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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 7, 1891, San Antonio, Texas San Antonio daily Light published at san Antonio. Bexar county. Texas. And Registe red oat the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume Xii number 94 san Antonio. Texas thursday May 7 1891 Price $5 a year Lockwood National Bank. Sas Antonio. Texas. J. 8. Lockwood president j. Muir cashier. Safe Deposit vault Mallory line % new York amp Texas steamship co a to Newyork direct steamers leave Galveston Ever wednesday a and saturday. The cheapest and Moat delightful route to new York and Europe for through tickets staterooms etc., apply to the Mallory line office i Commerce St. W. J. Young Bend a South n pass of agent. A dead minister. Rome May 7.�?senor Miniago the mexican minister is dead. Even the doctors get it. London May 7. A influenza is spreading very alarmingly. Many churches were closed Munday on account of the epidemic and now the Woolton Institute is closed the doctors being All sick. Government approved. Paris May 7.�?the chamber of deputies by a vote of 356 to 83 passed a Resolution declaring Confidence Iii the government. Striking belgians. Brussels May 7.�?the northeastern French and belgian coalfields Are in the main Idle. The men however Are acting in a Law abiding manner. The Only scene of disorder which has been recorded scoured near Liege. Will know Why. Fourmier May 7.�?the government has sent two delegates Here with instructions to make a thorough inquiry into the causes which led to the disturbance on labor Day and into the action of the sub prefect who ordered the troops to fire upon the people. Bank folic Las arrested. New York May ged Ney president of the North River Bank and cashier Frank Ingersoll were placed under arrest wednesday afternoon on a Bench warrant issued by judge Martin. Comet comes Back. Mount Hamilton cal., May 7.�?-wolfs periodical Comet was discovered this morning by or. Barnard at lick Observatory. It is extremely faint and Small Aud is following closely the path predicted for it. Sampling sugars. Washington May 7.-�?the Treasury department has ordered an invoice of dutch Standard sugar samples from Holland for the use of customs officials in determining the Grade of imported sugars. Nicaraguan consulate. Panama May 7.�?on March 5 the government Gazette of Nicaragua registered the appointment of capt. Win. L. Morey As Consul in the Western United states for Nicaragua. The consulate will be established in san Francisco. . Pine Bluff May 7, White Man of Good family though dissolute in habits named Alexander Archibald married a Coal Black negroes. In this state it is against the Laws. Rumours Are Rife that Archibald will receive severe punishment from the better element of both his White and Black neighbors. Crooked distillers. Little Rock May 7.�?-at Calico Rock Independence county yesterday Revenue officers arrested or. Sam Poole and Marlon Jackson charged with operating an illicit distillery. They were arrested one year ago on the same charge but were released for want of evidence. The officers also arrested six negroes charged with Selling liquor at the prohibition town of Batesville. Striking bricklayers. London May 7.�?the bricklayers inmost of the centers of England have gone on a strike. The men demand an increase in the wages paid them. As the present period of the year is the most brisk and Busy time for building trades the strike of the bricklayers is causing much annoyance to contractors and others and has also thrown out of work Large numbers of men belonging to the associated trades who Are compelled to remain Idle so Long As the bricklayers refuse to Telegraph. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the Tim Eio f going to press Italy is Short financially. Rome May 7.�?the deficit of the country is so great and Revenue so reduced that the government proposes As a measure of Economy to suppress the ministry of posts and telegraphs. It has withdrawn the offer of government Aid to the proposed Celebration of Columbus at Genoa. F big influenza. City of Mexico May 7.�?influenza is very prevalent. Two opera companies were obliged to suspend on that account. President Diaz Gen. Ceballos governor of the Federal District Gen. Cen ballade chief of police Aud Many others Are ill with the disease. The Queens tragedy. Vienna May 7.�?the first performance of germen Sylvan a the Queen of Rou Man in tragedy a master Manole a was Given in the presence of emperor Francis Joseph and his suite. Herr Sonnenthal who had the title role and Frauen Hohenfels and Wolfer who had the leading female parts made a great Success. Incendiary fires. Colon May 7.�?dispatches from the Island of Martinique report that a serious fire took place on the evening of april 16 at Baus april a town of that Island destroying sixteen buildings and causing one death. The loss is estimated at $120,000. Only a few Days before a fire occurred at fort de France in the same Colony. These fires Are believed to have been of incendiary origin Aud have caused much solicitude in the Island. William is Boss. Dusseldorf May 7.�?at a banquet in his Honor last evening emperor William made a significant speech in which after dilating upon his desire tor the Protection of the rights of labourers Aud after expressing satisfaction at the conclusion of the commercial treaty with Austria he said a was to the Home policy which is becoming established i shall not deviate a hairs breadth from the course i have adopted. I alone am master in this country and nobody else hospitably inclined. Birmingham ala., May 7.�?-the Southern Baptist convention meets Here on Friday next and arrangements have been made for the entertainment of 1,500 ministers that Many having declared their intentions to attend. All denominations have volunteered their hospitality and every Delegate will be entertained at a private residence. Old Hutch o. K. Chicago May 7.�?b. P. Hutchinson the aged and eccentric Board of Trade Speculator about whose sudden Dis appearance and return so much has been recently published left Here this morning for Boston. It is his intention to take a vacation in the East. In the meantime his affairs will be straightened out by his sons. The examination shows that that they Are in a much better condition than they were supposed to be and that when everything is settled up he will have left about $500,000. A a Law Point. Tallahassee May 7. A Justice Taylor of the supreme court has Reu dared a very important decision on a Point never before decided in Florida. A prisoner was indicted for murder in the first degree Aud tried three times. At the first two trials he was convicted of murder in the second degree. On the third trial the ver dict was guilty of murder in the first degree. The supreme court reverses the decision of the court below Aud holds that conviction for the lower Grade bars trial for the higher Grade of crime. The court adds a jurors must get their Law from the courts they have no right of Access to Law books after a big coloured brigade. Charleston May 7.�?the coloured troops of Charleston who constitute the Only brigade of coloured troops in the United states paraded today and were officially inspected by the adjutant general of the state. There were several thousand men in the ranks. It was the largest Parade of a military character Ever seen in Charleston. In the procession were ten regiments of infantry of ten com facies each and a Batalion of cavalry. Cost of the companies wore the United states army regulation uniform. A striking feature of the Parade was the Blue Palmetto Flag of South Carolina. It was the first time in the history of the organization of the coloured troops that the Palmetto Flag has Ever been borne in the procession As regimental colors. Late telegrams boiled Down from private special and other sources. Yncle Sam says Sov the Laredo Well is Down 1200 feet and still dry. Rains in Mexico Are delaying the jutted states mails. Russia suddenly suspends the order for jewish expulsions from Moscow. Houston Sells 1,200 acres adjoining town site for $70,000. France reduces duty on wheat to 3 Franca on flour to 6 francs. Mexico is pushing the Cerdan Val by Railroad. President Diaz receives the italian minister Segre. Inter oceanic is pushing its lines towards the Pacific. Brooklyn police Are import Ned for Protection against mafia exaction. The text Book Bill was engrossed without any enacting clause. Florida a 61st ballot for senator fives Call 50, Mays 43, others 5. International convention y. M. C. A. Is in session at Kansas City. The new Orleans report occasions no Surprise at Washington. St Louis considers the verdict a prearranged affair to justify the Lynching. Washington Post says that the verdict sows very dangerous elements in new Orleans society. New Orleans states thinks there was no escape from the conclusion a the people did Senor carte italian Consul at new Orleans thinks that serious complications will arise. The Washington diplomats contend that no treaty stipulations with Italy have been broken. Little Rock papers justify the finding of no indictments against the new Orleans citizens. New York Herald says the new Orleans verdict Speaks the sentiment of the american people. Kansas City thinks the verdict right that new Orleans took the Only Youree possible. Austin ladies select their representatives to the fort Worth worlds fair meeting. The a hot blooded italian editor of new York is under $5,000 Bonds to answer charge of perjury. Cashier Bren hey of the Iron Mountain is $20,000 Short. He turns in $16,-000 real estate As an offset. Strike on the Dallas Cable works continues and All hands quit who were temporarily employed. Sol Richardson trial at Dallas for the theft of $14,000 from Wells Fargo amp co. Will probably end in acquittal. An american gentleman and daughter attacked with stones and severely Hurt at Florence Italy. Western ticket agents will stand in with the Chicago Aud Alton and Boycott the boycotted. Victoria and Goliad Are rival claimants for that line Northwest from Corpus Christi. Huntsville quary men Are arranging to Supply Rock to the jetty contractors. The Grant Sawmill and 3,500 acres of Timberland near Phelps is sold for $14,000. Spanish minister at Washington is ordered to sign the new Trade treaty immediately. Ignacio Montes de Oca has been called to Rome from Mexico with an archbishopric in View. The 22 army division of the russian forces will not go to the Western fron tier. Hall Hunter is acquitted at Waco of the charge of murder for killing a negro 17 years ago. Salvador is making treaties with the other Central american states to prevent Barrillot from making War. Colonel Salamanca mex., says they have discovered a smokeless powder Superior to the european article. A War ship Blanco destroyed by Chili torpedo boats and 5 officers and 180 men drowned. Austrian government will be interpolated concerning treatment of austrian subjects in America As slaves. The drummers association had a reception at Laredo on their return from Monterey. Cuba takes Coal Petroleum machinery and fats free from Uncle Sam and duty on flour is red used 50 per cent. The electric car line is now running across the International Bridge at Laredo. Its terminus is two Miles in Nueva Laredo. The effect of the finding while not legally satisfactory will have a Good influence upon the turbulent orders of society. Chicago is mixed in opinion. The times thinks the jury gave too much latitude to the idea that you cannot indict a whole people. Philadelphia does not care for the i miscreants but it is concerned to know if the greatest Olty in the South is to be placed where no human life is Safe and government vain. Fresh from the wires. A Ohio la inc Kanopolis a inc a Tate of j to a Dallas distanced. Beaten by her own figures. The people of Dallas were so completely dazed by the figures of the census report declaring san Antonio to be the most populous City in the state that they now publish an amended return by which they claim to have her placed in Advance of All others. By this amended report according to the Dallas news the population of that City is 36,067, with a suburban population of 8000, making their entire showing reach 46,067. The news is too modest by half. Why did it not delude fort Worth As Well As Oak Cliffy and other places on the Road. And yet with All their figuring and striving to create a population that City exists on paper. To Renews is not As Liberal a san Antonio has been when rating the population of Dallas. In the folder published by the san Antonio commercial Exchange the population of Dallas is placed at 88,-140, watch is More than is claimed by the news under the revised report. Make another Effort and you will establish a reputation for Enterprise if not for correctness in figures. San Antonio holds the age and does not intend to pass it. The winning card has been in the hand of or. Granville h. Martin Secretary of the san Antonio commercial Exchange but he did not care to play it till now. Give us another shuttle or. News. The last trick is ours and you Are fairly Euloh Redou what you thought was a Lone hand. Shot by u. S. Marshal. Special to the Columbus May 7.�?fritz Howorth a Well known Gambler was shot and instantly killed this morning at Lagrange by exp. S. Marshal John t. Rankin. Full particulars can to be obtained at this writing. Belgian strikers. Brussels May 7.�?the miners Aud Iron workers strike in the Liege Aud Charleroi districts is completed Aud spreading rapidly to the Berage District in the province of Hainaut. Fifty thousand men Are out of work Central Belguim. Sex governor dying. Kansas City mo., May 7.�?ex-gov. Crittenden was struck last evening with a fatal illness. Examination shows the sex governor is suffering from a ruptured blood vessel at the base of the brain and also from uraemic poisoning. The attending physicians say recovery is Imossi the Willis Index is not exactly Happy Over the Chilton appointment judging from the following comment upon that selection a governor Hogg is evidently a faithful believer Iii the you tackle me and ill tickle you style of politics. United states senator Horace Chilton Well Well Well wonder what Hubbard and Herndon and Mills and Culberson and Terrell think of that governor Hogg will find out after awhile that there Are other places in Texas besides Tyler but he is a Little slow in gathering the information. The people of Texas Are not shouting themselves much hoarse Over or. Fosters appointment on the state railway commission but he seems to be the Best tickled Man in Texas Over this is a matter purely within the democratic family and the children must Settle it among themselves. The doctor who succeeds. A physician who understands human nature who plays with the baby makes friends with the children Aud listens to the woes of the Good wife and Mother says a medical journal is the fellow to whom the master of the House most cheerfully pays the largest Bills. It Isnit the Medicine that a bottled up but ifs the Comfort and Consolation that Are in bottled that Mark the Broad line Between an unsuccessful and a popular physician. Senate committee on finance is investigating the working of the new Tariff. Col. Coppenger of the 23rd infantry has been order to san Antonio from Washington. Winona Minn. big lumber Mill and three blocks of lumber burned loss $100,000. A belgian strikers deny they have been aided from the United states or England say they have plenty of funds of their own and will fight to the end. St. Petersburg a. Vernia urges the russian government to withdraw the majority of deposits in private foreign Banks. Bostons Lawrence barrettes will probated yesterday leaves All Nis property in Trust for bus wife and daughters. Birmingham the Baptist delegates Are Here by hundreds Aud have captured the City. The convention begins tonight. Paris a French torpedo boat collided with a Cruiser off Cherbourg and was sunk new Orleans a Willington Stevenson alias Waller Stetson charged with being embezzler of $47,000, while cashier of the Kansas City Railroad at Birmingham has been arrested Here. He was under Bond when arrested. A a Metz col. Praye commander of this Garrison was foully murdered and robbed last night. Washington it is Learned that the two firms backing the opposing sides in the chilian insurrection Are w. R. Grace amp co. Aud c. R. Flint amp co. London the Crown lawyers say right Hon. W. H. Smith first lord of the Treasury must be re elected to the House of commons on account of his appointment As Warden of Bing ports. Birmingham by failure Tomboy Eliot a orders Steamer Herbert St. Ouis to Chattanooga Sank in Mussel Shoal canal Tennessee River. Loss heavy. Birmingham near Bolinger Green county last night an attempt to wreck a Queen and Crescent passenger train was made. , Hughes of san Antonio passed through Here bound for Halifax today. Valparaiso president Balma Ceda has returned and the peace negotiations Are ruptured. It is now apparent the struggle will be renewed and fought to the end. He has ordered the withdrawal of Bank notes at to per Cut Aud that All import duties a paid in Silver new York Dixon who said that Gould had threatened to smash the Western traffic association which Gould denies is Here. Some think he comes to threaten Gould but Gould does not. Washington the comptroller of currency has called for the report of the condition of the National Banks at close of business monday May 4th. Chicago the worlds fair party to visit fort Worth leaves saturday. Paris the municipal Council condemns the action of the government and their May Day policy Aud demands compensation and pension for the Fourmier sufferers Aud of amp Niles. New York a. Font ennui president of the italian chamber of Commerce thinks the italians had better drop the new Orleans matter entirely. Chicago a dispatches report a heavy Frost Over Illinois. New York it is believed the next reciprocity treaty of this government will be with san Domingo Aud United states of Venezuela. San 5 30 last evening the chilian Steamer Etta lifted her anchors Aud quietly steamed Down the Bay and out into the Ocean carrying with her Deputy United states marshal Spencer who As far As known is still on Board. The departure was unexpected. The guard tailed to capture the schooners Robert and Minnie which had already reached mexican jurisdiction. Stockings or human hair. The anthropological department of the smithsonian institution has received from or. Macgowan a pair of stockings manufactured from human hair. They Are worn by fishermen Over Cotton stockings being too rough for the naked skin and under Straw shoes As Protection against moisture. Hair unsuitable for textile purposes is collected from Barbers shops and sent to a part of the province for manuring Rice Fields which it would seem Are deficient in Silica. Rough on tooth Agues. Instant Relief 15c. Rough on corns. Liquid 15c. Salve 10c. Of. What a co Uvah. I i to on need the warning. The signal perhaps of the sore approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Ask yourselves if you can afford for the Sake of saving 50c., to run Tho risk and do nothing for it. We know from experience that Shiloh a cure will cure your cough. It never fails. This explains Why More than a minion bottles were sold the past year. It relieves croup and whooping cough at once. Mothers do cot be without it. For lame Back Side or Chest use Shiloh a porous plaster. Sold by Adolph Dreiss. 3-3s-Eod

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