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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 31, 1891, San Antonio, Texas A a a he gaily flight. Tuesday. March 81,1801. L. Marschall amp co. Merchant tailors s13h e. Houston St., Winslow Block. Fine suits to order 920 Fine pants to order 95. A perfect fit guaranteed. 84 in unequalled for making he finest bread biscuit and pastry. Used by the leading hotels and families. Every Pound warranted to give entire satisfaction or Purchase Price refunded. Consumer supplied by All first class retailers at fat rices not higher than inferior brands. A. B. Frank amp co. Wholesale grocers agents san Antonio Texas. A mistake the budget. A mistake is often made by persons in need of medical treatment in not placing their Case into the hands of a specialist us it stands to reason that a doctor making a specially of a certain line of diseases is More competent than the family physician or general practitioner who tries to cover the whole Field of Medicine and surgery. Or. J. N. Hathaway of this City. Is a True specialist in his line. A regular graduate from one of the Best colleges in America As his diploma shows he also has had Large experience in leading hospitals and at hot Springs. Ark., therefore if you seek his advice you Are fore of getting the rest. Private. Skin. Blood and nervous diseases. Practice Limi item to specially. # or. Hathaway. Specialist j. Broadfoot m. 0., assistant. Regular graduates lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments. Wonderful remedy. most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of ail kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural Disch aug is promptly cured in a few Days. Juick sure and Safe. Tills includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. Stricture. A new method. No cutting. The Only rational method to effect a Complete cure. Piles. Great discovery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature painless treatment. Nervous diseases. New treatment. Treat Success. Nervous debility exhaustion Chorea St. Vitus dance insomnia loss of sleep locomotor ataxia and other forms of paralysis neuralgia Etc. My methods. The office or by careful the Pap it will take to keep the machine Bunning. The following is the budget of expenditures for the fiscal year beginning March i 1891, and ending feb. 28, 1892, As adopted at yesterday special Council meeting. It will prove interesting Reading matter to the City taxpayers a Talky of officers. Mayor. In Annm City s assistant City clerk. 1 �?~300.00 assistant to clerk. Xxx .00 general Utility clerk. 720.00 assessor. 1,800.00 clerk to assessor. 900.00 collector. 1,800.00 clerk to collector. 900.00 City recorder. 1.20i.00 clerk recorders court. 1,200.00 City attorney. 1,000.00 City treasurer. 1,500.00 Market master.-. 1,500.00 assistant Market master .900.00 main Market keeper. 180.00 Public weigher. 900.00 inspector of milk weights and measure. 1,200.00 keeper of Alamo. 720.00 Park keeper. 720.00 Park keeper use of expressway on. 180.00 Park keeper for forage mule Lawnmower. 180.00 City Jailer. 720.00 night clerk police station .720.00 keeper of cemeteries. 540.00 Engineer steam roller 3 at Hoo each. 3,000.00 City Engineer. 2,000.00 Street commissioner. 1,440.00 cites physician. 1,440.00 Assi Tant City physician .1,200.00 City auditor. 1.800.00 inspector of Public buildings a Fink . X company i i chief. I Captain. 1 Engineer. 2 Drivers for engines at$55, one for Hose cart. 150. 3 men at 150 each. Forage. Shoeing. Repairs Etc. 1,500 720 1,000 1,800 1800 396 54.00 300.00 total for company 1. 15,530.00 company 2, same As co. 1. 5,530.00 Hook and ladder co. A Captain. $ 720.00 s men at $50 each. 3,000.00 1 Driver. 060.00 forage. 264.00 shoeing. 1. 36.00 repairs. 150.00 total for Hook and ladder 14,830.00 Sunset Hose co., Captain Driver 5 men forage shoeing repairs Etc. 3,345.00 Hose company Ward 2, same As Sunset Hose co. 3,345.00 Mission Hose co. Same As above 3,345.00 total for tire department. $25,925.00 special or sinking fund. 2 per cent sinking fund on $1,214,500. $24,270 interest on $820,000 a 5 per cent. $41,000 interest on $383,500 to 6 per cent. 23,010 interest on $10,000 to 7 per cent. 700 a $64,710 total for special. $88,980 Public improvements engineers Force 600.00 electrician. 1,500.00 900.00 60.00 900.00 60.00 960 x 1,080.00 ditch commissioner East Side. A a a a a a forage a a Westside. A a a a a a forage Poi and master. Two Stock Drivers $45 each. Gardeners for Public Parks at $50 each. 1,300.00 salary for aldermen $5 per meeting each. 2,400,00 salary for aldermen extra meetings $8 each. 480.00 salary for Board of equalization 2.000.00 total salary per annul for officers and employees. $49,480.00 police department. 34 patrolmen at $70 each.$28,560.00 4 mounted men at $85 each .4,080.00 12 sanitary officers at $50 each. 3 for 6, and 9 for 12 months 6,300.00 clothing allowance for 50 men at $45 each for 6 months .1,125.00 clothing allowance for 47 men at $45 each for 12 months .2,115.00 incidental expenses and repairs .100.00 total for police department $45,180.00 City Engineer s department. I 1,500.00 1 assistant draughtsman .780.00 2 transit men at $100 each .2,4<k .00 2 Chain men i at $00, and i at $50. 1,320.00 i a Man. 540.00 i team for surveying party .180.00 total for City Engineer s 6,720.00 steam roller fuel and repairs. $1,800.00 Street commissioners department. Carts and wagons. $25,000 labourers. 20.000 repairing tools. 1,000 material. 4, xxx total for Street commissioners department. $50,000 general repairs. 2 carpenters $2.50 per Day $1,620 2 labourers to 1.50 a a a a. 973 for forage allowance and use of express Wagon. Joo for material. 4.000 i Leveller. I Rodman and material Check i chairman. Xxx 780 xxx total. I sidewalk inspector. Public schools. $2,280 900 10,000 this gives the total expenditure figured upon by the City for 1891-1892 of $440 524.20 Pei the fiscal year of 1. Free consultation at mail. 2. Thorough examination and diagnosis. 3. That each patient treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and a specially is made of his or her do ase. 4. M debate charges Aud easy terms of payment. Send tor symptom Diana no. I for men. Send for symptom Plank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Plank no. 3 for skin diseases. All correspondence answered promptly. Cosiness strictly confidential. Medicine sent free from observation. Address or Call on a n. Hathaway m. 1 san Antonio Texas. Olden 29 and 31 w. Commerce St., in Shafer and Era Den a new Block upstairs office hours.�?9 to 12, 2 to 5 and 7 to 9. Sundays to to i Only. Baby Bazaar for baby outfit Aud Little clothe ready made Aud made to order. Estimates given.612 Avenue c. San Antonio tens. Total for general repairs .$6,952 ii Eal tii i Epa rom ent. 17 scavenger cart to fat each. $12,240.00 medicines for paupers. 1,800.00 disinfectants. 200.00 provisions and transportation to paupers. Ltd 0.00 burial of paupers. 1,8 x .0 Hoard of health. 180.00 total for health department $17,120.00 City Hospital. For keeping of patient to. 4,500.00 for material. 300.00 for material and repairs .300.00 for fuel and ice. 000.00 total for City Hospital $ 5,700.00 water. 513 hydrant of $50 each per annul. 25,650,00 30 additional hydrants. 1,500.00 repairs. 3,000.00 water for Parks. 1,000.00 total for water $31,150.00 Gas and electric lights. 123 electric lights a $168.60. 20,737.80 20 electric lights additional a $168.60. 3,372.00 187 Gas lamps to $2.00each .4,448.00 20 Gas lamps additional .480.00 Gas for Public offices and buildings. 2, do Koo for sundry repairs. 3,500.00 total for Gas and electric lights $33,677.80 advertising printing Etc. For advertising.,.3,000.00 for printing stationery Etc., 4, xxx total for printing advertising Etc. 7, xxx. Of ditches and River. Ditches East Side. 825.00 West Side. 1,533.50 River. San Pedro Creek. 375.00 240.00 total for ditches and River. Parks. Labourers it. New Trees and plants. 2,963.50 xxi xxx total for Parks. Contingencies. Mayors contingent fund general contingencies. 1,000 1.200 50, xxx total contingencies. Miscellaneous. Rent of offices. Rent of telephones. Sprinkling of plazas. Forage for Pound. Total miscellaneous. 51,300 1,080 504 132 Iso Black dress goods department our assortment of Standard Black dress goods Buch As All Wool Henrietta All Wool French Cashmere mohair brilliantine and sicilians is unexcelled and our collection of Fine Novelty Black goods is As Complete As any in the South or West. Mohair brilliantine from the Best English manufacturers 40 inches wide at 45c and 50c per Yard 42 inches at g5c and 75c 46 inches wide at $1.00 per Yard. Fine English willed Cashmere. Extraordinary values 30 inches at 16 inches at 35c, 4� inches at 50c per Yard. �?�3c, 36 inches at 25c 40 or. Chew is dead. The death of this old san Antonian Aud Well known practitioner occurred at 9 of clock this morning at his residence after an illness of but ten Days malaria fever and other diseases carrying him off. Deceased came from Mississippi and had resided in san Antonio for Over 30 years. He was 64 years of age and leaves a Large family. The medical society of West Texas recognized him As a member and a memorial meeting will be held tonight. Fosters herculean task. From the financier. Sex gov. Foster enters upon a Field of activity that May sorely try his nerve and discretion. Financial matters ahead assume no Calm aspect for the incumbent of the most responsible office within the gift of the president. He will need All the strength that he can possibly retain and All the Calm judgment that instant and decisive action is More than Likely to necessitate. We have just passed through a critical Money period and the prospects Are that the issues aroused Are but just begun in the directions that Are Only slightly marked out. Great changes in the ways of thinking among Hie majority of the people Are imminent and we will not be surprised if the new secretary�?T8 tenure of office proves the most exciting in the financial his tory of the country. There Are two Large Money movements of which we have obtained some private knowledge that Are Likely to be made Public at an Early Day. Their character is revolutionary and calculated to upset All prognostications based upon existing conditions aside from these which in themselves Are sufficiently momentous Are the common occurrences now partly under Way which Are More and More engrossing Public attention. The fact that majority of votes can at any time radially change our ways and usages makes the Outlook anything but Conser. Active in character. Or. Foster is Likely to be one of the focal Points of these tendencies and he will in All probability find that his new office is no bed of roses. Meanwhile Weare Happy to extend to him our Best wishes and Trust he will not get discouraged when he learns that his position is one where he can not possibly please everybody no matter How hard he tries. Seemingly with the dissolution of the present Congress he will have a period of a a est but if he so elects he will feud problems enough to Deal with in noting the business changes throughout the country which Are Likely to necessitate assistance with out much warning As to the period of their oco Urence. It it a a the prostrating shocks of malarial favor Are not to be counteracted by quinine with any degree of certainty or for any length of time. The eradication and prevention of diseases of a Miasmatic Type Are however ascertained possibilities. Long experience has shown that there is infinitely More preventive Efficacy in the Fine botanic Medicine Hostetter stomach ritters than in the alkaloids drugs and poisons which were formerly the Only recognized Means of removing and anticipating attacks of fever and ague and bilious remit tent. When the system has been depleted by periodically recurring paroxysms this agreeable restorative Renews the fund of Energy and is not Only a positive specific but repairs the damage to the general health inflicted by All febrile complaints partaking of the malarial character. 3-25-fit All Wool Henrietta cloth 36 inches wide at 50c, 38 inches wide at 70c and 75c, 42 inches wide at 85c, 46 inches wide at 90c and $1.25 per said. Imported Novelty dress fabrics. Scotch tartan ,imported scotch clan tartan plaids Are very fashionable this season for Young ladies and misses Wear. We name a few of the Many classes which can be found in our assortment the Logan Campbell Davidson full och dress Murray Macdonald Royal Stewart and Duchess of Davenport. These goods Are full 38 inches wide. Special Price 75c a Yard. Imported foully plaids and stripes,�?38 inches wide All pure Wool suitable for entire costumes or to be used in combination with Plain material handsome designs including tartans�?60c a Yard. Evening dress goods. Nuns veilings.�?24 inches wide in Cream Pink Light Grey Lavender Nile Green Gold and White Etc., 162c a Yard extra Quality. Nuns veiling and Batiste,�?27 inches wide pure Wool in All popular Light shades at 25c per Yard. Coloured Cashmere Wolfson b own special Brand Fine Henrietta finish full 39 40 inches wide All pure Wool in All the popular shades of the season at 60c and 70c. English twill Cashmere Henrietta finish full Yard wide ail colors at 25c a Yard. Wool Henriettas 38 inches wide extra flue Angora Wool silk finish and excellent Dye in All the latest and most fashionable shades of the season at 35c and 40c. Silk Warp Henriettas 40 inches wide. This Well known fabric needs no recommendation from us a Priestley so name is a sufficient Guarani tee As to Quality. We keep the very Best prices $1.00 and $1.25. French Serges 46 inches wide All pure Wool willed on both sides and the Best value for the Money in America Only 90c per Yard. French India twill a very similar fabric to the French Serge 46 inches wide in All colors at $1.15. L. Wolfson main Plaza san Antonio. Texas Mayer. Schmelter amp Borrower a successors to Mayer amp Schmelter no. 2 East Commerce St., next to brid6e. Dealers in Quot Pine wines liquors and cigars. Telephone ill family Trade a specially. Goods delivered to any part of the Quot City orders solicited. The most Complete Stock in the a cite. Larkin amp Prendergast. 25 Alamo Plaza. Real estate and insurance. City and ranch property bought sold and traded. Also agents for the National capital savings building and loan association of North America. Money loaned at less than four per cent for building purposes. Notice. Get your dresses made where they can be accurately fitted without trying on. The very latest styles received monthly from Paris France. Also the latest styles in millinery. Write to mme. Nehr no. 6 East Houston Street for further particulars. Est a Blish eau 87 5. The first step. Perhaps you Are run Down can t eat can to sleep can to think can to do anything to your satisfaction and you wonder what ails you. You should heed the warning you Are taking the first step into nervous prostration. You need a nerve tonic and in electric hitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to its Normal healthy condition surprising results follow the use of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns Good digestion is restored and the liver and kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle. Price 50c. At dress Thompsons amp drug store w. C. Morgan amp co., Reil estate dealer and . San Antonioj j Texas

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