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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 30, 1891, San Antonio, Texas My flit Bahij fight. Saturday May 30, 1891. Travels in. Wonderland. Boring for Oil struck Asphaltum returned a prospects a mines want a consult personal. Fatigued but interested in a pile of business letters that had accumulated while absent. Col. John Grace the general superintendent is the happiest Man in the City. A few Days ago he received a chunk of Silver Ore from his mine near Victoria Tamaulipas that was so Rioh in Silver that it made the hair Fly off his head. He has a Bonanza. Edmond. Short stops. Monterey May 27, 1891. To the san Antonio Light. I while the Monterey and mexican Gulf people were Boring for water on the Chicoy Hacienda thirty ave Miles this Side of Tampico they struck a Ane strata of Asphaltum. After going through it they found some prospects of striking Coal Oil so now they Are Boring for Oil with a steam Drill. The terminus of the Road is now within thirty Miles of Tampico in one of the finest Prairies in the country. They Are Well watered with Mountain streams which Are hued with heavy Timber. There is some of the finest grazing and agricultural the world Between Here and Tampico. Capt. Charles Fowler jr., and capt. W. A. Mcvitie of Galveston who went to Tampico last week with the View of establishing a steamship Agency in that City returned Munday night. They informed your correspondent that they had a Good time and that they were royally entertained by the people. Captain Fowler fell in love with a dark eyed Beauty at an eating House on the Way. While he was looking at her and admiring her it seems that he attracted her attention and that she fell in love with him. As the Captain could not speak Spanish nor could she speak a word of English she took in the situation. She went out and got a drinking cup that had the following Gilt letters on it in English it love you a and gave it to him. That settled it. As soon As he reached Monterey he purchased a Spanish phrase Book Aud he is now taking lessons in Spanish. The Captain informed As he would be Back Here in a few weeks and would Speed a month in this wonderland. On monday they went to Saltillo Ana spent a Day in the Buena Vista of the Sierra Madre. They were delighted with what they saw in that City. Capt. Mcvitie fell in love with some of the senoritas. He informed us that he saw some of the handsomest Young ladies that he Ever saw. As he requested us not to mention his name in connection with them As he expects to come Back Here again and spend a month in Saltillo we agree to let him off. Capt. F. H. Waters of Brooklyn n. Y., has been appointed steam ship agent of the Monterey and mexican Gulf railway with Headquarters at Tampico. He will have charge of everything afloat that belongs to the company and that will be consigned to them. He will leave for Mobile via Galveston in a few Days and will return to Tampo by steamship. There Are a Large number of prospectors in the City at present. Since writing my last letter four prospecting parties have gone to the mountains to Hunt for mines. A Large Quantity of Ore has been received at the smelters during the week. Prof. A. A. Merlett received some More Copper Ore from his Coahuila mines which contains More Gold than that which he received last week. Your compositors changed the Reading of the assay that was made of his Ore in my last letter. It assayed 55 per cent of Copper to the ton in place of 55 ounce. Or. Sol Guggenheim of new York and his two Brothers arrived this week. They have Large mining in forests in Mexico and Colorado. Last Winter they purchased about200 acres of land near the City for the purpose of erecting smelters. Prof. A. W. Gust their general manager is in the City also to superintend their works Here. Or. D. H. Randolph Lite postman Ter at Laredo Aud or. A. Theriat of Nueva la Edo Are going to establish a drug store in Monterey col. S. G. Robbs a commission merchant of Laredo is going to establish a commission House in Monterey Monte Morales and Tampico for the Sale of Lime and Cement. There is considerable complaint among the business men because the american government does not appoint a Consul at Monterey. When Ever they have any documents to acknowledge they Nave to go to Saltillo or Nueva Laredo. This entails considerable expense and delay your correspondent has been informed that the reason one has not been appointed is that the mexican government does not want one Here we do not believe there is any truth in said report. The opposition comes from another source. Several pet Lions have been forwarded for the position but no attention has been paid to them. Or. Geo. M. Bersavi proprietor of the Wilf Cou House Laredo is visiting his daughter mrs. Ord. Or. G. L. Mayes of Laredo has been fight seeing in wonderland for a several Days. Col. J. C. Middleton one of the representatives of the Nueva Leon smelting and refining works returned last night from a business trip to the City of Mexico. Of j v r Ibe Tsou general Man Auer of the Monterey Aud mexican Gulf railway returned yesterday from san Antonio. We found him this morning up to his eyes in business. Col. J. D. Copeman . A.,of the m. Amp m. G. R. Ii., who went to Tampico with Messis. F Owler and my Volti was at his desk this morning somewhat in memory of the Gallant Davis. A window in the Light building was devoted today to the memory of the late gov. Edmund j. Davis. We give the following eloquent tribute from the oration delivered by or. Jas. P. Newcomb on memorial Day 1884 a and Here it is appropriate to speak of a distinguished Comrade who has gone to his rest general e. J. Davis the patriotic governor of Texas. All the glory the Confederate texans won fighting against the Union cannot dim the Luster of the Fame of the Texas United states volunteers led by Davis. They represented the loyalty that Confederate military tyranny could not subjugate or Confederate persecution obliterate. Davis was a Man in whose presence men Felt ennobled. He was a splendid character. His unflinching patriotism his courage and ability made him a born Leader of men a True son of the South a genuine Type of Southern chivalry. When the storm of secession gathered ready to burst upon the land his patriotism Rose above state lines and embraced his whole country. Other Southern born men have been extolled for their allegiance to their states. Davis wan greater than any of them he Laid aside All his Lovey of Home and family his state Pride surrendered a prominent official position Aud trampling under every personal consideration buckled on his sword and led As Gallant a band of texans As Ever shouldered gun or mounted horse to the front to Battle for the Union. Texas has much in her past history to be proud of its soil has been made heroic by the deeds of men who have freely offered up the lives in the cause of Liberty and Good government. He Alamo stands within our vision where once floated the Lone Star Emblem of a Republic baptised in the blood of Travis Crockett and their More than heroic companions. Upon every Field of contest where texans Lave taken part they have won Fame but no Page in our history will gleam with brighter radiance than the Story of the Texas Union volunteers led by the Knightly Davis. See before me some of his Veteran band and the poor tribute i eau pay to his memory will fail far Short of their Heartfelt admiration and love for their old commander. Not Only was his example As a Patriot and in Glen Soldier worthy of emulation but to him the people of this great state owe a debt of gratitude. Besides hi9 defense of Texas loyalty on the Battle Field he led the state Back nto the Union under the reconstruction acts which clothed the people with the Power they now possess to regulate their Domestic affairs. He left the state to his successors la office comparatively free from debt bound by railroads to the rest of the Union. 90,000,-000 of acres of Public Domain untouched open to the homeless from every clime with Law Ana order enforced Aud Public education so firmly engrafted upon the institutions of the state that no opposition has been Able to put it aside. All our Prosperity As a state is due to his honesty Wisdom Ana loyalty. His dust lies peacefully in a Distant graveyard where no Flowers will be strewn today but we can consecrate a Wreath to his memory. His example is worthy of the imitation of every Southern Man. His disinterested patriotism places his name High on the Roll of americans noblest the natatorium. The Burke natatorium is now an assured Success. Daily it is visited by hundreds of gentlemen and youths who enjoy a delicious plunge and swim of any length of time they May chose to remain in the water. The natatorium is situated on North Flores Street just South of san Pedro Park Aud is easily reached by the mule line or the Beacon Hill electric line. It is very commodious and consists of a Large airy building Over a Pool 90 by 35 feet made entirely of Cement with a depth of from three to eight feet of water. Life preservers and Cork jackets Are plentiful for beginners Aud those who do not know the Art of swimming and careful attendants Are on hand to avoid accidents Rowdy ism Etc. The building is 114 by 59 feet and is capable of being closed in Wincer and nicely heated which will be done. A ten Inch Stream of fresh water flows through it and the fluid is limped always. Dressing rooms line the sides and Are elegantly fitted. Bath rooms where Baths eau be had in Fine porcelain lined tubs with plenty of soap Anil towels. Shower Baths with hot and cold water Are also at hand Aud for the Atheleta there ate Spring boards for diving and will be soon a Complete gymnasium and a Toboggan slide into the water. For the Spectator there Are galleries at both ends of the Pavilion and for the loitered a reception room beautifully furnished supplied with Reading material Etc. At night the building is lighted with arc and incandescent lamps. Baths Are 25 cents. Ladles Days will be tuesdays and probably fridays when a lady will be in what the people Are saying. The violent displacement of our splendid Volunteer fire department by a paid Force caused a Good Deal of feeling at first but our Community is so thoroughly used to having things rubbed into them that the feeling seems to have died away. # there seems no real Good reason for doing away with our Volunteer fire department it was maintained at a Cost of $10,000 a year it was eminently efficient it was composed of the Best of material Aud from the infrequency of fires there was really no necessity for the doing away with the volunteers yet awhile. A a but the King willed it and without notice or ceremony the Volunteer fire department was swept out of exist a Nee at a called meeting of the City Council and the loud kickers have even ceased to kick. # now let us look at it and see in what particular the City administration has benefited the people they have killed the old fire department and in its p Ace put a paid Force which will Cost at least $30,000 per year. This is certainly no improvement. # the paid department will be mad e up with an Eye to Ward politics and will be an auxiliary to the party in office on the election Day this certainly is no advantage to the people who pay the Bill to keep these paid firemen in place. Worse Thau All the engine houses have become chronic loafing places the paid firemen have nothing or Little to do and put in their time lounging sleeping and Reading novels this is certainly no improvement Over the volunteers. Nepotism seems to prevail to an immodest extent in every department of the City government. The mayor takes care of numerous relatives the a acting mayor gets in his work by giving Charley a Job As Market inspector. # Alderman Lockwood is credited with a respectable list of appointments. Who blames them the people Are indifferent and Hay must be made while the Sun shines. The question of double salaries is one of interest to the people. Our absent mayor is the Only person authorized to draw the mayors salary. Yet acting mayor Schulner is not Only doing duty As mayor but that of recorder and Alderman As Well. According to the custom heretofore prevailing he ought to receive three salaries. # in m in the City auditor is confronted with a difficult task. He must face a Hun Gry crowd. The City attorney will be called on for his opinion frequently.,. A # a Good example should be set by the City officials who Are delinquent tax payers they should either pay up or be made to do so out of their salaries. The people would feel More cheerful in paying their taxes if the officials were More prompt. A the poverty or our citizens so far As National Bunting is concerned was never so glaringly apparent As on memorial Day. It is a humiliating fact that whenever an occasion occurs that it is appropriate to unfurl the american Flag our opulent citizens run to the military Post to borrow the Emblem of the nations glory. It would be a Good idea for every merchant in our City to invest a few dollars in an american Flag and on Independence Day show his patriotism by appropriate decoration of his place of business. Hail Antonio is too Loyal a City to be poor la spirit Aud mean in National Pride. Largest and Cheape House in magn1ficentdi8piay and extraordinary Bale bed room parlor Hall lining room Art and decorative furniture. Structure fronting on Soledad d is stocked with the choicest English Cherry Rattan Bara before brought to san Antonio great specially. Our elegant new two Story Brid and Acequia streets is completed styles of antique Xvi Century of boo and Walnut furniture Ever carpets matting shades Etc., Low prices new goods f i Brussels carpets 50c, Worth 65c. Kitchen safes $3 50, Worth $4.25. Sideboards $18.00, Worth $22.00. Chiffon Eres $11.75, Worth $14.00. Wire window screens 75c and $1. Bar frames 35c and upward. Ingrain carpets 50c Worth 65c. Bed room suits $18, Worth $22.00. Parlor suits $30, Worth $35.t 0. Child a folding Beds $16.50, w. 50. Wardrobes $10.00. We Orth $12.50. Extension tables $5, Worth $6.50. Our prices Are a sealed letter to All competitors we Are now chowing Many q to Phull us n o in Lawn chairs and settees of Culm Hill cd u11u 11 o office Art and decorative furniture. Baby carriages ready made bars Etc. Window cornices shades and curtain poles that you la not be Able to duplicate later in tee season for same Money. Silk and Chenille curtains and Portieles Jour own direct importation at lower prices than evea before shown in this City. Many new and Choice styles exclusively our own from $4.00 to $15.00 a pair lace curtains. 2 3 3 1-2 Yards Long by 48 in w 4 Yards Long by 60 in. 1-2 Yards Long at 73c per pair. Worth Loo of. 25 1 75 2 50 3 25 Yards Long at 98c 1-2 Yards Long at or pair 1.25 Worth e at $1.87,.Worth wide at $2.50,.Worth Bobbi net bars. A thread 108 in. Wide 12 Yards Long at $2.60.Worth $3 25 3 thread 108 in. Wide 12 Yards Long at $2.97.Worth 4 of 3 a Rea a 108 in wlde>12 a Rob to Flag it $3.50.Worth 4 75 3 thread 108 in. Wide 12 Yards Long at $4.20. Worth 6 60 3 thread 108 in. Wide 12 Yards Long at $5.25.Worth 7 00 big bargains in table linens dinner and breakfast cloths with Hopkins to match towels dotted swisse and scrims for curtains. India and persian draperies Etc., Etc. Hotels boarding houses and residences completely outfitted at a guaranteed saving of to to 12 1-2 per cent. Young married looks and those contemplating Matrimony will save Money by consulting us before furnishing their Homes. B. Wolfson a main Plaza san Antonio Texas Mayer Burgower amp Voelcker a successors to Mayer Schmelter Burgower no. 2 East Commerce st., next to 6rid6e. Dealers in Fine wines. Liquors and cigars. Telephone 1�5. Family to Aue a8pec1alty. Good Quot i tall Vert d to any part of the City. Orders solicited. 8glfthe most Como Iete Stock in the Cit j. A new Lodge. A new k. Of p. Lodge with 115 members was instituted last night. It was designated Excelsior Lodge no. 148, Aud the following officers were elected past chancellors a. P. Crawford. Chancellor commander a d. Wallace. Vice chancellors Geo. Hagy prelate Chas. Varney. Master of arms Hardin Adams. Master of exchequer a. L. Austin. Master of finance a. Amundson. Keeper of records and heals a. Muenzer Berger. Inner guard John Baskins. Outer guard Van Riper. Trustees Dave handers aug. Nester and c. E. Wheeler. In. Bankrupt Stock at auction. A $40,000 Stock consisting of dry goods carpets clothing shoes hats trunks Etc., has been consigned to the store 401 w. Commerce Street Cor. Acequia a. Kahn a former stand to he sold at auction. Now is the Chance for the people to Lay in their supplies at their own Price. Hales last from to a. In. Till 12. Private sales will be duplicated at auction prices. N. A. Harvey 5 30 by auctioneer we Are Selling of our Stock so Chas. Hugo pres. S. Halff . J. N. Brown cashier. Charge and the utmost privacy will cheap that we cannot afford top us be maintained. I urn cd advertising but it you will Call a a i at our place we a Lull show you bar a auction Hale monday at to a. In. Gains in dry goods and clothing which of household furniture at 214 Avenue will astonish you. _ _ c. Olesen amp Bons auctioneers. I 5 22 of John k. Beretta amp co. Alamo National Bank. San Antonio Texas. Capital,.$250,000. Directors a a. Heuermann s. Lla Lff Chr. Voechting h. Elmendorf Erus Steves p. H. Swearingen. Chas. Hugo a. Meerscheidt j. N. Brown. San Antonio Woody re have 4000 cords of first class Oak Wood ready for the ban Antonio will saw and deliver prompt attention proprietors Market. Special prices Given on car lots. Wood for outside parties at reasonable prices paid to All orders. Telephone�?372. A. B. Kerr amp sons. A we have a speedy and positive cure for Catarrh diphtheria canker Mouth and headache in Shiloh a Catarrh remedy. A nasal injector free w the each bottle. Use it of you desire health and Sweet breath c Price 50c. Sold by Adolph Dreiss. -j3-28-Eod j. J. Rilling. High of the ,413 North Street. Tin roofing at $6.60 gutters at the lowest Price. Al. Work guaranteed to give satisfaction. 4-9 2m Laurelle Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Natures youth and freshet druggists. I Bill i Vii Vic wonder for preserving yet Ness. bottles guaranteed cure for la Grippe. We authorize our advertised druggist to sell you or. Kings new discovery for consumption coughs and colds upon this condition. If you Are afflicted with la Grippe and will use the remedy according to directions giving it a fair trial and experience no Benefit you May return the bottle and have your Money refunded. We make this offer because of the wonderful Success of or. Kings new discovery during last seasons epidemic. Have heard of no Case in which it failed. Try it. Trial bottles free at Dreiss i Horn a son amp drug store. Large size 50c and $1.00. _ 5-Li-Lmq a Henry e. Vernor esq., has moved his Law office to Wagner banding n. W. and Soledad 8t�., no. 206. Telephone. 408 in

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