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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 5, 1891, San Antonio, TexasPublished at san unton1o, Bexar county Texas. And kegis7uuuo at the Tosy office As second class mail matter. Volume x i number 4o san Antonio thursday. March 5. 1891 Prico a year lock National Bank. Ban Antonio Texas j. B. wooo in Bli Leiu Sake Deposit vaults. Australian ballot. Now in Forli at Austin. As tie lame majority of our citizens Are anxious for Tho adoption of what is known As Tho australian method of voting or something similar thereto to give space to Tho a thud As now in Force at Austin and which has proven entirely Tho people of that City an Orth Kanub to provide for printing and distributing Cleet Tok ballots by Tho City of Austin to regulate voting at City and Ward elections in Tho City of Austin and to Amend article 254 of Tho revised civil ordinance of the City of Austin a tick "54. Whenever any election is to to held for the City Orang Ward either at Tho general elections or to Lill a vacancy Tho mayor shall give notice thereof at least ton Days before the Day fixed for said election by printed notices posted in three or Moro Public places in the City Rouine Forth clearly All Tho requirements of Tho Law to the voters Tho places of voting the officers to be elected and Tho time fixed for said election naming at the same time the judges. And clerks appointed by Tho City Council for each place of voting such places of voting to to fixed by the City Council and the manner of conducting said elections and making the returns thereof shall be the same As is provided by Law in state and county elections except As modified by the charter and ordinances of this City. Sec. 2. That East in City or Ward elections shall be prepared and distributed by and at the expense of the City As hereinafter provided Sec. That in order to have their names printed on the ballots candidates must to nominated As follows a Candi Date for a Ward office must be nominated by the written petition of five or Moro qualified voters of the Ward whose names Uch Xiali not i s than six nor Mure than Len at each poll. Jno other than the of election Ami voters admitted As theivin provid dil shall to permitted trl thin rail except by authority inc. Uon officers in of a violation or a threatened of Law foil Limo Pur Poso of keeping order Anil the in a Ami such porn is. Shall Wijit remain there after the necessity therefor has to exist. voting compartment Santl be kept provided with proper supplies for Mark ing ballots. Sec. 15. That any person desiring to vote shall present himself at the polls and live his name and residence living Street and number if any to one of the judges of election who shall write the same Down of a list kept for Tiit purpose and known As list number one no in Boring Tho applicants seriatim and announce such name in a Louil and distinct Lone of Volin. Tho voter shall alien be subject to Chal Lenge in the manner and with the effect now provided by Law. If allowed to Vole his name shall to checked Oil by said judge of election and his Namo shall to written Down by another judge of elec Tion on a list kept for that purpose and known As list number two with the cum hers corresponding to list number one. Tho voter shall thereupon to allowed to Notor the space within the guard rail and to shall be handed one ballot and Only one ballot which shall to marked on the Back with his number and the Anturo. Initials or private Mark of Tho officer delivering him Tho same. No Intro voters shall to admitted with in Tho guard rail at any one time than hero Aro voting compartments. No communication shall be permitted Between a voter after to shall have received his ballot and any other person except with an election officer until after the voters shall Havo voted and re tired from Tho reserved space. Tec. I. That on receipt of his ballot Tho voter shall forthwith ind without leaving Lam enclosed space retire a loud to one of the voting shall prepare his ballot by running a Hue through the names of All candidates that to does not wish to vote for and filling in the names of Tho candidates of his Choice in Tho Blank spaces provided there fore if necessary. And in the Case of a question submitted to popular vote by running a line through tie answer to does not desire to give. Before Leavone Tho voting shelf the voter shall fold his ballot without Dis playing Tho Marks to Mado to Boron and lie shall keep the same so folded Tho names of Tho candidates and Tho voters Marks bring on Tuo Inaldo and Tho offi Cial endorsements on Tho outside until he has voted. Should Tho voter fall or refuse to so fold his ballot and fail to abstain from disclosing Tho contents of his ballot by signs Token or otherwise tie Foro Tho same shall Havo been voted his vote shall not be received nor counted. The voter shall vote before leaving Tho enclosed space and shall deliver his folded ballot to Tho officer in charge of Tho ballot Box with Tho official endorsements uppermost and the officer in charge shall not. Permit said vote to be cast if such folded ballot is not an official ballot and dons not Bear Iho genuine endorsements of Tho City clerk and of the officer who delivered it to Tho voter and such officer shallot unfold said ballot but if Satis fied it is a genuine ballot to shall at onco Deposit it in Tho Box in the presence of the voter. Sec. 17. That the voter shall Mark and deliver his ballot without shall quit said enclosed space As soon Asho has voted. No such voter shall to allowed to occupy a voting shelf already occupied by another nor shall to remain in the compartment or reserved space Moro than live minutes after receiving his bal lot. No voter not an election officer who has voted shall be allowed to re enter said enclosed space during Tho election and no person shall therein for any other purpose than to Voto except Tho election officers. It shall iks Tho duty of the election officers to secure and enforce the Obser Vance of these provisions. Set. Is. That no person shall take or remove any ballot from the polling space before close of the polls. If a Votor Sii oils a ballot lie May Succes sively obtain others one at a time not exceeding three in All upon returning each spoiled one. The ballot thus returned shall Boim mediately cancelled and together with those not distributed to the voters shall to returned to the City clerk and receipted for by him. Sec. 19. That if the voter leaves More names unmarked than there Are persons to to elected to a of acc or if the judges of election cannot voters Choice for any Olliee to to filled or on any. Question submitted to popular vote his ballot shall not be counted for such office or on such question. No ballots without the official endorse ment shall lie allowed to be deposited in the ballot Box. And none but official bal lots provided in accordance with Tho pro visions of this ordinance shall be coun Ted. Ballots not counted shall to marked and delivered to Tho clerk As provided in Section is of this ordinance. Sec. 20. That should a Votor be unable to Road or write and that by his oath two officers of election of different Noll tical complexions if practicable shall accompany the Votor to the voting shelf. They shall there in a Low voice sons not to be overheard by others Call of Tho first office on the official ballot to be filled and ask him who to wants to vote for. Tito voter shall give his answer in a Low voice so As not to to on Hoard by others and Tho officers shall Mark jus ballot according to his Choice in accor Luin Uii with Section Jug of this ordinance. The aft icons shall proceed in the sumo Nanin a for the Othni offices and questions to Bri Vonil on successively. Tiki in ballot marked and folded shall in Cimon Lii by said voter As pro Vita i in ii of this ordinance. Lac Side the Ollir a endorsements such shall also Hiiva endorsed of the outside the word followed by to Iii of in assisting Ollices. See. 31. That win ii Hutu been closed the judges of election shall Proco Eil to id ask Drain Trio vow Ami return their and Cit tunicates in the Ului Taer pm Guetl Lor by Law. Passed m. Approved january state Senait and is with diem against the fellow servant Bill the sunday Law repeal and other mat ters. The Annite Liary Bill was us principal measure considered in the but that was finally ordered engrossed if try amendment. Senate pusses local Bill to the government of Waco and after Sev eral incl actual attempts finally adjourns. In the House the substitute Bill for Vali dating location for county be passes 01 to 1. Discussion is resumed of thu railway commission Bill Terrell s substitute under consideration. Terrell consumed most of Tho Timo of Tho session and Tho Only vote reached was on Council s hiring itemized account of travelling expenses of commissioners to to appointed by themselves before being paid. Two Bills of importance wore presented. One by Cochran for manual training schools and Ono by Groshart for Tho establishing of Public warehouses. Cochran s Bill provides that such towns As Purchase a lot and erect a building of Brick or Stone costing not loss than shall to provided by Tho state with a fund sufficient so provide a corps of competent teachers to conduct such schools for not less than nine months in Tho year. These buildings shall to subject to Tho super vision of Tho superintendent of Tho Public schools who May alter Tho plans or even prohibit Tho building of such schools. When a building is completed Accord ing to such provisions Tho mayor and City Clork shall Issue a cart Licato under the City s Seal which shall notify Tho governor. Tho chief exec Tiro shall then direct Tho superintendent of Public schools to select and contract with competent teachers within or without the state who May to qualified to conduct a Normal training school which school shall to provided with necessary apparatus not to exceed in Cost for each school. After this Ono appropriation none other shall to Mado by Tho state but repairs and Otho purchases shall to paid for by Tho City in which Tho school is located. Tho state treasurer shall Tho salaries of such Terch ors at Tho end of each Scholastic month upon of Tho mayor of such City accompanied by the affidavit of such teacher that such salary is due. No tuition or Feo of any kind shall to charged any Pupil and education in such schools shall to free except that All necessary text books shall to paid for by him. Tho sum of Isdo Claro appropriated to carry out Tho provisions of Tho act and an emergency Clausio appended. Under Trio wheels. Yesterday afternoon about half past one Chas. Boisot commonly called mex ican who is employed by the Street car company As a Lino Man with a serious Accident while attempting to Board electric car no go at the Corner of Laredo and Dolorosa streets Lio Sot Follon jumping on the front platform the wheels of Tho car crushing his right foot in a most serious manner. To was to Iho cd to Cunningham s drug store at Tho Corner of West Houston and Soledad streets where his wounds were docs sed by or. Licks after which to was removed to the Santa Rosa Hospital. Amputation of he limb will not prove acc Pessary. Weather for March. Weather prognostications of Rev. Irl r. Hicks the greatest. Louis weather Prophet for Tho Mouth of March May prove of interest to sonic readers who wish to take notes of their accuracy. First and second Uro reactionary Days storms May to looked for and up the 5tb Ana oth very cold. From with to 10th is a storm period. Cold will follow. Warmer with storms to Tho 13th. Violent disturb ances generally As it is Tho equinoctial period up to the 20th. Cold will follow to the 25th and to the end of the month Aro reactionary Days. April begins Clear and frosty following storms about the 1st. Wind and weather. The meteorological report of ii. S. Sig Nal observer Assai Tongue has reached Tho Light for Tho month of february. Tho amount of rainfall during Tho month was 1.3s inches. Cloudy Days 9, partial i fair 13. Frosts occurred on Tho 20th and 27th. Tho warmest Day 24th, so degrees. Coldest 10th, 27 degrees. Highest Voi Oei to of wind 43 Miles per hour on the North flares Street will not be repaired until Tho Street car company sees fit to put their track in Tho Middle of to Street. Then the City will Macada Mize their Street which is Ono of the main thoroughfares in and out of Tho City. No Bond. Trio Louis evors Hareas Corpus Case was ended yesterday afternoon too late for the report. Judge Kinsor remanded Tho Young criminal to jail with out Bond. Please Gall. Some member of Tho Chicago Lix Hibit company calling themselves. For Tox a and always etc., ote., will learn something to their advantage by culling on the manager of the Likht. Latest dispatches and state specials. to press. Gouzil drip in again. Nun Yoist March to wild a called today As a juror in Parr of Tho general sessions hut int respond. A sum. New Voitik March an application to tin assayer s Olliee was Ziadi it stir Day for in Gold bar by parties. London March of the Liu mry curiosities of the Daj will to Ali. Olad s sketch of Lily Trio mistress of lord Nelson. Will to tie kill e. Io., March War to Tho knife Lias been commenced in this state a Euvon the slate business men s elation jul the Farmers Alliance. Eliom. Kansas City mo., March 5. Tho director of Trio Kansas City Livo Stock Koch aug have expelled Tho american Letvn Stock commission company from the Exchange. Ite sum Isaloi. S. March is Stilt Uip and Luck on Tho question Natl who will be victorious when Tho Bill comes no for final passage to said for certain. Isth sides scum to in confident. A religions Manino. Philadelphia pa., March Januies i inn aged h years of 101 Mcelvoy Street is in Tho Hospital with wounds in Tho hands his head and his foot self inflicted in a maniacal imitation of crucifixion. Again. Desk ii colo., March milling ton murder trial was Takii up again and. Tho work of selecting a now jury began. This will occupy some Timo and it will probably to ton Days before evidence will to introduced. Tough old Uncle. Ali Knox h. D., March dog the captive Sioux chief arrived in Irons Yos Ter Day. Lie is charged with stealing two of his brother s children from school. It la thought to murdered them. To fight tie negro. Codex Utah Murli Davis has been joined at Tho hot Springs by Jim Corbot and both have started for so n Francisco where Corbett will go into training to fight Tho negro Peter Jack son. Dimming h coming. London March William Goi Don cd innings who prominent through his alleged connection with Tho Baccarat scandal is about to visit America. To will stay with his brother who owns a ranch in Dakota. Short return. Iii., March internal Revenue collection Jor Tho Peoria District wore unusually Small for Tho month of february being of this Only 275 packages were shipped for Export Tho balance entering into Homo consumption. Short Cost be crop. Bostok mass., March importers state that Tho Price of Coffee is advancing. Already a. Circular has been sent to customers stating that Tho Visbro Supply of Coffee this year is smaller than it has been any year since statistics were Host kept. Keep them separate. , March e. Brown has been notified As the president of Penitentiary no. 1, that male Anil female convicts must be separated and allowed no communication. The notification Cnoc from Tho governor and the principal keeper of Iho Penitentiary. Kill Iii s policy. Kook March italian govern ment desires peace. It will do nothing to wound Tho Vatican. In. Rii Rondini is personally favourable and has placed Signor Chimini in the ministry of agriculture in order to Havn near him one intimate with Tho ecclesiastic circles. To in lit the town. Mass., March the meeting today miss Sabra Carter a wealthy and eccentric woman made a proposition to donate to Tho town , Tho income to to devoted to Tho painting of Bouses which May need it from year to year provided Tho applicant for paint does not own a Dos and belongs to Somo Tempo Ranco organization. A committee was appointed to consider Tho matter. City City employees will to paid on Satur Day March 7tli, 1891, As follows school teachers and janitors from 10to 11 o clock i. In. Police sanitary lire and Engineer Liepart mints from .4 to 5 o clock . Sundry departments at i p. In., Sharp. K. P. , City clerk. Host class tour Torso steam engine nearly now in Good order and a six horse Bollor now can to bought at a bargain at Light office. No of

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