, 1886, San Antonio, Texas Monday May 31, 1886. time . Mow time card in effect january i 1886 i. A a n. Hat i Road. Depa Rel Kes. For St. Loma via to. Pac route. 4 00 p. In. For St. Louis via Iron mountain.,. 0 30 a. In. For St. To Ria via Missouri Pacific,�?8 30 a in for Laredo. La 50 a. In. Arrivals from St. Louis Missouri Pacific. 11 00 a. In. From St. Louis Iron Mountain 10 50 p. In. From uis via Missouri a Filc to 60p.m rom Laredo.3 15 p. In. Q., a. A g. A. Railroad. One Thain to new Orleans daily. Through express East Dally. Leave for new Orleans Houlton and galveston.8.00 a. In. Arrive rom the East. Arrive Dom new Orleans Houston and Gat Veston .7.555 p. In. Through West. Leave for san Francisco Vej paso and Eagle a pass. 7.50 p. In. Arrive from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass .7.30 a. In. S. A a. P. It. K. Arrivals Anh departures. Until further notice our trains will run Dally except sunday As follows leave san a Ntonio. 8,30 a. In. Arrive at Pettus. 4.00 p. In. Leave Pettus.10.00 a. A. Arrive at san Antonio. 0.00 p. In. Connect at san Antonio with tile Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways at Floresville with stage lilies for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and la Vernia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus with stage lines for Beeville Oakville Mineral City and All Points South. Tills Story was commenced May 537.1 the last of t ii e Kun j in to. By the author of a a Kwh bet he a a one morning there came a letter telling her that he wished to be free such a letter Bertie so cold so cruel it makes we Ween to think of it. Ile told Lier that he Felt his love for her had been a mistake and that he could never love any one As he found lie loved an italian lady of High rank whom lie had known intimately for eighteen months. A it has not been sudden a he said a i have tried to tight against it. I feel that my engagement with you came about More As a matter of course rather from Long Friendship than from any real love and although if you wish it i will keep my Promise i feel we should not be a that was not All no mention of her feelings Only thought for himself. She gave him his Freedom and he married your Mother. But that was not Polly Nugent had never Lieen Strong and this great grief brought on a kind of Low fever which weakened her and besides the pain of losing her Lover arum the humiliation of desertion she had yet another Pang to i heir. A not Only Dill lord Calverton immediately marry but a month after the wedding he brought his Bride to the towers nay still More he even brought her Here to see my aunt Only think of it he told his wife quite carelessly that miss Nugent and he at one time had some thoughts of marrying but that they had seen the error of their ways. Think of the cruelty of being obliged to hear such a speech As that from the Man she loved to the woman for whom he had forsaken her and married my aunt bore up like a True Nugent through it All but she had still to endure another Pang. When you were bom your father asked her to lie your godmother and she rather than lie tray to him or to any one else How bitter was her suffering but before the Day fixed for the christening arrived my aunt was dead. She had Long been in what the doctors called a decline a but what less practical people called a heart broken a and she burst a blood vessel and died. She kept her Promise and loved him a for every and it Cost her her a my Darling a said lord Calverton solemnly a i have been away from you for five Long years. I have been thrown amongst the most Beautiful and fascinating women of Europe i have been sought after i will not be so conceited a to think for myself but for my title and for my riches and yet i have come Back a to you. All those five years during which i never saw you i never forgot the Golden haired Blue eyed child who threw her arms round my neck and cried. You done to know i love you a a no a said Dolly softly. A i never did. I made up my mind ten years ago that i would one Day win you for my own and of my Dearest if aught come Between us then let me die for i could not live if the last Bertram Nugent broke Dorothy Nugentq a heart i shall not follow his example. Look at me and Tell me you can Ami will Trust a i will Trust you said Dolly softly. A my Dearest a he cried a you done to know How Happy you have made me Dolly i will have no dangerous delay you know Yon might change your mind this time a with a smile at the idea of it. A the Nugent motto is a for Ever a a returned the girl proudly. A there never was a Nugent who went Lack from his word yet and you May be sure i shall not be the one to Start such an objection Able a this is August a said Calverton in a musing tone. A i shall ask for you on the first of a ooh in cried Dolly demurely. A and who is to Settle the question a a in the first place you of course. Do i make too sure of you my Darling if so that is your own fault for if you remember you always used to do whatever i asked a yes i did but that will never do when we Are married you know Bertie. I shall lie obliged then to lie very Cross grained and disagreeable or we shall never be quarrelsome enough for married a do the Squire and tile mistress quarrel a a quarrel a cried Dolly in a Why we should As soon expect Deane Kila Church to walk across the Park and fight the towers As to hear them quarrelling no they never quarrel but then father gives in to Mother always a with much emphasis on the last word. A but you will a give in to me about this a he pleaded a a won to you Dolly if you knew How lonely it is at the towers All by myself eating my wretched dinner As i did last night at the end of a table forty feet Long and feeling like a Gulliver in Bro Diug whatever they Call it a a and Pray How shall i feel when you go to York to Dine at the club or at the Barracks As lord Calverton used to do and you leave me All alone As lie used to leave the countess a she asked. A the used to go to get rid of Lier scolding Tongue a lie answered. A poor father it would have Linen More cheerful for him if lie had stuck to his first love. Of course you know Darling the countess is dead and i do not wish to say anything against her but of she did hate me she never tried to disguise it. In be heard her say to my father Many times in the most Calm and dispassionate Way As if she were quietly stating an indisputable fact a i hate you of How i do hate you a a that was Why he went Over to York so often j and Small blame to a very Small Quot returned Dolly by in pathetically. A and so until you Tell to you hate me i shall not make a practice of going to York or anywhere and leaving you a he said fondly. A father is coming up the cried Dolly suddenly. A Call him a a his Squire a shouted Calverton vigorously a a Squire wait a minute a Squire Nugent stopped Short though not quite euro whence the shout came and the two Young people ran quickly Down the Church Yard pith and met him at the sch Gate. A not Calverton surely a he cried heartily. A Why i was talking Elxnit you to Dolly tins very afternoon Well my i my in a glad to see you Home again very glad a than you Squire a answered Culver Tan turning and walking slowly up the Hill beside the Squire Dolly clinging closely to her fathers left Arm. A i say. Squire a he ii Gan dashing Post haste into his subject a you know most of the Calverton Pedigree done to you a a Why yes a Good Deal of it of course a a returned the Squire rather puzzled. A How we Wen originally scottish Folk a none o yer Lowland tykes but real Hie Landeis a a yes. Well Quot a and tor haps also How a we airily went into the Airmy when we left off cattle Lee it in a a Well a said the Squire. A Well a returned Calverton with certainly the Grace to flush a Little under the Squires keen Blue eyes a you know what a bred in the is me will it ome out in the flesh and i have been stealing a Little myself lately Only it Isnit cattle this time its a a otherwise Dolly a asked the Squire with a laugh. A Well my i my take care of her and you re ill take care of her please heaven a said Calverton earnestly gripping the Squires hand. A i a fms to think she a very Strong Ehy what ? there is nothing amiss with her a cried the Squire Alert in a moment. A a you be not noticed anything wrong with her you know that outsiders sometimes see things quicker than one does he is teasing you father a put in Dolly. Well sir i done to honestly think Dolly looks very As every one knows a prevention is better than cure a in be been thinking that a Winter in Italy might be a a you Young rogue a cried the Squire with his Jolly laugh. A you mean a wedding in october do you ? Well we must hear what the mistress says to that you must talk to so the Young Earl won the Day and the wedding was fixed to take place the first week in oct Olier. A a of what do you think a exclaimed the Squire quite suddenly during Tho evening. A the Villa is let and the now tenants took Possession a fortnight ago i hear that everything in the place is new from attic to a How terrible a remarked the mistress with a shudder. A a widow and her daughter mrs. And miss a they have come to Deane Ella a exclaimed Calverton in Groat Surprise. A yes. Do you know them a a do Yon know them a echoed Dolly. A i have met them in fact i have met then rather often. Hermione Cave Fox was rather a a get of my mothers and frequently used to stay with her a he answered. A dear me what a curious coincidence that they should have chosen a House within three Miles of Calverton towers a put in mrs. Nugent rather sarcastically. A not at All curious my dear Mother a returned Calverton calmly and with a smile at the sudden look of terror which had Lead Neil into his finances Blue a i should not Call it coincidence myself at All. Though it is a pity to spend so much Money for nothing is it not a a if it is for nothing a said Dolly in a very Low tone which Only reached Cul Verton s ears. He was sitting on the same sofa with her and holding Lier hand furtively under cover of the embroidered cloth on the Little table before them but As she Spike he released her hand and left his seat heedless of her piteous look. A i think Squire a he said standing upon the Hearth Rug and looking very tall arum stately a that after All i had better go Back with the dog cart Quot a for they had arranged that he should remain at the House for a few Days and had accordingly sent Over to the towers for his clothes a a it seems a shame to trouble you with a my dear boy a said the mistress calmly a your Man arrived an hour ago. Your room is prepared and we shall not allow you to leave. Besides that it is now Hal past ten and time to go to bed at least i am going to lied. I suppose you and tile Squire will lie Able to entertain each other in the smoking loom so a she went away then and tin Squire too Rose. A you will find me in the smoking room a he said cheerfully. A ooh i am coming now a answered Calverton. When the Squire had left Tho room Calverton crossed Over to where Dolly was standing trembling nervously. A Good night Dolly a he said coldly offering his hand. A you Are angry with me a she said piteously. A yes i am very angry with you a he answered uncompromisingly. A i am inclined to think Dolly a speaking with distinct severity a that in showing so much distrust of me whom you profess to love you judge me by yourself he left Lier without another word and Dolly sat Down before the fire and cried As if Lier heart would break. Now the Squire who was not a great smoker at any time and who had been All Day in the open air began yawning so prodigiously that Calverton suggested that it would not by a bad plan for him to go to bed. A a done to mind me Squire a he a a there a no need for you to sacrifice yourself to do tile polite to me. I know the ways of tile House pretty Well and i la go to lied myself a i ooh As this Cigar is a i am awfully sleepy a admitted the Squire and then he went to lied like a sensible Man leaving Calverton to the charms of his own thoughts. Dolly likewise on her Way to bed ten minutes later seeing the door of the smoking room standing ajar could not resist the temptation of peeping in upon her Lover even if he was angry with her and then seeing that he was alone she went in impulsively and cried out a ooh Bertie wont you sp1 \ to me a Calverton jump Al up from his seat. A what Are you doing Here child a he asked. A go to lied at a not while you Are Cross a said Dolly boldly. A i never went to lied in my life a out of friends with one and i m not going to begin with you there a she ended with two Reli Ellious tears glistening on her Long eyelashes. Calverton laughed and Drew her towards him kissing her tenderly. A there my Dearest go to lied at once and i will scold you As you deserve in the a and you Are no longer angry a asked Dolly anxiously. A i done to think i was angry a he said gently. But of Dolly i was Hurt a a but i a she began when he stopped her. A i insist upon your taking your departure miss Nugent a he said with mock sternness and it was with a laugh on her lips after All that Dolly Nugent went to rest that night. Until it Dia App Areil round the v vicarage Corner. A let us go into the boudoir a said Calverton. But Dolly did not move from the position she Hail taken up against the door Way. A the Boun Lorf she repeated doubtfully. A yes a he returned a we shall not lie interrupted there. No tiresome servants you know whisking in and a i believe a she said demurely tracing absurd patterns in the dust with Lier foot a that the boudoir la being swept out this a bother Well we can take Possession of the Squires study. Come he said persuasively trying to take her hand. A Are you going to scold me a asked Dolly at last in desperation finding her Small strength giving Way against a because if you Are i wont if Calverton Hail really intended to do so he could not have resisted the temptation to burst out laughing at her and he laughed until Dolly forgot her fears and joined in his mirth. A is that the Way you Are going to look at me when we Are married a he asked. A when we a re married a repeated Dolly All the laughter dying out of her a ooh i Don t know How i shall look when we Are married a she turned and walked along the flagged pathway beside him Back to the House then led the Way to the untidy Little room her father was pleased to term his study a loom with two windows overlooking a tiny Garden enclosed within High Walls mantled to the very top with Ivy. There was a smooth Lawn with a single Flower bed in the Center just then Bright with Radiant blossoms. There was also a narrow gravel walk which ran entirely round the Garden Between the Lawn and vied Walls. It was not exactly a cheerful Prospect but the Squire did not care to have anything altered for one of his Anc stresses a mistress Adela Nugent having heard that her husband had met with a sudden and tragical death in a foreign land made a vow that she would never mix with the world again so she made the study it had likewise Lieen her husband s Sanctum a her sitting room and had the High Walls built so Itiat she could take the air in her own Little a Iii in without fear of onlookers. Her by Aland made his appearance again after having liven in Durance vile some two years and it was said that mistress Adela had some fear lest her vow might remain in Force though the cause of it had returned after Alt hut the Uhland never allowed the Little room and Garden to in altered nor would his descendant. Squire Nugent. Culver on closed the door after Dolly had passed into the room and followed her to the window sent sitting Down beside her and drawing Lier head upon bib shoulder. To be continued new advertisements. H. C. Miller manufacturer of rubber Stamps stencils seals badges Metal Chi is door plates House numbers Etc. Till special notices. Notice. Office san Antonio St. Ray co. April 21,1886. During the summer last oar on the san Pedro line will leave the Springs at 10 30 p. Rn., except saturday and sunday on which Days they will run regular la p. In. Extra cars can be had at All hours by parties wishing to remain later. A. Belknap president. Liquid bread. A Fine summer beverage just received at Emanuel Abrahams Corner military Plaza and Trevino Avenue. 5-21-tf. Cholera. Diarrhoea Colic cramps pains in the stomach lameness sprains Lumbago swellings pains in the head or Boily neuralgia rheumatism and Toothache All pain internal or external cured quicker with wonderful eight than Uny other remedy. We guarantee that wonderful eight will cure you and relieve you of pain. Sold by f. Kalteyer to son. Banks and Bankers. S. Alexander. President. Arch a. Alexander assistant it Ashier. No. 8 Navarro Street a opposite Groo a Bank. I he is Here to stay. Or. Weathers is Here to stay. His practice is growing daily. Ile has met with Fine Success and Bas credentials As a thorough physician second to none. His remedies Are Safe pleasant and efficient. Children take them cheerfully. Visits with prescriptions $1, anywhere in the City. Chronic diseases solicited. Office at netters drug store residence 227 Elmira Street. Telephone no. 118. K. K. K. Stands for Kay a Kentucky kure or liniment which is made by an old Kentucky horse doctor and is a perfect Blessing to Man and beast for All purposes a liniment can be put to. Sold by f. Kalteyer to son. San Antonio. Consumption can be cubed. Amp Halls Balsam i cures coughs colds pneumonia Cut sumption bronchial difficulties by it chitin. Hoarseness is Jon-3s, croup whooping coup a Diabase of Tho soothes and heals the lungs inflamed and poisoned by the disease and prevents the night sweats and Tho tightness across the Chest which accompany it. Consumption is not an incurable malady. Halls Balsam will cure you even though professional Aid fails. For Sale by All druggists. John f. Heney so co., new York. Is write for illuminated Book. Clar Ter Iii. Breakfast was Over and the two Young people Dolly and oui Vert on stood at the Side door watching the Stanhope Phaeton containing the Squire and the mistress tem National Bani of san Antonio 258 com Mer so Street. Authorize capital. F 750,000 paid in. 100,000 a general banking business transacted. Visitors Register kept in our Reading room where strangers in the City Are invited to eau. J. 8. Thornton pres. . j. W. Glass v. P the traders National Bani of san Antonio Texas. Transacts a general banking business. F Groos amp co., Bankers and dealers in Exchange. Han Antonio tax a Leonidas d. Dibble attorney a at Law and notary Public. No. 5340. West Commerce Street san Antonio Texas. Narc so Leal. Joseph shely. Aurantia most of the diseases which afflict Mankind Are originally canned by a disordered condition of the liver. For is complaints of this kind such As Torpi Dity of the liver bilious Ness nervous dyspepsia indigestion irregularity of the bowels constipation flatulence erect actions and burning of the stomach sometimes called heartburn. Miasma malaria bloody flux chills and fever break one fever exhaustion before or after fevers chronic diarrhoea Lees of appetite headache foul breath irregularities incidental to females bearing Down ask Shover s Frlj Ranill in invaluable. It is not a Panacea for ail diseases i a it i in All diseases of the liver will Vlloa stomach and bowels. It changes the complexion from a waxy yellow tinge to a Ruddy healthy color. It entirely removes Low gloomy spirits. It is one of the Best alternatives and purifiers of the blood and is a valuable tonic. St a Dic e r is Aurantia for Sale by All druggists. Price is of per bottle. C. F. St a dicer proprietor �?o0 so. Front St., Philadelphia a. Leal amp shely i established ln1853, 2aft Dolorosa Street Between main and military Playas. Live Stock Exchange Bureau of i no Kivi at i on. Dealers in Frontier lauds mexican Arboles and general Agency. Bell amp Bros no. 281, Commerce Street Clem . Louis a. Hornung. Telephone no 5j74. Cotton amp Hornung Excelsior planing Mills contractors and builders. Manufacturers of advice to mothers. Mrs. Winslow a soothing syrup should always be used for children teething. It Booths the child softens the Gums alleys All pain cures wind Colic and is the Best remedy for diarrhoea. 25 cents a bottle. 7-22-Lyr special to artists. One of the finest establishments that san Antonio if not Texas can boast of is the Art gallery of c. H. Mueller at 5305 urn Merer Street. 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One of the most attractive of these places is Jackson a Gulch 22 Miles South of san Antonio on the san Antonio River. At this Point there Are several Fine Springs and Cool Shady Groves rendering it a desirable place to spend the Day. To All of these Points the san Antonio and Arkansas pass people have agreed to sell tickets at reduced rates to parties of ten or More and will furnish special accommodations in the Way of extra coaches to parties desiring to take a trip to any Point they May designate. 5 2l-tf i. A a a a a. An enterprising reliable House. A. Greats can always be relied upon not Only to carry i Stock the Best of everything but to secure the Agency for such articles As have Well know Merit and Are popular with the people thereby sustaining the reputation of timing always enterprising and Ever reliable. Having secured the Agency for the celebrated or. Kings new discovery for consumption will sell it on a positive guarantee. 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Plans specifications Aud All information desired by those contemplating to build furnished. P-27-Ly to parents. Many a Kirg powder Are very pernicious to health Arni while every one regards his own he should also have a care for tile tender one a the utile children. Sea Eoa i contains none of Tho find qualities of baking powders soda or Sal Eratus. It contain no hurtful ingredients to Alum or Amnion a. Scientific All chemists who have Analysed sea foam commend it. Housekeepers who have used it w ill have no of Lier. Cooks whose test efforts have failed with other powder Are jubilant Over sea foam. Saves time save labor Naves Money it is a it Lovely unequalled absolutely pure. Us it by the leading hotels and restaurants in new York City and throughout the country. For sate by All first Clos grocers. Gantz Jones Dot co., 176 Duane St., n. Y. San Antonio. Opinion or an expert. Mrs. Mary b. Welch teacher of Iko Mustio Chou org at state University of Iez a. Quot my deliberate judgment is that the oven of Tho Runge As compared with others is not Only More equally heated in every part front As we As rear but As a result of its Superior ventilation the food placed therein is better cooked while retaining a sweeter flavor and a larger proportion of its Best juices. I have found also that the consumption of fuel in this Range for a Given a mount of work is much any other mrs. Mary b. Welch. Etso Roe cat Avoux and prick kist to Excelsior manufacturing of. St. Louis. Leroux amp Cosgrove dealers in hardware Bolk agents Eon san Antonio a just received Large Stock of new goods which will be sold at the lowest figures. You can got salts of the finest imported or Domestic cloths made up in the latent fashion especially to your order at moderate prices by Valentini lok popular tailor Commerce Street near Bridge. Only Torst Solasb workmen employed beat t rimming used. A fit guaranteed. Val. Lorra popular tailor Commerce St., near brid1. Id in a the and the
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