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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 27, 1891, San Antonio, TexasAn Antonio daily Light. Published at san Antonio. A cab co Jonty Texas and Raib tired at the Post office As second ola8s mail matter. Volume 59 san Antonio Texas Friday March 27. 1891. Price a year lock Bank. San Antonio Texas. B. , j. Jodl Safe Deposit vaults. Latest telegraphic. As80c1ated pheb8 dispatches and state specials. Singto press gone to san Kerno. London. March lord Salisbury the British Prowe minister left Lon Don today for Beau lieu his new Villa at san re to Italy. The Sherman fund Kay cd. York March the Sher Man statue fund of now York la completed. The committee announce that no More funds Are required. Accepts the Paloma cal., March president the Lulana University accepts the presidency of the Leland Stanford University Here. Salary ashore and a wreck. Long Branch l. I., March 27. The Brig Joseph Lian Igau is High and dry on the Coal near Mullins Wood hotel. Oue Sailor drowned. Vessel be a total loss. Late telegrams oiled Down from private. Spe Cial and other sources. The ice Supply. S. Ore ing Assi xxx Pearl Beer. The purest mud delivered to any part of the City. Madame Ama tub a unowned clairvoyant awl la Street san Antonio Teiaar 5llam opera Hoise t. W. Alana Troy. Two nights and matinee sunday and monday and monday matinee March 29 and 30, the paymaster with All the original scenery and Ibe Mammoth tank holding Gallons of water. Box office opens saturday March 28. Rara one week and grand matinee Sal urday Williams Gem to night East Lynne. Prucca 25, 35 and 60 Utopia Keller fund. Gibraltar March 27. The fund for the Relief of sufferers by the loss of the e t earner Utopia now amounts this includes from the italian government. Returned sealers. St. Johns March Steamer Neptune has arrived with seals u my reports that the rest of the Fleet not counting the Gulf sealers have taken in All pools. San Francisco March a new ordinance prohibiting the Sale of pools on hours races except at places were actual racing takes place wont into effect this morning. remove a state Capitol. St. Minn., March this City is greatly agitated Over a move ment in the state legislature to re move the Capitol to some location where More commodious grounds can be procured. East Africa agreement. Home March the Marquis i Rudqui the italian Premier and lord Dufferin the British minister Here have exchanged protocols Delimina aug the British and italian spheres in East Africa. The Parnell minority. Dublin March returns in the poor Law guardians election shows the Parnoll ites in a hopeless minority. Strictly non conic Hottal. London March 27. Treasury Smith says lie does not know who will be the members of the labor commission or what matters will be considered by them. An old trin goes. March Greene co., one of the oldest dry goods firms in the state have gone tinder. Liabilities j200.000. On their muscle. Edith pkg March crofters to the number of 100 re turned to or essay Park Forest in trenched themselves and announce that they intend to cultivate the land formerly held by them and that they Are prepared to resist by Force any at tempt that May be made to oust them from the land they have taken pos session of. Buster the Wool hat. Danbury conn., March big Wool hat Trust which was formed with a capital of at a meet lug of leading hat manufacturers of the country in new York about two weeks ago has collapsed. Naval changes. Washington March is the purpose of the Navy department to put Admiral Brown in command of Pacific department transferring his Flag to the san Francico. The san Francisco will be ready to sail within two weeks for chill. Work begins on Brazos Dock. Guatemala a government is arrange commons adjourns until after easter. San Domingo wants u. S. Guatemalan advices report All quiet. The Carter Harrison ticket at Chi Cago fills. Smallpox a creating havoc in san Salvador. Sis prisoners break jail at Pine Bluff Ark. Nebraska appropriates for world s fair. The recently published Tallyrand memoirs Are bogus. The new tin plate Mill at St. Louis will employ 2000 hands. Jotty work resumed at Brazos depth on the bar 15 loot. The election Bills Are the first order in the Connecticut House. Corradius merchants Aud Bankers leghorn fail for the great Northwestern Snow storm is Over Aud a thaw has set in. United states furnishes More than 0-16 of All the mexican imports. Tho Parnoll ites and Mozart hoites Are contending for the Sligo seat. Coke strikers resume work at Cote Uell Billle on ten per cent reduction. Mouning dry goods House at fort Worth robbed of Worth of goods. Dowel state treasurer Missouri Farmers Alliance is bunched out of Carnot places France at Queen Vic Toria s service during her stay at Cresse. Census shows that the Groat bulk of population in in the moist re pious. Additional regulations for cattle Aud service inspection Issue at Washington. The Kli Icard trial at Washington develops thut Tulliao was the aggressor. Tho murderer of conductor Brown at Marshall has been extradited from Missouri. Healy thinks to was disabled to prevent his taking part in the Sligo election. The elective feature of the commis Sion Bill is reported abandoned in committee. Proposed visit of russian Imperial family to Central Asia and Crimea is abandoned. The Ardmore i. T., Pretot Oceisa presidential one now and b. J. Cutta is appointed. Tennessee legislature rejects Bill ,000 for Chicago sex counties to make a monopoly has i1een Tiow and ban Antonio is blessed with Eliote sovino Competition in the Supply of ice this sea son. I jeeves Good. A Kansas cite March system of levees Between Here and Amos Bayou is still in Good condition and if the Rise does not continue too Long will hold. They Are being thoroughly tested and if the Rise continues much longer nothing but hard work will Stive them. A new Kink. Muncie ind., March Kennedy of the pulp works arrested on three grand jury indictments charging him with violating the stat Ute which provides that eight hours shall constitute a Days work and it shall be a Misdemeanour for the management of any factory to compel his men to work More than that length of time for a Day s wages. Jook before you leap. Reflect on our inducements when deciding on a Bonnet for easter exact copies of those exquisite pattern hats in our opening display made on Short notice at very Low Cost this week. 3-25-St Josky Brothers. Appropriating Libit but empowers Notony or bite. Minneapolis minn., March the finance committee of the court House were surprised and chagrined on meeting this morn ing to find that not a single bid had been made by the 100 Bond dealers to whom letters wore sent some weeks i Ernenst Blair. New Yolk March Chi Nese residents of new York in con Junction with their Consul Here Are getting up a Mammoth petition to be sent to the chinese minister at Washington protesting against senator Blair their old enemy As minister to China. Chicago mortality. Chicago March grip up Demlo is unabated in this City and the mortality continues appalling. Up to Midnight last night the deaths or two weeks aggregated 1640, or thirty five per 1000, which is unprecedented in the history of Chicago. Nearly ail died from climatic com plaints. Drug stores have been compelled to increase their Force of clerks. Undertakers Are crowded with work and Many funerals Are taking place As Early As 7 a. M. And As late As twi Light. Elpaso will take them. Elpaso tex., March num Ber of prominent negroes of this City and Section have effected a Perma nent organization to invite and in appropriations. Sardou sues theater Francale for for withdrawing his play Arkansas legislature takes Down Washington portrait and hangs jell Davis place. Port recipes of Cotton thursday were Bales against Bales some Date last year. Suit is brought against Secretary Foster to compel him to receive Silver bars for free coinage. Hurley Telegraph operator shot at Cumberland Gap ten. And his color de murderer lynched. Arthur Wilson at whose House the Baccarat scandal occurred is made High sheriff1 of York. The co Flevelle explosion Kansas was a put up Job to bring the republicans into disrepute. Ing line of transports from Tampico to Santa Thomas which is 70 leagues from Guatemala a City. Mall stage Between Comfort and Fredericksburg overhauled and 50 taken from a passenger. St. Louis is arranging to put in a tin plate Mill in connection with the North Street rolling Mill Bismarck Calls on count von Waldersee at his quarters As command ant of ninth army corps. Portugal does not credit the report that the african agents have declared a state of seige in Manucal. The was Kode hebrew journal of St. Petersburg has received its third warning from government. New Orleans grand jury will make their report on the bribery question and then tackle the Lynching. Business managers Southern Alli Ance Exchange recommend Farmers to reduce area of Cotton one third. The Iron used in the Chattanooga tin Mills la from Trie St. Louis Mill that la adding a tin plate Plant. Taulbee s unsigned and unwritten statement As taken Down in notes is admitted As his dying testimony. Election riots Are anticipated at Sligo , and a Large Force of constables has been ordered there. English Wool manufacturers Corn it will the remembered How during Tho past season the cry for More Competition in Tho manufacture of Ico arose in this City. Parties interested in the production of this Supply were satisfied of the fact that there would be no Ico famine last year As the Crystal and san Antonio factories could turn out at least sixty tons Dally. Nothing however was said of a possible monopoly which really put in its appearance Bosforo Tho season was Ono half Over. Tho san Antonio factory with its Lino Largo machinery found that it would he cheaper to Purchase Tho ice for its customers from Tho Crystal than manufacture it in such limited quantities As its sales called for. It was not Long and the Crystal company gobbled up Tho san Antonio Ico factory thus having a Mono ply of Tho Ico Trade in this City. Tho breweries which Are Able to furnish a very handsome Quantity of Tho product kept their onto Tho pie last sum mor leaving the Crystal to Lix it own Price and size of Ico. The Only opposition Camo from or. Leo. Dullnig s Little fac tory on Osoyo Street but Tho limited capacity of that machinery Cut but a fee ble Lirui o in coming to Tho Relief of Tho citizen against Tho monopoly of Trio Crys Tal. Some of our citizens with surplus Cash saw in Tho Ico Trade of san Antonio a Good Field to invest their Money Bolive aug that with a Good management an Ico factory would realize a handsome inter est on Tho capital invested and accordingly two now factories with a Good capacity have sprung into existence this Spring to to Roudy for business for Tho coming season. This gives us tie Crystal Uio san Antonilo Tho hol Ianco John c Tho Southern and go. In Uluig factories which have announced tha.1 they will Supply sign Auto plans with Ico until the bleakest Winter months. Every one of these factories have a Good capacity except Tho Dullnig Plant which turns out Only a limited Quantity of Tho article. This loaves ont the breweries but it is not to very coi Tain whether or not they will led into supplying their customers with Coorough to deprive Tho factories of Uio Saloon Trade. Up to Date however they have announced that there shall to no repetition of such an affair As that of to lev years since when Trio brow cries gave Ico to their customers by Tho ton. They also say that they will neither take a dish in the retail Trade of the article. This loaves to live factories Tho entire City Trado private Tamllos saloons markets and Sterns excepting Tho two thousand military population of Tia City who draw their Ico Supply from Tho government Ico factory and Tho Largo Quantity consume cd by Trio guests and attaches of the Monger hotel which institution also manufactures its own Ico. Tho Supply then of the City which is left to Tho live factories is pretty acc Rotoly stated to to. Seventy tons which amount cuu to easily produced by any two of Tho live factories now established. Tho Crystal alone Tho management has a capacity of 40 tons and its Annex Tho Sanantonio has a capacity of 25 tons giving that company a total capacity of tons. The Reliance factory Lias nov in operation a 15 ton machine and is putting in another of 20 tons giving it a capably of 35 tons. The Southern factory which is not Yot in operation but will to in the course of it week or so has in place two 30 ton machines giving that company a capacity of tons. Thus according to Tho statement of the various companies the plants Whan running at their fullest capacity turn out Ico. Or with Tho dulling Plant of four tons gives a total of 164 Ico per Day for Tho five factories which have undertaken to Supply san Antonio with the article. An expert in the business who is Well posted As to the situation in this City in regard to Tho Ico production and con sumption positively states that the fac tories will limit their output to very close to to tons a Day of which seventy tons go to Homo Consumers leaving a surplus of seventy tons for Tho outside Market. The Ico shipments judging from Trio past will this summer Como very class to Tux As . Senate refers to committee on constitutional amendments a Bill making nay of legislators per for a session of 10u Days deductions to to made for a so cos. Tho pending business was Tho House Bill to make valid contracts of Salo made by state land Board which dually passed with the following provided nothing herein contained shall pfc construed to in any Way validate any land sold by Tho stale and bought by any individual or corporation upon a. False or fraudulent classification. Provided further that it shall be Tho duly of Tho Tho commissioner of Tho general land office whenever to is informed and believes that any lands heretofore Classi fied As grazing lands Are agricultural lands and were falsely class Iod and where As much As seven sections of land wore bought by any Ono person to Tonco Canso said land to to and if on arc classification Lioy Are found to Boag i cultural lands such Side shall on can celled because of Tho false classification and the punch us Money and interest paid by such purchaser shall to to funded to such purchaser and such land shall to again placed upon Tho Market Aud sold of agricultural lands Only. And if such lands have Boon leased such lease shall to annulled and cancelled by Tho. Commissioner of Tho general land Mollico under such Laws Rulus and regulations May in proscribed. Garwo ii s Bill for Independent school districts passes cities with special Char tors empowering them to control their school matters Hoing exempted. Chair was instructed to dispense with is Many clerks As practicable. Suburban railways exempted from provisions of Tho separate railway coach Bill. Agrees to reconsider Tho Bill concentrating Tho higher courts at Austin but on Call Tho Bill was ordered engrossed. Tho substitute Bill Memling Oral can 2357 passes Senate. It provides for the impeach Kontof written evidence and Tho condition Nandor which such impeach ment May to made Aud the rules govern ing this Samo. In Tho House Tho Oyster Bill came up and Tho committee substitute wis adopted with certain amendments. It pro Vides that no corporation shall own or control Moru than to acres and the private Beds shall not exceed 200 Yards Square. Tho Road Bill Camo up and after a hot debate an amendment was adopted Mak ing the first Section read that the com missioners court of any county in this state May Appel lit one or four Road superintendents for such county and said courts arc authorizes by an order made at any regular term thereof to determine whether Thoro shall to one Road superintendent for Tho county or Ono for each of Tho commissioners precincts therein. Such order shall to Onlo Rcd on the min utes of such court and shall not to void for want of form but a substantial com Planco with Tho provisions of this act shall amendment authorizing county com missioners courts to contract with cities and towns for working their convicts on roads and Bridges was Defeated Sec Lon fifth was amended and Tho superintendent s salary was made such As May in Llyod by the commissioner court to to paid on Tho order of said court at stated i nor vols but Tho salary of Tho county superintendent to counties of 000 inhabitants shall Novor exceed per year and that of Tho precinct super into deut in com Tea of less than inhabitants shall never exceed each por year and in counties of Over inhabitants it shall never exceed to Foo por annul. Tho Bill was farther amended so As to empower Tho commissioner s court 1o suspend Tho services of Tho Road superintendent when in their Jug ont Thoro if no need for Thorn and Tho Bill passed. Resolution was adopted accepting and Gofur Nung thanks for Tho invitation to the legislature to of Curt to Arensas Harbor. Rockport and Corpus Rofo Rod to morning session and providing thai when the hons adjourns on Tho shot april it stand adjourned till 0 o clock april 7th. Thanks arc expressed to the citizens of Tho places named and to the Arkansas pass and International Railroad this Resolution was subsequently re considered and tabled a Loibiso com Itice reports favourably the Bill appropriating for Tho world s fair. _ _ the opening courage immigration to the Rio Bine to raise the Price of worsted loony s East Grande Valley surrounding Elpaso. And to control the australian Market j Houston Street opposite Maverick hotel. The Homo consumption Tho greater por to Ono it going West As far As Spoltore Junction a Little a Short data no cast some South Over Tho s. A. A. But co Al leis putting in a Plant which will interfere with the san Antonio Trade in that direction. A Little ice goos North and South for a Short distance Over the i. And g. N. All of these shipments Are made by express and it costs quite a Little to transport the article. For instance ice by express to Spofford 133 Miles West of Here costs s1.25 per 100 pounds. Then there is a great los by melting not much being left of a sack of Ico when it has travelled Over 100 Miles unless shipped in Carload lots. Ice in such quantities has Seldom been shipped from hero though during thelast summer some four or five carloads were shipped As far As Houston and Galveston. Tho freight on Carload lots As far As Houston runs up to fifty dollars a car and is marked Rush iceman arc fully confident Hown Vor that Tho demand for Ico from surrounding cities not within the. Province of other in. Will far exceed that of previous years and that Tho Homo Market and the ones do will to Ablo to give to Tho five factories of this City a patronage Larro enough to keep Thorn in operation throughout Tho year without although Given our citizens ice at a reasonable Price forcing them into a suicidal scram Ruble for enough patronage to keep each of the . Its uses versus the old style to the san Antonio gambling is not what it used to to in years gone by when san Antonio was the Monto Carlo of Texas. There was a Tiina when Tho Tiger could Only be found in a regular general establishment whore everybody wont to Buck Joti Raimist tins game. Now to have two bling institutions Ono classes of Gam is Trio general congregate. Tho club is a private institution and is conducted on the quiet and never figures in Trio grand jury reports and As it affords Toj those who want to Gamble an Opportunity to gratify their desires without Burdon ii Tho Dock ets of Tho courts and Over working Tho grand juries and Tho officers of the court Tho club should Boc Ommond of. As to Tho general gambling establish ments they seen to Servo no other useful purpose than to make fees for the officers and this fee business is a blot non . Fair mooting. Thoro was a Good attendance at fair association mooting yesterday after noon. It was decided to raise Tho Mort Gage on Trio property to Aud the denomination of Trio Bonds were reduced to 100. There Wili to a directors meeting this afternoon at-1 o clock. Arrived. Mrs. Or. D. Wood the world Ninow Nti and highly celebrated Queen spirit Modi inn a staying at 303 Solodad Augot it

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