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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 7, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Five gaily in let. Office no. 4 Hast Commerce Street Aan a nth Nio Light publishing co. 3. Johnson Secretary and treasurer and fatty jail Mamien by bred at Jhb Post onion at Anto no Texas As second Glass mail matter. Worthe Light is Jhb Only daily re Hubli fair paper published in Texas. Subscription rates. Daily per 50 Dally per year.5. Of Dili Akred by mail or Carrier free. Weekly. Q 60 weekly. I year. 1,00 subscribers not receiving their paper will pie hers Are warned not to pay their subscription so kept upon presentation of a properly to is not receiving their paper wll a please make complaint to the Effle. Subsoil m oel ted Bill from this office. The Stock Market 1b decidedly Active and inclines to higher quotations. All this is favourable to improvement in business As it shows that there is be depression in the industries of the country. The appropriations of the late Congress for necessary improvements Are not All due on a certain Day like a Bank note. Some of those expenditures extend Over a series of years Aud year by year the Revenue will grow to meet the outlay. Uncle Sam is not strapped nor hard pushed financially. Inch. Advertising rate. Of #1 so i $ 400 Soo �?�2100 �?�85 00 the next Republican Campaign will be fought from Washington As the Centre of business and not new York. There is a genuine fitness in this arrangement that should Tell favourably upon the Campaign issues. A Moo Legal advertisements $ Luo per mob first insertion 76 cents per Inch Eyota subsequent insertion. Trustees sales la of per Inch first insertion 25 cents Euch insertion afterwards. 11 reeling matter editorial Page 85 cents vet be each Section. Local columns 90 Sente first insertion to cents first week 5 Yenta after first week. Special rates on to and Loo lines running or a month heme advertisements payable in the first of a Ach month. Transient advertising payable in a drano. Only Metal outs printed. Special rates Given or. Larger space and Long time advertisements. Discount Given for oath the Texas meat Man is reaping the Reward of Long years of profitless waiting. All meat products Are now higher than they have been for nearly a decade. When the hog and the steer Are quoted Well up Texas is Happy. A n n on n Demon the tor state and county officers ten dollars in a Vanoe. C Arall contracts or bins Mast be approved by a Secretary and m Ana Ager. To cores Fondenes a communications rot this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write Only none aide of the paper in a Plain hand. An Fuy Mons communications win not be noticed the Light will not be Reston Sable for the statement of its correspondents when the press opinion is polled for the opening or closing of the worlds Lair on sunday four fifths of All the daily papers will be found favouring sunday openings. This is inevitable. It is in consonance wit the Progress of things. More fat cattle should be shipped out of Texas. The shipping of lean and poor conditioned cattle should cease. The state ought to have a better reputation for its beef than it has and it would have such reputation did her cattlemen ship Only fat cattle. To our Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the daily and week by lie it must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer amp Rey 233 to 235 Temple court new York. Thursday May 7, 1891. Duncan a name is Dennis. The commission is full and Duncan is out and the Farmers Alliance not in it. Dallas is so near sheol that she seems to dread contracting for a deeper Well than one of a 1000 feet. Three railway commissioners appointed and not one of them understands anything More about railways and their management than a Capetown hottentot. _ the uniform school Book Law becomes such by lapse of time. And now the commissioners can set about bidding for text Book publications provided the Law is not void by a clerical error. Fly time is coming but there Are no files on the Man who advertises judiciously that is in a live Home paper. The pork Packer Aud the beef Packer and the refrigerator Man Are needed in Texas. There is a world of profit in the Small bulk shipment. Crisps friends in Virginia and the Carolinas and the other Atlantic states Are not All worshipping at the shrine of Roger que rious. Tho Road Law Aud the Scalp Law and the text Book Law Are All in it now but Hogg signed none of them. It is a left handed Way of doing business. _ Ingalls is like the Parrot after Hie interview with Tige. He has found but that he talks too much and notifies the newspapers that he has retired to the shades of private life and wants to be let Louisiana is torn up Over the lottery amendment business worse than Iowa was torn up Over the prohibitory amendment. The lottery men have succeeded to securing a vote of the be ode on the matter. That should Settle it. Almost All kinds of weat Nei can be hatched in Texas but a Enow storm in May is a Dakota commodity purely. Texas has no pretensions. Tyler struck it Rich when Hogg was elected governor of Texas. Smith county has been taken in out of the wet. The still pig gets the most Corn. The working Granger gets the biggest crops. The big mouthed Alliance Man gets Houston Post has discovered that very few Texas Farmers Are in favor of the sub Treasury scheme. What kind of a meeting was that at Waco recently has the Post heard of it. Anna Dickenson has made another exhibition of her dementia la Public and it is a great question if she is not As great a Lunatic As Rev. To Cook. Even Parnell sold body guard Are deserting him and in a few Days More or less there will be none left to do him Honor. Italy can secure the permanent Good will and everlasting gratitude of the United states by passing a decree of perpetual inhibition forever restraining her citizens from entering the United states. Is it a whack Humbert Brazos Bottoms overflow earlier this year than usual. They will be replanted and produce crops that will abundantly repay for All the extra expense incurred. The Capitol Ian seems to be taking unusual pains to convince the country that it is a Freak instead of a newspaper. The fact is apparent without so much demonstration. The Waco Bay with $20,000 More Power to its Elbow would be second to no paper in Texas of it is not now. The Day is very level headed very outspoken Aud direct very positive in its opinion and As right Iii general matters As any journal in Texas. The Day is democratic Aud the Light has no use for its politics but it does commend its ability integrity and decency. It has convictions and follows them. The Clergyman who does not oppose the opening of the worlds fair on sunday is an anomaly. It is his Trade to oppose it. To expect anything else is unnatural to condemn him for so doing shows Lack of judgment. All the same the exposition will be opened sundays. Pres. Harrison strip through the country has been an education to the people. What the work purposes Aims and views of government Are have been plainly put Forth and these things Are better understood than they Gere when the presidential party left Washington. The democratic politicians do not like it but the people do rough on Toothache. Instant Relief 15c. Rough on corns. Liquid 15c. Salve 10c. The Galveston musicians Are being left in the soup Iii the arrangements for summer music at the Beach hotel. The sea Gull pleads for Home Talent. The Sandwich islands do not like the free sugar clause of the Mckinley Bill and that a what the matter with the Queen. The color line also is not drawn As closely in Europe As Here. Put these two together. Corsicana is working herself up Lively for the state press association which convenes there next week. The Little City will do the honors and the press association will toot the Horn of its entertainers to the tune of a we wont go Home till cattle and Corn and Ootton and fruit Are going to be As abundant in Texas this year As stones on the Rocky Hill sides of old Jerusalem. The old state is humping herself but she Doe not want the world to know it. A Quot to 1 free coinage of Silver is a part of the program of the democratic party of 1892, no Lens Volens. They will find it a safer subject to argue before the country than the abolition of the Mckinley Tariff. Money is not easy and there is no reason Why it should be tight. Gold shipments continue and yet a decided movement in the London Market for american securities and stocks should counteract that movement. There Are no indications that senator Blair wishes he had kept his chinese ideas to himself. He says he stands by what he said As concerning chinese immigration Aud the country stands with him. The real newspaper is not a Chameleon. It does not change its colors to suit the garb of its Reader. The newspaper does two things it expresses Public opinions and its own As Well Aud this latter not less than the first. The Baird Star is one of the old journals that uninstructed by Alliance Wisdom does not see How two can walk together unless they be agreed. This seeing or not seeing the Star says. A the democratic party has always opposed secret political parties and the last state convention declared against the sub Treasury Bill. The Alliance is a secret organization Aud is ardently in favor of the sub Treasury scheme. Yet they say they Are going to stay in the democratic party. How Are the two factions going to harmonize is the question that puzzles Good democrats. Will the Alliance with its secret caucuses be permitted to dictate to the other element of the party perhaps not then will come the tug of Tho democratic party will see More stars in this Alliance firmament before the Campaign of 1892 is completed and the returns counted. Wealth is Kef the Houston Herald punctuates the Post handsomely for its inconsistency in its denunciations of the Gam bling fraternity while advertising loaded Dice and other queer goods for Sale. Morality in the Concrete is not a Post Possession. Emma Juch ran a Good second with pfc to in the race for mexican favor her admirers in the capital Many of them consider her hardly inferior to the great song Queen. Joe Mulhatten in an insane asyl Lum and Bill Nye and Mark Twain Ell Perkins Aud Clara Bell at Large i the adjustment is not Complete. If it becomes necessary to secure a Man who is m favor of chinese Immi Gration before the Post of minister to that county is filled better declare the Post perpetually vacant. This country has no use for the pestilential celestial. The Gulf papers Are making a need less inquest into the result of the legislative trip to the coast Anc enquiring in in its effect. It did no have any effect. Very Little tha the body did had any Par addition to l,alceview.35 houses absolutely Given away. 500 lots at $200. A lot. Each lot is 50 by 120 feet the splendid terms offered aresi5 Cash and Sio per month. No interest and no taxes till 1893.twenty lots make one Block or club. The members of each club when one half of the Purchase Money of the lots has been paid will be presented with a $500 cottage. Buy a lot from us. The members of each club can decide among themselves who shall own the House and the Corners besides a Beautiful Homestead. Everyone has an equal show of obtaining a Corner lot and an elegant House free of any extra expense. Remember this is one of the finest suburbs around san Antonio it lays just two and a half Miles West of the Centre of the City on Beautiful High ground. Adjoins Lakeview is convenient to electric cars which run every fifteen minutes. Has a Beautiful Park can have electric Light and water works from a magnificent Artesian Well. Remember the easy terms. No interest and no taxes until 1893. Now is the time to buy a Home. For further particulars Call on Glen Walker or. No 9 East Houston Street office of new England land company office hours a monday 8 a. In. To 5 p. In. Tuesday 9 a. In. To 7 p. , 8 a. In. To 5 p. In. Thursday 9 a. In. To 7 p. In. Friday 8 a. In. To 5 p. In. Saturday 9 a. In. To 7 p. In. References a messes. Thornton. Wright amp co. Bankers. A. A drought esq.,, or. W. P. Watson manager new England land co. A Home Jan Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All copt Billing to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. to. Hambleton % Cid. Hem i seekers and tourists should visit the country Between san Antonio $ Kerrville do. E. C. West s no Hub and brain treatment a guarantee spec late for hysteria dizziness. Convulsions fits. Nervous neuralgia. Headache nervous prostration caused by the use of alcohol or tobacco wakefulness mental depression. 8ofotning of the brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery decay Ani death premature old age barrenness Lois of i Ower in either sex. Involuntary losses and caused by Over exer Liou of the brain self abuse or Over indulgence. Each Box contains one month s treatment. a Box or six boxes for , sent by mail prepaid on receipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes to cure any Case. W Ith each order received by us for six hoses accompanied with s5.00, we will Send the purchaser on written guarantee to refund the Money if the treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees issued Only by City drug store sole at. 8 e. Commerce st., ban Antonio. Japanese a guarantee cure for piles of whatever kind or degree external internal Blind or bleeding itching chronic recent or hereditary never been known a or is sent by mail a written onaran purchaser of 6 Box me to refund the guarantee issued by wholesale and retail ing aching chronic reel this remedy has positively to fail Labox 6 boxes to pure _ �?�6 paid if not cured. A. Orals druggist sole agt., Sample packages san Antonio Texas 1000 to 2000 feet above the sea. Beautiful Mountain scenery Clear running streams Rich Valley lands and with a climate pronounced by All to be the finest in the world. Consumption and Kindred diseases Are Here cured without Medicine. The Gulf coast around Corpus Christi Arkansas Harbor and Rockport. Oilers Superior attractions to the tourists and sportsmen. Every person desiring a new location and a summer Home should first inspect the country on and tributary to the Arkansas pass railway. Maps and other information cheerfully furnished on application to r. W. Andrews Milton Everett. G. P. A., san Antonie. Ticket a ant san Antonio depot Economy leads to weal am Money tails of a we can save you from $ Loo to $2.00 per a a month in fuel and add $5.00 Worth to your com. A a fort by Selling you one of our a new perfect a a Ion new process vapor stoves finest stove in a a the world no smoke no smell lights the same a a and is always ready. A a we can save you $10 to $15 a year on your ice Bill by Selling Yon a a a Peru or a North Start refrigerator. Hundreds in use in the City giving Universal satisfaction if you doubt the above you Jill find us ready a to Provost. Riedell oo., Opp. Maverick Bank no. 40y-411 East hoist Street

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