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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 4, 1887, San Antonio, Texas 3�hje ight. San Antonio licht publishing company. T. A Johnson Secretary its treasurer. And Smekal m an Ager. Rudyi Tising Bateh a up actin m St j \ i. U 3 5 i a a Inch. $160 $ 500 $ 8 of $18 of $3000 $64 00 subscription per year. 5 of a Peci amp i rates Given on larger space and Long time advertisements. Legal advertisements la of per Inch first in certion 76 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales too per Inoh first insertion 26 cents each insertion afterwards. Reading matter editorial Page 26 cents per Ine each insertion. Local columns 20 cents first insertion to cents first week 6 cents after first week. Special rates on 60 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal outs printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this of Floe. All communications for publication or pertaining to the editorial or local news departments should be addressed Quot to the editor of the a All contracts or Bills must be approved by the Secretary and manager. Pro correspondents. A communications for this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write Only on one Side of the paper in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Light will not be response Blo for the statements of its correspondents. Entered at Post Oitice at san Antonio Texas As second class matter. Agents por the Light. S. C. Beckwith new orb n. W. Ayer amp son. Philadelphia Nelson . Louis Geo. P. Rowell a co new York Friday March 4, 1887. The envious jealousy of Little minds is seen in the slurs that Are published concerning John Sherman a proposed visit to the Southern states. Z. The democratic journals who particularly Bank on president Grover Are Busy calculating the distance Between a Earldy and a statesman and Are using Watterson As their unit of measurement. The legislature of Alabama has made gambling a felony but the seductive a a options still holds Sway and the a lottery tickets Are advertised and sold openly As a something within the sacred defences of Law. Tats in age of special legislation. Ole Margarine has to pay a special tax for the Benefit of butter makers and now it is proposed to outlaw the retail liquor Trade for the Benefit of a few political Cranks. Minnesota forbids by legislative enactment All minors from being bartenders. There is sense in that restriction. A thimble full of such legislation is of More practical Benefit than a bucketful of prohibition. A Jubilee edition of Chaa. Dickens works will be issued by his son in time to catch the Jubilee crowd next june. If the Bider Dickens was an adept at opening his Peculiar mine Bis son is no less expert in keeping the Deposit Well advertised. The Texarkana times in asserting that a the postal Bill which not Only imposes a Fine but also adds imprisonment is in the hands of the governor for his signature a must be Oft its base. Perhaps Bis shooting stick was loaded at the wrong end. Or. Edmund Rogers of Chicago deceased leaves a Large Fortune to be divided among any six women whose husbands Are drunkards. The claimants will be so numerous that More of that Fortune will be Likely to Earl of the lawyers than the widows. The prediction that Vilas will pose As a presidential candidate must have come from a queer kind of a seer perhaps he was Only a seersucker at All events the prediction is too thin. Vilas the incompetent of the postal department will never get there. The truth is beginning to percolate through the gateways of journalistic intelligence that vain is the work of the newspaper in endeavouring to build up a town when the town does nothing to build a the newspaper. By their advertisements be shall know them. The gazettes criticism. The subjoined editorial from the fort Worth Gazette is so temperate so thoroughly dignified expresses so clearly the real situation of this quarrel Between the express and the legislature of Texas that it will commend itself to the approval of the thoughtful whether in the ranks of journalism or among the members of the legislature. The Light has Felt a natural delicacy and a real hesitancy about expressing any opinions upon this matter. The course of the legislature seemed so undignified and the attitude of the express so unusual that it did seem that the less said the better. Inasmuch also As the express was a ban Antonio journal and of the same political complexion As the legislature Bioh it caricatured it did seem that a Republican journal from this City was very properly excused from making any editorial comment upon the affair which could not under any circumstances reflect credit either upon the state legislature or the press of the state. The Light does however take this too asian to present its readers with the full text of the views of the fort Worth Gazette As expressed in its Leader of the 2nd instant a the Gazette trusts that no newspaper will make haste to jump into the breach to defend the Liberty of the press As against the assaults of the twentieth legislature. Even legislators have some rights which newspapers should feel bound to respect. Freedom to criticise Public action is one thing and this the people As Well As the press demand and will have hut Freedom to comment on Public action does not include lib by to assail men personally. The official action of men is legitimate subject of criticism the personal appearance and private affair of men Are not. The Gazette has admired the Lively reports sent from Austn to the san Antonio express and the Scalpel is olten a most useful instrument but the portraiture of the members As printed in the expire s. Transcended the Bounds of privilege As it did those of Courtesy or Publio Good. There was nothing to be gained by such treatment of the members who have As much right As a body to resent illegitimate criticism As they have As men. I he picture was not True inasmuch As if some members Are open to such Gross biting ridicule All of them Are not. And there was no exception made. The Gazette does no to know that a single member of the twentieth is in any part amenable to the description Given in the express but it does know that scores of them Are not and the express exceeded the limits of privilege and of us Freedom for the Gazette holds that while newspapers like individuals. Have a right to say what they please they also like individuals must expect to pay the penalty of exercising Uch rights at the expense of the Righter others. The express exceeded its right and the lower House but exercised its right to resent urn proposition. Ugh assaults Are hot Only assumptions but they Are most impolitic. Publications like that in the express go far towards creating the Public impression that newspapers aspire to License rather than to Liberty and the effect is seen in libel Laws As illiberal and unjust As Are such publications this Peculiar assault of the express was not worthy of that paper which is a master of weapons More keen. It was unworthy of the paper inexcusable on any ground and most unjust and the effect of it will not be to the strengthening of the Power or influence of the press Tho express Bas done itself an injury and the whole press an injury and it has done this without cause without right and without representation for the drummers on the inter state Commerce commission is not so foolish a demand As it May at first sight be considered. There Are few men in tills country More competent to judge concerning the vexed questions that will assist under this Law than some of these commercial travellers who have journeyed Over the United states for the past score or More years and who have noted All the difficulties and inconveniences of Railroad traffic in its adjustment to the wants of the travelling Public and the freighters of the country. The government in endeavouring to suppress polygamy renders itself liable to the charge of attempting to suppress mormonism. With mormonism the gov eminent has nothing to do Only with the polygamous practices of mormons. The mormons As a people Are not in favor of polygamy. A majority of the set reject it in theory and in practice. The Church government however has fallen into the bands of the polygamous minority. To disfranchised mormons As mormons is an infringement of religious Liberty. To disfranchised and imprison those among the mormons who practice polygamy is an entirely different thing. The one the government by Laws enacted is bound to do the other it is expressly forbidden by the Constitution to do. Mrs. Logan could gain nothing from the nation for whose life her husband sacrificed Bis own and entailed upon himself years of agony but the lovers of Loyal deeds have done what the nation to its shame refused and have placed the widow of the Gallant general above want. Sunset Cox is named As an admirable presiding officer to succeed m. Carlisle As speaker in Case Carlisle enters the Cabinet. If or. Cox Waits until Carlisle enters the Cabinet before Bis Sunset shop becomes a Sunrise As sneaker he will wait Long and wearily unless All signs fail at the National capital. Be o Grover esteems discretion the better part of valor and refuses to furnish the United states Senate with the correspondence in con Ecton with the removal of minister Jackson and the matters which led to Sedgwick a appoint Anent in refusing to furnish evidence of its own incompetency the state department does wisely for itself. Madame i canola of new York is organizing a society to care for and educate the italian orphans arriving in that City. While the Effort May he honestly commended As philanthropic one naturally enquires by whose authority and under what auspices Are italian orphans shipped to Tho United states for this country to care for it is about time that this sort of colonization ceased. The congressional strike committee appointed last summer reports. Its report favors As legitimate and Wise the banding of workingmen together to secure their rights providing they do not resort to violence or infringe upon the rights of others affirms that the concentrations of wealth and Power have led to oppressions causing uneasiness among workingmen also that there were real grievances of which the employees of the roads had a right to complaint among these they enumerate the Black list Over hours night transportation without pay charging for transportation from work Etc. The committee think that the commission provided for under the inter state Commerce Law will have a beneficial effect in recommending legislation which will tend to prevent recurrence of last Summers scenes. New Orleans has made a decided acquisition to the ranks of Ber clergy in the person of Rev. David Sessums Rector of Christ thu Rob. Or. Sessums is one of the most Brilliant Young clergymen of the episcopal Church in the Southern states and Memphis lost a pastor beloved and a favorite citizen when he yielded to the entreaties of his new Orleans friends and came to the Crescent City. _ the defense of the k. Of l. By Cardinal Gibbons at Rome is received with great satisfaction by the order. The attacks of Cardinal Taschereau of Montreal were Well known to the fraternity and it was feared that his hog Cutty would Lead to some direct action on the part of the Vatican which would prove very disastrous to the order. Cardinal Gibbons is sustained in Bis position by the Bishops of Richmond and of St. Paul both of whom Are Friendly to the knights. Before leaving for Rome Cardinal Gibbons had a Long conference with or. Powderly and was thoroughly informed concerning All matters necessary to be Laid before hts holiness the Pope. The matter will now be Laid at rest and it is confidently believed that the decisions will not be Adverse to the order. Sam Jones struck something Richer than baked Beans in Boston. He is credited with having extracted $19,600 from the Hub in one month. This is strictly in accordance with the scripture which says a make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness a if not according to the other which says a take neither Gold nor Silver nor brass in your same a brass is in bus face. It pays better there. The tight Over the prohibition amendment in this state will be a bitter one. Those who imagine that the prohibitionists will be easily Defeated reckon without their hosts. The prohibitionists have been preparing for this fight for years and their lighting forces Are in Good condition. It is a tight for and against personal Liberty and because of this the Light ranges itself on the Side of Freedom and throws its weight with the anti prohibitionists. The restraint and regulation of the liquor traffic and the suppression of drunkenness Are the things to be aimed at and not the restriction of the Liberty of the citizen. A High License Law for every purpose of moral restraint and As a safeguard against intemperance is infinitely preferable to All the prohibition Laws of All the states. Tint Man who can extract milk out of a dry Coconut can no doubt find the key to the a a proceedings As reported in the legislative journal but it would be impossible for an Ordinary Philadelphia lawyer to make head or tall to the regular botch that it is in arrangement and style. _ Nat q. Henderson prophesies a prohibition majority in this state of 50,000 on popular vote. In this Case the prophecy is of no account for it merely a comes by the will of still there is no knowing what a state will do that polls 150,000 majority vote for the democracy. The notorious Belle Boyd the Confederate spy who bes had More marital troubles since me War than she had mar to a gtd Fol cities during the War sues an la Linvol editor f in malicious and Crim trial libel on the ground that he called her a dead beat and a fraud and her manager Only an alleged husband. Overland like 49ers. That is the Way two sturdy Houston mechanics will travel. Vav. E. Hall and Jake Edmonds practical mechanics of Houston have for several weeks past been contemplating an Overland trip to the Pacific slope. With this object in View they began on the 8th of december last the construction of a two horse Spring Wagon to carry them and their necessary supplies from week to week in their journey Westward. The Wagon is nearly finished and will be ready for the Start Bioh will take place about saturday next. It will be built entirely of Poplar and Texas Pine 9 feet in length 3x8 in Width. In the rear of the Wagon a Cabinet 3 feet High 4 feet wide containing four compartments will be placed for the purpose of Bolding the stove Crock Ery knives and Forks and other Kitchen paraphernalia. In addition to tile body of the Wagon and Cabinet above described a leather Boot will be attached under the bed of the Wagon As a receptacle for storing mechanics implements. Or. Edmonds nays regarding the objects of the trip and the proposed route to be taken that the route hns not been definitely settled but would probably be via san Antonio and Elpaso and along the route of the Southern Raitio Road. Their trip is merely in the nope of making big Money in their line of business both men being thorough mechanics that they proposed to do any and Alt kinds of work repairing machinery blacksmithing building houses or any work of a similar nature. The Wagon will be draw by two Texas ponies and a return Home is not anticipated under two years. The Western settlers chosen specific with every Advance of emigration into the far West a new demand is created for Hostet terms stomach bitters. Newly peopled regions Are Fresque Quot try less salubrious than older settled localities on account of the Miasma which rises from recently created land. Particularly along the Banks of Rivers that Are subject to freshest. Tho agricultural or mining Emigrant soon learns when he does not already know that Tho bitters afford Tho Only sure Protection against malarial and those Iii orders of the stomach liver and bowels to which climate changes exposure and unaccustomed or unit Althy water or diet subject him. Consequently he places an estimate upon this great household specific and preventive commensurate with its intrinsic merits and is careful to keep on hand a restorative and promoter of health so lamp Limity to be relied upon in Tir Neof need. As there is every reason to conclude that an extra session of Congress must be held and As Grover feels no disposition to hurry the democratic procession no nomination to the vacant treasure ship will be made for some time to come. His excellency prefers to leave his expectant servants on the Tenter Hooks. Lost Faith in physicians. Thero Are innumerable instances whore cures have been effected by 8uovill�?Ts Sarsaparilla of blood and liver syrup for All diseases of the blood when they had been Given Over by their physicians. It is one of the Best remedies Ever offered to the Public and it is prepared with the greatest care As a specified for certain diseases it is no wonder that it should be More effectual than hastily written and carelessly prepared prescriptions. Take this Medicine for All disorders arising from impure blood. It is endorsed by leading Protess Lonal men. For Sale. A Well improved farm six Miles from Boerne 180 acre thirty five of which Are improved farm land irrigation Springs and a Fine Stone House residence and outhouses. Enquire at no. 502 West Commerce Street. 3-2-1 in satisfactory evidence. J. W. Graham wholesale druggist of Austin Texas writes a i have been handling or. We Halls Balsam for the Lunos for the past year and have found it one of the most scalable medicines i have Ever had in my House for coughs colds end even consumption always giving entire satisfaction. Please Send me another How to gain flesh and strength. Use after each meal Scott a emulsion with hypo phosphates. It is As palatable As milk and easily digested. The rapidity with which delicate people improve with its use is wonderful. Use it and try your weight. Ash remedy for consumption Throat affections and bronchitis it is unequalled. Please read a i used Scott a emulsion in a child eight months old with Good results. He gained four pounds in a very Short . Prim. M. I Ala barn a. A a when you want any printing done just Call around to the Light office or ring us up by Telephone. 9-27-tf for dyspepsia and liver complaint you have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh a Vitalizer. It never fails to cure. For Sale by Dowling amp flood. 1-13 6ni a nasal injector free with Ca ii bottle of Shiloh a Catarrh remedy. Urine 50 cents. For Sale by Dowling a flood. Moxie nerve_2_ food. Testimonial. Corpus Christi Tex., Jan. 31,1887. J. J. Schott Galveston Texas d a sir having lived in South America for a number of years and having been great y benefited by the use of what known As the moxie nerve food i can heartily endorse the Many Tea Imo vials you have received concern lug toe Good results obtained by using moxie. I know it is used in hospitals at Lima Hor Rolls Cabin Valparaiso Santiago and in every place i have been on that coast. In oases of general debility and fever it is the Best a it surest remedy. Taken us a beverage it is Superior to All. In my own Case fourteen years ago. When residing in Lima i was brought Down to a perfect Shadow by fever or a. Wendall recommended the use of the extract now known is moxie nerve food i gained health and strength rapidly. I am sure or the workingmen of this country would use the above extract As a beverage instead of Beer or whisky they would be better in health better in pocket and better Able to meet life a struggle in these hard times i say so because i know whereof i speak St you Are doing a world or Good in introducing the Moor nerve food As a beverage and believe me i wish you every Success As you deserve in bringing the extract on the Market for the use of Mankind. I am Doar sir yours respectfully Malcom g. Doug lab. Drink moxie. A bottle of moxie nerve food costs Only 50 cents. Ladies can order from their grocer or druggist on draught in All saloons. For Sale everywhere. Manufactured and for Sale by moxie nerve food co., 217, 219 and 221 Market Street Galveston. Texas Mozie a Pointer for newspaper men. Chicago editor to reporter a a in your report of the fire you refer to the building As having been a gutted. A reporter a Tyfo Chicago editor a a Well a gutted might do for Cincinnati or at. Louis but culture and refinement have got this City by the Throat Young Man and our magnificent fireproof buildings Are no longer gutted they Are disembowel a. A Xiv of the Good things of this pm life Are sorrowfully let alone on account of dyspepsia. Ackers dyspepsia tablets will cure dyspepsia indigestion and constipation sold on a positive guarantee at 25 and 50 cents by for Sale by Ragland amp Kennedy. Why will you cough when Shiloh a cure will give immediate Relief. Price to ctg.,50 cts., and $1. For Sale by Dowling amp flood. 1-13-fim Shiloh a Catarrh remedy a positive cure for Catarrh diphtheria and canker Mouth. For Sale by Dowling amp flood. Several Good Hacks with or without horses on easy terms enquire at this of Floe. 1-24-87-1 w blood elixir is the Only blood remedy guaranteed. It is a positive cure for ulcers eruptions or syphilitic poisoning. It purifies the whole system and banishes All rheumatic and neuralgia pains. We guarantee it. For Sale by Ragland amp Kennedy by you can Jive at Home and make More Money at work tor us than at anything else in this world. Capital not needed you Are started free. Both sexes ail Ages any one can do the work. Largo earnings sure from first Start. Costly outfit and terms free. Better not delay. Costs you nothing to Send us you address Aud find out if you Are Wise you will do Soat Onoe. Hallett amp . Maine. A Xvi cd Vav o a that Are fretful peevish a a Cross or troubled with Windy Colic teething pains or stomach disorders can be relieved at once by using Ackers baby soother. It contains no opium or morphine hence is Safe. Price 25 cents. Sold by for Sale by Ragland amp Kennedy by new advertisements. Of my Back every Strain or cold attacks that weak Back and nearly prostrate you. Brm5 the it Best tonic ? strengthens the Muarl Ca St tidies the nerve in riches the Millood. Liven new vigor. Do. J. L. Divers. Fairfield Iowa says a Browne a Iron bitters is the beet Iron Medicine i have known in my to years practice. I have found it specially beneficial in nervous or physical exhaustion and in All debilitating ailments that Bear so heavily on the system. Use it freely in my own in. W. F. Brown 637 main by Covington. By. Says a i was completely broken Down in health and troubled with pains in my bark. Brow us a Iron bitters entirely restored me to Gennine has above Trade Mark and crossed red line on wrapper. Take no other. Made Only by shown chemical oo., ii Alti Muhl my. Fob printing of every description done Ai the Light office. Satisfaction Given Vert time. Or Money refunded mask Ball by the san into no a Tarn Mcrein saturday March 5,1887. Admission gents ii ladles. 60o. To be had from any member or the undersigned committee. Non members can procure tickets by applying to the following commit August Brian jr., Otto Rock f. W. Mcallister Joe Beckmann 22-1 it Joe Heuermann. Trifle with any by of v lung disease. Consumption can be cubed. To Halls Balsam r cures coughs colds pneumonia consumption bronchial difficulties bronchitis hoarseness asthma croup. Whooping cough influenza and All diseases of the breathing organs. It soothes and heals Tho membrane of the lungs inflamed and poisoned by the disease and prevents the night sweats and the tightness across the Chest which accompany it consumption is not an incurable malady. Halls Balsam will cure you even Thongn professional Aid fails. For Sale by All druggists. John f. Heney amp co., new York. Rewrite for illuminated Book. Bhikhi by warning occupants of houses should secure their windows and doors atone against the cold drafts of the coming Winter by ordering without delay Browne a Patent Metalic and rubber weather strips for windows and doors which will entirely exclude cold drafts in Winter saving half your fuel and dust in summer having your carpets curtains and furniture. Rattling sashes stopped. Windows can be raised or lowered As usual for ventilation. Have stood the test of Twenty years on finest private and Public buildings in principal cities. Used on nil drawing room and sleeping cars in the United states and Europe and warranted Good for five years for Sale by Cotton amp Storey Excelsior planning Mills. Contractors and builders. Office and Mill 22 Avenue a san Antonio Texas. Sole agents for Bexar county. 2-3-Ly hushed. Zall Hannib. Experience of eleven years As Salesman for l. Kunkel. A dealer in Staple amp fancy groceries Corner West Houston and Cameron streets. Telephone 288. Free Camp Yard. Orders promptly delivered free of charge. A Bergmann formerly proprietor of the bulls head Saloon on Market Street Beer Saloon 43 Alamo Street. A St always fresh Beer on tap. Fine cigars. Cold lunch at All times of the Day. Musical entertainments Aiu Sunda is. Tamil Les Are specially invited and will receive proper attention r. Taylor. W. S. Taylor Taylor amp son House sign and decorative painters gilding Graing paper hanging Kalsoom Yinug Etc. He Houston St. San Antonio Tei a sensation. Why is it that three bottles of ii. B. B. Are sold in Atlanta to one of any other blood remedy Aud twice As ranch consumed in the state of Georgia As any other preparation no one used take our word but simply ask the druggists. Ask the people they Are competent witnesses. Six houses in Atlanta Are buying ii. Ii. Ii in five and ton Gross lots and some of them buy As often As every two months. Why these unprecedented sales Here at Home with so Little advertising modesty forbids us making a reply. Had ii b. B. Been before the Public a Quarter or half a Century it would not be necessary to be bolstered up with crutches of Page advertisements. Merit will conquer and Down Money. $ i of Worth $500.00. For four years i have Bien a sufferer from a terrible form of rheumatism w hich reduced me so Low that All Hope of recovery was Given up. I have suffered tile most excruciating of Iii Day and night and often while writhing n agony have wished i could die. I have tried everything known for that disease did me Good and have had some of the Best physicians of tue state to work on me but All to no effect. I have spent Over $8u0 without finding Relief. I urn now proud to say that after using Only one bottle of ii. La. B. I Ain eur Alicd to walk around and attend to business. I take $50<i for the Benefit received from one single bottle of la. Ii ii i refer to All merchants and business men of this town. Yours most truly e. D. Gaba. Waverly Walker county Texas. He swallowed 15. I have been troubled with a serious blood disease for six years and have expended Over $260 for worthless a it medics which did to no Good. The use of 15 bottles of ii a ii. Has at out cured me doing More Good than All other remedies combined it is a Quick and Chap blood purifier. O. H. Rudolph. Talladega ala., april 20, 1�8. Missouri Pacific it system International and great Northern r. R. Division solid tbai1ts Withall modern improvements through Between Galveston and St. Louis san Antonio amp St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison. Without change of Carnot any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore washing ton Philadelphia new York Boston and other Principa Horth and East. Throat or i of you have a cough or cold or the children Are threatened with croup or whooping cough use Ackers English remedy and prevent further trouble. It is a positive Curty and we guarantee it. Price to and 50c for Hale by Ragland amp Kennedy. Sar Trittin leaving san Antonio at 6 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through by. Louis. New train leaving san Antonio at 4 00 p. In. Has Pullman Palace sleeping car Denison through to Kansas City connecting at Denison with through Sleeper to St a y\8 passengers booked to and from All Points in Europe via the a a am Bui can s l1? and Liverpool and the a red Start s. S. Line to tween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Call on j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kaupman building. Ticket agent j amp g. N. Depot h. P Hughes b. W. Mccullough p a., Houston Tex. A. P. Amp t. A., Dallas. Texas demonstrated Merit. Sparta ga., May 16, 1886. Blood Balm co you will please ship us per first freight one Grot a ii. B. B. It gives us pleasure to report a Good Trade for this preparation. Indeed it has far eclipsed All other blood remedies both Iii demonstrated Merit and rapid Sale with us. Rozier amp Vardeman. A who desire full information about the cause and cure of Millood poisons. Scr Fula and so Romulous swellings ulcers sores rheumatism kidney complaints Catarrh Etez a can secure by mail free a copy of our 32-Page illustrated Book of wonders filled with the most wonderful and startling proof Ever before known. Address blood Balm co Atlanta g a co thousands suffering from asthma con sumption coughs Etc. Did you Ever try Ackers English remedy it is the Best preparation known for All lung troubles. Sold on a positive guarantee at 10c., 50c. For Bale by Ragland amp Kennedy by san Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further notice our trains will run As follows daily except sunday in effect nov. 29, 1886. Lav san Antonio. 10 30 a. M. Southbound trains a Kava blk Villa. 4 15 p. A arrive at Corpus Christi. 8 35 p. M. Northbound trains leave Corpus Christi. 6 45 a. M. A a beeville.11 10 . Arrive at san Antonio. 400 p. M. Map Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways at Flores Vine with stage lines for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and Lavernia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus for Mineral City at. Beeville for Goliad and at Corpus Christi with Tex mexican railway. U. Lott b. F. Yoakum president and general manager. Traffic manager. Thos. F. Kerr. Roofing and paving contractor. Office room 3 Soledad Block. Composition gravel and Shell roofing the most durable and economical roofing used. Many of the finest buildings in the United states Are covered with it. In Chicago 98 per sent. And in St. Louis 80 percent of the buildings in the fire limits this roofing is used. Upon the new opera House any Many other flue blocks n this City this roofing is used. Guaranteed for 5 to 10 years. Jusfre Feretich Given to roofing of 15 to 20 years standing. City drug store. No. 8 East Commerce Street Ragland amp Kennedy chemists and pharmaceutics to. Proprietors dealers in drugs chemicals Patent medicines toilet articles Etc Etc. Fc#�?ophesciption8 accurately compounded Day of night. Jas d. Devine druggist and pharmacist. Prescription Calls positively and promptly answered Day or night by thorough graduates. Toilet and fancy pertaining to the drug Trade. Corner Commerce St. And main Plaza far Only drug store in the City open ail night. A a a. Id. chemist and apothecary no. 205 Alamo Plaza. Always on hand a full and fresh Stock of drugs chemicals and toilet articles Are every thing found in a first class drug store. Prescriptions made a specially and will be prepared at All hours with care and dispatch. Telephone no 299 c. Eisenlohr us the pleasure to announce that he Bas leased the store formerly occupied by ii sobe opposite the Post office and Laid in a Fine Stock of cigars tobacco and stationery smokers sundries and everything that can be found in a first class Cigar Aud stationery store which will be sold at fair prices. He solicits the patronage of his friends and the Public. N. B a newspapers magazines Eto on Sale. 215 6m bargains a for Sale for rent. Orab who buy a five room House with two galleries outhouses Aud Large lot House bran new and nicely finished waterworks in Bouse a number of Young fruit and Shade Trees centrally located. Terms�?$1500 Cash balance in 12 months. Address t. B. Johnson Light office. 9-2-tf Juty dollars will buy four Nice bulldog lug lots la Block 139, on Alazan Creek inquire of t. La. Johnson limn office. 11i i Hui subscribers to the weekly Light in Usu wanted at oui Ila year. Pir rent a nicely furnished office suitable for Laud or commission of Floe centrally located Luquire of t. P. Johnson at the Light office. 9-2tf Phree Fine lots for $76�?lots 1,2, and i 3, la Block 36, original City lot no. 3, Range 2, East Side of san Antonio River. T b. Johns it a Light of Floe. 9-2-tf two Fine building lots for Sale size 110x170 i foot in Block 137, West of san Pedro oreo adjoining Krish property. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Light of Floe James Murphy architect office no. La do Vine building. Correspond Eure solicited. 8an Antonio Texas visiting cards free ii Ait Iii 11 the Patent in Gauze oven door i j the latest improvement on the Oak at the Light office. How to get them. Inquire of the City subscription agent Money to be made Cut this out and return to us and we will Send you free something of great value Aud importance to you that will Start you in business that will bring you in More Money right away than anything else in the world. Any one Oan do the work and live at Home. Either sex All Ages. Something new. That just coins Money for All workers. We will Start Yon capital not need of. This is one of the genuine important Chance of a lifetime. Those who Are ambitious Aud Tutei prising will not delay. Grand outfit free. Address tunic amp co. Augusta. Maine it produces practical results in baking and roasting never before attained in any cooking apparatus and will revolutionise the freest Moi of cooking its tbxob7 is that All food raked or Roan Tad should a cooked in fresh air freely admitted tothe oven. This in dons by discarding Tho close oven door heretofore used and substituting for it a door containing a shoot of win Gauze nearly As Large As Tho door itself. Through this Gauze door the air freely circulates facilitating the process of cooking and producing food that is unequalled in flavor mid nutrition and actually cooked with less consumption of fuel than in an oven with a closed door. It Nakea an enormous saving in the weight of meat. It also produces larger loaves of bread requires 1mm it tout iou from the Cook and promotes the health of the family by the Hiu a Tsiou que Auto of the food cooked in a a opinion of an expert. Mrs. Mary b. Welch teacher Domestic Economy Iowa state University says a my deliberate judgment is t hut the oven of tile Runge As compared with others. Is not Only More equally heated in every part front a Well As rear but As a result of its Superior ventilation the food placed therein is better cooked while retaining a sweeter flavor and a larger proportion of its Best juices i and also that the consumption of fuel in this Range is much less Thun any other for same Send for illustrated circulars Ano Price list Excelsior Manus co., . A Leroux amp c0sgr0ve"agents. Or. L. V. Weathers physician and surgeon. Chronic diseases and diseases of women and children a specially. Of Floe netted a drug store. Telephone no. 118,
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