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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 19, 1891, San Antonio, TexasTuesday May 10. 1801. Is your wife Well the women of America Are the largest Consumers of s. S. S. It never fails to restore broken Down health when caused by impoverished blood or the cares of the household. Over ten thousand of the Best women of the country testify to this. Don t fail to Send for our Book of mood diseases. Mailed free. A Watt specific ., Atlanta Little of everything. Free visiting cards. How to set them inquire of Fred. Small City subscription agent of the daily Lien. Fave you lost found or anything if so advertise in the daily Light and it will be made known. Live Yankees to come to Texas with their capital to develop the country aug push the old most backs out. Republican in Texas to subscribe for the daily or weekly say Antonio Light genuine Independent Ile publican paper in the South. Daily san Antonio Light the cheapest and Best afternoon paper in Texas. mail or Carrier knights of pythias endow Merit rank offers the Best and safest insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the order or t. 13. Johnson at the Light office if Gray gradually restores color. Ele Gant tonic dressing. Druggists or size by express for Al 00 13. S. Wells. Jersey City. Rough on Worms. Safe sure cure. 2 association. Best Pale Vienna lager and bonded Beer. Orders promptly attended and delivered to any part of 8he City free of charge. . . Worth and Bast through trans Icarro Pullman sleepers Between Points in Texas and Chicago St. Louis Ana Kansas City. Connect Lonson All of Tho above cities with of Eastern and Northern Lynae Phobea Ellno to York Boston Montreal and St Paul go. A. C. Cross f. Trey . Sedalla to. J. To. H. P. Hot gobs Salton hk8ijxb, it was rough on the lad. But then to looked to promo Lioy do f nut Ilmore Sirur Alloi u . When 1 was in i ran across it half whimsical bait Little Inci Dent which a full a Mikee boy of 17. It did t show much sense on his part hut plenty of Pluck which not As Cikk us sense but a Good thing Rheu it in needed to fetch a follow through. His party was going up to Tho Rhone Glacier and he in heedless Di-1 ascertain that tie pass divided no Ive Ilos in Mitil the Furca Wing the Voct in i 1, while the St. Got Inird went to thu Lei Down Iii Italy. He was doing trip in foot while the rest of his party Willu Riding. Taking the Footpath which was a Shorter Cut than thu Road to in Ossed Tho Fork in the Road Aud started Oil toward i tabs without knowing his mistake. He could talk enough French to say Glace do phone Ami thut. Was about All. Me along the greater Purl of Tho Day stopping at a Wayside Jiuu for a bite of lunch and a Little of her and not until he reached Zirolo ii the Foo of St. Gothart did he to suspect All was not i in it. Lie n pretty Valley with a tiny Glacier at Tho end. Tin Placer he asked of the first italian met. He pointed to the Distant ice and the Man urdu try he vent on at a rapid Pace for it Iii Frei Tiisik late. It was a Beautiful and k acc no Little Vale dotted with limn Bio crucifixes. The were polite and bade him Good evening men. Women and children. It was not until nearly Sundown that he met an intelligent fellow who talked French Ami comprehended his Khoune do Glace question. He got very much excited and by gestures More than words indicated that the lad was away off the track and that in fact he must retrace his Steps. After walking All Day this was Tough news but there was Only one thing to do turn about Aud sturdily Back. So Back he went to Zirolo and after a bite to car up the Mou Utain aide in tue grandest Moonlight thai Ever shone. And so foot sore and weary with pain at his hear to a link of the anxiety of his father when he failed to turn up he nearly walked the night out Landing at Ilos Peu about 4 in the morning. Then he Learned his mistake was told that the Diligence would be along at 8 and went to bed. It was the inst tent he could do. At s us Diligence was crowded. They could not give him a seat. So there was nothing but climb again tin Load Liu ought to have taken the Day Vucure. But. What n climb that was it. Seemed As if his Leet As heavy As Irun shoes. There were blisters on them and he could scarcely put one fool above the other. We had travelled for several hours a my along going in arty As lie. Had americans for passengers. Of if they would give him a ride he looked at them beseeching by. Jwo Young ladies in the Carriage looked at him with interest. They Hail heard his Story at hos Petit line. They snid afterwards that Lioy were dying to Olver him a vacant seat in their Carriage but he had such a proud look on his face heaven save the that they did not venture lest he should resent it. And so Between hi.1 silence and theirs a got no ride but was soon left behind by the is rangers who told the Story when they it a tied the Glacier and re sieved the fears of his father who was Al most Fra it in with grief anxiety. It was no Aily 0 o clock when he. Crept Down to the to i l on his blistered feet. Of course he was the hero of the night and when the people Learned of the Miles of Mountain climbing that he Hail done they marvelled. As for the two Young ladies who pitied but dul not invite him they retired within their shells and hurried away As quickly As they could. In another Romance was spoiled because the did not do Tho proper thing and the wedding which would have taken place in novels did not Eum Eoll alas Toiv often it in the Liappes bugs of the real York Herald. Rims Milf to Lihn. In one of Bret Uliarte s Clever parodies of the French to tells a Story in words some thing like these three Gamins were play ing in the streets of Paris. A priest passed by. There goes a cried one look out for your tags and your then the priest hearing the words Knelt Down and prayed for the boys. But upon reflection i was convinced that it was not the fault of the boys but their parents. He Knelt Down the second time and prayed for the boys parents. Oil another thought he saw that it was nut the fault of the boys parents but of society. He Knelt Down again Aud prayed for society. As he ii oni m. Prayer he said 10 himself my Friend who is society you and 1 Are Tso lie Knelt Down the last time and prayed for Francisco Argonaut. I Nril work for the Alm Iglitz. Their is a minister in new York atty who said Oiin that he was not certain that he should fiver make a Long prayer again. I a him to say this was the remark of a very Small boy whose Mother attends his Church. Since the minister Learned of the remark it May not by unfair to Lei the Story. It a very Long prayer when the Mother was leading her soil from i he Church after the services the boy said to her Mamma Don t you think god in get awfully his Mother of him in Surprise. What makes you Iii univ suf slip of he works so she waited a moment. What makes you think god works so asked finally. Of he works hard listening to so Long new York Tribune. The Slit Cli in time. In newspaper articles on the necessity of Early organization and needful improve ments in the National army and Navy the address of sir Charles Dilke before the Royal statistical society of England has teen frequently referred to. Among other cogent remarks made by the sneaker was one to the effect that the total failure of the French in 1870 to obtain even a Momen tary Success with of splendid Cour continued on seventh Page. Be prudent buy property which increases in value daily and feel Safe Belleview property of the Best safest and most profitable investments to which we can recommend the attention of the Public is in the Purchase of Belleview addition property. The location is Beautiful High and level the bests Oil for the making of Cleao streets anywhere. An electric Street railway system i use in operation by of March 1891. The property will soon be taken up by speculators on account of its Loca Tion therefore buy As Long As you can get it out of first hands. Foe particulars apply to capt. Edgar Schramm Light office no. 4 East Commerce Gan Antonio Texas a he cutting Down cull and look at our bargains watches clocks diamonds and jewelry or anything you want. When i Bay euro i do not merely to atop them for n Tima and then have till a return again n cure. a Soaso of Lepsy or falling Kinky Essaline Lattif study. I in arrant my it ii wily to euro Tho worst census acc Voso others lava failed is no rur Fiauu fur not cum. Bond flt onco for a Hurt a oreo Liutti Luff tiny Roku . Ono is prefix Jtj potato iliac. U. D Koot a c., 183 i curl 8t., n. Y. M. Herweck paints oils and Glass Geo. W. Pitkin go s Zink pastel Al aint lne and training be lilt no. 12 Alamo a treat. E. A. Seffel House and sign Painter shop East opposite St. Joseph s Catholic none but Tho very Best a moral used Rood honest in the Mutual life insurance go of new York. Richard a. Mccu Judy prea., jj3 Oft ers its distribution policy As Tho Moat advantageous form of life insurance for the policy Holder Shermar son Bakers Gen tags Remmel and e. Chamberlain is. . Schramm Mooke District managers. Alamo Plaza Over i. G. Just. Ticket office san Antonio. Or. J. R. Harmer at City drug store. No. 8 san Antonio. Telephone or night. Elmendorf main Antonio Gin farming and Mill machinery of All kinds mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft made. Threshers engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Belle Wagon. Brand View Wool it is now on the Market from u on surrounding country. Consequence Tho Way i inks Nuhs and su13d1 flue property Bui i re m Islo by Joseph a. Alvy and the Corners Uoti Olly Tiu ibo Aroun Withus each the Boun Niv lines nearly marked and All of Wheeli Are clearly Idonat Lytal now therefore i hero is Buso Lully no Pei Blitz of Conn Gubin line Randy is Evcic now Surveyor who May Survey Toro in Trio future. This subdivision Ling been Madei ant earn tally surveyed by w. M. T..k. County Surveyor and John d. Hullmann Surveyor and the Corners of All Trio blocks no Chablis had. And All streets Trio streets All run cast and West and North Ned nth and Tho avenues Eio Lair out and flt the Mourot Trio lulls Hurt with Sou in hell it and Park Tornito additions. Each look a. Is to ret the Bici Felt of tie Lino View a swells a Lii. Of Hil t Eumo is that la the Walls of Trio lil Blous and it a Nebo Cut and quarried with pick ares in lilo oks of suitable sizes for Bui Diuk Tim. Rock hardens As soon is exposed to Tho a Moi Uihero and can to Laid in Tho wails of Iki Ucb at n Cost of Oak a kith the Price of Brick and is Nimoh better build unit material. Quarry Croppi Tnge Aro Only on Cou Flitcr to . Lillo Tho soil n tha others cannot to a nowhere in the country Betak a Sandy Pho Colato Laiu which duri uhf Rainy weal in does not become Muddy Herco we have no hard Kronid in grand View during the most nolo moist weal Hor. La elixir South-eab1 or thecly Wonhi Atli Hills Overlook link Trio City Nind surround Long country a hardly coeds a client Union lilo great bus Over Ollie Liioi Lions of the Olav by stir Tho first Between san Antonio and the Gull the Pruvell Init foul Enst Breedo irom Trio Gulf Wheeli blows for Niue motile of the year Lias no Mill it reaches this property Altor Nassi Nir Over it. A Esau pm the Misli Oinui Juluin. I any 01 ii desc nne will a Slat to Bull up the others electric oars Aro now running through South Heights to will in a fourth of n Rolle of grand View on the West while 1 to projected pm hoc through each will run to within a Narter on v Ira on Trio nerf n. Linin Tom 41.n Tho ground known by lion on Tho Sarto where is now tie invent Inko u Boxer county surrounded by Ono of Tho finest forests of giant Mossy Oaks elms Heckli Crry Jan nut Ponn am1. Trees Lobo Bounri in Tho slate. This Boa mini a a is fed from Nuudi Troub Springs incl Hasto Talailo Creek coun infant All limes it of the a Gilldren and to Linacre. Where Beld Aud no Cylc Aro and you will and out it onco that it is Only three and Ono half Miles a Little from Tho Postoll . Tie streets in this addition no Al sixty feet wide Iio Elva to Foet wide and there Are no lots inns Linn fifty feet front by n dept i of one Hundred ani150 feet a Tab a tl10 state of to cetus in j846, to Geurtje w. Rns Elial anal inls47. Sold by him to 0 Moon Lee and in by Leo sold to Tho present owners which show asian to. Clear and Porfert claim of Tutlo. Full warranty deeds Lvon to pure users prices of Thobbs lots at the Start will be from fifty to one Hundred and Tufty dollars oath. With right of owners to change Tho Price at any will by Ono third Cash the balance in Ono and two _ to years with u a per cent. Inte Rubt on deferred Jay Mcnab. Further Jimart Loulas and information Call Oil j. A Dignowity general mgr. Old potato slice build in Opp. Merger hotel who will lie pleased to show purchasers Over property at any time. Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities building material of All kinds shapes and a Largo Missor Tenient of ornamental goods always in Block we keep constantly on nand larkely quantities of the never yet surpassed Haisch s Karb and Fence Wiki. To Are successful competitors in Price Grid . Coirini and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot. Santantonio Southern Pacific .Atlantic system the a Wilckes and Best route or passenger slam freight to Orleans new York Tanj All also California and Points bound a. M. And a from East and m. West bound leaves at m. M. Pullman Buffet . I p ticket Dubi at mint Ali Roith rates quoted and Bills of lading i kor hates. Routes and tickets Anc Lytfi Given by u. Mcmill Aji i Geo. F. Lipton ticket agent commercial agent i trouble to answer Freng than ticket offices 209 Alsmo w. , g. Burkek ult tar. Gen. Sop. Flea. Tit. Fauna fee Genera Troffice Houston "exa8

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