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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 29, 1886, San Antonio, Texas The Best advertising medium in the City. Larger circulation than any paper in the City. Volume 112.san Antonio Texas saturday May 29, 1886. Only $5 a year Joske Bros the labor treaty that the labor hosts Are cussing in Cleveland. Maxwell and Moat debt and dynamite Don Carlos and Orleans Russia rampant Greece Gully and Turkey troubled. Fans and a sols. Our immense assortment of summer dress goods is replenished meekly during the season by new shipments and the latest novelties ire added to our already Well selected Stock of White goods Nain books muslims lawns Organ Dies Percale be realities examines and Canvas cloth. A laces and embroidery. We carry the largest Stock of beige coloured egyptian Oriental n White Cream and beige coloured in Floun cing All Over and narrow o match at prices lower than Fine goods generally Are sold. In parasols we Are ahead of All Competition a regards prices Quantity and styles. In hosiery we offer the greatest bargains in fancy goods As Well As in the Staple lines. Joske Biros. Southern hotel main and military plazas san Antonio Texas James p. Hickman jr., proprietor convenient to business Center with Best accommodations. 8-41> a. A. Amp. F. A. Brooks. Robert . The popular Corner drug store. dispensed Only by skillful and exp rink cd pharmacists of none but the purest medicines at prices that defy Competition. In &1al int i a delivered any part of the City. Prescription de it apartment open Day and night. In Telephone 221. Isis l. Orynski amp co., Muslin ail mail drifts Ait Dis Psi Pirn 302 and 304 s. Side military Plaza Cor. S. Flores4st., Sau Antonio. Lubing a Rinn Blly a atkinsons Alfred Wrights and Colgate a finest perfumes bottled and in bulk. Make no mistake. The Corner drug store of i. Orynski amp co., 302 and 304 s. Side military Plaza Cor. S. Flores St. Call and see the most elegant and expensive soda and Mineral water Fountain in the state. W. Or. City t store. 11 4 Commerce Street san Antonio carries the largest Stock of Urie India China and Japan teas of any House in the state. Storekeepers and Heads of families will do Well to make a their purchases at this establishment. The following g Reen coffees always in Stock Java mocha Maracaibo Rio Etc. This House supplies delicious fresh roasted and ground Coffee. Strength and flavor guaranteed. All Coffee sold is roasted and ground on the premises by steam Power. Telephone no. Uni. 4-Tmjm Julius ski Kokk. Thus kopps Stricker amp Zopfs manufacturing jewellers. A it Gold and Silver plating and engraving watchband clock skilled workmen employed. Strict attention to a work rooms opposite Grooss Hank repairing. Only the most All business entrusted to us. Office and no. 14, Navarro Street. L White i m and ement f. W. Mcallister amp Bro. 201. 203 and 205 s. Alamo St. ?c0r. Villita san Antonio. Tea. A we Are wholesale and retail dealers in Austin White Lime Best brands of dark Rosendale and imported English Portland cements plaster o. Paris and Long Goat hair and would ask you to Call or write us for prides before purchasing else where. Please mention this paper. Try j. Walkers Golden Boot an i is 10e store i so so. For an easy fit hoots and shoos made at prices to suit everyone Lineal tin while you wait i he finest kind of triadic a shoes made to order s. B. Witchell agent. No. Houston Street Exoo Smith amp Robinsons. Stables. F. Simm Ang a. Hampel oysters Fisk Aud game. Riverside cafe restaurants and. At. Bcholz�?T8 Hall Corner of Commerce and Losoya streets. It lunch and meals Trail hours. I elite waiters in attendance. Every than go served in first clan style 7-ib-bm a a pc Veland Ohio May 28.�?the principal interest developed in the session of the general Assembly of the knights of labor has been in connection with the proposed changes in the executive Hoard in the control of strikes and in the treaty with the trades unions the executive committee has been increased from 0 toll members Philadelphia has been made permanent Headquarters. Or. Powderly has been empowered to recall All organizers now in the held. The treaty with the trades unions which promises to be a fruitful source of debate in the Assembly and which was agreed upon by tile executive committee of the knights of labor and the representatives of the unions in their recent conference is As follows 1. That in any Branch of labor having a National or International organization knights of labor shall not initiate any person or form any Assembly of persons following said organized Craft or calling without the consent of the nearest National or International Union affected. 2. That no person shall be admitted to the knights of labor who works for less than the regular scale of wages fixed by the Union of his Craft Aud none shall be admitted to. Membership in knights of labor who have Ever been convicted of stabbing ratting embezzlement or other offence against the Union of his Trade or calling until exonerated by the same. 3. That the charter of any knights of labor Assembly of any Trade having a National or International Union shall he revoked and the members of same be requested to join a mixed Assembly or form a local Union under the jurisdiction of their respective National or International trades unions. 4. That any organizer of the knights of labor who endeavours to induce trades unions to disband or tampers with their growth or privileges shall have his commission forthwith revoked. 5. That whenever a strike or look out of any Trade Union is in Progress no Assembly or District Assembly of tile knights of labor shall interfere until settled to the satisfaction of the Trade Union affected. G. Knights of labor shall not establish or Issue any Trade Mark or Label in Competition with any Trade Mark or Label now issued or that May be issued by a National or International Union. Little Rock May 28.�?parties controlling the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad have decided to extend their line to hot Springs and ultimately to Sherman Tex. The project is rendered necessary by the Missouri Pacific building a line from Bald Knob ark., on the Iron Mountain Railroad to Memphis. New York May 28.�?edward l. Jones voting As master in chancery has decided that the Missouri Pacific shall pay Over to r. L. Cutting and others the sum of $4511,000, which was received As a Compromise from the Atlantic and Pacific and Missouri Pacific railway companies. Sault St. Marie mich., May 28.�?the Steamer Ontario of the Sarnia transportation company struck and stranded on Green Island Shoal Oft misses Saga yesterday. Passengers were landed at the Bruce mines in safety. City of Mexico May 28.�?the Federal government has granted a Concession to the governor of Durango for the construction of a Railroad to unite the Cliv of Durango with the mexican Central Railroad. It has also granted a Concession to a steamship line Between san Diego California and san Jose Guatemala the company to receive $8000 sub mention for each round trip. New York May 28.�?miss Folsom her Mother and Uncle arrived at the Gilsey House at 2 of Elock this morning. A suite of four rooms on the parlor floor is occupied by the party. Efforts Are being made to keep their presence secret. At noon to Day miss Folsom and Mother left the hotel in a Carriage. The party will remain Here for several Days. Syracuse May 28.�?judge Wallace in the United states circuit court decided the suit of Ervin and others against the Oregon railway and navigation company and Henry Villard in favor of plaintiffs. He holds Villard equally liable with the company. The amount involved is $1,-500,000. Washington d.c., May 28. President Cleveland will be married at the White House wednesday evening. June 2, to miss Frances Folsom. The recent death of a relative of miss Folsom has Eba aged the original plans for the wedding and invitations will now be limited to a few near relatives and the members of the Cabinet and their wives. Rev. Or. Sunderland of the first presbyterian Church of Washington will officiate. The ceremony will be followed by a collation. The wedding in All of its details will be very Plain. The House committee on labor to Day agreed to report favourably the Bill authorizing the incorporation of trades unions in territories and the District of Columbia. Voting Secretary Fairchild to Day received a report from collector Anderson at Portland in regard to the detention of the British Schooner Sisters in the statements made Are in the main Correct discovered any attempt on the part of Captain kills to defraud the Revenue. The Schooner was detained for failure to comply with navigation Laws and customs regulations and the Case is referred to the Treasury department for decision. Senator Conger presented in the sen ate to Day the report of the Commerce committee on the Eads shop railway Bill. In their report the committee say that the project in a practicable one and that the net annual revenues of toe Road will be in excess of the Arnout guaranteed by Mexico and the United suites. The opinion is expressed that the aggregate amount of $76,000,000 will not have to be advanced by the government. In conclusion the committee says believing that the commercial and India trial interests of this country will be greatly benefited by the construction of the ship railway that it will have a tendency to largely increase our commercial and stimulate our shipping and ship building i interests and that it is essential if our government would retain the respect of j its own people and of foreign nations Lis that it should now practically demonstrate its determination to forever discourage foreign control upon this continent the committee report Back the accompanying Hill As a substitute for Senate Dill 584, with the recommendation j that it pass. St. Louis May 28.�?proceedings in the Maxwell murder Case were rather tame this morning in comparison to those of last Friday the time being occupied with expert medical testimony. Or. Louis Bauer Dean of the St. Louis College of physicians and surgeons and demonstrator of surgery testified for the defense to the nature and methods of using chloroform. It is expected that the witnesses for the prosecution in rebuttal will be examined to Morrow when some sensational developments May be expected. New York May 28.�?herr most was brought into court this morning handcuffed like a thief. His associates Shenck and Braunschweig were with him. The court room was crowded. The defense called witnesses who testified to Schencks a character. Adolp h Shenck. One of the prisoners took the stand. He stated that he understood the object of the meeting was to advise the use of arms against Force that if blows should be struck against them they should strike Hack he read a circular calling the meeting. He said its heading was a to artus capitalists Are opposing our Brothers Arm yourselves suppose them a the witness said he was an anarchist. He knew the meaning of that word. He just now believed in the government of the United states and the government suited him but it did no to suit every personals. Most addressed the jury in his own behalf and Rafter arguments by the counsel the jury retired returned in 50 minutes with a verdict of guilty for All three of the prisoners but commended Shenck to the mercy of the court. They were at once conducted to the prisoners Van in waiting and closely guarded. A motion for a new trial will be heard on wednesday. The maximum penalty is one year. Tor Selver n. J., May 28.�?the drying House of the United states dynamite company was blown to pieces yesterday by an explosion and tigers and John Graham then working in the building were instantly killed. Fiort ions of their bodies being scattered n All directions. Two pounds of dynamite was exploded. Window Glass was broken at forked River 13 Miles Distant and doors were forced open by the concussion at Waretown 17 Miles away. Berne May 28.�?the Swiss Federal Council replying to an inquiry by Spain has stated that Don Carlos the pretender to the Spanish throne recently left Luzerne suddenly and went to Austria by Way of the St. Gothard Tunnel. Vienna May 28.�?while the austrian press is excited Over the Moscow utterances the Neue Freie press compares them to the Distant rumbling of a Simoon. The tags Matt Aud morning Post refer to the importance of Degiers expected visit to Prince bismark and express the Hope that the German Chancellor and it out Kai Oky will oppose the rampant russian pretensions. Paris May 28.�?radical journals Are not satisfied with the Prince ssh expulsion because it leaves with the government the fixing of the Date for its operation. They demand a Bill making instant expulsion of All French princes mandatory. Constantinople May 28.�? Greece has complained to the Porte that the turks have not evacuated the positions on the greek Frontier which they agreed to abandon. Tombstone a. T., May 28.�?a fire in the grand Central mine wednesday night destroyed All the hoisting and pumping machinery and entered the Shaft of the mine which is still burning. The loss so far is $250,000 insurance $65,000. The election Street commissioner in Progress much interest manifested. This morning the Ruddy Phoebus ascended the Eastern slope As is her wonted custom and gave birth to a momentous and fatal Day a Day on which five candidates for Street commissioner were to be weighed in the balance. They have All been weighed and found wanting the office. The political hag is now being shaken and it is Safe to predict that at least four of the candidates will get left. Much interest is being manifested and ail the voting places Are infested with a strikers a and though they Are using every available method in furthering the interests of their particular favorite no disturbance Lias Jet occurred. The vote All Over the City will be Large and the Reader can form his conclusions As to the result from the following the Suffragan of Ward no. I. Deposit their votes at the Bat Cave. And at noon 250 had been polled a Large majority of which Are undoubtedly for Cavanaugh. Campbell is supposed to be second Fitzgerald third. Ward no. 2.�?at Kolsch Hall the vote stood about 361 at noon. Campbell this being his own Ward was leading while the remainder of the candidates stood in this order Cavanaugh Reynolds Fitzgerald Bacon. Everything was quiet at the polls and All the adjacent saloons were wide open. Third Ward at 12 of clock the vote stood 323. Friends of Cavanaugh claimed a Strong majority in his favor. Campbell Reynolds Fitzgerald and Bacon is the order in which the other candidates were polling. The polls in the fourth Ward Are at Mcallister a store on Alamo Street. Cavanaugh is thought to be ahead with Reynolds second and Fitzgerald third. Haas amp Llu 212 and 214 Commerce St. The most extensive Stock of White goods laces and embroideries in the Southwest. We quote for this week Fine pane a mortifying mistake. An Avenue c for lady mistakes a. Chiropodist. A caller a Success. Sau Antonio contributes her quota to the Confederate Home. Quite an amusing Little episode has just reached the ears of the reporter it having occurred Early in the week and created no Little merriment in the Circle of friends of the parties interested whose names of course cannot he Given. About a week ago a wealthy gentleman from new Jersey arrived in this City having left his luxurious surrounding a Down East and come to this wild and Western Texas for the recuperation of Bis waning Belth. Shortly after his arrival he called at the residence of one of san Antonious worthiest citizens on Avenue a to present a letter of introduction. Seating himself in the parlor he awaited the Entrance of the lady of the House. Great was Bis astonishment when she entered and placing a Dainty foot and a Well twisted ankle in his Lap. Exclaimed a dear doctor i will feel Ever so grateful to you of you will extract that Corn. It has driven me almost crazy a explanations followed and the afflicted woman retired from tile room greatly mortified. It had transpired that Ber husband had promised to Send a chiropodist to the House. Hence her mistake. The joke was too Rich and has leaked out but the gentleman has become acquainted after All and is now endeavouring to smother the affair. Arkansas pass notes. Or. E. B. Elwood paymaster on the san Antonio and Arkansas Page Railroad finished paying up the employees on yesterday for the month of april hence so Many smiling faces along the line. The prompt manner in which this Road is meeting All its obligations certainly Speaks volumes a regards its financial condition. After meeting nil expenses including interest on Bonds Etc., there remains a handsome surplus. How is this for a Road Only 87 Miles in running order and where Are the doubtful Thomases who predicted that it would never amount to much it is now an acknowledged fact and the same cannot be denied that this is the Best paying Road for Hie number of Miles in the state and what will it be when it gets to Arkansas pass certainly a a there a millions in it for somebody. To the coloured people. At 8 cents. Fine sheer India Linen and Nain Sook Cheeks. At i 2 1-2 cents. India Linen Victoria Lawn and Pansy Satin i lucked muslims. At 20 cents. Plaid mulls Nain Sook Cerro de Paris and fancy lace effects. At 30 cents. A Spring tide a a very stylish Satin plaid eff not a a a a t Rench Batiste persian lawns mulls by lace plaids Etc. At 50 cents. Last week the Stream of fan purchasers was constant All Day Long Hie amount of fans sold unprecedented. Today we will add two new lots one lot of 300 fancy painted and embroidered on silk Ami Satin. At $2.00. One hit of Loo artistically painted and fancy carved handles Worth $5, at i o cents. Fabrics five cases fancy dress Ting at i 2 1-2 cents. Two Hundred Pieta striped. Plain and Check ered Gingham 30 pieces stylish american balloons. At 25 and 35 cents. French balloons. At 50 cents. Matt Asse sateen. The newest Wash goods a a undies. At $25 and $28. Salt f pm Cashmere nod Albatross richly embroidered Robes. Fancy coloured laces Aud embroideries to Mutch any of the above goods. Wash hams. Parasols parasols although the inroads made on this Stock was great tile Dally addition has kept Pace with the Rush. This week we offer marvelous bargains. At $3.50. Fifty coaching styles changeable silk and fancy embroidered Satin Paragon Frame a big Job Worth $5.50. At $1 .50. Sixty Ecru Pongee Paragon frames. At $3.50. Ecru Pongee lined trimmed with handsome silk lace. At $5, $6 and $7. Mikado Yum Yum and Nan a poo styles. We do not need to sing the praises of our lace department ourselves. Other folks do that for us. Every customer is an advertisement. Here Are some of the quotations for this week at i o and i 2 i -2c. Egyptian and Oriental lakes 3 inches wide. At 20 and 25c. Egyptian and Oriental in White beige fancy Navy Blue Brown and Tan. At 30 and 35c seven inches wide in the above styles. At 45 cents. White and beige 13 inches wide and at �5c White Kern and beige 18 inches wide. Box dress Robes. Robe pattern to Yards India Linen with a Yards of embroidery in two widths at $2.50. Fen Yards line Linen d of Beautiful embroidery Ai $3.60. Fancy Kali Here Aud an Vass cloth Robes with coloured embroidery trimming at $9. $ 12 and $ 14. Pongee dress ,$10, �16.60 i Robes at s7, 116.60 and $20. A. Heusinger 310-312 military Plaza san Antonio Texas masts of win i Jwj Ujj tinware Agate Iron Ware Aud builders hardware faints oils Glass Nalls cutlery Etc. Agent for the Dain automatic Hay Stacker and gatherer the greatest labor saving machine for ferry k celebrated Cook stoves Champion Harvest Brighton ranges Aud Bufords ates and chilian flows Bulky flows cultivators Etc., Etc. I. An lilt it it h Garden a Ken Fence wire of every description and at lowest prices Turner Hall was filled with a Good audience last night to attend the concert inaugurated by tile army officers and prominent citizens in Aid of the projected Confederate soldiers Home at Austin. The programme was carefully arranged and gave general satisfaction. The following was the programme presented overture. Schubert a serenade eighth cavalry band. Alto Solo a the comes no More. Tito Mattel miss Marie Lacoste. Gretel Elut. Attenhofer Beethoven Maenner Chor. Baritone Solo. Selection . H. Mueller. Fantasia . Missud mex eau orchestra. Overture a miserere Quot opera Trovatore. cavalry bund piano Zulu Emu Garcia Solo Quot la Zingara Donizetti mrs. Herff. Violin duet a evening songs a Weisse Boru messes. Marx and Uip Pilch. Solo Quot be merry Birds Humbert or. H. W. Adae. Finale eighth cavalry band. Miss Marie Lacoste miss Garcia mrs. Herff and messes. Marx and Gipprich and or adae received perfect ovations of applause. The eighth cavalry hand attended in fatigue uniform and delighted the company with Well executed selections. One notable feature was the great enthusiasm displayed when the martial strains of a a Dixie hosted Forth from the violins of Marx and Gipprich musicians of the army and this was redoubled when a Yankee Doodle followed in immediate succession. An extravagant Groom. A newly married couple from out in the Blok jacks of Atascosa county sauntered into a restaurant on military Plaza and the blushing Bride allowed that she would try a few oysters. A what kind of oysters a politely asked the waiter a Little necks a a gnaw sir a interrupted the Groom a we air on eur wedding Tower Young Man and for two or three Days Money ainu to a going to be no object with me bring us big neck oysters the biggest you be big bargains a in Lac e-curta1ns for thirty Days. Erastus Reed. A Call for a mass meeting to celebrate the 19th of june. Whereas a majority of the coloured citizens of san Antonio Are not satisfied with the arrangements made by the committee for the Celebration on the filth of june therefore in order to restore peace and Harmony and to make our anniversary a grand Success we the undersigned citizens request the coloured people to meet in a mass meeting at St. James a. on monday night May 31. A. F. Jackson Mack Henson j. W. Carr j. W. Williams Ambrose Simpson Henry Johnson e. Garrison w. M. Summers Abney Seymour Austin Hamlin f. W. Wade Ralph Booker Charles Brown a. Bolton a. Wallace j. I. Holt win Blackwell s. S. Jones h. Harvey b. Jones la. Bryant. Thomas Jefferson. Win. Smith Monroe Harden a. L. Mcgraw James Hoskins Solomon la. Eavans. She vote. A Little old dried up mexican woman very feeble and claiming to be us years fell to the sidewalk on the Corner of the Kampmann building this morning from exhaustion and feebleness. Not one Strong Arm was proffered for her assistance by the chivalric lookers on but several Strong arms were encircling robust Suffragan of the same nationality a Short distance from her. In Stock 200.000 pounds barbed wire. 200.000 pounds smooth wire Black 200.000 pounds smooth wire galvanized. Worcester Patent wire Fence stays. Darlington s Patent Barb wire lever Latch Etc., Etc. It will be to the interest of the merchant Farmer Stockman and builder to see us before purchasing elsewhere. We Are determined to sell and will make Low figures to parties who want car Load lots. Give us a Call or write to Piper a Schul thess 8, to 12,14 Yturri and 240 Market streets. San Antonio. Texas. 5-17-1 m firer a Schulthess steel Hay baling has in Stock and to arrive two oar loads of the Best ties Ever uttered in this Market. For use in Hay baling presses. 17-lm Piper a Schulthess. You and 35 Cental Bon ton restaurant. Can get Good meals at both 25 5-17-lm notice. Gents if you want a Good shoe from $1.25 to $8, go to Sullivan a no. 249 Commerce Street. _4-14-tf Fine millinery. I respectfully fall the attention of the ladies to my display of French millinery. Hats and bonnets made in the latest styles and at extremely Low figures. A specially in mull Caps hats and bonnets. Give me a trial and secure perfect satisfaction. Mob. Be perk 416-6m 43 Alamo Plaza. To Peep hop. The children who took part in the recent operetta of a ibo Peep were Given an enjoyable hop last night at Scholze a Hail. About 200 Young and old Folk were present and a delightful evening was spent until 12 of clock. Military orders. Hospital Steward John Lemke u. S. Army will be relieved from duty at fort Mcintosh Texas upon the receipt of this order and will proceed to Camp at Eagle pass Texas and report to the commanding officer for duty at that sub Post. Hospital Steward Henry Huthsteiner a 8. Army will be relieved from temporary duty at fort Clark Rex As on receipt of this order and will proceed to fort Mcintosh. Texas and report to the commanding officer for duty at that Post. Recorders court. Tom Dresch was fined $5 for being disorderly the disorder consisting in throwing stones Al his neighbors Bouse. Frank Hawkins drunk and disorderly $5. John Callan drunk and disorderly $5. Ike Brewer drunk and Down $5. Or. Browne was drunk and Down and replenished the municipal exchequer $5 therefor. Make haste in defend yourself if you live in a locality where malaria is prevalent. With a preventive that experience Impi eaten As the most reliable of medical Safe retards a Hostetter stomach bitters. Entirely free from the objection a and they Are valid ones which attach to the Mineral alkaloid quinine it is far More effective and its effects Art not evanescent but lusting unlike those of the drug. There ure portions of our land and none More Beautiful and More Fertile which at in season of the year Are entirely exempt from the malarial Scourge. In such regions Hostetter a stomach bitters has undergone a continuous test for the past thirty years with results which have established its reputation beyond All Cavil As a special defense against every form of malarial disease. For bilious Ness also it is an acknowledged specific and it is a potent remedy for constipation dyspepsia rheumatism and an impoverished condition of the blood. In Antonio turn Voronin. The undersigned hereby gives notice that he has taken charge of the turning school of the san Antonio turn Verein. Lessons will be Given on tuesday and Friday evenings at 8 p. Rn., at Turner Hall. 27-6t John a. Beckmann. Liquid Broad. Try a dozen. The finest tonic in America for Sale by the bottle or dozen at Enanuel Abrahams Corner military Plaza and Trevino Avenue. 5-21-tf a reliable article. For Enterprise push and a desire to get Ich goods As will give the Trade satisfaction a l Al Era k 0,3111 co., j. D. Devine. Cavin the druggist Lead Ell coi petition cough and lung Jar gig they sell or. Bosanko a cough and syrup because its the Best Medicine on the Market for coughs. Colds croup and primary consumption. Price so cents and $1. Ham. Pics free. _ wonderful cures. W. D. Hoyt amp co., wholesale Aud retail druggists of Home ga., says we have been Selling or. King s new discovery. Electric bitters and Bucklers Arnica Salve for two years. Have never handled remedies that sell so Well or give such Universal satisfaction. There have been some wonderful cures effected by these medicines in this Day. Several eases of pronounced consumption have been entirely cured by the use of a few bottles of or Kings new discovery to ton with electric bitters. Them St ways. Bold by a. Dreiss for sate cheap. A find sewing machine this office. We i con Neo guarantee inquire at 5-13-et liquid bread. One Hundred oases lust Emanuel Abrahams Trie grocer. Are military Plaza and Trevino a received by corf rooms and boarders. Mrs. Luzenberg at 437 Soledad Street. Is prepared to receive roomers and boarders. Southern exposure Eod a. I do Quot Quot Quot a a Timothy Winebr isor a Gallagher a latest Good for the blues. You can buy a copy at the following places Erus St Liis Ohe opposite Post office c. F. Frommer opposite courthouse baldwins boo store amt at the Light office. 4-23-tf there is nothing that adds so much in personal Beauty us a by t of Pearly White to it Aud pure Sweet breath Fly using Mobley a oui Don in the Teeth and Gums Are kept to perfect order and a fragrant breath assured. Only 50 pants a Box. Liquid and powder. For Sale by v. K ult Eyer a Bon
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