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Atlanta a office 104>, Whitehall St. The sombre shadows mourning garb Only served to heighten and display her Beauty to greater advantage. A fair widow truly i her lately deceased husband freely admitted the magnetic Power her charms she paused for an instant the threshold a winning smile her lips she looked at me hesitated and finally spake in courteous accents a i think i cannot be mistaken do i address the Noble count Cesare Oliva a i tried to speak but could not my Mouth was dry Aud parched with excitement my Throat swelled and ached with Tho pent up Wrath and despair emotions. I answered her question silently by a formal Bow. She at once advanced extending both her hands with the coaxing Grace manner i had so often admired. A i Ain the countess Romani a she said still smiling. A i heard from Signor Ferrari that you proposed visiting his studio this after and i could not resist the temptation coming to express my personal acknowledgements for the almost regal gift you sent me. The jewels Are really magnificent. Permit me to offer you my sincere thanks i caught her outstretched hands and wrung them hard a so hard that the rings she wore must have dug into her flesh and Hurt her thought she was too Well bred to utter any exclamation. I had fully recovered myself and was pre pared to act out my part. A the contrary Madame Quot i said in a Strong harsh voice a the thanks must Corno entirely from me for the honour you have conferred upon to by accepting trifles so insignificant especially at a time when the cold brilliancy Mere diamonds must Jar upon the sensitive feelings your recent widowhood. Believe me i sympathize deeply with your bereavement had you husband lived the jewels would have been his gift to you and How much More acceptable they would then have appeared in your eyes i Ara proud to think you have condescended so far As to receive them from so unworthy a hand As As i spoke her face paled a she seemed startled and regarded me earnestly. Sheltered behind my smoked spectacles. C caught her outstretched hands and wrung them hard. I met the gaze her Large dark eyes without embarrassment. Slowly she withdrew her slight fingers from my clasp. I placed a easy chair for her she Sank softly into it with her old air indolent ease the ease a spoilt Empress sultans Favourite while she still continued to look up at me thoughtfully. Ferrari meanwhile busied himself in bringing out More wino he also produced a dish fruit and some Sweet cakes and while occupied in these duties As our Host he began to laugh. A Cha a you Are caught a he exclaimed to me gaily. A you must know we planned this together Madame and i just to take you by Surprise. There was no knowing when you would be persuaded to visit the Contessa and she could not rest till she had thanked you so we arranged this meeting. Could anything be better come Conte confess that you Are charmed a a course i am a i answered with a slight touch satire in my tone. A who would not be charmed in the presence such youth and Beauty and i am also flattered for i know what exceptional favour the Contessa Romani extends toward me in allowing me to make her acquaintance at a time which must naturally be for her a secluded season sorrow. A at these words my wife a face suddenly assumed an expression Wistful sadness Aud appealing gentleness. A nah poor unfortunate Fabio Ash sighed. A How terrible it seems that Hata not Here to Greet you How gladly he would have welcomed any Friend his father so he adored his father poor fellow i cannot realize that he is dead. It was too Sudeen too dreadful i do act think i shall Ever recover the Shock ii his loss a and her eyes actually filled with tears a though the fact did not Surprise me in the least for Many women can weep Al will. Very Little practice is necessary and we men Are such fools we never know How it is done we take All the pretty feigned piteous Ness for real grief and torture ourselves to Aud Moth ods conflation for the Lemin lne sorrows which have no Root save in vanity and selfishness. I glanced quickly from my wife to Ferrari he coughed and appeared embarrassed he was not so Good an actor As she was an actress. Studying them both i know not which feeling gained the Mastery in my mind a contempt disgust a console yourself Madame a i said coldly. A time should be Quick to heal the wounds one so Young and Beautiful As you Are. Personally speaking i much regret your husbands death but i would entreat you not to give Way to grief which however sincere must unhappily be useless. Your life lies before you a and May Happy Days and As fail time in your life when you also loved a �?�011, i have had my fancies course a i answered with an indifferent woman i fancied turned out to to a Saint a i was not worthy her a at least so i was told at any rate i was so convinced her virtue and my own unworthiness a that i left he looked surprised. A an Odd reason surely for resigning her was it not a a very Odd a very unusual but a sufficient one for me. Pray let us talk something More interesting a your pictures for instance. When May i see them a a when you please a he answered readily a though i fear they Are scarcely Worth a visit. I have not worked much lately. I really doubt whether i have any that will Merit pour a you underrate your own Powers Signor a i said with formal politeness. A allow me to Call at your studio this afternoon. I have a few minutes to spare Between three and four clock if that time will suit a a it will suit me admirably a he said with a look gratification a a but i fear you will be disappointed. I assure you i am no i smiled. I knew that Well enough. But i made no reply to his remark a i said a regarding the matter the jewels for the countess Romani a would you care to see them a a i should indeed a he answered a they Are unique specimens i think a a i believe so a i answered and going to an Escrito ire to the Corner Tho room i unlocked it and took out a massive carved Oaken jewel Chest Square shape which i had Mado in Palermo. It contained a necklace Large rubies and diamonds with Bracelet to match and pins for the hair a also a Sapphire ring a Cross Fine Rose brilliants and the Pearl Pendant i had first found in the vault. All the gems with the except Mon this Pendant had been reset by a skilful jeweller in Palermo who had acted under my superintendence a and Ferrari uttered an exclamation astonishment and admiration As he lifted the glittering toys out one by one and noted the size and brilliancy the precious stores. A they Are trifles a i said carelessly a a but they May please a woman a taste a and they amount to a certain fixed value you would do me a Groat service if you consented to take them to the Contessa Kotnani for me a Tell her to accept them As heralds my forthcoming visit. I am Suro you will know How to persuade her to take what would unquestionably have been hers had her husband lived. They Are really her property a she must not refuse to receive what is her Ferrari hesitated and looked at me earnestly. A you will visit Here she May rely your coming for a certainty i Hope a i smiled. A you seem very anxious about it. May i ask Why a a i think a he replied at once a that it would Embarrass the countess very much they Are trifles i said carelessly. If you gave her no Opportunity to thank you for so munificent and splendid a gift and unless she knew she could do so. I am certain she would not accept it. A make yourself quite easy a i an swered. A she shall thank me to hex her As it were from herself. She is so Young and Light hearted and thoughtless that but you understand me do you not a i bowed. I understood him perfectly. He wanted no More poachers the land he himself had pilfered. Quite right from his Point View but i was Tho rightful owner the land after All and i naturally had a different opinion the matter. However i made no remark and feigned to be rather bored by the turn the conversation was taking. Seeing this Ferrari exerted himself to be agreeable he became a Gay and entertaining companion once More and after he had fixed the hour for our visit to the Villa Romani the next afternoon our talk turned upon various matters connected with Naples and its inhabitants and their Mode life. I hazarded a few remarks the general immorality and Loose principles that prevailed among the people just to draw my companion out and sound his character More thoroughly a though i thought i knew his opinions Well. A Pooh my dear conto who exclaimed with a Light laugh As he threw away the end his Cigar and watched it As it burned dully be a Little red lamp among the Green grass where it had fallen a what is immorality after All merely a matter opinion. Take the hackneyed virtue conjugal Fidelity. When followed out to Tho bitter end what is Tho Good it where does it Lead Why should a Man be tied to one Wotan when to has love enough for Twenty the pretty slender girl whom he chose As a partner in his impulsive youth May become a fat coarse red Freeo female horror by the time he has attained to the full vigor manhood and yet As Long As she lives Tho Law insists that the full tide his passion shall flow always in one directions always to the same Dull level unprofitable Shore the Law is absurd but it exists and the natural consequence is that we break it society pretends to be horrified when we do yes i know but it is All pretence Aud the thing is no worse in Naples than it is in London the capital the moral British race Only Here we Are perfectly Frank and make no Effort to hide our Little sins while there they cover them up carefully and make believe to be virtuous. It is the Meriest Humbug Tho parable Pharisee and publican Over a not quite a i observed a for the publican was repentant and Naples is a Why should silo be a demanded Ferrari gaily a what in the name heaven is the Good being penitent about any thing will it mend matters who is to be pacified pleased by our contrition Hod my dear Conte Thoro Are very few us nowadays who believe in a deity. Creation is a Mere Caprice the natural elements. The Best thing we can do is to enjoy ourselves while we live we have a very Short time it and when we die there is an end All things so far As we Are a that is your Creed a i asked. A that is my Creed certainly. It wa9 Solomon a in his heart hearts. A eat drink and to merry for to Morrow to it is the Creed Naples and nearly Alt Italy. Of course the vulgar still cling to exploded theories superstitious belief but the educated classes Are far beyond the old world a i believe you a i answered composed by. I had no wish to argue with him i Only sought to read his shallow soul through and through that i might be convinced his utter worthlessness. A according to modern civilization there is really no special need to be virtuous unless it suits us. The Only thing necessary for pleasant living is to avoid Public a just so a agreed Ferrari a and that can always be easily managed. A take a woman a reputation nothing is so easily lost we All know before she is actually married but marry Lier Well and she is free. She can have a dozen lovers if she likes and if she is a Good manager her husband need never be the Wiser. To has his amours course Why should she not have hours also Only borne women Are Clumsy they Are oversensitive and betray themselves toe easily then the injured husband carefully Eon Coaling his own Little peccadilloes finds everything out and Thoro is a Devil a Row a moral Row. Which is the worst kind Row. But a future await you As you 8he smiled her tear drops vanished like morning Dew disappearing in the suns heat. A i thank you for your Good wishes Conte a she said a but it rests with you to commence Ray Happy Days by honouring me with a visit you will Corno will you not my House and All that it contains Are at your service a i hesitated. Ferrari looked amused. A Madame is not aware your dislike to the society ladies Conte a he said and there was a touch mockery in his tone. I glanced at him coldly and addressed my answer to my wife. A Signor Ferrari is perfectly right a i said bending Over her and speaking in a Low tone a i am often a Gallant enough to avoid the society Mere women but alas i have no Armor it f defence against the smile and i bowed with a deep and courtly reverence. Her face brightened she adored her own loveliness and the desire Conquest awoke in her immediately. She took a Glass wine from my hand with a languid Grace and fixed her glorious eyes Ull me with a smile. A that is a very pretty speech a she a Aid sweetly a a and it Means course that you will come to Morrow. Angels exact obedience Gul 1 mean Signor Ferrari you will accompany the Conte and show him the Way to Tho Villa a Ferrari Bent his head with some stiffness. A looked slightly sullen. A i am glad to see a he observed with some petulance a that your persuasions have carried More conviction to the Conte Oliva than mine. To me he was apparently she laughed gaily. A course it is Only a woman who can always win her own Way am i not right Conte a and she glanced up at to with an Arch expression mingled mirth and malice. What a love Misc Nier Sner Naa one saw that Guido was piqued and she took intense Delight in teasing him yet further. A i cannot Tell Madame a i answered her. A i know so Little your charming sex that i need to be instructed. But i instinctively feel that you must be right whatever you say. Your eyes would convert an infidel a a again she looked at me with one those wonderfully Brilliant seductive arrows glands then she Rose to take her leave. A an Angels visit truly a i said lightly a Sweet but Brief a a we shall meet tomorrow she replied smiling. A i consider i have your Promise you must not fail me come As Early As you like in the after noon then you will see my Little girl Stella. She is very like poor Fabio. Till tomorrow Adieu a she extended her hand. I raised it to my lips. She smiled As she withdrew it and looking at me rather at the glasses i wore she inquired a a you suffer with your eyes a a nah Madame a terrible infirmity i cannot endure the Light. But i should not complaint it is a weakness common to a you do not seem to be old a she said thoughtfully. With a woman a Quick eve she had noted i suppose the a wrinkled smoothness my skin which no disguise could alter. But i exclaimed with affected surprised a not old with these White hairs a a Many Young men have she said. A at any rate they often accompany Middle age what is called the prime life. And really in your Case the Are very becoming a and with a courteous gesture Farewell she moved to leave the room. Both Ferrari and myself hastened to escort her downstairs to her Carriage which stood in waiting at the door the very Carriage and pair Chestnut ponies which i myself had Given her As a birthday present Ferrari offered to assist Lier in mounting the Stet the vehicle she put his Arm aside with a Light jesting word and accepted mine instead. I helped Lier in Aud arranged her embroidered wraps about her feet and she nodded gaily to us both As we stood bareheaded Iii the afternoon sunlight watching Lier departure. The horses started at a brisk Canter and in a couple minutes tile Dainty equipage was out sight. When nothing More it could be seen than the Cloud dust stirred up by its rolling wheels i turned to look at my companion. His face was Stern and his brows were drawn together in a frown. Stung already i thought already the Little Asp jealousy commenced its bitter work the trifling favour his Light love and my wife had extended to me in choosing my instead his As a momentary support had evidently been sufficient to pique his Pride. God what Blind bats Mon Are with All their High capabilities and immortal destinies with All the world before them to conquer they can sink unnerved Aud beaten Down to impotent weakness before the slighting word insolent gesture a frivolous i feminine creature whose Best devotions Are paid to the Mirror that reflects her in the most becoming Lightl How easy would be my vengeance i mused As i watched Ferrari. I touched him the shoulder he started from his uncomfortable reverie and forced a smite. I held out a Cigar ease. A what Are you dreaming a i asked him laughingly a Phebe As she waited the gods Venus As she Rose in Bare Beauty from the Waves either neither both i assure you a comfortable smoke is As pleasant Iii its Way As the smile a to took a Cigar and lit it but made no answer. A you Are Dull my Friend a i continued gaily hooking my Arni through his Aud pacing him up and Down the turf Iii front his studio. A wit they say should to sharpened by the glance a Bright Eye How comes it that the Edge your Converse seems blunted perhaps your feelings Are too deep for words so i do not wonder at it for the lady is extremely he glanced quickly at me. A did i not say so a he exclaimed. A All creatures under heaven she is surely the most perfect even you Conte with your cynical ideas about women even you Wero quite subdued and influenced by her i could Seo it a i puffed slowly at my Cigar and pretended to meditate. A was i a i said at last with an air Well acted Surprise. A really subdued and influenced i do not think so. But i admit i have never seen any woman so entirely he stopped in his walk loosened his Arm from mine and regarded me fixedly. A i told you so a he said deliberately. A you must remember that i told you a and now perhaps i ought to warn a warn me a i exclaimed in feigned alarm. A what against whom surely not the Contessa Romani to whom you were so anxious to introduce me she has no illness no infectious disorder she is not dangerous to ufos limb is she a Ferrari laughed at the anxiety i displayed for my own bodily safety an anxiety which i managed to Ronder almost comics but he looked somewhat relieved too. Of no a he said a i meant nothing that kind. I Only think it fair to Tell you that she has vory seductive manners and she May pay you Little attention which would flatter any Man who a not aware that they Are Only a part her child like manner pretty ways to Short they might Lead him erroneous to suppose himself the object hoi particular preference and a i broke i to a violent fit laughter and clapped him roughly the shoulder. A your warning is quite necessary Raj Good Young Friend a i 9aid. Corno now do i look a Likely Man to attract the attention an adored and capricious Beauty besides at my age the idea is monstrous i could figure As her father yours ii Vou Jike. Hut in the capacity a lovers continued sixth Page i

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