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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 28, 1887, San Antonio, Texas B. Smith a son who Are strictly first class merchant tailors Are now receiving a Fine line of Spring and summer suiting of German English scotch and Freob goods. On prices Are a Way satisfaction and fit guaranteed. Jail on them and Price their goods before purchasing elsewhere. B. Smith a son 12-9-tf no. 44 West Commerce St. Volume Vii number 126.san Antonio Texas tuesday june 28. 1887. Only $5 a year. J08ke Brothers Are making a big sweep in latest Telegraph news. The imposter a death Stream. Associated press dispatches and specials up to the hour of going to press. Safe across the briny. Havre june 28.�?arrived the Steamer Empress from new Orleans also the san Juan from Liverpool at new Orleans. _ a sop to Germany. Paris june 28.�? temp says England has uttered Germany the protectorate of Syria in return for Germany s support of England on the egyptian question. An extensive line of the celebrated p. Cox a shoes for children misses and ladies. Rose Cleveland shoe we have a la Hoe Stock. This Brand is made of the very rest material Ani most skilled workmanship. Sizes ranging from i to 7, Ami in All lasts from a a cd to a Fine opera House goes up. Jacksonville ills., june 29.�?a destructive lire occurred Here last night originating in Wrights furniture store next to Straune a opera House involving a los of the $125,000 opera House building. _ the Porte will ratify. London june 28�?the standards Paris correspondent declares that the Sultan of Turkey will ratify the egyptian convention after a slight modification a been made in the phraseology but not in the substance in order not to offend. We Gall your attention to our childrens school shoes of which we handle Only the Best makes and styles to suit our customers. We will mention a few styles of our Grain butt Standard screw tipped shoes for boys at i 25, to 50, $1 75 and to i which Are guaranteed to be the Best our Spring Heel in kid Pebble and in Grain with or without tip Are the very Best that can be made prices ranging from $1 50 to $3 50. N. B. Cox a pump soles Spring heels with or without tip sizes to7 1-2, at $1 of sold elsewhere at $1 25. Our infant French kid shoes Are simply immense. Also a full assortment of childrens slippers. Id Fine shoes on firm tech oily Hie very Best melts such As a a Laird a a a Shober amp Mitchell a a Sailer Lewin amp co a and Many other brands too numerous to mention. We can discount am firm this Side of new York. Shoes for elderly ladies we Are the Only ones that can satisfy their wants. Ladies when you Are out shopping do not forget to examine our bargain counter. There you will find $5 of shoe now $3 50 $4 50 shoes now $3 of $3 50 shoes now $2 75, and in fact you can find shoes and slippers at your own prices. Will smoke their Way through. St. Pkt Rosburg june 28.�?the nihilists according to the police authorities Here have resumed a Tolve work collected Money ostensibly for charitable objects and Are spreading their pamphlets broadcast. They claim to have discovered anew Mode of distributing pamphlets by introducing them in cigarette boxes which Are sold throughout the country. A Crank on the rampage. Nashville tenn., june 28.�?norlah Lewis living near Franklin ky., while mentally deranged yesterday drove to the farm of win. Roach shot and instantly killed Roach and wounded Roaches brother Lewis then returned to his fathers House and driving out All of the family took Possession of the building. A posse who had started in Pursuit were tired upon by Lewis and driven Back. Lewis then shot and fatally wounded himself. A Good haul of Crooks. Detroit mich., june 28.�?a special from Alpena says sheriff Lynch and posse have just arrived with three desperadoes for whom a Reward of $10,000 is said to be offered. They Are from Ravenna Ohio. Sheriff Lynch was shot in the leg but is not dangerously wounded. One of the prisoners tried to Oor Amit suicide soon Atter being captured. _ wiped out of a Cool $ 1,000,000. Milwaukee june 28.�?a fire almost swept the town of Marshfield out of existence yesterday afternoon and 2,000 people Are homeless. The loss is not less than $1,000,000. All communication by wire is Cut Oft and it is almost impossible to learn particulars. Locomotive Sparks started the Blaze at noon in the lumber Yard of the Upham furniture factory and it rapidly developed into a roaring tire that spread toward the town. Insufficient fire Protection prevented any resistance to the flames which soon spread to the flooring factories. The business blocks along main Street and the adjoining residences were next wrapped in flames. The people who gathered furnished such help a they could hut could not control the flames. The heat was so intense. Two thousand ave Hundred feet of the track of the Wisconsin Central Railroad which runs through one end of town were Bent and twisted into the most grotesque shapes. Special trains from Stevens Point and Chippewa Falls conveyed five engines to the place but the lire was beyond control. But one store and a few half burned houses remain of a flourishing town. Many people were transferred by specials to neighbouring towns and others camped on the outskirts of the town. Among the buildings destroyed were a wooden Ware factory a grist Mill a saw Mill and the factory of the Upham manufacturing company Tremont and several minor hotels and warehouses along the Wisconsin Central its depots four churches and the entire business Centre. Insurance is less than one Tiftz the loss. Who to going around the City and deftly defrauding our citizens. Yesterday a Little after noon two men were seen walking towards or. Dowlings residence. One remained outside and the other went in and seeing mrs. Dowling begged assistance saying he was in distress. Or. Dowling happened to the Home anti on interrogating him got no satisfaction so lie answered him that a big Strong Man like him should work Rattler than beg. The same Man called later on at Dowling a floods drug store and seeing or. Shropshire begged assistance saying he was a druggist in distress. Or. Shropshire asked for his name and credentials but the Man would give neither the one nor the other. Then he turned to the drug store attendant and. Producing a big Roll of greenbacks he called for two bits Worth of soap which he obtained. Then he went off and was next heard of Andrei ssh drug store where he tackled or. Hertzberg and representing himself As a doctor he commenced telling a Long Story of his distress. Or. Hertzberg Cut his Story Short by giving him a Dollar and excusing himself on tile ground that he was Busy. How Many More places the Man visited is unknown but one thing is quite Clear the Man is an imposter and the Publio should be warned against Bis machinations. To be removed. It is Learned that the general offices of the Binger sewing machine company which for several years past have been located in ban Antonio will be removed in july next to new Orleans arid consolidated with the general offices there to form the main Southern distributing and Supply depot of this company. The san Antonio general of lines give employment to some 25 clerks and have disbursed considerable Money in this City that will be transferred hereafter to new Orleans. Another attempt. A Young woman living on the Alamo Street route toward Mission Garden attempted to destroy herself by the laudanum route last night because she was despondent on account of the fear that her sweetheart a barkeeper in a big Saloon had transferred his affections to another girl. He visited her last night and assured her that his affections were unchanged and so they broke the laudanum bottle and mutually pledged their vows Over again. Recorders court. A. E. St. Claire leaving team alone fined $5. Gertrudes Garcia dangerous and suspicious character $25. Joe Allard drunk $7. . Fitzpatrick drunk and disorderly lined $10. Nettie mourn vagrant. $5. It. In Thompson heating and striking $5. R. In Thompson contempt of court fined $10. E. Bode drunk $10. Peter Smith vagrant $10. Joe Lewis disorderly $15. Refugio Esparza defaulting witness fined $10. Clean out the san Pedro death in the pot give us a morgue. Ban Antonio june 28. Daily i out. Among other valuable suggestions of Tho City physician or. Braun Nagle Calls attention in hts annual sanitary report to the deplorable and dangerous condition of san Pedro Creek and it is Only to be regretted that the nuisance is not remedied. This Creek does not contain enough water and Stream Power to flush All the accumulations from sewers of All sorts to their final destination a a great hindrance being the Many obstructions caused by accumulated tilth Rock Etc. The stench caused thereby is simply a immense a especially at night and it is a wonder How the inhabitants near that Creek can Bear it. The hot season is nearly in its full blast now Aud will undoubtedly create More sickness rom this source alone. Remnants of decayed matter easily find Access to the human system by the use of that water and it is a fact that it is used either tor bathing or household purposes. Mexican senoritas Wash their Corn for tortillas Etc., in it and the property owners near this Creek inhale the evaporated obnoxious gases by Day and night. Now in order to remedy this condition of the san Pedro Creek the most efficient remedy would he to Wall both sides of the Creek As now suggested by the health officer and cleaning and excavating the Creek from All accumulated filth rocks Etc., a suggestion by the Way made Many years ago by Tho former City physician. By these Means the sewerage from different sources could to allowed running in that Creek with a great Deal less if not entire harm a provided proper control be made not to use that water in any instance for drinking purposes. If such water is rolled it is rendered less a oculus hut it is by far safer to use hydrant and Cistern water. And now one More important and often discussed Point in regard to a morgue in our City. The finding of copses related to in the papers of late and their exhibition in a Small Justice of the peace a a office for Public inspection is of anything ridiculous and against modern Civi lation. We have two hospitals where ample provisions exist for such purposes and of they Are inadequate then a More suitable institution should be built in the City to exhibit dead bodies for identification and where at the same time the necessary autopsy can be performed without exposure to the Public. . M. Cat Salie of ladies amp children s Muslin underwear and Mother Hubbard dresses aprons &c., amp a. We have succeeded in purchasing at an extraordinary bargain a Large Quantity of Muslin underwear children s dresses aprons Etc., which we have divided into three lots and. To make Quick sales will sell them at 2se., 45e. And s5e. Lot no. I.---25 cents. Consists of ladies night dresses chemises drawers ruffled skirts Corset covers Long flute aprons children a White and Turkey red Mother Hubbard dresses drawers and infants Long slips. These garments Are Well made and warranted perfect. Lot no. 2-45 cents. Arrived safely. Telegraphic advices from new y Ork announce that the Mallory Steamer Lampasas arrived at her pier at six of clock this morning. Or. M. Halt and family were among the passengers and their Many friends will no doubt be glad to hear of their Safe arrival in new York. A multitude of ailments. The ailments which Alit jct the kidneys and bladder Are so numerous that merely to name them would till a space far outrun intr the limits of this article. Suffice it to say. That they Are both obstinate and dangerous. To their prevention Hostetter a stomach bitters is Well adapted. The stimulus which it lends to the a cum of the kidneys when they Are lethargic Servo to counteract a tendency in them to lapse first into a state of per Nipios inactivity and afterwards into one of positive organic disease which soon destroys their delicate integument poisons Tho blood Aud causes death. A double purpose is served by this Dep rent. It promotes activity of the kidneys and expels impurities from the blood which have no natural Shaun i of outlet except those organs. Constipation Hlili Rusness fever Aud Agua rheumatism Aud dyspepsia Are also remedied by this Medicine of thorough action Aud wide scope. / ers mme. C. Dreyfus will to pleased to have the ladies Call and examine her Stock of underwear before purchasing elsewhere As she is Selling goods at greatly reduced prices. Delicate children nursing mothers overworked men and for All diseases where the tissues Are wasting away from the inability to digest Ordinary food or from overwork of the brain or body All such should take Scott a emulsion of pure cod liver ii with . A i used the emulsion of a lady Tio was delicate and threatened with bronchitis. It put her in such Good health and flesh that i must say it is the Best emulsion i Over l p. Waddell m. D., Hughes Mills 8. C. _ f. I. Mayer wino Hall. Wholesale and retail dealer in California champagnes and Rhine wines importer of foreign and Domestic wines and liquors. Orders delivered no. 35 Alamo Plaza West Side san Antonio Texas. Telephone no. 280. 5-7-2ai fresh Channel cat. Gulf fish All kinds received by fish fresh Southern and Eastern trains daily Cut and sliced to order. Kin kit an a Smith wholesale and retail dealers Galan St., South of Cathedral. G-27-3m a valuable sanitary Patent. The latest and Best sanitary improvement dry 1 and appliances therewith. It is dry neat and out is the a Carrico patented dry out House jail Birds find wings. St. Paul minn., june 28.�?the Vionet r press has news from Blackfoot dak., of a most daring and successful jail delivery there last night. Henry Nickerson horse stealing was furnished with revolvers by his wife who had been visiting him Dally. Nickerson held up the guard who had accompanied his wife to the cell. The pair disarmed the guard and locked him in the cell. The wife then liberated a. J. Woods a wife murderer and one Williams also convicted of murder both sentenced to hang july �?T22nd, and another Borse thief and looking up the rest or the watchmen the entire party escaped to the outside where horses were waiting them. Woods weighing 250 pounds took to the Blush on foot. The others fled on horseback. The sheriff returning an hour later organized a posse and soon recaptured Woods but was still in Pursuit of the others at last account. As the criminals Are armed a desperate fight is Likely. They go there. A eggs Are dearer today but As there is no Premium on a tired eggs a to nights prohibition meeting is not the cause for the Advance. Or. H. Thompson a sewing machine Man was fined $5, by a jury in the recorders court thi3 morning for thrashing a negro woman and $10 for contempt of court in calling All the witnesses against Bim a Jim Wilson and Willie Jackson two coloured lads broke open and rubbed a car on the Arkansas pass track at the depot last night and Are now in the county jail awaiting trial. They were arrested by Jordan the Naglit watchman. It. Ii. Behrens special agent of the Liverpool and Globe insurance company died this morning at mrs. Hilis residence on san Pedro Avenue from consumption contracted two years ago from Dengue fever. He leaves a Bride of six months in Hempstead where his remains will be sent. A a mexican who gave his name As g. Garcia snatched col. M. A. Withers of Lockhart Valise from him yesterday at the . Depot just at train time but was caught by policeman Battle As he was making of with it to the Brush. Garcia is in jail to await col. Withers return. Persona or. G. Bedell Moore has returned Home. Or. John t. Lytle is in from his ranch. Samuel and miss sue Johnson of Springfield Illinois Are visiting the City and staying at the menger. Or. Ii. S. Hopkins president of to be Hopkins Bridge co., is in the City. Mrs. Theo. Steuhling and children left this morning for a visit to Austin. A Silver tongued Burgess is in the City again on unti prohibit Lon business. T. P. Saner of Boerne registers at at the St. Leonard. Miss Clara Weymiller of Uvaldo is at tile St. Leonard. Chaa. A amp hike and wife of Temple Are at the Southern. J. E. Anderson and we of Jewett Are at the Southern in route to Corpus Christi to spend a few weeks. Cured at Home. As will he seen by mrs. Reininger a card now appearing Iii the Light she tins now fitted up handsomely anti scientifically at 38 Alamo Street a number of Baths where our citizens can enjoy Tim luxury of the celebrated Pine Needle Baths russian turkish and medicated Baths of All kinds. Special appliances Are also added for the cure of those complaints that Are Peculiar to ladies. Now citizens who cannot a lord the expenses or time to go to famed Springs can have precisely the same effects Here and be cured right at Home. Sufferers should make it a Point to see or write mrs. Reininger and arrange for the treatment. Consists of ladies night dresses skirts chemises drawers Corset covers my children Woitte dresses All elegantly trimmed with Torchon Isaic it. Such garments As these Are usually sold at from 50c. To 75c. Each. Lot no. 3-55 cents. Consists of ladies night dresses skirts chemises drawers Corset covers and children White and Turkey red dresses All trimmed with embroidery or 1 Linen Torchon lace. Such garment As these Are usually sold at from 75o. To $1 each. We take pleasure in placing this immense Purchase before our customers and invite an Early Call As we believe this to be the greatest bargain in Muslin underwear and children a dresses Ever offered in this City. L. Wolfson san Antonio Texas. All fresh goods Well made full size Good Shapos and warranted free from imperfection. California Orang 17 blood will Tell. There is no question about it Tell especially of it Motel. Arrivals. South Ehn honer a Gregg Barber Waco w Kuirland Cotulla j As s Story Lacoste j Harris Beeville jag e leu Kansas City h Zuar Gua Lampasas w g Butler Sykes Butler Anil Louis Cooper Karnes county j ii to Emuiell Kenedy Junction w c Stigers Denison mat w Meyers Austin j k guess Cuero thus Mcneal Luling Lytle Crawford Galveston la Hatcher Dawson a o l Bishop Bell county j e Anderson and wife Jewett Tex j t Helms Caid Well Tex by Kidd Elgin Texas has Stevens Corpus Christi Dias Jahnke and wife Temple a e Nurt Craft san Marcus b i. /.app. La Grange t p Lewis Gonzales John obese Pecos county k c Abbott Brenham. A a coloured Man named Willis Mitchell who claimed to be a native of South Corolina and who was 104 a ears old wanted judge Wurzbach yesterday to assist him to his Home in Austin. Odourless and May be constructed within a few feet of a Well without the least danger of contaminating the Waters therein. Or. John Cavanaugh is now exhibiting this valuable improvement Aud taking orders for the erection of the same. To is also introducing the a a Evus Patent pitting and Slop barrel Quot and other valuable sanitary apparatus. Any orders Given or Cavanaugh no. 224 Losoya Street Telephone 394, or left of my Otilee 909 Avenue a will receive prompt attention. T. W. Ca Ciuco. Saved by a scratch. An sex Railroad Man Lew Daniel who i in bad health from consumption took an overdose of morphine saturday night at 9 of clock and drs. Joints and Carothers and several policemen and others worked until 7 of clock yesterday morning to save bus life. Lie was finally recovered but is Stilt suffering from the drug and the effects of the terrible Salvanis strokes from the Battery he received in his treatment. Had it not been for the great assistance of Kalteyer a electric Battery and the unselfish Devotion of the doctors and others be would have died. He lives on North Flores near Houston Street. The Belknap rifles accept Boerne a invitation to give an exhibition Drill. The Belknap rifles had a meeting last evening when capt. Green reported that he had received a communication signed by Many prominent citizens of Boerne asking the Belknap rifles to go to Boerne and put up an exhibition Drill there on july 4tb, and offering to Deal liberally with the company in the matter of expenses. He recommended the acceptance of the invitation a it was devoid of the objectionable features that prevented the acceptance of a similar invitation from the Arkansas Pas Railroad company and this was done. It was then ordered that All members attend the preparatory drills wednesday and Friday and that absentees be fined $1 each. This year will be an out of town Celebration for there will to big excursions to Boerne Corpus Christi new braunfels and Austin and it is hoped by the Many who intend joining one of the excursion parties that the merchants and others will suspend business upon that Day. A Leon voided Lias been arrested by the police for an alleged murderous assault with the butt of a pistol upon one Medina and the matter will he investigated by one of the Justice of the peace. Weather prognostics. Washington june 28.�?indications for Eastern Texas fair weather Northeast winds stationary temperature. Blood will a Phi be impure blood. Blotches eruptions pimples and boils Are All symptoms of an impure blood due to the improper action of the liver. When this important Organ fails to properly perform its function of purifying and cleansing the blood impurities Are carried to All parts of the system and the symptoms above referred to Are merely evidences of Tho struggle of nature to throw off the poisonous germs. Unless her warning be heeded in time serious results Are certain to follow culminating in liver or kidney disorders or oven in consumption. Or. Pierces Golden medical discovery will prevent and cure these diseases by restoring the liver to a healthy condition. Election of officers. The new italian benevolent and cooperative society held its annual election of officer sunday june 19th. The following is the list president a. Bruni. Vice president a. G. Castanea. Board of directors a. Nigra chairman a Zuretti. Veg lilo Braf Tololi Giovanni Cortese and Carlo Solaro who is Secretary. Executive committee Pietro Balda Zerelli gloom no Battaglia and Abundio be Signora. That pork roast. Chicago ills., june 28.�?the Ansur Anoe of the property destroyed at the Stock Yards foots up to $807,750, of which $180,000 is on building Aud remainder on contents. No single Musur Anne company covers More than a comparatively Turffie of the ions. Armours insurance amounts to $108,000, which with the Salvage pretty fully indemnifies him. Chicago packing and provision company will probably lose about $300,-000 Over their insurance. fool him. An Irish servant borrowed a copy of a Baron Munchausen from his masters Library and upon returning it was asked a Well Patrick did you read it through a a i did a and what did you think of it a a Well saving yer Honor i think its a doomed lie Washington critic. Straight goods. A anybody pass Here within an hour a asked a de Troiter of a Wayne county Farmer standing at Bis Gate. a Man with a Black horse a a no Man with a White a was no to a tin peddle was he a a Job no. Ile was the editor of an agricultural a How do you know that a a because he came out on purpose to ask me of potato planting or Corn cutting come Fust. He a started a new paper and wants to git things free press. No wonder they like it i the fashion has a Strong Bill this week that is attracting san Antonio and creating quite a furore. In the first place the celebrated Ramirez Trouba Dors Are appearing in handsome native costumes and exhibiting the minstrelsy of Max too. All is Beautiful but or. Jose Ramirez Madorin playing is immense and proves Bis title to the name of Champion player of that delightful instrument. Two interesting children Kitty and Harry King introduce a very pleasant musical comedy sketch entitled a whims a Nellie Morton a dashing Serio comic appears and last but not least the favorite comedian. John j. Burke has returned and is delighting the audience with his eccentricities. The entertainment is a Good one and should be appreciated by crowded houses. A a in a the Kossuth hungarian Gypsy students to appear next sunday night and during the two succeeding weeks at i Mission Garden Are perfect masters of Musio and besides giving All the quaint hungarian melodies Are finished Muat i clans in the fullest sense. It Jettice. Sparkling in bottles and still by the gallon. Non alcoholic and his Fissel sum Bam in Ann. Oaf you will Aud Tho sparkling Orange juice for san Antonio a Sale by the following firms in Joe Meny Soledad Street. S. E. Gillette Commerce Street. Harnisch a Baer Commerce Street. Two Bro Iti Erst Saloon Cor. Commerce Aud Alamo. Gus r awls Cor. Houston and Soledad streets. Albert Frederich. Opposite Southern hotel. Fashion theatre bar. C. Ii. Ii a Kdan bergs a drug store. S. Q balls a revolving ii Abu for h am Ait in Mas. Emanuel Abraham Jio id Cor. Military Plaza and Trevino a i
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