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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - March 3, 1887, San Antonio, Texas Thursday March 3, 1887. Railroad time table. L amp o. N. Hat Road. Depa turns. For St. Louts via to. A. Route. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain. For St. Louis via Missouri Pacific for Laredo 4 3n p. In ii a. In 8 00 a in 10 43 a. In arrivals. From St. Louis Missouri Pacific 10 50 p. In from St. Louis via Iron Mountain 10 50 p. In from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. 10 50 a. In from Laredo. 3 30 p. In 3 a. Be a. P. Railroad. Arrivals and departures. Until further notice our trains wit run daily except sunday As follows southbound trains. Leave san Antonio. 10.30 a. In. Leave Beeville at. 4.15 p. In. Arrives at Corpus Christi. 8 35 p. In. Northbound trains leaves Corpus Christi. 0 45 a. In. Leave Beeville. 11.10 p. In. Arrive at san a to to 4.00 p. In. New Southern Pacific time. San Antonio has now two trains Dally to and from new Orleans. The new time card of the Southern Pacific fro a a in Force today riving two trains daily As follows eastbound. Fan Antonio leave.8 30 a. In. Houston arrive5 t3p. In. Houston depart 6 45 p. In. New Orleans arrive. .8 06 a. In. Ban Antonio leave.8 55 . Houston arrive 6 00 . Houston depart 0 10 a. In. New Orleans arrive8 05 p. In. West bound. New Orleans leave7 20 p. In. Houston arrive. 9 25 . Houston depart.9 55 a. In. San Antonio arrive.,.6 50p. In. New Orleans leave7 15 a. In. Houston arrive.9 40 p. In. Houston depart. 955 p. In. Ban Antonio arrive7 20a. In. The advantage of this service is apparent As it prevents a frequent Lay Over of Tavel to hours at Houston. Great m mss As b cures rheumatism neuralgia i per a 5 Tow r Harkin lip , Tao Haelie. Re rain i us i Winji at thug lists Anis dealers. The Charles a. Odeler co. Baltimore. My a phantom Bride. By the author of a the ice one literally perineal from want or food and exposure to the elements. She was brought in late on wednesday and died before noon yesterday. When asked what was to be done with her a effects a and whether she had any final instructions to give she desired that the three half Pence might be handed to the nurse who had been kind to her the Organ was to be returned to a certain address in the City for As it transpired it was Only hired from an italian who made his living by letting out these instruments of Public torture at so much per week or month a a nah sad enough for the onlookers at any rate no doubt a observed sir Jasper Gruff a notwithstanding which my dear i Hollingshead you must permit me to doubt whether the deceased is after All so greatly to be pitied. She is at rest her troubles Are Over she has Laid her Burthen Down that Burthen which after All May have been no Whit heavier fitted to her Hack than that which most of us in some form or another Are destined to Bear to the end. The troubles of this world in my Opin Ion Are meted out less unevenly than might at first appear each human unit has its share to carry Young or old Rich or poor. Fill your Glass Hollings head and pass the decanter on to Dick a a i can to altogether agree with you Jasper there a returned the doctor complying with his hosts injunctions. A this woman was at most forty years of age she had been in All probability hard working and industrious according to her lights for three parts of her life yet ultimately she Dies like a dog in a Gutter and possibly none of her own kith and Kin will Ever learn her precise Fate a a had she a husband family or a nah by the Bye you remind me of perhaps the Saddest phase in the whole history directly consciousness was restored she made anxious enquiries about a child a girl who should have been along Side her she declared when she stumbled and fainted in Piccadilly a Dick who had so far manifested but a feeble interest in the conversation As he sat sipping his Sherry nursing one leg and gazing fixedly into the flames started involuntarily his wandering attention Mesmer Cally riveted As this last sentence escaped the doctors lips. A and it was comical even whilst tragical a the Good doctor continued with a pitiful smile a to note the Workings of the a ruling passion Strong in when informed that no child had been noticed in her Vicinity the poor creature fell to exhausting her re Lina ining modicum of breath in vituperation and violent abuse of this missing Varmint la a a regular Good-for-Noth-4ng, Idle gaping minx that swot she few urls the doomed wretch averred and it seemed even at that crucial moment in aggravation of her personal sufferings to picture a Greta a As she called Here the name struck me As at once euphonious and Peculiar staring round a Yed and open mouthed in at a Cook shop Winders As though there our nothing else in the world to doll was anything at once so ludicrous and pathetic Ever Beardy questioned the doctor turning to his auditors who both remained speechless unaccountably enough. It was the baronet who first broke is Lenoe. A a this this child was she the the woman a daughter do you say and and what age May she have been did thus much happen to transpired though really a he added suddenly with a strange forced laugh a i hardly know by what rhyme or reason i enquire a she did not know the child s age exactly a returned the doctor a but guessed it would be about nine or ten years old for it was of course necessary she should furnish the police with a full description that the girl might be traced if possible and taken in charge under the vagrancy aet. Tho child was not hers she distinctly stated she had a loaned it a As she expressed it from some other woman in order that it might go on the tramp wit i her to collect Tho Coin and play the Tambourine. Quite a usual proceeding the woman inferred and the police say this lending and hiring out of children is a distinct Branch of business and an everyday transaction among the wretched denizens of the City a and the child Greta has anything been heard of her a asked the baronet i relevantly. Dick glanced curiously at him. Surely it was singular he should have caught the name so precisely and dwelt upon the matter As though it were one in which he was personally concerned. A not up to the time of the w Oman a death yesterday morning a returned the doctor a and the police say it is improbable they will come across her now. She will probably a pick up a As they term it with some other itinerant musicians having already served her apprenticeship seemingly to the profession the Happy possessor of a dancing Monkey or a punch and Judy show and is possibly Miles away from the town Ere this journeying towards some country fair. The woman professed strangely enough to be bound for Wimbledon via Barnes common and spoke quite familiarly of various halting e laces in that locality. She probably belonged to this part of the country therefore and for ought we can Tell to the contrary overtaxed her strength putting on a final spurt in Hopes of reaching a Home in time to eat her Christmas dinner not Twenty Miles from our own a she she was a common woman. I suppose you Are sure of that a the baronet questioned strangely prefacing the remark with a Short rasping laugh and her name we might make enquiries you know. Did her name happen to transpire a a yes and no singularly enough. For she gave her name simply As a Margot a and declared she had a Niver and no other As shed Ever Heerd Tell Only a a a wait Dicks fancy or did the baronet heave a Low unconscious sigh of infinite Relief a a a a or if she had a we made her admit at last a it was so Long sin her christening that to other a Barf had slipped her mime by a and to this statement she doggedly adhered to the end. Of she was a common enough poor wretch no doubt on that Point. She was ignorant of her own age and lordly understood signing some necessary document with her a Mark. However peace to her Manes. Bah it makes me shudder at this moment to recall the poor creatures final agonies. Let us talk of something Dicks gaze meanwhile was Mesmer Cally riveted upon the baronet a sour visage. Had it been endowed with the basilisk a fatal Power it could not have exercised a More singular fascination and now the Young fellow no longer questioned doubted he Wras sure that an expression of Relief flitted palpably across the old Many a stolid features As the doctor ceased. Dick could never after satisfactorily account even to himself for the strange impulse which had prompted him to remain silent during this Brief colloquy and now further to withhold the circumstance of his own strange rencontre upon the night in question with the child whose description so exactly answered to that of Margot a Chilom companion that no Shadow of doubt could remain in Dicks mind As to the identity of his Small protege. Was it perhaps because of a Boyish reluctance to confess to having played the role of philanthropist and interfered to Rescue Greta from the scant hospitality of the casual Ward or nearest police station or perhaps because he had a fancy to Reserve to himself the right of dealing As to him seemed Best with this orphaned stray whom Providence had led to his very door. At any rate he held his peace feeling meanwhile singularly criminal How Ever As though he had been guilty of some Misdemeanour against the Law a Petty larceny at the very least. It was a singular Relief to him when dinner was announced and shortly after tile Young Man withdrew leaving the old cronies to the discussion of a capital bottle of Fine crusted port whilst Dick himself sallied Forth skates in hand to join the merry makers on the Frozen Lake scarcely a mile to the right of the Bleak House Demesne. Chapter Vin. In the jaws of death. The scene presented an hour or two later on the really capital ice placed at the general disposal was animated and striking in the extreme. The Snow cleared off the Lake had been piled up round the margin in fantastically shaped Mounds Whereon great Braziers of fire were kindled at Long intervals with admirable effect. The Moon shone Clear and Bright in a cloudless sky and on either Side the Lake the background of leafless Trees and shadowy Bosket framed a picture calculated to recall sketches of Winter in the Canadian Woods or Christmas on the Neva. But those were undeniably English forms Stalwart men and Lis som maids a a who skimmed the Frozen surface with a Grace and celerity purely insular for certes our British fair ones have a stately Carriage and svelte movement Peculiar to themselves As they Bend hither thither upon the gleaming Blades swaying like Reeds in the wintry blast whilst each sturdy unit of the sterner sex pursues the even Tenor of his Way even upon his a mesh with a stolid dignity and strength of purpose which foreign caterers Seldom emulate. The gathering proved but Small Twenty souls perhaps All told and Dick fresh from the limitless acres of Hendon the Long water and the serpentine soon began to weary of the somewhat monotonous sport of a following his nose in a straight line half a mile up half a mile Down for though at one Point the Lake diverged and Cut up in a narrow Strait some distance among the Trees yet the ice was held too sheltered in such recondite regions to be altogether Safe despite the rigor of the Frost. So any Advance in this direction was strictly Tabooed. A keep to the right skating up keep to the left skating Down figure cutting Only in the Centre of the such was the Tenor of the injunctions Laid upon each guest and in this primitive locale it would have been regarded Well nigh As an infringement of the rites of hospitality had any visitor ventured to disobey. And indeed i know not that any Felt the inclination saving perhaps the inevitable exception necessary to prove the Rule in the shape of Dick Carlisle who a hailed a As we know from that Seething Whirlpool of iniquity popularly dubbed a town a and was consequently prone to evil tendencies happily confined to metropolitan sinners. It must at any rate he confessed that after two full hours of what he stigmatised As a uncommonly poor fun a Dick began to weary of the Monotony of the prescribed course and cast longing glances in the direction of the smooth uncut ice gleaming like a Silver ribbon in and oui among the Trees. There might be some amusement now in exploring the windings of the Frozen Stream Ana imagining oneself Miles away from the haunts of civilization and the jostling a madding crowd a Dick argued mentally. By the Way unless he were much mistaken the water extended As far As the gardeners hut a Coign of Vantage where he Hail spent Many Happy hours when first he had been a visitor on probation at Bleak Alouso some hair dozen years ago. A to be sure there was the twinkle of a lighted pane visible even now Between the branches of Hie Trees a a he a a mind a Devilish Good mind a a but at this juncture thought became merged in action one glance to right. To in Ner orc Nenma rim. Leu tui i finding himself momentarily unobserved Dick swooped round on his Blades and executing a skilful Retro Grade movement glided away under the Shadow of the tree unperceived alike by Host Sisters friends. Then away away Over the Glasny i surface Swift As Arrow from the Bow i bending swaying now right now left. As the Stream meandered in and out till at length Dick paused momentarily i out of breath and by Way of variety began cutting hieroglyphic eights threes noughts in the Centre of the ice. It w As pretty too from Here to watch the effect of the firelight scene beyond with the muffled figures in the dark apparel skimming the Lake like Gigantic Birds the blazing Braziers casting High Bright tongues of living flame and heading a lurid Rosy glow on Hie mimic Snow mountains piled around. Such the Prospect on the one hand whilst on the other All was dark mysterious and drear Only Ever and again betwixt the interstices of the Trees the solitary lamp in the gardeners cottage twinkled fros tily like a fallen Star. Well head a mind to wish old Dawkins the compliments of the season so Dick veered round Bent his head to the Breeze in order to escape some Low hanging branches of the naked Alders which in summer interlaced their Leafy arms Over this portion of the Stream then Onward Onward through tile Clear cold night cleaving space like some winged thing. Until never after could he succeed in accurately defining what next occurred. Was it that he tripped Over some jagged unseen Stone embedded in the ice that his skates became suddenly entangled in some fallen twigs or that a in any Case without preliminary sign or symptom without the vaguest notion that his equilibrium was endangered Dick pitched head Foremost heavily to Earth coming Down with a monstrous crash which starred the ice for Yards around and shivered the Frozen surface immediately beneath his weight. It rent it Clovel it gaped asunder the jagged edges springing wide like the two ends of a ribbon sundered sharply when tension is extreme and into Hie dark yawning chasm thus exposed head Foremost Dick was plunged. Widely vainly his Iron shod feet struck out fiercely right and left he but succeeded in enlarging the hideous aperture and greedily the prisoner Waters sucked in their unexpected prey. Was it fancy or even As he fell did a Sharp smothered human cry reach his ear from the nearest Bank the voice of a fellow create Raj telling of sympathy and commiseration at that moment of supreme St peril when in the heyday of health and strength a Brave Man realizes he is face to face nay surely in the very jaws of remorseless death himself. Just then Dick might not pause to Ponder he was grappling with his cruel foe fiercely wildly As those Only struggle who recognize that the Issue is one or life or death that no intermediate course is practicable that the die is cast and a few Brief moments must irrevocably decide the Fate of the writhing terrified human soul thus suddenly plunged up to the lips in the Seething Whirlpool of despair. A it was awful awful. He was sensible of the ice cold Waters closing above his head whilst lower lower he Felt himself downward drawn As though into a bottomless abyss a freezing vortex from which escape there could be none his very soul turned sick and numb whilst physically he grew positively nerveless from despair for after those first few moments of purposeless plunging beneath overhanging cruel ledges which seemed to frown blackly at his impotence. Dick vaguely realized the utter futility of further efforts even As he stretched his eager hands now right now left with the Blind instinct of self preservation Strong in every human breast for Hie treacherous ice gave Way beneath his clutch and the additional impetus thus Lent the Waters seemed but the More effectually to overwhelm their puny victim. A it was terrible this rendering up of precious life whilst one was Young and Strong and Brave and bold. The utter impossibility of resigning himself to the inevitable for one moment possessed Dick with the absolute Force of frenzy let the old the ailing the used up die not him not him in the full strength and glory of his manhood the fragrant Flower of his youth and perfect health. He could not would not yield up his breath before the life Long fray was More than Well commenced before he had lived and loved and suffered to the extent of one tithe of the tether nature had allotted to him As his individual share of earthly experience. But now consciousness suddenly became dim and hazy Cloudy indefinable Earth and heaven the past and present the possible future All became alike involved in a vague cold Mist defying Analy nation. It seemed to Dick he was floating on his Back on the surface of the Waters with his face upturned towards the Clear Pale pitiless sky that a death cold hand closed his tired lids that an icy weight As of an uprooted Mountain had settled upon his breast stilling pulsation and respiration forbidding his fluttering heart to beat the life Stream to quiver longer through his numbing veins. Then All was peace and Cairns a measureless Tranquility became his portion the Brief agony of resistance Over Dick Felt no desire to struggle longer against his doom. Surely a Hundred years at the very least must have elapsed before on reopening his eyes Dick became dimly conscious of laying on a bed of Snow with blankets piled above him w Ith two rough faced men bending Over him whilst a Horny hand pressed Between his lips the Mouth of a bottle containing it seemed More than probable the famous elixir of life itself for certes that was none other than the liquid life Stream it distilled through his every vein. A nah in i fancied All was Over that in i was drowned a he murmured faintly even As he re closed his weary eyes. A not this time Maister not list yet awhile. Though a near snuff squeak it our and All and if so be As yell take advice yell not go fur to try it on agin hell do Noo Jack right As a trivet lend a hand and then Lead subsequently it seemed to Dick he was borne aloft on Angels pinions through the Clear cold air then again surely he was sailing through realms of Ether and measureless space in a gilded wheelless car which Clove the night with a murmur us thrill As of swallows on the Wing. But he was far too listless to make an Effort to enclose his eyes just then in order to convince himself of time locality. Or circumstance he resigned himself utterly to the inevitable dimly recognizing the futility of struggling longer against his Fate. L. Huth amp son old stand t i 226,228 and 230 Market St. Received one ear d. Landreth a Bonsy i Sheds also one ear genuine beet potatoes grown an their Wisconsin farms Viz i extra , version Early Rose Iti Auty of Hebron White elephant Peebles. And new varieties Garfi old hate of Maine. Agents Meikle Blue Griss sulky plows and cultivators planet jr., horse hoes and cultivators combi cd. hand seed drills plows Etc. Also Triniy celebrated plows. 2-9-im Lorenzo Castro land claim and general agent is qualified to practice a agent before Hie department of the Interior. Land warrants. Mexican War veterans pensions obtained. Infirmary remedies amp a. Eye ear Rose and Throat. All those afflicted with any disease of the eyes ears Nom or Throat can find the greatest him quickest Relief and cure at Tho san Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary s sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of the kind in toe Prate. Ban is and Bankers. Texas National Bank. 258 Commerce Street. Of a general banking business transacted. Drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. It Quot visitors Register Kent in our Reading room. Where strangers in the City Are invited to Call. Large tracts of Texas and Mexico. Land for Sale in i pro . Glass. V. P j As. P. Earl cashier. The children. They Are es-v3vvv v Penally liable to sudden colds coughs croup whooping cough Etc. We guarantee Ackers English remedy a positive cure. It saves hours of anxious watching. Sold by for Sale by Ragland amp Kennedy by the traders1 National Bahk of san Antonio Texas. Transacts a Genera banking business. Saloon and restaurant. Elite restaurant opes a synd Hight. J. Loust Aneau amp co., the bar supplied with Tho finest of wines liquors and cigars and the restaurant with the very Best to be had in the Market. Cill flow Iowa its. By All orders promptly attended to. Polite waiters and satisfaction guaranteed. Will be pleased to have you Call. G. 5. Glidde Quot proprietor. Smith building main Plaza bar room billiards Saloon restaurant. We Only keep the finest wines champagnes liquors and cigars both Domestic and imported. New and Best improved billiard tables. The restaurant is in daily receipt of fresh fish oysters and game. A specially in orders from families parties Etc. Bervie in first class style and perfect. We. A Mukk. Go. Ii tsar. Eczema eradicated. Gentlemen it is due Yon to say that i think i Ara entirely Well of eczema after Baria taken Swift specific. I Nave been troubled with it very Little in my face since last Spring at the beginning of cold weather last fait it made a slight appearance but went away and Nae never returned. S. S. H. No doubt broke it no at least it put my system in Good condition Sod i got Well Core of a it also benefited my wife greatly in Case of sick headache and made a perfect i breaking not of my Little Throe year old daughter last summer. Watkinsville ga., feb 13,18s. Rev. James v. Of. Morris. Treatise on blood and skin disease mailed free. This he try or a Anc co., drawer 3, Atlanta a. Piper amp Schulthess nos. 8, to 12,14 Yturri and 249 Market sis., aka Luis in Metal nails Ami Fence wires it Arbod and smooth annealed painted and galvanize Fence Staples Patent Fence stays roller blocks and guides. Stretchers ac., a. Roofing and Bright to. Sheet Iron rap of Iron. Steel Zinc Copper brass a. Pig Iron pig Lead solder a. Winners a supplies winners a a baling i us i a a Ian v a a a a i i a pig Iron pig Lead. Solder a. Machinery. Steal baling ties improved for Hay baling presses. Tools Aud agents for Cambridge roofing company a Iron and steel roofing and siding. Iron Ore. Paints. Amp. Union metallic car fridge co. S cartridges All kind Cru calibres. Shells. Wads a. National Sheet Metal rooting Walters Patent tin shingles siding plate. Two make Low prices on car lot. Few correspondence solicited. Claw-12-2-Ly a. Heusinger 310-312 military Plaza san Antonio Texas tinware Agate Iron Ware and builders hardware. Paints Otis Glass nails cutlery Etc. Agent for the data automatic Hay Stacker and gatherer the greatest labor saving machine for Perry a celebrated Cook stoves Champion Harvest Brighton ranges and Bufords steel and Chil led plows sulky plows cultivator Etc., Etc. Landreth a Garden seeds Fence wire of every description and at lowest prices. Martin amp Schryver of All sorts. Kids two Brothers Saloon Corner Commerce and Alamo streets Block. Keep the finest imported wines champagnes and liquors. Specialities in the fines brands of Domestic and imported cigars. Come and see i first class gentlemen a re sort. Fine lunch daily at to of clock a. In. Seffel amp he Wiek Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House painters Alamo St., Opp. Scholz Hall. All work first class charges reasonable. Give us a trial. Hilton amp Young real estate. Insurance and loan brokers and qualities i building material of All kinds shapes or sizes. A Large assortment of ornament goods always in Stock. We keep constantly on hand ladle quantities of the never yet surpassed j. Halsch a Barb and Fence wire. We Are successful competitors in Price and goods. Come and be convinced. Office Omen no. 41 Soledad Street. Next to Patterson a by udder a Bank. Third door from Houston Street. Ban Antonio Texas. Of Jiwu Millet Mankind Are origin.4 by a minor tiered condition of the la Vur. I Lai Haiat of tilt kind such m Torpi Dity or i., a it i iut so Norvon Oyne Oniu indigo it. Log butty of too bowels Fiti t ii a lit ii burning of tint Btu. Ii t Len h Cill. I ii. Tritium think malaria i to Pius Coni uu4 favor break Boot fever or i Ion b2orj or after fevers. liar i. it App tile. Liu Adasue fool breath. To v. A to females bearing i paint. Hicks Ciao. Ac., a. Static Era a. Salt i ii it invaluable. It is not a Panacea a a All moves but will cure All diseases of too liver St Jach Aid Bow Els. It a nauga us from a waxy yellow tinge to a Ruddy h Lull in col it entirely removes Low i t i it my no idiot. It is oho of the alter ant ii i on of the Moo i anti it a mineable tonic gtadicer�?T8 Aurant. Of do by All druggists. Price is of per bottle. C. F. St abide proprietor 140 80. Front St., Philadelphia to. For Sale by a. Dreiss. Investment and loan agents. Have lands for farms gardens Stock a anodes and colonies. Will give reliable Legal and business information to owners and purchasers in reference to titles taxes and value of lands in Texas. Working classes pared to furnish All classes with employment at Home the whole of Tho time or for their spare moments. Business new Light and profitable. Pc Mons of either sex easily earn from 60 cents to $5.00 per evening and a proportional sum by devoting All time to the business. Boys and girls earn nearly As much As men. That ail who see this May Send their address and test the bust Ness we make this offer. To such As Are not Well satisfied we will pay one Dollar for the trouble of writing. Full particulars and outfit free. Address a Kokk Stinson St co., Portland Maine. South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas j. H. Marquart and shoe manufacturer opposite court House. Gents calf boots from $4 upward boys boots and shoes of ail descriptions in a Alf Grain Button and lace. A full line of ii Kaw boots the Best in the Market Price $5.00. Come and sex Ami of them j. H. 2 60 and $3.oo shoes in Button ism and Gaiter a the bet in the stats every pair guaranteed a Complete Stock of gents Fine Dutton Lack and Gati Khz shoes. They Are the finest in the City. A a in addition to my Stock of boots and shoes i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladles and children a shoes and the celebrated Quot to. M. Blacking a it orders for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice fit and general satisfaction guaranteed it repairing of gents and ladies shoes and boots a specially and attended to with dispatch and Marc. Cotton. Wool. Hides. J. 8. Alexandria president. A. A. Alexander cashier. Forty years residence in Texas. Patents for inventions. Designs and Trade Marks claims collected Homestead cases prosecuted land warrants Back pay Bounty and pensions for soldiers mall contracts business attended John s. Duffie attorney at Law Washington d. C. References attorney general . Garland Washington d. A. And to h. Grousing of san Antonio Texas connected with the Light who will furnish Blanks on application. We. Maybe St co., Bankers Washington Carl Forst merchant tailor Staffel amp Kuhl general commission merchants. Agents Fok the state of Texas Foh Little a chemical fluid dip Little a Patent powder dip Little a soluble phen Yle disinfectant. No. 19 Navarro Street. San Antonio Texas. Alamo ice company 31 Cameron Street Alamo Beer Saloon situated on Alamo Plaza next to the Alamo building san Antonio fresh Beer a and finest brands of cigars always on hand. A full line of 0f"this is a popular resort for chess and Domino players and i am always ready to attend to their wants. C. Basse. Proprietor. Adolf Schnaith imported and Domestic goods always in Stock. Fine snits snits made to order. Telephone no. 229, san Antonio Texas. Agents for Pia Besom talked Ani bottled Beer and the Indian nation Coal. Artist 3m at the very lowest Bates. Del Rio Texas. Chapter in. Dick finds himself famous. A but i declare to you most solemnly that tile last thing i remember As i Felt myself plunging headlong into the bottomless abyss was the despairing cry of a human soul a heart broken Wail from mortal lips which made an indelible impression upon me even at that terrible moment a declared Dick As he Lay propped up by innumerable Pillow s in the funereal four poster which Lent an air at Oneo forbidding and imposing to the spacious guest chamber at Bleak to be no. 275 Garden Street. Hereby beg leave to Call the attention of the Public to my Well appointed Art school a the Hume consists of three departments 1. School of of ref hand drawing for boys and girls every tuesday and saturday afternoon. 2. Be Horn of drawing Aud painting for ladies. There Are classes for beginners As Well As for ladles More advanced. New classes will be formed whenever desirable. 8. Separate private lessons. Adolf son Aith teacher of drawing and painting. A card. To All who Are suffering from the errors and indiscretions of youth nervous weakness Early decay loss of manhood he., i will Send a recipe that will cure you free of charge. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America. Send a self addressed envelope to the ukr. Joseph t. Inman station v. Amu York shilob�?T8 Vitalizer la what you need for constipation loss of appetite dizziness and All symptoms of dyspepsia. Price to and 76 cents per bottle. For Sale by Dowling a flood. M3-6m these pills were a wonderful discovery. No others like them in the world. Or relieve All manner of disease. The information around each Box is Worth i Box of pills. Find out &ss3 is about them and you iffy Wogl Cimfl Villa. A Oil j is a 4, a Ful one Pill a dose. Gfa Gpe Parsons tills contain we Tam is fwd Fife nothing harmful Are easy to take and cause no Raco Aven the marvelous Power of these pills they would walk too mile without. Sent by mail for 35 cents in stat the information is very valuable. I. S. To i i la son w in positively cure n times the Cost of s hence. One Box will do More to Pur i be blood and cure Chi of in ill health than $5 Worth of any other remedy yet discovered. If people could be made to reads to g t a Box if they could net is ted Mph let free Post a i Scad foe it a my House it Boston maus
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