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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 19, 1886, San Antonio, Texas Try do Quesnay a 5-Centcigar, 3 Commerce West Side Bridge. San Antonio daily Light volume san Antonio Texas. Friday March i 886. Do Quesnay a 3 West Commerce Street cigars wholesale and retail. Only $5 year. Butchered. Nearing an end. Statement toe killing twelve negroes at Carrollton miss. From s very moderate beginning a Little Over ten years ago our ready made clothing department has grown so As to fairly eclipse ail others not Only in this City but also in Western Texas. We Are carrying the largest Stock menus youths and boys a suits and single garments and while we make it a specially to Bandle none but Good add honest goods our extensive advantage in buying and selecting them enables us to sell at lower figures than inferior goods generally Are sold. Our clothing is made to Wear and give satisfaction fit and material being the Best and styles and pattern selected to gratify the most fastidious taste. Our menus suits at $10 to $20 Are marvels Beauty and compare favourably with the most expensive made to order. Our $5 boys school suits Are As Good As Ever and calculated to Gladden the parents As Well As the boys themselves. In huts shoes hosiery neckwear and everything belonging to this department we Are equally prepared to give satisfaction and extend a Hearty invitation to our friends and customers near and far. Our motto is to sell none but the Best goods at popular prices. Me. A brothels l. Wolf Soss Emporium fashion. Greatly reduced prices All goods. The whole Stock re marked. Bottom prices everything for a Short time Only. Silvani satins in Blackband coloured Plain and brocaded. Cuss Neres Black and coloured. Tricot diagonals. Sergos Etc. Camel hair and Wool sateen velvets and velveteen in All colors Plain and brocaded. Silk Pongee dress plaids in single and double Width and trimmings to suit ail dress goods. Gloves laces and fancy goods. He is now showing the largest Stock kid gloves mits laces and fancy goods for ladies Aud children Over brought to our City. La silk hosiery he has an Euliess variety and eau not be undersold. Millinery in All styles and makes bonnets and hats Ostrich plumes tips Bibbons and trimmings there. This department is under first class Artistes who will please the will be found tastes All. Flannels blankets linens Cotton goods Tow Elings Domestic prints Gingham alpacas comforters Canton flannels and hosiery. Among the other things which were very extensively purchased by his agents was the most magnificent Stock dross goods All kinds Ever seen in any dry goods House in Texas. Especial attention was Given to purchasing fall and Winter Silks and he can also give the greatest bargains in i Wuenn xxx xxx the Stock clothing is the largest Ever brought to Texas and embraces in the late patterns Prince Albert cutaway. Frock and sack suits. A very Large and Complete Stock ladies misses men s Aud boys shoes and boots. A full line Stetson soft and stiff hats. Alaiff a full Stock gentlemen Stu Knish no goods. Furniture and carpets. His furniture department is Complete with household goods,.and he will suit everybody in this line. Among other goods we find Plush parlor suits mohair parlor suits Walnut and body Brussels and Ingram carpets bugs matting country orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. Ash bedroom suits wardrobes chairs curtains window shades Etc Send for samples. It is not the proposition to give these goods away because they have Cost Money Aud hence will be sold Only at greatly reduced rat leg. Iii coining and examining my Stock and seeing prices every one will be convinced that i mean business. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street. Mig margay in lace curtains for flirty Days. Erastus Reed. A a. And . A. Brooks. Robert h. Hunstock l. Orynski amp co., v. Wholesale and retail druggists new Orleans March 18.�?-a Yyi Nona miss., special to the times Democrat gives the following particulars the circumstances leading to the tragedy enacted at Carrollton miss., yesterday some months ago Robert Moore a Young Man from Leflore county went to Carrollton. There he meted Brown coloured with whom he had an altercation and the negro smeared and poured him molasses which he carried in a Jug. J. M. Liddell. Or. Of Greenwood a Friend Moore a happened to meet with Brown and made some allusions to his treatment Moore. Brown gave him some impudence and i Uddell started at him but was prevented by bystanders from attacking him. The negro then went and armed himself and induced others to do likewise. They stationed themselves the streets some concealing behind Trees. When Liddell came after supper from the hotel he observed them and Askari what they meant whereupon de Brown responded that it was none his did business. At that Liddell struck at de Brown with his fist and Edward and Charles Brown his brother both simultaneously fired upon Liddell one Ball striking the Elbow his right Arm. About this time some 15 20 shots were tired from different quarters. Liddell pulled his pistol and nit Edward Brown in the Abdomen and received one shot in the Fleshy part his leg. Charles Brown was shot in the shoulder. The parties who had taken part in the affray were brought before the mayor forthwith but waived examination and were bailed to appear before the next circuit court. Threats were continually made by the Brown Brothers that they would have Jim Liddelle a blood further that they had five double barrel shot guns loaded seven fingers deep and would a kill the first Man who put his foot their the 12th instant they made affidavits against James Liddell and others including some the Best citizens the place and men who knew nothing the difficulty charging them with assault with intent to murder in the previous difficulty. Previous to the opening the trial yesterday Brown boasted the Street that he had his body guard and would shoot the first Man that made a motion in his direction. The Case was called at noon when the court House was nearly tilled with negroes who stationed themselves around and about the Brown Brothers. The attorneys were proceeding with the Case when suddenly appeared about too White men All Well armed. Perceiving their Entrance de Brown Drew his pistol and fired in the direction Liddell who was Between his attorneys and thereupon the firing became general. Ten were instantly killed and two others have since tiled. Some escaped by jumping through windows a distance at least 20 feet from the ground. On most the dead bodies arms were found. The room was a can Petely filled with smoke. The judges Bench is the North Side the room and the benches facing it Are towards the South. It is a very Large room with windows All around. In the South Wall were counted 135 shot holes in the Wall the passage leading Down stairs to shot holes and in the benches 30 shot holes. One shot struck the Northeast window Sash and glanced into the Wall. Five other shots show the North Wall from the direction the benches. Large pools blood were the floor the court Robin. The mob then left As quickly and As quietly As they came in. The general impression is that this will end further trouble As heretofore a few the negroes killed were constantly creating bad feeling Aud led other negroes peaceably inclined to produce strife Between the Whites and Blacks. The Good people Carrollton deprecate All this and regret that inno cent coloured people were drawn into the affair. Gone far enough. St. Louis March 18, following telegrams were received to Day Denison Texas March 18.�?to h. M. Hoxie first vice president Missouri Pacific railway and leased lines St. Louis business men this Community think that in the present contest Between the railroads and the strikers the railroads Are unquestionably right and that to yield to the unreasonable demands the strikers would be a Publio calamity As it would be a virtual surrender the right property. There is no stopping place Between the present position knights labor and communism and we hone the railroads will stand firm and let the question be settled once for All. Public sentiment is growing stronger and bolder in its condemnation the present lawlessness every Day. Then follow the names 41 firms and business men. Crockett Texas March 18.�?to ii. M. Hoxie St. Louis we the undersigned citizens Crockett Houston county Texas desire herewith to express our Hearty approval the decided stand taken by you in the contest pending Between yourself and the knights labor. We View with apprehension and fear for our country a welfare the establishment principles dictation to corporate and individual business. Your Success failure Means Success failure to All enterprises requiring labor. Your cause is a just one your fight also and we join hands with you in the common cause. And now is the time to decide the question continued Prosperity continued want. If you Are successful Trade will revive and flow untrammelled in its accustomed channels. Of you Compromise it will Only delay a Little while the evil Day and the present scenes loss and turmoil will be yearly if not monthly occurrence and we heartily believe our legislature should meet Aud enact Laws making it a felony to interfere with Block the transportation the Commerce our state others. This is accompanied by the names 61 Arras Aud business men thai place. St. Louis March 18. general impression prevails this morning in Railroad circles Here that the Gould strike is nearing an end. The resumption in this City suburban passenger traffic without interference from the strikers is looked upon As a hopeful sign and the partial re establishment freight traffic at other Points is regarded in the same Light. Knights labor Are jubilant Over the determination Powderly grand master Workman the knights labor to Confer with the dissatisfied Gould knights and they express Confidence that his efforts toward a settlement Tho difficulties will result successfully and in their favor. This together with the announcement that receiver Sheldon the Texas Pacific railway agreed to submit the question the Justice the discharge Hall Marshall Texas to an arbitration warrants the belief that the strike is about to end. Early suburban trains departed time this morning and the company expect no More opposition to the running the trains. No attempt has been made As yet to Day to Start any freight. Everything is quiet at the different Yards and although Small groups strikers Are gathered together just outside it is confidently believed that the knights will continue their quiet Demeanour. Despite the fact that officials the railroads venturing in blast St. Louis at their meeting yesterday decided to not accede to the demands the dissatisfied switchman and yardman the men in the Yards at that place Are at work As usual this morning no strike having been ordered. Affairs in Sedalia. St. Louis March 18.�?a special from Sedalia to the Globe Derao crat says the committee engineers which has been in session Here for the past two Days decided to Day to stand by the Railroad company and faithfully perform their contract unless they Are forced from their engines by actual violence. It is understood that the firemen have have reached the same conclusion and both classes men now stand ready to respond to Calls to run their engines. This action has had no apparent depressing effect upon the strikers who Are reported As saying that the engineers and firemen have done this from the Start and yet the Railroad company has not been Able to run freight trains. Chief Engineer Arthur did not come Here As it wan expected he would. He remained Over in Chicago where it is understood he is adjusting the difference said to exist Between engineers the Chicago Burlington and Quincy and the management that Road. Governor Marmaduke and state labor commissioner Katch Tilky passed through Sedalia today in route to Kansas City. Both Are reported to have said that they believe the strike will be Over in a few Dava. The Emerald Isle. Magnolia writes a Short chapter Good advice. Come and see our markets. 8. Reported expressly for the Light by 8 Floyd amp co., Ai Soledad Street new York March la. A Rotten a spots firm middling 9 3-u a sales is Pules. Futures easy sales 88,711 Bales March asked april 9.19<rp.j0 May w.j0 &9.31 june 9.40@9.4l july 9.4hr<&9.49 August �.58@�.68 september 9.400.9.41 october ?r>9.j5 november. 9jj2 asked. New York. March la. A Stock Market a Northwestern Lohn i Delaware and Lackawanna 126 St. Paul., Ike. Liverpool March 19.�? Cotton a spots quiet middling and Orleans a l-16d sales 10,000 Bales receipts 14,900 Bales american Sobo Bates. Futures quiet and steady March april 4.59 bid april May 4.00 bid May june 4.03 Chicago March 19. A Grain and provision Market wheat May weak 83�?~/�c. Fern May steady Asse. Pork May weak 9.874. Lard May quiet 0.00. Receipts wheat is Hoo bushels. Corn 14i,h00 bushels. Hogs 13,000 head. Shipments wheat 10,000 bushels. Corn 70,000 bushels editor san Antonio Light. San Antonio March 18.�?to say that the exercises at St. Mary a Church yesterday were meat interesting and would not be doing the services ample justly for the whole arrangement was simply perfect. The Church was most tastefully and elaborately adorned with the a Emerald and with snowy Flowers interspersed Between the picture St. Patrick the Patron Saint the Day seemed to smile with a Beneficent brow Over the vast congregation that had assembled to do him Honor. The choir and music was faultless a he Sweet voices the singers arose and fell with a tender pathos that would move even a heart Stone into life and rapture. Heaven has bestowed upon miss Marie Lacoste one its choicest blessings in the gift a magnificent voice which has been Well cultivated and used to advantage. It seemed tame yesterday when i was in the Church As if the heavenly Host had poured Down a divine influence to suit Boti the Day and hour. Father Conner gave a touching and eloquent Sermon the very Best in be heard for years. He echoed my sentiments exactly when he said a that when we lose our loved ones and the grave hides them from our mortal sight forever what Comfort would we have if it were not for the consolations religion and the Hope immortality beyond the i know that personally i would not care to live one hour if it were not for this blessed Hope and that thought that when this earthly bitter strife is Over something better is beyond the grave to recompense us for All the trials and sorrows this transient life. If i had not been so financially stranded i would like to have attended the exercises at the Casino Hall but i live in Hopes a better Day. I would like to Tell my countrymen tile land league that i would like to join their society if women Are allowed to enter their sacred precincts. I have lived in this City nearly two years but in be never yet received a favor from a brother irishman. In be found my Best friends and patrons among americans and germans. There Are hosts Irish who Are ashamed to own their blood and ancestry and it was perfectly ridiculous to see outsiders and negroes a wearing Green a which made our country a Emblem a mockery and a delusion. It was a precious Good thing when i walked up main Street that i Wasny to my countryman John l. Sullivan if i was some those jiving trifling darkies would have seen a a stars that were not celestial. If every Man Irish blood would be honest and True and not ashamed his race we would be More United and have a better influence than we have at present. The Mere fact that Ireland is ground under the Heel the English oppressor is no reason Why her sons in free America should not be proud their race and ancestry. We have reason to be proud for we can Point to some the finest and Best minds this Earth has Ever known that have had their being and education in that land love Ami Beauty the dear old a akm immense display Easly sp1ibc novelties. They Are pronounced to be simply Superb examine cloth Albatross suiting canvass cloth lace canvass cloth Homespun Bourette cloth Fine Novelty Robes egyptian lace Floun cing consisting foulard sateen French sat teens Fine Batiste imported Gingham Linen lawns crinkle seersucker Linen finish lawns immense line Percale. 400 Large Stock pieces new jerseys just received. New matting White and coloured. Haas amp Oppenheimer 2 12 and 21 4commorse Street. The grocer Emanuel Abrahams is offering for the remainder this month great bargains in Erald Magnolia. Injunction entered. Little Rock March 18.�?to-Day Chancellor Carroll entered the restraining order recently issued forbidding persons originally mentioned from interfering with the St. Louis and Iron Mountain railway property in Pulaski county to the 18 counties through which the main line runs. All is quiet Here and there is a general feeling satisfaction Over the report that the strike will soon be settled. Anc dispensing pharmacists South 8idemuilary Plaza Corner South Flores Street san Antonio. Texas. 2-Lmf no Street cars out. Columbus o., March 18.�?Street cars none the lines came out this morning pending a conference for settlement wages which has been in Progress for two Days. The consolidated company last night agreed to increase wages from 25 to 50 Leiua which was not accepted. Employees ask an increase from 25 to 60 cents per Day and 40 minutes for meals. A the most popular cigarettes Are the opera puffs at popular prices. 4-7-l-8y6 want contracts abolished. New York March 18.�?All the cloak makers in the City numbering 1500, Are out a strike. They do not ask for an increase wages but merely demand that the contract system be abolished so that they Deal directly w Ith the firm themselves. Personal. I. C. Anderson the contractor is in the City. Captain Henry Scott Refugio is in the City. C. Ii. Florian returned last night from new Orleans. Or. George j. Wilson Hondo City a prominent ranch Man Medina county is in the pity. The Light this morning received a Call from . E. Viezca Parras state Coahuila Mexico who was accompanied by . Lorenzo Castro this City. Or. Viezca is the ton governor Viezca Coahuila and Texas and is an sex senator from his state to the mexican Congress. He comes to san Antonio business and pleasure and expresses himself highly pleased with the City and her people. Or. Theo. Hart jr., a Veteran news paper editor from Pennsylvania and who is also a member the legislature that state gave the Light Sanctum a pleasant visit this morning. Or. Hart is an intelligent conversationalist Well posted in current a lairs and visits Texas after an absence twelve years. He finds Many changes and improvements Over the state. He is stopping at the Manger and will be with us for several Days to come. The Latch string the Light office will always hang out for Bim. L. M. Lang and w. T. Jones Austin r. Eastman and d. Brown Chicago by. C. Wood Joliet m. A. Withers look Hart d. C. Pryor Austin c. Benavides Laredo l. Crawford Galveston Jeff Mclemore and w. Ferguson Kyle j. Ii. Higley Karnes j. B. Charlton fort Clark d. E. Mclennan. Bexar colonel Sidney Mead Floresville j. 8. Dunlay Houston e. Melville and j. H. Moses Austin w. G. Butler and Theodore but Ler Karnes la. P. Ortra Eyer Walter Mcfarland and j. F. Rice Louisville by. D. F. Swann Palestine s. E cart hers Carthage n. M. T. W. Turner Schulenberg Are at the Southern. A when you need any around Aud get prices at the Light office. Additional City news. There will be a Surprise party tonight in the upper part the fourth Ward. A the Universal loan and building association meet this evening at their office. A the new sidewalk in front the Madison Square Church has been completed a the mexican circus Dolorosa Street will give a performance to Morrow evening. A a Gold locket lost in Houston Street is now at the police Headquarters awaiting identification. �?1the county has employed . C. P. Smith to superintend the construction the new Bridges. A the caledonian club met last night when live new members were added to the organization. A Pat Muldoon is convalescent and Able to be the streets again after severe attack bilious fever. A a new and much needed crosswalk has been Laid Alamo Street from Wolf amp Marx a Corner to Ziliani a Corner a the Steele child injured East Commerce Street last wednesday afternoon is in the care . Amos Graves. A the Jack Harris Corner is still a Bone Contention Between the insurance adjusters and the owners the property. A that literary canine a mops a the property . Max Lindner has been presented with a Silver Collar by several admirers. A the ladies the Cumberland presbyterian Church Are arranging for a missionary Tea party for the Benefit the Church will occur soon. A a child Henry Johnson living near the International railway depot in the second Ward died last night from convulsions from teething. A a meeting the Young ladies who have agreed to take part in the Walter Drill will be held in in the san Antonio rifles Hall to Morrow afternoon. A government Hill was thronged with carriages and buggies and their occupants yesterday afternoon to witness the evolutions the Garrison dress Parade. A messes. Baker and Farron appear at Turner Hall to Morrow afternoon evening and also sunday night. They give the irresistible Absurdity a a soap . Cyril Searle gives a a sweethearts next saturday. A Clinton Winston the Young brakeman the International railway who lost one leg in an Accident some months ago leaves for Palestine to Morrow to see what pecuniary assistance he can obtain from the company a Henry Brown alias Tolbert Britton alias Henry Johnson was arrested last night by detective Hughes. Britton is a adored Man and is wanted at san Marcos it is suspected for breaking into a car the International and gloat Northern Railroad. A mayor Callaghan a Boulevard at the beginning the Fredericksburg Road. Is being finely macadamia de and finished by the Street roller which has been extricated from the mud and is at its accustomed work pressing gravel and causing runaways nervous horses. A just received at full Era a drug store a few copies a a Johnson a homoeopathic family practical guide to Homoeopathy also family cases. 1-7-tt fish pickles jellies Aid preserves below find what i am offering and Call while they Are yet in Stock 20-lb. Pail pickled Salmon a $1.50 20-lb. Pail Lake White fish 1.50 20-lb. Pail big no. I Mackerel 1.50 50 kegs Holland Herrings Keg .75 50 kegs russian sardines to 10-Gal. Kegs new Kraut a a .60 2.00 these Are special bargains and will be sold in the next few Days. Iso would state we have All the above goods at retail and can be shown with pleasure. Call and see what we can offer in groceries. Iel is 206 Commerce Street. Try j. Walkers Golden Boot and shoe store for an easy tit. Hoot and Atmos made at prices to to cat kind ladies slices tile Uii everyone. He Ade to order. Mining while you wait s. B. Witchell agent 221 Commerce Street opposite Nic. Tengg sold stand. P. Simm Ang. A. Ham i Al Oyster fish and game. Riverside cafe restaurants Aud at. Fech Oiz s Hail Corner Commerce and los a Josaya Tittio lop lunch and meals at All hours f Olite waiters in attendance. Everything served in first Elm s style. 7-88-bm
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