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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 29, 1891, San Antonio, TexasThe monday june z i. 1891. Ten minutes to twelve. By m. G. Of Lelland. By Why the guarantee of or. Pierce s favorite prescription should command it s a guarantee that Means something. If the Medicine does t give Satis faction in every Case for which it s recommended the Money is promptly refunded. Remarkable but it s a remarkable Medicine. All the functional irregularities and weaknesses Peculiar to womankind Are cured by it. For Leuco Rhea periodical pains weak Back Lap sus and other displacements bearing Down sensations and All female it s an unfailing Rem Edy. It is a powerful Restora Tive tonic and Nervine imparting strength and vigor to the whole system. Try it if you re an ailing woman. If it does t help you you have your Money Back. As a regulator and promoter of functional action at that critical period of change from girlhood to womanhood favorite prescription is a perfectly Safe remedial agent and can produce Only Good results 3anks and Bankers. . Alexander president. A. A. cashier. 253 Commerce Street. General ban King business transacted. Traits on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Register kept n our room where Bra Tirera in the City Are invited to Call. On Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by druggists or sent by mail. 60c.f e. T. Hazeltine. Warren. A. F. Bankers in sight on the principal cities in the Ual states and in All european countries. For Coin Ami currency bought and sold. Patents. Caveats and Trade Marka obtained and a Patent business and noted for fees. Ora orca is opposite u.8, Patent and we can secure a Patent in less time and at ireae Cost than those Remote from win a in ton. Model drat info or photo., with ton. We advise if patentable or not of 3b.arge. Our foe not due till Patent is a. Little Book. How to with names of actual clients in your 5ttt or town seat free o. A. N Arkansas pass Wood ya1 Foster Schlieser proprietors Draneas St., near s. A. Foundry Best kinds of Wood to be had in the Market a lowest prices. Branch office Mcallister a Putzbach Alamo St. Grocers. Free to any part of the City of Nice no. 508 Branch office no. Forder Nagel. Machine and Genera repair shop t to fire engine House repairing of All kinds of machinery boilers manufacturers of failings Iron doors blinds locks and it Smithing. 5 22-1 consumption. I have a positive yen Iedy for the above disease by its use Thoa Sanda of cases of the worst kind and of Long standing have cured. Indeed so Strong is my Faith to its Efficacy that i Bead two bottles valuable treatise on term disease to any inf. Ferer who will Send me their express and . Address. T. A. Slow Gnu m. A. 18t Pearl St., n. Y. Eita Luh team oar Enny Royal pills Safe Man Only reliable. La i for t Jorv Lith Zoh a Brind in cd Gow a Ruusie sued with ribbon. Take o other. Re fruit dangerous and Simeo Tiomi. At or in Tor Relief Tor in litter. By a vow mall vat whiskey habits cured at borne . Office Whitehall at. Out pain. Book of Par . Copyright by opened Forward Thi Back of or. Royal s seat and glanced curiously at the sick Man. Piv in to 1 your Friend thar i la s i cheerfully. stranger Yoa mean. Yes he s a bit lie s been overtaking his strength hot in by utter with profess to i a re Miria City in Tho pres ence of the patient. Some of you keep an Eye on him will you i must speak to the he addressed nobody in particular and is glance swept the car but he knew he could depend on his fellow passengers to attend to his request. The Young lady opposite turned an interested sympathetic face in his direction at once and the elder one assumed an Alert attitude and Ludd herself ready for emergencies. Or. Royal went Forward into the smok ing car. He had assumed control of the Case with constitutional impetuosity and now set about ordering it in Accord Ance with Liis own judgment. The in the to his mind the removal of his patient As speedily a. Might from the jolting discomfort of the train to some place where rest and quiet might 1x3 obtained. He questioned the conductor As to the capabilities of their next station and Learned to his satisfaction that Twenty minutes would put them in Matoaca a sized town Airong the mountains. When however he announced his de termination to remove the sick Man to a hotel and Stop Over with him until his people could be official demurred and suggested that the patient himself should be consulted. What demanded Royal. Every mile he travels is another Nail in his Colfin. He s bound to know that As Well As i do. Did t you say he Lead been smashed up i Don t know the extent of the damage yet but i guess it s consider Able Ana he Iku 1 his chances by this journey. That fellow shall be undressed overhauled and put to bed be hours have pass.11, As sure As my name is. Hart Royal. That s All there is about it. Hell have a Tough fight for his life anyhow and a losing fight without some the conductor caught at the name. He repeated that s the name on his traps. He wad put under my care special you know. Aro Yoa Kin to one god Royal replied with a smile. It in t at All unlikely if has people should be native virginians. Mine came from and we have the Sain name All through n of a t St Cuil natural for Mere coincidence. Louk after him a bit on the Chance that it May be so. Blood s said to be thicker than the Man still hesitated. He was in the Devil of a swivel to get he objected. It looks Sorto mean to balk him without giving him a struck in imperiously Sonie a Damm a More serious Jolay is going to a if in t Iri . I ought i what i m talking about i reckon. I be been at the Trade Long enough to a then he added More Pacific ally i know what s your Avind. I heard what you said to the in the other car arid saw the Linn s badge too. It s ail right. This hair is As much my business As tis yours and on the if he joined the Lodge in Piil i j. Most ineds do then followed certain comm Union tint Between the then Vrzich resulted in the Complete withdrawal of the official test. All right he absented cordially. You Are the jul 1 of course and As you say it s As Inucci your business As mine. You understand Why 1 was obliged to hold Back at first. The poor Fehr on on. I Fobe bar Nix led. Set on anything and then he Back car. A Iii Condi Tion uni Yaplim us to human or to ski Blu Rii life thus Uhls a Utie with i Sisu it jul Rilus and i ii its own organism uie Uvenia ii admitted of human of Rikje or people prefer to treat it As a Sii Zipie abstract you. Sll onh in in. I. A r a of is regarded As an axiom imposed As he ajl. The change from tie Trivin to a hotel a rfcs in the a Ilia arid deftly As possible and i in s Ovd it on the whole. But Limu his self constituted protector Lull to Hope. Liat Tais namesake i sed strength of will or. Had be bit to recognize and his were touched by the Gallant Endeavor the poor fellow made to second every i Otoide Eifort for his reef. By to inwardly commented. With the unconscious egotism which 1 vis us to appropriate aught that seems t us admirable tiie fellow 1 to grit. He must be Kin to Iii after in taking upon himself such arbitrary direction of a any Urs or. Kyui Iii Posi. A i h to hims a and to his Pati in Forth in addition to Tiv Bond be brotherhood engendered Boom non of a or Dor. Either fact furnished to his mind both n reason of 1 an exc a for conduct which he mingling by stride a super Rii Cial As Buncom Quioniy like Fliri Rusness. B other con he Pursi ins for i m a born in other Are truth poking a Finger two into in High . 1 Grah a thing for original dish Iio Uler too tiie patient so sided enough o the Relief of divided Respondi Ivity. I veal one Tokio sort of conviction that my will turn out a Sodden if client pretty vigorous he ring from i outside t1 v1 Fin in an uncommonly h thankful Tor a Friendly a id to pull me out. You your he demanded v. T to r replied. I be watched fro it seemed hideous this Imp science ujan self but appeared to find it so. Oik made the statement Ami Thi of ten Cei Veti it quite us a Mamer of course. Yon know Kozai proceeded speaking plainly he urgency of Trie , cd inv Evv a with All the Heip you can a Cut in 1 to continue this journey will or the the Pillow met his rvs by. A i itself. I know tint in t Marrieul before Povlock to Morrow and that i be got to in dead or Raa a looked Tion. together in an Situa Tion. Wow to admit but with the prot session no in mint was Douai it an t to he de Volpel too used up to he remarked. Into the j other chapter ii. I ,4 seeking in Vest men t. Or Home seekers Are invited to Call on Jno. T. Hambleton co. Know that pm in be married before t o clock to precipitate one s into the lives of other people while in itself a simple matter not infrequently involves consequences sufficiently Complex to form a Puzzle the disentanglement of which will constitute a life work. It May fall naturally into the order of things to Board a train like an acrobat and. When there to Somne control and of any re with your own mus the got to Reat Nally but that s be i Conven must not let me i i a As however t temporarily Over no Reat on you s that s i Royal declared. Don t vex your on my score. I m Holiday is at my doting to pre vent my stopping Over a if i want to. Ihen i Don t to clip. I Fiat i rested in 1 like to vim Iii it a bit in of Nabit you set1 there s Lite it doctor you know How it is your talked cheerily kind or Oral Over lying a kind intention and both Curry ing soothing to Thima a is to meant that they Sli Oulu. The rules of the order enjoined assistance in cases like the present and he was moreover in a mood for being helpful or As he i lit have dubbed it Pilicious. Since the partial examination to which he had on Jecter tiie patient his interest and sympathy had deepened. The Outlook was serious than to had supposed of in fact that All thought continuation of the journey must be put aside. As he talked or. Royal Turno 1 Over in his u ind the advisability of bin Montog tiie Sirl Frienda i in of Tini. And Only awaited opening to necessary in them it or. Re. A Clear Coal fire burned in the grate a was drawing i i nud outside n Tii a and dark. I ii. I Ines danced no and Violet Wii i fuel was Only half ignited and a it Down hollows where the heat was great est shadows placed of the wails the sick Man s bed for there was no Light in the room ave Char Given by the fire. The face on the Pillow Well i High invisible save the frames i Wien it worm Dis and prominent. Open and watchful. Doctor will you i Boyal . Ilu had thought the patient the by the . Be Lin Leivi quite with care your Ling it Luay bother not understanding about the de Lay a know. always put themselves in a fret. If you la give me the address you go k til wire for the. Answer what time is or. Boyal 1 Tiomi. Half Puit the Isick Man repeated. train leaves at a. M. Nearly eight hours to rest and pull myself to no it wont to Worth while to thai in Yon. They could t get it in time to make arrange ments. There s no office at their station and a Mesi Jage would go past and have to be sent by mail. It Wonsul reach them late to do any Good. Ill just rest a bit and go on by that train. It s the Only he spoke slowly As one who figures out a situation. to a and to Yoor life wont an on quit that bed. I Sigl but it won t help n i i death in to untie it in m in m hour or two of anxiety and mortification for the but it Means a de Accel Deal More for Yon. An 1 it or Ord be a poor sort of woman who in t gladly submit to Tho one for the other. In Sciort the is Iii my hands and i Don t choose to have it wrecked. Jive me the and nn-1 at one1. I la writ i if to limit will make your mind Hiag else is out of the ones Tion. L in going to give you an opiate now. And you must compose yourself and to Man smiled but his lost none of its Resolution. It to Tiit Tuic i with him which he it to take with his it was like an unexpected Glim Klinl own . As for his chances h -011 id estimate their Worth far More accurately than could his Monitor ins for observation had in ice and As he Luul stated he had followed Ilie ease Foai the begin Ning. To mind the question involved less one of Choice Between life and death than an of endurance under diver and of hours er-1 his pain had it swening for several hours and a i upor wis gradually stealing Over his lower was unmistakable. His brain was Clear and abnormally Active and he involuntarily trusted to Lis bar ennui of will to Clinch his grasp on life until his purpose should in i be most forceful men he his a rifles close and Sonev 1 u sufficient allow Ance for Tia Tare. Re waved the opiate aside. I Don t intend to sleep he declared. Prop me up a trifle please and give me something to Light this cursed v. A Knees. You look a fellow to be trusted aside from the order a to 1 want Yon to help instead of hindering me. My mar Riga before 12 o clock to Morrow in t simply a question 01 anxiety or mortification to a to inn. Though that would be enough. It s a question of food Rai ment Hope the things which would go to make life full and in a Meas ure Salisi Ying As set against the Devil s grind of poverty and dependence and for a woman physically incapacitated for holding her own in the Royal put the rejected opiate aside and did As the patient requested. Then he Drew a chair to the bedside and com posed himself to listen. There would be Ortho bruised body he knew until Riund should be at Liberty to lie must get the Load what Ever it he. Transferred to his own the Case would be beyond his skill. It it Tust be done quietly too excitement might bring on internal h no Orr Igi. Of which there was Immi nent danger. Take it he Faid gently. Pm going to help you. Put what youve got u say in As few words As possible and hive the matter to a you be overtaxed your strength already but there in t any hurry now. We be got eight before that train goes. But first i to suggest something. Won lift a will set the matter right for the i l by a the Shook his head. He answered. Trn Worth Ivo thing outside of my profession. It s a worst4 tangle than Yon think. Listen. This is the fax our of All a pc right ii of retail for which there was neither time nor in Cath the of the Case were before there a quarrel in oae Branch the Royal family Over disposition of cer Tain pacifier to rested in Northem be scion ties. The family consisted of Broth ers and a sister and the property be longed to a 7naiden aunt who Mode her Home with them. The aunt s affections had seemed pretty equally divided be tween nephews Ami Niece and without Vert declaration to Liat effect on Jimart the family been that the Young people would share Ami share alike in the property. When therefore on the old lady s death it had been Dis covered that the entire estate had been Willell to the Niece without reservation the nephews not unnaturally supt of Cal and what is More in eng men of he temper proclaimed Load that there had been undue influence. It is True that while the men distorted Utt relative with Loving Core and lint this did not strike the Brothers Asaf fording reason for the will be Imide so unequivocally in their Sis Ter s favor since anxiety and care and household pains and troubles fell Nav rally within a to Nam s province. Per they the family foible and the fact that to those who love the of wealth is Apt to it. They forbore from suit to break the first the family lawyer that they had not a leg to stand on f Utai Nore because their very souls a Public scan dal. Made Tevuk in Ense of wrong in und Lan Gina a iriving their sister to understand that tiny i appointed ii her and then leaving her to her con a denote for Many years family relations were strained and then the War broke out and All smaller tires were sex in the Mit ional conflagration. Loyal by that time a woman past her first youth and saddened by a dead Romance retired a lonely Plantation in the mountains of Virginia Whire she an isolated h Cecilej Only with old books old influences and old imaginings. Such neighbors of her caste As were accessible were people with views As primitive and Erjie Riece but Little larger than Hor own. Life and Environ ment inter played to Foster conceptions of duty and of moral obligation such As to the world at Largo would be. Untenable and As time went on Iier views became More and More unpractical r vat Ive and romantic. She was a woman of sturdy will and domineering spirit and while kind of heart by nature prone to let that kindness flow Only along channels of her own making. Her Northern property safely invested and Well cared for buffered no change by the chances of War and gave her in her own eyes and those of other people a fictitious but readily value. Whether her conscience smote. Her about the Money or not the family feel ing so Strong i the South throne in spite of wrong and insult and when the War brought troubles and financial Straits to the Brothers the sister rallied to them helping them through Many a tight place and Only stipulating that she should have her own Way in regard to time and method. Her influence in her family increased in ratio proportionate to her ability to play Providence to them and playing the procession for other people in Accord Ance with her own ideas of that which would be As has been stated the role for which the self willed lady considered herself peculiarly adapted. One brother died leaving be Hind him a Motherless and Only Daugh Ter of tender years miss Royal adopted Hia child and brought her up As her own. She also displayed vivid interest in the son of her other brother not Only be cause he was a lad of parts and Promise but also because he had been called John after a beloved first Cousin whose untimely death had caused her to pass Fiat loss through life. She had the boy with her continually and charged herself with his education and establish ment in a profession. That the idea of a marriage Between the cousins should develop in her mind was Only to be expected. Consanguinity was not consid an object Ion to marriage in the Vir Ginia of her Day and she had contemplated such a Union for herself. This Nephew and Niece formed her strongest Emot Kuil outlet and she was not will ing to let their lives diverge from hers or from each other s. She wanted to blend her list with their future so that in some occult Way they might live out the life she had pictured for herself Ere John Hart had passed into the infinite her motive was the highest of which she was capable. She yearned for Hap piness for them and it never occurred to her Tow it it could be secur exl in better ways than those of her own devising. Hex idiosyncrasy is not remarkable. Human love in its manifestations is Apt to be compelling and coercive matters went for the boy s Choice of a profession fell in with her wishes for him. There had always been physicians in the Royal distinguished ones. Tiie love of Healing might be said to run in the blood. At one and Twenty John Royal re turned from Philadelphia with his dip Loma in his pocket Ami further fulfilled his destiny by failing in love with his Cousin Phyllis then girl of to. A boy and girl marriage Tio part of 3iiss Royal s plan for the Young people she wanted John to distinguished surgeon and As his whole . Or rather mind was set on Hia profession. She yielded readily to his wish for a few years in the Vienna and Paris hospitals. An engagement Between the cousins was Sanction i and the understanding was that the marriage should take place As soon As in her aunt s opinion Phyllis should old enough. Of the reasons for Sis years delay of Hie marriage and of hid residence during that time abroad John Boyal did not speak they were not germane to the matter a hand. His wish was to pre sent the main facts of the Case and to Force non his listener the necessity for immediate action. At the end of the six years news had come of his aunt s sudden death and with it a letter from her executor in forming him of the terms of her will. More f a to be continued

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