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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 26, 1887, San Antonio, Texas B. Smith amp son Tho Are strictly first class merchant tailors Are now receiving a line line Spring and summer suiting German English scotch and French goods. Our prices arc a Way satisfaction and tit guaranteed All them and Price their goods before purchasing elsewhere. B. Smith amp son 12-9-tf no. 44 West Commerce St. Volume Vii number 98. Antonio daily Light san Antonio Texas. Thursday May 26. I 887. The Excelsior safety Burner. Brilliancy and Economy combined. Beautiful Gas Light at your own tire sides discarding kerosene Oil lamp chimneys and shades can be bandied with perfect safety by a child eight ten years age ousts much less than kerosene Aud a Lvi a double the Light rile Price the Excelsior safety Burner is 75 cents. For Sale at a ii Soledad Street. 3-1 in Only $5 a year. J0ske a ires at closing out Sale in a very Short time we will commence erecting our Large new store the Corner Alamo and Commerce streets and if possible have it ready for the fall Trade therefore we offer now our Large and Well selected Stock latest Telegraph news. Associated press dispatches and specials up to the hour going to press. Dry goods clothing shoes Etc. At prices never heard before. Dry goods cloth ing shoes Etc. Here is an Opportunity to buy Good goods to the very Best advantage every article a genuine bargain. This is a real closing out Sale. Our goods were bought turn them into Cash we Are willing to make big sacrifices. To facilitate sales in our clothing department we allow from this Date pfc to ill Cise purchases to pm cent. And remember this is a big item for our proles generally Are lower than the lowest and you can buy one our $10 suits for bit is Worth investigating As Well As looking Atour boys clothing which we allow the same discount. Our 12 50 ladies cur. Kid Button shoes Are too Well known to write about but deducting the to per cent. They will Cost Only $2.25 How boys Short pants at 25 cents. Every gentleman knows we Are Selling Stetson hats for less than any other House but from and after this Date you buy a u Stetson hat fur in our dry goods department we have marked Down everything in Plain figures and Are Selling for instance a crinkles 2 cases formerly 12 i-2c., now 8c. Am Skeg Gingham Worth 12 i 2c. Now 9c. Imported an dines in Plain and figured Worth 25c., now 12 i-2c. Linen lawns Worth 25c., 15c. Linen lawns Worth 20c., now 10c. Pacific lawns i0c.�less than new York Cost. Summer Silks All colors Worth 40c., now 29c. Great bargains in towels table Linen handkerchiefs laces embroideries parasols and in fact everything we have for Sale. J08ke Brothers. An editors testimonial. A. M. Vaughan editor the a Greenwich review a Greenwich o., writes a last january i met with a very to Vero Accident caused by a runaway horse. I used almost every kind Salve to Beal the wound which turned to running mores but found nothing to do me any Good till i was recommended Henry a carbolic Salve. I bought a Box and it helped me at once and at Tho end two months i was completely Well. It is the Best Salve in the Market and i never fail telling my friends about it Aud urge them to use it whenever in need. The Queen Quot Ginger ale. The Hest in the Market sold everywhere. 6-25-tf the old Silver spoon. How fresh in my mind Are the Days my sickness when i tossed me in pain All fevered and sore the burning the nausea the sinking and weakness aude Veu the old spoon that my Medicine bore. The old Silver spoon the family spoon the sick chamber spoon that my Medicine bore. How loth were my fever parched lips to receive it How nauseous the stuff that it bore to my Tongue Aud the pain at my inwards naught could relieve it though tears disgust from my eyeballs it wrung. The old Silver spoon Tho Medicine spoon How awful the stuff that it left my Tongue such is the effect nauseous griping medicines which make the sick room a memory horror. Or. Pierce s pleasant purgative pullets the contrary Are Small sugar coated easy to take purely vegetable and perfectly effective. 36 cents a vial. A done to marry Ulm i a the is such a fickle inconstant fellow you will never be Happy with said Esther s friends when they Learned her engagement to a Young Man who bore the reputation being a sad flirt. Esther however knew that her Lover bad Good qualities and she was willing to take the risk. In nine eases out ten it would have proved a mistake but Esther was an uncommon girl and to every Ouon a Surprise Fred made a Model husband How was it Well Esther had a cheerful sunny temper and a great Deal tact. Then she enjoyed perfect health Aud was always to Sweet neat and who esome that Fred found his own Home most pleasant and his own wife More agreeable than any other being. As the year passed and he saw other women Esther Sage grow sickly faded Aud querulous he realized More and More that be had a a jewel a Good health was half the secret Esther s Success she retained her vitality and Good looks Beau us she warded Oil feminine weaknesses and ailments by the use . A Leroen a favorite prescription. A woman s Exchange. A ladies interested in the to Raaum a Exchange that have been invited Are requested to to at the Art rooms at 5 to p. In. Tomorrow Friday the Exchange will lie opened about june 1st, Aud All ladies having any work articles for Sale wishing to take orders for putting up preserves making salads doing any kind Plain Faucy sewing painting Aud embroidering eau Here have an Opportunity to dispose the same a commission to per cent will be charged All sales. Any one wishing to give orders eau leave them at Tho Bureau f woman a Exchange. Gentlemen who have mending to be done can Send it and it will be neatly done Aud returned Aud a reasonable Price charged for the service. The Exchange will do much in encouraging female Industry and secure the fair ones a Reward for the labor moreover it will be it general Public Utility. The movement therefore should receive the Hearty support the Public. A every glorious act a areal life slats Forward an eloquent fact. Or. Bulls cough syrup is the glorious rot a life s study and it is a positive fact that it stands without a rival. Rite halt Antonio rifles Ami the Belknap rifles were among the companies received by the president. Burning opera Domique. Rams May 26.�?fire in the opera Domique last night broke out during the first act the opera que the wings caught fire from a Gas Jet and the entire stage was immediately enveloped in flames. The fire soon spread to the whole House. All the actors ran out in stage costumes. The Gas was turned off before ail the audience left the building and it is feared 8<>me were left in the upper tiers. The roof soon fell in. With the exception a Madame Tellier who perished ail the actors escaped though several Supern Meries Are injured severely and five bodies terribly Burnt were conveyed to the National Library. The military dub rendered great assistance in the work rescuing people from the building. Nineteen persons Are known to be dead. Many these Are supers. The Art Itidal fire apparatus which had been placed in position for the burning the Palace in the second act rolled Down from its place near the roof and exploded below. Supers and members the chorus were terrified and some the latter fled with nothing but their tights. The flames spread with such rapidity that in 15 minutes the theatre was a vast Furnace. M Tasquin implored the audience to remain seated until exits were opened which they did. Had they made a Rush for the doors the loss life would have been terrible. The police outside were unable to restrain the crowd who besieged the building inquiring for friends inside until a military cordon was formed. The scene outside was one the wildest excitement. Flames shot out every window in the building forcing the crowd into the narrow streets where the crush was terrific. Many policemen were injured. It is still unknown How Many persons were unable to escape from the building. The audience was delayed a few minutes by the dense smoke Aud insult Orient Light. Director coleite with his wife and two children escaped without injury. The killed include four firemen who believed that the Stair Oase in the theatre became blocked. The Iron curtain was lowered in front the stage thus preventing the tire from spreading immediately to the auditorium and allowed the audience time to escape. The fire brigade distinguished themselves and Many had narrow escapes. The most casualties so far reported Are due to nervousness. The victims Are chiefly singers and supers. Solicitor the British embassy said that the audience showed great calmness when the alarm was Given. When the Gas was extinguished he groped his Way to a Balcony and saw people in the Street laying Straw mattresses to receive persons jumping from the windows. He was ultimately rescued by a fireman. Dead bodies still in the ruins. Paris. May 26.�?the bodies the Ballet dancers who lost their lives by the burning the opera Domique last night Are lying in heaps in the ruins the theatre. The firemen assert that Many bodies Are lying in the upper galleries. The number persons killed greatly exceeds the previous estimates. An excited crowd surrounds the ruins which Are guarded by a military cordon. Sixty victims at opera Domique. London May 26.�?the havas news Agency Paris placed the number persons killed and injured by the lire in the opera Domique last night at 60. The theatre la completely destroyed. Twenty mutilated bodies recovered. Paris. May 26.�? 2 p. My Twenty bodies in a terribly mutilated condition have been recovered from the ruins. The remains Are principally those Ballet girls choristers and machinists. Five bodies Are those Eldery ladles and one them is that a child. The firemen Are now lowering some bodies from the fourth Story the theatre by Means rops. The building trades fight. Chicago May 26.�?the aggressive programme announced by the National association builders called Forth retaliatory move today. At a Confer Ance the labor leaders the issuance a Call for a convention delegates from the building trades ail the cities in the United states was virtually determined upon to take place in Chicago As soon As possible. The address danged by the executive Board the National association builders was characterized by the speakers As a declaration War against the building trades unions throughout the country it was urged that the employers having a pow Erful National organization there should be a similar organization employees to oppose it. Chicago was made the Battle ground by the builders therefore the conferences should be held Here and the Challenge the National builders association accepted. Joseph r. Buchanan was the principal upholder the scheme. It was finally agreed to first Call together the representatives All local building trades unions plumbers steam and Gas fitters painters bricklayers and Stone outters none whom belong to the Chicago building trades Council. They will be asked to Send delegates to a conference. Then will follow the Call for a National convention the building trades journeymen. Uneasy rests the head. Constantinople May 26.�?it is reported that the Sultan has dismissed a number locate holding High positions in the Palace who were discovered to be engaged in a conspiracy to overthrow him. Weather prognostics. Washington May 25.�?indications for Texas generally fair weather nearly stationary temperature winds generally southerly. An old Nobleman Dies London May 26.�?gladstone has started for his Home at Hawarden to spend Whitsun tide holidays. William Brabason Earl meath and Baron Brabason Ardee died today. He was in his 84th year. Telegraphic Brevi ties. Mashed a widow. An old hand at Quot Beer slinging caught napping. Reich Stag adjourns until june 7. Trial has opened the Chicago Boodler. Prizes will he offered for gun shoot at Parte state Drill. Editor Houston Herald and . Langdon have a set to. Riot reported in Nuevo Leon. Troops gent. No particulars. Fifty villages and towns in Southeast Hungary inundated. Small pox is raging along the Banka the upper Amazon. The Southern Presb. Assembly meets in Baltimore next May. A Large instalment Clay county Farmers have settled near Tyler. The Nacogdoches Oil Wells have a reported capacity 1,400 barrels a Day. Gus Leve a new Orlens Type settler murdered by hoodlums in new Orleans. Hector Fahre Canadian receives the order legion Honor from France. Wolves commit serious depredations and attack travellers in Fulton county. Ark. Chamberlain is egging the conservatives to organize to defeat Home Rule. Floquet will not form a ministry and provisional Cabinet will he resorted to. Bismarck approves the International treaties for the Protection literature Art and news cables. Borne hitch in Germany a foreign relations compels the return Young Bismarck from England. The Southern presbyterian Church denies to All Bethel churches the right presbyter representation. National Millers association in session at St. Louis favors a Bill making National classification wheat. Victoria Queen Vloys grand daughter and wife Ludwig Battenberg is sick with gastric and typhoid fever. A Ftp. Davis Mobile has gone to Washington to Drill the i Omax rifles their commander Price Williams being very ill. By striking water at a High level the cuts in the Panama canal have been filled with Earth and Rock and rendered valueless. Anderson preliminary trial for outrage , mo., shot dead in the court room. The girls Brothers were arrested. Foreign Bond holders under consolidated mortgage Kansas Pacific sue Jay Gould and Russell Sage As trustees Road for several millions. The belgian miners and Iron workers strike threatens to involve the whole country in serious trouble. Towns Are threatened Aud Telegraph wires Cut. How it feels to be plaintiff a a sensational divorce suit. A utile excitement was created yesterday morning South Alamo Street not far from Commerce Street by the strange discovery an old German gout Leman who has rooms to rent lately he Nan been renting two rooms to a widowed woman and two children. 8b� hailed according to her statement from Chicago Aud wan \ try poor so poor. In fact that frequently she did not have bread for herself and children and the kind hearted landlord not thinking oven pressing her for the rent overdue and unpaid contributed food for their sustenance. Meanwhile he was informed by several parties that there was a doubt about the woman s character and that she was not Chaste either in her morals Ber conduct frequently rating seen with a married Man in a Back room a Saloon at a very late hour when she should be at Home. Those tales the old gentleman indignantly refused to believe until be was so Well convinced their truth by witnesses that be consented to order her out Bis House. This he did last tuesday evening. She grow terribly Indyg naut then became injured and finally did the desperate act declaring she would beg buy a dose Poison Aud kil1 herself and children As sue was tired very tired this struggle. So fiercely did she rave that the old gent took great care to order his servant unlock up All the rough rats ant Poison Etc in the House for fear she would do so. Yesterday morning Early the old gentleman who is an Early Riser and whose conscience probably would not let him sleep account Bis to the poor woman was astir and noted with great year. The death like stillness that pervaded the apartments the woman and be thought sure enough she Nad suicide. Going out the front gallery he stepped to her window and turned the blinds and peeped in. The Bedstead standing dear the window was occupied not by a Corpse a the gentleman expected but by two living breathing mortals and the philanthropist reluctantly concluded la at Lite accusation hts friends against poor madams chastity were pretty Well rounded after All. After calling a policeman and several witnesses be informed the wife the married Man but she refused to come. Contending herself with taking several copious schooners Beer and adding a supplemental petition to Ber divorce petition now file in the District court. Her husband in att sex Saloon St. To ladies we Greet you we til an invitation to sub the Mammoth display dry goods a at 212 and 214 Commerce Street. Our immense stores Are now crowded with a Large Stock Fine and Rich novelties. Surah Silks All colors 95c. Ponge Silks Only 3uc. Summer Silks Only 5dc. Boys suits new and neat $3. Mens suits booted goods id. New fancy ladies Hose. 75c. White Batiste embroidered Uress pattern $2. Sateen 12 i new Rich 2 to 30c. And Nobby from attractive worsted dress pattern $8.50 25 Rolls Early matting. 20c. Fancy silk parasols Fine $3. 25 Rolls fancy matting. 3bc. One Yard wide lace Floun cing 85c. Seamless White matting 35c. Black Guipre silk lace allover $2. Tapestry carpets full line Only 75c. Married last night. The wedding . Huppertz and i a Gutzeit. The wedding the county apothecary . Albert m. Huppertz to Mian Clementine gut Zeit took place last night Al 9 3c clock the residence the Gutzeit Lainily in the Rock Quarry Road. A Large number invited guests including the county judge county commissioners physician and superintendent the poorhouse were present the ceremony was performed by county judge Wurzbach. It should have taken place at 8 clock but owing to the distance from the City the guests did not arrive time. The attendants the Young ooh ply were . Win Sou Wirtz and miss Virginia Gutzeit . Chaa. Gutzeit and miss Teresa Huppertz. After the wed lug a splendid supper with wine accompaniment was served Aud toasts were responded to by judge Wurz Bali prof. Schu Wirt Lor. Tadich Herman Heill Manu and . K. L. Graves. A Large number useful Aud valuable fifth to the Bride were received. The relatives the Groom were present. Including Bis Brothers from Austin. The Happy couple left this morning for Austin where they will spend a weeks honeymoon. Our boys abroad. Our dress making department is managed by an expert lady who cannot be equalled in fit style be sure to pay our stores a visit. Whether you buy not we will be glad to see you Haas amp Oppenheimer 2 i 2 and 2 i 4 Commerce Street. L. Sourson prices sneak volumes i convince yourselves brewery mean business. Baltimore May 26.�?-the convention United states brewery association resumed their labors this morning and after listening to reports various committees adopted resolutions appropriating 15,000 for the assistance the Brewers Michigan $5,000 for the Brewers Texas and $3,000 for the Brewers Tennessee the Money Robe used in defeating the efforts the prohibitionists in these states. They also appropriated $9,000 to the use the publication committee. On motion Henry Clausen jr., new York an extra assessment equal to one years dues was agreed upon to enable the Board trustees to fight Temperance fanatics in various sections the noun try. The nominating committee put in nomination the following Loket which was elected by acclamation president win a. Miles new York vice presidents Henry Clausen jr., and thus. C. Lefens Chicago treasurer j. C g. Hupfel new York. Board trustees Vern. A. Miles Henry Clausen . Geo. Ehret Aud . G. Hupfel new York la. R. Schorrman and Jos. Liebman Brooklyn Gottfried Krueger Newark. Done to like the Export duties London May 20.�? the various Cham Bors Commerce and other associations propose to Issue a protest against the import duties Iron Aud steel imported by the Canadian government. Miscellaneous local matter. A Jubilee singers at san Pedro Springs tonight at 8 30 clock. A this evening the Jubilee singers will give a line performance at the Springs at half past eight. A go to the Springs tonight and hear the Jubilee singers perform. A during the Jubilee performance tonight the celebrated Tenor Singer will be Beard in some special solos. Or. W. G. Sayers the Well known banker Gonzales is a guest at the Monger. Or Vav. Ii. Mowry a Well known citizen Laredo is a guest at the Monger. A a base Ball game government Hill is to take place this afternoon. A Captain j. G. Ballanco judge advocate this military department was admitted to the bar the Federal court yesterday. The Captain is now a full fledged lawyer entitled to Pra Otloe in the state and Federal courts. A Rev. B. Harris this Olty has returned from attending the funeral the late . Burleson san Marcos. A judge Julius Schuetze Austin Well known also in san Antonio has sued Paul Premier Austin t. Ruhr ii Ian san Antonio and Vav. J. Lemp St. Louis for $500 claimed As attorneys fee for endeavouring in their interests to defeat the passage the prohibition Bill in the state legislature. Or. Atkinson and family san Marcos Are at the Southern. Col. T. M. Of Connor is at the Southern from Refugio. F. Vav. Schweppe editor the Boerne paper is at the St. Leonard from Boerne. N. B. Hicks a sheep Man Cotulla is at the St. Leonard. Col. Vav. V. Henderson Boerne is at the St. Leonard. A mrs. Pink Reed has secured a divorce from her husband. A Abe Samuels got stuck a Diamond stud at a raffle at wolfs Saloon last night and won it. Angel Guerrerro won the other spark rattled. Judge Wurzbach left for new braunfels business this morning. A the Federal court was very Busy with civil business this morning and is engaged in winding up this term court which will very Likely adjourn today. Good news. A Telegram was received by Captain Edgar Schramm the ant prohibition committee from an ant prohibition Delegate now in fort Worth attending the state press association saying we held Down the prohibits and captured the officers and made Many friends for our picnic. Knights and ladles the Golden Rule Castle Fannin no. 257, will have a picnic to mho Linn a a Park sunday May 29. Meu tiers Are requested to leave their baskets and baggage at the Odich Carter amp Mullay a busses will leave the Hall and also the office Carter a Mullay at 7 clock a in. Friends i and memo is the Castle Are cordially 1 invited. Tug comm hike. Who face the music tomorrow enterprising newspapers condemned Etc., Etc. The following telegrams received thus far from capt. Badger the ban Antonio rifles Are As follows May 25�?the Belknap san Antonios and Lomax rifles will Drill Friday in the order named. The programme was published today in the evening papers much to our disgust. The Vicksburg Southron Drew out the Street Parade today account the africans. J. Mcnamara Union ticket agent in san Antonio received the following dispatch this morning from col. Tom Kingsley which is much after the tone disgust expressed by capt. Badger. He says a san Antonio companies will Drill Friday. The programme is very simple and was published in the papers Here to our capt. Watiker telegraphed today As follows a the programme As arranged is for infants. There is scarcely a platoon movement and no double rank moves. The companies who have drilled Are protesting account the publication the that brag1 is not when it is built fact. Then it is simply a proper presentation Merit and is business and Enterprise. But after ail the goods themselves Are the Touchstone. See. For instance the qualities and prices our Mammoth Spring goods now being received and opened out for Public in inspection. These goods Are ail the latest and most approved styles and makes fresh from the importers and manufacturers and consist every article to be found in a first class mercantile establishment. We can Only mention that we keep dress goods All qualities ail grades ladles underwear ail articles for misses and children. It would be impossible to enumerate in a Small advertisement our immense variety goods. However special attention is called to decoration Day. The dead the Blue and the Gray to be honoured in san Antonio. E. O. C Ord Post no. 3 g. A. It. Have made grand preparations for the appropriate Celebration decoration Day May 30th, next monday. The pro gramme will consignor a grand civic and military Parade the decorating the Graves in the National and City cemeteries and in addresses at the Graves the grand marshal the Day will be . C. C. Cresson and he has been assigned eight aides four from the military officers two from g. A. R. And two from the fire department they accept the invitation to participate a Boob has been tendered and which As soon As they have meetings they will probably do. The aides from the army Are capt Simpson capt. Smith capt. Hickey and Lieut. Gaston. From the g. A. It., . John Kinehan and . F. Bader. Capt. W. H. Huston Bas been chosen orator the Day. The procession will form at 9 clock the right Wing resting Avenue Dand Alamo Plaza and the left Wing resting Alamo Street and Alamo Plaza. The right Wing will Nilst the 8th cavalry band. Gen. Stanley and staff United states infantry and artillery e. O. C. Ord Post g. A. Tt., fire department Excelsior guards and the left Wing will consist All the civil societies Wiloh have been invited the Flower wagons and citizens in carriages. The Hue March will be taken Down Houston Street to North Flores Street South to military Plaza and Dolo Rosa Street East to main Plaza across it to Commerce Street and East to the cemeteries. On arrival at the cemeteries there will he an address by grand . Ii. Huston after which the ceremony decorating the Graves will take place. The u. S. Authorities will erect a platform Aud canopy in the National cemetery for the accommodation the Speake. This platform will be permanently located there. The Flower committee is composed messes. Bedel Bader and c. Rumpf and All citizens having Flowers Are requested to donate All they eau spare and leave them in charge the committee at Are company no. Los Hall Market Street. A citizens and societies Are invited to participate. Our Fink link silk fabrics Douai Atung All que Allilea from i la by summer to the very Behest Quality Lyons Groag rain not i air Richer better. Our display Silks will capture the heart any lady. It is the most Complete in the Olty. Then we have an unexcelled in Wash and Light Woolen fabrics such a i awns Gingham sateen zulus crinkles cordoned nuns Vul Tiiu Diop i Alma sprint Cashmere Aud every other Brilliant Ami useful dress fabric to by found to the great marts the country this season. Than in the link in thu link millinery and fancy goods ladies shoes and slippers we Are prepared to offer great induce me u to. Our Stock hats bonnets Flowers feathers trimmings and All the paraphernalia that goes to make up a a love a Bonnet a hat is More Complete than Ever. Our experienced artists trim Aud ornament in every style. We Albo have bomb new things in laces. As Well As other novelties to the trimming Aud embroidery line which the ladies should by All Means see. They will find them the latest Aud freshest. We Are As usual in the Lead. Our Stock is Complete and excellent. The same May be said in ssh a and children s Wear. In hosiery All goods from Cotton to the finest silk can be found in endless variety styles shapes and colors As Well As prices. In Ouk link gloves handkerchiefs and fans the ladies can surely make a selection from the Well ii in led sri Ely. There a Ait stylus Aud Grade selected with a View to the wants our cosmopolitan Trade. Done to judge our goods by the Price. It is the Way we buy that lets us sell so cheaply cheaper in Many oases than other dealers eau get the goods for at wholesale. This also applies to the will i t elephant clothing House our clothing store u now what have Long wished to make it ample and tasteful. Not a sort to discredit the Stock. The Stock is better constant Progress Marks its improvement. The better things Are becoming to he better understood so people Tell us and so do the sales. This is not Only for the men youths and boys Are cared for with equal taste and Comfort. Furnishing goods boots and shoes hats and Caps Are also kept in this department. Furniture and House furnish Fig goods this department is completely stocked with every article in the furniture line from the cheapest to the costliest in House furnishing goods every article used in a household can be found., our Stock and prices defy Competition. James ringer. Albert m. Gutzeit. Marriage Licensee. Vav. Cochran and Lina loth Llu Spartz and Clementine l. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street san Antonio Texas
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