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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 19, 1886, San Antonio, Texas Light fu1ushixg com mkt. T. , Secretary treasurer Ami its Kai. Xanaiikiu7 adtut181mq Katib i f 1 of subscription year. Special Given on larger Tatco Mil Long i mom . I Etryl advertisements 00 per Inch Roll in aural of per Inch cab insertion trustees Kalcl f i 00 Neh Oral 111 u a Ceuta each tier ton after Randi. Heading Nailer editorial Page i cents por Eno each columns 20 cents first insertion Wrex Gen Altor drat week. Special Rales on 60 mid lines re Annir Rorm bulb Home Payne jul on Al Rev of each month transient and Vert Sinjur payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Sub Sondors not receiving their paper will Picaso Insko conic faint to the of Leo. Sub in Albere Are warned not to pay their Lub scrap ton except upon presentation of a properly Cecoli cd Bill from tills Ozice. For publication or talk Long to Tho Edilo Rihl or Jwal news Ite i Lei cunts show be re or Esquil to the kit Toro lilt All contracts or by lab must in Pipii Rovil by lilo Secretary and Maunder. To coi Ikkei of Hunts. All communications for this paper Kli Ould by Hie Tetuo of Ilic Anthor not for Publ Dillon. Bill us Cal in Tom Folio writer. Only none Viilu if Hie in n mind. Anonymous Mill nut i but led. The nol Psi Ionel my for Hie Sthol intents of Lyscom . Entik Chhat j at san Antonio s Ron tajik . I a. , c. Voitk n. W. Attn .1 six. L . 1. . Sci he f nun. I on Trio 6t offo. A to Spruce St. Coop Blu Zuur Boliaua for ii j thursday May 20. 1886. Underground new Yoke. Julos Verne s leagues under the sea was an intensely interesting Fly lion Melville d. Smith s live in Gaea Pniler Broadway now tort will be a no ice intensely interesting fuel. Sit. Sin Ltd who ims been hammering away it the new Vork lentil Niiro for the past Lii Justavo Urcil from that hotly a charter for proposed firc Ndu rail or. Smith has been to Long be fore the got Man i Ibello with tin Iii spent to Inge a portion of a Gener Ous Fortune in Publ Sling pimple less and maps describing his proposed plans that to uni Home to he regarded Sbar impracticable Klmle of a mechanical rank. Some years Alnico lie was granted a charter for ills pneumatic once for the transmission of parcels underground but tie nerf York legislature persistently refused to expand its privileges into an the recent develop ments concerning Tho new surface rail Way Tho Many and serious objections to the elevated railway and the imperative necessity of making increased provision for trullo from the buttery to Harlem All these combined ivc favored the project of or. Smith and his Long prayed for charter has been granted. Now that the matter Neumei shape it is seen that there is method in or. Smith s and ins Salleme has the Finan Cial endorsement of such men As level p. Morton Cornelius Vanderbilt the Henry c. Claflin heirs and Many other equally Able men. The plans it is now understood were largely drawn up by Gen. Goo. A. To cd clan. The design is to Mako an excavation underneath Hron Dway 45 feet deep extending from curb to curb. In this space will Laid four railway tracks with a subway for water Gas Telegraph and tej Polione Mains. The entire length of the Arcade will be 13 Miles and the coat of construction is placed at All now York particularly the owners of heavy Strool Turlej on i Roadway Are All in a quiver of excitement Over the project which they hardly regarded As serious until they were confronted with the charter. The surface of the it ret Wylli be restored after the work is completed and Broad Way will be a full two Torlea under ground. The owners of vaults that Hare constructed under the Street line Are outraged because the new charter will compel them to remove their masonry. Trinity Church corporation is trembling for the Fate of her big Stone Steeple and financial Gotham is All agog Over n prospective investment. It May be safely assumed that the engineering skill of Tho Day will be Able successfully to carry out Tho details of the scheme without danger to any of the structures along the Street line. The temporary disuse of the Broadway thoroughfare in spots will be the chief inconvenience. The work when completed will be an immense Relief to the overcrowded streets. No team Power is to be used As a motor and the work must be completed within five Yeara. Not a Dollar of Bonus was Given for the franchise not one cent to bribe legislation. The City is to receive 3 per. Cent of the Gross receipt in perpetuity. The outcome of this underground railway will be looked for with interest by other u sold ing the treat question of transportation in overcrowded centers of population. Bright put himself on record at the Luion Bazar held in London last night in favor of unlimited Power by the people and political education u pressing necessity in order that such Power might be righteously exercised. Some of our journals Are re let Long that the Irish loyalists will have a hot time of it if the Gladstone Bill Paues and the Parnell Tei act the upper haad. A not Wilt Era that there ii any for fear Nore in Ireland i for the Irish u a peo ple Luxl not for a motion of then. The t of Iruh Leman i for and Aga last lax Legisla Tion. Their Giotto a Inland for the Irish and Home government for Ireland. The oppressions of the dominant class in Ireland May Lead Phoui to fear Retalia Tion but that is Likely to be realized inane real it governments Are to Ollit by consent of the governed the catholics Are in filled to Rule. Ulster the head Center of All ibis discontent is hardly More pro Tejwant than Catholic unit in All other parts of Ireland the 1 protest ans arc in a hopeless minority. The t Roll no of. Ulster has nine coun ties and in Flo of these to catholics Are in the majority. In the other Lour the protestants Are very numerous their numbers exceeding those of the catholics in the entire province this in a population of is not an excessive majority and taken into consideration with the overwhelming preponderance of catholics in other sections of the Island lends Onu to wonder what the Ulster bluster ers Are making Aioli a fuss about. The Fiat a government in Ireland been unduly gift Oracle to the established Church of England and Tho orangemen who have Long ruled at government House Dublin so afraid that their Steptor is about to depart. A Cox still Iio Xai. Amendment is pro posed by the committee of the House on electoral count providing Foras Conil vice president of the United slates to take up the succession when the presi Dent and vice president Are defunct. Tiie Loman Catholic Oliu Roli in Amer Ica is the strongest Temperance organization in America to Day. Year by year it is taking More Radical ground against drunkenness and whisky Selling Bill when it Swinka it Speaks with authority. The ground Invin la always Belli for Tho positions of its clergy Are not a1.1, the big packing houses Ivrus a unit agn lust taxing the Ole Margarine pro duct. Stamp Tho product for what it in and it take itch acc a. If the peo ple prefer pure animal fal to impure but Ter let them have it. R it is made a mortal sin by late deliver Rauceo of the to presume to doubt tha honesty of the democracy of Tarrant Correct but what if a fellow Don t want that kind of a doll baby is not this a free country and have not men a Reg or to meet in Conven Tion declare principles Prott Leito a platform and nominate officers the we All know but Are Here and there Corners where title is disputed. Tarrant county is Only in Eye opener a Feuler a Sam ple a specimen a drop before i lie cold water douche who i is to follow. If Tho True democracy squirm at this Sprink Ling won t the Uiko away their breath for Ever Mill Ever and Ever Tim Weatherford evidences its Prosperity by putting in hint class steam works for running its newspaper and Job presses. The Light extends cordial congratulations to the pub Lishing Texas got scooped in the last Louis Iana lottery drawing and failed to Rake in tiny of the big prizes. The Lone Star state is fast losing nor reputation no the great gambling Commonwealth. To Iii Praise and glory of civilization and the Good name of the South the Duello seems to have kicked the bucket and gone whore the Woodbine twin eth. A carolinian refutes a Challenge on moral grounds and is not condemned by Public opinion. Tim cholera Scourge is making pro Gress in Southern Europe. Those who Are endeavouring to make Light of its ravages there and re Diullo All idea of its appearance Here May unfortunately have . It has appeared in virulent form in France and is gaining a foothold at Marseilles Amer Ica is almost certain to receive a visit from this Scourge this season to what extent will depend almost entirely upon herself. Quarantine and sanitation Are her Only preventives. This City is by no Means in condition to resist lilo approach of such an epidemic and More vigorous health measures should be introduced at once. Cleanliness is a Neces sity of streets and Alley As Well As Homes. Clean up the City even if Yon Don t elec Pioneer Good advice for the executive of this City just now. Let politics alone and look after the interest of the now that the canucks have completed their Pacific railway the Czar seems to be seized with a desire to hurry up his Long proposed railway to Yladia Vostock. 8tatb news. The state convention meets August 10. At Alveston. The i Ulestine shops now run 100 Bandit the old number was the in Erath county nominated a full county ticket. Fort Worth has closed air variety thews and refutes them License. Helena complains of the mall Jerker who throws mail Alonjo that route. Sales of Odessa town lots yesterday were brisk and aggregated _ i Oso roads will not Only Bridge the Halo Orande but build a Union depot. T. C. Thompson of wac flu Falls. Is Surveyor of school lands for the Board. Honorable a. Mack is said to Lead the congressional race in Lockwell county. Collector Sweeney of Galveston has been confirmed by the United states Fenato. We Harl Beok one of oldest wealthiest and Moat enterprising citizens is dead. Sli ordon n Shcop rancher was fatally shot by n fellow Shepherd near Wichita Falls last night. Captain Jot Guu Thor of Sherman re fuses to allow his Naino to be used a candidate for congressional honors. Geo. Llcy nolds of aniline has shipped co oars of two year Olds to Arizona and will engage in cattle Busl Neu there. Travis county has purchased the Bridge across Tho Colorado River at the foot of Congress St., Austin for work along the line of the Topeka at Hunion and Sauta be in the Vicinity of Karl world will open with a Large Force. Do Olson merchants now close up Busi Ness at 7 p. In. Tho City will have Eleirio lights july i. Tho waterworks construction is being pushed. Gulve Auni has had n big wedding. Snow Harris jr., and miss Minnie Illch legs thu society people of Galves ton did Honor to Tho occasion. Greenville needs rain. The old 1 res by Turpnn Church of that place realized Sion net from a festival and the cum Berland Church is following suit. Two horse dealers were robbed in their Camp on the Banks of Sycamore Creek Forl Worth last night. The thieves look Soso and made their escape. Green s brigade 4th, 6th 1 Iid Atli Texas cavalry holds n re Union at Gal Veston july 23. Waller s battalion verde s Battery and Onelly s scouts will join them. A Gin and Mill will to built on heaver Creek. Clay county. The Wool clip there is very heavy com Good but liable to danger from drouth Anil Oats badly Cut for want of ruin. Dallas1-mass meeting to consider the propriety of inviting congressional action to prevent the interruption to com Merce by strikes did not materialize. There were Only 10 present. Creston wants More rain or her crops will big a failure. Two sex convicts presumably those who escaped from Alto a week ago were seen within two Miles of town. They Wero Well tinned and mounted. Dallas leads in the matter Randi dates Anil if allowed her own Way would Alvo Texas a two Congress men an attorney general a superintendent of education and n judge for he court of appeals. Hal Geiger of Learno was fatally shot by a. D. Cannot in an altercation Bifora the mayor while Cannon was con ducting Tho prosecution of Sozio Faucy women whom Gelger wished to defend. The shooting was Unju tillable. A fort world gentleman escorting a lady to her Home stopped with her at a . La pulling out his hand kerchief he pulled tit his pistol which was accidentally discharged and the lady miss Dora Hart was fatally shot. To Dii jest Vul Canite a clips Intro potent Triin lilo fio Lyonl Jnlul-3 of thou film Tiutin Mali. Ami yet in thu form or Nickil Clivi Inton Ineil to Reform Tiu evil Lioy wit., sods and Len fits in Tylich Conelis Miculs Thryl Havn tin Elio Miculs in inter one with the Otylior. Are introduced into it Are the so so Chi Letl remedied More Elf Kostillo to Kiln Vulcan Ite Hosteller s Slom Neh ill Levion Tho other Puiul. N Sli Lilu Medicine Imron Obieous in its composition Zirul or Molly 13 Active Anil a Rouill is Luuri Uii us Tell us because it la a riot Simul it Iii Fly in Ltd in to Trio stomach. It is n tonic in tie True Scanso because it3 her Ami insures lilo Opura tons of digestion. Not the Vertat Oratio Uene Nta which it confers. Is a thorough rep nor of tha list nning on the Tenn much by ill Chostn remedies for bilious Ness Oasis slim thou. In Luril complaints Mill Tilney Iron Les it . Fri Law Wick sax Antontio St. K r april Durkac the Tummer it ear on the san line will leave Spain of at p. Exocet a saturday Anisi Umhay on wbk Dayi they will in regular till it p. M. Extra can can bad at All by wishing to remain later. A. Blk Gnu president. Timothy fall Agger 8 latest Good for the blues. You can buy copy at the following places Kneat Elsche opposite Post office a k. From nor opposite court House bawl in a Book store and at the of Floe. Only which to not tikk to tie Are opera miscellaneous. Amusements Altani s Pokita to Peep 60 Ohil Dreu and Young ladies lion. and nutritious cd baking powder. He Lorca to Tho flour the that Rio Willi Tiu bran and which Uro required by Tho syst Gnu no other la King powder docs this. It costs loss la hurl Thler and stronger than other Spring and summer the grand opening l. Wolfson s ----1nthe--- dress goods depart a t . Dances Coniti mics a Tilc fur theoc Colon admission cunts oilidron.2" Conte its Tor it Clrar Storc Alamo Elf Loti Al Lanm Tawf. Curtain re scent o a Foch Sharp. Ism pleasure resorts. Only resort of pleasure in the City of san Antonio. Concert daily m. A variety of for Youtie Bud old. of All Kinda. 1 Monty of Bado. A first class is attached to to of thus Honcut. 4-lmm f. Jckrbt.1c, proprietor. Simon fests Garden South Flo res Emu a Home testimony George h. Kalteyer chemist san Antonio Texas Sam Antonio. Tox., july l. T Purl Iascu in this City a pack Geof prof. Hora for s elro.1 1 repartition and it to a Botn Crl examination and to list that the same is of Puro and tie idea of prof. Hora for was a Rran Loim fun Riipi in titling lilo tar lie Chi a always the cud Rhaull Fml a Klif powders of Cream or tartar i j soda by the soluble pho3plmtc Ochnio Anil soda Trio Rory nut Rativo value of find ii until elect none of nature. It la car Tanly to Eind most Lieal by Broad Rali Hig preparation Ever offer Oil to Mio Public and every Mother that has Tho health of Hor children at heart Ulm use no other. 1 can Only jo5n in the endorsement Given by the late Cleu Duteil ulily inst prof. Huron v. Ltd big to this preparation in baying i con by Dorobis invention Mono of Trio most useful to has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. In Plain Hurrah. Tricot Tong Irish pop ii Hittl Butnis in till or Mica Lith i inn ugh to Urfali. V70oleh goods nun s Voll Iliff. Ilat Litcy Tam so. A unplugs Etc simple nod Domestic a opals. Grenadines and lawns in gloves laces and fancy goods lilo to Jirgal Stock Over to Western Texas. Nain Sook and mull in both Wilhe Nolfo Lonel. Plain Ano Plain. In the millinery department a Tho latest styles nod patterns for spring1 Ami summer a Cir Cuti to Cecii Natl Willbo trimmed to suit the most fast Lolous Tinsle. Clothing and furnishing goods is the finest and largest of any till or Over Peen in was Texas All the latest Pat terns Ami styles. Ibalio largest in Antonito Frt i Holt St i Itoi ifs. Furniture and carpets Trio Furni Tuto impart Nicot 1a Chin photo with House Holt bowls Lio Cury Lumly in tills ution. An diff Olli org Wilb to it inn Jii Byj i Virlor Sultan mohair parlor hulls chairs Limov and Lii Knuti carpets. I Ike Usu to lib Cru Tiow shades. Etc. Coun try Wrt lors prompt la guaranteed. 3enu for Bhui Pica. I do not give goods away but will sell at such Low figures purchasers will not go any further when they once Price my goods. A Call is cordially solicited. L. Wolfson main Plazi and Acequia Street sin Antonio Tex j. H. Marquart Amulet souls of All kinds Der Iii Limo Atid on sundays. Ii Gerbor and other refresh Niota. Of Taco ovary sunday. Tho Simmio of. 4-b-Tim infirmary remedies Alex ounces to a Lanny Fri Antonio and thu Public that he a Tho i Fly a , served to order fun any it vie Sci inti at All Hui a nud Una tables stir with the tuft eke i Tuttoi is. Also Tco Rrt Iii and parties picnics and balls prodded for. Roshto and attentive want frs Utsond Moo. Opposite court House. Gents calf hoots from 14upward Iloyar moots of Aall tics in Lull oils Hoys Sloos. Calt acid Rathet Oano so pump nicest shoo in mar act. Klc Gant of Bua slim Khz just Trio tiling for n a Loco present. Full Lino at a have tool s Best 111 Trio in argot Porteo conic and examine them. A Complete Block of Cental Iii 11uttox la Kanj Gellor hocs. They should Boscon to l. Win addition to my Stock of Uokota and shoes i carry nil kinds of slut polish for ladle 8 , and Trio celebrated to. A currents Snoop. Any Stylos or boots and shoes will to executed. A Nikont Ami soneral guaranteed. And Throat. A Prelly race for Sala containing nearly two verts of irrigable n go Oil Plank Fence a Gocel Well of water one ii oubs with two rooms one Entrance and killer Lea another with two Rooma Ami a filled and Kitchen Din ing and servant room planted a Large Quantity of and fruit Trees shrubberies such is roses aliens etc., fronting on labor Street in the fourth Ward. Inquire it this Oil ice. A is Here to slay. Or. Weathers is Here to stay. Ills prune cons growing Dally. Helms met with Tine Success and Lias credentials As a thorough physician second to none. Ills remedies Are Safe pleasant and Elli Clent. Children take them cheerfully. Visits with prescriptions anywhere in tie City. Claro no diseases solicited. Ollice at drug Etore residence 227 Kami in Street. Telephone no. 118. Stockholders meeting. Office sax Antoski Hassar h or i san i in with Ricau Lytton of in Sardot dlr Niora of hits March 31, if iffy n of Trio thereof is culled Cor .1 at Iho of acc of Tho Coin a inv to sail Alonto for Hoim Roposo of in of Trust deed upon Iho Curlit Hundred go qty Floc Miles of railway authorised Bari Zeihl mint to Minruh of to to curo Ati i Sijo of in ii Illmon in forty year it Iio cont. Gold , to to issued at the Nikoof to Volvo thousand dollars per Alto on Hoitin acted Road and also to vote Tipon an in Oreaboe of Ftp Lenl Stock Tolvo null lion dollars. U. Jet to. Vrcel Slont. It. F. To Akul Soccro Lutry. Russia Gnu China were on the eve of a some two years Blonce on account of Frontier line disputes. They did not fight than but neither one of them bag been absolutely Batia Freil with the arrangement then inc Lily agreed to and there la r mattering of us Content that May Lead to a end ten irruption of peace Ful relations. The big Bear has Long had his evil Eye on the celestial Bina shop. Tub National trades unions Ore devel Oping a determined opposition to the of labor. The Dallas Herald la running crusade against the i Petrous insects that infect the newspaper offices of the Herald Man Nuat have bad one buzzing around the Corner of his . When one of these dip Eto insects comes humming around to Leiler Ald should Gife it a dip without the tto and finish it. Co Noruss refuses to pay american Hilpa a fair Prate for regular mall ser tace and foreign will continue to be employed at snob jobbing rates tie Poa Muter general can arrange. This a Good average specimen of demo cratic guardianship Over Home Nater or Lei. wants Tho beat Man in the state at the head of her educational work. The state Luperino tendency should to supplemented by a county snipe Zvulon of schools at the binds of a local superintendent. Thu latter is u need Mary As former. Both Are needed in the conduct of our educational work. Needed in the Lum Ber line Call on f. J. Beltel at inter a Altoun and great Northern depot by remarkable escape. From John Kahn Lafayette announces that he is now in perfect we have tie following one year ago 1 Wae to All appearance in the last stages of consumption. Our Best physicians gave my Case no. 1 finally got so Low that our doctor said i could Only live 24 hours. My friends then purchased a Dottle of or. William Luh i Lia Laam for the Lungi which consider ably benefited me. 1 continued until i took nine bottles and i non now in perfect health having need no other medi for hoarseness whooping Coil Tali spasms of the wind pipe pc now m crowing disease and indeed pulmonary ailments most common Amonjr Tho a Lyllo people. Mohley s two git Couoh 8 Yhip la a certain cure. For Sale by v. A Alteror son. Pm. Neumann. Ciko. Joke. Neumann Icke to Laloie la dry goods and groceries. Highest Cash Price paid for country produce. Cd hols delivered promptly to any of Trio to talc is a irial to convince Tho Ilo Tomt to sell goods at Rock Bottom and to bpm Tho beat uptick a. A to boat Raffl clod wits any disease of to . Noah or Hud Tho Ireat Oft Aruj roof and cure at to san Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary s sis., watch a Tho most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of Tho kind in Tho state. In text Cinco in Antonio j. . Hobatuk. F. Moc. Newton Hosack Newton action commission system or division. S o i a i id t is x ust s with a modern Ali Konub lot Coll Galveston and St. Louis i san Antonio St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison. Wit Hout Cliris food of any description and Only one ctn nyc to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore washing ton Philadelphia new York Boston and Ottier principal cities in tha North and East. Leavins san ant Ptiip at m. Una full Emu Roll car Danes ii through estate agents collectors. Id mothers. Ills. Wlna Low a soothing syrup Eubald always be used for children teething. It Booths Trie child softens tie Gums alleys All pain cures wind Colic Anil in the beet for Diar merge and live Oak its. Town Liono 177. Racket s Plain and ornamental plasterers Only practical Coit Cut Ami stucco workers in Tho City. Pm Aster bag Cloi Kuplic Terra vex Ruih huh Cecii b Sci Neil. In cars of Patent Stone mantels. He put i hit in All its brunches promptly done. All work guaranteed. E. Commerce and 215 51. Marj s St Alamo Iron Iron and h Rasa casting Church and Firo Bella and Mill machinery hade and repaired on Short notice. Luil Ming acid lilo pc Oon stantly on hand. A go of have Raplo Elnoro room and will store con Llly Monta or Rell them at Pruvf Tosiuo or at auction at no. 7 Houston Street Comal Block. P St. Ixia is. Antonio in. Lina 1 Millinan Pula a Ai Colnic car sin do Linn through to Kansas City with throw Julis Conor to 3t Cost Piibe Ahenkora to Init Franu n ii Viila in Toth via Tho Tam Taltoan 3 8 and 1.1 Trio red Start 3 s. Lino to twon new Yolk Llla nil Antwerp. For full Call on j. S. Manamara. W. F. Simmons tic act 2s5 uni Pinan . Ticket Archt t. I q. X. A spot. H. P Hughes b. , p Houston. Toz. P. It. A., Dallas. Toxin san Antonio Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until furl ice notice our trains will run As follows. Dally except sunday leave san i. M. A hive at thettus. R. M. I.h1ve . Arrive at san a Tokio. . Connect it san Antonio wit i Missouri Pacific Ami Southern hallways it Flores i Toletia it pouns Ullh Slago lines for Kilcoi lil -. Of Krill Mineral City am nil Soulli. B. F. Yoak Lwi u. Lott Anil of oeral m Rhea. 25 cents a bottle. For a Fine sewing of Totne. This office. 7-is-Lyr in Julie at 6-13-ct Feather work on cards from Morelia and the City of Mexico. Aztec and in Dian pottery and figures of All kind from Guadalajara. Onyx jewelry from Puebla filigree jewelry in Gold and Silver from Guanajuato and the City of Mexico. Miniature Birds on blocks from Aguas Cali entes and Morelia. Horn goods from san Luis Potosi. Zara Pas mexican and Indian blankets. A. C. Gilbert 4 East Houston is next to Bridge Rice Dallas Lato with Rice born i co., nov Orleana la hardware paints oils Glass etc., stoves tinware House fun raising goods Solk agents poit Cotton Plant stoves and ranges the Best on Earth new Turk i Liimol paint company s mixed pain in to Market. In afro Lino of heat Leif stoves 33 35 West of Umbuge Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town. Is in the Lead that us Onica for rent. A nicely furnished office can be rented on Good terms by applying to the Man Ager of Thea paper. _ 6-13-Ui business Opportunity. A live business Man having r few Hundred dollars capital and understands the land can secure a Good partner by addressing thai office. _ 6-13-6t son ten Hec Lurant. You Oan get Good meals at both 25 and 35 cents. _ 5-17-lm wily Don t you Nan oui Donto to a Canso can Liriand or Sorvo your Lelli and Dura Elk Foni irl Ami ornamental Louto to of ago Only m cents a Vowiler. At Bombyk. Old Vienna restaurant 2o7 w. Commerce St. La now opened and rat Pluto with everything. Mbal3 36 cbkt8. Special limes to weekly find monthly boarders. Labotz the Otto Ontic River. Ami Cool drink l. Cos cart Dank every Tny inn to Ruy. For tace Youngf. Street. Y o Ciul and me. Proprietor. 6ustay Peltzer s Salmi and su., Antonio. Itoch on Drauglis. Lunch and refreshments times. Tho fourth Wirtl bowling1 club have their rendezvous hero. Call and me oustavprlt7.rr, proprietor. Tho Farmer Al re is Tho into this Market. Among such As Tho torus Beauty breakfast and Diamond in hand. Cooking toenails Ito and Baffato hard tin shop for Trio Ini Unifay galvanized is connected promptly attended to. Lies i and Deli voted free to any stoves for the e. 9 West Commerce Street lust stove Evor Brno Ifft to other leading brn Odh the a of Barm Tho Karly Jaryc quantities always on , to arc Oto a Well regulated Cornice work . Orders Are Codar charcoal on hand part of to City. Million san Antonio Texas Martin Shryver of Ai i Veramendi Garden and bar lie place in the Olar. Anne tort Mentorie Boet Branda of imported and fines liquors and cigars. I and qualities i build True a Cootu always in St vat All Kln-18, aha pea or a Largo assortment of Orua Menla. Ekowo Eon subtly on band Laura quantities of Tho Nover ret or mal90tl 3 Barb and Fence Cooie and to office South of Sunset depot Sam Antonio Texas

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