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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 28, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSari Antonio daily Light. Published at san Antonio Bexar county registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume 6o san Antonio Texas saturday March 28. 1891 Price a. Year to clod Bank. Antonio Texas j. H. Lock Tood preside in j. Safe Deposit vaults. 1 y y y s. A. Brut ing Assn. Xxx Kakl Beer. The purest and Best. Delivered to any part Tho City. Madame ama7 this know nil clairvoyant 400 Acequia Street san Antonio Texas t. W. , Jun Riutor. Two nights and matinee sunday and monday and monday matinee March 29 and 30, the paymaster with All the original scenery and the Mammoth tank holding Gallons water. Kox office opens saturday March 28. One week and grand matinee saturday Williams gom comedy co., to night East Lynne. Prices 10, Ai Dud 50 Cote. A Deposit. Nashville tenn., March Senate today passed a Bill requiring live Stock insurance companies to de posit with the slate treasurer to indemnify policy holders a 13ig leu incr concern. Chicago 111., March Hon Duras lumber company composed american been formed Here with a paid up capital 000. The late storm. Kansas City March from the Texas Panhandle report terrific Snow Stoi in cattle driven before the storm like Loose Cotton and damage to Stook necessarily heavy. Rufus King dead. Cincinnati o., March Tho most eminent lawyers in Ohio died to Day at his residence in this City pneumonia super induced by la Grippe. Or. King was 74 years old and was descended from distinguished american families both sides. Hard cattlemen. San Angelo tex., March h. Brown general Stock agent for the Atchison Topeka and Santa be Railroad wires w. H. Godlar this place that government agent Miles had sent a marshal to the Osage nation to notify cattlemen that Stock will not be permitted to enter that reservation under any circumstances. This order will cause the stockmen heavy losses As they have leased Large pastures in Tho Osage nation and since the 14th inst. The Santa be Railroad has been taxed to its utmost capacity in moving Stock to this reservation non which is to be Al Lowed to go the leased ground. Latest telegraphic. Associated press dispatches specials. Unto the time to into pres will arbitrate. Beunk March and the United states sign a convention agreeing to arbitrate All Dittl Cuttle that May arise Between them. Heavy damages. New York March Hil ton appeals from the decision the u. S circuit court which Grants judg rent against him at Thi suit a Paris House. Canadian Chin. Washington d. Blaine s assistants at the state be Jia truent Are making ready for the informal conference both to open 011 the question reciprocity with can Ada. Henly badly Hurt. Cock March injuries Are much More severe than at first re ported. The Irish nationalist Parlia Lieut express their indignation at the dastardly act. Incendiary fire. , March Ucen diary ire at Russellville yesterday was More disastrous than at first re ported. It is now estimated tha the loss will exceed with Only j2000 insurance. The crofters will Edin Huro March work is expected with the crofters As they Are determined to defend themselves and Are Well entrenched while tha orders Are imperative to the police to drive them out at any Cost. Weavers quit. Provide Nick k. I., March weavers in the Atlantic Mill no. 1c, complained the new flues system today and lot their work about 150 out 187 quitting their looms. At olock200 weavers loft no. 2 Mill. Foreign winegrowers. New York March Hundred portuguese immigrants have arrived in this City bound for the Bauta Barbara Valley cal., where they Are to be employed in Vine grow ing grape pressing and wine Mak ing. Somewhat i Insy. Pakis March the Russo Krench understanding will re sult in cementing Tho peace Europe whether it will tend to aggravate the Dro bund Powers Are matters which the cabinets Europe Are at present anxiously discussing. Enforce the alien Law. New York March Are hereafter to be made alien labor con tractors who violate the new Law for the regulation immigration that was adopted by Congress the Day before it adjourned and which becomes operative april 15. Bin inc s hand. New York March Blaine is in position in the approaching Eon Terence to compel his Canadian Visi tors to disclose the extreme length to which they will go in Concession without abating one Jot his demand for a Good Market for american manufacturers in Canada As a prerequisite to any reciprocity arrange ments. Hog slickers. Cincinnati March whole number hogs packed Here for the Winter season 18901801, ending March 1, was head an in crease Over the preceding year. La the summer season ending november 1, 1890, Tho total number was an increase Over the pre Vious year the Utopia disaster. Gibraltar March diver reports that the damage to the Utopia is Slighter than was at first supposed. The Anjou s ram ripped the Steamer s plates from amidships aft for about Twenty feet. The Utopia lies he Anson s Anchor. Twenty five Nore bodies recovered today were Huriod at sea. The diver says he to Leves there Are still Many bodies in he wreck. Trichinosis. Milwaukee wis., March severe Case trichinosis made itself evident a few eos ago in the family John Hunke eighteenth Street and was just reported today. A my Cro Scopi examination by . Hayes some sausage which the family had made and partaken revealed the act that Trichina were present in arge quantities. A daughter 3 Aad a son 8 years old have died from he effects and every member the Amily five in number Are seriously ick. This is Tho first Case trichinosis that Hab appeared in Milkau Soe for a number rears. Late telegrams roiled Down from private Spe Cial and other sources. Tampico Harbor work goes satisfactorily. Caldwell county Institute is in ses Slou today. Beeville Picayune comes our apri 1st As a daily. Miles and party have arrived in the City Mexico. Wheat crop in Southern Russia i Moat unpromising. Commercial hotel fire Austin up. Scores two victims. Tho Queen will remain a month in the South France. Omaha notifies Parnell that she Wil contribute no funds. Irish priests suppress Tho Ciruela ton i Arnoll s paper. Illinois imposes a penalty voters who refuse to Register. The Long drawn out Chicago Carpen Penter s strike is ended. Knights labor Boycott the to Chester clothing makers. Dun s review says Money is fail and increasing in Supply. Poope Leo gives his apostolic Bene diction to Tho world s fair. Bait heir minister finance Bulgaria is assassinated. The Spanish american treaty negotiations Progress i adorably. Secretary Proctor and party leave Elpaso for the Pacific coast. California Brandy makers i trying to Comer the Market. The Kincaid trial in Washington has not concluded testimony. The department Tho Pacific Wil recruit indians for Tho army. Now York Senate passes appropriation for world s fair. Massachi Iscys abolishes the prop erty for governor. Honduras is offering special induce ments to american immigrants. Barrel lib Guatemala is introducing reforms and building railway. Palmer As yet is taking no dip in the Chicago split among democrats. The French Admiral loaves Vera Cruz for now Orleans the Uco to new York. The English dissenting ministers protest against Dilke s return to pub Lic life. Employees new York division the Pennsylvania Road ask is per cent Advance. The arbitrators do not feel sanguine adjusting the Newfoundland com plications. Trio Onyx output Chihuahua and Pueblo la growing increasingly Rich and Beautiful. Mafia murder in Tyrol causes much excitement the victim being a Man prominence. Salisbury assures Leopold that ant Werp shall be taken care in Case a european War. Mexico in Rife with rumours gov err Niit changes but they Are generally discredited. The Irish question grows less Likely settlement As personal feeling grows More bitter. Tho 4-1-2 per cent loan matures next september. There Are Only outstanding. Bill passes in Maine refusing Suff rage to any one who cannot rend and write his own name. Italy May refuse to participate in Tho world s fair account the new Orleans trouble. The court House Cork Ireland take fire during the Dillon trial and is burned to the ground. Clerk treasurer and commissioners Comanche county kas., arrested charged with malfeasance. The City Mexico is full Stran Gers for holy week and the Emma Juch company is among them. Cap. O Shea sues the Catholic Bis hops for alleged libellous utterances As to Nib relations with Parnell. Dilke says France is irritated at England Over egyptian a flairs she would sell her Newfoundland rights Marion Tomlim fatally shot by car Ter at Sommerville tenn., for Trad using ayoung lady in Carter s Fain vice president Douglas the fill icis Central Dies at Chlcago. Grippe. He was one the pioneers the City. The Irish crowd cheered lustily when the Union Jack that floated Over he Cork court House fell into the flumes. Bark dictator goes ashore at Cape Lenry including the Little son he Captain who died As his father was swim Long ashore with Hlin eight Ives were lost. Now fires Are being started la the Oke regions arid the operators Are getting away with the men who re use the reduction. The governor Rhode Island Hon is Bulkley s requisition for a Pris Oner. He recognizes the Seal the Tate Connecticut. Upon searching the Home an old his Nanio is mud. A. T. Thompson a coloured Porter in Tho employ scr Ciui cos Provo for the pastor it years 1ms been caught foul in Tho Thoft a material belong ing Toton enjoyed the Ful lest Confidence Hisomu Loyrs until yes lot ii when to noticed by Oiin Tho Mem in Tho store to take a couple brass Tho party seems aroused mul hit reported Tho mutter to Jar. Utu six. At Lluhi before Thompson departed for Home Hawas sit Ting a Kep to Iii up the sleeves his Tevere omit. Or. Asked to sen Tho a omit. In Tho pockets Wen a Isidro number couplings and the sleeve was filled i let articles which rolled out tis Tho was i Isea. Tho coloured Man Init los a. Break for Liberty a Linin he. Saw that his Gamo up but was caught by one the clerks. The Casu was reported to detective Hughes the Scuro was locked tip and Tho charge theft was preferred against him. This morning a search warrant was procured and Thomp son s abode in Tho Alley Kig Lith Ward was searched. Here i Tho Porter s two Dingy Little rooms was a Caroro Quan Tity stolen articles. A brass couplings by Ciuc Ami Copper Bottoms for Wash Loiler by the. Scores scrap , Copper and tin in Largo titles were found there were heavy Iron lids for stoves a number Siove aprons for charter Oak stoves fim Lother articles making fully two Good Wagon loads Ami Esti mated no amount to nearly Pel Load. The Loisl Load was brought Buck to Lereaux to Cosgrove s at Mion today. Thompson Sny that lie had disposed some the couplings to run pickers. It is not known How much Tho had purloined hiring the past eight years Mingli it is estimated to run updo several Hundred dollars. It is thought that Thompson after collect Long a Larce Quan Tity the material it to foundries their for scrap , realizing handsome Little sums the Stolon wares. No Usk to f.ocbv.1 says the bin turn youth this morning Well Well so lie has t forgotten that the legislature sent him Hack Home a few Wei is ago. To hardly think that any lobbying would have much effect Tho to Are not prepared to admit that any legislature will refuse to listen to Tho a spout Ful appeals cd turns in behalf Good government and against the ring. Have the ring so Sunn Forg Tum the Cal cacti the i roots these two years ago when they knocked the ring charter sky that memorable occasion the ring lost every amendment i Hoy Olfred except those Loti Cairn in Liy the citizens. Then it was that the Large Patronne Royal Tho Klim want Down Liy making so Many appoint in dices elective. If lobbying is no Avail Why sudden trips to Austi Why try logo Tho ring amendments through Tho Legisla lure with lightning Speed Why hits so Crecy is the for what Section the City charter authorizes this appropriation is it to pay for trips to am tin is it to help fatten the Natl distress fora dig printing Bill if lobbying does t do any Good flux is the Silver Tong cd sex senator Willian from doing at Austin some people put their feet in thei Mouths every Hine they open them. How Cau any one Tell in Advance exactly what the Lepi Slotni e will Doha everything Lien mixed Over a aids Tiu attempt i assassination. A a Crumn Linker mysteriously fired upon nil unknown nostro. night clock n pistol shot was Hoard near the Corner Stro and Avenue c. Immediately there after a German Baker who was too cited to give his name ran into Wood s Saloon from the rear and said a i Gro had lire at him and tried to kill Lim. He stated he did not know who the Lecroy was. As he ran Down Osoyo Street very rapidly after ii had lir cd the shot. Tho Man was walking Lions Osoyo Street and when he the Synco Between the Saloon infilling and the Little Iron Clad building he shot was fired. To saw the negro and in old know him again. Immediately to ran into the Alloy and into the Saloon a he would be Assassin ran off. The Bullet narrowly missed a waiter the Saloon ind the Force the Bullet As it passed raised his apron in front his face. Tho. Divers no investigating the affair. A relic s suicide. tenn., March miss Jennie Braley a Well known society Belle Nashville who was rial Long the family judge Hugh Whites de Chattanooga shot her Elf with a 32 calibre pistol which he found lying the Bureau in the led room her sister mrs. Hugh vol Teslie. The Ball entered her breast just above the loft nipple and was extracted beneath flesh at he Point the shoulder Blade. The doors who dressed the wounds say t will prove Faial. No cause is As signed for her act. At the time he shooting judge Whites de his Wilfo his wife s Mother and his Little were in the room with miss Sia by. Texas Senate Mot several now Bills were added to the grist and the warehouse act was called up. After discussion and amendment the Bill passed. Bill relating to forcible entry and detainer passed. Another ineffectual Effort was made to pass Blu 103, relating to recovery upon note deed Trust. The Bill designating time and manner real estate sales failed to pass. Bill passed making it a penal offence to re urn wrong Ages for children in school census. F message received from the governor transmitting resolutions from Kansas legislature requesting Congress Mineral and agricultural states at Kansas City april the Congress is to to a purely business meeting involving Thefan aurial Industrial agricultural and other material interests the states represented. Texas is requested to be rep resented by. Four senators and five members the House. The two pre siding officers Are to be Fiorio Mem Bersot the delegation. The Resolution was referred to the committee state affairs with to pre pare and report a concurrent Resolution the subject. Senate passes House Bill junking Legal rate interest six per cent and contract rate 10 per cent. Senate thanks railway and cities extending that invitation to Adausas pass but does not accept reject. Act passed to encourage deep water Harbor construction Tho Sruti coast. Senate refuses to concur in Amend ments the text Book Bill and asks free you Ferouse report conference committee railway commission is adopted. Senators Clark Crawford and Tyler the motive advocates in Tho Senate s committee sent up the following with the report. We join 111 the report the conference committee the railway commission Bill with the direct understanding we still favor the election railway commissioners by the people. Being ardent friends the commission we feel it our duty to surrender our convictions for Tho time. In the interest the commission Bill and As the committee the part Tho Home refuses to concur in the elective amendment offered by the Senate and also rejects All the compromises Flored by the majority Tho Founte committee to feel Chat patriotism Calls for a Sacri fice individual conviction Oil the part those the committee and la the Senate favouring election and we therefore join la the report Tho con Ference committee and recommend adoption As the Best and Only Solu Tion the differences Between the two houses the commission Crane s Bill amending act prescribing punishment for witnesses refusing to answer subpoena was Ink eur up and passed. House in regular Nession and have asked free conference the land validating Bill. House also thanks Arkansas pass Road and City for their invitation to Exour to to Tho coast april 4. House adopts report conference committee 011 commission Bill. The warehouse Bill was under consideration when Tho House adjourned. A snide Sale. New York March the Sale by the merchant tailors society a Batch 35 unpaid tailor Bills created much excitement in the Keal estate Exchange. One Bunch a it Tajti Klik Orlaws. Vice president Morton and part Ner sold 400 lots in new York yester Day for a switch engine collided with a Cable oar train in Chicago last night two coaches the latter carrying co passengers were smashed some were Hurt but none killed. Newfoundland sends a deputation to England to oppose Tho coercion Laws. The now French criminal Law gives criminals a Light sentence to induce reformation if not the penalty will be double severe. Missouri s governor has quaran tined against. Southern cattle account Texas fever. In Gallup n m., three men in a dal mine were killed by a Rock fall clerk Williams tried to shoot Martin in Tho Little Ark. House representatives night but Morton Kuo oked him Down and rim away. Morton denied Williams accusation that he Defeated he railway commission Bill. Riili Aing Pei Pintta. Milburn Mallory Ward i. A. 1c. Freon shod Ward a R Green. I Wellins Ward Ivo. H. Alnor Ohonor shod Ward i. Moore hons dwelling Ward.1 son Square Elm a re Orch Crowley shed Wavd ii fion. H. T. M . Mrs. Son. C. Ii. C. Ii. Is act i. D. K

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