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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 6, 1891, San Antonio, TexasWednesday May 6, 1891. Electric this remedy is becoming so Well known and so popular As to need no special men Tion. All who have used electric sine the same of purer Medicine does exist and in is Guaran teed to All that is claimed. Electric filters will cure All diseases of the liver and will remove pimples boils Salt Rheims and other affections caused by impure drive malaria from the system and prevent As Well As cure malarial cure of headache constipation and indigestion iry electric satisfaction guaranteed or Money 50 cts. And bottle at Dreiss. Thompson a co s drugstore. Loh s Catarrh remedy. A marvellous cure for Catarrh diphtheria canker Mouth and headache. With each bottle there is an ingenious nasal in Jector for More successful treatment of these Witham est re charge. Sold Adolph 3-2s-Eod ssh Loh s consumption cube. This is beyond question the most successful Guirch it ii have i Vrr sold a w doses invariably cure the worst of co pfc. Croup wonderful user is in the of crust my Tina is without a parallel in the history of no Druie. Since its first discovery it has Bee a on a guarantee. A test which no other Medicine can stand. If you a Couch we earnestly ask you to try u. Price Loc and if your lungs Are Chest or Back Shiloh s porous plaster. Sold by Adolph Dre iss. Eod flashes. That have in Progress for some time at the Travis Park methodist still going on. Services at 10 a. I. And 8 p. Daily. Rev. W. Carter will preach John e. Calhoun and miss Lizzie Hansel will be married tonight. A dance will at Mission Gar Den. Theo. Artzt says there not a Man in the City can throw him Greece roman style. But he has re tired and does not want tet Natch. Mission athletic club will enter a number of their men in the Mission Hose company s athletic program at Riverside Park next sunday. Wonder worker. Or. Frank Huffman a you up Man o Burlington. Ohio stares that been under the care of two prominent physicians and used their treatment until h was not Able to get around. They pronounced his to be consumption and incurable. He was persuaded to try Kine s new discovery for consumption coughs and colds and at that time a not Able to walk across the Street without resting. He found before he had used Talf of a Dollar bottle that he was much better he continued to use it and is to Day enjoying pour health. If have and lung Throat or Chest try to iry Subaru tee in Tina. Trial Bot lie free at inti Epson co s drug since. 4-11 1m Laskelle Oil. Prevents re Idem a to tinkles or asking of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of tin matured wonder fur preserving youth and Irish Ess. F a Ripe bottles at 1 or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M d., assistant. Ira suates the of the to sub West. Private blood skin and Young men who their of or Lolly stuffer from nervous debility. Exhausting drains upon the fountains of Lite affecting the Ann Iii Hood should nit the celebrated or. Hath away fat once Jinn Weinber Nerv with or without Areano or debility and of nerve Power. Scientifically by never methods with Preat Success. It Makh Tio difference what you Nave taken or who has f Aile i to cure you. Lost manhood and All weakness of the Texial organs. Treated with great acce. Female diseased Cund at Home with tit instruments a wonder Al remedy. Piles great discovery. A cure Guaran teed no Knite cutting or ligature Tyva Token stricture cure without Riding. The most wonderful Safe and Mhz. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin senses of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured in a few Days. Quick sure Aad be adv. This includes sleet and h. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office or by mail. 2.thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 3. Thai each Pariett treated revs the adv of special study and experience and Alty is made of Bis or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy Terras of payment a Home treatment can be in a majority some tobacco statistics. Philadelphia Lnu s. The census of the production of tobacco Are Complete. They Are of great importance As showing the shifting that has take place. The Northwest it is predicted will eventually become great tobacco grow ins Region. The tobacco grown there now is wholly for Home consumption and uts no figure even in the primary markets of the United states. But the special agents of the census office report that there Are Large areas in that Region which could be profitably utilized in the culture of tobacco Lor Export. A remarkable decrease is shown in the new England states which were once Large producers of tobacco. This is accounted for by the fact that the importation of Sumatra wrappers has practically driven the seed Leaf grow ers out of the business and compelled the abandonment of so Many farms As to cause general alarm. Supt. Por Ter says that the High duty on Suma tra Leaf imposed by the Mckinley Bill has greatly encouraged the growers of that Section and predicts that the crop this year will be a phenomenal one. The increase in new York and wis Consin both of which states were formerly heavy producers of seed Leaf is due to the fact that the plan ters were driven into growing the Export variety the Sumatra having compelled them to abandon seed Leaf. The most remarkable increase during the past ten years has occurred in Florida where the number of pounds produced has increased from to pounds. Northern capital has poured into the rotate. Syndicates have purchased Large tracts of what was supposed to be worthless Laud factories have been erected and a general Era of Prosperity has set in. The tobacco grown is of the finest variety bringing 50c to 7oc per Pound in the Leaf. Eugene Field in Chi Caff the cure of dyspepsia is surely to be effected Only by the adoption of negative Means commission will nothing omission everything. Or. A. J. Cox the under thinks i differently. He believes heartily in the sins of commission. For Jears he bad dyspepsia in All its forms Aad phases be be came reduced to the attenuated condition of a Skeleton folks used to Stop in the Street to look at him life became a veritable Burden to him this sort of thing went says or. Fox unit in finally i grew very tired. One evening i sat Down and made a estimate of the drugs i had taken the Den tors Bills i had paid Etc. As i figured it the Medicine i had consumed in six years Cost More and weighed More than the victuals i had eaten. I had spent on Doc tors enough Money to fill a dozen bookcases with first additions. I made up my mind to Reform. That night i dreamed that Solomon came to me and presented me with a cake. Next morning i went Down to break fast. They had sausages and Buck cheats. Full bleached double 8atin damask. Finest French and Irish manufacture 54 inches wide at 30c, 3oc, Ami 40c 60 inches wide at 50c 64 inches wide at 60c, 65c and 75c 66 inches wide 68 inches wide at and per Yard. Table setts cloth and napkins to match two Yards Long with a dozen napkins for of 2 1-2 Yards Long with a dozen napkins at and 16.00 3 Yards Long a dozen napkins and bleached damask napkins 5-8 size at 65c, 75, 90e, 25 and 00 3-4 size 00, and per dozen allure Linen. White fringed dollies per Doten 14 inches 75c 15 inches s5c 16 inches 18 inches to 20 inches 75. Fancy fringed Doylis coloured Border White , 25c. To per dozen. Turkey red dollies 50c. To 31.75 per dozen. Fringed table covers All Linen 11-2 Yards Long 2 Yards Long and 21-2 Yards Long 00 each. Coloured Border 2 Yards Long 75c 21-2 Yards Long 31.50 and Turkey red 1 4 Yards Long 35c 1 3-4 Long 75c 2 Yards Long 2 l-2yardri Long 3 Yards Long at each. Towels specially Fine towels at specially Low prices. Huc Kaback. Doz. 2 1x38 Inch. 2.25 Doz. 20x40 Inch. .2.65 Doz. Damask. 14x26 Inch.75 Doz. 17x34 Doz. 15x31 Inch. .1.00 Doz. Have a Ana positive cure for Catarrh diphtheria month and headache in Shiloh s catar1m1 remedy. A nasal injector free with each bottle. Use it if you desire health and Sweet breath. Price sold by Adolph Dreiss. 3-28-Eod citation by publication symptom Milank no. 1 for men. Send Abr symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send Lorsy in torn Blank no. For skin Dis All answered promptly. Nees strict Medicine sent free from it Ion it Ter to Banks in san an Tonio address or rail on j. N Hathaway m. D., w. St. U san Antonio Texas. A Vav Oikle r worker. Or. Frank hot fran. A Yuri it a. Burlington states that lit under hip Civ of two prominent physicians and used their Eva limit until he a not Able to around. They pronounced his in fim consumption mud incurable. He was persuaded to try or. King s new discovery for consumption. Coughs and cold and at that time a not Able to walk across the Loert without resting. He found before he had half of a Dollar bottle that he was much he continued to use it and is today enjoying Good health. If you have any Throat. Lung or Chest trouble try it. We guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle free at Dreiss. Thompson co s drug store. 4-22 1 m. Gardner wanted. Man understand Long care of lawns Trees roses Etc., having Good refer ence can have a Good situation by applying to this office. 5-2-tf. Only one third Cash balance in one and two at per of it interest is the Price and terms for the Best property around san Antonio and this is sooth Heights property. No. .tu2ti. W. T. Lackey is. V , Livrsh Lackey. In the court of Lexar county judicial District the state of Texas to the son Iff or any Constable of Bexar you Are hereby commanded that by Iziak intr publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the county of Lexar. Once in each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon hell Bush Lackey whose Resi Dence a unknown to be and appear at the next regular Terra of the District court 01 the 57th judicial District in and for Lexar county to be Holden at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the fret monday in june a. D., the same Benir the first Day of june 1 then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the oth Davo May 1h91, in a suit numbered on the pocket of said court no. Wherein w. T. Lackey is plaintiff and in Bush Lackey is defendant Whei in plaint alleges As to wit that 1 plaintiff is a Hona tide inhabitant of the state of Texas and hag resided in Bexar county Tor More than six months in for to the Al liner of this suit. That the residence of defendant is unknown. That and defendant were lawfully married in Bell county Texas on apri Lith and lived together until about the first Day of August when defendant left plaintiff with the intention of abandon ment and has since continuously remained away. That defendant is guilty of such excesses and cruel treatment As to Render their living tog Ether insupportable. That there is no Community property and the Issue of said marriage is a Gin. Now six years of wherefore plaintiff prays for a decree annulling the marriage Between plaintiff and defendant Lor the care custody and Educa Tion of said minor child for costs and for general and special Relief. Herein fall not. But have you before court on the wid first Day of next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed the same wit new Nat. Lewis clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Given under my hand and Leal of said court at office in the City of san an Tonio this the 6th Day of May a 1891. Nat. Lewis clerk District court of Bexar county. By Fieo. W. H , Deputy. Issued Fame Day. Came to hand May Jtb a. D., 18m, at o clock p. M., and publication ordered made in the san a Atonic Light. T. P. Mccall. Saei Iff Bexar county. By w. Dhuse Deputy. 5-6 4w a ainu the Herald know or can t his wife Tell him that everything a woman wears Cost less than it did before the Mckinley Bill passed Calico is 4 1-2 cents per Yard a Good summer silk costs from 25 to 35 cents a Yard. It used to Black silk can be bought for front 60 cents to that used to Cost from to sugar Coats 5 cents that used to Cost 8 cents. Ribbons Are half the old Price stockings the same and jerseys since they Are making them in this country Cost half As much As the imported. Ladies7 things Are Down. We ladies know that democratic husbands can lie to each other but they can t lie to alb. We women Are not fools. Let the Herald liar stick to men s things when he lies and not try to lie about women s things. We won t stand it. I m a democratic woman but i Don t want any lying to keep the party up. We women Are not fools. Elizabeth Hunt. And an elegant assortment of very Fine towels from 25e. A piece. Irish linens sheeting crash towering Terry cloth fancy Mats and splashes Etc., Etc. All at bargain prices. Our upholstery department which is an Annex to the Linen department is now Replete with All the most desirable weaves m table Felt single and double faced Canton flannel scrims Cre tonnes draperies piano and table covers Bobbi net bars real Marseilles spreads Etc., Etc. Lace curtains form a prominent feature in this collection. We Are showing the handsomest line of real Tine Noti Gham Bobbinette applique antique and bilk curtains Ever shown in the South. Ladies will Finci this an unusual Opportunity in this line. The Leader of Low prices Wolfson Mayer Burgower Voelcker Mayer Schmelter Burgower k0.2 East Commerce St., next to brid6e. Dealers in wines liquors and cigars. Telephone family tka13e a specially. Oct Els of the City. Orders solicited. Tjade most Stock in the City. Of interest to our citizens one to two fares a correspondent makes the follow ing query which with interest All 8 uth siders editor of the evening Posi have the cottage Grove Avenue Cable cars a terminus and where have they h right to collect a fare be tween Madison and Washington streets on Wabash going North and then collect another when on Bash going South of the same person two fares for one which is and was considered by a great Many unjust. E. W. The Northern terminus of the line would seem to be at Lake and state streets. In that Case the company would probably be entitled to two two fares for the ride you mention As it would be part of two trips. We Are not aware that this Point has Ever been passed upon. The North hide Cable started out to charge two fares from passengers boarding their cars on Al Halle Street North of Monroe Riding around the Loop through the Tunnel Aad on to the North Side. A fifth Avenue druggist resisted the charge carried his Case to the courts and won. A similar trial in the Case mentioned by e. W. Would be will e. W. Make the Chicago poet. Establ.ishedzf875. W. A Morgan co., rial estate dealer. 3 5 Commerce St. San Antonio Texas f. Kalteyer son wholesale and retell importers and exporters drugs chemicals and drug Gist Patent medicines Etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur pint tar and Chr Yaklic ointment. Bole proprietors of f. Kalteyer s Patent screw worm ointment and liniment Mai orders promptly correspondence solicited f. Kalteyer son san Antonio

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