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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 26, 1891, San Antonio, Texas File daily sight. Thursday March 26,1891. Personal notes. Kit Tiik off the raids. Hon. W. T. Merriwther of Pearsall is at the Mahncke. Thos. Padgitt and family of Waco Are at the mender. A. R. Blankenship of Comanche is among the arrivals. S. A Murphy and wife and miss Helen Murphy Are at the Monger from new York. A y. Allee a prominent sheep Man of Pearsall is among the arrivals of yesterday. Miss Mary Jane Healy from Ireland Niece of mrs. W. Gagen has arrived to live with her aunt. Chas. Seibert representing a Cincinnati elevator firm is in the City to superintend the erection of a Hydraulic elevator in the Santa Rosa Hospital. Henry m. Stanley Anil wife explore the historic Alamo City to Day. Or. Henry m. Stanley the famous african explorer arrived Over the Southern Pacific this morning in his special car accompanied by his wife. He spent the morning taking a drive Over the City investing in mexican and Indian curiosities and taking in the various Points of interest. Or. Stanley looks aged his hair being very White while his care worn features fully express the terrible experiences of his exciting career. Mrs. Stanley a pleasant kind of English lady accompanies him and takes great interest in the various pieces of mexican and Indian curiosities to be found in the stores. A banquet is to be Given the visitors tonight. No arrangements have been made for their departure but it is believed that the party will remain Over till the morning. Will Waldron win Divi yesterday. Bat Cave Cullings. Mrs. Jennie Calera husband after dramatic correspondent for alleged libel. Manager a. E. Waldron of the defunct Jennie Calef company is hot in the Touchy Dart of his spinal column the cause of his anger being a letter written from san Antonio by stage manager Albert e. Ade of Rische s theatre to the new York dramatic news of March 21, in which that gentleman severely arraign manager Waldron in regard to his treatment of the members of the defunct Calef company. The letter which is too Long for re publication Here alleges that the management owes every Man in the company some of them twelve weeks pay. In the article he Furth it r complains of having been left utterly destitute by the manager of the company. The statements As set Forth in or. Adeys letter to the dramatic news though pretty Strong Are fully in Accord of the facts in the Case. When or. Waldron read the communication his anger was aroused and according to or. Adeys statement to a la go it reporter be sought the writer and threatened to have him arrested and placed in the lockup inside of two hour if he did not sign a paper presented to him by manager Waldron in which Ade was made to disclaim having Ter. Having already through his connection Waldron and desiring to signed the paper. I satisfied written the left Seon trouble with manager have peace to not satisfied with this Mana Ager Andrew Waldron today appeared before Justice Herron and swore out an Ali Davitt against or. Ade who was immediately arrested. Justice Herron placed him under a $250 Bond which to gave without difficulty Dan Lew is and Earnest Rische going his sureties. Or. Ade says that he has told the truth in the letter every statement of which he could easily verify. He goes further and says that a great Deal might be said which did not appear in print. A i was working under or. Waldron a he said this morning a and found one morning that my meals had been stopped on me. I could get no Money but continued to work three Days More even paying my own Board Bill. Others in the company have been left equally destitute some of them even being com Pel led to go on the variety stage to earn a few dollars. While yet indebted to us or. Waldron continued to hire other people. That was our fix. Yes sir every word of the letter to the news is the truth and can be borne out by others in the bitten by a negro. Conductor Shoff of the Arkansas pass railway is in the City today exhibiting a bitten thumb and forefinger which to says was done by a Blue gummed Porter on an Arkansas pass train last sunday in Corpus Christi. He had a fight with the negro because the negro seemingly insane or intoxicated attacked him savagely and he was obliged to defend himself. The popular negro superstition is that the bit of a Blue gummed negro is As poisonous As a Rattlesnake. Ancient gloves. From the new York Ledger. There is nothing new under the Sun. The carving of a Long Glove has been found in a Hole where Cave dwellers once lived. Just when these strange people existed has not been decided but it was thousands and thousands of years ago and the sculptured Glove is the same shape As the Many Button ones worn by fashionable ladies of the present. The gloves of the Ante glacial occupants of a Cave Are supposed to have been made of roughly dressed skin sewed with Needles of Bone but they were worn just the same and the general pattern remains unchanged. There is plenty of other evidences that gloves Are of very Remote origin although none that goes Backo far. The Anglo saxons wore gloves in the seventh Century but the men were the ones then to observe the custom the ladles covering their hands with their meye8, earlier than this Norman on i gals and High personages of that country covered their hands and in places in the Bible the word a shoes a is used when scholars maintain it Means �?oglove.,f talked by Telegraph told by train men and taken in transit. Or. Peter p. Goodwin is studying Pas Senger ology. Supt. Merriam of the s. A. P., went South Over the Road yesterday. Harry Fracker of the Arkansas pass freight office is taking a Lay off. Supt. Mcqueeny of the Houston Sion returned from hoist the Southern Pacific pay car was on the Road yesterday heading for san Antonio. Receiving clerk Hamilton Raynor of the s. A. Freight office is Laid up with an attack of the Grippe. The Southern Pacific Lias sent out an additional Force to the break on the levee to work on the Road there. The Ohio and Mississippi Road earned in the second week in March $90,652.52 increase Over 1s90, $5,253.54. Tho difficulty Between the t. And m k. Amp t. Over cattle rates and cattle shipments is still far from settlement. It is stated that the new York Central is to build a handsome Union depot at Syracuse. The present depot is Leo Small. The Wisconsin Central contemplates shortening the line Between Chicago and Lake Superior to the extent of 120 Railes. Or. Chas. Daniels of Palestine has taken up his new duties As rate clerk in the i. A g. N. General offices vice Geo. R. Brown resigned. It is said that the Michigan Central contemplates appointing an auditor whose special duty will be to look after passenger conductors. The special car a Henry m. Stanley a carrying on Board the distinguished african explorer and party arrived Over the s. This morning. The s. A. Boys were paid off yesterday by paymaster Wagner. The pay car left Here this morning to do the act of kindness All along the Road. Or. W. E. Holt who has been holding Down the car clerk desk at the s. A. Freight office has been promoted to claim clerk vice Harry Franklin resigned. Commercial 1030-mile tickets issued for use on the Nypan or Chicago and Erie Are now valid for passage Over the Erie lines West of Buffalo and Salamanca. The Missouri Kansas and Texas people Hope to formally open the Hillsboro division for through passenger service on april i. The recent wet spell has delayed things somewhat. The management of the Jac Onsville South Eastern Road has created a new position that of commercial agent with Headquarters at Peoria and o. G. Mars on the 1st of next month takes the new office. The opening of the Canadian Pacific office in Buffalo has stirred up something of a Row in the Buffalo railway passenger committee. It wishes the Canadian Pacific to join the committee but the latter politely declines. The fort Worth and Denver Road has announced that it will transport free of charge ail veterans wives or widows of veterans Quot to the Brenham. Texas veterans convention to be held at Brenham april 20 and 21st. The Ohio Railroad company with office at Parkersburg w. Va., has decided to construct a Bridge across the Guan Dotte River and extend its Railroad from Guya Dotte to the new town of Kenova a distance of eleven Miles. President Ingalls of the big four addressed a letter to general superintendent Peck he in turn to give its contents to the division superintendents speaking in very complimentary terms of the manner the transportation department had been operated the past two months. Tho new arrangements Between the Pennsylvania and Richmond terminal systems for better train service Are nearly completed. They will be entirely satisfactory to both parties and Are expected to increase the business Between the two roads materially. Fontal announcement of the detailed changes will be made in a few Days. Manuel Flores was arrested across the Creek after Midnight by officers Brown and Daniels for carrying a pistol. His Case was continued by the recorder this morning. An interesting docket of 14 cases was had in the police court this morning. The fines amounted to $43. Almost every Fine afternoon West Commerce Street at the Junction of Soledad Street and main Plaza about five or six of clock is so crowded with vehicles that the officers on those beats Are kept Busy relieving the blockades that continually form on that crowded thoroughfare. G. W. Taylor a Light completed negro All in style from Check ered trousers to stiff silk hat w As arrested by officer Quintana last night for disorderly conduct having gone into a House it is charged and Cut up two suits of clothes of one of the occupants with a pocket knife. Fred Banks the Little mulatto vagrant who kept a kind of an Amateur robbers Den in the Federal building basement was fined five dollars or ten Days in the Bat Cave for being a Vag. He took the ten Days Board. The Little Vagabond is a pretty hard nut for his age and is one of the gang w hich has been perpetrating some Petty sneak ish thefts. He helped get away Dullnigg a tobacco recently carried off in Broad Daylight. N. In Ware a Stockman of Wilson county was locked up last night by the two mounted night men on the charge of drunk on the Street. Night before last he was run Iii on a like charge turned Loose when he had again sobered paid his Fine and booked again. While being searched at the Little business window in the chiefs office partition he suddenly looked up amazed and sleepily observed a Why i stood Here last night this time Haven t moved from this spot since a Dosite just of fiet a the late Long cold spell is the last at least its the accepted opinion of most people who Are now turning their attention to Spring Ming. To say and we As amusements. A Tho paymaster at the grand sunday night. The popular Melo drama a the paymaster will be the next attraction at Tho grand opera House commencing sunday night for two nights and a special monday matinee. The Milwaukee Sentinel says a a a the paymaster was presented to two full houses at the Bijou yesterday. Enthusiasm was the order of both occasions and the sensational scenes situations and heroic passages always called for pronounced applause. The tank scenes were the subjects of Especial favor. There were two of these the escape of Lieut. Of Connor from Insh Lavogue Barracks by leaping into the River beneath and the other a Rescue of a drowning girl. These were set and acted in a realistic Way and when the hero and heroine came before the curtain dripping with Wator the applause was almost _ another smasher. A negro thief tries the Paul Wagner game. About i of clock this morning night watchman Jordan heard a noise As of crashing Glass on Commerce Street. He was on Yturri Street but ran around the Corner and saw a negro standing in front of France amp Thieles window on hearing his footsteps the negro dropped something which proved to be an Iron Railroad coupling pin and ran pursued by the officer who however was out tooted by the Rascal and lost. It was found that he had smashed the valuable plate Glass of the window undoubtedly for the purpose of robbery As there were a number of valuable articles of goods in the window. Or. Thiele says the damage done will be about $75 which is not insured. We Are Happy have just As Many Good bargains in suits and pants. For grown men Young men boys and children As we had last year. So Many styles of Jio sack snits. We mention Only 3 prominent Light weights a Squir Rel color camels hair size 33 to 40. Steel Grays and mohair fully up to last year Standard. Fancy plaited Cecil Cassimeris Young mens size 33 to 38. We abound in $12.50 sack suits. Plains and fancies Long and regulation styles. Also in stouts. One in particular a Brown mixed Tweed is very adaptable for business Wear and appears in the above 3 different styles. Imported cloth trousers Alamo and commences to Oslic Broff ters As usual we Are Well stocked with Navy Blue Serges. In sack suits $12.50 Stout sacks $14.00 cutaways $15.-00, regulation or stouts. A High Tariff seems a dream when you can buy these suits same prices As last year. Again we have $15 Serge cutaways. In Light and dark Grays mixtures almost worshipped by some men As they never seem to tire of them. Another neat pattern is a la in a fancy milk chocolate effect that has every appearance of a custom made suit. A 4-Button cutaway sack of Sussex plaid. Is a very a swell affairs and appears in a variety of Small and Large patterns at $18.00. Cheviot cutaways. We show in Black at $ 18.00 Are full fashioned and the Best Black suits you can buy for that Money. Something elegant is a cutaway cassimere in a Small dark fancy pattern Price $22.50. Handsome Prince Alberts Alamo and Commerce its a new ticket brokers association has been organized to be known As the National association of ticket brokers. There will now be three associations in the Field namely the National the american and the guarantee brokers associations. The new association is organized by members of the old organization who became dissatisfied. The cause of the suddenness with which the new York Central people took control of the Rome Watertown and Ogdensburg Road was that they Learned that Tho Canadian Pacific was making a move to secure it. With control of this Road Tho Canadian Pacific could with but Little trouble secure an Independent line into new York and Boston Over the Fitch guru Road. A letter from the general freight agent of the s. At new Orleans to commercial agent Mcmullen of this City states that the Road is shipping All freight except live Stock and such freight As will not stand transferring without delay. The work on the incline which that Road is building along the break on Tho River is progressing finely. He states that the present difficulty will be overcome in a reasonably Short time. The san Antonio and Arkansas pass has entered heart and soul into the Stock shipping business and some Large hauls have been made the past few Days. The Road has just received an order for 1,000 cars for Stock to be delivered within ten Days from Alice and Corpus Christi to Points in the Indian territory. It will keep the boys hustling to keep abreast with heavy Stock shipments this season which will be made from the Rich Stock Region of Texas whose very heart is pierced by the 8. A. Road. His court. Justice Adam fined Jas. St. Clair $25 and Cost this morning for slapping his wife. St. Clair is a Jamaica negro. A divorce Sui t will follow. Buster Rosenberg charged with striking Juana Morales will be tried this evening. Margaret Huston and Mollie Cassas Are to be tried this evening for abusive language. _ real estate. Deals and the prices they bring l. C. And m. M. Mcculloch to a. F. Kara use 9-10 acres on Medina River. Samuel Mcculloch Survey $ 45 a. D. Nash to e. F. Duke lot i 2, 3,4, City lot 160. 1155 t. B. Johnson to r. R. Rogers Bill of Sale. 1,400 t. W. And a. Milburn Toff. D. Gillis lot 21 and part of lots 20, City lot 4, and parts of lots 31 and 30. So lot 4. ,200 City a. Meerscheidt to t. W. And a. Milburn lot 21 and part of 20, City lot 4. 1,300 ii. Drought and scottish american mortgage co. To w. F. Miller 533 1-3 acres Thos. Hall Survey 28 acres Chas. Irwin Survey 6,500 marriage licenses. Blair g. Harry Arni Cassie Nebb. Oho Hunt and Minerva Carmichael. And building permits. Pedro Gianotte House Ward 3, $200. Bead Batto. Gallery Ward 8. Lockwood National Bank Bank offices Ward 3, three Story $20,000. Richards dwelling Ward i $500. S. A. Turn Verein Hall and clubhouse Ward 0, two Story Brick $15,000. Removal notice. We have moved our office to More commodious quarters in the Winslow block11 15 Houston Street. Cair amp Ryan. A Pond used in millions of homes�?40 years Standard. Are you thinking of purchasing or building. A Home san Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com ining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Aside from its natural advantages and rapidly developing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement of great import to the Home seeker in that real estate can be purchased just now at exceedingly Low figures Hes spa. John Hambleton go

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