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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 18, 1891, San Antonio, Texas = t Mig sight. Monda it May 18, 1891. A i Naa a building up a of the entire system follows the use of or. Pierces favorite Prescript a its an invigorating Restora Tion. Live tonic soothing cordial and bracing Nervine a and a certain remedy for All the functional derangement painful disorders or chronic weaknesses Peculiar to women. It improves digestion enriches the blood dispels aches and pains melancholy and nervousness brings refreshing sleep and restores flesh and strength. For periodical pains internal inflammation and ulceration Leuco Rhea and Kindred ailments it is a positive specific a guaranteed one. If it fails to give satisfaction in any Case the Money paid for it is refunded. No other Medicine for women is sold on these terms. With an Ordinary Medicine it can to be done. That a the Way its makers prove their Faith in it. Contains no alcohol to inebriated no syrup or sugar to derange digestion a legitimate Medicine not a beverage. Purely vegetable and perfectly harmless in any condition of the system. Worlds dispensary medical association proprietors no. 663 main Street Buffalo n. Y. Buck Len s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the would for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 35 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss Thompson amp wholesale. I 9 13-Ly f. Groos amp oo., Bankers i dealers ii main sight drafts on the principal cities in the United states and in All european countries. Foreign Coin and currency bought and sold. Gensui Petign. Patents. Of ,p4t�wt owe wow d our Kino of a hah. Not an Apollo with Snow White hand a trifle austere nor yet too Bland. But a heart of Gold All through and through. And tender Aud sympathetic honour kind of a Man i have a positive remedy for the above disease by its Nee thousands of cases of the worst kind and of Long standing have been cored. Indeed so Strong is my Faith in its Efficacy that i will Send two bottles Ebke with a valuable treatise on this disease to any auf Farer who will Send me their express and p. O. Address. T. A. Sloo Ura. M. A. 181 Pearl St. N. A a caveats and tramp de mar amps obtained and at Patent business conducted for Moder at of is. Ooh Orriola is opposite u. 8. Patent off Ici and we can secure a Patent in loss time and at less Cost than those Remote from Wash lend Model drawing or photo., with description. We advise if patentable or not free of charge. Our fee not due till Patent is secured a Little Book a How to obtain patents with names of actual clients in your state county or town sent free. Address c. A. Snow amp co Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster amp Schlieser proprietors Arkansas St., near 8. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Wood to be had in the Market a lowest prices. Branch office a Mcallister a , Alamo St. Grocers free delivery to any part of the City telephones Yard office no. Dud Branch office no. 168. Edward Dwyer attorney and Conn e Mellor at Law. Joseph e. Dwyer real estate agent live Stook broker a a one who walking the worlds Broad ways. Sees Little to blame anti much to Praise has cheer and smile for Ute weary throng and bold contempt for the bitter wrong our kind of a Maul Yea one who ignoring baser ends liveth for Home and the Good of friends where self forgotten Broad manhood lies a Star in the glory of the skies our kind of a Man who not for theories but few deeds Christ sort apostle with love for creeds. Tho world so rave Prophet after gods plan in Healing and teaching he leads the Van our kind of a Man be. 8. L. Thompson in Frank Leslie a newspaper Dwyer bros., Law and land office and los Stock Exchange. Dwyer building. Ban Antonie Banks and Bankers. Or. 8. Almander president. A. A. Alexander cashier. Texas National Bank 253 Commerce Street a a via general banking business transacted a rafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other is reign Money purchased. Gar visitors Register kept in our Reading loom. Where strangers in the City Are invited in Call. A. A Jmel i Diamond Brasac is St spies r in pcs a i pennyroyal Puls we a a i a i he i _ it m original mud Only genuine. I a Antra Ai Sere alway reliable. Ladik it druggist for Gohuk Attr eng tue put mond or my in wed end made us to Bexes aisle with Blue ribbon. Tab w Gnu other. Be use dangerous my no. St Quot Lions anti imitation at Drugg Lete or exod 4w i. It -., tor pert tourers Titi Bonuie aul _ a a Heller fur ladle a in latter by Retura it mall. 10,000 Jit ams , guld by Ell Loo Al druggists. Rolled a pm ask my a a a Hui and whiskey Habile a Hsi Iii i i Almli cured at Point Frith Man or life isl out Paio. Book of per 1 m i in 191 tic fars sent Irik. La b ,m d. War ,. Office 1hh Whitehall St. Strange recovery of a Diamond. Some time ago the household of n gentleman we known in commercial circles of Graven Hurst out., was very much upset by the loss of a valuable Diamond ring belonging to a guest a lady from new York. Suspicion at once fell on a servant who was employed As housemaid but upon her continued and Earnest denial of the theft she was retained As the gentleman from a sense of Justice did not wish to discharge her on Mere suspicion. A few Days after the ring disappeared it was found under the lady a window with the solitaire Stone however missing having been pried out of the setting. It was supposed that the thief had removed the Diamond to keep it from being identified. The mystery was solved however recently in a most unexpected manner for la cleaning a Chicken for dinner the Cook discovered a Small round object in its Craw which on Betag cleaned was found to be the missing Diamond. The supposition now is the ring fell from the lady a hand while she was in bed and the clothes being shaken next morning it fell from them into the Yard where it was found by the Hen which pecking the Stone from the setting swallowed times. What it Cost to murder in Tibet. I had arrived at Kanze in a evil hour in the midst of the festivities of the 15th of the fourth Moon when the people from far Aud near congregate t Here and the chiefs review their men and when drinking and fighting Are the order of the Day. In Tibet nearly every crime is punished by the imposition of a Fine and murder is by no Means an expensive luxury. The Fine varies according to the social standing of the victim�?120 bricks of Tea Worth a Rupee a Brick for one of the a upper ten a eighty bricks for a person of the Middle classes forty bricks for a woman and so on Down to two or three for a pan per or a wandering foreigner As Lieut. La Mug aug kindly informed me. He said that there was hardly a grown up Man in the country w to had not a murder or two to his credit and later on mgr. Blet the Bisho of Tibet corroborated this . Hock Hill in Century. The sea and her children. An entertaining House game called the sea Aud her children is thus described in Good housekeeping the players with the exception of one sent from the room must be seated in a Circle. The person having left will represent the sea. A others must now decide on an assumed name which is also the name of a fish for exam pie Trout red snapper Pickerel. This done the sea returns and walks slowly around the outside of the ring calling her children Oue after another by the different names they have selected until All have risen and followed her. Then the sea must run with a varied motion sometimes rapid sometimes slow exclaiming a the sea is troubled the sea is troubled a suddenly she seats herself and her example is followed by her children. The unfortunate individual who is unable to secure a chair becomes the sea and the game is continue As before. Storing ice in Antiquity. In old times ice was brought from the mountains and stored away in pits dug in the Earth and was covered with Straw or other substances that proved non conductors of heat and also protected it from the air. Mention of this fact is made in the prov erbs of Solomon and it is frequently alluded to in the writings of the ancient greeks and Homans. It is still in Vogue in Italy where Snow gathered in the Appe nines is brought by peasants to the Princi pal cities and stored in cellars made especially for that purpose. A Detroit free press. He was Safe. A Western just ice of the peace who was More noted for severity than knowledge of Law was much annoyed one Day by an attorney who was in the habit of parading his Legal lore Aud making the Justice appear at a disadvantage. At last the Justice was enraged and he shouted a be quiet sir or i will commit the lawyer seized the Book of printed forms which was the sole Reliance of the Justice in Mak tag out his committal and As he walked out of court he shouted derisively to the Justice a now i defy you to commit san Francisco Argonaut. Origin of the word Sterling the origin of the word a a Sterling is very curious. Among the Early minters of Coin in Northern Europe were the dwellers of Eastern Germany. They were so skillful in their calling that numbers of them were invited to England to manufacture the Metal Money of the kingdom. The Stran gees were known As after a time the word became Sterling a Aud in tills abbreviated form it has come to imply what is genuine in Money plate or Char Acier. It seems hopeless to expect that european spiders will Ever live together without falling upon one another and so the idea of turning their product to profitable account must be abandoned. If Only this was not the Case no doubt a lucrative Busi Ness could lie done in rearing them for the purpose of making use of their silk. A certain presbyterian brother had stereotyped expression which mistimed aim iils Lyciy. Once while preaching a funeral Sermon while the Corpse Lay before him be exclaimed Here Brethren we have before us a living witness and a standing Monument of the frailty of human Hopes a an egg was a few yearn ago Given to the Infanta of Spain which Cost the sum of ,000. On the inside of the Shell was written tile gospel for easter Day. It also held miniature Bird of enamel which when in secret Spring was touched would sweetly sing twelve different operatic selections. Rudyard Kipling set up the Type printed and published his first Book himself in India Aud As it had a Sale of Over 500 copies it paid All his expenses. Playing Street cars in school. A Boston school teachers Clever method of inculcating politeness. There is one woman in Boston who is determined that her sex shall not Debar her from putting a heavy Mark on the next generation. She is a school teacher and one of the few who do not undervalue their position and its influence. She has suffered a Deal in her time for the bad manners prevalent in Public places and every year she has about fifty boys Aud girls Between the Ages of 7 and 9 in her Power Between five and six hours five Days out of seven and she thinks that it will go hard if she does not do something toward inculcating a Emfs into them land at the same time hitting the parents a Side slap which May not be without its result. This is one of her methods once a week half an afternoon is Given to recreation and she invents games for the amusement and instruction of her class so that while they think they Are playing they Are really learning something. One of these games the one in fact which the youngsters enjoy most is called a Street the Central aisle of the class room with its Row of seats on either Side becomes the electric car. A boy is chosen for the motor Man. This Post is Given to a boy who has been very Good for the week and in a simple Way the teacher makes the class understand How the electricity runs the car. Another boy is the conductor and they have paper checks for fares. The other children Are All passengers they Are supposed to be business men returning Home to dinner and it is impressed upon them that they Are very tired and very anxious to read their papers and women who have been shopping or to the matinee. One by one the children signal the car and the conductor rings his Bell the motor Man turns his Crank the passenger enters walks Down the aisle and takes a seat. I Lilly All seats Are taken and to Point the play the better most of the boys enter first and take tile chairs. Then the girls Board the improvised car. The boys being impressed that they Are very tired politely Rise one by one and civilly offer the girls the seats until every one is up but one boy who is known in the game As the then the teacher enters. She plays her own part and the children Are supposed to lie her old pupils who Are glad to see Lier and All the girls even Are anxious that she should take their seats and still the a pig a glanced at with Surprise by All the children Sticks to his seat. Now this game is very popular with tile class but no one enjoys being the the teacher says that she already notes the great improvement which her pupils show in manners. They Are most anxious to do civil tilings for one another a and a remarks the teacher a do you not think that they Tell this Story at Home do you not think that the a pig gets shown up by those Little ones in his True colors i do not know if the Papas and older Broth ers Are shamed by it but i am sure that i Hope they Are and i mean them to Boston Home journal. Good word for men. Mrs. Custer says men have taught her to think Little of and worry less about trifling physical discomforts and disabilities anti she added with a most winsome smile that would have made any one of the master pieces of creation expand with pleasure a a in be Learned a great Many helpful things from Man. Of course when with the Gen eral although i was among Gallant Fel lows i had to adapt myself to the exigent Des of Mil Teiry life especially of our military life and be ready for almost any thing. Thoroughly Manly men worry so Little about Trilles Aud take such a Broad comprehensive View of life that one cannot be among them without learning to look at things somewhat from their Point of when it is rather the fad of the hour to say very pessimistic and cynical things of men and women it is As refreshing As a whiff of a wild Rose or breath of new mown Hay after sniffing a faded Hothouse tube Rose to hear wholesome healthy appreciative remarks about one another from men and women of York her Ald. Bail taste. The buying of articles of dress or of household decoration at the most approved places does not insure harmonious results if the purchaser Lucks the skill and Art properly to Combine what he his purchased. This if especially True Iii matters of personal adornment As is neatly illustrated by the reply of a Frenchman to an English lady. He had complained that he found the English women very badly dressed a they have no taste a lie said a no originality. They Are a terror As compared to my country a i do not see How you can say that a the lady responded. A i am sure we buy Atmos All our clothes in a that is very possible a the Frenchman replied a but if you will Pardon my saying it it is you wild select companion. _ _ a chemical fir alarm. A hew fire alarm now in use in Sweden consist s of a Small Copper Cartridge closed by an Ilia rubber Button and filled with a fire composition. The fuse contains a mixture of potassium chlorate and sugar and on it is placed a paraffin capsule con taming a few drops of sulphuric acid. When the temperature of the room rises above the melting Point of paraffin the sulphuric acid is liberated and ignites the chlorate mixture which in its turn sets fire to the Bengal Light. A fusible Meta a. Ill will Pacuku re cur at a also in melted and thus make elects Al connection with a Call Heil so As to sound the Alai in at a York a Basrai. Kook that have not Paul. A a Sheridan a memoirs did not begin to sell As Well As expected. While on the Confederate Side Joe Johnston a and Jefferson Davis memoirs barely escaped being financial failures. One of our great publishers tells me that tile Only memoirs of a civilian Active in Public life that Ever brought much of a profit were Blaines Book and Benton so thirty years Sunset Cox realized barely enough on his Book of memoirs to pay him common reporters salary for the York Cor. Philadelphia Presa. Years Alternan out coma not Trail Thel appearance of any Tongue remaining but there was ii Fleshy exc essence under the left jaw which extended almost to the place where the uvula should have been and which was about half an Inch Broad. This however did not appear until some years after the loss of the Tongue and was not tit bits. Can to de i roved. A Lover of the Weed says that the Man who says that tobacco injures the system can to prove it except in isolated cases. A Boston physician has kept track of seven users Aud seven non users All business men and in Tea years the seven non users have aged the fastest and called in his services the free press. He knew great men. Tha death of the Young son of Gen. Alger recalled to a congressman a Story concerning the boy. Owing to the esteem to which Gen. Alger held Gen. Fregau the former named his son after tile distinguished Illinois statesman and Soldier. Gen. Logan frequently visited Gen. Algers Home and was very fond of Young Alger. This consideration was so marked that a Friend of the boy was led to remark that it was a great thing to be named after a great Man a yes a said the 7-Yenr-old, a i have been named after a great Man Gen. Logan and i have talked with Brou schers the greatest first base in the news. An advantage a your new Cook is a very attractive looking a very Aud it has added largely to out safety Here. There is always a policeman of duty in the tit bits the Power of mimic. A lady who was once travelling through a Western Forest wit ii friends stopped one night at a everything was poor and Plain Cabin built of logs and the dense Forest crept up to the very door. The wind coughing among the fir Trees made it seem indescribably lonely As darkness came on. The dwellers in the Cabin were simple kindly pioneers who had grown accustomed to this rough Mode of living Ami had no thought above it. After the Plain supper the lady noticing a Little old Quot fashioned Melodeon in one Corner went to it and was about to open it when a Young girl clime hurriedly to her and said a Yuk play. Grandma done to Low us to tech the Melodyn sense grandpa died. Says gho wont her no Mord of our jigs it a the lady hesitated. Then with glance at the old Bent figure by the Hearth she seated herself at the Melodeon and touching the yellow keys softly began to sing Low and Sweet pronouncing each word with liquid clearness a Auld Lang the child stood beside her awed and frightened but a a grand May Only leaned a Little Forward and listened. But presently As the full meaning of the simple tender words stole in upon her hardened narrow mind her old fingers moved nervously and great tears swelled into her faded eyes and when the song was finished she was sobbing like a helpless weary Chil l that has at last found an outlet for its Ion pint Higginson in West Shore. Appetite of a spider. The stupendous nature it the task that a Man who essays to provide food for some thousand of these Vora Ciofal Little creatures nets himself May be imagined when it in stated that a confined spider has been proved by actual Experiment treat Twenty six times its own weight in the course of a Day at this rate a Man of Ordinary size would require three or four Bullocks and from fifteen to Twenty sheep to satisfy his appetite Magazine. A famous impression. A correspondent asks a How did the expression a Skeleton in the closet come to in applied to a concealed disagreement Between relatives or to other family trouble a the origin of this singular saying which is found in almost every language Iii Europe is found in one of those curious collections of stories which tile monks of the Middle Ages were fond of making both for their own amusement and Fertile instruction of youth. In one of these collections compiled by an unknown hand about the Middle of the tenth Century there is a Story of a wealthy lady who having a secret grief confided it to a Friend who was apparently a perfectly Happy woman. She was the wife of a Nobleman who lived Iii his Castle in the South of France she and her husband were outwardly on i a most Loving terms nut a care Cloud seabed to Oast a Shadow on her path. Alter hearing the Story of her afflicted Friend tin Noble lady took her by the hand and led her to a secret chamber adjoining her bedroom there opened tile door of a closet and exposed a Skeleton. A know my Friend a she said a no one is Happy. Every Day i am forced by my husband to kiss this grinning death head which is that of a gentleman who was my husbands rival and whom i would have married had not my parents willed . Louis Globe Democrat a firing big gun. A few people a said a naval officer a appreciate the t Cine Nous Power of the blast caused by firing a big gun on Board of a ship. An exam Fie of its effect was seen in some trials in firing Hie 67 toll gun of Tho new battleship Trafalgar considered one of the three or four finest vessels in the British Navy. The gun was pointed directly ahead and lire i with a charge of 630 pounds of slow burning powder Anda 1,250-Poutul projectile. The blast produced by the Rush of the powder Gas and the shot was so tremendous that the plates of the forecastle were forced in and the deck beams Bent out of shape while almost every round carried away some fragment of tile prot rating portions of the ship even when the training was to the right or the left. A it is estimated that the vessel would be reduced to something very like a wreck were 25 rounds to be fired either directly ahead or directly astern. This interferes with or renders impossible firing when Eit her in flight or Chase and Lias caused our naval constructors to modify the plans for a projected battleships As it is not deemed desirable to have them sink from the discharge of their own York Tribune. Iii shining virtue. Quot a have got a boy a said the proud father a who is destined one Day to Shine brilliantly in the political a shows an aptitude for statecraft does he a Quot no but he can to write a . Joseph news. An object of some Little interest has been brought to the House of commons by a Lancashire m. P. This is an English j one Pound banknote bearing the Date feb. 14, 1817. The note was one of the last Ever issued and has been half round the world. An Odd superstition. To see the goddess kiss the Washington Monument brings Good Luck. The Washington Monument leans against the Blue sky great White Shaft and it towers nearly 200 feet above the Capitol dome which stands on a Hill about a mile away. The goddess of Liberty is of Bronze. She weighs 14,000 pounds and she stands erect on a great Bronze Globe on the Cap of the dome measuring 19x feet from her toes to the tips of the feathers which Crown a her head. She is a woman of wonderful Beauty and As a Pennsylvania Railroad train carries the statesmen out of Washington it goes around a part of the City in such a Way that the. Traveler looking from the windows sees this great figure of the statue of Liberty coming nearer and nearer to the Washington Monument until at last the two Are to direct line with his Eye and the great goddess forms a Black Silhouette against the pure White of the Monument. This View of the Monument has to be caught on a train going at the rate of forty Miles an hour. There Are a number of car tracks just at Hie Point where it becomes visible Aud a passing freight car will shut it out. It can Only be seen for a second and Only one time perhaps in a dozen trips. Public men leaving the capital on missions keep their eyes glued on the win Dows and if they Are Lucky enough to catch the combination they expect to find their missions successful. If not some of them feel the superstitious dread of failure assured and it is strange How Many times they Are Correct. When Hansbrough went Home to seek for a re election to Congress he kept his Eye glued on the goddess from the time the train left tile station but just As be was about to see her kiss the Monument a freight car rushed in Aud the moment passed. He went to Dakota and failed t get his election. At another time he a left to make his fight for the senator ship. But i will let him Tell the Story himself. Said he a i watched the goddess Jim we left the depot. The tracks were full of freight cars and i feared i should miss it. Senator Farwell was with me and he also kept Bis eyes toward the Capitol. As we went out of tile City freight cars increased and As we neared tile Point where the two come together the track was full of kept my Eye on the window however and i just caught a View of the goddess against the Monument Between the cars of a passenger train. I was leaning Over and watching closely As i did so and when the two came together i excitedly clapped one hand against the other saying a in be got it a Aud i nearly scared the wits out of an Chi woman who sat in front of me and who must have thought i was crazy. A Well i went out to Dakota and secured my election. I done to of course believe that the Monument and the goddess Hail much to do with Cor. Philadelphia press. Coaids we talk without a Tongue the Case of Margaret cutting of Wick Ham Marker by ii Olk is an answer in the affirmative but perhaps the fact that she belonged to tire talkative sex May account in some measure for her Good conversational Powers. When 4 years of age a cancer appeared on the upper part of her Tongue Aud gradually ate its Way to tire Root of t hat Organ so that one Day when the doctor who attended her was injecting some Medicine into her Mouth the Tongue fell out. Almost immediately to tire Surprise of All around her sire said to her Mother a a done to be frightened Mamma a twill Row a skilled anatomist examined Luis Rene curious lore about Mandrake. Perhaps tire most extraordinary of tire properties attributed to Mandrake Are those which it shared in common with the Sastri Trava of Russia of enabling hous Breakers to pick locks which is certainly one of the most amusing developments of the solar theory. A love a it is said a laughs it locksmiths a but the connection Between the Mandrake Aud a Bur gling seems a Little forced. There is a tradition that the Moon wort will Unshon horses if they step upon the Plant and similar Powers have been attributed to tire vervain and the Mandrake. It is on the other hand still part of the Rural lore of Oxfordshire Buckinghamshire and Hampshire that tire Root will improve a horse s condition but this seems to be founded upon the identification of the Mandrake with the Bryony which played such a great part in old English herbalism. It is however More than doubtful whether the plants belong to the same class. But both Are alike in tire curious wealth of legend which surrounds them. East and West meet in their Folk and Flower journal. Continue la Gnu turd Page. K amp i pm id

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