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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 28, 1891, San Antonio, TexasThursday May 2s. 1801. Andrea Isaroon Soui. Iseji Gnu u Vul will that Teresa is dead. 1 am worse than dead. To will know that i did not kill Teresa. 1 could not Sho had the knife in her breast before i could prevent her. It is hotter she did that rather a Hun become the property of another i queried. Carmelo Neri nodded in acquiescence. Either sight deceives or else this abandoned villain had tears glittering in Tho Depths of his wicked Eves. Tho gendarme made to a sign and 1 withdraw. Almost at Tho same moment the officer in command of Tho Little detachment appeared his spurs clinking with measured metallic music on the hard stones of the pavement to sprang on his horse and gave Tho word the crowd dispersed to the right and left the horses were put to a Quick Trot and in a few moments the whole party with Tho Bulky frowning form of the brigand in their midst had disappeared. The people broke up into Little groups talk ing excitedly of what had occurred and scattered hero and there returning to their Homes and occupations and More swiftly than one could have imagined possible the great Square was left Al most empty. I paced up and Down for a while thinking deeply i had before mind s Eye the picture of Tho slight fair Teresa As described by the sicilian Captain lying dead in the solitudes of Montemaggior with that self inflicted wound in her breast which had Jet her free of All men s love and persecution. There were sonic women then who refer death to ill Delitz strange com Mon women of course they not such As this brigand s mistress your daintily fed silk Robed Duchess would find a Daggar somewhat a vulgar con would rather choose a Lover or better still a score of lovers. It is Only brute ignorance that selects a grave instead of Edu cation instructs us More wisely mid teaches us not to be Over squeamish about such a trifle As breaking a word or Promise. Blessed ago of Progress age of steady advancement when the Apple of vice is so cunningly disguised and so prettily painted that we can actually Sot it on a porcelain dish and hand it about among our i rinds As a valuable and Choice fruit of and no one finds out Tho fraud we Aro practising nay we scarcely perceive it ourselves it is such an excellent counterfeit As i walked to and fro i found self continually passing the head office of the Carah Inkerl and acting on a Sud Den impulse of curiosity. 1 at last entered the building determined to ask fur a few particulars concerning the brigand s capture. I was received by a handsome and intelligent looking Man who glanced atthe with which i presented myself and with courteous affability. Of he said in answer to in quiries Neri has Given us a great Deal of trouble. Fiul we had our suspicions Liat he had left Gaeta where he was for a Lime in hiding. A few stray hits of in formation Glei inc lure and there put 113 on the Light was he caught easily or did he show he gave himself up like a Lamb Sig h happened in this Way. One of our men followed the women who lived with Neri one Teresa and traced her up to a certain Point the Corner of a narrow Mountain she Dis appeared. He reported this and there we sent out an armed party. Those crept at Midnight two by iwo till they were formed in a close ring round the place where Neri judged to be. With the first beam of morning they rushed in upon him and took Hin prisoner. It appeared that he showed no merely said. I expected you he was found sitting by the dead body of his mistress was stabbed and newly bloc Diing. No doubt i lulled her. Though he swear Tho com or arc As easy to him As breathing. Hot were his comrades 1 thought to commanded a Largo Sci he did Signor and we caught three of the principals Only a fortnight ago hut of Tho others no Trace can be found. 1 suppose Caryoln Lii self Dis missed them and sent them fur and wid through Ilin country. They disbanded Anil win sort o Fellows where there is in Union there i no j and Xci s i asked. Oil Tho a Allfus fr.i1 life of course there is no i this nod info Bikini. Mid left Tho a flies. I was glad to Lifavi Learned these few for he treasure i had in in n i Puila vault was now Tiki i Mill .1 Iha ii i y a. T Leru was not Tho k Nui test cfliuiri1 of airy one of the Xci bund so close to a apis a in Sean i of i thought with a grim smile that Hall ill s brigand chief known Story of wrongs he would most probably Havn rejoiced to to Lial his buried wealth was i Tinct to Aid in carrying ont so elaborate a plan of vengeance. All dirty clues smoothed themselves before obstacles were taken out of path Way was made perfectly Clear each trifling incident was a new linger Post pointing out tin direct Road that cd to the one desired end. Gryl himself on Side As he is surely Ever on Tho Side of Justice let not the unfaithful think that because they say Long prayers or go regularly and devoutly to Church with Meek faces and piously folded hands that Tho Wisdom is deceived hereby. My wife could could Kneel like a Lovely Saint in the dim Light of the sacred altars her deep eyes upturned to tie blameless. In a moly reproachful look Winil Wui a Uit card was a Hlas mini Iii. Insi Lnch to Pinon Bei wife Purav. Elf As a curse. Craycr is dangerous for is like falling wilfully on the upright naked sword. Used As an Hon mrable weapon Tho sword Natch cd up As the last resource of a owned it kills. Chapter i. He third week of septem her was drawing to its close when i returned to x a p i o s. T h o i Athur had grown cooler and Favora ble reports of the gradual decrease of the cholera began to gain ground with the suffering ind of Rit cd imputation. Business was resumed As usual pleasure lad again Lier votaries and society whirled round onco More in to girl by Wilu As though it had never a Toft dancing. 1 arrived in the City somewhat Early in the Day. And had time Inieke arrangements for plan of action. I secured the most splendid suite of apartments in the est hotel the c whole Ishi neut with a vast idea of wealth and importance. I casually mentioned to Tho landlord that i desired to pin Chase a Carriage and i needed a first class Vii lot and a few other rifles of the like sort and added hat i relied on his Good advice and Immen Dalton As to Tho places where i should Best obtain All 1 sought. Need Ess to say. He became slave never Vas Monarch better served than i the waiters hustled each other in n race o attend upon and reports of princely Fortune generosity and lavish upon Liture begun to lit from Mouth to Nouth which was the result i desired to brain. And now the evening of first Day n a plus came and i Tho supposed onto Cesare Oliva the envied and flattered Noble took the first step towards by vengeance. It was one of Tho love inst evenings possible even in that Lovely and a soft Breeze blew in from the sea the ski was Pearl like and pure As an Opal yet Bright with delicate shifting Clouds of Crimson and Pale mauve Small Vinecy Hecks of radiance that looked like a shown of blossoms fallen from some far Nevis lilo Ilo Worland. Tho Waters of the a were slightly ruffled by the wind and curled into tender Little dark Blue Waves tipped with Light fringes of foam. After dinner i went out and took Way to a Well known and popular cafe which ise Tobea favorite haunt of mine in Lac Days when i was known As Fabio Romani. Guido Ferrari was a constant lab stun of Tho place and i Felt that i should Lind him there. The Brilliant Rose White and Gold saloons were crowded and owing to the pleasant Cool Ness of Tho air there were hundreds of Little tables pushed far out. Into the Street at which groups of persons were seated enjoying ices wine or Coffee and congratulating each other on Tho agree Able news of the steady decrease of Tho dest Lonco that had ravaged Tho City. I glanced covertly yet quickly round. T was not mistaken. Yes and again looked at inv thin t Imo with More interest and something of uneasiness. On commence Moti i thought but i turned head slightly Aldo and feigned to be absorbed in the View. My Coffee was paid for hand tossed Iho waiter in unusually _ Largo naturally found it j incumbent upon him to polish table with extra Zeal and to secure All Tho newspapers pictorial or otherwise that Yore lying about for of obsequious by depositing to lion in it Heap at right hand. 1 addressed this amiable Garcon in Tho harsh and deliberate accents of Ray carefully disguised voice. Juy the Way 1 suppose you know Naples of is Ebbe ii can you Tell Tho Way to the House of one count Fabio a wealthy Nobleman of this a a Good hit this time though apparently not looking at him i saw Ferrari Start As though he had been stung and Tihor compose himself in his seat with an air of attention. The waiter meanwhile in answer to question raised his hands eyes and shoulders All together with a shrug expressive of re signed melancholy. A Gran Uio a 1 exclaimed with a pretended Start of shocked Surprise. So Young he what will you Signor h was la Pesta there was no remedy. La Pesla cares nothing for youth or age and spares neither Rich nor for a moment i leaned head on hand affecting to to overcome by Tho suddenness of the news. Then looking up i said regretfully alas i am too late i was a Friend of his father s. I have been away for Many years and i had a great wish to meet Tho Young roman i whom i last awas a child. Aro there any relations of his living was he Tho waiter Whoso countenance had assumed a fitting in accordance with what to imagined Wero feelings brightened up immediately As he replied eagerly of is. Signor the countess to mania lives up at Tho Villa though i believe Sho receives no More since her husband s death. She is Young and Beautiful As an Angel there is a Little child a Hasty movement on Tho part of Ferrari caused to to turn orcs or rather spectacles in his direction. To leaned Forward and raising his hat with the old courteous Grace i know so Well said politely Pardon Signor for interrupt ing you i knew the into Young count Romani bettor than Man in Naples. I Shalibo delighted to afford you. Any information you May seek concerning Oil the old Mellow music of his voice it struck on heart and pierced it like the refrain of a familiar song loved in the Days of our youth. For an instant i could not and sorrow choked utterance. Fortunately this feeling was but slowly i raised hat in response to his Sal Tiou and answered Stilly. I am your servant Signor. Yon will oblige indeed if you can place to in communication with the relatives of this unfortunate Young Nobleman. Tho elder count Romani was dearer to to than a brother men have such attachments occasionally. Permit to to introduce and i handed him visiting card with a slight and formal Bow. He accepted it and As he read the name 11 bore to gave a Quick glance of respect mingled with pleased Surprise. The Conte Cesaro he exclaimed. I esteem myself most Fortu Nate to have Mot Yon your arrival has already notified to us by Tho Avant Cou a scr of the fashionable intelligence so that to Are Well Here laughing lightly of Tho distinctive right you have to a Hearty Welcome in Naples. I am Only sorry that any distressing news should have darkened the occasion of your return Here after so Long absence. Permit to express Tho Hope that it May at least to Tho Only Cloud for you on our Southern and he. his hand with that ready frankness and Bonhomie which Are always a Patof the italian temper Ament and were especially so of his. A old shudder ran through veins told could take his hand in mine i 1 won id act part Thor should i refuse he would think it should lose the by one false move. With a forced smile 1 hesitatingly held out hand also it was gloved yet Asho clasped it heartily in his own Tho warm reduced figures. Thre Are two kinds one Yon Don t want the other you do. The kind we offer you certainly will be glad to figures on our entire Stock of seasonable attractions. We will sell first class goods at the lowest rates known to honest Trade. We will reduce figures on Good qualities As cheap As Good qualities Cas possible be sold. No one can do better hardly anyone will do Westwell remember that. Prom to Hager Moths. Furniture no. 13 Alamo Plaza and j2 Losoya St., san Antonio. The International route Sho Rubbi. Uri Okumi iib8t direct line to Mexico via Laredo the Gannon Ball Tram for St. Louia bes need. Pullman Buffet sleepers without change Between san Antonio and St Louis w. C. Rig by ticket agent of port connection or r Homer Eads travelling Frei Post Railroad Jime table i. And g. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. And t for St. Via Iron Mountain route for arrivals. From St. Louis Iron Mountain andm., k and t from St. Louis Iron Mountain k. And t. Routes from Laredo a. M p. M a in a. M p.jaud 9 p. M. M. And p. M 1 was not mistaken tic pc was Inu Aidain Friend traitorous foe siting ill his Crisc loaning comfortably in one clip air. His twit put up on an other. To was smoking ill now Ami then Ali Roufeh the columns of the Paris Figaro. He was dressed entirely in Black a. Hypocritical livery the some inc Hue of which suited his Lino complexion and features to admiration. On Tho Little Finger of the shapely hand that every now and then was raised to adjust his Cigar sparkled a Diamond that gave out a Myr iad scintillation a3 h mashed in the evening Light it was of exceptional size and brilliancy and even at a distance i it As own property. So a love gift Signor or an in memorial of the dear and valued Friend Yon have lost t wondered watching him in dark scion the while then Reco letting myself i sauntered slowly to wards him and Peeve Ivinia a disengaged table next to his i Drew n. Chair to it and sat Down. To looked at to in differently Over the top of his newspaper but them was nothing specially attractive in the sight of i White haired Man wearing smoke coloured n to resumed his perusal of the Figuro immediately. 1 rapped Tho end of walking Cano on the table and summoned n waiter from whom i ordered Coffee. I then lit a Cigar and imitating Ferrari s easy posture smoked also. Something in attitude then appeared to him. For he Laid lire. I could have cried ont in agony so excruciating was the mental torture which 1 in Diirr at. That moment. Unt it passed the ordeal was Over and i know that from henceforth i should be Able to smoke hands with him As often and As As with any Othor Man. It was Only this first time that it galled to to Tho Quick. Ferrari noticed nothing of was in excellent spirits and. Turning to the waiter who had lingered to watch us make each other s acquaintance lie cd no aimed More coff co Garcon and a couple of then looking towards you do not object to a Gloria Conte nol that is Well. And hero is taking one from his pocket laying it on the table. Guido Ferrari at your service an artist and a very poor one. We shall celebrate our meeting by drinking each other s i bowed. Tho waiter vanished to execute has orders and Ferrari Drew his chair closer to mine. I Seo you to said gaily. Can i offer you one of Ray cigars they Aro unusually Choice. Permit and to preferred a richly embossed and emblazoned Silver Cigar Case with Tho Romani arms and Coronet and own initials engraved thereon. It was mine of took it with a sensation of grim had not seen it since Tho Day i a Fino i remarked car p. A. Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. New Orleans Houston Galveston a arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston Galveston 7 a t _ through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass arrives from san Francisco Elpaso Aad Eagle pass s. A. And a. P. Railroad Mission route _ t departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except sunday leaves for Galveston Husto. Anc Cuero daily leaves for Corpus Christi and Beeville daily except sunday arrivals. From Ken Wile daily except sunday from Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville except sunday Houston and Cuero daily in p. M a. I p. M a. M f. Kalteyer son wholesale and retail importers and exporter. Chemicals and urn Glat s Sandrie Patent medicines eto., Photop Pulc Stock sheep dip Sulphur pin tar and Ohio Rollo ointment sole of or. Kalteyer a Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mall orders promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited. F. son san Antonio. The san Antonio Light the Best evening paper published n then state of delivered by carriers to any part of a City Jit 500 per month. Commercial printing a specially

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