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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 21, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSaturday March 21, grand opera House sunday night March 22, Bill Nye no Advance in prices. Sale of seats open sunday one week and grand prize afet ii Iee Satu Dav Connie acids monday mar. 23 William Gen Cem Efly con Pic a popular company in popular plays at popular prices. Change of program each night. Box office now open. Unequalled for making he finest bread biscuit and pastry. Used by the leading hotels and families. Every Pound warranted to give entire satisfaction or Purchase once refunded. Consumer supplied by All first class retailers at prices not higher than inferior brands. A. B. Frank co. Wholesale grocers agents san Antonio Texas Marschall courage merchant tailors 213v4 k. Houston St., Winslow Block. Fine suits to order Fine pants to order a perfect fit . 3-4 in Wei Tea ii settler s chosen spec Fly. With every Advance of emigration into the far West a new demand is created for Lostetter s stomach hitters. Newly peopled regions Are frequently less Salu Jious than older settled localities on account of the Miasma which rises from recently cleared land particularly along the Banks of Rivers that Are subject to freshest. The agricultural or mining Emigrant soon learns when he does not already know that the hitters afford the Only sure Protection against malaria and those disorders of the stomach liver and bowels to which climatic changes sex and unaccustomed or unhealthy water or diet subject him. Consequently he places an estimate upon this great household specific and preventive com in us rate with its intrinsic merits Anil is careful to keep on hand a restorative and promoter of health so implicitly to be relied upon in time of need. 3-18-ot ka1sch Saloon Tenter Colorosa and South floras streets. The finest gentlemen s resort in the cite near Quarter for the finest brands a liquors. Wines cigars Aud polite eat men t a All 4-i2tf a Sweet egyptian Bride. Cairo Cor in the Hartford courant. It was in the barrage that famous Bridge or double Weir the Eastern part spanning the Damietta and the Rosetta Branch of it was there that the late Khedive built a Lovely Palace and still More Lovely Garden which he perhaps graced with Hie presence once in his life and Lett to decay just As All egyptians have done since the world begun never renewing never reviving but building As a child would build a toy Houwe to pull Down and begin another. An american Engineer one of the half dozen retained in office has charge of the Bridge and it is be who walks under the Shadow of the Palms and gathers the roses Aud eats the Golden Oraulea or no Blossom and Bear fruit in the deserted Garden. It was Ironi the Balcony of Hie House a part of the old Palace looking out on the Beautiful Blooming you titty. The Green Fields the Lovely mysterious River that we saw a cavalcade approaching and heard the sound of the Lute and pipe. Is exclaim d our Host a fantasia mean ing any fete or Festa. Down the Long Woite Road they came a procession 01 Hor Sernau on White arabian steeds the last Man dressed in handsome raiment and bearing himself with the proud air of Odo upon whom All eyes were fixed. Next him strode a groomed and Capar ironed Camel with a Rich Blanket and embroidered Saddle alter this another Camel with even More trappings who bore a Rich palanquin curtained on every Eide with Gold and Crimson hangings within sat the Bride. Following the Bride were three other came in on which were seated veiled then came a train carrying household furniture bedding stuffs chests pots and pans and All the various appurtenances essential to House keeping and for Bisbing in an Oriental country. It was the Bride s coming to the husband s House the last Day of the wedding and the conclusion of the seven Days feasting. In a few hours he would Lor the first time lift the veil and eee whether what his Mother has told him is True whether she is Almond eyed and Rosy cheeked and supple of limb Aud Graceful of form whether she has a voice like the cooing of a Clove and is Learned in the making of bread and Makkah for not one glimpse of her face not one word from her lips has Ever been vouchsafed him. Poor Fel Low do those brillant curtains shroud loveliness or deformity has the Mother been won Over by the pile of stuffs and the earrings and bracelets to fancy Beauty there Are Only riches it has happened so in other lands. But the no pitying words for the Bride who also is supposed to be ignorant of the lineaments of her husband the Bride is a woman there Are windows though latticed windows in her House in the Village Over the Plain and the Brown eyes were never darkened when veiled and shrouded she went to the mosque or Well. We May be sure the Bride has seen him Many a Day and Oft and loved or hated him after the fashion of women who heaven be praised do not need a Century of contemplation to make up their minds whether they like a thing or not. Everyone who visits Chicago and goes to service at All goes to hear or. Thomas or professor swing arid these two Devines Are consequently always classed together. Both Are Are Libers 1 in their views both hold their services and both Are Liberal patrons of the music Aud the drama. Naturally they Are in no Little Lemand for weddings and in this Ine i am told they frequently meet with some amusing at a wedding this week for instance when the Rev. Or. Thomas officiated the solemnity of the occasion was somewhat marred by that infant Ter Rible who ruins so Many Beautiful scenes. Or. Thomas Speaks in a remarkably Low tone and As the Clos ing words of his prayer were be ing softly and impressively whispered the shrill voice of the Bride s Little brother piped out right under the minister s noses Why Mabel Ain t you dreadful shamed to be Down Here without your dress the amen waa quickly said and the blushing Bride whose Corsage consisted of Little More than a smile and two shoulder straps was relieved As a Friendly hand jerked that too truthful child out of topics. Shout stops. What the people Are say senator hurry s Jim Miou to be taken nut one Vrr prior to voting and Brit of of no value after lamp of Timo citizen ship should la Stop in the right direction but it other stipulation. No declaration of intention ii to issued to and not in varied in Tho races capable of natural fixation under the Laws of i. A in the triumphant Flection of or. Nat Low is. The Riner has lil cd to Tho brim the bitter cup for the Puoplo to drink. It was unnecessary for the i ukr to its utmost strength in carrying the elec Tion Tho opposition did not regard or. Do Vine As their candidate Hora use to and his family connections had been Earnest supporters of lie ring through Tho county and City contests and or. Divine would not openly declare War on Tho Callaghan combination. That or. Devino received a respectable vote should be a matter of Pride to him mud his friends lie represented no principle of opposition to the present Torru t political combination that rules our local altars. The men who Are demanding ballot re form in our City who Are opposed to the combination who Are deter Tiiu d to eliminate the mexican Indian. Vote from our poll lists Are too much in Earnest to be drawn into a personal tight Over he District clerkship. Tave out the mexican Indian votes cast by persons who Are not Elli Cri ble under the naturalization Laws of the United states to become Devina would have a Chance. Hut or. Devi be had no idea of the tighten this basis. Making ballot Reform must come and its opponents must go Down before the honest indignation of every Good patriotic Cit Izen. Bat Cave cull1ngs. Those pessimists who at feet to be Jive that the deaths of Leonard Jer ome senator Hearst Benah has August Belmont and others will cause a decline in the popularity of the turf should have glanced with me this week Over the Gigantic last of stake entries received by Secretary tricks oreo the Mam Mouth Park association. Nearly three thousand nominations to the various fixed events for next summer s racing at the Newmarket of am Erica pretty conclusively that the sport of Kings never was on a sounder basis than now. It the key note of Reform. Bounded by the Hoard of control of the principal Earster jockey clubs ii allowed to spread and develop into a measurable purification of racing a there is no bounding1 the limits of Public favor to which the turf May it be advanced. Make racing comparatively tree from Crook work and More people will instant pkg into it As naturally As the wide Man of in Alnetia will always embrace an an Opportunity offered u possible topics. Looking for clothing Uncle on his first visit to of Whiz e beats All creation. Thought i Hatden t had a Wink o sleep ail night in the Ere noisy hotel and now be gosh i nod some Pesky Rascal has stole All my clothes. Of i had it a put my Wallet under nay Piller i d had 10 go Home like this i m purty Lucky after All for now i la just Send Down to s cloth Isu it Oke and have Send me up a Complete outfit and Home the folks wont know me. Take Ine for a dude be gosh a boy to when i la get Ottimer Harris is on the sick list and o Connor is running his beat. Quite a Row was raised in the old Grey mule variety show last night in which a coloured visitor Wash Clark got a lick in the Ete with a Beer bottle. John Connett who made Tho gun Dis play at the elite Saloon Early yesterday morning w As arrested on an alias War rant by officer Fitzhenry last right. The sixteen cases in the recorder s court this morning brought but a number of them being postponed. One of Tho cases was a pistol which brought in j. Harris and Lucy Harris two col ored parties ii Vine on Tho upper end of Soledad Street were arrested by officer huh Vest last night for disorderly conduct. They were locked up Only a Short time since for raising a Row Over Domestic affairs. Vicente Perez Rule a mexican Barber who was arrested Early this morning for being disorderly had Tho charge of lunacy preferred against him by officer Knox. Rul is sadly mentally demented and is a dangerous Man when spells of insanity Couie Over him. Another Row in which a Gambler by the name of we. Whitworth. Alias Vin Egar Aud a Carpenter named Tay Lor Hall Wero concerned occurred in a Saloon this morning. The two men were quarrelling in the Crystal when Whitworth hit the Manuel Flores who bad not quite gotten Over the election and who sailed through the streets of tie trans san Pedro precincts in a reckless a Tanner last night shouting for his favorite candidate for District clerkship plead guilty to to the charge of disorderly conduct this morn ing and forked Over five dollars. Ter Over the head with a heavy Cane. The weapon was thrown with such Force that it glanced Oil Hall s head and landed on Tho Plaza near the revolving Light Saloon. The trouble seemed to be Over but the men fell out again and bottles be Gan to Fly in a dangerous n Anner. At that Point officers o Meara Crown and Andy Battle entered the place and arrested the two men. Their cases were Post Pound till monday. An important arrest was make at the Washington theatre last night where detective Hughes took in two suspicious characters cd. Scott and Joe Koney. Lith Are tolerable Young men Scott being smooth kind of fellow and Roncy a Hackman of this City the two men had the eyes of the police on them for some time and wore finally taken at the Washington theatre. Vohen searched Scott was found to have a pistol on his person. The Case of suspicious character was dismissed but he was Ned for carry ing a gun. The Case against Roney was continued to monday. The police think that they have an important catch. Many Nobby dressers who formerly had their clothing made to order paid to Are now buying their suits of us and get just As Good fit and better styles for to we Are Selling All Wool tailor made suits at at up to that Are m Point of workmanship fit and finish second to none manufactured our line of novelties in boys and Young men s suits at popular prices is especially worthy of attention. Grand millinery opening every Day this week main Plaza san Antonio. Texas Mayer Shmelter Burgower Mayer Schmelter 2 East Commerce St., next to Bridge. Dealers in Pine wines liquors and cigars. Telephone family Trade a specially. Goods to any part of the City. Orders solicited. Most Jom Diete Stock in the City. Harvard has an excellent Chance this year of breaking the record and at last winning a race at new Lon Don. Its Crew i am told is made up of excellent material Strong and Wil and i am pleased to notice that it is following in the lines of Lant year s boat. If the men at Cambridge would begin to realize that the Only Road to Victory is a harmonious one. There is a slight possibility that the Crimson May do something for herself this year. The Success of the football team last season has rather set up the College s idea of its importance and May Lead to extraordinary efforts being made this year in every department of sport. The greatest essential to Harvard is the general waking up of the undergraduates. There always been so much apathy among the students generally speaking that it has Only been by reason of the extraordinary perseverance of one or two men that any of the teams have made a creditable showing. When Harvard realizes these facts she will have made the first step towards winning topics. A prominent orator. Major Jewerul j. 11. Carnahan com Mander in chief of the uniform rank k. Of p., of the world arrived ill the Monger hotel from Dallas last night. This morning he was met by a Large n umber of sir knights and knights who have undertaken to make his stay in san Antonio As pleasant As possible. Tonight he. Will deliver an address at the grand opera House. There will be no charge for admission and the Public is cordially invited to attend and hear this Learned and gifted orator Bill Nye tomorrow night. The coming of kill Nye has created quite a stir among All classes of gurus and there is no doubt but what the celebrated William will make his initial Bow in san Antonio to a very Lane Audi ence. The St. Louis Globe Democrat speak ing of Nye s lecture said the Grear wit fairly talked the audience silly and old and Youngr folks alike gave vent in shrill merry tones. His eve is full of wit and humor and his manner in private con Versai Iori is reserved but his every sex carries with it a Jocose air and his action when interested would com mend itself to the possibilities of plautus. Speaks in a moderate tone and never lose that comical Monotony of expression which aggravates his hearers to continued mirth from a slight smile at sight of him. A Giggle at his first word and a laugh As shrill or resonant As the Case May be As common plate Glass windows ill generally stand without breaking. W. C. Morgan real estate dealer. My 5 Commerce St. Texas wholesale and retail importers Aad exporters drugs chemicals and druggist s sundries Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur pint tar and Ohr Silic ointment. Bole proprietors of f. Kalteyer i Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mail orders promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited. F. Katf yer san Antonio Texas

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