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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 27, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFriday March 27, 1801. A Long Tail Talo Short. A Man after to has eaten a Good dinner May feel extravagantly joyous but the next of 1 but he is surly and grim Hia stomach and liver Are sluggish he a morose despondent and out of generally. But to May get a prompt return for his Money of purchasing or. Pierce s pleasant pellets. There s nothing like them. Thor Are tiny liver Pilla Bugar coated but thorough in results. Ono Pellet a laxative three to four cathartic for indigestion bilious Ness and All derangement of the stomach liver and bowels they work Liko a Charm and you get a lasting Benefit and a permanent cure. They re the cheapest Pill because Tao and sure while the manufacturers guarantee they la give satisfaction or your Money is returned 1 you Only pay for the Good you get. Can you ask More what s the use 1 suffering any More from those dizzy spells Tho headaches and All Mako Tho attack yourself with one or two of these Little sugar coated pellets and they will do the rest. They arc a perfect Vest pocket remedy. Purely vege table perfectly harmless. By druggists. 25 cents a vial. The is Kab in the world Lor outs Brut so Gloora suit Lihou Matlum 8or- 6 totter cd upped Hauda of Blaina Lorna and All Sulu Brut tons and Poa telvely ouija piles or no Piaf required. It la guaranteed to Giva portent satisfaction or Money refunded. Orloo 28 Ponta per Ooi for Aale by All drug Lisa. Dreiza and the Pink to go s. We Losalo. Patents. And of fits an4 Trado Marics obtained Pattii Busl Neas conducted for m a is or Orrica is opposite u.8. Piton Torrisi and Iyo Ojo secure a Patent in Loaa time an at Loaa Cost than those Remote from wait Bend Model drawing or photo., with dose rep Wonky lbs if patentable or not free of Oti arge. Our fee not due till Patent la scoured let rib Book. How to in talk Patent with Naunas of not nil Allenta in your county or sent from. Arts real a a. Snow co Huw is Itile Are you going to risk your Lovos and the lives of your family by buying cheap worthless vehicles when you can buy for a trltl.8 More a Good reliable buggy or Carriage made by thre counters Tlle ind buggy company from m. Pirott Cor. Houston and Soledad streets san an Toulo Texas. 9-18 Edward do Tbs attorney and coun Mellor at Law. Joseph k. Dwts1 heal estate agent 9tocfc Law and land office and Lavt Stock Exchange. Buyer building. Hau Banks and Bankers. 3, b. Ai Krandell Proa Dent. A. A. Alexander in Sohlor. Texts National Bank 258 Commerce Street general banal us business transacted on Europe. Mexican dollars and other i Aitch Money purchased. Register Rcpt in our Reading Tom where at ranters in the City Are invited tit Anil. A Huth son 22e-23o Market Street. The did stand hardware print and seed store. Received two ears Lambreth s seed one cur genuine Oerman Millet and to arrive Oue car Early Cane heed seed Coin by Maue Ioe Thompson copy Liliu All rights Nnami some strange necessity wined Bado him to make any inquiries until such time a she should choose for enlightening him voluntarily. Deep in Hia heart he suspected some connection be tween his unknown antagonist Imd the occurrence it the House it his suspicion could not take Liny definite form. Boon after Hia recovery and return to Camp he was sent in command of it detachment Torpoint opposite Lii comarsh Island some six Miles from Savannah which would prevented him from calling on Rose oven if Felt it the proper thins to under the Circum stances. A Maynard Conval sced he proved himself a Nam of most cultivated and insinuating manners. Tho master and the mistress of the of Cubicke mansion a Camo quite fascinated spending n great Deal of Timo in his company listening to his Well told stories of adventure by land and sea in Many parts of Tho world. Even Rose although Elio could but cordially despise win oftentimes Lent captivated attention to his narrations. To treated her with such marked and refined respect that it was impossible for her to show her real feeling toward him. Though the longer he stayed the More distasteful he became to her. For her father s Sako she was vory land in word and manner to Liia Man chatted pleas Antly with him played and for him even reu.1 aloud to him when he begged her to. Sho did not unto the looks of Tou Der admiration with which Hosoon began to follow her nor did she dream that in bin heart he was permitting n passion for her to take deep and powerful hold. His face had been very handsome before Tho sword Cut had left its livid Streak and even now it was impressive if sons what sinister in its expression. With the cunning of a Siim whose nature both by gift and training makes Librn a detective he saw that Rose was n rebel although not a word on Tho subject had Evor fallen from her tips in Hia presence. Her character however bras a guaranty to him thut she would not betray him mowing that to do it would be sure to Compromise her Fathor in a very dangerous any. Feeling secure at this Point it pleased him to linger at the Fenwicke mansion after to was quite Well of the wound from Prescott sword. The seclusion Here perfect the household atmosphere quite agreeable and then there was Rose Whoso tall superbly turned figure and charming face were fascinating him More and More every hour. Chapter in. On the 23d of december word Cate to Gen. That the British Fleet had anchored off Tyhee Island. With the nest tide it would come Over the bar and take Possession of the River. Little had been done by Tho americans to erect de lenses around the town. There had been a Lino of earthworks but Thia had Roeii suffered to fall to ruins and was now practically useless nor was there time for any repairs. The coining of the enemy was As much u us if it had been a sudden descent night. Before Gen. Howe could ascertain the number or position of the enemy s forces and while he was trying in vain to dispose of his own Little army to the Best advantage the guns began to Bat tar away savagely it the Blu if on Zirair Deaux Plantation Only two or three Miles Down the River from Savannah. In a moment All was confusion in the town and Ita suburban sctt moments. The approach of a Battle under any Circum stances would have caused alarm but now it was to a degree a panic with no Wise management to control it. At first Thia feeling did not extend to the troops on the contrary they behaved Well until their line was broken and they Wero thrown into disorder Lieut. Proscott War. Detained by Gen. Howe to act on his staff wherefore it chanced to fall to his lot to be sent in the direction of governor Wright s Planta Tion just at the time when Lieut. Col. Ordered the attack on Tho lines. He was mounted on a. Fleet horse and bearing orders to col. Elbert. Ilis Way Lay along the Edge of a swamp through which Tho enemy wore ent Luli i Muntari Hernd pennyroyal pills 9 for engl Tok mend Brand ked Bott. With Bias ribbon. Take Ino other. Refute . Ai in for Tui Lar Llcy i Ortlam in letter 51 Teml Molau. Only Bodman Hind eff Cli f errors or excesses in Oli or on fully Ifil Trad. To Ted i Ohk Imbat Jakst a tamil i. Lim Boot f id anal 1" Profita Fantt sribmp01cal co., and whoa Grey habitat Cubert no Oil Kiin. Boo Kopor tin arts Cut thib. Off of making efforts to pass and in which they were already skirmishing with some american scouts. Biding in great Hasto and rather recklessly he pushed his horse into n Boggy place and was delayed for Many minutes in extricating him in the the Antinis the British had attacked Svith Groat vigor going right through the lines and completely routing in american forces. Not Only this they were already across the swamp ahead of him and were Rushing on toward the City. To saw at once that his one Chance of escape Lay in reaching the Savannah Road before it was fully in their posses Sion. He know the country perfectly and so was ask to choosy the shortest and safest route. Putting spurs to Hia horse he Nix i a dash for that Point where the Road in question Cut the huh of old Earth works f lit could then in Advance of the British to could reach Savannah Long in Iford they could there True to youth and Tab love which Lii a Mudi youth doubly to him. Prescott no sooner sat face toward the town than lie to to Linkof Tyuse few icly. U rushed into his heart that lie Tiaa seen Nur Cor intr time and How vividly arose to memory of pal nod and distressed face a she stood before him that night in Way Throat ing him Buck and bidding him go away and then like eos sad music out of the distance echoed again who parting words Good by dear dear to Folt a shiver run Over him and he leaned Forward in his Saddle urging his horse to its greatest Speed. When he reached the Road and turned toward Savannah the Way Seoul of Clear but to had sped but a few rods Ere an obstacle suddenly presented Ite Olf in the form of an officer wearing the British uniform and mounted on a horse Evi Dently captured from some unfortunate american. Rang ont the Challenge too late for Prescott to Check his Speed Evon if he had desired to. And Thea their swords crossed with a keen Clink As the lieutenant dashed by. A Short Sharp race and Proscott Felt that his enemy was gaining rapidly and would strike him from behind if should not turn about at once. To wheeled his horse just in Timo to Parry a slash which would Vave severed Hia head from his body. There was a rattling fire of musketry to his left while on his right a tight Battery waa bellowing vigorously. He thought of Rose in fact the thought had not left him and As he closed with the heavy set and surly faced foe again the words echoed in his heart Good by dear dear it was a Short and desperate Fig it. In which both men showed Superior horse Manship and consummate command of the sword. The British officer via the stronger otherwise they were Well matched. Perhaps the american fought at a disadvantage his Mam thought be ing to get away from his enemy by any Means and reach a Vannah in time to Seo Hose before the town full into Brit ish hands. The sole aim of the other was to kill his Doughty antagonist. On either Side of the Highway Tho ground was soft and Tho combatants know that if either Wero to permit his horse to leave the hard roadbed to would boat the Othor s mercy therefore the struggle Lay largely in the management of their animals which Wero now thoroughly excited and utmost uncontrollable. Doubtless his enemy Folt something like the same Spur to Hasty action for he urged his horse closer and Cut thrust with redoubled rapidity and forum. As yet neither had been wounded so vigilant had been their fencing but Tho great Strain of managing their furious horses and at the same Timo keeping up the increasing violence of their combat was telling non their strength which had been otherwise taxed to the utmost Rince Early morning. In a set Duel it might have been thought a cowardly thing to do but Prescott wrist no Coward nor did he dream of cowardice when a the eng Lishman s horse reared und plunged near he struck it with All the Force he could gather into his Arm right the left Eye. It reeled Back and spa aug off the Roadway into the mire whore it vainly floundered about. The Way was not More than Twenty feet wide and in some parts Hud Vixen strengthened by half buried Palmetto logs forming a sort of Corduroy very dangerous for the footing of the horses springing Anil rearing and Plung ing kept a sort of time to the rapid strokes of the straining men. Nearer and nearer came the scattered Spray of the disordered army of Gen. Howe floundering along wildly flinging aside guns and abandoning artillery leaving everything in the hands of the victorious British. Lieut. Prescott knew that if he delayed but a few Short moments finishing with his antagonist All would be lost to him. Wheeling his own horse the Lieuten ant spurred on toward Savannah Well knowing that Bis antagonist could not follow. Two or three British fired at my from a Little swell to his left but their bullets hissed Over his head. A Little further on where the Road made a Short turn he thundered through u bewildered Gro tip of american soldiers who. Hatless and gun Lisa. Were panting and running almost exhausted. Why should those words keep ringing through his ears and echoing us if in the remotest distance of memory Cood by Devir dear he forgot the wrenching and Strain ing the fatigue the All but exhaustion of the struggle through which tie Luid come but with Hia Bare sword gripped in his right hand the reins held firmly in his left he leaned Over the Pommel and strove to increase the Speed of his foaming horse. To did not once think of the humiliation of defeat nor did it occur to him that his duty might be along the line in striving to rally broken and flying army of Freedom. It was like a fearful rebuke to him that just after he had passed Over a Little log causeway a round shot half spent struck his horse Down under him. Before the news of the British Fleet s arrival at the month of the River had troit Long of cranes Ramn we bum of another. Still another bad up atoned Tho old gentleman s hat he it opium Wero torn his Linen soiled his hair dishevelled. Piteously looking from to another of Tho brutes he Stagg cod As he stood. At this moment a single Soldier wearing the soiled uniform of a lieutenant darted ont of an Alley Way drawn sword in hand and fell furiously upon Tho hessians smiting them right and left in such fashion that to lire of them Lay outstretched in a moment and. The remaining two badly Cut staggered off bleeding and mightily bewildered. Or. Fenwicke was lifted bodily and placed in his Carriage Tho Coachman Felt a hand on the Back of his neck. Get into that seat and drive Houa in Mil growled a very determined voice. The officer leaped into vehicle As Tho negro put whip to the horses. Thank you of thank Youl cried the old Man. How shall it s Yon Lieut. Proscott Doar me i m no exc Todl the infernal Btu Teal he wiped Hia bleeding nose and tried to adjust Hia disordered hair. From every direction Camp ominous sounds. Shots shouts screams the Noisa of crashing doors and breaking windows. Women and children both White and Black ran wildly hither and thither. What can All this to old Man exclaimed fumbling for Bia departed snuff Box. What has Prescott Guvo no ear to these inquiries. To simply cried out to the Driver faster you old scoundrel or i la prick you with my sword the Lio Sra with gentle Well kept Bloy beasts whose Paco not Ovon the violent lashing that now fell id out their could vory much quicken. It waa not far they had to go however the Fem Ziuko mansion being already in sight its Small Odd looking win Davra peering Over its Little Wall and Gate. Goa on dim 1 Tole Yot stormed old Driver redoubling his lashes and at the same time shrinking and shivering 111 his seat "gwa1 on Dah to Lazy Ole Racks o Bones to l Nebbio sue a Jib Ole they reached Tho Gate at last. Prescott hustled or. Fen i eke ont of Trio Carriage and through Tho Gate. Into the an stay theron he exclaimed is he threat him no Oka Steps. Tho negro hastened to get the Carriage into Tho Roar in closure. Just then a Broil began at a ear Ner near the House. Rose turned from my. A say that she repulse it him is to Jii Isa All the Force of statement the simple truth. Sho scarcely Suokos nor was her manner in the least Vehe ment. A look a gesture a slow turn ing away As from something unspeakably despicable and vile perhaps the sin Gle word uttered scarcely above her breath but with an emphasis that conveyed the last refinement of disgust and Abhorrence at nil events Thero waa no margin left for even a Shadow of Hope. Kever before in his life had he Felt Small weak insufficient in the presence of an emergency no matter How formidable. Hire turned from him with just that deliberate dignity of movement which gave greatest effect to her Beauty and walked away Tho embodiment As he Felt of incomparable stateliness Grace and purity. Tie shrank into himself so to say and for some Momenta after she Hud gone his mind was vacant and his whole nature shrivelled. Of course with such a Man this was but in state of Dis Oom Btu re und disorder the result of Surprise More than of anything else. He with All his shrewd insight had not dreamed that she could summon at u moment s to tace the Power to crush him Liko this. More Over the exhibition of Calm Superb Solu Cly commanding dignity so added to her Charm that to Felt a great Joy in it then while collapsing under its Serene weight of contempt. Largo almost Gigantes me in stature Tho suppleness of health combined with Tho strength of a justly proportioned and thoroughly trained physiques he ral lied i quickly from a wound whether of the body or of the mind. Tho stupor of Surprise and discomfiture soon passed from my and with a sinister smile yawned and stretched himself As if Shak ing off u Light Nap. Confound the girl i he exclaimed Tho girl shells stunning amazing he walked Back and Forth chuckling to himself his face quite Rod and Tho Bendor scar gleaming on his Cheok like d Onuf of Alamo. Minute beads of sweat gleamed on his forehead and Bis Large shapely hands actually Shook a to nervously rubbed Thorn together. It was while ii was thus pulling him self together after Rose s departure that Luynard received from Tho hand of a servant a note written in cipher that in formed him of the approach of Tho Brit ish meet. In u moment he had forgotten everything rave the Mission upon which be to id i ome to Savannah. With him not love could a timid in the Way of the grosser Enterprise which he regarded an duty hiring a few quiet and hurried prep Flung herself Between the Camba Tuntg. To vanished from Tho mansion Joso Fenwicke is the first Roll of Inua with int a sign or word to any of its in ecotry came puttering in from the Saab match. Mid went to Confer nth some of Gideon Tho town sprang to her feet his tory coadjutor. Tho purpose was i go of it Bullet of the enemy had struck Hor. To five tin town in Tho rear of the Ameri bile Ocon thinking of Prescott and at the Timo when the chapter Al can army just at the Timo when Battle should fairly begin and follow no with in show of attack upon the handful of guards loft to Koop order in the Tretts the plot was Well Laid and must have been bad the moment Ever come to put it into operation but before anything certain could a gathered after the British had landed the scattered and utterly demoralized american army wan already hearing in every direction. Boon enough the Advance of Tho Victori Ous Inradei-3 poured into Tho when the Battle began or. Fenwicke was at of his plantations some nil in in the country. By Tho Timo he could have his Carriage made ready and be driven into town tha British were there Rushing up and Down Tho streets Anil committing every outrage known to u mercenary and utterly consume ecu defenceless citizens Wero houses were pillaged women cartage a. Beaten with clubbed Drunken hessians revealed in All manner of debauchery. Or Fenwicko s Driver was an old negro Man whose courage was As Pale a was Black and when a crowd of brutal soldiers half crazed with wine stopped the Carriage he tumbled off the wat and fell pos his Knees in the Sand at their feet. They spurned him with their heavy boots Anil proc stud to drag Forth or Fenwicke. Whose use and to their feel gone abroad in Savannah Maynard qui i and Seal etly disappeared from the and la plural. Were mansion without notice to any of the Anim his while with etly disappeared from mar household. On the Day previous to this he had tried with great adroitness and much show of deference mingled with passion to pour into Roso a ear Tho Lovo which her Beauty and Grace had kindled in his and heart. Nickly i rude they silenced his every Effort u. then his loyalty to urea in Finrud the Vic to in had run Deral to Iii of on urn not of a it avy blow from the i How of Mih of the hos signs. Anil Lus blaming herself she scarcely knew How for that had caused her to Send him away from the door on that Ever memorable night when Tho tories having their secret meeting there. She clasped her heart and stood listening to this strangely thrilling sound which like a desultory noise of Thunder and bail but indescribably More Awe inspiring throbbed and rattled jarring Tho windows and sending the blood in Al most painful surges through her Vains. From some cause the thought of disaster to the american army flashed into her mind along with Tho Torst spiteful crash of Tho Riv a. Would Prescott be killed her heart gave a great loan ivs if to go ont in search of him. How terrible How unbearable it would to if to Wero to die before she could see him and explain her treatment of him. It came upon her with . I Sho did not pause to imagine where he might be nor to consider the apparent impossibility of finding him in Tho to i must and turmoil of Battle much less did any thought of danger to herself Cross the Field of her consciousness. For a Long while Eho stood motionless held to grip of her emotion which was too powerful to evince itself by tiny Active outward sign. Her Mother Pauaea rapidly through Tho room saying some thing in in excited voice Tho servants were a noisy commotion but Sho no heed to her immediate Suno endings. I Tho sound of Battle rolled nearer and nearer Tho musketry playing now hero Bow there in fitful flashes Liko Tho show ers of i wild storm Tho Cannon booming at intervals followed by the Distant and startling crash of Tho shot. Presently moved looked around Hor throw on a Light hooded wrap and ran out into Tho direction of Tho continued on third

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