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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 18, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Up gaily Xiy Frt wednesday March 18,1891. A physicians advice. I offered for Yeaw from gear Rel debility. Tied other remedies and got no Relief. My physician prescribed s. A Al f Tao reused in flesh my appetite a proved i gained strength was made Young again it la the Best Medicine i know of of a a my to hex Oakland City lad Send for our Book on blood and Prim diseases. Swirl specific co., Atlanta on. Little of everything. Free visiting cards. How to get then inquire of p red. Small City sub a caption agent of the daily Light. Have you lost found or want anything ? of so advertise in the daily Light and it will be made known. Ranted 100,000 live Yankees to come to Texas with their capital to develop the country and push the old Mossback out. _. Ranted every Republican in Texas to subscribe for the daily or weekly san Antonio Light the Only is nine Independent Republican paper in e South. Daily san Antonio Light the cheapest and Best afternoon paper in Texas delivered by mail or Carrier nights of pythias endow ment rank offers the Best and sales insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the order or t. B. Johnson at the i Igot office i too will buy a Nice two 8tor> Brick House and a Good established grocery business centrally located. Jno. T. Hambleton or co. Alamo brewing association. Best Pale Vienna. Lager and bottled Beer. Orders promptly attended and delivered to any part of tile City free of charge. F anger a to All poott8�? North and East through Tama cd Rev Pullman sleepers Between Points in Texas and Chicago St. Louis and Kansas City. Chose connections in ail of the above cute with Fiat trains of Eastern and Northern line make the m e at. The beat line to York Boston Montreal and St. Paul. Gbo. A. Eddy i h. C. Choub i iu0wtct a Frey Gen. Sup. Sedalia to. J. staff la m Sedalia to. Ii. P. Hughes. Gaston meatier a Kwh to Gen l pact a Al. Gee pane att Ket at to. A i. Frets cuing Dent debt do Haiat Houston Street Over hens Ley. A a ont Gold crowns and brides h-8-Ly. Us one of these occasions moved by a strange impulse of womanly compassion which she herself hardly under stood she took in Bot ii by own and pressed it to Lier lips. The Strong Man started As if stung by a Viper clasped her passionately to Fer n for one moment Aud kissed her of if whole soul went into the Caress and then thrust her fiercely away and rushed headlong from the room. The morning after this strange outburst the Prince suddenly announced to her that he must leave her that very Day on an errand which might detain for several weeks and before she had time to recover from her amazement at this unexpected news for hitherto he had hardly let Ber out of sight and would never allow her to go beyond the Castle Gates alone he was actually Goue and she stood watching lessening figure As he spurred Black horse along a narrow Zigzag broken path which skirted the Brink of a precipice so terrific that few men would have cared to pass it even at a walk. But just then she caught a fragment of the talk of two passing pea suit avd Veiler who like herself had paused to watch the reckless course of the Distant horseman. said Tho younger of the two who was a stranger in that neighbourhood a if Yon Prince of thine alway rides As madly As this he hath done Well to marry again so soon lest the race of Kere Senyi should end with a the hath naught to fear on that score. Nephew a answered the older Man solemnly. A it was foretold to Long ago by a Tongue which cannot lie that no living thing Man or beast shall have sower to touch life and that when hour comes he shall go Clown alive into the grave a Madeleine was almost ashamed to find How immeasurably relieved she Felt by Keret Senyi a departure but before Many Days were Over she had Good cause to Wisn Back again. In that lifeless atmosphere the exciting influence of fierce feverish vitality we As like the plunge of an Avalanche into a still Mountain Lake and now that he a Goue the gloom and silence and utter loneliness of this abode of the dead were almost More than she could Bear. It was not Long too before she discovered that Tho Ghostlike attendants who peopled her Solitude were keeping a Stealthy but incessant watch upon All her movements which was even harder to endure than tile jealous vigilance of her terrible bridegroom had been. When she strolled through the neglected Garden or the w Ide Bare courtyard she would suddenly catch sight of a Black Robed silent form dogging her Steps like a haunting Shadow. She could not walk Tho battlements without seeing a Pale lean. Corpse like face peering out at her from an adjoining loophole. No opposition indeed was made to the continuance of her morning rides but whenever she ordered out her horse two of Tho mute phantoms that guarded her instantly mounted their horses to la ear her company. It wits Plain that for any victim once caught in those fatal toils there was no escape but death and she Felt instinctively that death itself was already hovering Over her and that its stroke would not be Long delayed. And now came a passing sgt Ell of wet and Stormy weather that lasted for several Days during which Madeleine unable to venture out employed her enforced Leisure in exploring the Interior of the Castle Many parts of which were still quite new to her. She was All the More inclined to occupy herself in this Way because Here and Here alone she wag left unmolested by the ceaseless vigilance of the spies who dogged her every movement elsewhere. In the course of one of these rambles she came upon a Long narrow gloomy passage which she followed without knowing Why. The rooms that opened out of it bore such Marks of neglect and decay As showed that they must have lain uninhabited for years but Midway along the corridor she met with an even More striking Token of disuse Aud abandonment the doorway of a room which had been actually built up As if it were never to be occupied again. This of itself would have been nothing very remarkable in such a place but Madeleine was startled to perceive by tile freshness of the work that this room must have been closed up within the last few years. Of what dark and mysterious tragedy had these voiceless stones Beau the unite witnesses had Are terrible husband like other men of whom she had read walled up one of enemies alive in this dismal Retreat to perish by the slow torture of thirst and Familia or had he a but at that thought she lung out her Banda wildly As if thrusting away from her some Hovrie Bow Specter and was just turning to go Back when silo happened to notice that one of the posits of this blocked up door had parted slightly from the surrounding Woodwork leaving a crack through which it was possible to tee into the mysterious chamber. Driven by an impulse beyond her control she crept up to it and peeped through. There was not much to be seen within after ally Only a Bare Dusty unfurnished room at the farther end of which Hung a Black curtain. But a strange horror fell suddenly upon her us she gazed and springing Back As if from the Edge of a precipice she turned and fled away. Two Days after Madeleine was wandering aimlessly Alene by tames Nej Gal to he continue charming suburb Beautiful Uke View addition. Every inducement offered investors. Choice resident lots and three acre blocks on the Cai line for Sale at Low prices. The electric car service which is now in operation has no Superior in America. Lake View cars leave the Post office at regular intervals daily. Five cents will take you to Highland Park where you will get one of the finest views in Southwest Texas. New England land co. We p. Watson. Genl. Manager no. 9. E. Houston St. Be prudent buy properly which increases in value daily and feel Safe a Belleview property be of the Best safest and most profitable investments to which we can recommend the attention of the Public is in the Purchase of b Al l l Al v i in Vav addition property. The location is Beautiful High and level the Best soil for the making of clean streets anywhere. An electric Street railway system will be in operation by the is cd March 1891. I he property will soon be taken up by speculators on account of its favourable location therefore buy As Longes you can get it out of first hands. For particulars apply to capt. Edgar Schramm Light office no. I East Commerce Street san Antonio. Texas. Consumption. I have a positive remedy for the above disease by it Nae thousands of Cleee of the worst kind and of Ion a Landing have been cared. Indeed so Strong is my Faith in its Efficacy that i will Bend two Bott us muck with a valuable treatise on this disease to any sat Farer who will Send me their express and . Address. T. A. He Oculi m. A. Isi Pearl hi., n. Y. Ponderous purses of Pompeii. A Man May have a ponderous purse Aud filled with a Bisig Gold but be May become a pauper if he is not careful about expenditures. When times Are hard and Money scarce it becomes people to spend their Money in the most economical manner possible in other words to get the very largest returns tor it. The poorer classes Are obliged of necessity to do this but those who Are better off Are frequently notional about purchasing goods Aud pay big retail prices for articles that they might buy for one half their original costs or Jess you ask How is this. Well there Are located Atno 248oledad Street adjoin int the court House the watch makers and jewellers who beside traits acting a regular Paw broking business conducted upon an open straightforward honorable basis ii reality collateral banker that take on Deposit not Money but Fine diamonds watches jewelry household goods etc., in fact nearly every kind and description of article from the finest to the cheapest. Many a costly article has been bought at first hands and in a Short time fret hypothecated and then offered to the Public at one half or less than the original Price paid for same. Times Are very hard and Mono scarce Aud we would advise you even if you have a few dollars ahead to Call on j in. Emerson amp co., and look Over their bargain list before Pur chafing from first hands at High prices. What can t be found any where else the changes Are that these popular jewellers and brokers have it the fact is j. In. Emerson a co. Holl the Bridge Irmes Morphy amp co. Architects a and superintendents. 4-04 e. Houston St. San Antonio. Tex. Win thee Tauy tarnish information rest a a to buildings Frow of charge and guanine so satisfaction to is who a it favor then Witt heir work. 12-h-tf m. Herweck a dealer in paints oils and gras agent Kok gee. Vav. Pitkin amp cos 7.ird be Ste ton90 painting and training a sped no. Is Alamo 8trket. A. Effie to Hhd and Hul p a not r shop. Fast Commerce sire of a run oot it i line von to Materia boo of to neat work a reasonable prot olt Elmendorf amp co., main Plaza Sam Antonio Gin farming and Mill machinery of All kinds mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft my de. Threshers engines Scales movers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Belle Wako grand Liew addition it is now on the Market its location. Grand View addition is situated about two and Ono fourth Miles Southeast of the Post office which la in w the Center of population of the City. It covers a Range of High Hills about two Hundred feet above the surrounding country. Consequence the drainage is away from it on ail sides. W links Cohn Riis and Fine property was originally Survey a in 1845 by Joseph a. Tivy and the Corners actually established upon the ground with witness Trees to each one and the Boundary lines nearly marked and All of w hich Are clearly identified now therefore there is absolutely no posit to of chances in lines made by every new Surveyor who May Survey there in the future. This subdivision Bas been made and Nar Tully surveyed by a m. Lick county Surveyor and John d. Hullmann Surveyor and it Lri it tighten an. The Corners of ail the blocks Are and All streets Are mount nested. He streets All run East and West anti North Aud South and the avenues Are Laid out and fit the contour of the Hills James Avenue connecting East end addition with South Heights my Park Terrac editions. Each Block is so situated As to get the Benefit of the Fine View As Well As the prevailing Southeast wind. Many of those Hills Fine building Stone the same As that in the >vr1s of the missions Anc Alamo crop out and in be Cut and quarried with pick axe to blocks of suitable size s for building this a Lack hardens us soon As exposed to the Atmos Here. And can be Laid in the Walls of houses at a Cost of on a tenth the Price of br1ok and is much better building material. The Quarry cropping Are Only once Tail Hills confined to i Ben selves while the soil n the others cannot be surpassed am where in the country being 4 Sandy chocolate Loam which during hairy weather does not become Muddy hence we have Fine hard ground in grand View during the most inclement weather. Being South East t the cite on High Bills Overlook g the City and surrounding country a person hardly neds reflect tin great advantages this subdivision Bas in Ere ther port ors of the City being the first r de of Between san Antonio and the Gulf the prevailing South East from the Gulf wha h blows for nine Moths of Tho year has no interruption until it reaches this property and after passing Over it. Passes on through the cemetery thence through the City to the Nort West people coming two or thre thousand rail s for res pure air. Should see that they get it before others have used it. The prevailing South East Breeze carries a1 the Smoko dust impurities and malaria in directly the opposite direction from this property. Upon the highest Hills Fine welts of pure water can be had at a depth of thirty five feet and of the drainage is Uway from them on All sides no seepage can containing a the water. Beli g situated Between East end on the North and South Heights on Tho West the development of any of these line Subda is Iona will assist to Hullo up the others. Al or to cars re now running through South Heights to within a fourth of a mile of grand View on the West while Tbs projected ear line through East end will run to within a Quarter f a mile of grand View on the nor hand the projected car line of the Park Terra e company will be but a Bort distance for in grand v of on the South West. Immediately to the oust about one mile a d upon the property of the owners of grand View addition Are the Beautiful picnic grounds known As Lees Bend of the Salado whore is now situated the finest Aile n Bexar con fit surrounded by one of the finest forests of giant Mossy Oaks. Elma Hack Bern we nut. Pecan and cab r Trees to be found in the state. This Beautiful Lake Ltd fed from numerous Springs and has the Salado Creek coursing at All times through it. of Tho nimrods school children and o d Tim is to Here let so Berd and picnic Grout is me and you will find out at once that it is Only three and one half Miles a Little South of East Trot the Post office the streets in this addition Are All sixty feet wide the avenues eighty feet wide a d the re Are no lots less ban fifty feet front by a depth of one Hundred and to feet title �?th1 Grant was made by the state of Texas in 1845, to George w. Paschal and it a 1847 sold by tog Doon Loo. And in 1890 by Lee sold to the present owners which show to annul Clear and perfect claim of title. Full warranty deeds even to purchasers. Prices a j he prices of these i to at the Start will be from fifty to oho Hundred and fifty Dollar each wih right of owners to change the Price at any time he terms will be one third Cash the balance in one and two years with eight Ier Cut. Interest of Deli rred a met is. Of Quot for further i Aitt Culuris and information Call on j. V. Dignowity general mgr. Old Post Ifni a bul Ding Opp. Mender hotel who will be plea de to show purchasers rope Rev by time. Over Martin amp Schryver. Of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building Materia of All kinds shapes and sizes in Ion Nionia i to. Of in Moo. Weka Stum Lyon and i m iv., 11 ii a it it of the never a t St parsed Halbal Babb and fun Chi v i f we pm competitor ii Price and goods. Me and be convinced office youth of Sunset depot. San Antonio Texas

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