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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 26, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Rote Gulij sight. Tuesday May 26.1891. Miscellaneous notices. Notice to debtors and creditors the state of Texas i county of Bexar. J to All persons indebted to or holding claims against the estate of Judy Burton deceased the undersigned having been duly a Soiu ted administrator of the estate of Udy Burton late of said Bexar county deceased by s. Vav. Mcallister county judge of the county court of said county on the 24th Day of March a. 1891, during a regular term thereof hereby notifies All persons indebted to said estate to come Forward and make settlement and those having claims against said estate to present them to him at his residence in the City of san Antonio Bexar county Texas where he receives his mail. Witness hand this 24th Day of april a. D., 1891. J. R. Davis administrator of the estate of Judy Burton deceased. Rough on Toothache. Instant Relief 15c. Rough on corns. Liquid 15c. Salve 10c. Of what a cough. Will you need toe warning. The signal perhaps of the sure approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Ask yourselves if you can afford for the Sake of saving 50c., to run the risk and do nothing for it. We know from experience that Shiloh a cure will cure your cough. It never fails. This explains Why More than a million bottles were sold the past year. It relieves croup and whooping cough at once. Mothers do not be without it. For lame Baek Side or Chest use Shiloh a porous plaster. Sold by Adol Dreiss. 3-28-Eod full measure full weight is the motto of the Sunset Wood Yard where you can get the Best Quality of dry stove and fireplace Wood sawed and split and the finest Quality of Coal. Office and Yard Corner Austin and Lamar streets. Telephone no. 81, and your order i a receive prompt attention. 5-11 in n Atu re s Jwon Der. The Only substance known that will prevent tendency to wrinkles or again of the skin. Preserves the tone life an transparent glow of youth. Prevents withering of the skin drying up of the flesh. 50c and $1.00 at druggists Large size prepaid by express for $1.00. E. S. Wells Jersey City n. 61 a special auction Sale for ladies from to to 12 a. Rn., and 4 to 6 p. In. At 287 Commerce Street dry goods and Oil paintings. A or. Tinkham dentist late of Liaw . Office Stumberg Block Corner Houston and Navarro streets. Rooms 3 and 4, second floor. 5-11 in a Doit Wear a Greasy hat. Mager Stadt 33 Soledad renovates them to have just removed from Hon non Tex As and opened the old reliable . Steam Dye works cleaning dyeing altering and repairing neatly and promptly done. Pants making a specially. Pott or amp Duke la 8. Alamo str it. A. Battaglia a manufacturer of boots and shoes ladies and gents Fine shoes to order. Repairing neatly done at lowest rates in thereby. 225 Alamo Plata. M Lucchese Bro. Fashionable Shoemaker 832 East Houston Street next to Mavericks hotel and main Slaza. Next frosts Bank la Iesu line shoes to order. Repairing promptly done. Fine Stock of custom made shoes. Tie Reni place factory will furnish ice equal to any in the Market and guarantee full weight and promptness. Country orders solicited. Patronage of the Public solicited. Factory Arkansas Street. Near s. Alamo. Telephone no. 33. A. C. Ward. Proprietor. Repeated chime of Little Golden Bells the Beautiful the tender the god inspired Birds Sang their love stories simply and with perfect rapture love stories untainted by hypocrisy unsullied by crime a different a so very different from the love stories of selfish humanity the exquisite poetic idyll of a Birds life and love is it not a thing to put us inferior creatures to shame. For Are we Ever As True to our vows As the Lark to his mate?.Are we As sincere in our thanksgivings for the sunlight As the merry Robin who sings As blithely in the Winter snows As in the Flower filled mornings of Spring nay not we our existence is but one Long impotent protest against god combined with an Insatiate desire to got the better of one another in the struggle for base Coin Nina listened and shivered drawing her Light Scarf More closely about her shoulders. A i hate them a she said pet Tashly a their noise is enough to Pierce ones ears. And he used to be so fond of them he used to sing what was it a uti Saluto Rosignuolo Nel Tuo Duomo it Saluto Sei Pani Anta Della Rosa Che Morendo Sifa Sposa a her Rich voice rippled out in the air rivalling the songs of the nightingales themselves. She broke off with a Little laugh a poo Fabio there was always a false note somewhere when he Saug. Come Guido a and they paced on quietly As though their consciences were though no just retribution dogged their Steps a As though no Shadow of a terrible vengeance loomed in the heaven of their pilfered happiness i watched them steadily As they disappeared in the distance a i stretched head eagerly out from Between the dark boughs and gazed after their retreating figures till the last Glimmer of wife s White Robe had vanished behind the thick foliage. They were gone they would return no More that night. I sprang out from hiding place. I stood on the spot where they had stood. I tried to bring Home to myself the actual truth of what i had witnessed. My brain whirled. Circles of Light swam giddily before in the air. The Moon two figures were slowly approaching a wife and Friend Guido Ferrari. A capitalists seeking Home seekers Are invited to Call on Jno. T. Hambleton amp co. 5 2tf Mission Oil company. Star. Oil and stove gasoline and All kinds of illuminating and lubricating oils. Telephone 643. 18 Alamo St., Opp. Scholze Garden. C. H. Guenther pres Chao. A. Zilker v. Pre h l. Gnu the 8ec. And try As. Southern ice and cold storage company. Capacity 120,. Daily. Factory and office to Guenther St fall weight and prompt delivery a rented John i. Hambleton amp co. Land agents no 4 in Commerce St. A the daily Light a is a Only 50 cents a month delivered know As Flowers this round wonder of the eyes called nature of what Avail was god himself i wildly mused since even h3 could not keep one woman True she whom i loved. She As delicate of looked blood red. The solid Earth seemed unsteady beneath feet almost i dotted whether i was indeed alive or whether i was not rather the wretched ghost of past self doomed to return from the grave to look helplessly upon the loss and ruin of All the fair once precious things of bygone Days. The splendid universe around seemed no More upheld by the hand of god no More a Majestic Marvel it was to but an inflated Bubble of emptiness a Mere Ball for devils to kick and spurn through space of what Avail these twinkling stars these stately Leaf Laden Trees these cups of fragrance we form As Angel like in face As the child Bride of Christ St. Agness she even she was. What a thing lower than the boasts a thing As vile As the vilest wretch in female form that Sells herself for Gold piece a things great heaven a for All men to despise and make Light of a for the linger of scorn to Point out a for the foul hissing Tongue of scandal to mock at this creature was wife. The Mother of child a she had cast mud on her soul by her own free will and Choice a she had selected evil As her Good a she had crowned herself with shame willingly nay joyfully she had preferred it to honour. What should be done tortured myself unceasingly with this question. I stared blankly of the ground would some Demon Spring from it Aud give the answer i sought what should be done with her a with him treacherous Friend smiling betrayer suddenly by its lighted on the fallen Rose leaves those that had dropped when Guido a embrace had crushed the Flower she wore. There they Lay on the path curled softly at tin edges like Little Crimson shells. I stooped and picked them up placed them All in Tho hoi Low of hand Aud looked at them. Ahey had a Sweet odour. ,. Almost i kissed them. T nay nay could not they had too recently lain on the breast of an embodied lie yes she was that a lie a living Lovely but accursed lie a go and kill her a stay where had i heard that a painfully considered and at last remembered. And then i thong lit moodily that the starved and miserable rag picker was More of a Man than i. He had taken his revenge at once while i like a fool had let occasion slip. Yes but not for Ever there were different ways of vengeance one must decide the Best Tho keenest Way and above All the Way that shall inflict the longest the cruellest agony upon those by whom honour is wronged. True it would be Sweet to slay sin in the act of shining but then must a Romani Brand himself As a murderer in the sight of men not so there were other Means other roads leading to the same end if the tired brain could Only clan them out. Slowly i dragged Aeng minus i Sun trunk of a Trees and sat Down still holding the dying Rose leaves in clenched Palm. There was a surging noise in ears Mouth tasted of blood lips were parched and burning As with fever. A a White haired that was the King had said so. Mechanically i looked Down at the clothes i wore a the former property of a suicide. A the was a fool a the Vendor of them had said a the killed yes there was no doubt of it. He was a fool. I would not follow his example or at least not yet. I had something to do first something that must be done if i could Only see Way Clear to it. Yes. If i could Only see Way and follow it St rightly resolutely remorselessly thoughts were confused like Fie thoughts of a fever stricken Man in delirium. The scent of the Rose leaves i held sickened strangely a yet i would not throw them from no i would keep them to remind of the embraces i had witnessed i Felt for purse i found and opened it and placed the withering red petals carefully within it. As i slipped it again into pocket i remembered Tho two Leathern pouches i carried the one filled with Gold the other with the jewels i had intended for. Her. My adventures in the vault recurred to i smiled As i recollected the dire struggle i had made for life and Liberty. Life and Liberty a of what use were they to now save for one things revenge i was not wanted i was not expected Back to refill former place on Earth. The Large Fortune i had possessed was now wife a by the decree of own last will and testament which she would have no difficulty in proving. But still wealth was mine the hidden stories of the brigands were sufficient to make any Man More than Rich for the term of his natural life. As i considered this a sort of Dull pleasure throbbed in veins. Money anything could be done for Money Gold would Purchase even vengeance. But what sort of vengeance such a one As i sought must be unique refined relentless and Complete. I pondered deeply. The evening wind blew freshly up from the sea the leaves of the swaying Trees whispered mysteriously together the nightingales warbled on with untied sweetness and the Moon like the round shield of an Angel Warrior shown brightly against the dense Blue background of the sky. Heedless of the passing of hours i sat still lost in a bewildered reverie. A there was always a false note somewhere when he sane a 8oshe had said laughing that Little laugh of hers As cold and Sharp As a clash of steel. True True by All the majesty of heaven most True there was indeed a false note jarring not so much the voice As the music of life itself. There is stuff in All of us that will weave and we desire it into a web of stately or simple Harmony but let the meteor like brilliancy of woman a smile a woman a touch a woman a life intermingle itself with the Strain and to the false note is struck discord declares itself and god himself the great com Poser can do nothing in this life to restore the old Calm tune of peaceful a spoilt Days so i have found so All of you must find Long before you and sorrow grow old together. A a White haired Fisherman athe words of the King repeated themselves Over and Over again in tortured brain. Yes. I was greatly changed i looked worn and old. No one would recognize for former self. All at once with this thought an idea occurred to a plan of vengeance so bold so new Aud withal so terrible that i started from seat As though stung by an adder i paced up and Down restlessly with this lurid Light of fearful revenge pouring in on ovary Nook and cranny of darkened mind. From whence Imd come this daring scheme what Devil or rather what Angel of retribution had whispered it to soul dimly i wondered. But amid All wonder i began practically to arrange the details of plot. I calculated every Small circumstance that was Likely to occur in the process of carrying it out. My stupefied senses became aroused from their lethargy of despair and stood up like soldiers on the Alert armed to the Teeth. Past love pity Pardon patience Pooh what were All these resources of the worlds weaklings to what was it to that Hie bleeding Christ forgave his enemies in death a he never loved a woman strength and Resolution returned to . Lot common Sailor and rag pickers resort to murder and suicide As fit outlets for their unreasoning brute Wrath when wronged but As for Why should i blot family Escutcheon with a merely vulgar crime nay the vengeance of a Romani must be taken with assured calmness and easy deliberations no Kiste no plebeian fury no effeminate fuss no excitement. I walked up and Down slowly meditating on every poli t of the bitter drama in which i had resolved to enact the chief part and from the Rise to the fall of the Black curtain. The mists cleared from brain i breathed More easily nerves steadied themselves by degrees the Prospect of what i purposed doing satisfied and calmed the fever in blood became perfectly Cool and collected indulged in no More futile regrets for the past Why should i mourn the loss of a love i never possessed it was not As of they had waited until supposed sudden death. No within three months of marriage they had fooled for three whole years they had indulged in their criminal amour while i Blind dreamer had suspected nothing. Now i knew the extent of injury a i was a Man bitterly wronged Rilely duped. Justice reason and self respect demanded that i should punish to the utmost the miserable tricksters who had played false. The passion ate tenderness i had Felt for wife had gone a i plucked ii from heart As i would have torn a Thorn from Flung it from with disgust As i had Flung away the unseen reptile that had fastened on neck in tip vault the deep warm Friendship of reduced figures. The re Are two kinds one Yon done to want the other you do. The kind we offer you certainly will be glad to accept reduced figures on our entire Stock of seasonable attractions. We will sell first class goods at the lowest rates known to honest Trade. We will reduce figures on Good qualities As cheap As Good qualities Cas possible be sold. No one can do better hardly anyone will do Westwell remember that. \ from $5.00 to $65.00. Haser but. Vieths. Furniture no. 13 Alamo Plaza and 12 Losoya St., san Antonio the the International route shortest. Quickest and Post All Points the direct line to Mexico via Laredo. Hie a Gannon balls Tram for St. Louis resumed. Pullman Buffet sleepers without change Between san Antonio and St Louis. A a s5. Is is 81�?op. R or 8,1 to Quot a a Iro Quot ? a pm �?om0 Quot a a la a Towt it a 5 45 %. Of. Teases thro ugly connections for Shreveport a Rains leaving san Antonio at Memphis. St. Louis and . C. Rigsby ticket Arent of Post Ortw in 4 j. A #. B a c. M. Stone. Old Post office building Alamo Plaza. Ticket agent i. 4,g. N. Depot 8 a Homer Eads travelling freight agent. Old Post office building Alamo Riaza b. Galbraith d. J. Prig traffic . Tex. A. G. P. A t. A. Palestine Tei of too too of Coo too too too oooo Railroad time table i. And g. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. Andt for St. Louis via Iron Mountain route for Laredo. Arrivals. From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. Routes from Laredo. 5 45 a a a 6 00 p. M 9 55 a. M 9 35 a. M 10 00 p. M 5 35 p Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves or new Orleans Houston amp Galveston 9 25 a. In. J and 9 p. M. Arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans. Houston amp Galveston 7 a. In. And 4 10 p. In through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass 4 40 p. In arrives from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass 8 55 a. M s. A. And a. P. Railroad Mission route. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except sunday leaves for Galveston Husto. Anc. Cuero daily leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville daily except sunday. Arrivals. From Kerrville daily except sunday from Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville except sunday from Galveston Houston and Cuero daily. 4 30 p 8 45 a. M to 8 p i0 00 a. M 2 00 p 7 iop 5zo 00000000000000 up o 00006 too amp son wholesale and retail importers and exporters drugs chemicals and druggists sundries Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur pin tar and Chr Silic ointment. Sole proprietors of f. Kalteyer a Patent screw worm a ointment and liniment .i orders promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited. F. Kalteyer so son san Antonio. Texa. Reab the san Antonio Light the Best evening paper published n the state of Texas. Delivered by carriers to any part of he City at 50c per month. Commercial printing a specially

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