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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 23, 1891, San Antonio, TexasTuesday .1une 23, 1801. A new Man can be made out of one that s bilious and dyspeptic. It s done by or. Pietreo s Golden medical discovery. It starts the torpid liver into healthful action purifies and enriches Tho blood cleanses repairs and strengthens the system and restores health and vigor. As an appetizing Restora Tive tonic it sets at work All the processes of digestion and nutrition and builds up flesh and strength. It s the Only blood and liver remedy that s guaranteed a every Case to Benefit or cure. If it does t do All that s claimed for it the Money is promptly refunded. But it keeps its promises that s the reason it can to sold in this Way. Discovery strengthens weak lungs and cures spitting of blood shortness of breath bronchitis severe coughs and Kindred affections. Doti t be fooled into taking something else said to to just As that the dealer May Mako a larger profit. There s nothing at All like the Banks and Bankers. . Alexander Preal dont. A. A. Castor. 253 Commerce Street. General banking business drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other lore i Iru Money purchased. It visitors Register kept n on Reading room whore Atran Freri in the pity Are invited to Call. Piso a remedy for Catarrh la the to and Catarrh sold by drag Fata or score. T. Warren. A f. Gross co. Bankers sight draft of the Prius pm Otles in Tho uni states Aud in All european countries. For Elyrn Coin and currency bought and bold. Patents Laveata and Trade Marks obtained and u. Patent business conducted for bbb. Oun or Nob is opposite u. 8. Patent Oan Broure a Patent in ices Limo a at Cibb out than those Remote from Nifton. Send Model drawing or photo., with Desorte ton. To advise if Patent Able or not free Robargo. Our fee not duo till Patent id i our a Trutta Book to or Tan Vaum with Nabob of actual Allenta in your v.-i1. Of unto or town Lent free. Arturo of o. Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster Sci Lieser proprietors. Aranata St., near 3. A. Foundry Best kinds of Weixl to be in the Market s lowest prices. Branch office Mcallister Wurz Bali Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the pity of lice so. 6u8 Bench office Jjo. Forder Nagel machine and general repair shop 1 to fire engine House repairing of All kinds of machinery Bolus a Temps am manufacturers Iron doors blinds locks Aud Tui Smithing. 5 22-1 consumption. Lime a pos lira remedy for Blu use Tatum funds of of the worst kind and of Long standing lure been cured indeed so tron u a Faith in us Efficacy that i wil1. Valuable to Kaisk on this disease to in ant Ferer who will Send a their exprcs.1 raid . Address t. A. Slocum. M. A. 181 Pearl St. N. Y. In Cush it void Brut pennyroyal pills he Tiv original and Only a Banc Alk Al la it Rny lit for cafe Auger a Brand la Hod us void of Julie bold Slih blog ribbon. No other. Refute danger ont Ard imitations. Ai dragged tit a stat hip for Tui Isief far n by . Khu. A Badik pfc and Wilskey Hamto cured at Wanh out pain. Booko Fps sent Atlanta go. Whitehall St. Seeking investment or Home seekers Are invited to Call on Jno t. Were distributed in All Uver the country and were up at every Street Cor Ner in every Chui a i. In every place of amusement in Tho cily. Accompanying Eliom was an offer of a toward that has probably user been paralleled in the history of the world Olid million dollars Cash for information unit would Lead to Tho recovery of of Yipin Raven or of her body if Sho were Swul. Ami i a Mill Ion dollars to any our who would bring her to her friends uni Jim in in health and limb. Meanwhile de voted columns to thu Duruh Noii of the matter it was talked of in every House hold in the United states Long Cable Grams on the subject were sent to i Europe and it is not too much to say that by Tho end of a week nearly every inhabitant of the civilized world had heard the name of Olympia Raven and knew something of her history. It seemed impossible that All this should to bring some news of her i n id quite As much if she were dead us if she were alive. How could a and a girl of striking Beauty at vanish so utterly and suddenly that no our of the millions of her fellow creat ures their and their cupidity aroused by the Promise of wealth to a fab Tilous amount should be Able to give a single scrap of info Nacion concerning her had no one seen her pass had no Oisiu received her where Sho was gone if no longer in this life did Earth and water so effectually con ceal her remains that no Eye could is drawn to the spot if she had been foully dealt with was there no accomplice Wii Ose greed would tempt him to open his lips to that As it might no syllable of news was received. If Olympia had gone out of existence like the flame of a Candle she could not have left less Trace behind her. The whole world had been asked where Sho was Anil Cudgel its brains As it would it had been Able to Frame no reply. Early in the proceedings Tom ban Nick had followed up his notion As to Garcia and his investigations had ended in discovering the Man in Philadelphia. When found he was in a Drunken Stu por and the proprietor of Tho hotel at which he was staying said that he had been there since the night of april twelve hours before Olympia disappeared. On coming to his proper senses Garcia had Little to say for himself. He intimated that drink had been his Demon from Tho beginning and that an occasional spree he must have. When questioned As to of Yinxia he merely Shook his head and remarked that lie was sorry for Tho count. Tell to added that he will never see to again. I Havo lived a decent life longer than i Ever did before and i am tired of it. J shall re lapse into the tramp i was when he found me. I followed him up to Tho Al tar now i shall follow my own nose to Tho Devil and that will to my address saying which this enigmatic Al person age turned Over in his bed and went to sleep. Meanwhile it had not escaped the count that if Sallie Matchin had wished to. Avenge herself Winou. Him most Elf Ellivo manner conceivable Sujo c Ouia not Havo hit Dijion a method so effective As this. No doubt she would willingly have spirited Olympia away had she been Able to Ilo so but it was impossible to imagine How she could ibid the Means. Investigation showed that Noyi i son had been admitted to the House during the period Between ton and eleven o clock on the first of May. Olympia must there fore have Uruu Forth of her own Voli Tion. Nor was it creditably that suppose aug her to have intended going to the Church she Cutuil Havo been waylaid upon the Way Timber Tho distance was but a Quarter of a mile the Sun was shining. Iii ii Veliu was full of people. No Tho idea was not to in entertained Ami yet it was just As difficult to sup Ine that tin girl had Hsiuli a herself away. Only downright insanity could account for her Iloine such a thing and even Assisi Iivo t lat she bad done it some Oue must be aware of the fact and the Reward that had been offered would Long since have led to her bringing Back. Lie was obliged consequently to acquit Sallie of having had any hand in disappearance and where else to look he knew not. But on saturday the ninth Day after the calamity he received a letter from Sallie herself which he read with a mixture of Hope and fear that almost broke his heart. Doar it ran. I have of course heard of your loss and 1 Cau say with out Ion of your misunderstanding me that it interested me. Let me also re Mark it the outlet to Bact the rewards you Otter would not be acceptable to to even were i to income entitled to them. Bur As you May easily imagine my mind since our last meeting has not been entirely at ease Aud if i were Able to Forward your efforts in this affair i should Fet l justified in hoping that any hostile Ile signs you May have against me would undergo some modification. It is for this reason that i address you. 1 do not wish to exaggerate the value of the information i May Lead to nothing. But at any rate 1 believe 1 have come into Possession of something that May turn out a Clew Aud if you will Call at my House alone at noon to Morrow i will toll you what it is i must stipulate however that you show this letter to to one nor intimate that you have received in for i will not run the risk of Lii Iii forestalled or interfered with in matter. You can of course disregard this letter if you choose or you can attempt to draw my secret from to by Force but if you know me Well you will do neither of things but accept my invite tier under the conditions that i have there might no doubt be Persona danger to the count in going to this rendezvous. Sullion Mauhin and he. Were i. Terms of deadly enmity and Noth ing would suit her bettor than to have him out of the Way. Going alone to her House he might easily fall into a fatal ambush for perilous though it would be to commit violence upon a Man of his social prominence Sallie was a desperate woman and was capable of anything. If he hesitated however it was by no Means on account of any considerations As to his own safety. If he had known he were going to certain death he would still have been prompt to the hour provided Only that be was assured that Olympia Hail been placed in safety. But this win very far from certain. The Clew might to merely a bait to draw him to destruction and his destruction so far from benefiting Olympia might remove the Only Chance remaining to her to escape. And since no one was to know on what errand he had gone the chances were against his Fate being Dis covered. Nevert it a after weighing All considerations he resolved to go. It was a Chance and the Only one that Hall offered it.-eit1. Were he to neglect it he might repent it Furcher. The Only pre caution he took was to place a revolver in his pocket and at twelve o clock the next Ilay he rang the Bell at Sale Matchin s door. Sallie of course was far too Clever to think of attempting to influence her visitor by accentuating the seductiveness of her Beauty. She Iliad already experienced the ill Success of such an Effort and even had it been otherwise a Man in an agony about one woman is not in humor to be attracted by another apart from the question of previous enmity. But Sallie enjoyed Ber Beauty on her own account and took pleasure in adorn ing it. So the Tiger seems to feel a Pride in her Glossy stripes and the Coral Snake in its Gaudy Scales. This woman had never Felt so Sweet a satisfaction with herself and her Prospect us when she bade her visitor Welcome that Day and she looked As she Felt. At the first glance there seemed to emanate from her the pure Bloom and freshness of May itself but As one looked Moro closely he became conscious of something behind this innocent and Balmy aspect which was As poisonous and cruel As sin. The Rich glowing color the queenly Grace the dark daunt less eyes the smiling curving lips the sparkle of a jewel Here and there and a certain Oriental luxurious Ness of cos tume and Demeanour All contributed to Render her a splendid pestilential creat ure such As the women of med Roval Italy might have been or Cleopatra. There she stood like a Queen in her kingdom and she greeted the count with a smile of pleasure so Bright and spontaneous that had he been in a mood to speculate about it to might have imagined Sho was glad to see him for his own i am heartily glad to Roc you. Count do she said i thought it oven chances that you did not come. You evidently Havo courage. Shall i clap my hands and let Tho assassins Spring Forth upon she actually did clap her hands As she spoke and at the signal Tho curtains in a doorway at the upper part of the room parted and in not a band of Assassin pretty Frenchi inlaid in waiting with the rus Sian Samovar on n tray. Sallie watched her guest under her eyelashes but to did not even turn his head to see who entered. He was turned to sterner is sues than this and Sallie smiled .-.gain. I am Here on to said seat aug himself in the chair she indicated and j must request Yon to conduct this interview on a business you say you have something to sell that i want to buy. If Yogi prove that you Havo it you can name your of my dear count you forget that i am a woman with All a woman s foibles and she exclaimed women cannot move in straight lines like bul lets they must undulate like snakes. Besides i want to feel that i am a human being dealing with another human being not one part of an abstract com Mercial transaction. You must remember that this is one of the most interest ing moments of my life. Von cannot expect me to let it pass by in so frigid a manner. I must get what meat there is out of it or. If you Cauuet spare Tho Timo and patience Yon can always get no and go away. But i give Yon fair warning that 1 will not Tell you what you want to know until i have told you every thing i want you to perhaps you had belter give me some Assurance in the first place that you can Tell what i want to Sallie hesitated a moment and her hand moved toward a Box on the table. But she withdrew it Ami said no i will not do even Liat. You think to unreasonable of course but i can t help it i must conduct this affair in my own Way or not at this whimsical pretence of feminine f fussiness in the face of a situation so grim and tragic had a certain informal humor about it that almost made Tho count laugh. It was As if she were to protest that in would quite make her head ache to murder a Man with a carving knife an italian Moinard of the fifteenth cent Ury was the Only instrument Sho could think of operating with. Go on to said. There a a limit but i Hope on All accounts you wont transcend it. Recollect that i too am desperate 1" come that is a Bond of sympathy at any exclaimed Sallio in a musical warble i. Now we Chat together chapter Xvi. Ovek a Gui of Tia. M. A inc pwt Hix i Toifl. Nil he Fiffi cd Hin St fit Coli . Yon must t expect from sue at tempt to return you an equivalent for your remarked Julie As she gracefully Bognud the brewing of the Tea. I Haven t the material for the ingenuity. There is not so much us an Assassin on the premises not to speak of magic mirrors and Oriental enchanters and Beautiful spot ters. By the Way that was a wonderfully Clever trick. How was it done1. " you must ask replied Tho count quietly As one who bad made up his mind to endure up to a certain Point Aud then no More. Do you think Garcia would Tell me any secret of said Saitie. She gave the question a flavor of Arch sur prise that sent the count on a Swift Jour Ney of expectation. After All Why Hail Garcia left him he began to surmise a possible Reanon but lie said Only Nave always found him a is of us of course i know be is yes so have she replied. Even the count it Lisle has weaknesses. And Yut it seems to me were 1 in your place i would have none. To Man Ever had a greater Opportunity than you. If Yon stood for yourself alone what could you not do no one could attack you. Yon could buy friends police juries judges and Legislatures. You could make Laws and elect rulers. Yon could yourself to the real ruler of this country Aud hold the balance of Power in the world. With Genius and purpose and such wealth As yours All that would not be impossible. But then you must make sacrifices. You must be solitary. If you give your Confidence to a Friend or your heart to a woman you Are vulnerable and can to overthrown. When i first Learned what you were 1 to be continued

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