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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 18, 1887, San Antonio, Texas Friday March 18, 1887. Railroad time table. L g. N. A abroad. Departuiui8. For St Louis via to. Pm. Route. 4 30 p. In for St. Louis. Via Iron mountain.8 a. In for St. Louis via Missouri Pacific----8 00 a in for Laredo. 10 45 a. M arrivals. From St. Louis Missouri Pacific 10-50 p. In from St. Louis via Iron Mountain 10 50 p. M from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. 10 60 a. In from Laredo.3-30 p. In s. A. Amp a. P. Railroad. Arrivals and Dispart urls. Until further notice our Truls wit run daily except sunday As follows southbound trains. Leave san Antonio.10.30 a. In. Leave Beeville at.4.16 p. In. Arrives at Corpus Christi. 8 35 p. In. Northbound trains leaves Corpus Christi. 6 46 a. In. I eave beeville.11.10 p. In. Arrive at san Antonio. 4.00 p. In. Archly. is not a impulsively. A you Are right As you always Are. Mariana a he Rose a this hour a a looking Down with liquid fire in his Blue eyes into her face a it has been too delicious. Let us Seal it and put it away she knew too Well what he meant. She Shook her head. A ajl o you refuse to Seal our compact Mariamo it gift Terril de to refuse him. She to be continued until april. A Malden fair. New Southern Pacific time. San Antonio has now two trans Dally to and from new Orleans. The new time card of the Southern Pacillo a o 8 in Force today giving two trains daily As follows eastbound. San Antonio leave.8 30 a. In. Houston 3 pm. Houston depart .5 45 p. In. New Orleans arrive. .8 0? a. In. San Antonio leave. 8 56 . Houston arrive .6 00 a in. Houston depart. 6 Iua. In. New Orleans arrive.8 05 . West bound. New Orleans leave.7 20 p. In. Houston arrive. 8 25 a. In. Houston depart.9 55 a. In. San Antonio arrive.6 50 p. In. New Orleans leave.7 15 a. In. Houston arrive. 9 40 . Houston depart.tf55 p. In. San Antonio arrive. .7 20a. In. The advantage of this service is apparent As it prevents a frequent Lay Over of twelve hours at Houston. So in i i cures rheumatism neuralgia Hack Caila he Toothache sprains ,tic., Clr. Prick fifty it i non. _ he do cog i its Ano Dale is. The Charles a. Youells co. Baltimore. By. For pain conditions. Miss Weber a mistake. By mrs. W. H. Palmer. Your voice your presence mwgdruu., j but i will not altogether overcame my Resolution ask you to forgive me. When people have crossed an impassible Gulf there is no Way of getting Back Aud it is useless to apologize. We have passed that Gulf Marian. We Are no longer friends we Are lovers. We Are More than lovers we Are in the future Man and she was like a statue save for the faint Pink flush in the Taos the a Moa imperceptible tremble of her slim hands. A look at me Dearest. I have fright live without you. Could you think i would leave you alone with people who defame me a and he frowned. A mrs. Lauriston is my Best Friend Floyd a said miss Weber faintly. Ile did not fail to notice that she used his first name. A no Marian she is not for she would prevent our Union. And our Union Means happiness does it not ones Best friends do not seek to prevent their again miss Weber shivered without response. A you have a fortunes the Lauriston would have you marry a Fortune a Marble went on bitterly. A what they have against me is that i Ara poor. For All that i can make you Happy can i not answer me that Marian Weber do you not believe in your secret soul that i could make you Happy a a sometimes a she faltered a i have thought a think so always my Sweet Queen a Marian you Nave spoken to me in other member language to it or Shelley e than words. Do you res lines j Quot we a Are we not made us notes in music Are for one another though dissimilar i Quot your hearts answers yes to that mar Quot Tan Weber i love you i need you. You say it. Mariana that you love me she raised her eyes soft and languid by tilt emotion to Ilia face. For once Wen he Lover As he was of Bea bought her Beautiful. It is All very sudden Floyd a she said gently a but yet in some w ays x was prepared for i will to Knowledg that Ige Light that some time it this Between us if i have thou might come to were a Young girl now i might mis Trust myself i might from a sense of duty listen to others. But i am Twenty five. I have been my own mis a Lance. V i Quot her Cheeks Liko the fairest Rose in Sweet melodious trebles her voice runs like the Stream that flow so blithely Over the pebbles. Her Oyes a fathomed Depths of blues Flash Forth As clean and Bright As All Tho Silvery starlings do which stud the sky at night. Her flowing tresses uncontrolled fall Over her shoulders whiteness. It seems As if a mass of Gold Hung Loose in All its brightness. Her two lips form a Rosy Gate from out of which there comes sometimes the tune of some Sweet song which she so softly hums. She is the fairest in the land there a no maid half so pretty that i can twin her heart and hand is really quite a pity. But to the Man who wins her heart ill drink his health in water though to will very cruelly part me and my Little daughter a Henry Talcott Mills. She would t w ii. Of i r the i a a per f a a you a never catch me writing a letter to the Herald about my husband a said a Youngish looking woman in a Cable car talking so loudly that All the passengers easily overheard her a not me. I done to believe in telling strangers about my household affairs. But i done to mind telling you. Dear a she went on in a voice quite a loud As before and addressing her shopping companion a i manage my husband. Of it is so easy when you know . I reach him through his Bald spot. My husband is considerably older than i am you know and he likes to have his own Way too. But i manage him so nicely. All i have to do is to rub his Bald spot with a new hair restorative in be bought and Tell him that a new crop is beginning to sprout and comb up the Little bit of the old Stock be has left and talk a Little baby talk to him and i get just anything i want. Why you remember that Newmarket Seal i bought last month a and the Youngish looking woman who be caught writing for the papers went on with a Long list of triumphs Over her Bald headed but rather parsimonious lord quite unmindful of the filters and winks of the listening Herald. Two extremes of City i.lf�. Up id s 4 is City life favourable to women in one respect yes in others most certainly no. I had the curiosity to ask the head of one of new Yorkus great dry goods arms the other Day if he could give me any idea of the yearly Aggregates of the Bills of his heaviest customers. Twenty five thousand dollars he told Buum i v i amp us to Wile a to hours then write me your opinion of the same. A Tell my wherein you find me very like Rome Genius i o to the world Lias loved to read advise me where to print it if you please. And i will thank you very much tin great Are Ever prompt. He sent me Hack a letter couched m language fair and kind a your penmanship a a he said a vividly it brought the gifted Greeley to my mind a and in your lighter vein you make me laugh As Enetai did whose nooks in be Laboured through while your pathetic words affected Moas Twain and Artemus the show iian do. And often a word for word a i find you like some famous Man who Long before you wrought print where you please no editor but will think As i think urn treat you us he later i wrote the great Man and i said. A one Strong resemblance you have failed to see. I am like Stockton in Ilia Early Days my article has been returned to a mrs. George Archibald in the judge. Ent with him several others ears. I have known perhaps i know want better than any Tress a Good Many a Good Many people for myself what 1i one else she paused and pressed her hands softly but said nothing. As he pressed them she withdrew them gently from his. A i have a condition to she said firmly turning her love lit race to his again. A there must be no engagement Here. None in fact till our return. You we must behave friends Floyd. The Lauriston must see your character As i see it. Y of say a she went on As a frown settled Over his face again a that you came to prove your Power of self control. Now fi03 Fem ask too much a she echoed sadly. I am not myself where Rou ask too much a a too much la she echoed sadly a i am wrong. I am not my you Are concerned. You Are an Angel. How could i deny the Only thing you exact of me to Marian because i love you. Yes i prom ise Sweet test heart i will do my Best not to betray what you have granted me. And in return am i selfish to ask a return a but in return Promise Hie that our engagement anal be a abort one announced let us say before Chr Atmaa and consummated Early in the new a it is not quite an engagement yet a but you will Promise a a a if in you will do As i say. If you behave As a Mere Friend while we Are together so that i can Tell Georgina that i am testing your a i will do my Best to please you a you must stay away Hunting sketching fishing a As the rest do. Georgina and i Are nearly always alone. There is plenty of game Phil Porter has two splendid a ready you Are to get rid of me a reproachfully. A i that the was you construe me a what Nelly knows. She can not read a word of greek. Scan Virgil nor yet construe cd Char in mathematics she is weak there s nothing of the kind can please her. No French or German can she speak italian Only serves to tease her. Whether in poetry or prose these Are not things which Nelly knows. But that she Lias a face As Sweet As in a million you la discover combining beauties so Complete As give no option but to love her. And that she Lias a form Petite a Mouth where fairy dimples hover. Two Brown eyes and a Cheek of Rose these Are some things which Nelly knows. Perhaps too she May he aware of one who a barter crowns i win her finds her fair fairer and most fair and sees a Murn Ane goddess in her. But if she guesses does she care i can not Tell As in a a sinner to what Shell say when i propose is something none hut Nelly know so a puck. Spoiling a ii a gala. A yes aah sound Wondy Ful kind an True and a whoa Dar you Rascal now see de a Tell gence of de brute i War praising him and he a nudged me not to Lay it on too prospective buyer a guess i wont buy Clat Hoss. 5fout nudge me in de head some Day. Good a awning. A raid Der to be continued. I me one woman had s within a Twelvemonth an had grown poorer to the tune of $20,000 or $15,000. Thirty thousand dollars is not unheard of As the Price of the dress and toilet equipments of an extravagant City a extravagant Dames. At the other end of the social scale the a womanly employments of the very poor Are before the eyes daily. I see women raking in the Ash barrels for bits of Coal bags of fuel slug upon their backs women balancing heavy planks Aud broken Wood on their Heads pilfered from houses in process of erection women Bent in anxiety Over the offal buckets for stray morsels to eat and women on the shanty farms in summer doing As heavy outdoor Drudgery As under any phase of the old world civilization on which we suppose we have York Vav Omen and dogs. Sixteenth grand state Mumm at san Antonio Tex. New advertisements. Of my Back Hrej Strain or and Dpi Bra v. Tattoo. W. S. Taylor every it rain or cold attack that weak hark and nearly prostrate Yon. Is a the a Best tonic ? strengthen the Muncie a Scadie the nerve enriches the blood Given new vigor. Or j. L. Mtg by Fairfield Low Sass Quot Brown a Iron Bittor i Tho beet Iron Medicine i a a eng oilmen a a u on the Altern. Euett freely in my own a. W. F. Brown 637 main St., Covington. Byway Quot i a completely broken Down in health Ana troubled with pain in my Back. Browne Iron bitter entirely restored me to genuine is above Trade Mark and emceed red line on wrapper. Take no other. Made Only by Brown chemical of. Baltimore to infirmary remedies amp a. Eye pm nose and Throat. A those afflicted with any disease of the ryes ears. Nose or Throat can find the greatest Ana quickest Relie. And cure at the san Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of the kind in the state. Taylor amp son Roub bios and do co Rati or painters gliding grains paper hanging Kalso raining Ste. Ill h00st0h St. Sill aht01h9 Tei Carl Forst merchant tailor a foil line of imported and Domestic goods always in Stock. File slits slits made to order. At the very lowest rates. 3m Del Rio Texas. Seffel amp Herwick Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House painters Alamo St., Opp. Schol2 Hail. All work first class. Charge reasonable. Give a a trial. I eczema eradicated. Gentlemen it it due Yon to Lay that t think t am entirely Well of Exema after having taken Swift specific. I have been troubled with it very Little in my face Ainee tact Spring. At the beginning of cold weather last fait it made a alight appearance Bot went away and a never returned. 8.8.8. No doubt broke it up at least it put Ray system in Good condition and i got Well Balao benefited my wife greatly in is of Mick headache Aud made a perfect cure of a breaking out on my Little three year old daughter last summer. Watkinsville ga., feb. 13,1886. Rev. James v. M. Morri. Treatise on blood Sud skin disease mailed free. Piper amp Schulthess nos. 8, to 12,14 Yturri and 249 Market sis., dealers in Metal nails and Fence wires barbed and smooth annealed painted and galvanic Fino Staples Patent Keno stays. Roller blocks an guides stretchers ho., a. Roofing and Bright to Sheet Iron galvanised Iron steel Zinc Copper Bra a. Pig Iron pig Load solder a. Winners a supplies Tinner tools and machinery. Steal baling Tisa improved for Hay baling Presa. Agent for Cambridge roofing company a Iron and steel roofing and siding. Iron Ore paints amp. Union metallic car Trifid co s cart tips. All end Sand calibres. Shells. Wads. A. National Sheet Metal roofing Walters Patent tin shingles siding plates. A we make Low prices on car lots. If correspondent Soli dw-l-2-Ly Lorenzo Castro land claim and general agent is qualified to practice As agent Beton the department of the Interior. Land warrants. Mexican War veterans pensions obtained. Large tracts of Texas and Mexico. Land for sate in Urt Vii de. Ullum. Experience of eleven years As Salesman for l. Kunkel. A. Heusinger 810-312 military Plaza san Antonio Texas la tinware Agate Iron Ware and builder a hardware paint. Oils Glass nails cutlery Etc. Agent for the Dain aromatic Hay Stacker and gatherer the greatest labor saving machine for Perry a co s celebrated Cook stove. Champion Harvest Brighton ranges and Buford s steel and chilled plows sulky plows cultivator Etc., Etc. Landreth a Garden seeds Pence wire of every description and at lowest prices. Dealer in ��3 w Inch a Tilich Mankind Are i y condition of the Liss in a lint of turn kind such a Torpi Dity a . Nervous dyspepsia indigo fut Writy of Ria bowels Cost i potion Flat. Kmic tattoos mid burning of the stomach i Tiller called heartburn Miasma malaria in Kin Cinda mid fever break one fever Iii lion Uei urd or after fever chronic dim a i i. Of appetite. Headache foul breath a Al a to i incident a1 to feint.##, bearing i Blin backache ac., a. Stable Era a. St a.4 t ii i invaluable. It not a Panacea f All Ama of. Bat will cure Alt Dalea Selof t in live. Stomach Aud bowels. It it can thaxion worn a waxy yellow tinge a Iii tiny spirit. It is one of the but alterative i. A a Ltd m to to the lil it bilt Ami to a valuable tonic Sta Oicer Sahr anti i fat Sale by All druggists. Price is of per bottle. C. F. St dicer proprietor 140 so. Front St., Philadelphia a. Sale by a. Dreiss. Elite restaurant j. Loust Aneau amp co., Smith building main Plaza Staple amp fancy groceries Corner West Houston and Cameron streets. Telephone 286. Free lamp Yard. Orders promptly delivered free of charge. Or i v a fathers physician and surgeon. Chronic diseases and diseases of women and children a specially. Off los Nett a drugstore. Telephone Naua Martin amp Schryver i f All sorts kids and qualities i building material of Oil kinds shapes or Sixes. A Large assortment of ornamental i Guion always in Stock. We keep constantly on hand Warfle quantities of the never yet surpassed j. Halachis Barb and Fence wire. We Ore successful competitor in Price and goods. Come and be convinced. Office South. Of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas Alamo ice company 31 Cameron Street Telephone no. 229, san Antonio Texas. Six Days april 12,13,14,15,16,17. Oyer 500 singers and musicians the orchestra will be composed of forty of the Bast and most talented musicians of the United states under the direction of prof. Carl Beck. The greatest musical event Ever in the South i concerts Given at the grand opera House. The dog fad is developing again with even greater Force than Ever before. The other Day i walked along Twenty third Street from sixth to fifth Avenue Aud in that one Block met by count Twenty ravishing by pretty women who were either leading or carrying dogs from a pug to a scotch terrier. Setters Ami new four lands however seemed to be the favourites. It was quite too awfully Jolly to see a Bright eyed mild faced j rang woman leading a big newfound and Black and shaggy with one hand Aud carrying in the other a formidable dog whip. I done to believe the Young woman would have touched that dog with that whip for the world but Tho dog whip is a part of the canine impediments decreed by fashion and it never would have done to omit . A Star. A Why Jones,�?T.�?T exclaimed Sra itty when the pair Varc out tarrying to a either Day a a Beye gown Kuliu Borg fish wife the very creature. I suppose she a Emigrant. By Dove i would like to hear her calling out. A fresh Haddie fresh Haddie a or a caller herring a it would bring Back the Good old Days when you and i were doing Scotland a Iguess Jou done to know much Smith a replied ones. A fish wife Why that a a Beacon Hill Belle with her Toboggan suit Oaly a Boe to a courier. The Vassar min Cellan is authority for the statement that a a girl eau limit her incidental expenses at Vassar College inclusive of Hooka to $25 per annul a this of course puts the expenses of confectionery and $400 or $500 Worth of other incidentals of the Young Man a programme tuesday i 2th. Reception of guests and singers at Turner Hall. Wednesday 13th. Morning rehearsal of grand chorus. Afternoon Corson carriages will Start from the opera House at 8 o clock. Evening first concert at grand opera Bouse. Thursday 14th. Morning rehearsal of grand chorus. Afternoon Matlee. Night grand concert at the grand opera House. Friday i 5th. Forenoon grand procession with govern rent troops guests singers military and civil societies of the City. Afternoon picnic at a in Pedro Springs. N a hts Comers social gathering at Turner Hall. Saturday i qty. Bai room billiards Saloon restaurant. We Only keep the finest wines champagnes liquors and cigars both Domestic and imported. New Aud Best improved billiard tables. The restaurant is in daily reel it of fresh fish oysters and game. A specially in orders from families parties Etc. Berloe in first class style and perfect. Hilton amp Young real estate insurance and loan broken Omo no. 41 Soledad Street. Next to Patterson amp so udder a Bank. Third door from Houston Street. San Antonio Texas. Investment and loan agents. Have lands for farms gardens Stook ranches and colonies. Will give reliable Legal and bus Ness information to owners and purchasers in reference to titles taxes and value of lands in Texas. Forty years residence in Texas Saloon and restaurant. Oped div and night. The bar supplied with the finest of wines liquors and Cigar and the restaurant with the very Best to be in the Market. Milk amp Foj waste new Quot All orders promptly attended to. Polite waiters and satisfaction guaranteed. Will be pleased to have you Call. G. S. Geddes proprietor. Agents for pm bottled Beer and Thi Indian nation Coal. Thos. F. Kerr roofing and paving contractor. Of fico room 3 Soledad Block. Banks and Bankers. J. 8. Alexander. President. A. A us , cashier. Composition gravel and Shell roofing the most durable and economical roofing used. Many of the finest buildings to the United states Are covered with it. In Chicago 98 per cent and in St. Louis i percent of the building in the fir limits this roofing is used. Upon the new opera House any Many other flu Hooks n this Otty this roofing is used. Guaranteed for 5 to to years. It reference Given to roofing of is to so years standing. Texas National Bank. 258 Commerce Street. Tar a general banking business transacted. Draft on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Visitors Register Kje to Reading room where strangers in to eau oily Are invited consumption can be come. De. We. Forenoon meeting of delegates at turned Ball a a night Chat orchestra. My Ball at Casino Hall with full sunday i 7th. Afternoon concert at of Uthus Pavilion. Night great instrumental concert by the full orchestra of forty pieces at the grand opera House. Halls Balsam for Tho cures coughs colds pneumonia. Con a option a Broa chitin hoarseness asthma c whooping _ looseness m a coping Couch influenza and Al reduced rates have been secured Over All railroads. For particulars see pro gramme. Admission to concerts parquet and dress reserved seat 26 cent extra. Gallery.50 cent matinee bams prices without reserved Strati. Ball tickets for one gentleman and one lady.$6,0ti roup _ _ p a diseases of the breathing organs. It soothes and heals the membrane of the lungs inflamed and poisoned by the disease and prevents the night sweats and the tightness across the Chest which accompany it. Consumption is not an incurable malady. Halls Balsam will cure you even though professional Aid fails. For Sale by All druggists. John f. Denly amp oo., new York. Put write for illuminated Book. Blood elixir is the Only blood Hui body guaranteed. It is a positive our tor ulcer eruptions a syphilitic poisoning. It purifies the whole system and banishes All rheumatic and neuralgia pains. A guarantee it. For Sale by Ragland amp Kennedy by j. A 1mtow, pres j. W. Glass v. F Jas. P. Mabl cashier. The traders sati ofal Bam of san Antonio Texas. Transom a. General banking business. Is warranted is because it is the Best blood preparation known. It will positively cure All blood diseases purifies the whole system and thoroughly builds up the Constitution. Remember we guarantee it. For Sale by Ragland amp Kennedy by the Rev. George ii. Thayer of Bourbon ind., says a both myself and wife owe our lives to kill ohm a consumption for Sale by Dowling a f City drug store Ragland amp Kennedy chemists and pharmaceutics to no. 8 East Commerce Street proprietors Durdu Vuk drugs chemicals Patent medicines toilet articles Etc Etc. Nrprscierion8 accurately compounded Day or night. J. H. Marquart Boot and shoe manufacturer opposite doubt House. Boys boots and shoes of All descriptions in oaf a full line of heavy boots the Best in the Market Price 15.00. Come and examine them j. H. M. S $2 60 and $3.00 shoes in Button lace and Gaiter Are the Best in the Stattum pair guaranteed. Complete Stook of gents Fine Button lace and Gaiter shoes. They Ore the boots and shoes. I carry Oil kinds of shoe polish Foi a Moo fit and gent a coif boots from $4 upward Grain Button and lace. Every pair guaranteed. A Complete finest in the City. In addition to my Stock of ladies and children a shoes Aud the celebrated a a pm a blacking of orders for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. General satisfaction guaranteed it Quot repairing of gents and ladies dispatch Aud care. Shoes and boots a specially and attended to wit Quot a. Id. Chemist a Labh Nix and a doth sex t a no. 205 Alamo Plaza. Always on hand a full and fresh Stook of drug chemical Sud toilet article Are every thing found in a first a drug prescriptions made specially Aud will be prepared at All hour with care and dispatch. Telephone to 209

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