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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 4, 1891, San Antonio, TexasWednesday grand opera House t. W. Alt tatty Ifa Nacifor. Friday bal Urray and sunday and saturday matinee March 6-7-8, has. M Carthy in the great and thrilling drama one of the bravest the most realistic fire scene Ever produced steam ire engine Hose Carriage and to lira Beautiful trained horses used on the stage tie so Tamette concert convention Hail special attraction. I largest of its kind Over been in ibis Stalo will give m1nsteel Perfo Manceb 1m convention Hall for two weeks beginning monday eve. March 2 Twenty five first class people in the company insure a splendid entertainment. Come one come All for All Are Luviler. Banks and Bankers. I b. Auja Ahtu president. A. Cutlet. Texas National Bank 268 Commerce Street. Swa gooral Tantog build ii trans acted fila fat on Europe. Mexican Dollari and other reign Money up robbed. Register kept in our Reading room where ranters in the oily Are invited Edward Dwretta i Joseph k. Attorney and coun heal Watato cellar at Law. I Livo took roxor Law and land office and Stock Exchange. Buyer building. Ban Antoniu Champion unequalled for making he finest bread biscuit and pastry. Used by the leading hotels and families. Every Pound warranted to give entire satisfaction or Purchase once refunded. Consumer Sun plied by ail first class retailers at prices not higher than inferior brands. A. B. Frank wholesale grocers agents san Antonio Texas. Ranch Saloon Comer Dolorosa and South Flores streets the finest Heroit in the Oitt. Headquarters for the finest brands of liquors. Wines cigars courteous and polite Eitt ment n full times. 4-i2tf l. Huth son 226-23o Market Street. The old stand hardware paint and seed store Kee lived two car Landreth u see potatoes one car genuine German Millet and to arrive one car Early Orange caneb6ed Beed Cora Eto. Marshall courage merchant tailors my k Houston St. . Ix3nq stops. Inv no on Tho Chantron Tho lire department was inspired by spite Aud Tiro water. Tho Snake cares not for its own slime neither does the administration care for thu smallpox. If a City election was hold today Thoro would t to enough left politically of Tho Alcalde to fill up those cracks in Abnett mint of Market str cot Bridge. Nost hiding used to to Tho act in Beecher Day but Ucol feathering is the caper in these times of blankets Small pox and epicure aldermen. Our Zibich can go to Congress by defeat ing Tho King s amendments to Tho City charter. Callaghan s War on Tho germans is unwarranted and outrageous but Tho peo ple s engine will Knock off Tho Little Bull presently. Tho taxpayers will soon have to com Mence Chipping into Tho municipal pot Olin Wiso Jar no s parasites won t Havo not Hync to feed on. The very ones that got employment on City work would if there was a War Gal not Mexico tomorrow to about Tho rift to Point guns at us. First minor what s Tho matter old Pard of look poverty hit second Miner yes i m so poor that if towns were Selling at a cent a piece 1 Coul in t Mako Tho first payment on a Ziccon House. First Miner How is that s cot id Miner i have Buen digging for Gorl in Tun mayor s name. Indicators come whoa fininis traction must have Thorn even at the Cost of a Hundred lives Aud thousands of Dol Lars to Tho City. Instead of buying those round blocks on Houston Street the gang might As Well by eggs on it. The King should throw away some More of our Money in digging Bolei in the san 1 Edro for his Aztec lira Man to dip their buckets into. Torino should now sen that his Green i renin Don t hitch up the Street Sprinker instead of the fire engine. The Alcalde a Bond Issue like the Toady express is bad paper. Refractive virus won t take on it. Aldermen Ilo fling Beltman and Borsch you Are the Sentine s of the pole guard Well your posts and you will id rewarded. Let no seductive Wink nor ack tapping mislead you. Tho Alcalde ins a penchant for these. With taxation vexation vindication ind vaccination Han Antonio is sadly Nizic . The vagrant rodent that inserts his molars in Antl Quad Limburg or smacks a his lips in less beatitude than docs the they change bottles on him. Old whiskers said Tho and the Alcalde put the Seal of his a Rovai on the imprecations by dismissing no of the finest pro departments West of to Mississippi River. Tho right of Tho Alcalde to dismiss Tho fire department is questioned since to presents Only Ono half of Tho town Layor Serai him of Tho East Side has not Icen consulted at All. Callaghan s spite at Tho Al Ramon will Ost the City a year. Wonder we t Omo More of his grudges will Cost a few Noro like Tho last one would bankrupt to e own. When Tho mayor of a City resorts o spite he becomes Small potatoes and any to count. In these and log extracting ays it la observable that goggles Are booming fashionable again to mayor Don n care o in Tho Width of a hair for Tho people or town As Long Asho draws live thousand to Causo his Goose is cooked brow. At Titei off the fails. Talked a Telegraph of old by train men and taken in Trurnit. The Southern Pacific snipped a train of logs from Rosenberg to Eagle pass Yos erday for the City of Mexico or. D. K. Colburn superintendent of Hildings and Bridges on the Southern Pacific is in the City from Houston. The Turlington Atchison Rock Island. T. Paul northeastern and Wisconsin roads Are reducing expenses in such a Vay that stations have been closed that Vero not making Money and in Tances there Are not sufficient trackman .0 keep Tho Road in order. W. A. Maken a switch Man on then. Was run Over at Taylor last Niglis and Tho soon be is not expected to recover. Makon in to a recent Date was a switchman on to Arkansas pass Road in this City. A mils from Jollet 111., where he was a Printer. There arrived on Tho s. P. Today the pedal car bavin2 on Board a arty of prominent Puoplo Tho person Nel is As follows mrs. .1. J. Crane Gener Al n. A. Baldwin or. H. W. Borrman. Or. 3. E. Woodruff and or. 15. C. Wool vice president of the Dubuque and Sioux City Railroad. Tho party which s on a pleasure tour through Tho South Mexico Ami California left York february 12th, and will not return until on time in May. It has now been determined to hold Tii e conference Between the new Orleans freight traffic association. Southwestern railway and steamship association and trans Missouri association through select committees at Kansas City on Tho 7th of March. Questions of difference of rates Between new Orleans and Galves ton to Colorado and Utah Points As Well As rates to Montana from same Points will be adjusted at this conference. Tho committee from the now Orleans association consists of traffic manager How general freight agents Hinton and Bein his Niibu Kabouth unknown to number of 1 Cople whom b n the soup. Attempted suicide. Between eight and nine o clock last a socially Well connected Young Man attempted suicide by Takindra Doss of morphine. About that hour no was at the Monger hotel bar and Wenton Tho Plaza where to had a Hackman drive him to Tho Maverick hotel saying thatt would be the last Hackman to drive him at the Maverick some of his Friend noticed the vial of Poison and a Lemon ii his hands and finally succeeded in wring ing it from him. However not until h had taken Somo of Tho Poison. Howa then put in a Hack and driven to his Homo where a doctor was is now reported As resting and rapidly improve onion just received at Edward Persch a Market Sun Antonio Teim. 1 when a party disappears now a Days. Ono cannot toil whither or not to has Gotico a Eili minoring Lili Tho intent of boating those who had con lord in him to Tho amount that Ali or Coll once would guarantee or whether to has silently folded his Tont in such a suspicious Man Ner that Tho unsophisticated newspaper Mun May to induced to make an unguarded remark about Tho disappearance that 10 might turn up like banker mings of Forth Texas Farao. And Placo Tho paper at Tho mercy of Tho Texas libel Law. His reason to or Tho disappearance of or. S. S. Ard manager of Tho Southern Medicine ., but Quilico it to say that manager of Tho concern has loft Bis whereabouts ire unknown to is few newspapers whom 10 owes for printers Ink they Are unknown to the Hostut Man whom to owes or quite a lot of Board they Aro also in or of other a Natl people who Are anxious y seeking for Light on the subject. President . There will be a most important meet Ngol Board of directors of Tho fair so Diatian attic Kampmann building at4 , when unions other things the Vork of the recent South Western fair on mention will be discussed. It is Learned that president Sam. Mavor being unable to give his proper to cation to the matter has resigned As resident of the association. It is not Nown who will succeed or. Maverick u tone of our Ablest and As consented to accept the position. Berate agrees to Pealon appropriation and agricultural appropriation tills As reported from conference. Little Rook legislature provides or the annual examination of the Tiue treasurer s office by two exerts. House agrees to you Oronce report on lost Offlee Aud Alafou Loii Sioux and on Indian approx la Ion. The new York biscuit company and he american biscuit company Aro Nga glug in a big . Cap Tal of each is announcements. Tho Light is authorized to announce in. k. Divine As candidate for to of Lico of District clerk of Lionar coun a at the special election to to hold in this ounts March 19. To Tho voters of Bexar county. I am a candidate for t to office of Dis Riet clerk and respectfully solicit your Epport at Tho ensuing election on Tho 9lh of March. Eras Edmonds. For Detriot clerk. Tho Light is authorized to announce Jat Lewis As a candidate for the Ollice f District clerk at Tho election March 9th, who solicits Tho votes of the icons f Lexar county. 2-20 of auction. The entire Stock of dry goods of 8. Eutah . Will be Gold out at notion regardless of Cost to the Ilg Hest bidder commencing wed neg March 4, at 10 until the in ire Stock is sold. Sam Robinson 2 it auctioneer. For Sale. A Pony Cylinder press Slazo of bed 18 20. Speed 2500 per hour. Bran new oat will to sold at a Liberal Dos out. Terms easy. Address. T. B. Johnson. Our Friend the bedbug. If you would of Lockly Aud t permanently rid Vona bed of Olga put a Small boxes Lough on rats Ina pint bottle of Lenzine shake Well when using. Youces Tho mixture into the cracks. Crevices Lolus and openings of Tho Bedstead. It will turn their toes up rapidly. Then Nix another Small Box of Kough on its thoroughly with a Quarter Pound f lard with this mixture fill All holes Ion lugs cracks and crop Les in the bed. I hese two methods Aro warranted never effective and lasting. Cut Bis out for directions. Removal. Mrs. Charles Dovitts has removed her Lair dressing and ladles shampooing de a Artmont from Alamo Street to no. 321 3ust Houston where she will be plan a see All her patrons find Public. Satis guaranteed. 2-2v-lm How la this Aro you going to risk your lives and to lives of your family by buying cheap worthless vehicles when you can buy for a trifle More a Good reliable buggy or Carriage made by the Connorsville Gay company from m. Pirott 3or. Houston and Soledad streets san an Tonto Texas. 9-10 in mind that Frank j. Beitel keeps builders hardware and Lum Ber at Tho intern tonal and great North Ern depot. It i n Sti Iii com a ii ii with i Ordinary 11 u to or Servo any kind of Wool ulivo or Tui Ler the ground or in tar for at least Al Toen years and keep off nil Hinds of Insp clo. It in Neil by the u. H. Ont nit Ford Len onic Ruments Telegraph Telephone Rull rond and other Inge corpor nylons its Well its All real estate of tigers a hero it is kept for Bale. _ kor farther Laform Neloa and Clr Clara in lease address or Call on de. Steves sons san Antonio Tex. I cure fits when i Cora i do not Moi a merely Toston Beti for Tim then Bare them Tarn moan a care. I have raids the of Etta. Epi. Tips or failing sickness lilo Lonzil tilt. Walnut Ray ready to Cora Tho worst emacs no Rouen for not now of colring Cav a Tzona Audi o. Koot a c., 183 bt., n. Y. Late arrivals of India and Chian Silks show Many new colors and combinations of shades. Our Stock has before been so Complete this Early in the season. We invite examination and comparison v special for this week o Inch ail silk Surah in All the new shades for Spring. Other houses ask Sec we bought them to sell at 350 a Yard of Inch figured China Silks real beauties and richly Worth 5oc, we bought them to sell at 400 a Yard 7igured China Silks in elaborate patterns for display and evening Toilette choicest designs imported. 122, 27 and 30 inches wide prom 750 to a Yard a. At a Price that most dealers ask for an inferior article that elegant so Inch full Alt. Silk faille Francais in All the latest Spring shades for Stre and evening costumes this week at a Yard so universally popular among All ladies of taste for even ing dresses and drapery an elegant new line just received full 22 inches wide Lovely colourings and Only a Yard we Challenge the world on our leading numbers of Blanca Surah Black grosgrain Black faille and Black Rhadames Surah at 35, 50, 60, 750 and i. Grosgrain at 750, 1.25 and up to faille Phada Hes from up l. Wolfson main. Plaza san Antonio Texas Mayer Shmelter Burgower Mayer Schmelter to 2 East Commerce St., nextewid6e. ----df.a1eks pins wines liquors and cigars telt3phones185. Family a Trade a specially. Goods delivered to any orders solicited. The most Oor Roblete Stock Fin the City. Establish edz1s7.5. W. C. Co., Reil estate Bealer. And15 gym Herchem Antonio Texas Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All Kulnis shapes and a Large assortment of ornamental goods always in Stoufe. We keep constantly hand of the never yet surpassed Baisch s Barb and fkn01 Wiki. We we successful competitors in Price and Roods. Come and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot. San Antonio Texas a

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