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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 12, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOffice no. 4-East Commerce Stroo ban Antonio Light publish tag co t b. Johnson Secretary and at mail Nosb. Kit bks at tub Post Ornum at san Anto tej lab As he cold class mail matter mkt 13 the i out paper published in Texas. Subscription rath3. Bally per 6o daily per Hail or oakr1kr tree. Weekly. 6 6o weekly. I year. subscribers not receiving their paper Jtj Picaso complaint to the office. Subsoil Kne Are warned not to pay their subscription of opt Mio presentation or a properly receipted Bill from this office. Advertising rates. Legal per mob first in Mertlen 76 Centa per Inch each subsequent in trustees Salos Al 00 per Nob first in couts Euloh insertion afterwards. I beading matter dolt Oral Page a cents Poi ire Baohui Borton drat a Ortlon 10centsflrstweeh, scents after first special autos on w and 100 Unoo mining or a month Hunroe payable in the Flat of month. Transient advert blog payable in Only Motol in .3 printed. Special Ratee Given on larger Paoo Long time discount Given or Cash announcements Lor state and county officer 7in in a Vanoe. D All contracts or Bills must a approved by and m Aca Axer. To a Oommen locations for this paper should be by the name of the author not am quartly for Publ Catlon but As evidence of t Jud tilth on tb3 Oarl at to writer. Write Onjel in one Side of the Paner in a Plain hand. An Parmone Comianni Anona win not be noticed Thole on trill not be responsible for the state not of its correspondents to our Eastern advertisers. A advertising for the daily Uncle wok y Light must come to us through our in eclat agents messes. Palmer Roy 232 k 835 Temple court. New York. Thursday March 12, 1891. Jerby Simpsons preparing a treatise on what i Don t know Al out socks. It is said to be a great yarn. Bismarck will make William and von Caprivi awfully tired As a Mem Berol the German Reich tag. Hawks m. 1ms been missing from fort Worth for Tou Days. He a e e. Tub senators who 1111 elective railway commission Are not in it ii mor to bulldozed. Will never live to Sec Home Rule in Ireland until after he is dead. Tie Erimias fresh from the Sod. That appointive commission is very liable to Bear something drop before Tho Senate reaches a Linal vote on the Hill. The i cuyas Leofi Slaine like in unprofitable and wretched servant ibb out Tho tilings that i would i do not and that would not. Hut i do. When Aud Tupper get after the can ipod Scales for a reciprocity treaty Jumes g b. Had bettor keep his Dexter Eye Pseud. Wanamaker has Al ready advertised for carrying the american mails under the new sub Sidy Law. John is All american. The Seiitsu Suomi red Uriu onut Loath to tackle that commission Bill but when they did they got Down to work mighty Lively. That sixtoes year old Texas girl who followed a Loirro to Oklahoma to marry him is a Prover subject for a special Protection Law. Liaise the age to eighteen yearn. The House is Aumi ready to adjourn on Trio 23rd. The Hen ate has commenced holding Alcor upon eos Aiona trying to catch up with tb.8 pub business. There is no reason Why an Del Loual two dollars per Day hould be paid the Texas legis Ator unless it can be shown hat the Quality of his legislation will be improved thereby. Training schools Are the schools of the future and the sooner exas makes provision for them the Souer will she be in line with the lost educational ideas of this Ceu Ury. If the fair association dues not com fiend itself to the citizens of san an on to under the present directory Indor what concatenation of Cir him Tancos would it expect to enjoy that Soufl Deneb the sentencing of those Louisiana euro shoot Ora to Twenty years penal end etude is a notice that tue Day for ugh pastime has gone to return no Nore forever. That verdict is Worth millions to Carlisle Aud have caught to disease from Hill aug Cleveland. Tho bracing air of Sal Creek will cure them All in Thi november of 1892. Be Folk governor Hill takes Hli seat As president of the United state he will had that he Lias big hand full without settling the question o the governorship of sister Stales. The Man who never leads buy than but a democratic paper May be sex cubed for believing that the Republican party is dead but he will b awfully tooled nil the same. The fair will carry the Enterprise for this fall just As tar aug push it s vigorously a the Back ing they get from this City will jus buy and beyond this they cannot go this fair association cannot afford to be tied up. Bau Antonio in buld lug not Only for this but for future Yeara in tuts thing. Plok up the Bonds. Dark american citizen of african descent Only gets his separate oar and Jeff Davis is eulogized Aud still the Texas Legisla Ture is not Happy. The Hurrah takes Jike not cakes with the Loyal Texas Senate who have not yet discovered that the Heads of the army and Navy have both died since this legislature convened. The horse breeders of the United states Wlla be seriously injured by any reciprocity treaty that admits Canadian animals free. This is True if Stock of All kinds Aud of Arm product Al. When Kimbrugh charged the allocates of an elective commission nth insincerity and corrupt to olives e found that they pro like the us Ness end of a Wasp according to they could hit sudden and fro always loaded. Tub principle of american Proton on whether it comes in the Guise of Tariff Law or a copyright Law is just he principle that John Bull kicks at. He old ass thought we were framing copyright Law for his Especial Bon flt. _ neither the Small pox snare in exas nor the floods in the East mis is Sippl Region not Tho blinding Liz ads of Mie the howling Ules of old have Boon Able o Knock out the criminal record. The Black catalogue grows and moves by Nanilei tuned for. Portland by the sea Noc Tho port and of Maine nor yet the Canning neen of Oregon but Tho Texas port und on the Prull bids High fur capital onnors and May succeed. She court Liokhe us a Pond Iliou of looming Tho cantal and county put f san Patricio county. This is plucky and Pluck wine. What Yeddi and this Tate particularly is an Eil Active Law or the Protection of minors of both exes. License under Law for the i Lilure Protection under Law for the minora. Thea in practical regulation and it can he enforced. Addition in san Antonio has Pine graded streets water Mains electric car line. V 1-2 Miles from Alamo Plaza. Is the most desirable location for health and Comfort for either summer or Winter. T his property is especially recommended for people com ing to san Antonio on account of healthy the property being free from Mal aria dust or smoke receiving the fresh and pure Southeast Breeze ten months of the year. We Are offering lots and blocks at Low prices and on easy terms one third Cash balance i and 2 years at 6 per cent. All of which Are handsome High and Well improved with water and streets graded which offer the Best results for a speculation or invest ment. Prices and terms. To per lot one third Cash balance i and 2 years prices Are to be advanced As soon As a few More blocks Are sold. So buy at once in on ground floor. Large profits l on Small investments. Call or address the Eft oo., in Enny Royal pills in Only genl. Reliable. Ladics pfc for and Brand i Kod Aad Gold Ukia lib Blue rib wry. Tuck n o o t her. Hts vat a no Trout i Tab Titu tit and ill Tattoni. At Druke Uii Arm 4 4 menger hotel building. The International route. and he8t Kors Rejto All Point. Direct line to 8hoht11bt, Tafb Lorre Tad lion hunk in dial ital Lethin. Voik. and proof. Rank Ltd menu Erie medical co., v. E0roi b and no Small part of Amanca Are wrapped la the Snow and sleet of storms i where rust disappears i nutria Luns Are the Law. Texas with Hur usual Good Luck b More blessed Thuu Ler Els Tor slates. A Ockless 8imfson to buried under to of ils Kansas mail that he sighs for the Home. If he answers All Tom quests made by Bis Alliance constituents it will kill him and if he does not answer them he will wish that death Hart come. Notice of filing final account tier Static of Texas i Colin in of lira it. I county court in matters of probate. To March term 18u1. The state of Texas to All persons to to rested in of Tho estate of Lipini Nurt Culver c. Sulf Fon Exi Ardian of the estate Clini Nind Emory minors Lias Lili Al his final account in Tho county court of Bexar county which will acted i at the March Terra a. D. 1801. Of court at the court House thereof in the Cluj of Sun Antonio after this notice shall Lii ivc Bijou duly published for three s successive works in Somo newspaper pah Lisand in Bxs or county Texas at which time till persons interested in said i state appear and make objections thereto if the y Sec proper. Witness thaw. W. Smith clerk of the of Imti Conr of in car county mud in Tel of staid court at my Oili Coin san Antonio of Fob Navy a. In 1891. Tiran w. Mitic Clork court skai Liy r. C5. Semi notion Deputy. Came to hand feb. 21, 1391, and publication ordered made in Tho san Antonio daily Light. T. P. Mocai.i., Sheet let linear county. Kosk Deli Only. The Mexico the Oan nost Ball train for St. Lonis resumed. Pullman Buffet sleep Ora without change Between san Antonio and St. Louis. Via. Iron Mour truly leaving san Antonio fit 8-dip. In. Has to trough St. Jamla talk Routon a to. For Kankao City Van Vanlaan. It Alii Laval do san Antonio a 9 t1 a. A has a Loehr to Laredo at iia redo will mexican National u. H. For clip or Flo Alco. Trains to tru if Lui at 9.5 a. Memphis St. Louis and beyond. W. C. Rigsby ticket agent c. M. Stone. Old j Oal Willoa null Una. vim us. I j. Homer ea.d3, travelling freight about. Old foal of Una Saiu. D. J. Vonue Otsons or Shrave Fojtl depot 3. A. Tex. A. O. P. T. A., Palestine of i Sunset route Southern Pacific system the quicker and Best route for passengers and freight to new Orleans new York and Al Points East. Also to Mexico West. The Light ims not noted a kick against Secretary Foster s appoint Mentton the United states Treasury from any democratic journal of stun i lug outside of Texas Aud from ouly two within the state. Those two would kick at a Republican action if the whole world applauded. Ten daily City item or leans a its monday s Issue Saya the great shoe manufacturers feel alighted that Lulu elect their product of his reciprocity treaty with Why should they tie Export value of the leather goods of this country since 1884 has averaged until last year when the Export grew to there in no of Maslou for a kick. Our leather goods manufacturers seem to have a healthy Trade of it. Notice of filing final account. No. 1737. The Stath of Akkas i county of Kebab i county court in mutters of probate to March term 1891. Tho suite of Texas to All persons Intorf in Tom administration of Tho estate of Kildo Rard Krinkel deceased. Louis a. T Rankel admin Strator of the St aloof Hll Ricgard Lilc his final account in Tuo county court of lion or county which will to acted on at the March Terra a. D. 1891, of said court at Tho courthouse thereof a the City of san Antonio after this notice shall have Don duly published for Twenty i20 lilys in some newspaper published in Tho county of Toxar , at which time All persons interested in said estate Miry appear and make objections thereto if they see proper. Witness w. Smith clerk of Tho county court of Toxar county . And Seal of said court at Ray of loin sail Antonio Thi 20th Day of fibr Arr a. D. I8hi. Thad. By. Smith clerk county court lion or county. By r. C. Syth Notum Deputy. Cume to band s o clock p. In. And Publ Catlon made in Tho Sak Antonio Limi a. T. P. Mccain sheriff Toxar county. By a d. A Ness Deputy Safe to Bau Atu Ohio daily at a. A. And 9 p. M. Arrive from East at n. In. Aud 4-10 p. M. West bound leaves at p. M. At a. M. Buffet cars on All through trains i Truk Fri i1 Dpi Vitt Max t through i a i i Nils it lading f for Ratos. Koutos unit rickets apply to so. F. Lul Tkv Fiorot agent. Raven by j. Louimer Clit no trouble to answer a options 1 Alamo Plaza next to grand opera House w. , ral gon. Sup. 6vt. Aud c3enerau Antonio Araisa. Pass Felt Mission route. Runs through the heart of the great est and most productive Section Stade. Rockport and on the coast for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their r. W. Andrews a sat. Genl. Pm Jangar at. Milton Everett

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