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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 20, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She sail si8w. Flu feb Soudil a torn saturday june 20, 1891. A of a new Man can be made out of one that a m used up a bilious and dyspeptic. Its done by or. Pierces Golden medical discovery. It starts Tho torpid liver into healthful action purifies and enriches the blood cleanses repairs and strengthens the system and restores health and vigor. As an appetizing restorative tonic it sets at work All the processes of digestion and nutrition and builds up flesh and strength. Its the Only blood and liver remedy that a guaranteed i every Case to Benefit or cure. If it does no to do All that a claimed for it the Money is promptly refunded. But it keeps its promises a that a the reason it can be sold in this Way. A a discovery strengthens weak lungs and cures spitting of blood shortness of breath bronchitis severe coughs and Kindred affections. Done to be fooled into taking something else said to be a just As Good a that the dealer May make a larger profit. There a nothing at All like the a a Banks and Bankers. . Alexandria pres Idem. A. A. Alexander cashier. Texas National Bana 253 Commerce Street. A general ban King business transacted. Drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Just visitors Register kept in on Reading room where strangers in the City Are invited to Call. Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Sold by druggists or sent by mail. T. Haze . Warren. A. F Groos amp cd. Bankers anti dealers in sight drafts on the principal cities in the urn ted states and in All european countries. For sign Coin and currency bought and sold. P agents caveats and it Trade Marxs obtained Aud a. Patent business conducted for moot Tat Friss our of Moi in opposite . Patent Orrin and we Oan secure a Patent in less time an at less Oost than those Remote from was Barton. Send Model drawing or photo., with dose. Ton. We advise if patentable or not free a of Anre. Our fee not due till Patent is soon a a a a Little Book a How to obtain Patent with names of actual clients in your a a r county or town sent free. \ tiros c. A. Snow amp cd Opp Patent of Hoe. We Irma Quot american Lite and love. Hawthorn hint s secret tar Hovious reasons Ani Garcia also for reasons perhaps not so obvious. Further than these two and Bailie Matchin the secret had not gone. A is she All right a was the count s first question after the door was closed. A was Well As Ever she was in her life Tom replied. A does she seem to have any recollection of the affair a a not the least in the world upon my word a a wonderful things this hypnotizing business i done to understand it at All and i done to believe any one else does a not Garcia Here himself. A Lyon both understand a interrupted the count a that there is never to be repetition of the Experiment and henceforth it had Best be a Blank in our memories As it is in hers. It has answered its purpose. Bailie Matchin is now con Vinced that it Besin my Power to destroy her whenever i see fit and yet All Lega process has been a but done to you mean to proceed against her a inquired Bannick. A a Haven to you the evidence a a some evidence and plenty of Mora certainty. Garcia could prove the for Gery and the fraud As to the finding of the will for in order to get his assistance she was obliged to make admissions which coupled with other known facts amount to proof. As to the murder the evidence is of course circumstantial. No one saw her strike the blow but we know that she several times was dressed in Man s clothes that she was present so disguised in Trent a House that night and that the papers in her Possession could Only have been taken on that night from the Safe in his Library. The get is Strong enough no doubt. But ii is enough for my present purpose that she knows she stands Iii deadly peril. To bring her to trial and have her sentenced would be a Relief to her. I wish to punish her myself. She did what she could to get an innocent Man hanged in her Stead. I will keep the same rope dangling Over her head till she is ready to draw the noose herself. There is no Law to punish adequately a criminal like a i can understand her putting a knife into or. Trent a observed Garcia. A the had Given her the Best of reasons to think that she ought to be his wife and having finished him the manufacture o a the marriage certificate and of the wit followed As a matter of course. Those Are foibles and become a a Beautiful woman. It was her treatment of me that caused the Iron to enter my soul and no torture is exquisite and lingering enough to pay for a How do you make that out a demanded Tom who could never quite satisfy himself As to whether this personage were a fiend a fool or a Jester. A being stabbed i should t mind Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster amp Schlieser proprietors. Arkansas St., near s. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Wood to be bad in the Market a lowest prices. Branch office a Mcallister a Wurzbach Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the City telephones Yard office no. 60s Branch office no. Is. Forder a Nagel. Machine and general repair shop i 7ave.c,next to fire engine House repairing of All kinds of machinery boilers pumps and manufacturers of mailings Iron doors blinds locks and guns tithing. 6 22-1 consumption. I have a positive remedy for the above disease by its use thousands of eases of the worst kind Aud of Lone standing have been cured. Indeed to Strong is my Faith in its Efficacy that i wit Send two bottles pres with a valuable treatise on this disease to any Sui Farer who will Send me their express and . Address. T. A. Slocum. M. A. Isi Pearl St., n. Y. a English Diamond Broad. Pennyroyal Pius original and Only genuine. A Aars always reliable ladies set druggist for Chichester s in Lith did a Mono Brand in red and Gold metallic boxes sealed with Blue ribbon. Take no other. Refuse dangerous substitutions and imitations. At druggists or Send 4\ in Stamps for particulars testimonials Ana a Relief for ladles a in letter by refuse f mull. 10.000 testimonials. Bams paper Chie h eater chemical co., m so i a n Ike liars sold by sit local druggists. Phllede., a. Opium . Offi anti whiskey habits cured at Home without paid. Book of particulars sent fit be. _ ,. Allan la Liu. Office 10, Whitehall at. A several Nice cottages for rent furnished and unfurnished. Mrs. C. Paschal 457 Soledad Street. 6 12tf Garcia went on a for robbed or starved or any commonplace matter like that. But she insulted my feelings and that can never forgive. I loved Here yes any one May know it now. I knew that she was aiming at Trent but she persuaded me that it was his Money she wanted not him and in that Way she used me. I ran her errands and did her dirty work believing that it was me she really loved and that Trent was the fool and that As soon As she had carried her Point she would snap her fingers in his face and be off with me. Yes gentle men she made to believe All that and without once committing herself either she is a Clever a what had you against Trent a Tom asked. A nothing in the world. Quite the contrary. I met him first in Ceylon where he had gone to buy some jewels that one of the native princes wanted to sell. I knew India and i knew the princes. I acted As a go Between and got the jewels for Trent at forty per cent. Off. He made me a present of that forty per cent As commission and from that time in one Way or another i was his agent i understood gems As Well As he did and that is saying a Good Deal and i was often Able to do things and to make bargains that would have been impossible for him. No one knew of our relations that would have spoiled my usefulness a but i put him in the Way of Many a Good thing and he always paid me Well for it no Harry Trent and i were the Best of friends but the Best of friendships can be ruined by a a do you mean to say you plotted with her against him a a i would have done it without a doubt if she had asked me a Garcia replied. A yes i would have taken that murdering contract off her hands if she had let me known she contemplated it but she did no to know it herself till the time came. She went Over to have a serious talk with Trent that night about the Rumor that he was going to marry another woman. His explanations were not satisfactory the Dagger happened to de lying Imti Ana sue look tax Nai. So far i find no fault it s human nature feminine nature anyhow. But from that Point on her course is indefensible. After inducing me to Aid her in securing Trent s plunder by intimating that she would marry me is soon As she got fast of it she clapped me in jail on trumped up charge of stealing her jewelry. It broke Ray heart i made no defense she had everything ready to choke me off in Case i attempted to turn the bibles on her but she might have spared herself the trouble. I went to jail Aud staid there two years thinking it Over. By the time i came out i was ready for a Don and thanks to our Friend the count who gave me a ten Dollar Gold piece a broken leg and the use of a capital of a couple of Hundred of millions More or less i have put in my first blow. I am ready to follow it a Well or. Garcia a said Tom crossing his legs and scratching the Back of his head a they say confession is Good for the soul but 1 11 Tell you frankly in the presence of count de Lisle that your Story puts me in mind of an old prow Erby a when thieves fall out honest men come by their own a Garcia interposed. A yes sir that is what i a i acknowledge the impeachment a Garcia interposed. A once i was an honest Man but better men than i might lose their virtue if they fell in love with a woman like Sallio a count a said Tom a you found me a poor Man and you have made me a Rich one. I owe Yon everything. But three years ago when you bore another name you were a needy artist. Now scarcely a Man living has wealth to compare with yours. Before i knew that you were Keppel Darke i never bothered my head about How you came by your Money but things Are different now. You could t have made your Fortune. Mercy knows its my interest to believe everything Good of you but my wife and i would rather go Back to what we were before than profit by anything that Isnit fair and above Board. Do you want to say anything about it a a what i have i found a said count de Lisle. A no crime was involved in my taking Possession of it. It never had a legitimate owner. It never can have one More legitimate than i. Borne time after i discovered it i met the Man who had called it his. I told him that i had it and How Aud when i got it he acquiesced in my ownership and so far As c made me his heir. The time was gone by when i could have been of ti.,� to him and ii was his wish for reasons that he thought Wise that none of his descend ants should learn of its Exigence. It Hac caused Only disaster t o far he said he bade me if it were possible to do some Good with it. That is How the matter stands. Bannick. I Tell it not for my Sake but for yours for i comp Reheno your scruples and wish Yon. O feel a1 ease a in the enjoyment of what you have. I am glad Loo that vet should understand what i could cot explain at first that what i have done for you was a simple act of gratitude. Yon did All you could to save my life and i intend to give you reason to be glad that i am a a a a strange Story count a said Tom gravely. A it is the truth Bannick. Some Day perhaps i will give you the names that will confirm it but not now and you Are not the first to whom they must be a i see but you have told Ber nothing at All As yet a a no that is a difficult problem. If i fail there All is a failure. J am jealous of myself and she must be faithful by being unfaithful. But let the it pass. Are you satisfied a he held out his hand Ash spoke. Tom Rose Aud stuck his own into it. A i believe you Are a True Man a be said. A you have bleached your hair and Beard Aud you Wear eyeglasses and a title but there a nothing wrong with you inside. I never thought there w a but in a glad to Here it out of your own Mouth. Now what Are you going to do a a to speak of personal matters. There Are three principal ones to Settle my account with i s. Matchin to get married and to appear in new York in my own proper person. They depend on one another. Until it is established beyond possibility of question who the real murderer of Harry Trent was it cannot be known that Keppel Darke is alive and until that can be revealed i cannot marry. My present idea is to Force the woman to confess her own crime the rest will follow of a is there no danger that she May find some Way to Check you a a not while she has me against Hor a said Garcia quietly. A meanwhile a continued the count a i shall hurry Forward my cottage on Long Island and get the foundations of the school of Art Laid. Will you come up tonight and go Over the plans with me a a fall right Are you Wise a added Tom in an undertone As they Rose and Garcia passed out in Advance a to Trust that fellow As you do a some risks cannot be avoided a the other replied. A but As Long As he feels i do Trust Bim i think he will hold on. And i done to fear him in any chapter Xiv. Love continued son. A nah a she said quickly a i have a personal reason on the other a what is it a she turned on the piano Stool on which she had been sitting and began to touch the chords of the instrument but so lightly that they responded As it were in a whisper of Melody. A i have something to do a she replied a i have lost three years already. I cannot go on so. I m is devote myself to that a to what cannot i help Yon a a Lyon Don t know what you Are ask to Tittl morn Yon when to to bring Ken. Olympia Raven since the night of the counts Ball had been in a condition which gave her Friend mrs. Bannick some anxiety. She not ill but she was not her usual self. She sat for Long periods of time plunged in intense Modi tation then she would Rise and wander restlessly about sometimes her mood would be gloomy sometimes a sudden change to hilarity would come Over her. In answer to the tender questionings of her Friend Olympia would reply with a look of Surprise that she was perfectly Well and mrs. Raven whom mrs. Ban Uniek consulted Shook her head Aud declared that Olympia looked to her about the same As usual she had never been Able to understand her anyway mrs. Raven never a Brilliant or powerful intellect had been growing old of late she was very deaf and silent her time chiefly in Reading old newspapers. Her mind was Dull and vague and she was inclined to resent any attempt to arouse her to a living interest in what was passing around her. A i m afraid a said Toms wife to her husband As he was putting on a clean shirt for dinner a that Olympia was thrown off her balance by that hypnotizing business. Nobody really understands what these trances Are and there May lie More harm in them than we a a Bhem la come around All right a answered Tom with cheerful optimism. A every Young unmarried girl goes queer once in a while and quite proper too a Olympia hid not herself know anything of the mysterious part she had played on the night of february Twenty fifth. It had accidentally transpired some time before that she was an exceptionally Good subject for hypnotic experiments and Tho count had intimated that she might if she chose become instrumental in discovering the murderer of Harry Trent. She finally consented on condition that silo to not informed of the manner in which her Power was used. She was willing to become an instrument in the cause of Justice but shrank from being made privy to the Means adopted. Garcia after the first experiments was Able to throw her into a trance without her even knowing of his proximity and it had thus been possible to take Lier to the counts House and Back again without any consciousness of the transaction on her part. But the experience had had other effects upon her which were not As yet suspected by any one. She was sitting at the piano one afternoon when the count came in. The air was still vibrating with delicate harmonies softly tuned into life by her fingers As silo turned to meet him. It was the first time he had come to her since the night of the Ball. A i was i i aking about you count de Lisle a the said As she gave him her hand a Maud i was expecting a that is Good news a lie replied. A can i lie of any use to you a she looked at him while he was speaking in it singular manner As if she saw not his physical self but something within that or emanating from it. Her eyes sparkled and their glance was not fixed but wandered from Point to Point of the counts face. A smile glimmered on her lips and was gone and again returned like Light upon dimpling water. Though she sat still there was a Subtle unrest perceptible in her As if the thoughts that traversed Lier mind to Aud fro left vibrations and Fine stirrings Iii her palpable organism. In the shadowy room Olympia seemed spiritualistic and to possess spiritual Powers so that the count Felt As if she could see what was in his brain As easily As she could see his face. A the time is come when we must part a she said after a pause. A part what do you mean where Are you going what has happened a he was startled out of his customary self Possession Aud spoke impulsively. A yes count de Lisle Yve must part a she repeated smiling still mysteriously. A and we must never meet again in this world or the she said this so decisively and yet so quietly that the count was dumbfounded. He could not think she was jesting and yet How could she be in Earnest he had been flattering himself of late that she had been learning to regard him with anything but indifference. Even now though her words were so strange her manner had never had such attractiveness. A Why must we part a he demanded. A give me a reason. What has happened to change you since i saw you last a a can you give me a reason Why we should not part a she returned. Ves. I can a said he a a personal Rea Ched Glanc older. A you by i love some self to him. Hat ice. There is no i i Yon Are jest if cent a memory pot your True Rea with me cd Irke is dead a sing Lier tones drawing from 0 once but i it he is alive. I i see him in Lear me. I am lion with him. 1 wish should is turns it so much it speaking Seri Lile i am Happy. He said i is ing count de Lisle a a ing at him Over Heil know i have told i one. I wish to Deal How can you help my do Yon Means a a i mean Keppel i one else that i can log a aha Keppel Dai ing after All. A sen a is not love. This ii son. Why do Yon a do you think it asked Olympia hard with the notes she the keys. A i thong have begun to feel 4 know it in my Bel dreams. He is Oft Happy in this come whatever disturbs cease. And nothing As the count de Lisl a Olympia Yon Ai Ousby Yon Are Ami Iii a wily should i in what am i to you a you Are everything to me a impetuously. A i love you a a is that the first time you have said those words to a woman a she asked facing him. / a v the question embarrassed him and he hesitated., Bise laughed. A i will not take you at your word a she said. A Keppel dark loved no one but me i go Jive him my Promise and it shall never be broken. Would you break you Promise in my place count de Little or would you wish to to be your wife knowing that i loved him a / a indeed i would a he exclaimed. She Shook her head. A the Man would marry must be jealous of a jealous of a dead Man a a Why do Yon say Keppel Darke dead have Yon killed him a a i Only say marry me and you May love him All you will a Olympia Rose and closed the piano. The count also Rose and they confronted each other for a moment a i will marry Yon a she said at length a when you bring Keppel Darke Here and he bids me do he Bent Forward and looked in her eyes. There must have been in them some speaking Light revealing what her woman a Tongue refused to Tell. A Olympia a he cried in a voice too weighted with emotion to be loud a you know me you have made a fool of me but you love me a his arms closed about her and a fire of new life seemed to flame up in his heart As he Felt her soft pressure against him. It went glowing through his veins and images of ecstasy trembled in his brain. Across what Gulf of darkness had he passed since last he had held her thus but peace and Joy were Only Here. They kissed each other with a slow deep kiss full of memories of pain that was past and of a present Delight so exquisite that they half feared to move their lips lest All should prove a dream and they should Akiike. Such happiness comes in moments Only yet when it comes the soul recognizes it As its True estate a glimpse of the eternity in which it was meant to dwell forever. No dream is half so fair As this Brief reality whose intensity makes All the rest of life seem dreamlike. In such a moment lovers live in heaven and Are the Peers of Angels. A ooh Koppel Why have you denied yourself so Long a sighed Olympia at last. A i should have known you at the first if i could have brought myself to believe that you would hide from me a a disguise like mine is something More than a cloak that eau be thrown off and resumed at will a lie replied. A from the first i have been As strange to myself As i have appeared to others. But for you i should never have found my real self again. With that change came so Many changes i began to forget that i had Ever been Keppel Darke and All my youth and what belonged to it seemed never to have been but i was As if born Middle aged with no youth or kindly associations to humanize me. If it had not been for you i should have lived on so and at last died so if a Man without a childhood and a soul can be said to a yes you Are yourself again now a murmured Olympia. A i have Felt a Wall Between us All this while i knew in some secret place of my heart that you were on the other Side but yet i did not outwardly know it until the last Day or two. It was like the fairy tales when the Prince is enchanted Aud the Princess cannot recognize him hut at last the spell is dissolved and thou they know each other. I am not afraid of you now i can see through your Beard Aud your hair and your eyeglasses you Aro Only Keppel a and she gave a Little laugh and Drew Down his face and kissed him. A i feel As if i were nothing but a Mere child a said he laughing too. A i want to do nothing but sit Here with you Aud love you and talk to you Aud hear you m m to be con hinted

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