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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 11, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Fhe fails fight. Monday May la 1891. _ c3 a cd m / o is a a by tit oem of co. To Anor Kjos mint air ire Ficerai Bui i two would 5 wails to save ice a a lovable flues r Mic a cum no chaf\p0alflled/j 2inc Cinco of Metal us ice Rac it a Soud 1r0w shelves exit a Cooling surface. Paje it constriction. Smard Fini be fwd odium. A catalogue. Wagner amp Chabot sole agents. Commerce St. Yienger hotel. A he. D. Kampmann h. W. Browder proprietor. Clerk. The leading hotel in the South West. Talamo Plaza san Antonio having been thoroughly overhauled and renovated throughout is now the largest and most Complete hotel in the billiard and bar rooms attached. Hot and cold Baths. Large Sample rooms for Cornin a Lal men. Patronage of the travelling . 1=3 go to the Washington theatre. Open every night is across the san Pedro the place for gentlemen to pass a pleasant. A evening. Admission to 15 amp 25c. City local news. A Sari 11 a. A have you tried Barilla ? a harness repaired Cameron so buggy tops repaired. Cameron a. A second hand buggies 9 Acequia. A Best Quality Cord and stove Wood j. J. Olsen amp son tel. 488. 4-11-lf a or. S. Burg late physician Imperial Hospital of Vienna. Office and residence 244 North Street. Telephone 122. -20-6m a Zirkel and co., no. 624 amp 626 was Houston make a specially of ail kinds of Granite and Iron fencing. 2-17 of a Zirkel and co., at 624 amp 626 East Houston Deal in All kinds of american and italian Marble and Iron fencing. 2-17tf a ladies kid Button shoes Only $1.00 per pair at g. R. Sullivan of a ladies kid opera slippers 75o., and common sense slippers 95o., at. Sullivan a. 5-8-tf Eju or. C. F. Braden medical and surgical diseases of the Eye ear nose and Throat. Office 18 Pecan Street hours to to 12 a. In. 3 to 5 p. In. 4-27-Imo a buy Halls Bazar forms it prevents dress makers Bills also Mccall a patterns at misses Kirchner,235 w. Commerce St. Send for free catalogues. 3-27-3m a the Paine methodist Church sunday school will picnic next saturday at the head of the River. A few first class boarders can be accommodated at no. 12 Pressa Street at loves Boardinghouse. Reasonable rates. 5111m a the bicycle club meets tuesday night in the Belknap armory. A a family picnic was held at the san Juan crossing of the River near the third Mission yesterday. A summer corsets All styles at misses Kirchner a a 235 West Commerce Street. 5-Il of a the paving on main Plaza near the Southern hotel is torn up. A Otto to Rolft and Elizabeth Perz wer married saturday evening at mrs. Biering a residence Corner Crockett and Bowie streets Justice Adam officiating. A the Casino association held their picnic yesterday at Leeds Bend of the Salado. A the state plumbers association meets in this City next thursday May 14th arrangements Are being made by the local fraternity to entertain the visitors. E a Bear in mind that Frank j. Bolted keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. A the san Antonio brewing Assn. City Pearl Beer is now on the Market to stay and on tap in almost every Saloon. Try it and be convinced of its Fine Quality Aud flavor. A no use of experimenting further when a pc. C. C. Certain chill cure is guaranteed to cure chills and fever and is delightful to take. Sold by a. Dreiss. In a quinine Racks the nerves a pc. C. C. Certain chill cure Racks the malaria and chills. No cure no pay. Sold by a Dreiss. 4-11-lm j a judge of human nature. A Young Man who wanted to buy some pretty jewelry for his Best girl dropped into one of the John Street jewelry shops the other Day. He selected a handsome Bracelet which Cost $40. He did no to happen to have so much Money with him. And told the Man who waited on him to put it aside for him and he would Call for it later in the Day. He noticed of he spoke that the Man was eyeing him very intently. It made him feel slightly uncomfortable Aud the thought flashed across his mind that the Man did not believe that he would return. A i suppose you done to like to do that sort of thing a he said a but i will come for it surely. I will leave a Deposit if you the Man smiled and Shook his head. A a of no a he said. A a i Wasny to thinking of that at All. I was just going to say to you that there is no need of your coming Down again. Just write out a Check for the amount and take the Bracelet along with you or if you prefer i will Send it to your he took a Blank Check from a drawer and handed it to the customer together with a pen. The customer was amazed. A Why How do you know that Ray Check will be Good for anything a he asked. A you never saw me a i know a said the Man quietly a but that is the Way we do business. We have been doing this for Twenty years and never made a mistake yet. It is part of our business to judge human nature quickly and decidedly and it is upon our judgment that we offer this convenience to certain customers. We done to do it with everybody you May be he had made no mistake in this instance and the customer filled out the Check and took the Bracelet York Sun. How the pyramids were built. The building of the pyramids of Egypt is still a wonder still a matter of Mere speculation. These pyramids once one of the seven wonders of the world Are seventy in number Aud staud about six Miles in a straight line from Cairo. The largest entitled the Pyramid of Cheops covers eleven acres of ground. It is 480 feet High. Herodotus states that 100,000 men were employed forty years in constructing this Pyramid which covers a Square whose Side is 708 feet. It is built of vast blocks of Stone brought from quarries Many Miles Distant. Various opinions As to the uses of these pyramids have been hazarded. One is that they were erected for astronomical purposes but the generally accepted belief is that they were sepulchres. Whenever an egyptian King began his reign he began to construct a Pyramid Cal Tomb not very Large at first in order to secure its being finished before his death. Once built new layers of Stone were put upon it on All sides and thus Tho longer the reign the larger the Pyramid. The Dif Ference in the size of these structures is thus accounted for. Always in the Center of the Structure a Small room was reserved to which Access could be obtained from a secret gallery from without and in this sepulchral Nook there is a coffin of red Granite in which human remains were once deposited. The outer casing of each Pyramid was of polished Black Marble set in a Cement which is As Bard As the Stone itself. This casing has fallen from the sides of the Pyramid of Cheops and it is a favorite but fatiguing feat for tourists to climb up to the top. Which is a Flat table of Stone thirty two feet j. Bowditch Iii Troy times. _ too slow. Indians have their own Way of watching and when serving with White soldiers do not take k kindly to sentry or picket duty. An anecdote of a Pawnee Indian picket on powder River reported in a War path and bivouac a illustrates the red Many a distaste for the methods of the Pale face. One afternoon Iii March Lieut. Schwatka was ordered to make a detail for picket duty Aud As the Paw Nee scouts were doing nothing it was thought expedient to give them a turn. A sergeant took half a dozen of them with the regular guard Aud having placed the picket Post explained to the Indian chief As Well As he could that he and his men would have two hours on and four hours off duty until the guard was relieved. A a in la lend you my watch a said he to the Pawnee and striking a match he pointed to the dial. A a it Snow 6 of clock. When the Shorter hand moves two Points your first watch will be relieved. Do you under stand me a a they hey Good a answered the Indian and stalked away on his rounds. The sergeant being fatigued dropped into a fitful sleep by the Low watch fire of the main guard. Suddenly he was aroused by the Pawnee a hand. The chief was standing a Vee him the watch in his baud. A what do you want a asked the sergeant. A injun Heap cold much Heap stiff a replied the chief. A Hugh that thing Indi Cating the watch much lie. Long Finger the minute hand been All right. Short Finger the hour baud him Heap the laughing sergeant tried to show the chief Bis mistake for he had Itjen but a shout time on guard. A Hugh a was All the disgusted Brave would say and he would have nothing More to do with picket duty. Dressing gowns. In Jerome a play the a Maister of Wood Barrow a Sothern appears in a dressing gown to receive his guests and his Clara is horrified apparently at this Sar tutorial Absurdity. When he declares that he is dressed for the Day and intimates that he would be doing nothing amiss to appear on the streets in this Negligee costume his Valet is horrified and yet in the Early part of the eighteenth Century it was the Cue Tom for the fashionable Young men to appear abroad in the morning at the Coffee houses Clad in this elegant Robe and indeed even in the Early part of this Century the eccentric lord Falmouth lounged on the mall every morning in one of these dressing and furnished new and True teachers Willie spell Felt. Willie be it. Teachers right. Jimmie what is Felt Jimmie a . A. Lorra the tailor takes pleasure in announcing the arrival of a Complete Stock of Spring and summer goods and asks his customers and friends to Call and examine same before purchasing elsewhere. A fit and satisfaction guaranteed. 3-16-tf a physicians can get Tresh Koch a Lymph imported direct at tips and Silverthorne druggists. 3 Siti. A ladies and gentlemen desiring rooms of the utmost elegance and Comfort should apply at the Bexar apartment building on Houston Street or at Manger hotel. Finely tarnished in the most fashionable style Large Well ventilated rooms single or in suites it offers Superb inducements. Meals can be furnished if desired. A Complete corps of servants will be constantly in attendance. Corner Houston and Jefferson streets. 3-26 2m a Bear in find that Frank j. Bel tel keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot of a a. W. Walling attorney at Law has removed his office to the Northwest Corner of Houston and Soledad streets. German spoken. Telephone 408. 5-Llm a notice now is your time if you want a perfect fitting Corset Send in your order at once As i intend going out of business. Mrs. G. Falkner 410 ave. D. 6 5 1m legions of prompt Beijers win patronize us this week. Special mums ii i Aid $1.25 Doz $2.00 extra value $2.50 Dos too Doz. Good size Huck towels -130 Doz. 18x86 Huck towels 50 Doz. 20x40, extra Quality Huck towels 25 Doz. 24x48 8atin damask knotted fringe and fancy borders.$5.50 Doz 50c each an extensive variety of fancy embroidered bar towels. To pcs. Cream Linen table damask at 30c to pcs. White Linen table damask at.40c 5 pcs. White Linen table damask at.60c 12 pcs. Turkish red table damask at 50c 50 Doz. Fruit do Lylies at .50c Doz 50 Doz. Turkish red do Lylies at 65c Doz Doz. 5-8 Linen napkins at. 750 Doz 45 Doz. 7-8 Fine Quality Linen napkins at $1.25 Doz just in a new importation of he stitched damask dinner sets. A lot of fancy coloured Border Linen lunch sets $5.50 each. One Case White Crochet quilts. 75c. Two cases White Crochet quilts extra size at $1.00. Good Quality l m Marsailles quilts at $2.50. Linen Pillow casing and shootings. Cotton sheeting and Pillow casing All widths Aud prices. Just received 200 Rolls China matting White and coloured 20c a and no Haas it Oppenheimer 212 and 214 Commerce Street to Market Street. How Little it costs to dress Well if you go to the right place. Strong serviceable and stylish Are three things it is important to remember when buying a suit of clothes. Our suits at Sio. 12. 13.50 and $15 a a go quickly and each one sends another customer. Our finer suits from $20.00 to $32.50 Are beauties. A in every respect. Fit color style and finish Dysh Lothing o y s of Hilst we make it a specially to sell boys clothing there May be some ladies who Are not aware to it clothing department h. Morris amp Bro clothiers. 255 257 Commerce St. Export. ?. Mask. V y y 0 a i. A brewing Assn. Xxx i Earl Beer. The purest and Best. Delivered to any part of the City. L 3 t h i n g Comer Commerce St. Is a leading feature in our establishment. The nature of our business make sit so natural for us to study every detail of the want of a household that we not alone look out to please the mothers but satisfy the boys also when they want a new suit. Our one thought is to give As much As we can and As Good As we can for the Money. Our line of sailors jerseys was flannels Fauntleroy etc., Are made to please. Boy s single pints at 5 c a pair Andja special line. All Wool boys pants Worth $1.50 at $1.00 a pair Wolff amp Marx Corner Alamo St. Reduced figures Titre Are two kinds one Yon done to want the other you do. The kind we offer you certainly will be glad to accept reduced figures on our entire Stock of seasonable attractions. We will sell first class goods at the lowest rates known to honest Trade. We will reduce figures on Good qualities As cheap As Good qualities Cas possible be sold. No one can do better hardly anyone will do Westwell remember that from $5.00 to $65.00. Hager amp Moths. Furniture no. 13 Alamo Plaza and a Losoya St., Sanj Jantonio Tai

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