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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 17, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio daily i published at san Antonio. Bexar co Jonty Texas. Ano registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume 5o san Antonio Texas tuesday March i 7, i 89 i Price a year i Bank. Antonio Texas. J. S. Lockwood a resident . Safe Deposit vaults. Latest telegraphic. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up going to press will to to Madrid. Madrid March has acceded top aids request to con tribute to the Columbus exposition in Madrid. Few finos imposed. Paris March races at Auteuil today were largely attended. Only a few arrests of betters were made. Xxx Pearl Beer. The pares t and Best. Delivered to part of the City. Madame Ama clairvoyant act Quia Street son Antonio improving. New yogic March. Anna Dick i Sou is said to be gradually improving. She takes regular meals and is beginning to secure natural sleep at might. Wrecked Auci drowned. , March news has been received Here from finisterre that a fishing Maek was wrecked off Kelty and eight of the persons on Board of the unfortunate vessel were drowned. March on the 36 the instant the yellow Pine Lum Ber association of Alabama Florida and Mississippi will hold a meeting at the Exchange hotel in this City. An Irish Row. Dub Lin March 17. At an anti far Neltte meeting held at Newry banday there waa a scene of great disorder the Farnel Lites turning out in Strong Force and doing their utmost to break up the meeting. Fire in a potato slice. Detroit mich., March fire at Fowlerville. Mich., monday de tie Post office express office and a Lars re number of blocks and dwellings. The loss is placed at with a very Small insurance. She s tried it. New York March lady Cook formerly Tonnie o Claflin arrived yesterday. She said she had a great plan in her mind Lor the words fair in Chicago of a Congress of women interested in the emancipation of women from the slavery of marriage. Coolness. Berlin March Prince bismark has Dot yet Given his assent to a re sumption of direct communication with the emperor. His delay in responding appears to be due to a de termination to assure himself As to How the emperor la Likely soon to toward the leading statesmen who Are the probable successors of present i Leopold in Jondon. London March Leopold of Belgium is in London on business in connection with the affairs of the Congo state. Windthorst h successor. Berlin. March Porsch is mentioned As the successor of or. Windthorst in the leadership of the Centre party. Peace versus War. City Oak Mexico March Dent Barrillas of Guatemala is stimulating agriculture and Commerce As a sure prevent Ion of War. Site of Sietje Buenos Ayres March the state of siege of this City has been raised. Tae elections passed of quietly the Union Civica being victorious. A Canadian blizzard. Montreal March City and Vicinity have been visited during the past Twenty four hours by a terrific Hurricane and blizzard and great damage has been done to the City by the wind. T upal dispensation. Rome March Pope has granted a dispensation to the e catholics within the papal diocese from fast ing during holy week owing to pre Valence of influenza which has again made its appearance Here becoming prevalent. The la. In o. All i tight. Memphis March Louis Ville new Orleans and Texas railway officials announce that the breaking of the Sunflower levee does not affect their main line and that there is no interruption of traffic to Vicksburg or new Orleans. Llu Fiig artillery mules. City of Mexico March guatemalan government in buying artilery mules Here. Guatemalan dispatches say this is no reason for talk of War though Salvador is show ing distrust of the other Central american governments. A queer move. Paris March chilian insurgents have requested the French government not to allow the new War ships which have just been completed at Toulon for the chilian govern intent to leave that port for chilian Waters. Destructive Danube. Perth March has been a double Over flow of the Danube. The town of Duna fold Var is inundated together with the neighbouring country. Over 800 houses Are sub merged. Numbers of people have been drowned and a Large Quantity of cattle have perished. William and Biz. Berlin March emperor will visit Kiel at the end of the month and he will proceed thence to Rhona where he will review the ninth army corps which is commanded by Gen. Couet von Walder see. Bismarck has been invited to him. The Tio Vernines Geis in. London Mach threaten Mayer will hand Copen Hakon March sen the soap manufacturer who was arrested Early in a aril 1890, for participation in insurance frauds and who confessed on april 12, of the same year that be had strangled a named Muyer who had been Inis incr Jan. 7, 1800, and sent his to new York in a Lime cask been condemned to the death penalty for his crime. Late telegrams Down from private Spe Cial and other sources. Mexico is full or american Mexcur zionists. Work has ceased of Pasas Road. Galveston police round up a gang of Youthful burglars. Gua Tanala will be represented at Chicago world s fair. Bids Are invited for the lease of the Austin dam railway. There were four italian subjects killed at new Orleans. The yardman on All roads entering at Jan i a Are on a strike mrs. Sarnia Hubbard Mother of he sex governor is dead. California legislature still ballots or senator we Trout result. Italy will not an Iron Clad to the Mouth of the Mississippi. Mexico has been rattled by Earth quakes in several of the states. The u. S. Government will hardly do More than apologize to Italy. Luling rejoices in the rain which tame As a godsend to the Farmers. Don Lopez minister for foreign Aff Iris in the nicaraguan Cabinet. Mckee who shot and killed officer Feuu at Houston has been caught. Water at new Orleans is within six inches of the highest Ever recorded. There 1s a plight decline in liver Pool Cotton bin the Market is manipulated. The sober second thought of the country is against the new Orleans killing. The papers continue to drive columns of gossip once Ruig the new or eau Trou ble. The italian journals Are not As a Rule severe on the occurrence at new Orleans. If full of the k. Of p., who Ary there for the Gramt Lodge and Drill. Explosion of ammunition in the Oulu Rutan Arsenal Cairo kluft 100 murder term on Ami the Little pod testifies to the brutality of h Al father. The thunderer says Portugal will be called to account for seizing of that african Steamer. Italy is Well pleased with Prapai Dent Harrison stand in the new Orleans trouble. Italy wll probably demand indemnity for the families of those killed at new Orleans. O Marley the detective who really caused the trouble i new Orleans in a Cleveland thief. Some of the italian speak of their new Orleans fraters As the Gal Ley slaves of Europe. The mafia threatened the italian Consul with death last fall if he did not interfere for their release. Parkerton of new Orleans justifies his action on the ground that there is no Power above the people. British government declines to place a labor representative of any kind Oil the labor commission. Canada in asking England for Large Force of regulars variously Esti mated at from to 100 regiments. Dallas Nan another sensational murder. Mrs. Delia Clare is shot by her alleged husband who escaped. Gov. Nichols wires Blaine that All is quiet in new Orleans Aud that he will reply to the Secretary s Telegram. The italians All Over the country Are in arms Over the new Orleans killing demanding vengeance or War. The District attorney says he placed so Little Reliance on statement that it Wae not taken Down in writing. All action taken by the italians in Case of the mafia at new or leans will be through the italian con sul. Parkeson who the attack upon the prison new Orleans says the matter was in obedience to a Public demand. Turner who declared so openly in the Canadian parliament in Senate in session resume d consideration of the commission Bill. The Lith Section was pending and after several attempts at amendment finally a seed about As it Canio from the House. Section 12 passed As the Shoaee it after the Senate had vainly tried to improve it. Section 13 was amended As to the Powers of the commission is sum Anjou aug witnesses Aud pay of same. Section 14, limiting railway s liability to Fine to acts parses. The Long and Short haul discus Sion caused the fur to Fly. Tie Section on passes was amended to permit railways to give passes to certain individual and institutions and to haul for lower rates than those regularly imposed under certain conditions. Senate adjourned with Section 17 under discussion. The following message was received from the Gover for. To the honorable legislature of the state of Texas i beg to draw your attention to the Sci Mulat on of a ii umber of claims Lor services rendered in the enforcement of the past now remaining unpaid. The people to whom these debts Are due Are anxious Tor their Money which they Are denied for want of the proper approval of their accounts. The outgoing governor does not feel authorized co pass upon them and it is practically impossible for me to do to not being familiar with the facts and circumstances under which they were created. Among those presented Are some that do not appear to be Legal or just n Mauds against the state while others Are. I Trunt therefore that your Honora ble bodies will appoint a committee or auditing Board 10 serve luring the next week or two for the purpose of settling these claims no that just ones May be paid. To the House the Scalp Bill came up and was passed it appropriates 000 for the scalps of wolves Aud other destructive animals. The House substitute for Senate Bill providing that where a party includes land of another with h his incl Obure the title to the enclosed Laud shall not after ten years pass from the real owner was considered and after considerable discussion was passed with slight amendments. Bill amending the Law of rape came up and there was a warm discussion its provisions. The Bill finally passed amended to 14 years. Travels is wonderland by from establishing a messenger Call system in London or. Raikes the postmaster general announces his intention to provide a sort of express letter service for Short Dis Tances. Favor ing a Legal action to prevent a Compa a alexat7on, the Thea Teinert with arrest for treason. United Marshall Kirk is under for accidentally killing hits Cook Aniie patting her with a pistol. Investigation by the governor of Guanajuato no american in person in that state by the name of Graham a alleged. The italian deputies Are assured by Rudini that the new matter will Only nerve to draw More closely the two governments. President Diaz would Welcome wants a hand in. London March chamber lain consented to act As British commissioner in the event of the United states government agreeing to discuss Trade reciprocity with can Ada and that his colleagues will he sir i Harles Tupper and sir win. V. Whit Way Premier of Newfoundland. Want reciprocity. Madrid March ministers of foreign and colonial affairs have drafted a scheme for a treaty of com Merce with America in response to the Washington government. The scheme will he examined by Premier Del Castillo before being presented to or. Blaine. The Premier to expedite the negotiations. Americans desiring to become acquainted with the country As he want the truth known. The Eug Lieh government has no particulars concerning the seizure of the african Steamer except that it was seized for smuggling. Arkansas committee on constitutional amendments recommends a change in the organic Law increasing desires the number of amendments that May be voted on at one time to ten. B u be s had a Harrison on York March Tri Washington correspondent conversation with president Harrison wherein the letter said with respect to the work of the Congress in Many ways it has been a Moat remarkable Congress. Its work has been done in theft be of tremendous criticism and the legislation enclosed has been the outgrowth of fierce contentions. The result is one that will stand Well in history and one which the country will approve. The principle of the majority has also been asserted in a marked adherence to that Rule is in my judg ment the one principle which will preserve the institutions of the coun speaking on the Tariff Issue president said most decidedly i think there should be do More agitation upon the subject until the Mckinley Bill has been fairly tried. It has been charged with us faults but there is no reason Why its working should be prejudiced by malevolent partisans. The Bill has net been Long enough in operation. A period should be permitted to pass Long enough to test fairly the Char Acter of the measure. Then if it can be shown by such fair and impartial trial that it has let them be eliminated but until such a period is it should be strongly against any further agitation of the Tariff the president then said be did t think the country needed More financial legislation for the present. Being asked what a thought of the future of the Republican party or. Harrison said there was already a Strong reaction in la Vor of the party and that Tho future will show that it was on the Side of stood government and modern pro Grese and Well merited the Confidence of the country. In expressing this opinion the president said emphatically i think it is now about time to abolish apologetics Jaq. The Burna. Vista of the in lira v cd Ltd. Grand scenery healthful climate churches schools. To the Mirr Toma Ulm. M a Roll id Saltillo is the capital of the state of Coahuila. And is situated at foot of by ohs Visla. At an Altitude of feet a it Julf of Mexico. The City if Irron Hirv Laid wit but very picturesque Many of the streets Are Broad and Well paved with cobble stones. There Large number of Plaza Sand two the scenery from the brow of Vista is out of Tho grandest. Of this won Derland. Looking North from the old for is of Vista which overlooks the City the Pla ins of Saltillo extends As far ast to fan or Aeh. In Tho distance the train on the mexican National Road is St Naomi diff up the Valley from while lower Down i comls skirt the has of tuoniain.-. Surrior Ani in in minuted by the Risiner Sun. The is Sublime and it has to Bee to appreciated. The City is surrounded by mountains. Which Lap each in the tar to reach the vaulted sky. surround the City in the. East and on tin West on Tho North and the South to the right and the left above and to vim. And sometimes they u to covered Snow. Thus it will n i hat Tho City is protected b i lie Sierra Madro from tax Zradf that comedown from Kui by and across the Middle and North Western t in the was at one time the Richer. The altars there Are several of them Are most elaborately carved Gold. Over of that Metal was used in soil Dinar them. The doom ind vaulted is also the of i Carvel an Ini Jjo intr Arain the baptists and pres in have handsome Church bin the h the chairmanship of lists Nave a Clerch urbanization b of the Church building to worship in. 3 Republican party. There Are ten pub he free sch California athletic club vote Youngjr Mitchell Tor with la Jabla Ziehe. Jim Hall is matched against Chas. Turner tonight in Sacramento Corte at new Orleans wires Chi Cago italians that he could not Check the massacre. Goo. Martin killed his nits Rpss mrs. Delia close in Dallas last Naif it in front o her Little daughter. Martin took morphine in the Rity five for Sfiris and five for boys with an a Loree teach to each school. There Are Pri Vuu in of we Iii the teach the Piipo lie puns Irmi is Camhi Effii by Chr . Thoy Haw to pupils30day-boarders, and out child if puff is. Two for the poor Leach in s Arithio Phy botany routing writing music Omar older Aid u rating Mother Grabriella in our next letter to of Avo an count

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