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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 22, 1891, San Antonio, TexasDaily monday. June 22, West Texas abstract and guarantee company. In Claro Kat cd h. Maubrey Secretary and mgr office e. Houston St. Will furnish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 4o6 personal mention or. Sol. A. Morris accompanied by his two Sisters left today for new York. Jules a. Randle of Monterey mex., is now at the menger. Or. Dick Bryant has returned from new York. Frank s. Taylor of Austin is registered at the Mancke. John c. Lewis of Austin is a guest of the Metier. Col. U. B. Andrews family have gone to a Waukesha for the summer. Or. Hamilton Raynor is up and out again. W. L. Kean. Of St. Louis is at the menger. J. W. Simmons of sequin is at the St. Leonard. Miss Katie Bell leaves this afternoon for new Mexico to visit her sister. J. M. Dobie of Lagarto. Tex., is registered at the St. Leonard. C. P. Mcgall Wile and child Are now at the Maverick. Freedom of the press j. B. Hughes of St. Louis is staying the Maverick. R. J. Jennings a Well known Stockman of Pearsall is staying at the St. Leonard. J. H. Mathis of Chico is a guest at the St. Leonard. Will a Low of Chicago is staying at the Southern. Or. Walter Hurt and wife of Galves Tou. Are registered at the Southern. Misses Mary and Lillie Illg Are visiting Sutherland Springs for the summer. Mrs. Angerhoefer wife of a prominent merchant of Houston is staying at the Mahncke. O. and w. R. Mclver two prominent gentlemen of Nashville tenn., Are staying at the menger. Or. And mrs. Cole of Laredo Are in the City visiting the lady s father capt. Eagan at the military Post. Felix Vanderstucke. An old and wealthy citizen or Fredricksburg is at the Mahncke. Or. Sam Ragland was Ter Day from Texarkana with old friends. Tom j. Woody of returned to this City and is registered at the menger. Prof. C. W. Principal of the Corpus Christi High school is in the City meeting hosts of old miss Sara Leal has returned from Austin where she has been attending St. Mary s Academy. Or. J. W. Quail representing the Hal Stead milling and elevator company of Halstead Kas. Is in the City supplying the Trade with wheat. Capt. E. U. Cook general manager of the Keystone cattle company and daughter miss Jessie Are guests of the Mahncke. In the City yes shaking hands a Wolf a a Cowk not Ijeh the. Sin l1tk11a1tkk. But thinks tie injunction process ail Rico Tiht Itu Tiutin ing arid name slow preserve the Freedom of the press. Editor Light the question As to whether the Kansas City Sun be a libellous Sheet or As clean and pure As is the icicle on sinks into insignificance in compari son with the magnitude of the ques Tion of preserving the Freedom of the press. I totally disapprove of the plan on which the Kansas City Bun is conducted and regard the plan As a departure from the legitimate pro Vince of a newspaper. But the Hun should be proceeded against by indictment or by suits for libel by those who conceive themselves to have been injured. In both of these cases it would have enjoyed a trial by a jury. The new plan resorted to for sup pressing that paper by injunction seems to me to be incompatible with the Freedom of the press. There can be no trial by a jury in such a proceeding. The judge decides that the newspaper is libellous and proceeds to enjoin its Sale. Now one number May abound in scandalous matter while the succeeding numbers no a be free from any such taint still the latter cannot be sold because of the injunction. An indictment for criminal libel or a dozens suits for damages for libel would not Stop the Sale of the Sun As an injunction would . An injunction prohibiting the Sale of a newspaper for an indefinite time is a terrible blow at the Freedom of the press. It is a new invention. Who can assign any limits to the exercise of the Power of issuing injunctions if a judge can legally the Sale of a newspaper Baiona Cigar shops Etc., Niay by parity of reason be enjoined from keeping open on sunday gamblers May be enjoined from running gambling brothels May be shut up by an injunction and everything May be accomplished by injunction. It in Well to pause and consider what will be the consequences of thus stretch ing the sphere of the writ of injunction so As to make it include every thing. My opinion in that a court of equity has no Power to enjoin the Sale of a newspaper and that the courts of equity until recently never dreamed or exercising such rights. Festina Lente. State Colum court this morning the non jury docket was called and disposed of. In judge noon aits court morning was consumed in gel time a jury to try Franklin the Efto with the brutal killing near i it i store a few ago. Justice Adam called civil docket of cases today. Of were disputed of by judgment the remainder being miss jul or continued. Justice Herron received an affidavit from superintendent Klied. Charging w. Rating with refusing to halt when called upon and of aiding county prisoners to escape. He alleges that he met a Hack coming from the poorhouse and in it were two gamblers named an Derson and a third whose name he does not remember. When he called upon them to halt the Driver drove away and As he gave Chase the prisoners escaped on foot. Hence the affidavit. Pants wonderfully Low priced si2.5o suits nobody Sells under si8 woman run Over. She rattled off Tilv talked by Telegraph to Sci by train men and taken in transit. The shipment or cattle through san Antonio yesterday for St. Louis. 11 cars from Pearsall 29 from Cotulla Over uie i. N., from Uvalde via. S. I. And i. G. N., for Chicago 13 cars from Laredo Over the i. G. to from sintau via. The s. A. A. P. And i. Of Fen 10 cars from Over tie sixty carloads of cattle were shipped from the san Antonio division of the Southern Pacific to Chicago and is. Louis yesterday. For Sale or Trade. 14 lots in Corpus Christi. S lots 1 Block in Laredo. 4 lots in grand View. 2 lots West end. 1 lot Lake View. Caller address in Sineta 4 East Meree Street. San Antonio. 6 2m of Bent and dumb and could not hear the motor car. Lucy King a deaf and dumb negress who lives in the hovels about the West Side of the Pedro on East Street and near Houston was run Over yesterday morning by a West end electric Street car while she was crossing the track slowly near East Street. The motor Man sounded Bis Gong and tried to Stop his oar but the woman did not see the car approaching and it struck her in the Back and dragged Ner for a number of Leet before it was stopped. She was badly wounded about the Back and shoulders. The motor Man j. R Combes was arrested and the woman was taken to her room no. 17 North East Street Aud Given Good medical attention. City court. Joe Sanchez was arrested saturday evening charged with theft of part of a circus actor s wardrobe from Juan tre Vino. John Huhn is being looked for by the police. John Keaton believes Huhn stole some of his clothing and pawned them. R. M. Searle charged with theft from Peter Duffy has confessed himself guilty. Officer o Connor was presented with a Fine baby son by his wife yesterday. J. S. Smith of Pleasanton reports be ing scooped out of by two strangers on the i. G. Train coming into this City saturday they using the bogus freight Bill Racket to defraud him. Or. Juan Garcia was visited by two Young White men yesterday at his Home on North Laredo Street. They told him they had come to collect taxes. He was As smart As they and started to kick them out when they left. The police Are after them now. Liw. B. Watkins a motor car conductor on the san Pedro Hue reports being con Tidence out of by a pickpocket who got on his car saturday and robbed him while talking to him. Joe Lewis was arrested on Soledad Street charged with disorderly conduct. He was seen handle a woman. Both Are coloured people. There were 29 cases before the recorder today and in fines were assessed. Mrs. Ledbetter was arrested for keep ing a vicious dog. The animal bit a Man and the lady appeared and requested an officer be sent to kill the dog. Officer Tom Lentz was detailed. Louise an escaped county convict has been arrested by the police. W. Luce was arrested charged with disorderly conduct. His disorder com test in making untoward demonstrations to Little girls in byways and he was held for trial tomorrow. A Man named Goldsmith has been arrested for careless driving. W. A Matthews was fined for carrying a razor and being disorderly and drunk. Buy ing towels by the Case enables us to constantly undersell Competition. This is the time towels sell Best and to effect a capital Rush this week we put out the Fol lowing special Price lots turkish 15 dozen Cream color.-.70c i 10 dozen fancy.47c 100 dozen mixed styles. .si.65 Cotton towels. 150 dozen bleached Duck. 48c 100 dozen Honey-comb.70c 100 dozen bleached jokes ladies and misses shoe department Dongola oxfords uncommonly Good a 51.25 Dongola oxfords hand turns.2.00 Black cloth top shoes All widths Button and lace. 3.50 Tan oxfords All prices starting at ___1.00 the Best skirts made we Are the leading Supply depot for Manhattan shirts in the whole Southwest. Their Superior excellence is conceded no other out rivalling them in elegance of style fitting qualities workmanship or effective Wear. Open front manhattans. , puff bosom manhattans. 1.25, 1.50 full dress manhattans. 1.75, All kinds Negligee shirts Madras oxfords Cheviot flannels 51.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.603.00 China silk Negligee jokes mens Low shoes for hot weather Patent leather pump calf and Dongola Mckay sewed.3.00 calf and Dongola Goodyear sewed 3.50 russet croat All leather lined.2.50 reduced to 75c. A mixed lot of about 300 pairs la Dies cloth and cloth top shoes Worth to be cleared out at 75c reduced to 75c. A positive saving in ice Bill by installing in your household the latest improved Michigan refrigerator Hardwood dry air refrigerator. The Best in the world All the Good Points found in the other refrigerators. We about 50, including ice chests but they came in so late we have decided to offer them at a in real estate. Deals and the prices they bring. Frederick Carl and Gustav Gross to . Shafer c. Braden jr., and Joseph Kraden 340 acres of lot 22 in South Range containing 22% acres and other Allen Jackson to Richard j. Booles one third of lots 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 in chamberlains addition. W. W. Wilson to Allen Jackson one third of same. J. W. Simmons to Chas. Schiedam Antel lot 15, Block 13, at West end Reagan Houston Assignee of Sam Maverick to John Burns lot 9, Block 5, on Olive Street. 500 to per cent reduction from regular prices. Only the Best in the world but the Best in the world for the Money Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. To the printers of Texas. Texas. 1801 gentlemen miss Maret of this City is a candidate for the scholarship offered by the Houston Post in the Hamilton female College. Lexington by. She has been working in the citizen office since last september acquiring a practical knowledge of the business she is Desir Ous of educational advancement is a Good girl not Rich and if you have no local favorite any Aid the Craft May extend her will be duly appreciated by the Young lady and. Yours fraternally Ben. If. Baker of Colorado citizen. The Hanger of the Bella Union theatre tells the Public they Are having crowded houses unprecedented Etc. For the week the Fol lowing attractions Are announced Maud Detty s Adana less Eden com Pany misses Fisher and Howard May Rosa Dollie Williams eff Livingston Emma Howard Tot Allen Lillian Gray Jennie Melville Jennie Davis Halaj Rado and Ola go Trojo Birgila Planas Hank Adams Jean and Georia Powers. The amazonian March. A Nice affair. The. T. W. L. Hop at Mission Garden last saturday night was at tended by a Large crowd. This hop was gotten up by messes. M. Conring Albert Tolle Harry Lang and Burt Wolfe. The names of those present Are As follows miss Grace Nixon miss Hoef Ling Huston miss disc mar miss Mcllwaine the misses Niggli Lange and Lilly miss Weber miss Tolle miss Scott miss Huth miss Kurka miss Schaetzler miss Agnes Tolie miss Kerps miss Schoenert miss Kitcher the misses Brotze Wagenfuhr miss Hannich. Miss Voightlander miss Seftel Halamuda the misses Moritz. Or. M. Conring or. Wolfe messes Tolle or. Lange or. Ankerson Fred put Eifer Albert Hutte Tom Mcgee c. E. Eberhard Joe Knopp c. Bailey e. Jambois Tom Garvan Fred Max Becker Hermin Huebne r. Otto Hauesser Heny c. Krasl Geo. Lowthers Willie Lange a. Wendler Alex. Fuos Anton Sonner Frank Holt Albert Las tree. Eugene Leman h. Norton u. Gazelle and . Lyons. Building permits. John Monier dwell ing Commerce Street 4th Ward 1600. John Shoemacker. Servant s room ave nue a 5th Ward Robt. Doling Kitchen lot 4, Dakota Street 7th Ward. At a bargain. A Tine Columbus Phaeton buggy new Only in use a Short time can be had at a bargain. Call and see it at m. Pigott a Corner of Houston and Soledad Street fed Ward person at 254 Market Street san Antonio handles the following goods by the car Load and less o. K. Building paper. Medal Brand rooting. Tar paper. Deadening Felt. Sheathing and plaster Board. Corrugated Iron. Y. Crimp Iron. Roofing tin pitch Etc. 5-ls-tf lots in grand View. At a bargain. Finest located property n the City. T. B. Johnson Light office Why so popular. Why Are South Heights lots so popular with careful buyers it is easily explained. Water connections rapid transit pure air and magnificent View with such extreme Low prices and easy terms Tell the whole Story. Call or write for partic ulars. co., managers. 6-13-tf menger hotel building. Our advantages. San Antonio is the largest City in Texas and controls the undisputed Trade of a country larger than All of the new eng land states combined. Has the finest and purest water Supply and the Best climate in America. Natural Gas in paying quantities and with All of these advantages we Are Selling South Heights lots in Miles of the Posto Tice from to each with electric cars and water Mains through the property. Watson co., manager 6-13-tf menger hotel building. Or. Hathaway , m d., assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the 8oath and West private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who by their acts of Pinr Pudence or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life affecting the Ana manhood should Cou Uit the celebrated .hath at once. Remember Nerv Ous else fees with or without dreams or debility and loss of nerve Power treated scientifically by new methods with great Success. It Maka no difference what you Nave taken or who has failed to cure you. Lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A cure Guaran teed no knife cutting or ligature. Painless treat men stricture cured without cutting. Tea most wonderful discovery. Safe and sure. Syphilis s. The most rails Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured in a few Days. Quick sure and Safe. This includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. My methods 1. Free cons nation at the office or by mall. 2.thorough examination and careful diagnosis. S. That each patient treated gets the advantage of special study Aud experience and specs Alty is made of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment a Home treatment can be Zitren in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no 1 for men. End for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. S for skin Dis eases. All correspondence answered promptly. Busi Ness strict y confidential. Medicine sent free from observation. Refer to Banks in san an Tonio Texas. Address or Call on Washington theatre. Open Kvenby night across the san Pedro the place for gentle men to pass a pleasant ii evening. Wis san 10 powder used in millions of years the Standard Fri pm j. Hathaway m. D., 29-sl w. Commerce St., san Antonio Texas. Taker Beautiful building lots on government Hill on Street car line. Size of lots Leet. Price f 1000. Apply to to John t. Hambleton co. 5 11 of a new 5 room cottage with Bath room Twaller is and Bay window very Large lot in very desirable location. A Beautiful Horn now renting for per month. Apply to John t. Hambleton co. 4 10 of six Fine lots on Prospect and East of mile from Center of City can e bought reasonable. 5 of. John t. Hambleton co. S. A. Brewis i ass. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. Delivered to any part of the City. A 24 acre Block finely located near Street car line. Terms Ebay. John t. Hambleton co. 4-18-tf. Notice. Notice is hereby Given that the under signed whose residence and Post Effice address is san Antonio Texas was on May granted letters of administration on the estate of Louis Jazo deceased by the county court of Bexar county Texas and All persons having claims against said estate Are therefore notified to present the same within the time required by Law. . Staffel. Administrator estate Louis Jazo ceased

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