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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - May 4, 1891, San Antonio, TexasT. B. Johnson 1 he bad at Post mob at i8an Frio to blab. As boo no cd Abb mail Hattie. Of afr publish id in Texas. Subscription batb8. Dally por month.8 so Dally year.5.oo Bauvi kid mail of Oab Ribb wkly. E months.9 to i year. not make comp lain Are warned not to 1 upon Presentato Mlp Ted Bill from Tola ofis their paper will a Floe. Subri their Auto Huom of properly re Anvik Tinq rates. 400 wm500 Legal advertisements per mos first in Twetten 76 Yenta per Inch each subsequent in Ortlon. Sales f 100 per Ino afloat in Ortlon is Yenta Euloh insertion afterwards. I matter editorial vase so menu Pat Ine local columns nil inter ton 10 Yenta flirt week 5 Yenta after week special Latee on 60 and 100 Linea running Dili month. Home payable Tea Flat of month. Transient advertising payable in adva Aoe. Only Metal printed. Seelal rate Given on larger space and Long Lima . Discount Given for Soaib announcements Lor state Ana county oboe a Advance. Of All font rata or Bella must be approved by Andiola Naayer. To . All Oommen leation for this paper should be loom pied by the name of tie anther not me Pearlly for publication Bat a Ert Danoe of Road Faith on the part or the writer. Write on a. One bide of the paper. In a Plain hand. An Iny Nons comm uni canons Mil not be not Loed. Tho it Pitt will not be Rennon Lela far the state ment of Norree Ponden. To our Eastern i advertisers All advertising for the Dally and week Yli Aht must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer a Rey 233 to 235 Temple court new York. Monday Hay 4, 1891. The fair project is not dead but it wants a new infusion of borne life gov aug principle. will have the distinction of being a native toxin when he appears in the United states Senate. Last week the Knight of the grip this week the controllers of currency. Austin s dam draws. The labor question. Labor hosts Are mightily unsettled and will be until the eight hour Day in generally adopted. That h certain to be adopted in the not very daunt future la the belief alike of capital and labor. It would save disturbance 111 feeling and Settle difficulties Likely to Arlie every year if the eight hour Day was adopted All Over this country. It is not practicable to adopt it in one place and refuse to adopt u another. Conditions of Trade competitions in this country re quire uniformity in order to fairness in such competitions. The manufacturers of one Section will always fight an eight hour Law or regulation that does not affect a rival manufacturer in some Ether Section. First must come the establishment by legislative enactment of an eight hour Day for All state employees As is now the Law with Federal employees. Then the making of eight hours a Legal Day s work unless other Wise specified. This done the adjustment of business and handicrafts to the new time would soon follow. By adopting the eight hour strikes for time would cease the yearly disruption of Large industries would be at an end labor difficulties would largely die out and for a score of years at least the most fruitful Caus e of labor disturbances would be done away with. The periodical strike Only worries impoverishes antagonizes and really accomplishes Noth aug. Given a general Law making eight hours a Legal Day s work Over the whole country and then a just arbitration Law for the regulation of difficulties As to wages arising be tween employers and employed and the labor difficulties of this country would be perpetually at an end. The Law against the importation of contract labor seems to have too Many loopholes for a healthy instrument. That Law wants to be labor tight capital High and lawyer Strong. The state does not appear to be As certain of sea Gnu s fitness for railway commissioner As of Chilton s fitness for the Senate Mills Aud Terrell Are not in it. The special tax on Maulfa tured. Tobacco is now a thing of the past the american policy works. Houston is still minus the Cash for the proposed firemen s Tabernacle. The Post s Tow line is required to give another hitch. The nest Congress will be called upon to pass a More rigid immigration Law than that now upon the statute Book. The demand for such Law is general and overwhelming. If a democratic Congress refuses to pass u the next Congress will for that body will be Republican. The great body of hungarians and poles in the Pennsylvania Coke re Gions Are contract labourers brought to this country by the corporations who now evict them in direct Viola Tion of Law. It is High time such Law violations were summarily dealt with. The Republican papers that Are Fol owing democratic leadership into a Wrangle Over Blaine and Harrison Are Only preparing to slip sorrow. It gives Aid and Comfort to democrats does no Good to republicans Only annoys the administration and is As foolish As it la discourteous. Harri son and Blaine Aud Busk and Tracy and Proctor and several others make up this administration. It is More than Harrison and it is More than that is All there is of it it is an old axiom that the whole is greater than any of its parts. The economists of the country Are figuring out a deficit in Amer Ica within five years. Basing their calculations on crop and consumption for the past ton Yeara in connection with increase of population they Fig ure out a deficit of bushels in 1895. If this calculation on ascertained data be verified then the great cry of the american Farmer for a Market is All drowned in the Roar of Ameri can artisans for bread. The May Arena Bas a very on this matter. Suggestive article when John Sherman determines to retire from Public life he will pro Bably notify the Houston Post by special wire. What the democratic party does not know about the Mckinley Bill would nil a volume. The things that they so freely prophecy concerning that measure Are the things that do not come to pass. The Light acknowledges the receipt of a cordial invitation to attend the state banker i convention at Aua ten next thursday. The capital City will take capital care of its guests. Uncle Baji is seriously and affectionately commended to a strict let a Lone alive policy so far As Italy is concerned. This country can do without her products Aud does not want her immigrants. The Houston Post does not reflect As the dinner pall brigade grows that the Mckinley Bill has cheapened the pail. Thia la rank Ingrati tude. Assumes to direct the action of the Irish party in Pauliae ment Aud Henley kicks. There is a War of words Aud the Salisbury crowd applaud. Poor Ireland. In Kansas the state agricultural expert has found out How to inoculate the chinch Bug with a fatal disease and the infected bugs Are being shipped All Over the state. By this process whole counties have been freed from the ravages of this wheat pest. Brownwood bulletin urges the youth and inexperience of Chilton against his youth is no crime and inexperience no bar. All have to learn. New blood will not Hurt Texas representation in con Gress. If the Republican party is necessitated to adopt the principles of the Alliance in order to its salvation As a party then it had better die in its integrity than live in the shame that would follow. Fortunately that alter native has not yet come. The Yoakum graphic has this to say concerning an Oft color remark of thebe Ellie Picayune the Beeville Picayune gives san Antonio the name of the City of Moss backs and tells her to make room for Beeville and Progress. We Admire Moss Back must go. That is just what the boys admired the nerve of the Man who twisted a Balky mules Tail but it did not mend the Man s broken jaw for return his right Eye to it its Lone some socket. Leas nerve and More discretion is not unhealthy. Gas electric Light and Power. We solicit the patronage of the Public for Gas for lighting and cooking purposes. Are incandescent electric tights and electric Power estimates for piping a houses Gas stoves wiring houses for elec tric lights motors electric Power furnished promptly by san Asto Xio Gas co. Telephone 312. 4-0-lm chances for inventors. The postmaster general has issued a Public notice to patentees and their assignees inviting them to put in proposals for the use by the government of improved modes of construction of mail bags of opening and closing mail bags mail catchers Aad devices for Labelling mall bags. Proposals for the above will be received until sep tember 2, 1891. Proposals for furnish ing mall bag Cord fasteners Iron steel brass Oil and wastes will be received until May particulars can a bad by addressing the Post master general Washington. The Man who did not vote at the last election in new Orleans has not been found among the dead Naffla. As All voted what claim has Italy to regard them As citizens. Mexico will Lead Texas so far at the world s fair that the Lone Star state cannot get within sight of the capital of the Mont Zamas for dust and yet Texas Calls Mexico alow. The Northern democrats Are Amus ing themselves Over the wrangles of Southern candidates for the speaker ship. At the opportune moment the North will arbitrate the difficulty by electing a speaker from some Northern state. The Waco news being on the ground and watching the whole course of proceedings noting the health is wealth Rosed alb Park addition to 25 houses absolutely Given away. 500 lots at a lot. Each lot is 50 by 120 feet the splendid terms offered Are 15 Cash and 10 per month. No interest and no taxes till 1893. Twenty lots make one Block or club. The members of each club when one half of the Purchase Money of the lots has been paid will be presented with a cottage. Buy a lot from us. The members of each club can decide among themselves who shall Wii the House Aud the Corners besides a Beautiful Homestead. Everyone has an equal show of obtaining a Corner lot and an Elega it House free of any extra expense. Remember this is one of the finest suburbs around san Antonio it lays just two and a half Miles West of the Centre of the City on Beautiful High ground. Adjoins Lakeview is convenient to electric cars which run every fifteen minutes. Has a Beautiful Park can have elec tric Light s and. Water works from a magnificent Artesian Well. Remember the easy terms. No interest and no taxes until 1893. Now is the time to buy a Home. For further particulars Call Oil Glen Walker or. No 9 East Houston Street office of new England land company office 8 a. M. 105 p. M. Tuesda3r, 9 a. M. To 7 p. 8 a. M. To 5 p. In. Thursday 9 a. M. To 7 p. M. Fri daj8 a. M. To 5 p. In. Saturday g a. M. To 7 p. M. Thornton. Wright co. Bankers a. A drought or. W. P. Watson manager new England land co. A Home 8 an Antonio Home seekers. Offers unparalleled advantages to the a location of surprising loveliness climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. A Jessups. John t. Hambleton co. Health seekers and tourists should visit the country Between 8an Antonio 1000 to 2000 feet above the sea Beautiful Mountain scenery Clear running streams Rich Valley lands and with a climate pronounced by All to be the finest in the world. Consumption and Kindred diseases Are Here cured without Medicine. The Strong undercurrent of Here by in the Church is continually throwing Home noted divine on Hie oars and compelling him to answer charges of unsoundness. Or. Briggs of new York is the latest example. By. Louis in preparing to have a Sweet time next tuesday when the Confer Toner a convention meets. The big Bridge City will lick herself All Over on Liat Sno Charlene occasion. The men who buy the Kansas City sunday Sun hold up their hands in pious horror at its contents and yet would an Goon go without their Tobac co and Beer As the Sun. If there were no readers of the Bun there would be no san. The responsible parties Are the readers the publishers Only catering to the Public taste. Street and lobby expressions of Mem Bers As Well As the recorded Acta of the meeting should be Able to form a reasonably accurate estimate of the situation and this is what the news Saya some Texas papers Are still claim ing that the Waco Alliance meeting had no tendencies toward the forma Tion of a third party. Notwithstanding such assertions the news states again that such waa not the tend ency of the mooting and a third party will be the result unless the Alliance splits of the Republican party or democracy endorses the sub Treasury plan. To split the Republican party was the original design of the Alliance no doubt and to do it in the interests of demo Ray. A Blake 25 Alamo Plaza buy and sell second hand furniture. I moving and storage a specially. A. . West s Tirye and beaut treat ment a guarantee Apoi Fictor hysteria Neas Kerr on neuralgia headache Verrona prostration caused by the use of Alshel or tobacco a Kefaleas mental depression s Vifot Nung of the brain resulting in Susn Nitro and leading to misery decay Aad death premature Ola age barrenness loss of Power in either involuntary losses and caused by of the brain Felt Abnee or Over Liju Zgonce. Each Box contains Ono month s treatment. a Box or six boxes for sent by mall pre paid on receipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes the Gulf coast around Corpus Arkansas Harbor and Rockport offers Superior attractions to the tourists and sportsmen. Every person desiring a new location and a summer Home should first inspect the country on and tributary to the Adausas pass railway. Maps and other information cheerfully furnished on application to Milton Everett. Ticket san Antonio depot r. W. Andrews g. P. A., san Antonio. With each order received by us for six boxes accompanied with 95.06, we trill Send the purchaser our written guarantee to re fund the Money if Thi treatment does not effect a Cero. Guarantees issued Only by City drug Stoke sole gals 8e. Commerce st., san Antonio. Japanes pile cure Money tails we can save you from to per month in fuel and add 55.00 Worth to your com. Fort by Selling you one of our new perfect process vapor stoves finest stove in the world no smell same and is always ready. A care or piles of whatever kind or internal Blind or bleed inf to Hong chronic recent or hereditary. This has positively Over Boon known to fall. A Box 6 boxes for sent by mall prepaid on receipt of Price. Writ in Guaran tee positively Given to each purchaser of 5 Box a when purchased Elmo to refund the paid if not cured. Issued by a. Dress wholesale and retail druggist sole san Antonio teide. Tree. We can save you so to a year on your ice Bill by Selling you a or North Star refrigerator. Hundreds in use in the City giving Universal satisfaction if you the above us ready Fco prove Opp. Mayernek Bank no. 409-411 East Houston Street

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